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(140.44 KB 467x554 acornLondon.png)
/leftybritpol/ - TIER 3 TARQUINISM edition Anonymous 10/14/2020 (Wed) 23:59:33 No. 998916
>>1015862 Stop stealing Soc Dem flags bits
>>1015862 Also that was kind of my point, its not about just reading theory but about what theory you read
>>1015864 Stop being a schizo
>>1015862 >I can promise you I've read more theory than you. But you didn't even seem to know a thing about the party you are shilling. Sure pal
>>1015870 Sorry I don't autistically look into whether or not the leader talked with M16 once about a trial he was doing.
>>1015869 What? I suppose it might be a sign of schizophrenia to post on here regularly.
>>1015874 So, other people ITT, is this person baiting or just incredibly stupid?
(1.29 MB 247x247 spherestarmer.gif)
keir starmer talking to his m16 yes... i know... i know, all right? look, it's getting too much attention... once the heat dies down i promise you the blood of the trots will flow again... there there... if you're good we'll go out and splatter a fox tonight
>>1015878 Aww mad I go against your little Stalinist "labour bad" narrative?
>>1015844 >reading online back to reddit
>>1015883 You got a problem with stalin buddy?
>>1015886 >When you misread "dictatorship of the proletariat" to mean "dictatorship over the proletariat"
>>1015883 >Stalinist Now it comes out. You accuse everyone else of thinking that they are capable of leading their own revolution whilst thinking that you know better than the majority of socialists whoever lived.
>>1015890 Lenin went against the majority of socialists who've ever lived by saying to not trust Stalin too I guess.
>>1015889 >starmer shill >anti-stalin >thinks being an Mi6 asset is not a big deal please just leave, you have no friends here.
>>1015900 No but he consolidated total party rule over the workers.
(11.52 KB 199x200 tarquin.jpg)
>>1015889 >stalin bad
>>1015895 >I'VE READ A MILLION BILLION TIMES MORE THEORY THAN ANYONE >nursery level understanding of socialist history the laffs never end
>>1015903 >>nursery level understanding of socialist history Uh huh, I guess the truth is now "nursery level" because you don't like it.
(1.35 MB 1322x1098 acornmarch.png)
/leftybritpol/ is pro stalin by decree.
>>1015895 Yeah because Stalin didn't want to kill the Left SRs and Lenin did. He didn't write that because of ideological differences.
(37.85 KB 600x800 1585589286647.png)
>>1015902 >Trotsky bad
>>1015905 >Uh huh, I guess the truth is now "nursery level" because you don't like it. this is the kind of response a 14 year old on 4chan makes
around the engineer, watch your beer
>>1015912 obvious 4chan troll
>>1015912 The quality of the bait is slipping
>>1015915 >Guy who only read Stalin killed half the population of his country I'm not surprised. >>1015916 >People who disagree with me are 4chan
>>1015918 this.
>>1015918 Is everything you disagree with "bait"? No wonder this echo chamber praises Stalin. I guess I'm probably an MI6 asset too?
>>1015915 Now this is why we bully STEMlords.
(7.52 KB 243x208 spy.jpg)
>>1015912 >Fascism good
>blairite shill >thinks being an Mi6 asset isn't a big deal >loves starmer >A FUCKING TROT
>>1015915 never trust an (((engineer)))
>>1015928 When did I say anything remotely like this? Oh you're probably repeating the lies of Grover "The evidence is that there is no evidence" Furr
>>1015926 >I guess I'm probably an MI6 asset too? I'd like to think they'd be doing a better job so no
No new thread? Normally there's one as soon as we hit bump limit.
>>1015926 no, clearly mi6, only a royal marine would be this boneheaded.
(52.32 KB 638x581 gordon grins 23.jpg)
>>1015930 he warned you about blairite trotskyism he told you dawg
>>1015926 >No wonder this echo chamber praises Stalin. Good, you realise this isn't the place for you and that it's time to leave.
>>1015930 If "Trot" means not idolizing a bureaucratic dictatorship then hell yeah I'm a Trot.
Lol, anons what joker tried to give The Met bodycams? They are the mst racist cowboys in the country and i'm 100% convinced that this must have been a practical joke because nobody could have unironically thought this was a good idea. >>1015932 Unironically they are by far the most likely demographic to be terrorists when controlled for everything else.
Why doesn't the UK have similar rules on communist immigrants as the US? It doesn't seem right that they let trot yanks in whilst keeping out everyone else.
>>1015966 critical support for mommy Patel and her banning of trot yanks
>>1015966 Anti immigrant, anti communist "leftists" really showing the height of Stalinism.
>>1015969 I'm not anti-immigrant just anti-yank
>>1015972 deport boris johnson
>>1015969 being anti immigrant literally doesn't count when it's a fucking septic and a trot one at that
>>1016125 >>1016125 >>1016125 we're all in here
>>1014134 >Blue Labour Just saying, but their motto was 2/3 that of Vichy France's...
>>1014134 >>1016903 Blue Labour and simps are Vichy personified, a pointless concession made torwards the enemy. This is why I never trust self avowed ‘social conservative’ or ‘working class’ leftists.


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