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Is the proletariat destined to rise up against the bourgeoisie? Can they reject this destiny? Anonymous 08/01/2020 (Sat) 23:01:38 No. 737838
It would seem that, for socialism to be the historically logical successor to capitalism, class struggle between the working class and capitalist class is inevitable. It also seems, from recent events, that the working class is forced to engage in open class struggle with the capitalist class by the process of history itself. In a way, the working class has been forced to meet its destiny without even being prepared as a multi-level crisis breaks out at the start of this century. A global geopolitical crisis, an ecological crisis, a medical crisis, many internal political crises, and what may be the worst economic crisis in history have all converged at once. History has entered a very bleak period, the working class will be made to rise to their historical role or choose not to and watch civilization crumble. It seems that the final command Capital has for the working class is to die, their assault on the working class is incredibly advanced, with eugenics baked into policy, malevolent bureaucratic incompetence a guiding principle, war propaganda pumped out of every crevice, and anti-communism taught to every student. But now destiny will force the workers to move or die.
They'll all die. RIP
They need an incentive to do so. Do they have one right now?
The purpose of the communist party was to organize and prepare the advanced element of the proletariat for this crisis, and the task of revolution and seizing power. Communists have been failing to understand and facilitate this since the 1930s.
>>737902 Yes 1. New Great Depression 2. Accelerating ecological crisis 3. Buildup towards global war At least two of these is possibly an extinction level threat
>>737911 In the end though, the communists seemingly failed to advance Capitalism’s demise even a single day? Unless....they advanced its demise by forever strengthening the formerly colonized world and industrializing enough to push the global rate of profit lower than it would have been?
>>737922 I don't think as of right now most workers would be willing to lose their home, livelihood, and even their life in a revolution which 1. doesn't have any guarantees of succeeding and 2. and even if they win isn't 100% guaranteeing them a better life, materially speaking, in the near future.
>>737931 All three of these things are occurring right now, not in a “ongoing slow build-up” but “immediate issues for 2020-2022”
>>737938 >All three of these things are occurring right now Where?


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