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(12.11 KB 289x175 images.jpeg)
Paul Cockshott discussion Anonymous 08/04/2020 (Tue) 01:31:28 No. 743183 [Reply] [Last]
Is he good? On his mild athusserianism, anti dialectical marxism On his historical materialism On his politics and empirics Aside from gender controversy The cybernetic thread which has been posted itt is a de facto Cockshott thread, if you wanna ask this one sentence questions take it to that thread, anchoring
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>>743183 >Is he good? Whether or not cockshott is good depends on the moral system you choose to apply to him. I postulate that cockshott transcends good and is >based On account of him not appealing to fake liberal moral superiority.
>>743234 This. He even misreads Marx and trys to force and contort him to his theories. Even going as far as to disregard what he says for convince. It's an unthinking empiricism and not science. He just accepts whatever appears to him and doesn't question the categories of his understanding and so he's dogmatic. He's stuck on his version of Marx and doesn't recognize his interpretive errors.
>>743354 Elaborate
>>744076 His LTV isn't even Marx's. For more in depth here's the talk with a Belgian theorist and activist who Cockshott let post on his blog he was that intrigued with what he had to say. https://podcasts.google.com/?feed=aHR0cDovL2ZlZWRzLnNvdW5kY2xvdWQuY29tL3VzZXJzL3NvdW5kY2xvdWQ6dXNlcnM6MjA3NTg2MTU4L3NvdW5kcy5yc3M&ep=14&episode=dGFnOnNvdW5kY2xvdWQsMjAxMDp0cmFja3MvODQyMDQ5NjAx

(526.28 KB 787x703 4343243266546.png)
Mikie 08/04/2020 (Tue) 01:50:55 No. 743214 [Reply] [Last]
Josip Broz Tito appreciation thread
wtf are you doing here
(332.18 KB 645x723 78769876978.png)

(4.35 KB 179x176 flag.jpg)
How does leftypol feel about psychiatry? Anonymous 07/19/2020 (Sun) 04:26:01 No. 702383 [Reply] [Last]
>Antidepressants are supposed to work by fixing a chemical imbalance, specifically, a lack of serotonin in the brain. Indeed, their supposed effectiveness is the primary evidence for the chemical imbalance theory. But analyses of the published data and the unpublished data that were hidden by drug companies reveals that most (if not all) of the benefits are due to the placebo effect. Some antidepressants increase serotonin levels, some decrease it, and some have no effect at all on serotonin. Nevertheless, they all show the same therapeutic benefit. Even the small statistical difference between antidepressants and placebos may be an enhanced placebo effect, due to the fact that most patients and doctors in clinical trials successfully break blind. >How is it possible that medications with such weak efficacy data were approved by the FDA? The answer lies in an understanding of the approval criteria used by the FDA. The FDA requires two adequately conducted clinical trials showing a significant difference between drug and placebo. But there is a loophole: There is no limit to the number of trials that can be conducted in search of these two significant trials. Trials showing negative results simply do not count. Furthermore, the clinical significance of the findings is not considered. All that matters is that the results are statistically significant. Source: Anti-depressants and the Placebo Effect https://archive.is/lx8mk - Connecticut Patient Has Been Shocked 500 Times in 5 Years. https://archive.is/D4N4E Florida kids are getting sent to psych units under the Baker Act in record numbers https://archive.is/dOCdw The Terrible, Awful Truth About SSI https://archive.is/rWdez Questions surround patient's death in psychiatric hospital https://archive.is/UMONa Their kids died on the psych ward. They were far from alone, a Times investigation found https://archive.is/dvwVk

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>>702418 >Cognitive behavioral therapy Best of the bad lot Ericksonian hypnosis bettee
>>742968 better*
>>742967 Are you retarded or just a psycho MKUltra literally abused kids
>>742955 ?? what argument are you even making? the author is left-wing, he exposes the psychiatric genocide of Nazi Germany and the USA. it's a redpilled book, can be found/borrowed on Internet Archive
(252.75 KB 786x715 peperaptors.png)
>>742958 ahhh, you gotta love when a psychiatry apologist gets btfo in the other thread (>>736540) and just runs away and jumps ship to this one to make the standard "the resident schizo/take your meds schizo/muh /dead/ strawman" post

