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Subversion and infiltration Anonymous 11/21/2020 (Sat) 17:46:13 No. 1157949
How viable is subversion as a strategy? This is not a serious thread just a thought experiment. How viable is becoming a porker under capitalism and then subverting the system by infiltrating literally everything by buying everyone? Having people in Education, justice, military in the pocket?
(15.72 KB 600x315 q5OL30E.jpg)
>>1157949 Wtf is that pic
Do not try it. The system that makes Porkers will make you into one. It is unescapable. Ypu should inly destroy it.
>>1157954 A garloid
>>1157955 Okay retard, how do you change the world without power?
>>1158166 Socialism is when you post memes, the more memes you post the more socialism it is
>>1158172 and when you dye in memes, you reached communism. t. Rudi Ghouliani.
>>1158158 Power is seized collectively for the common good
>>1158158 By inducing the proles to realize that they are the ones that hold all the power. Or, you can ditch the proles, and try to work in the system, which is geared towards fooling proles into giving up their power. So, either be a revolutionary, or a reactionary.
Idk how we are going to subvert anything without any weapons though
>>1159495 Stop larping Christianity
the whole point is that working class cannot easily become a porky the system will be destroyed due to contradiction of capital individual bourgeois behaving ethically will not change anything.


no cookies?