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(54.51 KB 976x850 19012856239158.jpg)
Anonymous 07/24/2020 (Fri) 16:47:53 No. 715408 [Reply] [Last]
Indian anon here, all this recent tension among the world made me question my core beliefs. If shit hits the fan with China and we go on a full scale war, what am I supposed to do? Who should I support? On one hand the revolution sounds enticing and all, but what worth is it if I just get tank man'd by passer-by soldiers, or worse yet, nuked. imagine spending years not to be a theorylet only to be Xi'd and not see the vision executed. This made me question everything. Whats more important to you in such a scenario anons, to save your live or give it up for the greater good of humanity? (if that ever happens)
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If you have the option to sacrifice your life to achieve something big, sure go for it. But staying and randomly getting drone bombed ultimately achieving nothing is not worth it. If things actually escalate (not likely) you should just get the fuck out of there
>On one hand the revolution sounds enticing and all, but what worth is it if I just get tank man'd by passer-by soldiers, or worse yet, nuked. Trust me, the army can do nothing against the will of the people. Here in Pakistan, the 1968-69 revolution happened because of fucking students, and yet it was able to oust two dictators and help form the PPP, which was filled with Marxists and social democrats. This all happened in one year. Indians know how to do a good revolution, read up on the 1946 naval strikes and learn how they organized and fought against the British. Read this book to get a nice idea on the history of the communist movement in india: https://www.marxist.pk/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Partition-Book.pdf
Nothing's gonna happen both sides have too much to lose
If you're either not a theorylet or you have leadership/organizing skills then GTFO the hot zone if you can't organize an effective movement to leverage the situation for revolutionary goals. It's 100% better to fuck off to another part of the world where you can do something for the proles than to sacrifice your life fruitlessly. Lots of revolutionary figures helped outside their home country. Look at Che for fuck's sake.
Don't worry anon. Remember that meanwhile the atom bomb is a paper tiger, the economic ties between India and China are not. Just look the fist-only fights in the himalayas. 20 indians and x chinese died and they worked to lower the tensions. As we can see, the porkies of China and India see that they have more to gain cooperating that fighting, and they are not willing to sacrifice money in some "patriotic" bullshit, just organize in your local party and keep fighting.

Arab Socialism Anonymous 07/23/2020 (Thu) 00:36:04 No. 711284 [Reply] [Last]
Since the Ba'ath-thread no longer exists, here is a new thread dedicated to arab socialism.
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>>714983 Their open collaboration with the US during both gulf wars, and subsequently with the American occupation. A lot of shills for invasion (like Kanan Makiya) we’re or had been card carrying communists, and used their “left cred” to sway western liberals
>>715010 So your example is an American trotskyst turned neocon probably recruited by the CIA during his student years at the MIT and already writing in the New York Times before the war. Some true card carrying iraqi communist right there! Meanwhile in the real world: >These acts of hatred against Iraq, before all else its popular masses, regardless of their class even before the regime of Saddam Hussein was created by American designs and maintained by American armaments, and has continued its mistreatment to terrorize the Iraqi people with the help of American aid as well as the regime’s aggressive war against Iran – brought about by the US, its allies, and international agents it is no longer a secret that the American ambassador to Baghdad is the one who encouraged Saddam to invade Kuwait to be used as an excuse for the United States occupation of the Gulf region, to destroy Iraq and enslave its people...the US invasion does not target Iraq alone but all Arab nations, and all of the nations of the region ICP-CL, Pronouncement, “Our People Should Stand Up to Defeat American" Does that sound like CIA to you? The other ICP, the ICP-CC was pro baathist and basically dissolved itself when their opportunist leaders joined the occupying forces was nothing since the 80' but the ICP-CL dudes went on to form Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation.
>>715010 can you give me a source though please
>>715204 >One American supporter has been the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), a private, taxpayer-funded group lead by the former secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, that aims to promote democracy abroad. >"At present, the ICP boasts the most significant organisational structure among all the secular parties," NDI Middle East director Leslie Campbell was quoted as saying in the US media in January. >"The Americans hoped to use the communists as a counterbalance against the religious parties," Abd al-Jabbar Ahmad Abd Allah, a political scientist at Baghdad University, said.