Anonymous 08/01/2020 (Sat) 20:06:29 No. 737612 [Reply] [Last]
>didn't make CP illegal until 2014 and constantly fetishize children and young teenagers. Also have a lot of rapes that go unreported >workaholic Confucius culture where workers are constantly killing themselves >Horribly HORRIBLY consumerist culture that somehow is worse than America's >love authority. They literally are the biggest fucking bootlickers on the planet Is there any hope for Japan moving to the left? Can they be rendered class conscious? They cling to their Confucius ideals really hard and continue bootlicking. It seems as if they're moving more and more rightward day after day.
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>>742072 The criminal fears the samurai
>>742294 The guys who made it are hacks and it's primarily a grift and propaganda piece.
>>742297 More like anyone who doesn't want to get murdered because a retarded larper wanted to try their new sword.
>>737666 Goons hate anime? Don't they have an anime forum?
We needed to nuke them two more times like originally planned.

Bored by capitaislim/racism Anonymous 08/03/2020 (Mon) 02:46:33 No. 740879 [Reply] [Last]
Have you ever felt not only dread but also just sheer boredom of all the stereotypes and cliches of all the shit that goes on? Like 4chan is fucking boring because it's all about that "I hate uighurs" shit but that's merely an example. Capitalism in itself is just fucking boring too.k Not only the mechanics of actually going to fucking work, but also arguing against it. I swear liberals just try to bore you into accepting their positions.
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>>743105 crazy transhumanist
>>743105 Definitely schizophrenic
>>743096 That's the joke.
(4.67 MB live octopus.mp4)
>>743109 I'm not schizophrenic. i know for a fact you're not me.
>>743077 I prefer this than being poor as shit

(12.00 KB 171x158 leftypedia logo.png)
The beginnings of our new leftypol project Anonymous Board volunteer 05/27/2020 (Wed) 23:20:07 No. 535800 [Reply] [Last]
Hello everyone, we have received the results of our project proposal topic, and I'm delighted to announce that we are teaming up with 'leftypedia' to deliver our planned 'argument/talking point resource' idea. In case you don't know, leftypedia is the current version of the old abandoned 'marxistpedia' which was a project started by leftypol users back in the day, so I think this is sort of like a homecoming in a way. https://leftypedia.org/wiki/Main_Page Anyway, if you have a look at the leftypedia site you might be able to tell that they have a much more formal and 'encyclopedic' tone than what we're planning, just like wikipedia, but the admin is going to create a separate 'category' for our new content that will be called something like 'rhetoric: topic' rather than just 'topic', this will also feature on the frontpage much like the encyclopedic content. As a tenplate, I'd like you to feast your eyes on these pages which someone on leftypedia already made (albeit only on their personal userspace for now). https://leftypedia.org/wiki/User:Anarcho-Bolshevik/compendium I'd like to ask if anyone can come up with a slightly more catchy name for our new section than 'rhetoric', cause that sounds a bit cumbersome to me even though I came up with it, so yeah, open to suggestions. So, since that isn't implemented yet, I'd like you all to try familiarise yourselves with the site for now, maybe take a look at the articles that are already there and improve some of them if you feel able. Unfortunately the site currently has only edit by approval so you will have to wait for any changes you make to be approved, this is because of a persistent spambot problem and I hope that we will be able to work out something to change this to normal editing as on wikipedia and the like, please just bear with it for now. If you have an answer to a 'common question', or you have an effortpost you'd like to archive and save, then please post it in this topic for now so that we can work on it together until we can figure out how to categorise our new section of the site. Thanks for your attention! EDIT: I've now got admin permissions on leftypedia, so I can create pages and approve edits directly. If you want to use the site I recommend you create a user account, which I can then approve once you make a productive edit (to distinguish from spambots), then you won't have to wait for approval anymore and can create articles yourself. Or, just ask me and I can create an article for you if you're desperate to make one as your first edit. Thanks guys, I hope we can make this project cool together!

