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>>1164843 >decapitated Kek are you serious? McConnell is in power- if anything they got rid of the annoying bumbling oaf that prevented them from raping the country because he was too interested in television appearances and settling old scores.
Hey, I got a question for the burger anons. I've come to realize that I actually don't know much about Biden's history when it comes to foreign policy; I understand ofc he's more of an establishment type of guy however if anyone could provide some of his history when it comes to shit like votes in favor of American intervention in which conflicts, etc. Basically I want to know how much more of a neocon is he compared to Trump.
>>1164675 magatards are gonna keep coping and making up excuses
>>1164848 >if anything they got rid of the annoying bumbling oaf that prevented them from raping the country because he was too interested in television appearances and settling old scores. McConnell (Who has basically been acting as the shadow president / Boorman to Trumps Hitler) for the last four years has been having an easy as fuck time annihilating the American proletariat and transferring wealth to the top. Trumps whole bumbling oaf attitude is a literal distraction from all the shit he has done the last four years
>>1164850 He is a free trade shill, expect him to simply promote trade agreements to the benefit of both international parties to more effectively exploit labor. Biden won’t go to war.
>>1164830 That Biden is so unpopular that he polled far worse than Sanders in head to heads w/ Trump and the cheating needed to be blatant stopping the count for a bit to find more votes straight after the blatant rigging used to pull him over the line against Sanders in the primary is what created this disputed situation THUMP THUMP THUMP
>>1164850 >Pro-NATO involvement in Bosnian WAR >Pro-Iraq 1 >Pro-Afghan war >Pro-Iraq 2 >Pro-Libya
(21.73 KB 248x203 thinking-hard.png)
>>1164784 i'll bite, and keep in mind this is mostly a cope post. biden is accelerationist in two ways, one conditional and the other unconditional. the conditional aspect is based on whether or not he's a lame duck president. biden is the make or break moment for centrist 20th century neolib/con politics. if he fucks it up and doesn't give people solutions that meaningfully satiate their desires for real change (say to wealth inequality if you're on the left, it's too early to say what effect if any he'll have on extremist segments of the right) then people will abandon the center. basically this is the second election in a row that a progressive candidate has been on the primary ticket, and people will see that not running the progressive gave them trump in one scenario and biden in the second. so that's the conditional possibility, that biden will give everyone one last taste of that old form of politics which will further exhaust them of it. the one that is unconditional however is pertaining to china, and this is not an innate aspect of biden so much as it is the opposite of trump. the biden administration believes in a soft power approach to foreign policy, which is inevitably built on some form of capitulation and compromise. and compromise with china will just further solidify their dominant position on the world stage. the biden administration will not promote any form of overtly anti-chinese sentiment pertaining to the virus, trade, or global politics. compare that to the trump administration which said "the kungflu" was "a chinese plague," and was waging a trade war, a culture war against global institutions that spoke favorably of china, and a tech war in europe attempting to block chinese incursion with 5G. a biden administration is hands down good for china, and so it accelerates an ascendant power that is socialist in its aspiration and anti-western by its very definition. an honorable mention for accelerationism is with brexit, where a biden administration will be opposing any efforts for a working nationalist enterprise. for instance any trade deal that would have happened under trump will not be happening, which will make brexit hurt all the more, which could potentially be used to push even more resentment among the british population as they feel themselves strong armed by "former allies" across the atlantic and on the european mainland.
>>1164848 So many republicans are doubling down on the Trumpism strategy, What McConnell does is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things since the Democrats will do the same thing
Todays events >Trump makes a bunch of twitter posts seeming like hes conceding >Campaign officals come out like 5 minutes later saying "no no no no no he hasn't" basically. >GSA (General Service administration) releases letter saying Biden is "Apparent winner" and gives him 6 million dollars and a bunch of office space or whatever the fuck. >In same letter declaring Biden as "Apparent winner" GSA literally says "No one has formally 'won' the election yet" and claims trumps legal challenges are valid >Claims GSA officals have been threatened by Bidens campaigns ANTEFAA BLM Gangster thugs What a fucking clusterfuck
>>1164860 >if he fucks it up and doesn't give people solutions that meaningfully satiate their desires for real change (say to wealth inequality Can anyone say with a straight face that the senile demented Malarky Mussolini will do real change
>>1164860 are we headed for Reverse 1900 with us getting Chinese "spheres of influence" to bolster a communist revolt or at least an electoral one?
>>1164865 The “trumpism strategy” is strictly concerned with winning power. McConnell’s principles dictate the course of governance after power is won.
>>1164874 >Porky’s principles dictate the course of governance after power is won. FTFY. And yes the winning power part is key, not how one uses the power to my point.
>>1164874 Fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be Biden shares those principles of McConnel
>>1164738 it's the tree of liberty you retarded uighurfaggot
>>1164875 >>1164876 That’s simply not true. You need only to compare their stances on free trade and protectionism.
>>1164736 Based and Adorno pilled.
>>1164871 >will do real change remember you're talking about a left wing population that will clap like a seal if biden puts "he/him" on his twitter. it's not exactly a high bar for the media to proclaim him the dalai lama >>1164873 i think so, but it won't be called out as that which will make it all the more effective. basically imagine the cold war only this time the US has vast portions of its capitalist structure IN the USSR.
(3.18 MB 720x900 Biden_cabinet.mp4)
>>1164880 >remember you're talking about a left wing that will clap like a seal if biden puts "he/him" on his twitter >left wing You need to go back.
>>1164859 Damn the whole package with this nigga
>>1164878 this, the difference between left and right now that nationalism is on the table is stark. the two sides of the same coin adage is only true as regarding foreign/domestic: either you vote for nationalist porky or internationalist porky. but nonetheless there is an oceanic difference between these two
>>1164882 not an argument
(147.40 KB 1024x682 1606181196407.jpg)
>>1164880 >a left wing population that will clap like a seal if biden puts "he/him" on his twitter. There's only a very specific type of brunch liberal who actually likes this
>>1164893 more spooky performance art on the part of some bourgeois with a god complex. like the georgia guidestones.
>>1164833 Good, good.
>>1164889 Narcissism of small differences and to the extent it is true the difference is that the global bourg sticking their hand up Biden's arse are quite willing to shed the entire USA like a rotting husk without blinking
>>1164902 and that very specific type has an outsized portion of power and influence through its media and electoral demands, as well as a noticeable endorsement by capitalists as it is "change" that costs them literally nothing.
(196.54 KB 753x838 REAL SHIT.png)
(19.35 KB 512x384 1594312580662.jpg)
>>1164843 But I don't care about Trumpkek tears. I don't even care that tens of millions of Americans will suffer from homelessness and disease, or that Democrats might retaliate against minorities not supporting Biden as much. I care that the damage done to the status quo will reversed, and the world will have to suffer under the yoke of US longer.
(4.88 KB 223x226 creep.jpg)
>>1164891 >waaahhh not argument waaahhhh t.
>>1164784 I suppose this warrants some explanation. Trump is the accelerationist choice in the sense that his total ineptitude hastens the end of the empire. The longer he stays at the helm, the quicker that will happen. So he's accelerationist in a more literal sense of the term. Biden is the accelerationist choice in the sense that he, or rather Harris, will take Americans through a shortcut to that neoliberal hellscape which verges on neofeudalism. However, she will most likely extend the empire's lifespan if compared to Trump. This means she is accelerationist only in the ideological sense of the term. Thus a second Trump term is the best scenario, as it helps end America hopefully before neofeudalism sets in.
>>1164912 every post you make that doesn't refute my point is a post forfeiting to it. so you admit i'm right, about "a left wing population that will clap like a seal if biden puts "he/him" on his twitter."
>>1164913 See >>1164899 You really need better bait at this point.
>>1164920 >not balkanising america Uber cringe
>>1164880 Like 80% of Americans hate political correctness, nobody will care.
>>1164922 >every post you make that doesn't refute my point is a post forfeiting to it. Cope. You don't even know the difference between leftism and liberalism.
>>1164815 here bro I gotchu >>1164927 Biden is one of the people alive who bears the most responsibility for the shitshow that America currently is. Tho whether the "people" and the "alive" terms apply to him are debatable.
>>1164922 When they do that while proles starve it discredits them as they deserve which is good What is problem here?
>>1164935 >Biden is one of the people alive who bears the most responsibility for the shitshow that America currently is. Biden is an empty suit and a shill. The people that are responsible for America are McNamara or Bush Sr or Cheney or Kerry
>>1164928 see >>1164908 that 20% is enough. >>1164931 when i say left i mean the modern left, which in america is comprised of the progressive and democratic parties. that is the functional left, the left that exists and has power in thee US. it may not be the abstract definition of "leftism" you're referring to, but no one gives a fuck about that. and honestly your seizure on my use of words rather than the implication and policy just further solidifies my point. if biden came out and correctly distinguished leftism and liberalism you'd clap like a seal. >>1164936 it doesn't really. you're going to see jubilation after jubilation, on this very board no less, as the biden administration performs those sorts of empty idpol actions. for instance the outpouring of removing transphobic military policy, or absolutely anything along those lines. gay marriage is the perfect example. think of what a "triumph" that was considered. now compare that to its actual implications and effect, particularly on the working class. it's fucking smoke and mirrors and you're going to see it work more often than it doesn't.
>>1164833 >>girl gets interested in me eat shit attentionhaver >>1164847 To be fair, he is putting up appearances in the sense that literally everything he does and says is duplicitous so it can be denied or reaffirmed as needed. Even both in quick succession if need be.
(61.64 KB 682x809 FB_IMG_1606183959512.jpg)
This is what trump supporters are up too. You guys okay with this? Think you can turn them around? Hmmm?
