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(11.79 MB 3000x4000 tunv47wwd6r31 (1).png)
Observe Name 07/26/2020 (Sun) 07:58:53 No. 720253 [Reply] [Last]
Think on this image, think on it for as long as you can. And tell me what you feel
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>>720473 man this is some cool shit
>>720489 First time I watched it it gave me the closest thing to an "LSD flashback" I've ever experienced.
>>720253 Rage. But then, I always feel that.
>>720487 >when you notice that you started to daydream about doing better things with the limited time you have alive you gently remind yourself to continue staring ok, now explain to me exactly why i shouldn't just go and do one of those better things instead of wasting the limited time i have alive staring at a picture
>>720323 >He's got a Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog Tibetan Buddhism has been revealed as the one true faith.

(28.52 KB 512x422 1538069474928.jpg)
Anonymous 07/24/2020 (Fri) 17:29:56 No. 715515 [Reply] [Last]
In all probability, are we gonna really have to kill the porkys or will we be nice?
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>>719673 Wow! What Minecraft Youtuber is this? He's really putting his all into the game.
Kill them, don't be a afraid, i am sure the revolution is just around the corner.
>>715515 Depends. If they offered no resistance to a revolution expropriate their private property and leave it at that. If they resist they msut be punished, though I think most could just be sentenced to labour in a gulag or something and be reformed. But billionaires and those mega porkies get the bullet.
>>719673 holy based
>>718993 >>719721 Fine, he was a bad example. But take Robert downey jr or actors of his caliber. Why and how does he need pay of millions+ in 1 year and how does that help socialism?

(91.21 KB 334x250 marx.jpg)
Profit of Capital - Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844 Anonymous 07/26/2020 (Sun) 06:35:07 No. 720192 [Reply] [Last]
Are Marx's Manuscripts up to date today? From the third section - Profit of Capital - we can read: >“The person who [either acquires, or] succeeds to a great fortune, does not necessarily [acquire or] succeed to any political power [.... ] The power which that possession immediately and directly conveys to him, is the power of purchasing; a certain command over all the labour, or over all the produce of labour, which is then in the market.” (Wealth of Nations, by Adam Smith, Vol. I, pp. 26-27.)[10] >Capital is thus the governing power over labour and its products. The capitalist possesses this power, not on account of his personal or human qualities, but inasmuch as he is an owner of capital. His power is the purchasing power of his capital, which nothing can withstand. From this quote we can see that Marx seems to accept Smith’s distinction that capital is not a political power. Isn't it a mistake? Today, capital plays an significant role in political power. >What is capital? >“A certain quantity of labour stocked and stored up to be employed.” (Adam Smith, op. cit., Vol. I, p. 295.) >Capital is stored-up labour. >(2) Fonds, or stock, is any accumulation of products of the soil or of manufacture. Stock is called capital only when it yields to its owner a revenue or profit. (Adam Smith, op. cit., p. 243) What Marx means by stored-up labour? Isn't capital today more than that? Later we can find some examples of "how does the capitalist keep the market price above the natural price"

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

I think marx failed to understand how powerful the influence of capital would really be upon the state. He states that the state is simply the employee of capital, but, I don't think he realized to what extent.
>>720192 >From this quote we can see that Marx seems to accept Smith’s distinction that capital is not a political power. I honestly don't see how you came to that conclusion from what you quoted. First of all, you have to take into account when Smith published his work - 1776. This is decades before the French Revolution, and practically a century before the wave of bourgeois revolutions that defined Marx's time. Smith was, at the time, absolutely correct about people with fortunes not necessarily gaining any political power. From the bit about >a certain command over all the labour you can certainly gather that, regardless of his current political power, the non-aristocratic rich were gathering a fair amount of de facto power that would need to be formally recognized one way or another (chop chop, you filthy aristos). Marx, living as he does in the time of the bourgeoisie's ascension to political power, writes that > His power is the purchasing power of his capital, which nothing can withstand. What part of 'power which nothing can withstand' makes you think Marx is saying that the bourgeoisie lack political influence? >What Marx means by stored-up labour? Capital is value that has been created by labor. >Isn't capital today more than that? It really, really isn't. I assume you're thinking of finance capital. In the final analysis, the only non-fictional part of finance capital is the interest paid on debt. Debt is, essentially, a claim on future labor. >How are prices concealed in late capitalism today?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>720192 >From this quote we can see that Marx seems to accept Smith’s distinction that capital is not a political power. Read the Smith quote again. It merely says that a wealthy person does not necessarily have political power, though wealth certainly helps the odds a lot. A ranking of the richest people in a country is not the perfect mirror of a ranking of top political players. For example, as far as I know the Clintons and Xi Jinping are millionaires, but not billionaires. >How are prices concealed in late capitalism today? Do firms publish all the data about the inputs they use for the world to see? Do bosses tell their employees the breakdown of their costs and revenues? >>720209 If anything, he polemically exaggerated the overlap between state apparatus and capitalists.

