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>>1197249 >>1197242 Kek the filter breaks the link.
>>1197304 we haven't even gotten the thanksgiving surge yet
>>1197281 Depends on the kind of protest, and knowing Bernie it would be the weak-kneed shit that doesn't do anything. In effect, Bernie would be doing little more than a more vocal "write a letter to your Congressperson" statement. Can he do just about anything? Well, not really, but it isn't ILLEGAL and Trump already basically threatened civil war multiple times during his reign. Supporting riots and angry mobs overthrowing the government would be up there on impeachable offenses though, especially when they're protesting the very body which can impeach a president.
>>1197301 >Iowa >existing Cope i agree and Dilate glowie
>>1197184 Don’t get me wrong, I liked agent Kochinski at one point , and think the stuff he does to debunk and dispute far-right political weirdos is good, But he’s colossally stupid on actual leftism and doesn’t take much time to learn. (Daily streaming is not a model conducive to sitting down and reading theory anyways). Unlike others, I don’t think he’s a conscious grifter and is instead just really misinformed, but he and the rest of breadtube are not the end-all be-all. And believe me, I hate many of the tankies, here, too.
(157.58 KB 800x1000 423424324.jpg)
>>1197301 >216k on Wednesday 250k new cases this Friday (results posted on Saturday), 300k by Christmas, 400k after. :^)
>>1197301 >RECORD HIGH NUMBERS >24/7 >10 MONTHS
>>1196440 There were, by Trotsky. Luckily Stalin found out about his plot and stopped it before it could do an serious damage.
>>1197305 >reaganomics
>>1197377 So you hate his thoughts on race relations merely because he was 50 during Reagan and followed the trend?
(21.73 KB 248x203 thinking-hard.png)
just wanted to lay this out so that everyone is aware of what giuliani and friends are attempting with all the hearings they're doing in front of state legislatures. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTM3aGJa1ow this video pretty much sums it up but i wanted to add some meat onto what this guy is saying. basically the republican state legislatures completely on their own, regardless of legal action by the supreme court, can by themselves say that the election was done contrary to state law and as such allows them to send their own slate of electors. if they do this then each of these states will send TWO lists of electors, one from the SoS based on the popular vote and one from the legislature based on what they believe the REAL popular vote would be. this would create uncertainty as to which electoral votes to count, or at least that's what the guy counting (pence) would say, and all of those states would not cast their electoral votes FOR EITHER candidate. if enough states did this such that neither candidate received 270 votes (PA, MI, and GA being all that are required for this effect) then it would trigger a contingent election which would be held in the house, which i'm sure you're all familiar with and would be a definite trump victory. just in case any of you were falling to heavily for the deboonking kool-aid and hadn't realized yet the real threat this poses. it's not a court. they don't have to prove anything. they just have to create enough uncertainty in the legislature such that they decide they have to send their own slate of electors, regardless of deboonking etc. people have been kind of talking about these hearings as if they're part of giuliani's legal approach with law suits etc, and they're not. this is a second vector of attack and quite frankly the much stronger one than the hail mary of some miracle ruling from the SCOTUS. basically don't get cocky bidenbros.
>>1197399 >he was 50 during Reagan and followed the trend has he since disavowed his previous stance and could his thoughts on "race relations" mean any anything in a materialist model of society?
This is just reckless. Expect Al-Shabaab to ramp up their attacks on Somali civilians.
(54.89 KB 860x466 UntitledSFSFS.png)
>>1197404 Do state legislatures even have the balls? >North-East and West Coast secede >Midwest on fire Hey, it's just like the America First branch in HoI4.
>>1197553 🌹 : Ackshually, Al-Shabaab should be left unchecked to terrorize and take over Somalia. This is anti-imperilolism.