(187.93 KB 639x272 bluffin.png)
>>1164947 >that picture what must it be to LIVE as one such as this
>>1164947 >that pic The cope is absolutely unreal kekkekekekek
(80.20 KB 901x913 Ej-NegkVgAc4ax9.jpg orig.jpg)
>>1164947 bruh does he have 0 self-awarenss
(132.41 KB 700x507 pol glowing.png)
>>1164952 Or maybe it's 100% self-awareness.
>>1164947 >Hawaii >Alaska >states
>>1164834 its not disputed that biden legally won, but he and his followers are just saying no. he might concede or he might stay in the white house until he gets dragged out at gunpoint, which would be pretty destabilizing
>>1164947 Fucking Burgers man.
>>1164964 >destabilizing the majority of burgers would find it funny
France weird af
>>1164873 lolno, at least not anytime soon. there's a big difference between china gaining more influence than the usa in some african country and having the kind of control over the USA itself that euros had over it in 1900, maybe that will be the case a century from now but i doubt anyone alive now will live to see it. additionally, they would need to actually be communist for that to happen.
>>1164945 >when i say left i mean the modern left, which in america is comprised of the progressive and democratic parties. that is the functional left, the left that exists and has power in thee US Making up definitions like a true retard I see
>>1164880 go outside and talk to normies please for the love of god, my friends who are vaguely succdem (pro-bernie stuff, anti-police, was able to get a few to read marx pretty easily) hate biden and many did not vote for him because of that, the ones who did only bc they thought he would be better about rona but still hate him
>>1164751 I'm listening to both at the same time my mind is currently imploding wish me luck.
>>1164966 oh yeah there wouldnt be a civil war or anything but the amount of terrorism would increase
>>1165005 >This term has no real meaning. t. reactionary
>>1165005 >Jews were already equal in tsarist Russia Most British Jews came over from the Russian Empire due to pogroms there >>1165006 The meaning being "anyone who criticises Israel"
>>1165007 >Oh for fucks sake let the idiot's family grieve Those monsters!
>>1165011 Weak bait
>>1165007 >there's no proof that leftoids had anything to do with a charlottesville attender being doxed, harassed into suicide no, there is, and that was a good thing. if you're such a weakling that you kill yourself because some trannny calls you a chud you are doing humanity a favor by going ahead with it. he was not the first of you to do that and he was not the last either - perhaps you will join him
>>1165008 Reactionaries love Israel- Zionism for whites is what all American Nazis advocate
>>1165007 Vol is right and REDpilled. This man would still be alive if he was not basically mindfucked by a combination of the prussian educational model and listening to right-wing schizo shit all day. Which led to him going outside screaming "SIEG HIEL!" Everyone eho knew him being like "woo wtf is wrong with you?" and collapsing his life
>>1165017 again, "his" suicide was a good thing. no one should pretend that rightoids can serve humanity in any way besides being a source of organs
>>1165024 >anyways we just want people to have healthcare
(67.07 KB 960x686 110092.jpg)
>>1165007 Based
>>1164947 >gommies hate our soldiers! What kind of monster would want the troops to come home!?
>>1165025 no, we want you dead. the sam hyde quote is unironically right except for the child rape stuff, we aren't lolberts
>>1165025 Why do you repeat this all the time, we aren't socdems who just want healthcare
>>1165026 >>1165027 >thinking we still like richard spencer >lacking in even the most basic forms of comedic sensibilities so much that you straight-up steal one of our memes
>>1165033 we're gonna steal a lot more than your memes lol
>>1165025 When Biden takes office and unseals voting records we will go door to door to Trump voters and put you in camps.
>>1165033 Who’s “we”?
>>1164968 just like a dog chasing a car.
>>1165033 What does that have to do with anything? I had unprovoked threats on my life before, and I have them still when interacting with... actually someone else, and one of your ilk interrupts
>>1165038 >while simultaneously cheering for the Zionists. lurk more
>>1165038 Zionism is national socialism
>>1165035 no, most of them will be incapable of work so they'll just be shot
>>1165033 what’s with this “our memes” shit? have you ever made anything of value or do you really need to live vicariously through people that share your identity?
>>1165046 White genocide is a moral necessity.
>>1165035 based larp
>>1165048 Remember when tumblr was upset over "cultural appropriation"? Now remember that 4chan is a further right tumblr.
>>1165038 >he thinks commies are pro-israel here are just a few of the attacks against the zionists that have been carried out by communist groups like the PFLP - we have been far more effective at fighting them than you https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1969_PFLP_bombings_in_Jerusalem https://web.archive.org/web/20120414202225/http://www.shechem.org/itamar/emliks.html https://start.umd.edu/gtd/search/IncidentSummary.aspx?gtdid=201210230007 https://start.umd.edu/gtd/search/IncidentSummary.aspx?gtdid=201211100023
>>1165048 https://dailystormer.su/trs-ripoff-podcast-chapo-trap-house-making-63000-a-month-for-their-corporate-product/ >Whether it’s satire like Sam Hyde, the synthesis of Opie & Anthony with radical politics like The Daily Shoah, or the cultural phenomenon known as The Daily Stormer, we’re all under constant siege from DC, NYC and LA power-Zionists. Does anyone gang-stalk the extended family of Chapo Trap House “shock-jocks”? Are they being targeted by SLAPP lawsuits? Do paramilitary groups shut down their college campus tours? Are their career prospects and wage-cuck jobs at risk for the opinions they express? >>1165054 >unironically doing the "LOOKS LIKE WE KNOW WHO THE REAL RACISTS/SEXISTS/ETC ARE" bit
>>1165046 >Glad you admit it. Retard we've been telling you that for a while now. Now stop quoting child rapist Sam Hyde as if you're doing something enlightening
>>1165059 why do you think I give a fuck about Chapo?
>>1165051 3rd worldists are nothing short of of degenerate scum.
>>1165049 nah this is just a joke, we know biden is basicially the same as trump.
>>1165060 >child rapist Sam Hyde Based off what? One image with evidence that's likely cherrypicked at best?
>>1165059 cry more
>>1165065 >Zionist do not seek to simply be left alone. As opposed to National Socialists, who just stayed in Germany wanting to be left alone
>>1165049 >Nothing is going to happen. Wrong. Your job? Your career? Kiss that goodbye. When we are in charge, we will show no mercy to Trumptard Nazis. You will have to beg on the streets for handouts from upstanding socialist citizens. Call it karmic justice- you will learn humility and empathy when you become one of the downtrodden you want to execute for inconveniencing you on your commute. Make no mistake, we won’t give you the release of death. No, you will be put into work camps for the rest of short lives. Because you are a reactionary, we will take your children away from you as they have no doubt suffered from abuse. We will employ our intellectual vanguard to help these poor children with the psychological abuse you inflicted on them through cognitive therapy and re-education.
>>1165065 >Zionist do not seek to simply be left alone. They wish to have other build a sand bunker for them in the ME, safeguard it and expand it on their behalf. >To that end they infiltrate and subvert Western institutions so do yacubians. that’s why they spent centuries colonizing other countries and write up sinophobic think pieces on their laptops made by Chinese workers.
>>1165072 zionism and nazism are the exact same, both must be destroyed
>>1165073 based
(35.37 KB 600x539 eeheehee.jpg)
>>1165073 Did you know Marx was the greatest capitalist of all? https://twitter.com/nixonist/status/1279122958783516673
(109.17 KB 500x678 269.png)
>>1165082 yep, and you're gonna be working in a sweatshop for pennies an hour once we're in charge, without the ability to even kill yourself
>>1165082 >source: random joker avi on twitter Lmao go follow Andrew Dodson you sperg
>>1165086 >I don't recall German NatSoc demanding a ridiculous amount of handouts on some racial identitrian myth. you've never heard of lebensraum?
>>1165065 >Zionist do not seek to simply be left alone. Poor Hitler just wanted to be left alone ;_;
>>1165086 >muh preemptive strike Right, they just HAD to invade. It's not like Hitler was talking about Lebensraum before the Nazis even took power or anything. >Furthermore, the NatSoc fail and succeed of their strength of their own arms not that of others, independence and sovereignty is a huge part of their ideology. It's a huge part of Zionist ideology as well. So what?
>>1165097 Do you think Israel gained all it's territory by nicely asking the Arabs to hand it over? Zionists and Nazis both believed they had a right to Eastern Europe/The Levant because of identitarian myths
>>1165097 You’re one dumb niggger goddamn. They were interested in extermination, not conquest.
>>1165101 >That's literally what he was begging everyone to do. After years of militarization and launching an offensive war
>>1165101 >He wanted the German lands that were taken from Germany during WW1 Didn't know Germany controlled Russia, Ukraine and Belarus before WW1. Interesting
(313.27 KB 694x495 sigh.png)
>>1165103 and either it was a classic case of gibsmedat. "either you give it to the chosen aryan race or we take it by force!"
>>1165108 Bitch is you drunk?
>>1164619 Try Tyler Childers, Sturgil Simpson, Drive By Truckers
>>1164712 what a pussy eared faggot. fuck the Holocaust, nazis get the bullet for this shit alone.
>>1165086 >Stalin was gonna invade
>>1165108 Do you mean the Nazis didn't try to exterminate the Slavs DURING the war? They did, through policy's like the Hunger Plan and the mass murder of Soviet POWs
(110.34 KB 651x410 ok then.jpg)
>>1165126 haha, y-yeah. stupid nazis and their milquetoast artistic tastes haha
>>1165131 what a strange image to have for such a specific use case
>>1165120 >>1165127 You know that the Nazis lost right? They didn't accomplish anything on their own. It just seems like both Zionists and Nazis can't get shit done without the support of Western powers
DON'T REPLY TO POSTS THAT PISS YOU OFF It doesn't fucking matter if you know it's a troll or not, if it made you mad your post will just feed it.
