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(160.43 KB 535x668 n6IAbY-kBBg.jpg)
RUSSIAN THREAD Anonymous 10/11/2020 (Sun) 11:37:51 No. 982562
И мы опять здесь. Тред для русскоязычных пользователей Лефтипола.
>>1000312 Александр Тарасов.
>>998127 Не читай газеты КПРФ. Живее будешь.
>>1000554 Поддерживаю
(39.10 KB 346x512 unnamed.jpg)
>>1000492 этот?
Ну что народ, что нового?
>>998127 Посмотри левых блоггеров тред на дваче. Там есть ссылки на большое количество разных ресурсов, да и больше людей тебе ответят, чем тут.
>>1005261 Он в разделе /hry
>>984934 Нахуя?
>>1000187 What? Do you think it's okay to oppressgay people?
>>1000613 У него есть хорошая статья про Пиночета. Всем рекомендую. https://scepsis.net/library/id_558.html
>>1005266 не знаю. я тоже не смотрел. я даже не знаю о чем они спорят. но все об этих дебатах говорили. поэтому я и спрашивал
Cyka Blyat. Come to Brasil
>>1006703 >they did nothing to stop it Ok faggot, stay mad. You still got BTFO in the last thread, and the last thread died because you cunts sank it, leaving your cope as the last post in the thread. The archive is still up. >JUST LIKE IN 1991 <Muh evul nationalist USSR <still posting with Hammer and sickle flag Glow more
>>1005271 Stop memeing about something you don't understand about a culture, people and history you don't even begin to know. Even disregarding all that with "muh nationalism" strawman, it's still bringing up something utterly irrelevant to the conversation and is against board rules (NO IDPOL). Savvy? Also the Hammer and Sickle Poster who replied to you is a known glowfaggot that switches IPs and posts liberal spam so don't listen or risk being the CIA's useful idiot.
>>1007277 >Stop memeing about something you don't understand about a culture, people and history you don't even begin to know. I'm Russian. >is against board rules (NO IDPOL) Okay.
кто нибудь смотрит вот этого чувака ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=er9tvY0MPtI
>>982562 Why are russian memes so high tier?
>>1011162 Unique and developed culture leads to higher quality memes.
>>982570 Why do russians put so much effort into drawing their memes only to paste fucking wojaks onto them?
>>1011802 Because we know how to make good agitprop. The observer has to see effort in the work, but also be able to instantly recognise certain elements of it, so it sticks in their head
>>1010915 У него речь совсем плохая, и он постоянно путает факты. Невозможно слушать.
>>1011842 ну да, такой левацкий убермаргинал
>>1011899 хотя мне было интересно его слушать
>>1008355 >I'm Russian So was Solzhenitsyn, so are many stupid people who think Yeltsin was unironically the saviour of Russia. >Okay Glad we understand each other.
>>1011162 Because we're based.
(95.54 KB 628x876 basedman.jpg)
What do Russian anons think of this memelord?
>>1015369 So what? Do you imply that these people didn't know a thing about Russian culture, people and history?
hey ameribros, can some of you tell me if this is true? I was watching russian streamer Ubermarginal and he said on stream with Dasha Dugina (yes, the daughter of Dugin) that he used to be a marxist and that marxists get better grades in american colleges. Is that true? because if yes, I want to study in america https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKeImzclKhY (03:11:00, if you know russian)
>>1015442 he is Trump without Trump's money or influence. A clown basically.
Reminder that Crimea is Ukraine
>>1019015 crimea is turkey
>>1019016 so are "ukranians", mostly
>>1007277 > culture, people and history you don't even begin to know None cares about your shitty culture of learned helplessness, chauvinism and authoritarianism. Its a backward feudal Turkey tier shithole when it comes to the econony and regional influence a pariah state lead by vampiric type bloodsuckers.
>>1019034 >shitty culture of learned helplessness, chauvinism and authoritarianism. Why are you on this board, shitlib?
>>1019053 This is not a Russian pride board vatnik.
>>1019056 It is a communist board. You are just spewing liberal bullshit like it is a twitter.
>>1019060 Russian communists got purged by Stalin. What you have now are Putinoid cocksuckers chauvinists and red colored fascists
>>1019072 Свали нахуй, либераст, тебе здесь не рады.
>>1019015 Lol no
Snowy feudal Zimbabwe less advanced than Turkey with a vlassovite political ideology
>>1019101 ok, Volnov
>>1019034 >Turkey tier shithole And this lib actually calls other people chauvinists. Truly, scartch a liberal and fascist bleeds.
>>1019107 Turkey has a much larger economy if you subtract oil and gas where Snowy Zimbabwe's market share is steadily declining across the board
>>1019114 You don't even understood why i called you out as chauvinist, didn't you?
>>1019116 I dont care retard fuck both you and Turkey both chauvinistic backward shitholes with pretensions to imperialism the point was even Turkey is a superior example to snowy Zimbabwe
>>1019123 Нахуй пошел отсюда, фашня.
>>1019125 че вата пукан разорвало?
>>1019129 Ты либо кремлебот, либо укробот. В любом случае долбоеб.


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