What's the fucking point anymore? Anonymous 07/23/2020 (Thu) 12:19:13 No. 712250 [Reply] [Last]
I've been lurking /pol/ and other right wing spaces for years now and only recently did I realize how fucked up it all is. At first I was into the ironic gamergate shit and that was my gateway into politics. After a while I started researching things more in-depth and subconsciously started going left. (I was in denial for a while because i didn't want to be le stinky sjw :DDD) But as I started getting older and taking life more seriously, I realized that my core beliefs(I live in a eastern Euro country ravaged by capitalism, am a slav, an atheist, have a Muslim friend, and a fucking functional family so taking womens rights away was not a palpatable idea for me) weren't compatible with natsoy masturbation fantasies and I was getting disenfranchised with it more and more. Around that time the two shootings happened (NZ and Germany) and I found it disturbing how little empathy they all had for dead children, old women who didn't do shit except be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I realized it could have easily been me or someone I cared about and the reaction would be the same. I realized that those people were so deep into vitriolic hatred that any reasonable discussion was impossible. At that point their bullshit was becoming more real to me so I started debating. Unsurprisingly, any attempt at debate was met with such aggresion and name calling that I quickly learned not to do it anymore. Dare you say that you are a lrftist anywhere in your argument, you were a soyboy, cuck, nigggerlover fat stinky bluehair sjw or would be simply told to kys. You can't win an argument with them, you are either shitposted to death or told how you will hang when the day of the cope comes. Worst thing is these people are so braindead that they have convinced themselves that they are "the redpilled ones in a world of sheep" and no matter how many times they are proven wrong, they will always sleep well at night, knowing that they have a circlejerk that will comfort them whenever their views are challenged. Now that the riots are happening you have everyone saying "hurr durr nigggers destroy shit so now im nazi I didn't want this but muh anarchists forced me to!!!" It's all so tiresome. I now see that their beliefs all come from emotion that they reinforce with confirmation bias. And it's liberating because they never have to worry whether they are right or not. All they know is that they WANT it to be a certain way and they need not think about anyone else. One thing I agree with them is taht Being empathetic is an absolute weakness. It is a textbook exaple of "the smart people are full of doubts while rhe dumb ones are full of confidence" I don't even see myself as smart. I just want what's best for people and don't want others to suffer because of things they can't change. And for that I'll forever be an evil white-hating bolshevik piece of shit that deserves everything they get. No matter what happens they will always be right and you will be wrong. So what should we do? Wait till they take over the state and kill us all? Because in their eyes we are all traitors. Anything they do, there will always be an excuse, anything YOU do, there will always be a reason you deserve to be shot for it the wildest of their conspiracy theories will always be accepyed as factual by their fanatic comrades and your best arguments against it will be dismissedas shilling. There is no point in debating anymore. It serves no purpose whatsorver. It's a depressing thing. I wish I could become one of them again just so I don't feel like shit seeing them ruin the world. Being a leftist in a world dominated by conservatives and liberals is hell on eart. There's literally no place online outside og /leftypol/ where people believe the same shit we do. Fuck it all I can't wait for the collapse. Sorry for the rambling, English is not my first language.
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>>720234 What makes my rant "mental illness on display"? I'm just fucking tired of it all. I'm not saying that people thinking like you are retarded for thinking this way. It's just that there are socioeconomic factors that make things the way they are. The violence displayed by blacks currently is due to their generally poorer material conditions combined with constant marginalization through history which results in violent outbursts of frustration. If you ecer became the minority in your own country and start gettin bombarded with news of abyse by the majority black police sooner or later you would chimp out just like that. It's a more difficult pill to swallow than "muh uighurrs violent". Any problem in history can be solved by murdering everyone related to it. Is it desirable to? No. If thinking this way makes me mentally ill then so be it. I'm just trying to make sense of the situation instead of acting on kneejerk impulse.
>>720002 You ain't fooling anyone, pollyp
>>712250 Don't worry fellow slavic brother, it's easy to buy into a certain idea of the world if you're exposed to online shitposting, but the truth is that the internet is dominated by petit bourg scumbags who on one side will naturally gravitate to fascism due to class divisions if they perceive the system is cucking them, or on another side will be unrepentant liberal fucks if the system does work for them and they are aware of it. Posters in the thread telling you to go outside sound like the sort of people trying to help incels, but they are correct. IRL struggle is what makes you overcome doomerism. Best thing you can do is realise that the internet, just like everything else, is not free from class division, that the majority of the masses do not post here or on 4chan, that it's actually just a small amount of people in the grand scheme of things that do, and they all statistically come from specific backgrounds and are not that diverse. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait for the collapse either, but in the mean time I'm not immersed in doomerism (although russian doomer music is based) but am helping organise a local tenants union. Look for local struggle and get involved, find other local struggles and build links, the revolution comes about as a federation of local struggles that forms the grassroots, and that only forms when a shitload of people find their perspective on how they literally can have the government by the balls at any time because there is simply more of them. Be a revolutionary, comrade, there's always need for more.
>>720460 Thanks fren.
(317.02 KB 706x992 kk.jpg)
>>712250 we hate them, they're the traitors, we're going to take over and they're the ones that are going die on walls because they deserve it >One thing I agree with them is taht Being empathetic is an absolute weakness. yeah, just this

(47.36 KB 702x395 2l1gc6.jpg)
IP Laws, Copyright Infringement, Plagiarism Anonymous 07/26/2020 (Sun) 04:17:33 No. 720064 [Reply] [Last]
Were those things even exist nowadays? Is it really matter? How about surplus value that had been stolen for eternity?
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>>720073 >mises.org bruh
>>720077 No, that poster is right. The simple deletion of copyright laws won't give us free software because with software as a service users can't access the code.
They're just another form of rent that is an ever increasingly large part of the economy to cope with the unprofitability of industrial capital.