>>1164640 Half the people you talk to here are from cuckchan
>>1165138 Isn't it crazy that the good goy always wins?
>>1165141 Might as argue with some retarded rightoids, nothing else interestung in the news anymore. I miss the riots
>>1165133 i dunno i think it has a fair amount of use given it highlights an important departure in modern far right individuals. even "fashwave" itself is an admission of enjoyment of synthwave and dance music, which the far right at a previous time would have labeled degenerate. same goes for jazz and hiphop. the moonman songs are a perfect example. the guy wrote and created the songs not as some secret weapon of subversion, but because he liked rap. same reason people listen to them.
>>1165147 > They held their own against the combined might of the vast majority of the industrialised world and almost won. That’s not true. The Americans should have nuked Berlin and put an end to the kraut menace once and for all.
>>1165145 yeah myself included
>>1165135 >1- That never happened on mass. Is this a joke? The Germans starved, shot and gassed millions of soviet prisoners >2- Even if it did, it doesn't constitute a genocide. Literally the first people to be thrown in gas chambers were soviet POWs.
>>1165135 >That never happened on mass. Are you insane? 3 million Soviet POWs were killed. 57% of Soviet POWs that were taken were killed, compared to only 3% of US/British POWs dying in German captivity. >Even if it did, it doesn't constitute a genocide. When you look at the difference between German treatment of Western and Soviet POWs, and the Nazi ideology describing Soviet peoples being subhumans, it's quite clear that the massive amounts of deaths were due to genocidal policy. >there was NEVER an attempt at exterminating them. Again, the Hunger plan. Not to mention the millions of Slavs that were killed during the war
>>1164531 >The Haredi Jews are fully on board with the Zionist agenda Not all of them. Let me introduce you to the ultra-orthodox Haredi anti-Israel state (picrel).
>>1165153 You're not arguing with anyone because there's no posibility of them changing their minds, and they might not even be rightoids. You're just plain getting trolled.
>>1165147 You're doing a bad job at trying to make Nazism and Zionism seem different. Zionists also say shit like "we held our own against the entire Arab world" (only difference between them and the Nazis is they actually won)
>>1165167 Exactly. Strike while their guard is finally down.
>>1165172 >the nazis dindu nuffin >calls others historically illiterate amazin
>>1165172 Good riddance. You've already shown you have no idea what the hell you're talking about since you've apparently never heard of the mass murder of Soviet POWs before
>>1165167 It’s frankly an embarrassment that even a single kraut was spared after WW2. Time and time again they have proved to be treacherous and bloodthirsty animals, unfit for the modern world. Mark my words, a germoid will be responsible for WW3 because it’s in the blood. We should have killed every man woman and child in Germany.
(346.11 KB 540x685 rat.png)
>>1165183 take it easy there benjamin
>>1165186 >The war was simply bloodier on the Western front Lolwat
(71.81 KB 350x350 soy pol2.gif)
>>1165195 >It didn't happen, because I said so, ok???
(114.80 KB 510x412 chadbiden.png)
(9.80 KB 250x250 based bill.jpg)
>>1165127 >The MASSIVE difference here is that the NAZIs could get actually get it on their own >Literally bankrolled and handed power by the bourgoise and state functionaries >Literally handed all their territorial gains before barborassa by the annexed country's bourgoise and allied betrayal. >Lost anyways >el retardo terminally online narcissistic trust-fund kids still project themselves onto the miserable ethnostate grift they tricked the proles with instead of all the rich nazis that slipped throught the cracks and became NATO officials
>>1165195 >Look, I don't care about liberal post war propaganda Absolutely delusional. Garbage like the Clean Wehrmacht myth came to be because post war liberals wanted to sanitize the German military because of "muh evil soviets". You're the one regurgitating post war propaganda, retard. >Hitler had PLENTY of time to carry out a successful extermination campaign. Yes and he tried to, but I guess the Hunger Plan and those millions of dead Slavs don't count apparently. >>BRUTAL WARFARE DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A GENOCIDAL CAMPAIGN Right, so murdering millions of POWs who you happen to consider subhuman, but not doing the same thing to POWs you DON'T consider subhuman, isn't a genocidal campaign. Fuck off you idiot
>>1165205 If Zionists supposedly control the world and won their existential race war, while the Nazis didn't, what the Zionists say seems to be more in line with reality. But they are both retarded identitarian ideologies in the end
(55.21 KB 383x380 soy471.png)
>>1165209 >Fucking retards, all of you
>>1165209 sneed
>>1165209 lmao stay mad niggger
>>1165212 >German ones. No, also ones from the United States and Britain
(45.05 KB 596x304 what does.png)
you guys ready to time travel? check out trump's twitter on january 20th 2021
(3.89 MB 520x390 you people.gif)
>>1165212 >You people are just grabbing at straws at this point. >you people
Hey opportunist electorism retards https://newrepublic.com/article/160285/obama-promised-land-trump-biden >He also reiterates notional support for single-payer health care. “Had we been starting from scratch, I would have agreed with them,” he writes. “The evidence from other countries showed that a single, national system—basically, Medicare for All—was a cost-effective way to deliver health care.” The man who returned slave markets to Libya is throwing you a bone You can leverage this against the Malarky Mussolini who got chosen as your next president I don't fancy your chances though since Malarky has said he would veto m4a if it came to his desk Best of luck
>>1165187 Do you have the original?
>>1165212 >German ones. Holy shit I think you're onto something anon >Still had to fight the Poles. Soviets offered numerous times to form a defensive pact with Poland and also with the allies against Germany but porky ruling class refused. >Blame the coward Churchill for refusing to fulfil his promises. I blame almost the entire British cabinet that enabled and actively aided the nazis in their early conquests. >Anyhow this is not even a valid comparison. Of course it is retard. You're just wrong. >You people are just grabbing at straws at this point. Literally defending nazis with exclusively invalidated claims.
>>1165227 Who the fuck says this? What the fuck even is that?
(46.84 KB 540x685 EcOYXmUXQAUaEBv.jpg)
>>1165222 You say this while accusing jewish folk of building capitalism AND communism while perpetuating white genocide through bbc interracial cuckold pornography. It can’t be both.
>>1165226 >"fucking Jews needing others to prop them up" >"Rich people from the most powerful empires bankrolling us doesn't mean anything bro!"
>>1165231 Thanks.
>>1165222 >Jews are indeed excellent parasites. >However, They don't constitute a superior race. >As they are utterly incapable of building anything on their own.
>>1165230 google "auto sear" it's one of the components making a rifle fully automatic
(1.31 MB 250x240 Post this rat.mp4)
>>1165183 No. You’re thinking of Americans. Well, British and Americans, the two prime examples of Angloid Untermenschen.
>>1165232 >nogunfud Probably not, considering the vast majority of gun owners have probably never seen an auto sear before.
>>1165222 Didn't Jews have written language and cities way before Germanic peoples?
>>1165246 inb4 we wuz atlantis
>>1165246 sandníggers have had written language for over twice as long as whites, and more than that for northern europeans
>>1165246 While the indo-europeans were still nomads riding around in chariots, peoples like the Dravidians of India, the Chinese and the Babylonians and Egyptians had made amazing civilizations.
>>1165254 >>1165255 As if further proof were needed of the inferiority of the (((white))) race.
>>1165259 Fucking whitoids ruined the Indian gene pool when they entered the country and intermingled with the locals. This is why the Indo-Aryan North is a shithole and the Dravidian South has a functional civilization.
>>1165135 >1- That never happened on mass. They killed everything not considered "race" superior. In his book, being kampf, hitler said he had a plan to move Slavs to eastern line of Siberia.
>>1165265 >killed >moved
(841.21 KB 1280x720 Pro-Israel lobby.mp4)
(2.10 MB 1280x720 May Allah awaken the people.mp4)
>>1163133 >chink who married her brother (at least according to serial liar) is no longer based This is what she used to say, too bad she went downhill.
>>1165183 Fuck off. I'm Canadian, Swiss, German and Polish. Born in Edmonton. Half Swiss, then a mix of German and Polish. And if 23 & Me is correct, I have like 1% Italian, 1% British/Irish, and 0.01% Middle Easter. Do you think i'm the Anti Christ?
>>1165220 The administrative general agency already approved to start transfer funds to the Biden campaign. No more money for Pompous.
>>1165283 All you're telling me is that you're uninteresting and on the stupid side of the autism spectrum
>>1165283 Dios Mio.........
>>1165283 It's a shitpost you humorless autist.
>>1165283 la cretura
>>1165289 Is that really the best you can come up with? You lack the self awareness to realize you suffer from Dunning Kruger Syndrome.
>>1165283 So....you’re white
>>1164916 I remember (not fondly) back in the 8chan days when the /pol/luters would call every critic of capitalism a transhumanist. >>1165007 Am I right to say you don't like Chaporeddit? >>1165283 Why yes, we are going to genetically test everyone and gas those with more than 1/64th teutonic heritage, of course!
>>1165295 I'd rather be called a vampire. If it was possible, i'd like to become a Greek God.
>>1165268 Look at the data reflected over the murdered people there. Slav was the most killed ethnic, regardless of their religion or political belief.
>>1165299 Like 90% of posters here.
>>1165283 I bet you're .2% jewish too
>>1165300 >I remember (not fondly) back in the 8chan days when the /pol/luters would call every critic of capitalism a transhumanist. They still do that on their own board.
>>1165298 >Is that really the best you can come up with? You lack the self awareness to realize you suffer from Dunning Kruger Syndrome. >reeeeeeee >didn't even say anything about myself
>>1165283 I award you with the medal for honorary amerimutt
>>1165307 I'm not Jewish.
