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(97.06 KB 500x420 20200801_165830.jpg)
Anonymous 08/01/2020 (Sat) 21:00:27 No. 737690
>reading theory Id rather be watching anime and playing video game while drunk Anchoring for off-topic and very low effort
Edited last time by CL_anon on 08/01/2020 (Sat) 23:37:42.
>>737690 Just fucking read, once you get started you won't be able to stop anyway.
(97.35 KB 750x832 IMG_20200613_135156.jpg)
Don't worry, you'll die a painful accidental death in the cross-fires of unrest when shit actually kicks off.
>>737698 based on what?
>>737690 I but benis in bagina and make fug :DDDD
(83.69 KB 2100x1500 benis.png)
>>737725 da benis???
>>737690 yo who is that blue haired women I gotta know I've been seeing here constantly and she genuinely looks like my mom
>>737730 Yes :DDD XD
>>737731 >woman
>>737731 Iori Rinko milf of the decade
>>737731 >she genuinely looks like my mom https://youtu.be/ye5BuYf8q4o
>>737734 >dismissing a nice-looking mother (male)
>>737735 might be worth watching this gundham tho I have never watched gundham btw bit of info my mom recently passed so I'm just clinging on anything that reminds me of her like music etc
I have listened to the audiobooks of a few of the essential books like das capital, manifesto, etc. But I am a super slow reading and because of severe OCD reading is extremely painful for me. So yeah I am a theorylet
>>737744 sorry for your mom, man
>>737731 >she genuinely looks like my mom Nah, you've gotta be joking. *COUGH* Post pics tho
>>737735 >>737748 thanks bro I almost never bring it up because I don't want to tell my friends because it's get them down
imagine reading theory not being your favourite and most treasured activity of the day that you take pride in absolutely macabre
>>737748 >>737754 I'm a complete noob to these kind of boards so I have no clue of telling of knowing who is who due to the Anonymous thing but I'm guessing ur the one who thought with ur dick before reading lol
There's more theory in a single episode of K-On! than in the entire collected works of Marx, Engels and Lenin.
>>737690 seriously though if you have a friend who is well read genuinely ask it will help but other than that read what you want to read but at the minimum read essentials like State and Revolution I promise you it will not bore
Listen to RevLeftRadio while you play games, and use Read Aloud TTS to have the robot lady read the corresponding theory for each episode to you from Marxists.org.
>>737690 >>737766 that could work for him
(163.34 KB 640x1017 (you).png)
(96.46 KB 911x633 9unwgw05uon41.jpg)
Don’t bother calling yourself a communist then epic gamer man
>>737766 This is a good answer though
(161.60 KB 750x679 illiteracygang.jpg)
>>737854 who’s on the right
>>737694 >read chapter one of capital >immediately give up since it is repetitive as hell
(1.52 KB 109x128 you just posted cringe.jpg)
>>737690 >Id rather be watching anime and playing video game while drunk Holy based. Ignore pic rel's name, saint bordiga approves.
>>737864 (you)
>>737864 jaiden animations
>not reading theory while drunk
>>737867 You need to retrain your brain to last more than 2 seconds without dopamine


no cookies?