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Anonymous 07/26/2020 (Sun) 03:28:13 No. 720021 [Reply] [Last]
>bourgeoisie in the third world plunder their own countries to sell goods to the first world >working class left with nothing and bourgies are protected by American imperialism in event of revolt >currencies are manipulated by banks to keep wages low so that it isn't profitable to trade with other exploited countries Imagine if we got the workers of the world to... I dunno, unite?
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>>720030 I think a guy named Mark was behind it.
>>720057 I think he had a friend too helping him, Angle I think was his name.
>>720058 >>720057 Idk i've only read sjw gender studys
>Imagine if we got the workers of the world to... I dunno, unite? why don't you tell that to all the 'marxists' on this board trying to reinforce national borders
enter in de dance, plug it in an we begin. crowd up in de center, they watch fi de rydim. watch the way we drop it in a mix timin'. rise and amplifyin' when we come in wit de swing.

(206.60 KB 800x800 higher than anyone.jpg)
Using hallucinogens for REHABILITATIVE purposes Anonymous 07/25/2020 (Sat) 20:01:29 No. 719127 [Reply] [Last]
As prison abolitionists, we need to be on the forefront of finding alternatives methods of rehabilitation. It is no secret that hallucinogens instill a powerful sense of empathy and collectivism that serves as kryptonite to reactionary biases. Their remarkable ability to erode egotistic and individualist sentiments can make them shockingly effective for anti corruption purposes, even preventively (i.e. people in positions of authority must have a monthly or biweekly intense trip as they reflect upon whether their actions have served the proletariat.) Perhaps even publicly, sort of like struggle sessions while tripping balls.
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>>719906 >MKULTRA but woke You say that like it's a bad thing. Why shouldn't we make it work for us? >>719912 >self-experiment and let people naturally crowdsource figuring out how to achieve medical transhumanism I agree, I just don't see why we have to wait for psychedelics to be legal to do any of that. In fact I'd venture to say that illegality is a means for porky to keep a powerful tool out of the hands of ordinary people - after all, they know exactly how efficacious targeted psychedelic interventions can be. >>719947 I absolutely agree. And how could it be any different? Psychedelic culture has been marinating in CIA influence for 60 years now. In an environment like that, only the worst actors could thrive. If we were to pursue psychedelic interventions, it would have to be on our own terms. The broader 'psychedelic culture' has nothing to offer but mystical fascist mumbo-jumbo. >>719871 (me) So how do we actually achieve any of this? Though I must note that I'm a simple physicist and not a neuropharmacologist, I believe I have a rough idea of the procedure. Allow me to explain. It all starts with the Default Mode Network (DMN). You've heard the quote "neurons that fire together - wire together", that is, commonly-fired synaptic pathways build up a myelin sheath in order to route signals more quickly and effectively. The DMN can be thought of as the sum of these wirings - all of the most common thoughts, associations, connections, and experiences the brain has over the course of its development from near-randomly wired infant to functioning adult. This DMN covers practically the entire range of a person's being - from the wiring of your optic nerve to your visual cortex, through your accent, all the way up to your 'normal' thoughts, opinions, biases, reactions, and personality. Psychedelics, for reasons not well understood, act to suppress the DMN. When the DMN is suppressed, alternative synaptic pathways gain relative weight. Synesthesia is a prime example of this phenomenon - when sober, sending optic nerve signals to the visual cortex is overwhelmingly favored, but with psychedelics, seeing what the auditory cortex has to say about it appears to be an equally viable option for the brain. Hence, hearing colors.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>720020 >You say that like it's a bad thing. Why shouldn't we make it work for us? shut the fuck up you dumb cocksucker, you sound like these faggot """socialists""" who want to use existing surveillance but "for socialism" fuck you you fucking class traitor whore, die.
>>719992 Half the people I know who regularly use drugs are either inert socialists, in that they know the basic tenants and prefer it, or are some weird post left amalgamation of ideas. The other half are libertarian as fuck or self absorbed liberals, but most of them are old or petty bourgeoisie sycophants.
>>720029 >doing a bad faith reading and acting like it's my fault The core problem with your analogy is that you're comparing a general technology with a specific use of a technology. Psychedelics are a general technology - they can be put to any number of specific ends, good (therapy, improvement) or bad (MKULTRA). Surveillance, by contrast, is a specific (and bad) application of more general technologies - cameras, internet, etc. There is no way to do 'socialist surveillance', just as there's no way to do a 'socialist MKULTRA'. However, socialists can very easily use cameras or the internet to socialist ends - just as they could with psychedelics. >>720037 People who use psychedelics the same way they use other narcotics are various flavors of imbecile, I agree. That's an indictment of the user, not the tool.
>>719127 >As prison abolitionists >we haha no