>>1165033 >thinking we still like richard spencer And you think we like chapo lmao, you're even more out of touch. >lacking in even the most basic forms of comedic sensibilities so much that you straight-up steal one of our memes <another stormtard who thinks /pol/ invented frogposting Holodomor yourself
>>1165038 >It has always fascinated me how almost all leftists seem to UTTERLY despise even the slightest manifestation of national socialism while simultaneously cheering for the Zionists. We want to kill Zionists too you retard, we aren't liberals.
>>1165283 Lol mutt. You will never be purebred.
(29.28 KB 485x340 yshvsborbz401.jpg)
>>1165325 Jews didn't invent capitalism. While communism was invented by a jew.
>>1165327 Marx didn't invent communism. It existed long before him.
(112.17 KB 319x561 Moloch_the_god.gif)
>>1165327 Pheonicians invented capitalism (aka protojews)
>>1165327 This time I really thought my shitpost (>>1165325 me) was as obvious as a Christmas tree on 4th of July.
>>1163824 >At least, until nationalism resurfaced in the last decade Well, why is that? There is a definite material basis for it and that's Amazon and "our" jobs going to Mexico and immigrants "stealing" our jobs, i.e. middle-class white Americans don't get to be middle-class Americans anymore but are looking at a future when they will be treated just like other proles. That's what liberalism has in store for them and they don't like it.
>>1165333 Nice out
>>1165323 So what? Who gives a shit about "pure bred"?
(602.43 KB 600x338 lolcat-bongocar-smashing.gif)
>>1165283 >>1165283 >I'm Canadian, Swiss, German and Polish >>1165283 >and 0.01% Middle Easter and a pure sample of cope, around 99%.
>>1165317 Vampire works better for me.
(52.97 KB 750x750 fish-out-the-water.jpg)
>>1165330 >>1165331 Actually it was invented by a fish, a protohumuan.
>>1165340 Why would I cope over being 0.01% Middle Eastern? It's interesting.
>>1165345 You're probably not. Genetic "tests" like 23 and me "update" all the time. I bet your results have changed since you last checked. Your best bet at knowing your lineage is actually tracing your family tree
>>1165323 African Horners are the chaddest africans.
>>1165323 Worse teeth than a bong
>>1165347 there's nothing chad about us. just pure mental illness and retardation.
>>1165352 cope pol
>>1165352 a somali pirate is far more chad than a burger who weighs half a ton and wears a bedsheet like a toga bc no clothes are made that big, even if both are retards
(172.81 KB 1000x950 poljak-the-thruth.png)
>>1165352 Don’t sell yourself short, king.
>>1163049 >If there is not determinism, there is free will That doesn't follow. Being controlled by perfectly random nanoscale bullshit is just as "free willed" as being controlled by perfectly determined nanoscale bullshit
>>1165352 For once I agree with you, /pol/.
>>1165364 thats still better than being morbidly obese, shitty teeth are ugly but it won't literally kill you
>>1165364 How's this different from tobacco or coca leaves chewing?
There's still 4 counties in Pennsylvania that didn't make it to the certification deadline. I wonder if Trump has any hope of pulling off a Supreme Court miracle.
(294.02 KB 1000x824 chinception.png)
>>1165360 you're on
>>1165414 no, it's pretty much over. both Michigan and Georgia certified and electors are chosen before the election. trump needed PA, GA, AND MI in order to win without AZ and NV
>>1165415 chin or gtfo.
>>1165416 Technically December 12th hasn't occurred yet. So there still is a chance of state legislature fuckery. I'm not happy Trump lost. But it's nice to fantasize about the Supreme Court handing Trump reelection.
>>1165421 Stahp I can only get so hard
>>1164544 >I'm not ascribing some nefarious motive to central banks You are describing like it is bad that the central bank should not print the money to solve the global debt. Or just erase the debt. >>1164544 >The expansions of debt were not simply a matter of printing money to make the economy work again. I didn't say it was "simply that" it was the result and their policy. >>1164544 >or you're going to have a lot of angry creditors wondering what the point of giving your government money was. and who fucking cares? they got this same fucking yeah all the money they wanted through the FED PPP program. >>1164544 >but you're either going to have to translate that into something that will bring wealth back in Do you really think that money equals wealth? oh, poor, poor boy. Money is just a tool for transactions, it could be a tool for wealth, but the historical reckless use of currencies from central banks has proven that currency is not a way to measure wealth, thus canceling the debt is more than a symbolic act that has 0 effects on the wealth, except to stop the suffering of those that can't afford to be outside of the debt control. >>1164544 >What the Fed got out of the Obama bailouts and the recent bailouts is pretty obvious - they got to reap property from those who couldn't pay the mortgage, and the bailout money went towards corporations likely to turn a profit and pay back the banks, or they were corporations that performed vital military and security functions that act as the muscle for capitalism and those banks. The taxpayer is left on the hook, but they don't really matter. It looks bad when you see your living standards brought down, but the rich got what they wanted and more. Agreed. >>1164544 >In the New Deal, it was part of a larger project to transform America into a war machine The new deal wasn't thought on translate the U.S. into a war machine, that happen during the WWII, and the new deal came before the WWII. It shifted, but it wasn't it conception.
>>1165421 >>1165424 Chill. The Administrative Secretary Agency has already started to transfer fund to Biden today. It will a nottinburger.
>>1165411 >chewing on drugs sad
>>1165437 I think it's to get the GOP off of Trump's back. Doesn't prevent him from still filing lawsuits and trying his luck with the courts. Trump is a betting man. He'll keep filing lawsuits, just to increase the odds that a few of them go through the lower courts, up to the Supreme Court.
>>1165437 It's only $7 million to shut up Biden. The Supreme Court has until the end of December to rule in Trump's favour.
>>1165453 It's more than the money, it's a symbolic act. >>1165449 >I think it's to get the GOP off of Trump's back. The GOP is doomed.
>>1165465 >those comments maybe this is the way to kill idpol. just slowly carve off each race into the "white" category like what happened with asians in that school district recently.
(1.09 MB 1584x1631 va0j8iqnwc341.png)
>>1164537 >Do wagies realize everyone with a real job looks down upon them as if they're lower than dogshit? Woah bro, you sound really happy with your life and not displacing feelings of self hatred!
>>1165465 Is he? Genuine curiosity. By the way, looks whiter than me, kek, I am a direct fucking slav descendant.
(254.69 KB 640x360 EniNX2fW4AYG-9C.png)
>>1165476 >just slowly carve off each race into the "white" He's got blue eyes.
>>1165493 Latino is a metizo, black, indigenous, and white. He's just what we know as "blanco de orilla"
>>1165496 >>1165502 He even doesn't have a Spanish surname: Perez, Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Diaz, Nuñez, etc. Shit, that's the worst "Latino" you can pick if you want to make the case for latino diversity.
>>1163133 obvs not the best take but this was 2019 right when the turks started almost genociding the kurds as soon as trump randomly left without making sure the Kurds wouldn't get giga wiped
(23.67 KB 225x300 s-l300(1).jpg)
>>1165502 Sonwhat about orientals? Do tgey become Latino if they are born in a Latin American country? Also how do you become a LatinXmen
(160.83 KB 1393x1080 1606202133817.jpg)
>>1165514 >Do tgey become Latino if they are born in a Latin American country? Yes and no. I honestly believe that you have to have the ideosincracy, and most of the time you will find it in a mestizo, rather in a blanco de orilla. Yeah, sure, you could find very ideosincratic blanco de orilla, but that crap is not a latino in the brader sense.
>>1165520 and it will be funny how liberals will shut out anyone who dares to say he's not a Latino you racist scumbag or stuff like that.
(296.02 KB 445x620 Screenshot (1155).png)
BIG pharma, BIG tech... when are people gonna face down the true oppressor: BIG God!
>>1165554 This but unironically.
(107.57 KB 377x322 213768768678.png)
>>1165554 All the stratospheric levels of MAGA cope going on will bring about the world next great religion.
>>1165554 We should support small local gods. Ethical vegan co-op gods
>>1165515 Lol she will be the first female president
>>1165514 Yes you can be a latino asian
(248.62 KB 1076x1666 IMG_20201124_040209.jpg)
this is what biden gets you
>>1165622 Whoops wrong flag haha
>>1165187 I'm dying :D
>>1165611 I would like to see Paganism replace monotheism today.
>>1165622 >THIS is my dog!
>>1165622 but thats a heckin cute doggo
(20.55 KB 480x270 concern.jpg)
>>1165622 i mean that dog IS pretty based
(122.51 KB 785x354 Screenshot (1157).png)
(37.68 KB 583x331 Capture.PNG)
Have some cringe
>>1165674 Bane is a proletarian hero!
(109.27 KB 700x525 sri lanka coup attempt.jpg)
I Lived Through A Stupid Coup. America Is Having One Now <You’ve already lost. This is what Americans need to understand. https://archive.is/gfuUu
>>1165617 >Yes you can be a latino asian So it just means amerimutt then?
>>1165695 >The legitimate government came back but it was divided and weak. based >We were divided and weak. We were vulnerable. BASED!
>>1165695 >chaos is a ladder. >>1165699
>>1165617 If I learn Spanish and move to Mexico, do I become Latino?
>>1165476 >like what happened with asians in that school district recently Do tell.
(462.26 KB 824x611 Screenshot (1158).png)
>>1165493 >>1165504 Cameron Diaz is Cuban.
>>1165554 What is "big god" even supposed to mean? >>1165690 What is that even supposed to mean?
