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United States Politics - /USApol/ Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 19:10:57 No. 531727
FRATERNAL RIOT PORN WATCHING AND FRIENDLY CIRCLEJERK HERE: https://cytu.be/r/bunkerchanalt Thread theme: FREE RASHID BASARA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWyB447vNjg 100,000 deaths edition https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/ What's Next: Democratic National Convention - August 17th Republican National Convention - August 24th Ongoing - Democratic veepstakes Now with livestreams! CNN: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/cnn-news-usa.html MSNBC: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/msnbc.html FOX: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/fox-news-channel.html Bloomberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp8PhLsUcFE Last thread >>373171
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>>744992 The U.S. is in its way to balkanization.
>>745109 really tired of this balkanization meme. it ain't happening, and anyone who thinks it will does not understand what America is. the people who say "balkanization" is a good tell to discover who's a LARPer or secret rightoid.
>>745113 I am >>745109 and agree is materialistically hard to tell, because U.S. diversity, but there will be indisputably scars between political states powers and the federal power that wouldn't heal. Biden would heal that, but wouldn't be able to stop the de-imperialization (caused by the de-dollarization).
>>745113 Much like the 'cold civil war', balkanization probably doesn't need to manifest literally and overtly. We are balkanizing on a sub-state level, I think.
>>744317 >you can't do that... he sounds like a lost old man
>>745030 >Not saying revolution is impossible, but it is very likely that the standard socialist take on revolution - a large labor movement that leads to a general strike - isn't operative for a lot of reasons. If there is going to be a revolution, it is likely to arise from unlikely sources - for example, an extremist anti-eugenics resistance that develops a sizable base, wins support among what's left of labor, and can find disgruntled professional-class elements who see under the present regime that they have no future and face proletarianization. I agree, I think I meant to frame this change as not a new form of socialist revolution, but a sign we are still in a previous stage of democratic revolution. This leaves room for populism that isn't false consciousness on the right, and incoherent organizing on the left (conventional intersectionality). What do you think?
>>745127 I do think the fight of the Trumpoids is mostly bluster. They would try to go full Nazi if they can get it through legally and libs roll over, but beyond terrorism they don't have the will or support to do much (and they only have as much support as they do because Trump is in office). I figure as soon as Trump is defeated (and he will be defeated) the Republicans will aggressively rebrand and openly ditch the Trump base, and the interested fascist parties behind Trump will move to whatever their next play is after their shiny figurehead is gone. >>745134 You're mostly talking about a division between rural and urban, and interior and coastal. Both sides have the goal of dominating the other, rather than regional independence or appeals to local nationalism. The only way balkanization in the 1990s worked is because Yugoslavia was a newfangled thing, consisting of states that have been around for a long time, and because the EU and US wanted those divisions stoked. They weren't interested in retaining this thing, "Yugoslavia", that was itself a product of the Communist period. There isn't anything like that in the US - the objective has always been to control the whole continent, and it's practically American civic religion to claim North America entirely. Even the First Civil War was about the South exhausting its ability to impose its will on the more populous North, and the only serious hope of the Confederacy was to bleed the Union until the North accepted slavery and gave the planter aristocracy new concessions and probably a whole new kind of government. The South wasn't interested so much in independence, but secession was their last card to play.
>>745179 >You're mostly talking about a division between rural and urban, and interior and coastal. Both sides have the goal of dominating the other, rather than regional independence or appeals to local nationalism. Yes, you're right. Everything is geared towards maintaining the union and either reforming or preserving it, but it remains that the government is bitterly divided across party lines such that its balances no longer function. A new phase of mass politics associated with it has broken any republican checks on the power of the people, and therefore their propensity to abuse each other, while new and more universal media and civil society fostered by the internet leads to more intense cultural warfare as people retreat into the mosaic of online echo chambers and move towards more red or more blue areas. At the same time, party identity has become vastly more important (I saw data on this, I can find it if necessary) as the civic identity sheds religious, racial/ethnic, etc. ties and people lose faith in institutions. I do see the case for balkanization of some sort, just not Yugoslav wars-tier I guess. I think it was all held together by shared prosperity and the promise of future growth, but talking about inequality is now all the rage after the recession. It does appear like America is no longer a nation, but an empire. A jailhouse of nations, if you will.