>>1197115 Then again, self-victimization isn't just part and parcel of rightwing rhetoric, but its eternal starting premise. >>1197105 >No one has ever been too demanding of fair elections You're misapprehending things. Americans don't demand much because their trust in the fairness of elections is ironclad, no matter how their trust in the fairness of everything else might be low. The entire system hinges on the conviction that, come hell or high water, at least the electoral system is clean. The American system of soft social control is an incredible thing, and no matter how deep or widespread the malfeasance is shown to be, Americans will still consider those cases the "exceptions that prove the rule", the "bad apples". Even if it was proven that an election was completely rigged, literally every single vote, they would still think "the system is solid" because other elections worked fine. >Also, Trump was not so much "fighting the farce". Naturally. >He is the logical conclusion of the farce, peak farce. Well he's the logical conclusion in the sense that he neither knows nor cares that he exposes the unfairness of the system, but he did disturb said system's self-preservation. >there was a rule of law and you could seek redress through the courts, and the courts generally did work >implies the government can be held accountable, and people can expect to defend things like rights and dignity and standards of living That's a very relevant point. The American illusion of democracy does depend a lot on the notion that any misdeed can be redressed with enough insistence at the courts. And for all its faults, the separation of powers in bourgeois democracy does allow for an occasional victory for someone other than Porky. And I had been noticing that the judiciary system has been failing more and more in the recent past at this. It's rotting not just by becoming a more overtly oppressive instrument of class dictatorship, but by being thoroughly debased at its most basic task of enforcing non-political laws. I wouldn't say this is part of any class project so much as sheer decay -- America has been uncontested at the top of the world for a while so it has nowhere to go but down -- but I wouldn't rule it out either.
(1.38 MB 1640x1404 e.png)
(346.23 KB 1192x1344 f.png)
>>1197553 What's his goal here...? Cuz Biden is just gonna send them back. Does he want to be able to say "I brought the troops back home and Biden sent them back!"?
>>1197568 2020 isn't the first election with accusations of widespread fraud. Believe it or not, there were even worse examples of blatant cheating (1876 is the big example, on both sides though history sides with the victor). People aren't convinced the elections are sacred, so much as they're convinced the republican system isn't absolutely horrible. Faith in the republic was enough to hold the country together back then (barely, but it was resolved with backroom deals, as the 2020 crisis most likely has been). The difference in 2020 is that both sides openly don't give a shit not just about fair elections, but the democratic system itself. Trump's people want fascism and a coup, at this point. Biden's people want a liberal dictatorship and Trump (and Trump's supporters) to hang. The people in the middle just fucking hate Congress and would welcome someone who promises to get politics out of their life forever. Ordinary people simply don't believe in the republican system, or constitutional law, or even the idea of democracy of any sort. If you ask a lot of young people, they are practically offended at the idea of democracy, like you'd have to be bullshitting them to believe that elected officials can actually be accountable to ordinary plebs. The decades of technocratic rule, and the ruling eugenic ideas, all point towards dictatorial forms of government and against democracy, and that's where people are heading.
(68.04 KB 640x529 thonk.png)
>>1197605 If the people don't want democracy, is it democratic to keep it?
>>1197590 He's going to force the "reasonable" democrats to ramp the military action back up to restore the status quo and based on how the liberal burgers react we'll see how right the third worldists are about the revolutionary potential of the west, based on how many democrat voters support a troop surge when Biden does it.
>>1197612 Ding ding ding, you finally get why I called the liberal dictatorship a while back. November 3rd confirmed it was ogre. Biden will likely make it official shortly after taking office, not really announcing the imperium but you're going to see emergency councils figure prominently in Biden's government, and Biden himself likely steps aside within months if not weeks.
(1.78 KB 210x230 smug.png)
>>1197305 He doesn't measure up to giants like Laffer.
I still find it stupendous that people still believe we're not going to see at least 50 million excess deaths in the next four years, all for what are political reasons. They can imagine the climate boogaloo, but they don't see the complete disaster we are heading towards, which has a lot more evidence than the climate boogaloo and forces practically willing the death toll higher.
(165.80 KB 990x714 562.png)
>>1197404 People have been saying that the SCOTUS can't hand Trump the election because he isn't getting any case that far high, so there you go. GOP legislatures start some shit on their own, if it flies it flies, if not, 100% guaranteed SCOTUS case. Trump is in either way.
>>1197632 SCOTUS doesn't determine the presidency, retard.
(109.86 KB 1080x999 o9WUltO.jpg)
>>1197567 pity reply
>>1197632 >>1197404 This is assuming he can actually get the state legislators on board, which I doubt. He just doesn't have the allies to pull off a coup.
>>1197404 This sort of shit was tried in 1876 as well. It was rejected then, for a laundry list of reasons. I doubt the state Republicans are going to start a civil war over Trump. They've been shutting down Trump's drunken supporters at these meetings, Republican and Democrat alike. It's such a complete shitshow. The only reason such a sorry outcome would be furthered by the state houses is because they're trying to start the civil war as part of the theater, because the ruling class is truly that evil.
real /pol/yp hours
>>1197605 You underestimate how spooked normies are. They're convinced America has promoted democracy around the world, they don't know a single thing about its war crimes and they think other countries hate America out of sheer envy. >>1197620 What would change in this liberal dictatorship? I mean, what would it allow them to do that they don't already do? By your own reckoning, we're already awash in eugenist practices and most pepple want those things. So what could be worth sacrificing history's most effective system of soft social control for?