(252.08 KB 1600x1487 supply demand.jpg)
Debunking the Free Market Anonymous 07/24/2020 (Fri) 04:24:02 No. 714416 [Reply] [Last]
Tell me why the free market doesn't work >Price ceilings My economics teacher always told me that communism didn't work because setting price ceilings causes shortages and the only way to fix it is to either increase supply or adjust the price to match demand. >why are certain goods unaffordable In the theoretic free market, suppliers would be forced to lower their prices if nobody could afford them since they naturally want the greatest amount of consumers for large profits. Why then do we see that happen in industries like healthcare where so many people can't afford it?
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>>714416 Your "teacher" is retarded. One of the main problems in the consumer goods of AES was that essentials like food and shit were subsidized largely below the socially necessary labour time. This caused the emergence of a black market and a whole lot of pilfering and corruption, and seeming shortages. Not actual shortages mind you, places like Poland still ate more meat than Ireland, so there were no absolute shortages, just that products got derailed from the sanctioned market to the black market. So planning production worked fine for producing what was needed. The lesson then is not "Planned production causes dysfunction and underproduction", but that populist subsidies runs the risk of creating the basis for black markets, and should be avoided. >In the theoretic free market, suppliers would be forced to lower their prices In the real free market, real shortages cause price gouging
>>714416 Marx says that the laws of supply-demand determine price of commodities in capitalism. That part is not disputed. But what capitalism does is it hides the true value of the commodity behind the price, so that commodities confront us as something whose value is determined by social forces, rather than labour. In turn, this means that we perceive the value of our labour (and by extensionthe value of us as humans) as something tha is also determined by social forces. This alienates people.
>>714416 Economics is concerned with resource and labor allocation (because these are scarce). "Free" market is just one of the mechanisms that can be used for the task. Price ceilings are not communism. As your teacher said, they indeed create either shortages or decrease the quality of a good/service. In case of housing, price ceiling is just a government's attempt to fix the "free" markets. Because it will create shortages, the government usually offers some form of a subsidy for developers (muh positive externality). This rarely has an intended effect because in developed capitalism (~last 150 years, depending on geography), the government and a capitalist become one and the same, so the subsidies may end up in somebody's pocket. That's why I put quotes in "free" markets. Of course people like your teacher will say that we need to go back to those idyllic times (that never existed, lol) when all producers were small enough to be "price-takers", but first, there is a natural tendency for the capital to concentrate, and second, the government who is supposed to fight monopolies, becomes a tool in the hands of the capitalist. >they naturally want the greatest amount of consumers for large profits. There won't be enough housing in "free" markets, because in this mechanism of resource allocation, the driving force to produce something is profit. An no, profit maximization doesn't occur when the greatest amount of consumers can afford their goods. This occurs (theoretically) when the marginal cost equates marginal revenue. Going back to housing, most profitable developments are luxury/semi-luxury houses, so it's obvious that with profit as the sole incentive to produce, satisfying the largest possible amount of people is out of question. So back to resource/labor allocation. My understanding is that capitalism and socialism(not the Musk/Gates type) are just two different mechanisms. Are free markets efficient? Depends for whom. They certainly are for capitalists. In socialism with planned economy we could definitely allocate enough labor to build housing to satisfy people's needs. Is it efficient? If your goal is prosperity of the human race, then it probably is. That would mean that less labor would be allocated for drawing furry porn and there would be a bit less video gaymes produced in a year, but it's up to us to choose the future we want.
>>719618 sorry for poor ESL, I don't know how to fix it