>>1165723 >What is "big god" even supposed to mean? according to the article "big god" is a deity that is the arbiter of right and wrong, as opposed to just a spiritual being that doesn't really care about humans unless it's to fuck their women and have temples built in his name
>>1165723 Big God is to God just as big government is to government.
(1.46 MB 2480x1920 Edited_20201124_042136.jpg)
>>1165716 So if I move to Cuba with my wife and have a kid there, they become Latino right? But if they move to The USA, they retain there hot LatinX infused blood? That's how The LatinX virus reproduces right?
>>1165695 holy jesus i just started giving that article an honest read and he's such a dumb faggot lmao. i wish i could get paid to shitpost in long form and call it journalism.
>>1165698 >Unironically believing in “Le racial admixture weakening muh huwhite spaniard blood!” <Being a poltard to one-up poltards Kys
>>1165750 My favourite part >This year America had fascism on the ballot and nonwhite people mercifully said no.
>>1165794 YAAAAAAAS
>>1165690 You forgot to post the cringe
>>1165411 I don't know about coca but khat tastes better than tobacco and the effect is like low key amphetamines. Cool thing to do when you just want to chill during an afternoon with some friends.
>>1164420 Read the SEP entry on quantum mechanics and go from there. If you're butthurt by "science" as a "marxist", maybe start with the kiddie shit.
>>1165794 I don't get it How did wypipo say no when the two front runners were both fascists?
>>1164089 This is why leftypol critically supports King George III against Franco-Spanish Imperialism and Colour Revolutions.
>>1166150 King George must go
>>1166150 >opposing the progressive bourgeoisie is progressive
(280.82 KB 960x1440 soy.jpg)
>>1166176 >>1166169 >progressibe booj <he unironically thinks that the UK wasn't the most Capitalist nation on Earth in the late 1700s America was literally founded by a bunch of semifeudal slavelords and peasant yeomen, not at all "progressive"
So what's the next move for orange man now? Will he just quietly concede and move on with his life or will he try something funny?
>>1166211 It's ogre Biden is president https://amp.usatoday.com/amp/6391468002 The clean up has begun BLM leaders will be mysteriously dropping dead like flies with no leads to the murderers and commiting suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head just like it was under President Obama
>>1166184 ><he unironically thinks that the UK wasn't the most Capitalist nation on Earth in the late 1700s >America was literally founded by a bunch of semifeudal slavelords and peasant yeomen, not at all "progressive" Retardo take. The Japanese were also more capitalist than China, the KMT was still more progressive. Apparently we now conflate imperialism and the progressive bourgeoisie for the sake of owning the cons. Capitalism and the bourgeois-democratic revolution are not exactly the same thing and the center for one is not the center for the other. I have to wonder. Do you justify British colonialism elsewhere, or just in America since unlike other former colonies its conservatism does not lend to anticolonial ideas? That's generally the pattern I observe, it's about the West rather than capitalism and the bourgeoisie more generally
(288.41 KB 576x590 dunce.png)
>>1165041 i made that pic like 3 years ago
(257.45 KB 551x334 journ.png)
>>1165750 >i wish i could get paid to shitpost in long form and call it journalism. Little tip: it's actually not that difficult to get into
>>1166337 Colonialism was a progressive force, don't care about your white saviour complex.
(34.74 KB 587x297 1606222864344.png)
(109.38 KB 390x390 1601778848887.png)
Wakey wakey wageslave, time to stand in line for the in person paper ballot re-vote.
>>1166354 Is he seriously going to try and do to Biden what Biden did to Sanders? Phuaaar
>>1166351 >Colonialism was a progressive force, don't care about your white saviour complex. So, I know where you're coming from and I don't mean to be one of those leftists that opposes all capitalist progressivism as white imperialism. I also was not trying to, as the guy I replied to is doing, laud all forms of imperialism or colonialism as progressive. The bourgeois-democratic revolution is what is progressive.
>>1166358 You mean criminal election fraud? That already likely occurred in six states. Media is totally uninterested in it since Biden still won though.
(285.08 KB 955x821 9834758934794.png)
>>1166312 Remember all the anons talking about civil war? Just consistently unable to make political predictions of any kind. Anyways it's happening now because Wall Street (who actually control the Trump presidency) told Donny it's time to go home and play with his grandkids
>>1166372 Source?
>>1166395 Source on there being election fraud, retard.
>>1166354 REEEEEVOTE honestly too fucking great to happen imo
>>1166468 Note how I used the word "likely", retard. It's likely when exit polls are off by a massive, improbably degree.
>>1166481 No it isn't
>>1165688 >>1165688 Batman is an exploitative porky.
(22.61 KB 584x264 trump.png)
He's still in it
>>1165716 Yeah, but she has a Diaz surname. It makes the case for the Latinos.
are we getting ddos'd or is space just shitting himself again
(223.71 KB 2000x2000 Alunya-cat-chilling2.png)
>>1166590 The bunker is good. Just some repairs.
>>1166372 >tfw drumpf did the vooter fraud all along
>>1166607 >ywn share a bunker with Alunya
>>1165661 shut the fuck up
(738.83 KB 2673x2286 knee.jpg)
>tfw america might collapse in the next few years >tfw my autistic british federation idea could be possible if this does happen feels good
BREAKING <The PA governor declares valid the Biden victory in that State.
>>1166631 Elaborate on this federation shit, I'm interested
>>1166609 They both did, do you really think the Democratic party wouldn't do what they did in the primary in the general?
>>1166576 I think its just for show, hes losing pretty much every court battle and has already allowed for them to transition to biden.
>>1166645 What's more likely from the migatards, mass terrorism attempts or mass suicide?
>>1166652 terrorism, but there has been some suicides already from people who thought the deep state™️ was coming for them
>>1166652 mass agreeing and public breakdowns like 2016.
(1.24 MB 1920x2293 Edited_20201124_110950.jpg)
>>1166749 Ching-Chong Potato. Narco Rubio 4:20
>>1166631 Liquidate all anglos
>>1166638 its over blumpf anons we got too cocky
(39.10 KB 600x597 cm9lrr7inelz.jpg)
Did Trump really just hold a press for 2 minutes just stating that the DOW hit 30k?
(1.77 MB 615x295 theatermove.gif)
>>1166793 >LINE GO UP
Now that the dust has settled can we admit that no one outside of Minneapolis cared about George Floyd or BLM and just used the opportunity to do literally anything other than staying at home during quarantine? Oh and that accelerakiddies absolutely failed at predicting or changing anything too
>>1166652 Probably not all that much. Migas are still libs, so they'll still want to have some brunch.
>>1166793 The fun part is, reached 30K signaling that the conceding is coming up kek
>>1166819 >Now that the dust has settled can we admit that no one outside of Minneapolis cared about George Floyd or BLM and just used the opportunity to do literally anything other than staying at home during quarantine? Shitty b8, is shitty.
>>1166749 Der christcuck...
>>1166819 honestly this. like 2 or so months of bored teenagers smashing stuff and looting shit and everything has calmed down now. it was all mass hysteria produced by boredom
>>1166655 Is this for real?
>>1166819 Does that matter?
>>1166819 ump thump Thump THUMP thump Thump THUMP thump Thump THUMP
>>1166857 It doesn't matter, none of it matters.
>>1166819 Based
>>1166819 b-but I thought the epic radlib protests would lead to revolution and that voting Trump will bring in a civil war... how could leftypol lie to me?
(2.20 MB 498x320 tenor.gif)
Who is the worst faction of the left: accelerakiddies or anti-amerikiddies
>>1166870 It wasn't leftypol. It was /pol/ astroturfing here. Nobody else could be so retarded as to say those things.
>>1166872 Neither it's the American left that responds to international entreaties for solidarity with hurts durr fashists and thinks the DPRK is more oppressive that the USA
>>1166880 The absolute worst is when they don't merely stick to faaaashist but dare to go red fashists tankie
>>1166819 it got a bunch of libs to listen to PSL speeches and even marches with insane cultist RevComs so that's a win in the burger leftist book. if you're expecting even a mild revolt in Burgerland then you're gonna have to wait until next year when mass evictions and a second depression kick in
>>1166877 Wrong, in the /burgerkrieg/ thread people (like me) unironically were praying for Black Lenin to appear because of all the based black lumpen giving speeches about how the Fed is fake and interrupting radlibs. At least it opened my eyes to the revolutionary potential of black proles and lumpens. There was also huge support for Trump to win as the chaos candidate until some fags took it as unironic support for Trump's policies and that he is the most anti-war candidate in US political history.
>>1166872 (You)
>>1166872 I would say the post-left but they are pretty openly rightist or right-liberals now. Gotta be the emerging stupidpol faction that just wants to add muh white working class to the progressive stack
>>1166908 >he is the most anti-war candidate in US political history. He probably is the most antiwar candidate since potentially Al Gore maybe even earlier This is not praise, this is damnation
>>1166819 I think it is fair to say nobody cared about Floyd personally but a good deal of people cared about police brutality generally because they hated the police, and Floyd was all the excuse they needed. It was based either way though, and I will endlessly enjoy the tears of stupididpolers whining about the destruction of """proletarian small business""" lmao
(8.47 MB 640x360 videoplayback (1).mp4)
Why can't we, inferior USAians can have nice things too? The barbecue sauce on my meat and deep fried butter on the side is nice but I, as a typical USAian, I am, in fact so sad of our crumpling infarstucture and living in my car. If only I could be from the glorious and clearly superior Chinese nation, preferably of Han origin. I'm so sad that I will eat so many hotdogs that it is a suicide. Are you feeling this the same, fellow USAins?
>>1166934 eh, for as collapse-y as the US is in all regards I still do love my home state and the wilderness it has. I couldn't imagine living in a city.
