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/IG/ Internet General Anonymous Board volunteer 07/29/2020 (Wed) 23:34:23 No. 731360
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>>745106 is this a nuclear explosion?
>>745116 Probably nay.
>>745116 It's way too small dummy. But it's big by conventional standards, the cloud kinda reminds me of a fuel air bomb but who knows. Looks like it maybe started in the dock next to the building, maybe a big tank of fuel or something.
>>745116 yes, if you know what I mean.
>>745106 >>745116 >>745123 >>745125 >>745129 "Mohamed Fehmi has just told the MTV Lebanon channel the explosion appeared to have been caused by “huge quantities of ammonium nitrate” being stored at the port." Nailed it
(98.71 KB 531x516 clueless.PNG)
>>745136 Hmmm, today I will keep my ammonium nitrate next to the fireworks at the port
>>745157 Bit harsh dude, not like the Middle East has great governance, especially right now, Lebanon is apparently on the brink of collapse due to corona and stuff
>>745106 rip everyone's ears in lebanon
>>744702 Weren't they previously BTFO'ing him to hell? Are reddit jannies just as cringe as imageboard jannies?
>>744720 It's been known he preys on minors for a while, like grooming that 15 year old
>>745037 >Isn't there also a reverse contradiction? The higher wages are and the less exploitation is taking place, the less your capacity to invest in machines will be. You can't increase the ratio of fixed to variable capital by just reproducing the capital, and the extra investment has to come from surplus, which has to be invested disproportionately in fixed capital, which in itself decreases the rate of profit compared to a situation where you maintain the ratio. No there is no contradiction, if you increase the wages of workers until there's nothing left for capitalists, the workers will then be able to divert surplus to their own institutions that can invest in improving the means of production on their behalf, with their class interests in mind. In this political configuration it's in the interests of workers to improve the means of production because that makes their lives easier as well as increase their standards of living. I would say that this is probably the society that is able to adopt technology faster than any other. Since working class interests now shape the configuration of technology, it would no longer look scary, because people experience improvements in their lives that would be attributable to technology, and hence it would likely increase the socially acceptable amount of resources and labour that could be dedicated to technical progress, and since you would not have to pay the luxury expenses of the super-rich, that would free up a considerable amount of labour and resources for pursuing more tech. I'm not sure what the context here is, are we comparing this to the Chinese model ? Obviously the Chinese model is less optimal then what i described here, but it's still functional, it still works because the Chinese state is directing economic development and is negating capital strikes, and so on, so the reason why people support the Chinese model is because it's still a net-gain for the working class despite having bourgeois elements, that reduce efficiency with regards to technical progress. You know in a optimal world Jack Ma would be a administrator for the people's tech-sector.
>>745188 Apparently it was heard all the way from Cyprus
>>745191 wasn't that finbol?
>>745196 Christ almighty I just thought a fat guy fell or something
>>745200 Might've been honestly, i don't keep up on discord drama
>>745116 >is this a nuclear explosion? No because that would have produced a massive X-ray flash that would have fried the camera half a millisecond after detonation. The recording would at best have shown an image distortion followed by a black screen an you might have been able for a brief moment to hear the infernal screams of the camera person experiencing thermal radiation death.
>>745106 Woah, holy fuck
>>745106 is the idf behind this
(52.07 KB 581x566 poor.png)
thoughts on this?
Note to self: don't stockpile explosives like a fireworks factory in your capital city
(43.33 KB 601x244 findomearle4.jpeg)
She really is mad nobody hits on her.
>>745761 You say that as if men on the internet aren't extremely weird about women.
>>745450 The DSA is a lost cause, the green party unironically has more revolutionary potential.
>>745770 rightfully weird
>>745529 I'm gonna put 2000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate in my port and you can't stop me.
>>745770 everybody is weird to everyone on the internet, it comes with the medium
(24.91 KB 535x500 IMG_20200804_051630.jpg)
>when I see the obsessive Vaush hate here Pathetic.
>>745949 Wear a shoe on head while conceding you lost the debate w/ Caleb and wish to become his disciple fag
>>745949 I don't see how anyone couldn't obviously see he's a psychopath with that constant, dumb shit eating grin on his face all the time
>>745770 How does that negate her BPD behavior?
>>745116 It would be way worse
>>746129 I'm sure she's a terrible person, but she's not wrong on that point.
>>745450 Given that half the DSA convention was tards trolling them that would immediately stop paying dues because "uwu im a heckin poor smol bean" then yes I agree with DSA central that the most important thing these people do is pay dues.
>>744660 >The jannies going to hold a Michael Tracey AMA >going to https://old.reddit.com/r/stupidpol/comments/bea7n3/i_am_michael_tracey_i_have_been_asked_to_do_an/ >1 year old
>>746248 Men are cumbrained retards. That's the redpill.
(45.83 KB 603x222 dynamicduo.png)
>>745106 As far as industrial accident kinds of explosions go, this isn't even that big. Shit sucks, but this kind of thing happens more often than you'd think.
(23.54 KB 600x247 hotwheels.png)
(85.77 KB 2000x1000 fredrick-brennan.jpg)
Turns out Fredrick "Hotwheels" Brennan is a partisan-Democrat radlib. Retweets Chris Murphy's pro-coup tirade and made a tweet implying Venezuela's Supreme Court is no different from Duterte's martial law: https://twitter.com/HW_BEAT_THAT/status/1241859762267930625 Fredrick also claims Israel has the most democratic government in the world: https://twitter.com/HW_BEAT_THAT/status/1130760143023484928
>>746343 No wonder he likes leftypol
Redditors are stupid fucking animals, I truly believe everyone that posts there should have their lives ended The glowies specifically deserve the Pit
(62.54 KB 500x428 1577217765106.jpg)
The findom earle "BPD" posting is getting really obsessive too
>>746343 Tweet Norton at him
>>745046 It wasn't a fucking joke and it wasn't the only thing that he took in aas truth
>>746377 You could say the same about some of the Vaushposting
>>746333 The funny thing is that those socdems are for the most part to his left.
>>746377 >>746407 Jokes on you, I completely ignore Vaush and don’t know who Fimdon Earle even is
>>746343 >Fredrick also claims Israel has the most democratic government in the world Thats not what he said moron, he said out of all the democracies, he likes the structure of Israel (which is unicameral) the most, which isn't unique to the country anyway


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