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(532.48 KB 1554x487 Santa 4chan.PNG)
>this is what Theist believe
>>1192563 >I mean why do you think transitional surgeries are being so focused on, because it makes these companies a lot more money than psychological help. Because a one time surgery plus hormones is more expensive than going to therapy for the rest of your life
>>1193863 bottom surgery should be illegal because it's just fucking mutilation. And people should not have access to hormones without significant therapy beforehand.
>>1193971 Jesus. Why do people think hormones is like meth addiction? It's a fucking pill innit?
>>1193979 yeah, that can permanently alter your body if abused. I'd rather transhumanists have to go through therapy and shit first than somebody else going through with this shit and regretting it later, which is more and more the case.
>>1194011 No it isn't, you have no source that isn't cherrypicked right wing propaganda, you just believe what you need to because it reinforces your narrative that you're not interested in changing, you don't care about trans people at all, you're a average sociopathic chan dwelling chaser who is angry because they won't fuck you
https://nitter.net/marshablackburn/status/1334510812552163328?s=21 burger sinophobia has officially reached /pol/-tier “da joos” levels of racial essentialism.
(626.71 KB 1156x720 PicsArt_12-04-09.37.34.png)
>>1194138 Why did the designers of this website make it shittier than already shit twitter?
>>1194011 It takes literal years for hrt to be permanent. Even the minor changes like growth of breast tissue takes up to 6 months to appear.
>>1194138 Tennessee is a garbage state, like one of the absolute worst. Nobody there wears masks and shit and they're dying by the truckloads. Also everyone there is fat and white.
>>1194163 My stepdad who raped his stepdaughters and owned a car mechanic shop was from tennessee
>>1194163 but the gun laws bro
>>1184153 OTOH has anybody ever been arrested for Ewok CP? Really makes you think, doesn't it. >>1194055 Using hormone pills for months has some permanent effects (should be obvious from a comparison of adults who got castrated before/during/after puberty); eg. women taking male hormones will grow facial hair. Stopping the pills doesn't revert this effect (if you want to get rid of the stubble you have to go laser or electrolysis). Lower voice doesn't revert either. >>1194138 My fav is complaints about "stealing" trivial ideas. Like some boss crying about how The Chinese make a practically identical thing to their design!!1 – the design in question being a cylinder on a stick for receiving mail…
>>1194163 >Nobody there wears masks good. if you wear a mask you should just take the euthanasia pill already.
>>1194138 It always makes me laugh that these reactionary fuckheads cant help but be straight up racist. Like there were times over the past couple years I feared the porkies would give carte blanche to these tards to fix up the mess of capitalism, but they never fail to go mask off and scare off anybody with a functioning brain
>>1194251 idk I think it’s different this time. liberals are a lot more indifferent to sinophobia than other forms of racism. it’s not easy to notice but the way people talk about Chinese people now compared to even 5 years ago is dramatically different. if you go and watch YouTube videos about China from back then you can see how dispassionate people were compared to the red scare that we’re seeing now.
>>1194440 wtf what kind of challenge is this?
thought slime is the most repulsive of all breadtubers, he is very doughy and his featureless face really grosses me out.
>>1194453 people who think Caleb is a nazbol cuz of out of context quotes
>>1192240 B To the A to the S E D
>>1191966 If she has a dick, why can't I see their penis? Cheggmaet
>>1194138 China hasn't even existed for 5000 years, what is she even???
>>1194552 hes non-binary mate so he has an excuse
(663.25 KB 786x1265 enby.jpg)
>>1194570 Here ya go ;P
(720.83 KB 598x574 BOOBA.gif)
>>1194575 Smh I don't have the vertical one
>>1194573 oh lol, he really nailed the look then
>>1194440 I watched the beginning of the stream and he tried owning Caleb for defending China and North Korea for overproduction.... Honestly bare minimum you should support them on the basis of anti-imperialism
>>1194612 Yeah he is strawmanning the shit out of Marxism-Leninism and reveals that he has in fact no clue about Marxism either. He doesn't even know what a crisis of overaccumulation is and why that's a problem exclusive to capitalism. What a pseud.
>>1194229 >Using hormone pills for months has some permanent effects (should be obvious from a comparison of adults who got castrated before/during/after puberty) maybe castration has permanent effects because it's permanent whereas you can stop using hormone pills (maybe even start using the opposite ones, test or est)
>>1193971 >Bottom surgery should be illegal because it's just mutilation posted by someone who hasn't researched bottom surgery.
>>1194440 >Watching nearly 4 hours of Thot Slime’s disgusting doughy face Who the fuck could though?
>>1194440 👑 🍔
>>1194575 That's A Fair Counterargument, Shaytan
>>1194677 Imagine the smell
Only 5-13% of transwomen have gotten their dicks removed. Bottom surgery is fucking irrelevant. >For transgender women, genital GCS comprises a number of procedures, including vaginoplasty (most commonly intestinal or penile inversion) with labiaplasty and/or clitoroplasty, penectomy, and orchiectomy. Transgender women report bottom surgery at rates between 5–13% (7-9,32). https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/people of college/articles/people of college6626314/
(47.54 KB 645x773 inhale.jpg)
>>1194695 Yeeeeeees, imagine it.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-frUMXKcEw&list <Vijay Prashad - What is the Meaning of the Left? You can skip to part in minute 6. Date: 2018. If you haven't heard of the CHAD Vijay Prashad then let me introduce you. This is the dude we need.
(61.69 KB 640x558 dengoid.jpg)
Warning bunkerchan is now under full dengoid control! Posting dengoid critcal memes is now a bannable offense!
>>1194808 Bitch
>>1194808 I gave you a warning first and asked you to enter into a better discourse instead of behaving like that. Also what's "dengoid critical meme" with a guy wearing a generic communist shirt?
>>1194818 ITS DA LOGO OF DA CPC!
>>1189461 lmao who is this?
>>1194825 CHIN OR GTFO
>>1188858 Those are the same person with different pigmentation
>>1194808 All soyjaks should be bannable tbh.
Looking back in 2010s, the most I hate about it is the fucking snideness of that era. I don't know if smugposting will still continue on in this vein but I don't even mind smug individuals like the edgelords who dress up in black and talk about how their too cool for christ or whatever, it's the attitude of it being kind of just this lazy ass "I have this opinion, I am based" type of smugness that is really annoying to deal with. It's the laziness of the smugness. I hated that, and I don't know if we'll see it die down or not. Hopefully Twitter dies, since I think that is the real and materially manifested way how that type of posting is actualized, though with Tik Tok being the hot shit, we will probably see more of this kind of memery.


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