(54.51 KB 850x1271 colonia-dignidad-10.jpg)
What is it with "freedom" being associated with the Right Wing in the West? Anonymous 07/14/2020 (Tue) 20:01:58 No. 690601 [Reply] [Last]
I live in Eastern Europe, and ever since I got into politics around 2015, one thing always seemed so "off" about the western right ( which I shamelessly supported for a while, edgy natsoy shit). It was that they were constantly bitching about muh personal freedumz. Now, I know that the Right and Left were different in the west and especially in America, but my conviction was always that the Right was the "pro order faction" that wished for more police, stronger military, enforced religion, rule of law... and that the Left was all for freedom, emanicipation from archaic systems, less government interference in personal life, legalization of many things and so on. I used to watch Partisan movies when I was little and always saw them as common folk that fought for freedom from an opressive system. When we were learning about the French revolution in school, I always imagined the revolutionaries as people fed up with a backwards autocratic monarchy rising up to bring about a more just system. Now of course, these were extremely simplistic ways of looking at things, but I never expected the 180° that I saw in online communities as opposed to my beliefs. Even today the Right in my country pretty much is the way I expected it to be (longing for the return of the monarchy, revanchism, laws restricting many things, government fertility programs to help demographic growth...). Still, i don't get the American way of looking at things. Libertarian always trend towards fascism anyways and sympathise with many causes that conflict with their libertarian ideals. What gives???
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>>718460 Yet the USSR still respected their attempt, because dialectics. Marat was quite a popular name there.
>>690601 Because of America Inc. essentially changing the meaning of the word, and sadly this piece of dogshit 1960s propaganda is still around.
(77.25 KB 927x819 freedom in europe.png)
Because every single ideology wants some sort of freedom, therefore those who primarily call for freedom probably don't have much meaningful to say, at least for the great majority of people (the working class). It has the same political weight as declaring that we need a good society. This is not exclusive American lolberts. See pic related, which is the furthest right party group in the EU parliament and not libertarian per se. Checked all the other party alliances, the also pretty far-right ECF has one party with the word freedom in its name. ALDE also has one, but they also have 36 parties in total. The other ones don't have any.
>>719436 Because every single ideology wants some sort of freedom
Because there's isn't an actual left in America, but instead two factions that are about order. The choice of "freedom" is the choice of capitalists who want to get rich and kick down the poors, compared to managerial capitalists who want to take away your car and sterilize you. America is a dictatorship dressed up in republican clothes, where the ideology runs strong and you can't have a single conversation without incessant screeching. We really are the most brainwashed country in the world.