(170.78 KB 500x280 at-jake HAPPY GASP.gif)
(34.14 KB 196x200 pepe-dreaming-comuna.png)
>>1166934 >TheXiNoticer >MFW.
(69.87 KB 1000x1000 1574557238109.jpg)
>>1166934 May the gravity of the center of the world truly force us into the great tracks of land that is China.
>>1166934 Why aren't you practicing, Ling Ling?
>>1166984 My name not Ling Ling. My actual name John White. I am from Texas, USA and my favorite music is country band and I visit Louisiana to hunt and eat crocodile gumbos.
>>1166920 I'd love for Stupidpol to become a major national party, to push you into impotent agreeing. Did a white guy rape you or something? What's wrong with acknowledging that there exists a white working class, you filthy Radlib?
What class interests do the the Democratic and Republican parties and represent? I'm thinking that Democrats are international capital and Republicans are national capital, but has Trump really done anything that good for national capital? Beyond what the Democrats would do.
>>1166928 >It was based either way though, and I will endlessly enjoy the tears of stupididpolers whining about the destruction of """proletarian small business""" lmao Stupidpolers get the bullet, too.
>>1166819 The accelerationists also hedged their bet with Biden, and he will help make things worse. Just slowly, and while sleeping at the wheel.
>>1166928 Then cheer on Amazon and other monopolies just to "own" Stupidpol.
>>1166928 Lot of words to say that you hate the working class and love idpol
https://www.reddit.com/r/stupidpol/ You all should come visit us. The hatred of us is weird. I'm guessing triggered Breadtube and Tankie faggots can't handle any criticism. Especially if it's mocking the Idpol Golden Calf.
(35.37 KB 1360x1076 soy605.png)
>>1167023 >https://www.reddit.com/r/stupidpol/ >You all should come visit us. >The hatred of us is weird. >I'm guessing triggered Breadtube and Tankie faggots can't handle any criticism. Especially if it's mocking the Idpol Golden Calf.
https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/24/upshot/janet-yellen-treasury-challenges.html >As important and powerful as the Fed is, in some ways it can resemble a university economics department more than a fast-paced center of policymaking. Ms. Yellen, like her predecessors, had the benefit of being able to spend long hours analyzing the state of the economy and debating the best course of policy, and precisely crafting every word of public statements. >Treasury secretaries, by contrast, have their fingers in a wide range of domestic and foreign policy. In recent weeks alone, the department announced it was imposing sanctions related to North Korea and Iran, introducing plans for how businesses will be taxed on their pandemic rescue loans and ruling on requirements for divestment of the social platform TikTok for national security reasons. >Ms. Yellen is no stranger to high-level politics and international diplomacy, but if confirmed, she will be more engaged than ever in trying to bend both domestic and international rivals to an administration’s will. > One particularly interesting area to watch will be the relationship between fiscal policy — the power to tax and spend, soon to be partly under Ms. Yellen’s stewardship — and her former domain of monetary policy, the power to adjust the supply of money. Those lines have become more blurred this year. The pandemic response has been organized as a joint effort between the Treasury, which is putting up billions of dollars in capital to support debt markets, and the Fed, which administers the programs and lends billions more from its own limitless balance sheet to make them more powerful.
>>1167012 Nah fellow inmate President Biden will make things go even faster than President Trump would have Now that Biden is annointed President however if Trump manages to retake the crown things will go even faster
I legit can't tell if people in this thread just enjoy trolling or if they're actually that stupid. The IQ drop in this thread and /itg/ compared to other threads is palpable
>>1167017 I'm fine actually, I'll just laugh at you for being retards. Big porky, small porky, all the same evils, just at different scales. A bunch of smaller porkies is the same collective evil as a big single porky of equivalent size, and pretending their is some kind of anti-imperialist aspect we should have for the fucking petite-bouj is honestly one of the funniest incorrect takes I have seen made non-ironically.
>>1167040 >>1167044 Social fascist programs being lauded by a social fascist magazine, am I supposed to be impressed?
https://jacobinmag.com/2020/11/joe-biden-administration-national-security-picks-defense-department >On Sunday, Bloomberg reported that Biden has chosen his longtime aide, Tony Blinken, to serve as secretary of state and will name Jake Sullivan, his senior advisor and a former Hillary Clinton aide, national security adviser. Former Obama Defense Department official Michèle Flournoy is considered the favorite to be secretary of defense. >After leaving the Obama administration, Blinken and Flournoy founded WestExec Advisors, a secretive consulting firm whose motto has been: “Bringing the Situation Room to the board room.” Flournoy and Sullivan have both held roles at think tanks raking in money from defense contractors, and US government intelligence and defense agencies. >Last week, two board members from Raytheon joined a small group to brief President-elect Biden and Vice President–elect Kamala Harris on national security issues. One of the two Raytheon board members, Robert Work, has also worked for WestExec.
>>1167048 > Jacobin > Social Fascist Did you eat paint chips as a child? How are you this retarded?
>>1167037 Do you realize you are in an imageboard? Mods try to keep quality in leftypol, but people fail for b8s/poltards flocks all the time here. Gee, /b/ is over there if you want to just lower your IQ for a while.
(56.43 KB 550x550 974976.jpg)
>>1167037 Burger no read book. Burger watch youtube videos, go to /ITG/ to post boobs. BIG boobies, yes. Burger no like Chaynah. Burger go to /PRC/: "fuck chaynah!" (Fucking yellow commies!) Burger feel most home ITT. Much nice ITT. Natural habitat of burger.
>>1167029 When I think of soy, I think of Leftypol, Breadtube, and all the Left wing subreddits eternally assblasted by Stupidpol.
(1.35 MB 576x432 Get out.mp4)
>>1167023 >be r/stupidpol >do nothing, ever >spend more time obsessing over idpol than doing something (which is nothing) >support obvious controlled opposition candidate Bernie Sanders >attack people who do something
(249.52 KB 1800x1800 Alunya-cat-puke.png)
>>1167058 I mean they're very SocDem which is who were called social fascist in the 30's. But yeah it's pretty cringe nowadays when even mild pro-worker politics in the USA gets you branded as Stalin
>>1167058 They literally praise social fascist programs like welfare and lone forgiveness, all the while charging their bourgeois readership a pretty penny so that they can read their glossy little tabloid and pretend they're being revolutionary. Social fascism at its finest.
(251.94 KB 1024x1263 EnYhNJPXIAUdcAR.jpeg)
>>1167074 Obey your overlord!
>>1167073 > Be Leftypol > Argue and fight each other over which dead loser was "right" > Something Something Stalin/Lenin/Bookchin > Support State Capitalist States with Red Flags > Cry about your destitute, shitty lives > Attack the only group of people who are making inroads with the right wing and converting them to some left wing ideas
>>1167084 So there should be no medicare for all? And no forgiving of the $1.9 trillion dollar student debt in the USA? Why not run as a Republican then? Or a Democrat? You and every other autist here pretend to be "revolutionary" and super edgy.
(28.37 KB 425x349 soy pol 21.png)
>>1167091 >> Attack the only group of people who are making inroads with the right wing and converting them to some left wing ideas
(56.57 KB 602x459 1_QxVDigveUociKbLf8CWSpg.jpeg)
>>1165750 Why don't you become a journalist if you're so much better? Stop with this armchair criticism and put your action where your mouth is.
(57.64 KB 640x480 no heroes left in man.jpg)
>>1167091 >red-brown alliance
>>1167091 I don't attack outreach, I criticize opticscucked hostility to direct action.
>>1167094 I support socialism, not concessions from the bourgeoisie. Clearly, you're fine with capitalism as long as the lumpenproles and psuedo-proles get nice trinkets from their overlords.
(63.06 KB 1000x1000 b8-abig1.jpg)
What did Trump mean with this? https://youtu.be/PnsP1zhpNxE
>>1167102 I have personally myself helped to write leftist articles in Spanish journals, but they don't get paid well at all, so I can't contribute all the time. t. not the same anon.
(50.62 KB 520x591 aocdum.png)
Imagine falling for this sultry demon's lies
>>1167119 imagine having faith in anyone who's a sitting member of congress
>>1167019 Case in fucking point.
>>1167002 Shouldn’t you be beating your wife naked like Matt Heimbach?
>>1167119 When was her last tweet? That happens when you just into conclusions like a frog.
>>1167002 >What's wrong with acknowledging that there exists a white working class, you filthy Radlib? The problem with r/stupidpol is not that they aknowledge the white working class, but that they hate direct action and are actually succdems pretending to be socialists.
>>1167146 the problem is they're terminally online idpol obsessed morons high on outrage culture. The retard that shit himself in the thread right now is a compelling example of how fucking stupid they are
>>1167156 The smart thing would be to point out that Biden is engaging in woke imperialism, not look for idpol under every rock. (sage for absence of serious discussion)
>>1167139 what argument are you trying to make here?
>>1167146 >portraying internet drama as serious political differences retard
>>1167175 The first one is that I want to see if she answered that BEFORE the account suspension or AFTER the account suspension. I guess it was before, so she can see the twit, kek. However, she jumped to the conclusion that the Twitter user was right on whatever they said because the account is suspended.
(64.69 KB 625x626 cff.png)
>>1167204 >I definitely think he was kinda antisemitic why?
>>1167146 The problem with r/stupidpol is that there are 50K+ subscribers, and keeping the sub focused on Marxism is harder the more people there are. The mods have made stricter posting rules lately to try and keep it more focused, which is a step in the right direction. >>1167204 Anti-zionist != antisemitic.
(1.27 MB 852x1024 cia nigger.png)
>>1167204 Yes, all those insult Israel must die.
>>1167204 Source?
