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(5.75 KB 176x286 cumbodia.jpg)
What's your opinion on Pol Pot? Anonymous 09/14/2020 (Mon) 14:53:18 No. 867357
Based revolutionary or murderous traitor?
>>868140 how do people argue with this stalin is based
>>868145 stalin is gooder though. I am an nazkiller-ist
(49.51 KB 554x554 images-14.jpeg)
>>868130 >I love forced industrialization Yes.
>>868130 I mean, if you can't support a government that brought education, food, improved working conditions and income inequality then why are you even here? You salty about some landlords dying or something?
>>868162 >I think Pol is a pretty cool guy. 1) Pol Pot isn't his real name 2) Found the possibly unironic Nazbol >Eh kills foureyes Doesn't justify his actions. Over half of the world wears glasses so his genocide didn't do just. Also, Pol Pot was a CIA asset.
>>868545 How motherfucking dumb are you
>>868647 1) dont swear, inshallah God will smite you 2) wdym? they are facts you nazbol
(125.97 KB 1080x1080 ni0td8oc0ru41.jpg)
>>867357 Unbased because he didnt go far enough
(6.49 KB 201x250 images.jpg)
(11.47 KB 300x168 download.jpg)
(65.74 KB 448x459 gulag-e1536498345725.jpg)
>>867363 Im sorry,your rice? Face the wall kulak.im an agent of the nkvd and you are under arrest for counter-revolutionary actions as well as class betrayal,your apartment will be confiscated with all your rice,you shall be sent to magadan gulag in siberia with all your family bourgeoisie scum,however the workers may forget the class sin you commited if AND only if you grabbed this ppsh and helped us in war against the fascists and the nazi menace that is killing our comrades and raping our women in the west,they are preparing for an assault on moscow and just recently stalin had issued all proud soviets to defend the motherland this is a one time chance to redeem and save yourself kulak so answer me now what do you choose? fight or die? ACCEPT? YES. NO.
>>868827 Do I get a free ushanka?
>>868832 Kulak,if you help us now i will turn a blind eye to your crimes.give you my dead brother ushanka (he killed20 members of the ostheer and wehrmacht alone so its not a cheap one) and even let you join as driver in a t-34 tank you are lucky we,re missing a one but only if you accept now whats your answer? God i can hear the enemy s flak 88 from here.it gives me bad memories from my days in leninggrad where my brother died amd father still struggling to help our comrades.
>>868827 get me some more magazines limp dick
(8.19 KB 225x225 download (1).jpg)
(5.99 KB 225x225 download (2).jpg)
Sorry but thats all i have. Here is a luger though i stole it from some german fag named manstein. He had a hat but i dont think he was a man of any importance Wait . Hey dimitri! This guy needs some ammo why dont you give him yours?
>>867610 >genocide can't happen under muh perfect gommunism Grow up kid. Kampuchea was higher stage communism.
>>868130 >Soviets build us factories, schools, hospitals, universities, roads, apartments and basically turned an agrarian swamp into one of the most industrialized regions in the world <This is bad Lol stfu westernoid
>>868140 >>868164 wait then why do Nazis always act like they BTFO commies they're just like "muh human wave" but it's like bruh you still got mollywopped in the end despire superior tactics and weaponry
Can the economic system in Democratic Kampuchea under Pol Pot's rule be called the Asiatic mode of production or is this not a very precise term? (Inb4. Anarcho-primitivism - please don't)
He didn't kill enough
I remember reading somewhere about how Khmer Rouge cadres had to beg Soviet journalists and embassy workers in Phnom Pehn to give them newspaper clippings and such so they could learn some Marxist-sounding words in order to impress the Chinese, that's how poor their grasp of theory was. KR is what you get when you base your movement on vague idpol like "decolonization" that is divorced from materialist analysis. It comes as no surprise that Pol Pot studied in Paris and was likely influenced by the New Left. KR's abysmal failures aren't a condemnation of ML or "nazbol" but of ultra-leftist wackos, idpol SJWs and Sakaists who are more interested in declaring random things like measurements "colonialist", "white supremacist" and destroying them, instead of realizing a constructive socialist project. KR's campaign to destroy hospitals and French medical equipment because they were "colonialist" and replace them with medical corps consisting of uneducated teenagers doing "true Khmer medicine", for instance, perfectly mirrors modern "science is white and Eurocentric" retards. Instead of trying to defend KR or saying "it was wrong communism" or something we should take it up as an example of where ultra-leftism and idpol take you.