(157.11 KB 600x400 309.png)
Anonymous 07/24/2020 (Fri) 06:20:13 No. 714535 [Reply] [Last]
Rank these three in order of based: Tito Ceausescu Hoxha
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>>714946 bomber trianon do it again
(75.20 KB 610x915 1553817028776.jpg)
1. Ceausescu >firm anti revisionist without being an ultraleft sectarian >proletarian internationalist >heroic martyr of the international proletariat 2. Hoxha >correct in vehemently opposing revisionism but went full ultraleft retard by cutting ties with and denouncing the ussr, china, vietnam, dprk, and cuba as 'not socialist' 3. Tito >didn't go nearly far enough to repress reactionary nationalism >revisionist marketsucc >western bootlicker >sold his country out to the imf >>714873 This guy gets it
Hoxha Tito Ceaucescu
(552.71 KB 746x497 Capture.PNG)
>>714998 >>715013 read settlers and draw an analogy. ceausescu was fine as he was, hungarians are fine as they are but there must be an effort from hungarian leftists to acknowledge that the subtle ideological key in which all hungarian political movements regardless of affiliation (incl. leftist movements) interpret reality around them is born from a culture that has been bred and manipulated to coerce regular hungarians to perpetuate economical systems and power structures that thrived and left a legacy which owes a great deal to the fruits of stolen lands being tended by stolen labour from other nations who have been often further legislated as inevitable peasant scum this reveals why even in the hungarian left, many movements held more revisionist positions, from 1956 to whatever hungarian-centered organisations were demanding in romania. sure, imre nagy was not on the right, hungarian intellectuals in romania were not on the right, but their demands attracted masses that wouldn't be critical of using the voices and general "help" of fascists/capitalists/glowies/grinch to fulfill these demands, demands which the aforementioned would eventually pervert to their personal preference, removing the leftist element using guess what, le hungarian sentiment therefore, hungarian leftists (at least them) should reconsider the extent to which romanian/slovak/etc demands are an irreverent threat towards them and be pliant towards said demands as long as the alternative to those demands can facilitate fascism/capitalism/glowism/grinch, because this alternative will in no help way our regular hungarian prole whatever who knows tho i just want healthcare and a safe job and guaranteed housing for everyone

socialist market economy Anonymous 07/25/2020 (Sat) 21:16:49 No. 719287 [Reply] [Last]
The only credible alternative to capitalism is a socialist market economy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Socialist_market_economy http://english.mofcom.gov.cn/
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>>719299 More than no reason, it'd be literally impossible (or at the very least extremely detrimental, even moreso than now) to keep a market economy once the RoP hits 0.
>>719299 Qiānlǐ zhī xíng, shǐyú zú xià.
Markets are outdated
>marksoc >alternative to capitalism damn bro you got the whole squad laughing
"ROFL Mao"

(51.27 KB 960x539 stalin.jpg)
Stalin Anonymous 07/25/2020 (Sat) 21:34:04 No. 719319 [Reply] [Last]
>1930s >Pic related in charge >Wants to rapidly industrialize >Can't because Russian industry is small >Wants to remedy this by selling grain to foreign markets in exchange for technology and industrial equipment >Sends soldiers out into the countryside to collect every grain of wheat to sell for things like factory machines and tractors. >Peasnts have no food >Peasant can't use the tractors because they're dying of starvation from no food >Famine How do you admire this guy? He killed the people he was supposed to protect against the "bourgeoisie." Anchoring for low effort sectarianism + unsourced claims
Edited last time by CL_anon on 07/25/2020 (Sat) 21:39:22.
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>>719420 Can you explain it to me like I'm five then?
>>719476 Anne Applebaum is a generic neoliberal who contends that the famine had an inherently genocidal character to it, and frequently assumes intent where there is none to be had. She also patently ignores how the famine kicked off due to both weather conditions and a poor yearly harvest, and that even with the USSR having reduced its grain exports, famine was inevitable. https://historynewsnetwork.org/article/169438 Note that Tauger is not a communist in the slightest, and is actually rather critical of Soviet policy. Regardless of this, he is still an actual historian who at least attempts to analyze the data without ahistorical assumptions.
>>719319 Grain output actually increased after collectivization. It was just a political famine he created because he wanted to get rid of the Kulaks. Food insecurity was a problem in Russia since ww1.
>>719607 >It was just a political famine he created because he wanted to get rid of the Kulaks. This had better been a typo
>>719319 >But... What bout dem poor kulaks??????????????????? They ain’t do nutin rong