>>1167070 <When I think of soy, I think of
>>1167213 Bahaha no. They haven't promoted Marxism for a long time. They promote Beefsteak Marxism(tm), a new brand of commodified ideology that has the glorious bearded man on the label and takes some quotes from the scripture, but doesn't lead anywhere and comes to fairly trivial conclusions. There were some legit posters years ago, but they all left / got banned, and the mods there cultivated an echo chamber like any group that seizes control of a forum. Such is how the internet usually goes.
>>1167204 >burger "leftism" Shiggy diggy
(23.93 KB 625x626 b8-biggerb8.jpg)
(381.55 KB 640x988 nazi beans.png)
>>1167070 shut up fag
>>1167198 Oh I see, so you're a fucking moron
>>1167212 I raised an eyebrow when he wrote the foreword to Hobson's Imperialism. There is nothing wrong in principle with Corbyn writing a foreword to Hobson's Imperialism. Hobson was a very significant early 20th-century liberal thinker with his analysis of capitalism and imperialism. But he was also an anti-semite and it is very entangled with his work. Corbyn was wrong for not mentioning Hobson's anti-semitism (which is very apparent in his works), even as a way of mentioning that the sort of anti-semitism Hobson spouted was quite mainstream among intellectuals and how anti-semitism works as an ideology. Corbyn writing the foreword in isolation and in and of itself doesn't make him anti-semitic but the fact he didn't notice them or didn't think they mattered does say something about his very consistent blindspot on this and the political illiteracy of Corbynism towards anti-semitism that often leads them to downplay it and not take it seriously and it doesn't take long for some to engage in it. For me, this shows how much political education on this is needed.
>>1167294 People like you are why newfags will ruin this site
>>1167294 Where, specifically, is Hobson anti-semitic in his Imperialism?
>>1167291 Why wanting to know the truth is being a moron? I am not specially thrilled by her, but should I jump to conclusions like her? So, you are criticizing her to jump to the conclusion that Corbyn is an antisemite without proofs, and do I should do the same jumping to the conclusion that she's plain anti-left instead of being unaware of the behavior of a really antileft bug?
>>1167294 Why can't stupidpol fags attack fags like this instead of actual leftists?
>>1167294 lol, perhaps corbyn simply never read the work
the problem with stupidpol isn't that they're anti idpol, its that they've ceased to be a leftist subreddit and is now controlled by stormfags
>>1167348 Would make sense, because the way to remain a succdem is thru not reading.
>>1167342 Stupidpol attacks fags like that all the time, do you ever visit the sub?
>>1167294 You're a stupid cunt and you should gut yourself with a butter knife. The fact there are people like you trying to convince the uneducated to give the benefit of the doubt to the smears is disgusting and glows harder than the sun. The Labour party was LESS antisemitic than the other parties under Corbyn. The EHRC report found TWO cases of antisemitism amongst 500,000 members. The people delaying cases were right wingers trying to make him look racist. Corbyn in fact campaigned to help Jewish Syrian refugees get here. He was in fact far too conciliatory on this issue and threw his allies under the bus at every opportunity when they were smeared, now he's facing some karma for that. Once again, I hope you get cancer you dishonest, pathetic excuse for a left winger. Fuck you in the eye
>>1167373 >found TWO cases of antisemitism amongst 500,000 members. All that means is the nazis have mastered opsec
>>1167318 That's a troll, possibly a chatbot at that. PROTIP whenever a reply boils down to "shit sux u feg" it's bait. Just don't reply.
>>1167373 >You're a stupid cunt and you should gut yourself with a butter knife. Simmer down, anon. If your speaker is arguing in good faith, don't drag the discussion down. If the simple advices in this post and >>1167384 were observed, our bait problem would vanish.
(2.19 MB 640x432 negativevotes.mp4)
(8.12 MB 640x360 accuvotehack.webm)
>>1166609 No, election fraud. Voter fraud is inefficient and nearly non-existent. Election fraud is a far bigger concern. Note the difference and don't get sucked into the propaganda which is really just a massive tool for voter suppression.
Western Union will close all its offices in Cuba this Thursday due to new U.S. sanctions announced last month by the Trump administration. The move will cut off remittances, the ability of Cubans abroad to send money through wire transfers to the island
>>1166920 Why the hate for the white working class Is that a sore spot for the western left or what?
>>1167390 Hanlon's razor Some posts are so faithless, stupid and malicious they deserve a good flame or the text forum discussion becomes toxic and knowledge generation suffers son
>>1167420 It's how burgers deflect the well deserved hatred for the USA etc ie. Scapegoating
>>1167416 I didn't even know Western Union was still a thing. Aren't there better, more practical ways to transfer money abroad by now? >>1167420 It's sakaiposter(s) sakaiposting. >>1167431 Maybe, but >>1167294 wasn't it. It seems in good faith to me. Now that fag yesterday saying Germany treated Soviet PoWs well, that it just wanted to be left alone but was forced into going to war and other shit, that was clearly bait.
>>1167484 >It's sakaiposter(s) sakaiposting It's not just that. I'm a marxist turned rightoid and it goes well beyond just Sakai, or MTWism for that matter. It's a form of anti-masses belief unique to the western left, and only after a certain period of time, leveraged to identify allegiance to a greater masses rather than the division within them it represents. This division is always rationalized along two lines: 1. Precapitalist (colonial) castes imbued onto modern class 2. Post-progressive capitalist (imperialist) dissolution of class or class consciousness, reaching an apex by the 60s and what Bookchin saw as the state of class struggle
Gee media is censoring a lot of people recently.
>>1167542 Yeah. A lot of people aren't getting the memo that democracy is over, that the escalations this year pretty much consolidated the police state that has been forming the past 20 years. But a message you're going to see a lot, lot more of: https://twitter.com/PamKeithFL/status/1128753700103761920 Gee, I wonder why this is starting to come back again. They were trying in March and the internets got really angry and started shitposting. As always, they will try, try again.
>>1164619 Sééthe harder dixoid
>>1166652 you'll get an increase in both but most will just post about how triggered they are. still this will be good because the govt will be destabilized somewhat
>>1167554 I could have respected that hot take as baf if she'd said "instead of"
(1.99 MB 273x253 1604964994095.gif)
(52.00 KB 768x1024 fatRatGrab.jpg)
>>1167554 <81% of US boys are circumcised at birth. Why not do a reversible vasectomy at the same time? holy FUCKING BASED
>>1167213 https://www.reddit.com/r/stupidpol/comments/jzm6hw/ive_been_saying_for_about_two_years_now_that_woke/ How do you guys explain shitshows like this? So much for being anti-idpol, right? I would like to use stupidpol more as there are a few effortposts but this stuff is so painful to go through. The bunker here, for all its faults, always has those few gems that make it worthwhile. Plus, shitposting only works on an anonymous imageboard. When you can see a poster's history and it's chockfull of them going on r/tucker_carlson or some other right-wing baitfest it gets old seeing them pose as unironic """leftists""" who feign incredulity when they get called out - "WHY DO YOU HATE THE WORKING CLASS BRUH" and so on
>>1167635 That numbers wrong anyways, its less than half now.
>>1167639 >not having one account for right wing b8ing and one account for left wing b8ing NGMI
>>1167639 I don't see the shitshow?
I get treated better on bunkerchan than stupidpol as a rightoid I also got treated better by some SAlt queer theorist interested in talking to Trumpers than the bunker
>>1167420 >>1167438 >>1167484 >subsuming class politics into the liberal progressive means I hate the working class Keep strawmanning >>1167513 Fuck off retard >1. Precapitalist (colonial) castes imbued onto modern class 2. Post-progressive capitalist (imperialist) dissolution of class or class consciousness, reaching an apex by the 60s and what Bookchin saw as the state of class struggle This is pure wankery, devoid of any substance
>>1167649 It's a bunch of posts from socialists trying to rationalize the logic of American liberal "meritocracy" which has so far benefitted mostly the sons and daughters of the most recent incomers to the capitalist class. An an Asian(tm), I don't believe in the mentality of Asian American gusanos. Sure, quite a few of them work their asses off to get their kids into good universities and those descendants certainly study hard. But I find it hard to believe that this has to be the way for an individual to succeed in capitalist society. I've seen firsthand the emotional stunting and damage it inflicts on both parents and children, where socioeconomic advancement in a capitalist society, all familial relations are broken down to getting a good enough education to getting a good enough job to being able to just provide for your parents. I'm no fan of traditional Confucian organization but capitalism takes that form and subverts it entirely for the sake for keeping the family unit together under extreme financial duress. Why would supposed socialists uphold liberal meritocracy? It makes no sense.
>>1167709 >Keep strawmanning >This is pure wankery, devoid of any substance This isn't really giving me much to chew on...what are you saying? What am I getting wrong
>>1167711 Huh, I thought stupidpol was supposed to be against the pee-em-cees. Did they get a new line from the thought leaders since people of college didn't work out as an argument? Anyway, the biggest argument against liberal meritocracy is that it's a sham and failure on its own terms, not that meritocracy itself is bad or mean. If the results of the institutions produced something that was worthwhile for humanity or for at least some people, it would be different. What I see though is a mess of perverse incentives and incessant backstabbing, that has produced a leadership incapable of governing, that just chews through resources at a furious pace. Even worse for America is that people enter crushing debt, often for the rest of their lives, just to partake in this absurd environment. The CEOs and corporate ladder-climbers stopped giving a shit about even pretending to do something productive, gorging themselves on money from the US Treasury.