(485.67 KB 844x956 87235hgfjhhq358.jpg)
>>869732 >grow up kid Good point, wtf I love genocide now!!!
>wtf I love genocide now!!! Good
>>869974 An original and interesting take ngl
>>867357 We have these posts every day now, why are these people migrating to our board?
He was the real life version of a /leftypol/ leader. >petty bouj >a student radical >studied STEM, bitter about others learning with >didn't understand marx, just read Stalin >autistically got into dick measure contest with other communist states >idealistic not materialistic >just learn 2 industry bro >tries to meme productive forces into being >becomes bitter primitivist >/pol/ack inclinations bubble out >slanders other actually existing communist systems >soon getting removed from the club for his general assholery >ends up on the payroll of the CIA
(73.11 KB 520x580 pol pot.jpg)
Honestly he's one of those guys where I have no fucking idea what to believe anymore. I try to research him and all I see is insane biased shit like pol pot is worse than hitler, or pol pot is based /ourguy/ and did literally nothing wrong. All I know is glasses are gay af and mega cringe bro
If going by the official version of the persona, as well as the one described by pottie anons, Pol Pot is literally an ancom begginer but self aware about the issues of ancom: >I want to skip socialism straight to communism >But this doesn't work >But why doesn't it work? >Well, people might consider it too big of a change >Of course, it is because people and culture are rotten. >Hence if I just purge the culture and the bad people, then the good people will all happily transition to communism!
>>872929 >STEM He studied in French philosophy though. That’s where all the retarded primitivism came from.
>>872984 >All I know is glasses are gay af and mega cringe bro This is the real takeaway from all this.
>>873056 Continental philosopy always leads to derp.
>abolished money >abolished classes >abolished religion >killed intellectuals and capitalists >instituted communism in its highest stage instantly Did nothing wrong.
Anon Cafe’s /fascist/ loves Pol Pot. That should tell you everything you need to know
(301.87 KB 412x425 cia.png)
(974.75 KB glowinginthedark.webm)
(1.62 MB glowing.mp4)
>>873392 And there's also a bunch of Pol Pot posts whenever there's an obvious /pol/ raid (like this past hour). Go figure. I say consider starting to treat Pol-Potists like nazbols.
>>873470 I have been here for years pal Bump
(160.14 KB 1051x674 pol_pot_skulls.jpg)
>>873060 Absolutely
i missed pol pot very much, too bad he was used as a cia asset
>>867357 Feudalist slavery and absolute opposite of communism.
>>875352 But he abolished commodity production
>>873348 Please tell me you are meming. I literally don't know what is real here anymore I fucking feel like I'm being pranked here daily
>>875609 It's a tesseract of trolling and spicy takes
Greatest hero of mankind. >>869974 >I remember reading somewhere about how Khmer Rouge cadres had to beg Soviet journalists and embassy workers Imagine believing such rumours, from soviet journos and spooks nonetheless. The brainrot is too much advanced.
(63.15 KB 723x500 pol pot.jpg)
>>867357 it does not matter
>>875614 how do you tell them apart anon teach me is it because you are well read? how to distinguish meme from fact
>>875998 >how do you tell them apart anon you don't. poe's law.
60 IQ lib: "Pol Pot was a communist!" 120 IQ midwit: "N-no it wasn't, Pol Pot never even read Marx!" 200 IQ Rougechad: "Pol Pot achieved higher stage communism."
Some radlibs are still under the delusion that communism is when you're nice to your enemies.
>>876555 Communism is when we kill people and the more people we kill the more communist it is!! How does it feel to be a literal right wing straw man


no cookies?