(40.02 KB 620x349 IMG_1204.jpeg)
Better than Primitivism, Anonymous 07/23/2020 (Thu) 07:07:35 No. 711818 [Reply] [Last]
Hi My fellow anons, I was working on anarcho primitivist ideology, than I had an amazing idea: ANARCHO BRONZISM! I see it sounds weird, but think of it, it doesn’t have any of those m*dern day bullshits, neither you don’t need to try survive like an ape while you have Bronze Age tech, also can work on art, philosophy, can get vaccinated, and have sex without fearing of aids, etc. The abr*hamic religions will be banned, so there will be no extremists religious people anymore, Also people will be motivated to be homosexual communally, and there will be less families with kids, so And also
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>>713307 We also support Iron Age, iron and bronze are brothers!
>>713252 >it didn't involve sexual penetration anyway it's not pedophilia if you don't stick it in the ass!
>>714962 alloy allies.
(1.40 MB 2846x1846 IMG_20200724_142431.jpg)
>>711818 >The abr*hamic religions will be banned, so there will be no extremists religious people anymore, There were extremists religious people in the Bronze Age, just of a different type. (Pic related.) Or did you a intend a rehash of polytheistic Bronze Age religion, in an occult sense, without the Bronze Age hierarchies, etc.? Gnosticism already covers that pretty well, but it incorporates Yahweh as Demiurge. How are you going to ban abr*hamic religions? Inner conviction detector vans? Because the about Judaism and Christianity is their requirement of "faith". Bronze Age religions you didn't need this, you just needed to do the work, burn the meat (or grain, if broke) on the fire as sacrifice in p/ex for what you want. And the later gnostics didn't take things on faith, they believed in a more experiential knowledge. Through various weird practices. Sauce; ancient near Eastern thought and the old testament (John h. Walton)