(18.36 MB 1280x720 vhakzsQ2jfLsb0P-.mp4)
>Councilwoman Michelle Dawson is very upset that her husband Jeremy was fired from his job. She blames it on Antifa. You be the judge. https://nitter.net/JaredPushner/status/1330596635240525824#m
>>1167724 The first posters were strawmanning me as a "Sakaist" because I don't think class politics should be treated the same as idpol. The last post I replied to is just historically illiterate. "Precapitalist colonial" makes no sense as capitalism developed before colonialism unless youre talking about Phoenicians or something. "Post-progressive capitalist (imperialist)" is so buzzwordy I honestly have no idea what it's saying. And the whole post revolved around this belief that the New Left (which was expressly molded by the CIA to be as weak and feeble as possible) represents everything leftism has ever stood for. The clarion call of reactionaries everywhere who abandoned socialism when they failed to gain anything from it personally
>>1167742 >the company her husband worked his ass off for just fired him due to public pressure >this is in no way the result of employers having all the power over the worker, and nothing needs to be done to improve workers' rights >the problem is purely that the video of him being an ass went public
>>1167734 In their defense, I don't think they have any coherent politics as a result of their userbase. It's a grab-bag of succdems, conservatives, lolberts, chapos, many of whom take up a "socially conservative" viewpoint vis a vis left-liberal idpol. In fact, quite a few of their posters would feel comfortable here provided they reorient their perspective beyond grievances towards the P.M.C.s >What I see though is a mess of perverse incentives and incessant backstabbing, that has produced a leadership incapable of governing, that just chews through resources at a furious pace. It couldn't be any better, tbh. For all their hate for Communist apparatchiks the neolibs - especially of the burger type - have outdone those party members at least tenfold in their incompetence and inability to get anything done.
>>1167734 The thing is, your average poster is literally P.MC as fuck. Their hatred for blue checkmarks and their ilk comes from the classic narcissism of small differences. They hate them so much because their social circles and places of employment are all full of these woke types and it gets on their nerves
>>1167715 How do you cope with this:>>1165166
>>1167742 This is a sad example of what the american culture has birthed including the media and education system. She has valid reasons to be upset although she presents it so dramatically, but politics have become this kind of team sports were men behave like hooligans.
>>1167756 >"Precapitalist colonial" makes no sense as capitalism developed before colonialism unless youre talking about Phoenicians or something. You don't agree colonialism largely precedes capitalist development and bourgeois revolution, and is a feature of the landowning class? >"Post-progressive capitalist (imperialist)" is so buzzwordy I honestly have no idea what it's saying I probably could've picked a better way of putting it, but I was referring to how imperialism represents capitalism ceasing to be progressive, the working class being bought off, and the state and capital increasingly collaborating. I brought these two up to contrast two ideas that are connected to each other: 1. There is a 'translating' of the precapitalist caste system to today's class structure that is sourced in class being coupled with caste originally, then class being dissolved to some extent after WW2. 2. The subaltern is the most revolutionary class >And the whole post revolved around this belief that the New Left (which was expressly molded by the CIA to be as weak and feeble as possible) represents everything leftism has ever stood for. The 60s is basically the only connection to the left the Western left has, though, largely to its detriment, I agree.
>>1167889 >You don't agree colonialism largely precedes capitalist development and bourgeois revolution, and is a feature of the landowning class? It definitely precedes bourgeious revolution that never happened until the late 18th century, but it definitely does not precede capitalist development which started as early as the 14th century. The landowning class also has no need for colonialism. It's more accurate to say capitalism caused colonialism than the inverse. The first explorers of the New World were funded by joint-stock ventures. Imperialism, on the other hand, predates capitalism by a looot. And the idea that imperialism is not progressive is something we have only realized in hindsight; look at any contemporary source from the Victorian era and the justifications for imperialism were on very "progressive" grounds.
>>1165283 so many retarded boomers like this have been lurking lately it's really a problem
(179.80 KB 376x346 1442364114493.jpg)
>>1167554 >tfw this legitimately Poe'd me
>>1167645 Seriously? I thought America would stop using the imperial system before this.
Zizek written this article 2 weeks ago, what do you guys think? https://www.rt.com/op-ed/506197-zizek-biden-win-changes-nothing/
>>1167513 >I'm a marxist turned rightoid That sounds like getting to believe in Santa Claus again tbh
>>1167711 Based asian. Im asian too fuck asian parenting and their capitalist realism thrust onto kids
>>1167554 Americans are mentally ill
Can you niggas shut the fuck up about stupidpol? They aren't even leftists. It's just another damn neoliberal sub.
>>1167989 His "real-time" takes, as opposed to his books, are usually on the mark, but I very much beg to differ on "Biden’s win changes nothing". Democrats will become sort-of hegemonic in American internal politics as pushback against Trumpism, and they will drive us towards neofeudal hell even faster than we already were going.
(346.99 KB 299x173 lol alucard.gif)
>>1167772 I'm just not getting the "woke corporatism" thing, where they believe that wokeness is some unifying ideology of the elite class. Most people who would be in the higher strata of society don't give a shit about BLM or whether you have racist ideas. "Wokeness" as far as I can see is something marginalized people believe in precisely because they are so weak, and there are elite actors who exploit that weakness to their advantage but most of the woke stuff is just a grift or pandering. There's not a real commitment to any of it among the ruling class or the middle class, and once the pandering is done the "benevolent woke" will say in private that the retarded are annoying and should be euthanized. It's all a sick joke, none of it should be taken at face value.
>>1167956 >It definitely precedes bourgeious revolution that never happened until the late 18th century, but it definitely does not precede capitalist development which started as early as the 14th century. This is true, but my understanding was this preceding development was a sort of combined development not yet independent of feudalism. I don't know if capitalism really drove colonialism, I thought the falling rate of profit just drove imperialism. >The landowning class also has no need for colonialism. But they have a history of it, going back to the Greeks they idolize? >>1167992 >That sounds like getting to believe in Santa Claus again tbh I used to think the same
>>1168044 >I used to think the same How do you cope with rightoid lunacy regarding religion? I mean, marxism may be negotiable to me, but this bullshit I'll never buy.
>>1168012 Given what's happening, I wouldn't expect the Democratic or Republican parties to be meaningful institutions, or at the least there will be a considerable realignment. There already has been, really - 2020 saw the Democrats openly using GOP lines in favor of austerity, and while they would hint at it often, this is the first election in which they flagrantly and universally stood opposed to government programs for the working poor or the dependent. This whole situation can only presage that the government is going to make drastic changes, probably repealing the Social Security Act in the next Congress. At that point, and with the drastic decline in living standards that will follow, it will be very hard to maintain the fiction that the old narrative matters in the slightest. I expect that, either explicitly or in all but name, you'll see a dictatorship form, and they're already trialing screamingly dictatorial lines that would have been outrageous even five years ago. "Trumpism" will disappear from the political mainstream, now that it served its purpose of heightening tensions and acclimating Americans to dictatorship. Sure, some will still believe in the faggotry, but after Trump is gone, the Republicans will go back to not giving a shit about their base. After all, not Trump or his allies actually did a substantial thing, so it will be easy to find some faux-populist to say the magic words and activate the Trumpers' lizard brains. Meanwhile, Republicans will keep pursuing the things they've been doing all along, and they're going to get the crown jewel they've wanted for decades. If the farce of elections continues, I wouldn't be surprised if the Republicans are staged to make a comeback, as Democrats won't be able to use "but Trump!" in 2022 or 2024. Political talent in the Democrats is still as lacking as ever, and the only thing they can manage to put up are obvious CIA bots like Buttgay.
>>1168068 What do they expect from the fetish community? It is, quite literally, faggotry.
>>1168068 Can also tell you, from what little I saw in the "golden age", that fetishism was always a clusterfuck of social hierarchy and unwritten rules. A whole lot of the fetish scene was involved in various criminal activities, embezzlement schemes, the works. I know people who had their lives destroyed by "the community", not even because they were a part of it but because they had such people as coworkers and were conspired against. The people who pine for the old days are just mad that their criminal activities are no longer sustainable, and the jackals are devouring their own.
>>1168068 While I do agree late capitalism has fucked the absolute living shit out of sexuality, the "fetish community" was always full of this shit and terrible
>>1168079 >How do you cope with rightoid lunacy regarding religion? It's kind of alienating. I mostly just sort of respect it as a folky tradition and old relation/institution being held on to, especially as something that glued together a republican civic identity, but that still means looking at it as cope trying to compete with liberal universalism/humanism. Ultimately, it's a petty form of enfranchisement and humanizing each other that's more dated than the nation-state, and being combined with such as liberalism progressively sheds stuff (into contradiction that I think rationalizes the right so long as you guys struggle to present an alternative to liberalism in the West).
>>1168123 >fetish community Isn't that just a product of capitalist alienation to begin with though? Making an entire subculture to identify with from their sexual interests
(103.11 KB 1080x1394 FB_IMG_1606264307499.jpg)
>>1168143 Perverts have been around long before capitalism.
>>1168153 they're running it off wordpress?
>>1168044 Feudalism had no need for any sort of development outside of it. The burghers were able to slowly gain power by carefully weighing their goals against that of the feudal overlord classes. The falling rate of profit has only been a measurable effect since the advent of the 20th century at the earliest. Far later than imperialism as a notion
>>1168143 Pretty much, yeah
>>1168005 Report it.
>>1168143 >>1168176 it's not like everything except salivating over the idea of getting to work in a factory and having a based trad family are capitalist alienation, god damn
>>1168197 Also true, but everything like fetlife is shit if you're not gay or an e-whore
>>1168068 I mean how is this not a reinforcement that this isn't just a liberal sub? Although I should say that they're more akin to old-school liberals but with mildly more modern social mores and a hatred of transsexuals that most old school liberals seem to have (To the point of it being kind of /pol/ypy)


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