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(340.21 KB 620x517 maocorn.png)
/leftybritpol/ - SECOND LOCKDOWN EDITION Anonymous 09/13/2020 (Sun) 19:32:10 No. 865440
A second lockdown is coming. I hope you're using this time to formulate your plans for ACORN-ML. I hope you realise the fun of a pointless cunt-off is fleeting and leaves a bitter aftertaste. In this isolated time we need friends. CYTUBE HANGOUT: https://cytu.be/r/BunkerBongs-AcornStalinism also join this, we need more members to join and mods to queue up videos. You don't need an account to post, and you don't need to give an email address to make an account. UNITY, CRITICISM, UNITY! https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/mao/works/red-book/ch25.htm
>>878273 Obviously 🙄
>>878436 Very womanly post there lad, not on
>>878307 TERFs will never acknowledge the fact that sex isnt binary because it doesnt fit their binary vagina=oppressed penis=oppressor narrative.
>>878362 Fuck that. >On the contrary, we sometimes meet with persons who regularly heat themselves in an argument, and get out of humour on every occasion, and make themselves obnoxious to a whole company about nothing. This is not because they are ill-tempered, but because they are in earnest. Good-nature is a hypocrite: it tries to pass off its love of its own ease and indifference to everything else for a particular softness and mildness of disposition. All people get in a passion, and lose their temper, if you offer to strike them, or cheat them of their money, that is, if you interfere with that which they are really interested in. I only don't care about people doing trans shit because I generally agree with them or don't know enough to make a counterpoint.
>>878474 Yeah only TERFs think that there isn't a middle ground between XX and XY. Moron.
Corbynoid Labourites spreading fascist lies about the PRC https://twitter.com/zarahsultana/status/1306256428827643904 Joke party
>>869577 three days late mate >>869577
(191.71 KB 1280x674 ewes.png)
>>879048 >western aligned pro-wahabbist (incidentally the murderous ideology funded by the yanks they are trying to stamp out in china) STILL agrees with Venezuela that the claims are made up >this is somehow not blatant evidence that the claims are made up >not realising this is one of the most vital and quick to understand bits of evidence against the lies not too bright are you chum
>>879043 The perfidious euro strikes again.
>>879090 Jesus christ you are stupid. They don't "support the chinese", they just believe that the Uigher claims are bullshit. If you believe this shit, fuck off. We don't want you here.
>>879108 >fuck off. We don't want you here. Thank you for deciding that no one wants him here for thinking the Saudis are full of shit. I am glad that you are the decider of ideological purity.
>>879125 you obviously can't read, so I'm giving up. I'll just link you to >>879067 and hope you read it this time. If you think you're going to convince anyone here of your Adrien Zenz stories, you have another thing coming. It's in fact a bannable offence to share this myth. Reported.
>>879143 oh nononono bros he called the jannies and anounced it! what are we going to do. i'm crying right now
>>879136 >>879158 Try and think about the argument you are responding to one more time. Not once was it claimed that saudi arabia is a good country. It's just that these countries that are US puppet wahabiist states agree with Iran, Syria, Venezuala and Morales on this issue, meaning it's rejected from countries with different allies. There is also a mountain of other evidence that there is no genocide or mass internment, but you seem eager to avoid talking about that and pretend the only evidence against it is Saudi arabia. Seriously, go away now. This website and especially this thread is not for liberals who believe Adrien Zenz and Mike Pompeo.
>>879196 Do you believe the "uigher genocide" stories, yes or no?
(12.68 KB 210x240 (Hwi).jpg)
>>879143 >lol you don't parrot the chinese government which has repeatedly denied the existence of said facilities only to them confirm them? You must therefore support a retarded hyperchristian. Called the jannies!
>>878575 >Yeah only TERFs think that there isn't a middle ground between XX and XY. Moron. When did I say that? Its just idiots in general that cant understand bimodal distributions. And all terfs are idiots, but not all idiots are terfs.
>>879211 and what footage would that be? If someone who instantly believes western propaganda agents is making leftybritpol threads we need to cut out that tumour and improve leftybritpol.
>>879211 >genocide ... any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: (a) Killing members of the group; (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group. Chinas at the very least doing b and d.
holy fucking shit what is going on ITT? Where are you people coming from?
roll up, roll up, come and battle it out in the thread that will decide once and for all whether we critically oppose britain sending her planeless cuckramp carriers for a holiday in the south china seas or not
EVERBODY WAIT A FUCKING SECOND Would you say Britain was America’s Papa?
some kind of raid going on?
>>879243 Oh right you're baiting. You had me going for a while there
>>879240 Every so often people see the thread on the front of the board and come in and scream that they'll run to the jannies because they're not happy with us.
>>879227 straight up lie faggot, you have no actual proof or evidence of "serious bodily or mental harm", neither "Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group" (which I haven't even seen claim of except from full retard propagandist) they target extremist islamist, and jail the too dangerous, while trying to rehab the less dangerous. It makes sense, its even gentler than what would happen if a western state had a muslim minority that started committing serious and regular terrorism.
>>879243 >bellingcat, the official nato investigator that always find their ennemies are in the wrong, even without any evidence are you fucking kidding me you retarded lib ?
>>879236 You say that like the UK is going to go war over something as pointless as a genocide. We only go to war for serious things like violating belgian neutrality and stealing the sheep islands.
>>879243 >>879265 This is some kind of raid or two very annoying trolls. >>879258 No I'm the OP of this thread and I also want the zenzposters gone.
>>879229 You can spot from the typing style (notably the space before the question mark, thus ESL) that a non-regular to this thread has come in and started treating it like they would any other thread on the board thus making angry posts instead of esoterically shitposting.
>>879268 >joke about the UK never going to war for perceived good >we're being raided by trolls!!!! autist
so let's say the Uighur thing is made up whole cloth: Why would NATO pick a Muslim group for their op? If you took a list of everything China's supposedly done against the Uighurs and asked the man on the street (or question time audience) if he'd support taking the same measures against muslims in Britain, he'd say "no, we should be harsher."
>>879264 ignore this guy >>879270 he's trying a clever tactic here by accusing you of what he is obviously doing.
>>879259 >forcefully putting people in camps doesn't case serious bodily or mental harm Aside from that retarded take, here: https://apnews.com/269b3de1af34e17c1941a514f78d764c
Thread regulars please ignore this western propaganda spamming retard.
>>879273 What? I'm not even involved in the conversation because I don't care to argue about dengoid china in a british thread. I'm just pointing out the obvious outsider from the ESL typing style. Got to love that you've flagged yourself as the OP on an anonymous board as if that gives you authority.
Anybody else a little spooked by the fact as soon as we resolved our differences suddenly this inexplicable arguments started popping up nuking the thread time after time
>>879281 Namefagging as OP won't make you OP
>>879281 This is top tier pathetic, you have to baby regulars into ignoring someone when if you had half the faith in them you seem to have you would assume they would do so anyway.
>>879286 I would appreciate it if you two wouldn't pretend to be me.
(88.89 KB 411x640 BritaniaAndDaughter.jpg)
>>879239 Momma
>>879285 Almost always involves someone who puts a space before their question marks. Very suspicious lads.
>>879285 No because I’m a burger who’s just popping in
>>879289 Im not one of the two retards, was just proving a point. Want to prove you're the OP? delete the thread faggot
>>879297 I was continuing the joke in support you autist
think i shall do a sneaky and make the next thread about my side in the argument in true butthurt style, very devilish me
(266.76 KB 682x480 keynes car.png)
*deep breath*
>>879315 new thread


no cookies?