(80.85 KB 1100x570 59b6a38e45e2381d008b65ae.jpeg)
Gamergate and gaming culture Anonymous 07/22/2020 (Wed) 15:06:29 No. 709890 [Reply] [Last]
>inb4 idpol <this is historical and is relevant to the evolution of the online right I never really got that whole gamergate thing that happened back in 2013/2014. I mean what the fuck was that about, some female game dev slept with a guy for reviews? who fucking cares. and it produced a whole generation of weirdly political gamers. I think this can really be boiled down to a few things - in the halcyon pc gaming days of the 90s/2000s being a 'gamer' was an identity. Like a youth subculture like being an 'emo', 'punk', 'skater' or juggalo. Video game playing was a niche nerdy interest, esp. pc gaming since you had to build your own gaming PC or buy one that was really expensive. In the 2010s gaming started opening up to the point where it was becoming more of a general culture thing than just the previous demographic of nerdy, white sometimes asian middle class teens or young adults. This is still sortof the case but there was way more of a separation of 'hardcore' gaming culture from mainstream society in the 90s/2000s. There's also the background of previous attempts to censor video games in the 90s/2000s from mostly a conservative political side of things since it was blamed for violence and mass shootings (without much evidence). The pump was therefore primed to see 'feminist' criticism of video games as the same moralizing/moral panic claptrap. Whenever you get a bunch of young men and teens in a competitive situation for example sports, there will be a lot of adrenaline and shit talking. Now imagine how much shit talking they would do behind a keyboard without the threat of getting punched in the face and multiply that by 10 and you are getting close to the amount of shit talking that goes on in gamer culture. It also means politically correct feminism (not being offensive to anyone) is the polar exact opposite of gaming/chan/edgelord discord culture, which is to be as offensive as possible (think old school 4chan before the unironic racists took over). People laughed at PC sjws for the same reason that a 19 year old mormon missionary from a sheltered family wandering into Vegas for the first time is a spectacle - "good lord, those women are hardly wearing any clothes! how indecent!" It's laughable at best - really? that's what you're getting offended by? shit that just happens on an average tuesday? buddy you ain't seen nothing yet. So predictably people end up bullying these types. People wandering into these spaces seemed to be complaining about stuff that most had gotten used to as just the background radiation of the internet - these unbelievably whiney emotionally fragile people (stereotyped as upper middle class white college students who dyed their hair various colors). When some teen on voice chat is screaming at you calling you a "uighurfaggot who should get raped and die in a fire" every single day, the stuff that PC liberals complain about (microaggressions etc.) seems incredible minor and first world problemy and nitpicky. That's at best. At worst they are seen as moralizers who are trying to stop the fun - like the dad from the town in footloose.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>710273 >/v/ wouldn't have cared a jot if they were "corrupt" in favour of ideas that they liked or which were entertainingly edgy. This, although I'd add on literally every Anti-SJW to that aswell, if GamerGate was about exposing that kind of corruption, they would not support it >>710277 >Political compass lel
>>714923 >the gaming industry is corrupt and should be destroyed. this
(2.96 MB 380x214 fedorangers.gif)
>>714923 >it was the building anti-SJW movement that provided the accelerant No, what "provided the accelerant" was every journo, every NGO, every gamedev and publisher, every ISP, every hotpocket on every comment section and every forum from the biggest social media site through official gamedev forums to the tiniest obscure PHPBB hobby forum, all SHUTTING FUCKING EVERYTHING DOWN in unison. All to whiteknight some subpar pussy over gossip that would've otherwise vanished from the news cycle in a week. It was the Internet equivalent of the Illuminati exerting direct control with MJ12-helmeted goons all over the world when someone mentions them, then pretending innocence. Repeatedly. For a solid month. >There's no anti-SJW angle on buying good reviews for Kane and Lynch Insider corruption that exists everywhere under capitalism is also peanuts compared to alien clout-chasing opportunists obliterating an entire artistic medium for temporary self-enrichment. >gaming culture is deeply shameful in the worst possible way. the gaming industry is corrupt and should be destroyed. I realize this is half-sarcastic, but the entire sentiment is utter bullshit founded on propaganda. Have some pasta: All the stereotypes about gamers (overlap with weebs/comics/tabletop, technically inclined, adolescent, antisocial, apolitical or libertarian and in spite of recent whining from salty PoMos gamers always have been and still are primarily left-leaning, etc.) certainly have a basis in fact, but the biggest problem with stereotyping gamers is that it isn't a niche hobby anymore. Even ignoring the casuals "playing" whale-subsidized mobileshit/socialshit (who make up 1.3 billion "gamers" worldwide, concentrated into developed nations), hardcore gamers amount to ~35M Americans, and being primarily younger males, that means around a quarter of the ~133M American males under 65 are probably gamers: https://www.npd.com/lps/pdf/core-gaming-snapshot-report.pdf (size of gaming) As such, any stereotypes melt away under the fact that, really, we're all normalfags now. Even ignoring this, it's typically tied into an even further reaching assumption, given out by the screeching one often sees now about how gamers, techies, STEM, etc. are all being subverted by neonazi frogs, and only the Enlightened® PoMo humanities majors can save us. It's a colossal load of nonsense, their shit stinks at least as much as ours, and they know it. The facts needed to debunk it are hardly DEEPEST LORE: http://verdantlabs.com/politics_of_professions/ (individuals) https://www.opensecrets.org/overview/industries.php (employers)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>715696 >All to whiteknight some subpar pussy over gossip that would've otherwise vanished from the news cycle in a week. or maybe the admins of the PHPBB forums just thought this was stupid, because it was. do you really think Moot shut it down because he wanted to white-knight Zoe Quinn specifically, rather than just because gamergate was the latest in a proud tradition of 4chan users raiding shit? >alien clout-chasing opportunists obliterating an entire artistic medium for temporary self-enrichment. ...by making a twine game about being depressed and having someone stick it at the bottom of their article with a "yeah try it" in exchange for sex? it's not exactly the burning of the library of alexandria >the entire sentiment is utter bullshit founded on propaganda dubious. unless you want to argue that all of /v/, /vg/, /vr/ (used to be good :( ), countless gaming subreddits, forums, wikis, etc are all false flags, it's hard to avoid the conclusion that any location where self-identified gamers congregate will inevitably be insufferable. dodging the stereotyping of "gamers" is one thing, but gaming culture is much easier to empirically observe: open the websites where they congregate and read. (alternatively play multiplayer videogames, but that's like advising someone to try krokodil.) >and in spite of recent whining from salty PoMos gamers always have been and still are primarily left-leaning "left leaning" is a meaningless term. do you mean that they're for gay marriage, or that they're for guillotining the bourgeoisie? (either way, this statistical anomaly is quite easy to explain by the fact that gamers are younger than average.) >the biggest problem with stereotyping gamers is that it isn't a niche hobby anymore i see the "gamers are dead" conspiracy has gotten to you too >hardcore gamers amount to ~35M Americans considering the ease with which we can stereotype ~350M americans, little could be easier than stereotyping 35m teenlads. but let's run with this: maybe the bulk of those 35m people aren't the gamers you can come across with ease: maybe they sit at home all day playing good games like Sam & Max Hit The Road without communicating that fact to anyone else, but then you're trapped with the fact that those people are irrelevant to what gaming culture is. Culture is what you do with other people. /r/videogames will always be a more accurate reflection of "gaming culture" than a guy lost on a desert island playing Tetris on a gameboy that washed ashore a few months after he did. Re-read your post though, and ask: Does the recurring theme of distaste for >Enlightened® PoMo humanities majors