>>745160 I think you're going to need some sort of formation hitherto unknown in the West as a political force, which is why I mentioned eugenics/eugenism - pretty much all the contentious issues of today concern the eugenics question and population control agendas, capitalism itself included. Capitalism today is defended almost entirely on Social Darwinist or eugenicist arguments for meritocracy, rather than liberal notions of property rights or belief that free markets are beneficial for society (since the overwhelming evidence is that praying to the market is a terrible policy that wrecks everything it touches). Yet, for reasons that aren't too hard to figure out, a hardline anti-eugenics movement never formed anywhere in the world, and even if it did, there would need to be some positive alternative. "Socialism" of some sort would be an answer, but the socialist parties themselves have incredible ideological baggage and repeatedly try to fight past battles long lost. I think we would have to come out and say, unequivocably, that planned economies are simply superior, regardless of any ideological commitment to socialism or Marxist science. Increasingly, I think even the liberals and some conservatives are coming to accept this, and that managerial capitalism itself can't work. It won't stop the current managers of capital from trying to engineer their permanent supremacy in some new system though, and again, that comes down to the reasons why capitalism has lasted as long as it has, instead of capitalism being abandoned forever after 1929. I don't see the right infosphere producing much of significance unless the liberals have to resort to incredibly heavy-handed tactics and are stupid (and they're not that stupid). The right in general will default towards supporting the regime no matter how bad it gets, as long as it isn't them getting crushed. The overtly fascist right for obvious reasons is a completely lost cause and will seek maximum degeneracy for degeneracy's sake. The "intersectionals" are pretty much irrelevant and have died an ignomious death right about now, where they work overtime to discredit an initially popular uprising against police brutality. The ordinary people in the street who detest racism are sick of intersectionality and "black trans lives matter" - they want actual answers and an accountable government, and something done about the clearly failing institutions in society, and can point to Trump and his antics as proof of how far we've sunk. I think in the near future it's going to be more common to mention Obama in the same breath as Trump when speaking of American decline - people are already sick of Barry's healthcare racket and various shitty things he does in his retirement. Lib media wants to maintain the Obama cult of personality for as long as possible, but there is already disgust at Biden from the liberals and the political parties are devoid of any capable political leaders in the younger cohorts.
>>745030 Anti-capitalist development is likely going to come from an anti-racial movement. The difference between now and '68 is how far the societal state has degraded. >>745257 The vast majority of pro-capitalist propaganda I've heard is still "the freer the markets the freer the people" sort of bull.
>>745454 Pretty much the only people who believe the "free markets make people freer" nonsense are lolberts, the few who haven't gone down the lolbert-to-fash pipeline anyway. The defenses I hear far more than any other is "muh personal responsibility", usually telling people to blame themselves for things they very obviously have no control over like the behavior of large corporations and banks. Hilariously, these same people advocate for letting the rich and professionals fuck up very often over the things they do control, and promote generally self-destructive behaviors among the masses because of course they do. The problem with an anti-racial movement is that for the most part, poor blacks don't figure into anti-racist formations except as occasional props. If the regime is dumb enough to enable identitarian faggotry, then it might become so odious that something will go down, but outside of /pol the enthusiasm for identity politics is fading fast. Few are interested in it, not most of the political leadership nor the professionals and certainly not the masses who are generally disgusted with identity politics. The latest is an effort to keep race the focus of media narratives, and this is being fanned very deliberately with Ford Foundation trolling equating any positive character trait with "whiteness" and calling that the woke position. It's made to appear bigger than it actually is, and of course Trump is riding on identitarian narratives for his re-election.
(5.13 KB 259x194 images.jpg)
Who are the anons with the long effort posts?
>>745575 Leftypol suddenly became intellectual overnight
>>745454 >Anti-capitalist development is likely going to come from an anti-racial movement. If so, we're probably fucked
>>745575 >Who are the anons with the long effort posts? I posted this question >>744944 why the fuck does this site not have IDs? it's too confusing for anything besides shitposting in that case
>>745604 Uh I think you mean based
>>745609 We do have IDs.
>>745612 >idpol movements >based
>>745612 there's little reason to think the anti-racist struggle will progress to anti-capitalism and mass struggle, it never did and never will. >>745663 >We do have IDs. I don't see any except for post number
>>745673 All successful movements began as idpol.
>>745676 >I don't see any except for post number See help Tripcodes >To use a tripcode, add a # in your name. After the #, add the password for the tripcode. >The server will apply a hash to the password and display the hashed password. >To use a secure tripcode, add ## in your name and a password. A secure tripcode will generate a random text to be displayed that will only be used if your password matches.
>>744228 That's literally a bot. A chatbot has been shitting the place up with simple contrarianism and calling everyone who disagrees with it a radlib or posting the same glowie images again and again.
(82.21 KB 920x416 2020-08-04 16.21.08.jpg)
Trump's really trying to get jizzlane out of jail
(368.37 KB 864x864 pepe-honk-gonna honk.jpg)
>>745769 Please, send twitter link >pedo-face-when.
>>744342 >a lot of colleges require 1 to 2 years of living in the dorm now What? What the fuck is the justification for this? Do they even bother coming up with one, for that matter?
>>745769 >not 5 What a fucking feminist cuck.
(6.52 KB 225x225 hrump.jpeg)
>>745769 is this a real tweet ?
>>745750 That's not what an ID tag is though. It means seeing the ID of every poster to see if someone is samefagging.