>>1197590 >>1197553 Meanwhile, Sahrawies are being smashed by the Morrocan monarchy. Trump will replace those troops with mercenaries, while your burgers aren't paying attention to what happens with Sahwaries.
(64.91 KB 640x496 1592588890722.jpg)
>>1197670 Who are Sahrawites? never heard of them b4
>>1197712 hidden figure*
>>1197712 imagine getting mad over cartoons
(8.91 MB 480x854 sgtn.mp4)
Rightoids keep talking about how there's going to be a one world government. What's wrong with a one world government?? Sounds based
>>1197743 It is the USA capitalist empire
>>1196545 re: >stablecoins like Tether A quick skim of the Wikipedo article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tether_(cryptocurrency) indicates that, while the idea should IMHO be theoretically sound, Tether in particular is subject to serious allegations of fractional reserve problems and potential fraud. Likewise, while stablecoins in general are (like all crypto) implemented in a suspicious way, or just at a very early stage of implementation: https://masterthecrypto.com/guide-to-stablecoin-types-of-stablecoins/ Perhaps the most interesting are purely algorithmic approaches that directly emulate the way actual money works, obviating the need for reserves to maintain a peg: >Previously known as ‘Basecoin’, Basis is a stablecoin that peg its value to the USD through algorithmic adjustments of the coin’s supply. Price stability is achieved through the monitoring of various external exchange rates that are verified by an oracle system. If Basis is trading above USD $1, new stablecoins are created and distributed. If, however, Basiscoin is trading for less than USD $1, Base Bonds – which is another separate currency – are created and sold in an open auction to take coins out of circulation. Though even in this case, the implementation leaves something to be desired in terms of openness and economic knowledge: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/basecoin.asp >>1196880 I think there's technically no reason you couldn't do that algorithmically. The real problem is that most people involved with crypto are ideologically brainwashed by Autistrian-tier garbage economics, it's the same reason they cling to inherently broken mechanisms like proof-of-work, and refuse to focus hard enough on serious technical issues like transaction scaling. >>1197158 Yes, muh fucking chartalism. It isn't the 1800s anymore you deluded fossil. >>1197568 >Americans don't demand much because their trust in the fairness of elections is ironclad False. As I noted in >>1195479 >>1195533 upthread, opinion polling numbers show that Americans mostly distrust the fairness of our elections, have distrusted them for a long time, that this distrust is severe compared to most democracies worldwide.
>>1197662 Nah, typical Burgers aren't as dumb as you. They know what's up. Only the old half-believe the old democracy line, and they're old enough to know it's really about the bottom line, money, and power. The younger of the elite set have fully embraced the philosophy of power for power's sake. We really have become a Nazified country. Hitler won.
>>1197404 this won't happen. the state-level republicans aren't going along with this plan. It's a bridge too far. The republican party just doesn't need Trump that much. They have the supreme court locked up for the foreseeable, and barring some miracle for Dems in GA, they'll hold the senate too. And even with a Dem miracle there, the 2022 midterms will probably just sweep them right back in. They don't need to go that far out on a limb just to keep Trump in for another term. It gains them little, and they know Biden's not going to do much outside of normal lib bs. So won't go that far out to do such a power move, but they just have to do the balancing act of not pissing off the trump base too much.
>>1197643 He literally caused the term "Trump Republicans" to get used. The problem is that it's probably just careerist grift, and on the other hand, it's a double-edged sword, and there is exactly zero reason to believe that when faced with the choice of "War or Decline" that capitalists would ever choose "Decline". >kulaks burning grain >both World Wars And remember, state legislatures are full of complete lunatics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIMgfBZrrZ8
>>1197852 They get war with Biden though, unless they really think civil war is going to be great for business.
(77.98 KB 1200x927 alec-explained.png)
>>1197852 >state legislatures are full of complete lunatics State legislatures are full of handpicked rubber stamps
>>1197623 what disaster
>>1197875 The scarier thing is that there are a lot of people who know what's happening and they're enthusiastic for it. Educated class openly announces they're going to choose who's going to live and die, and they've been fed a diet of Survivor to teach them that this is how life is supposed to be. Chuds just love killing because they've been cultivated to believe it and they've been encouraged.


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