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(831.96 KB 3152x1332 Burn pomo.jpg)
(176.66 KB 873x512 Crush pomo.png)
(275.30 KB 1151x487 Death to pomo.jpg)
>>715762 >maybe the admins of the PHPBB forums just thought this was stupid, because it was Unlike all the other dumb gossip piped in from journos week after week for years they never got their knickers in a twist over? >because he wanted to white-knight Zoe Quinn specifically Or because of a certain someone he wanted to carry luggage for, not to mention certain people that had thoroughly infiltrated his hotpocketarchy via IRC circlejerks. >stick it at the bottom of their article with a "yeah try it" After having falseflagged WizChan to garner sympathy and carry out various related agendas in lockstep with a parallel smear campaign against Penny Arcade to coup PAX? >will inevitably be insufferable Or perhaps just "thicker-skinned" >"left leaning" is a meaningless term Don't be contrarian, you know exactly what it means. >the bourgeoisie Well, say... "The 1%". Give the children time. >all of /v/, /vg/, /vr/ (used to be good :( ), countless gaming subreddits, forums, wikis, etc >maybe they sit at home all day playing good games like Sam & Max Hit The Road Nobody ever pretended the majority of "core gamers" aren't degenerate Madden/CoDBlOps brahs, nor that the vast majority of gaymur forums (GameFAQs, IGN, GameSpy, etc.) weren't full of aforementioned normalfags that /v/irgins and even most Redditers considered pure cancer. >he major underlying material condition in all of this has been distaste for that demographic?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 07/16/2020 (Thu) 13:44:00 No. 694662 [Reply] [Last]
ITT we post shit that glowies say, I'll start: >"I dunno guys..don't you think Leftism is kinda doomed?" >"Don't work out, don't organize unions, don't organize your neighbourhood. Do Praxis instead." >"Labour theory of value was proven wrong though"
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>>698287 >plenty of useless egotists have jobs. I assure you there's plenty more within orgs
As communists in the imperial core we must recognize and come to accept that normalizing discontent and acts of violence against the bourgoise state is in itself a good thing.
>>694715 Status quo libs will stay at home. The kind of people that show up to confront the state are very ripe for agitation, glowprint aside.
>>694662 If you're in Europe, absolutely do not organize unions though, for real. They're ran by working class traitors and middle class people who's only job is to suppress working class action.
>>715037 it’s the same in the US

(4.06 KB 158x214 Bike lock.jpg)
BASTANI WAS RIGHT Sage#+GbZOp 07/23/2020 (Thu) 21:31:13 No. 713598 [Reply] [Last]
Please somebody tell me how for example an amazon worker is going to compete against this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhND7Mvp3f4 I know old P WillySnipe thinks the robots won't take our jobs but I have to say on this I think he is miss stepping. Although he is a very smart man so I am probably wrong. Who knows.
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>>714137 >Robots are not going to stage a marxist revolution. What total bullshit. Only someone who has absolutely no idea about AI research would think such a thing. Current AI resarch isn't actually trying to build an intelligence for a universal robot, so this is missing the point.
frackin toasters
>>713598 Automation is very well studied subject and the consensus is that although some jobs will disappear and new jobs will be created there wont be some kind of automated luxury communism in at least 100 years.
(22.28 KB 1000x525 MAD.jpg)
(180.96 KB 675x559 pepe.jpg)
>>714137 >Robots are not going to stage a marxist revolution. tfw we you set out to seize the means of production but the means of production seize you instead >>714879 Could you perhaps provide some of the sources you draw from on this?