(40.55 KB 480x402 keir fixed it for me.jpg)
/leftybritpol/ - Starmer Hate General Anonymous 07/23/2020 (Thu) 09:29:18 No. 711922 [Reply] [Last]
Why are you still in that party lad you should be in a tenant's union.
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>>719337 probably mate i am pissed fuk it
>>719417 fair enough lad
>>719452 am fed up me mate, not alone we drank to make life livable
>>719190 "feudalism good, but being poor means you get stuff when you die"
>>719190 >>719652 So yes in summary it's the same as the bible

(2.81 KB 400x153 praxis_logo_2767.gif)
Anti-intersectionality is shitty praxis Anonymous 07/25/2020 (Sat) 19:45:09 No. 719099 [Reply] [Last]
If you're on the left, and you care about solving problems that actually exist, you should be on board with intersectionality as praxis. No one cares about class issues. No one cares about Marx. No one reads theory. Not the average person. Having extra time to spend on reading is a privilege, and you have to be a special kind of autist to want to spend that time reading dry political theory. The average person cares about the problems they see daily and the reasons they see for those problems. If you want more lefties, you have to convert people on their terms. You cant say "while actually that's only a problem due to your relationship with the means of production." No one fucking cares. It should be, "Yeah that shit sucks, here's an idea to solve that." If someone is worried that a neighborhood is being gentrified, or that there's evidence of redlining, no one needs to say anything about how this is a result of capital. Saying that will scare people and make some think that the answer

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Didn't read lol

Ancient Imperialism and Empires Anonymous 07/24/2020 (Fri) 14:00:03 No. 715131 [Reply] [Last]
Were ancient empires imperialist, in the sense that we now use the term? Also, what was the deal with the high level of centralization in ancient Egypt compared to other states in the same time period? (The material reasons, and the implications for the egyptian system of governance vs that of other states.)
16 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>717672 The point is that Lenin is explicitly saying that imperialism is not unique to capitalism, nor is monopoly finance capital the only means by which a country can become imperialist. In other words, simply lacking a monopoly finance oligarchy does not preclude a country from being imperialist. If a pre-capitalist state can be imperialist, then why can't a pre-monopoly capitalist state also be imperialist? Consider England for a moment. When England began it's period of colonial imperialism in the early 17th century, it was still largely feudal. From the 17th to the 19th century, England developed from a feudal to a capitalist country, and eventually to a monopoly-capitalist country. Was there any point during this period where England stopped being imperialist? If not, then it's proof that a pre-monopoly capitalist country is perfectly capable of imperialism. The same is true of the US in terms of Westward expansion. >so why would such historical notions be relevant? It's not an issue of historical notions. Your position seems to rest on the notion that the monopoly-finance form of imperialism described by Lenin is the *only* possible form of capitalist imperialism. However this doesn't seem to be what Lenin is suggesting at all, and is disproven by historical examples like England and the US.
>>716447 >>717672 The fact that the argument has turned into 'China is/isn't Lenin's definition of imperialism' is pathetic. The key issue is that what China does is ~problematic~ and should be critiqued and eventually stopped.
>>718431 Britain and the US had a fluent transformation from colonialism to imperialism, it already owned colonies which it used for pre-monopoly stage accumulation and then eventually used them for capital export. China didn't have a colonial empire, in fact it was a colony it did not have a colonial backyard to rely on and to start exporting capital to whenever it's useful, and the very basis of Lenin's argument is that when there overaccumulation capital starts to look outward, China arguably hasn't reached that stage as yet at all.
>>718635 I never mentioned China and I don’t consider them imperialist (I was actually thinking of Russia). But regardless, my point still stands. Lenin isn’t suggesting that monopoly capitalism is necessary for imperialism, so simply pointing out that a particular country hasn’t yet reached that stage isn’t proof of it not being imperialist.
(82.41 KB 892x752 stalinists.jpg)
>>715966 >pretends this retardation reaches as far back as lenin >btfo by lenin quote >>715938 two posts up Sasuga MTW >>716850 >deng xiaopig and xi jinpig KEK >>717672 >Unless you're literally trying to argue that China entertains a colonial economy Doth protest too much?


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