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Are there plans for translating pages? I could help with that.
>>737447 I agree that we need a Bordiga/ICP article (don't forget bilan).
>>739245 Try this: go to EcuRed (https://www.ecured.cu/EcuRed) and translate articles on it that are relevant to Leftypedia. So for instance, take the page on imperialism, translate it, and then add where appropriate to the Leftypedia page on imperialism.
>>739245 Yes. The translation thread on >>>/edu/ is a good start
>>709212 >>739194 Crime and Punishment is my favourite book :)

(818.80 KB 2880x1800 spittingimage.jpg)
/leftybrit/ Spitting Image Edition Anonymous 08/01/2020 (Sat) 00:12:14 No. 735899 [Reply] [Last]
we're all fine lads
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>>743910 They'll make up for it by posting an article about how hard women have it in between fondling the trainee with the nice tits.
>>743066 You know, I think is some merit to the idea that reading theory is bad for you but you should at least read something before you start posting.
>>743094 >Being this invested in Sargon of Akkad
>>743258 >Consider a career in the tabloid press. Only a Tarquin would disparage the fine British institution of the tabloid press

(167.38 KB 600x389 Thread.jpg)
> / t / - torrents, magnets, mega.nz and downloads Torrent boy 07/24/2020 (Fri) 20:21:44 No. 715906 [Reply] [Last]
New Thread! NEW links! NEED SEEDERS! Stalin, Trotski and Niet magnets were made by me! PLE-please anon senpai SEED ME!!! >last one died Post magnets boys, I will add they in the next thread! Mega.nz links to! Any kind of link, as long as it's communist shit!
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>>742623 I still learning, can you teach me what is DHT?
>>742623 >I'm downloading marx-engles and leftybooks and they are going quite fast. because those were not made by me. those have seeders
>Mao selected works >Gramsci selected works > Nietzsch > Trotski >(must have!) Stalin >Lenin were made by me, so iam the only seeders sadly, so if you guys can help seeding those.
>>742636 it's an option you can enable in your bittorrent client, most of modern client should have it on by default. It allows you to find more nodes, can be a big boost depending on the torrent. >>742632 lot's of good stuff.
I am new to the "area", I will do the best I can to spread the ones I already have, if you want the work of a specific author, tell me. >>742680 thk u

(289.42 KB 1524x2126 2015_42_walter_benjamin.jpg)
(564.10 KB 1000x1442 Deleuze.jpg)
(191.68 KB 1200x914 derrida.jpg)
Unorthodox and experimental Marxisms Anonymous 08/01/2020 (Sat) 15:27:44 No. 737032 [Reply] [Last]
I realize /leftypol/ is a majority ML board, but I've always wondered why there's little discussion, for or against, the more unorthodox marxist traditions that sprung up across the 20th century and beyond. It seems to me like it's all worth taking seriously, but whenever it gets brought up here it's instantly dismissed as being bourgeois or liberal. Why is that? Shouldn't we take seriously all developments in theory, irregardless how neatly it fits into Marx's original DiaMat?
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>>741924 >You are not showing here how Benjamin is talking in objective terms here I literally am. You'll be fucking gulage'd like the rest of them. Cheers. Go fear about "Marxism" while you can.
>>742069 The only thing you've "shown" here is a vague flirtation with Lacan. Not any actual engagement with Benjamin or my responses. Don't pretend to have any intellectual interest in this shit if you're unwilling to actually talk about them.
>>741722 >>741725 good posts
Can anyone explain to me what the fuck autonomism is?
>>738186 You are making up strawmen just to cry about muh tankies

Leftist Music General muse 07/31/2020 (Fri) 05:50:41 No. 734405 [Reply] [Last]
Back on /leftypol/ for the first time since 2016, so I thought I'd make a music thread like I used back then. Lets all share and discuss leftist music. Id's be cool to see if anyone saved the old webms I made way back when. Obligatory GETchan link:https://www.youtube.com/user/PchanKingOfGETs
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implicitly leftwing song, it hits harder if you are south american https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3__HmlJIyIU


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