(902.88 KB 1200x628 settlercolonialism.png)
Settler Colonialism Anonymous 07/23/2020 (Thu) 21:53:40 No. 713678 [Reply] [Last]
What is to be done in settler societies?
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>>713900 always knew the KKK were red-blooded african americans.
>>713678 what >>713682 said. I mean its not really like there are many contiguous areas native have a majority in, and even the few where they do (in the USA anyways) they're generally very rural and poor so most natives don't want to secede. I mean if they want to secede sure but I don't think it would be a wise idea.
>>714216 no its still going on in Israel right now
(55.87 KB 736x554 Image0-3.jpg)
>>713678 Send them back to Europe and Africa, like it happened to Eastern European Germans. Give all of that land back to the Natives. Simple as.

(133.51 KB 625x547 kims104500952pk21.jpg)
Anonymous 07/14/2020 (Tue) 23:40:40 No. 690975 [Reply] [Last]
Does Juche abandon Marxism? I've always been a fan of North Korea but should I just go all in and follow Juche?
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>>714144 Let me fix that for you: >the head of erika shall be impaled upon a pike for all to see
>>695418 >>713744 HAHAHAHAHA imagine getting filtered by a entry level anti-imperialism. I couldn’t imagine being this radlib
(204.65 KB 697x768 1595011173513.png)
>>714208 Bro, you just posted cringe.
>>692485 Why is no one calling Cuba a monarchy? After all, one brother gave away power to the other one.
(31.68 KB 359x398 grace book.jpg)
>>714745 >Bro, you just posted cringe I am very cringe. But why is it that Erika gets into a catfight with Grace in front of all these /leftypol/ plebs? Shouldn't you be in >>>/gulag/? It is not everyday you see an Erika/Polina poster.

(90.92 KB 780x470 botnet.jpg)
The Great Internet Purge Anonymous 06/30/2020 (Tue) 01:07:52 No. 653253 [Reply] [Last]
>Leaks showing collaboration between social media sites and law enforcement during protests >reddit banning "extremist" subs >Internet Archives being targeted for "copyright" infrigement >Feds trying to kill encryption >Twitch apparently censoring >Youtube targeting "extremist" youtube channels >Twitter doubling down on "fact checking" and censorship We have for a long time, been aware of most of these things, but it seems as though the Great Internet Purge has decisively begun. The bar for what is considered "extremism" has been progressively lowered over the past few years, and privacy rights/surveillance has. Anarchism, Socialism, and Communism are all being put into the same category as fascism and white supremacy now, as expected. Over the past few years, I have always been against censorship of the fascists online because I knew it would one day be applied to the left, and what is happening now is exactly that. The timing and context of these happenings make it almost totally apparent that this is all coordinated; covid also seems to be very convenient for them as well. This is a coup by the tech companies/establishment to censor any dissent online, specifically on platforms that occupy a huge space in public discourse. The only question that remains is the question of what is to be done. Should we simply find and promote alternative platforms, or start using TOR, dark web platforms, and/or other decentralized networks? Discuss. Also everybody needs to seriously reconsider their OPSEC or lack thereof. VPNs, proxies, and TOR should be allowed here honestly.
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Might Non-Compete become the first left-tube victim of the grand purge?
>>697126 >copyright strike so it's nothing
>>697126 >>697128 the thing is Google and Youtube have no reason to censor leftists since their algorithms basically black them out anyways. there are no popular leftist youtube channels. it's all automatically hidden by the search algorithm https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2017/09/19/goog-s19.html
>>692275 What protest is this second picture from?


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