>>745793 Is this a genuine question?
>>745785 They gotta get the young 'uns totally enmeshed in the environment and not have pesky outside influences and independence. Gotta have them be good office drones who believe all the right things. Universities are one of those rigid and controlling places on the planet. At least with the school you usually get to go home.
>>745796 Oh, right, you are right. My mistake. MODs want to keep the essence of a imageboard. You can use tripcodes to avoid samefagging when you are in the mood of a philosophical crusade, tho.
>>745793 No it's a fake tweet. The right has been spreading around a pic with ruth bader with this quote next to it. Someone whipped this up in response. Which I think it's a good idea to spread around. Its actually believe trump would say something like this and you know the right would defended without checking first.
>>745715 >Look up Jewish Bolshevism. ...are you on the right board?
>>744317 Can you imagine future generations looking back and thinking "Spain was stuck with Charles II and America chose Trump?" >>744691 One of the ironies of omninormalization is that it's hard to get people to care about an important issue, but it's difficult to organize them for a bad cause as well. >>744730 >(not even corona one could argue) The "Chinese virus" shit was beyond pathetic. Trying to blame a country for a virus, for fuck's sake. >>744325 It's probably deliberately edited like The Office. Trump is Michael Scott if he had been born into a rich family.
>>744228 >there’s been a decline in /leftypol/ too. already you have people freaking out calling you a liberal for even talking about philosophy or Adorno. Adorno is probably correct about the culture industry and >>743387 is probably correct by extension, But none of this is actually helping with changing culture production. We need a theory on culture-production that's like what Cockshott did for economics. And we need to move away from the pomo gibberish and instead try doing stuff like using mathematical notations to describe aesthetic patterns and so on. You know use clear an precise language.
>>744847 You simply have to disregard everything you see on normie sites which isn't written by someone you know for a fact to exist. Trust me on this one. Bots are running rampant.
>>745880 This 100% just look at all the examples of Twitter being flooded with bots after a coup. Or when there was the D.C black out and a bunch of people said their accounts were hijacked to say everyone went to bed and nothing happened.
>>745223 >Everything is geared towards maintaining the union and either reforming or preserving it The USSR voted yes to the same things, and look how that ended up.
Is anyone in the NY metropolitan area here? how did the hurricane go for your neighborhood?
>>745888 The accounts which said they had been hijacked were bots too.
(74.56 KB 600x700 biden-venezuela.png)
Maybe Biden & the DNC might not be the lesser of two evils at least in foreign policy.
(384.10 KB 999x1065 2020-08-04 18.10.20.jpg)
>>746114 >they have bad foreign policy because they say the mean words >actually believing Trump makes any decision or gives a fuck about foreign policy
(34.11 KB 800x461 maduro-drone-incident.jpeg)
>>746114 >Maybe Biden & the DNC might not be the lesser of two evils at least in foreign policy. You think they'd be any better at ousting Maduro ? If I had to speculate, he probably got professional help with bricking American coup attempts ever since the incident with the exploding drone a few years back.
>>746114 That's what we have been saying. Trump is mismanaging the empire to an incredible degree. >>746132 http://archive.is/JB4hV >>745913 I don't recall that kerfuffle.
>>746224 It was under Obama that the Pink Tide was reversed. Under Shillary KKKlinton's guidance all left-socdem governments in Latin America have been replaced by dumbshit Amerikkkan puppets with the exception of Venezuela which has been all but defeated economically.
>>746239 So yes, as a matter of fact, the Dems are better at coups and CIA bullshit than the Reps and the Dems also benefit from the fact that the anti war liberals go to sleep every time they win the presidency.
>>744317 Can someone for me reconcile these two claims popular in liberal spaces? 1. Trump is a dangerous fascist who is going to use his second term as mandate to consolidate power into an administration that will answer to no one. His dangerous reactionary views will put into action policies of unprecedented oppression and cruelty both at home and abroad. 2. Trump is a staggeringly incompetent leader who cannot parse complicated sentences, reason from premises to conclusions, and generally acts in such incoherent and erratic a manner that he frustrates even the efforts of the sycophants with which he surrounds himself. To me these appear to be in contradiction. In my estimation the second point is correct, and for this reason the kind of damage Trump is likely to effect in his second term will be the withering of the already-pathetic social safety net, hamstringing of regulatory bodies, and enormous handouts to corporations.
>>746243 Made a post about this in the RCP thread about them endorsing Biden. TL:DR the dems are far better manages of the modern empire because they understand the modern geo-political landscape and how power is really projected. While the Republican party who craves culture relevance and praise want to the old school days of when the empire had videos of troops marching off to "protect us" and propaganda venerating our strong military.
>>746273 Aside from the "unprecedented oppression and cruelty both at home and abroad" bit, I don't see how they contradict each other.


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