Anonymous 07/24/2020 (Fri) 14:16:54 No. 715155 [Reply] [Last]
>wow anon, it looks like you've got all three volumes of capital downloaded on your harddrive >ah...but what's this? You havent opened them yet? >I'm sorry anon, it looks like you're going to have to come with me
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>>720036 me but you'll be joining them
>>715155 >huh, you know the economic system of the ccp doesn't seem very marxi- >YEOWCH!
>>720036 Wow, this Deng guy is very based indeed.
Y'all motherfuckers do realise that the screencap in OP is from a satire page, right?
>>720506 Everyone in this thread just became a victim of communism.

(24.83 KB 439x437 unnamed (1).png)
how does DemCon work? Anonymous 07/26/2020 (Sun) 11:54:25 No. 720442 [Reply] [Last]
Tell it with graphs and etc please, I cannot understand otherwise, help me. like the structure of it.

(7.52 KB 267x189 trotsky.jpg)
Trotsky's speech at the 12th party congress in 1923 on NEP Anonymous 07/25/2020 (Sat) 13:19:31 No. 718069 [Reply] [Last]
Finally, Trotsky wound up his speech with a long exposition on the principles of planning, which he himself perhaps regarded as the essential part of his conclussions, but which others certainly treated as a theoretical and utopian epilogue. The function of planning would be ultimately to overcome NEP. "Our NEP was established seriously and for a long time, but not forever. Ultimately we shall extend the planning principle to the whole market, and in so doing swallow and eliminate it (the market). In other words our successes on the basis of the new economic policy automatically bring us nearer to its liquidation, to its replacement by the newest economic policy, which will be socialist policy." - E. H. CARR, History Soviet Russia - The Interregnum 1923-24
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I don't understand what this thread is about. About everyone in the CPSU wanted to transition to a planned economy at some point, some sooner others later.
(87.54 KB 953x960 1551988213_braim damage.jpg)
>>720210 Lenin didn't sooner, neither did Bukharin. There were many who wanted to extend it and the new NEPmen would create an even bigger bureaucratic mess.
>>718069 Why did Stalin have him icepick'd again?

North Korean Defector Attempts to Sneak Back In Carrying Coronavirus Anonymous 07/26/2020 (Sun) 07:20:38 No. 720229 [Reply] [Last]
CAPITALIST BIOTERRORISM NKorea puts border city in lockdown over suspected outbreak >North Korean leader Kim Jong Un placed the city of Kaesong near the border with South Korea under total lockdown after a person was found with suspected COVID-19 symptoms, saying he believes “the vicious virus” may have entered the country, state media reported Sunday. >If the person is officially declared a virus patient, he or she would be the North’s first confirmed coronavirus case. North Korea has steadfastly said it has no single virus case on its territory, a claim questioned by outside experts. >The lockdown was declared Friday afternoon. The Korean Central News Agency said the suspected case is a runaway who had fled to South Korea years ago before illegally crossing the border into the North early last week. KCNA said respiratory secretion and blood tests showed the person “is suspected to have been infected" with the virus. It said the suspected case and others who were in contact as well as those who have been to Kaesong in the last five days were placed under quarantine. >Describing its anti-virus efforts as a “matter of national existence,” North Korea earlier this year shut down nearly all cross-border traffic, banned foreign tourists and mobilized health workers to quarantine anyone with symptoms. But the Kaesong lockdown is the first such known measure taken in a North Korean city to stem the pandemic. Foreign experts say a coronavirus outbreak in North Korea could cause dire consequences because of its poor public health care infrastructure and chronic lack of medical supplies. >Kaesong, a city with an estimated 200,000 people, is located just north of the heavily fortified land border with South Korea. It once hosted the Koreas’ jointly run industrial complex, which remains stalled since 2016 amid nuclear tensions. Last month, North Korea blew up an inter-Korean liaison office in Kaesong to protest a campaign by South Korean activists who have been sending anti-Pyongyang leaflets across the border. >During an emergency Politburo meeting Saturday, Kim also declared a state of emergency in the Kaesong area and "clarified the determination of the Party Central Committee to shift from the state emergency anti-epidemic system to the maximum emergency system and issue a top-class alert,” KCNA said. It quoted Kim as saying that there was “a critical situation in which the vicious virus could be said to have entered the country." Kim said he took “the preemptive measure of totally blocking Kaesong City and isolating each district and region from the other within July 24 afternoon just after receiving the report on it,” according to KCNA. >The Politburo meeting also discussed the “loose guard performance” at the border area where the suspected case crossed over to North Korea. KCNA said that Kim and other leaders were briefed on the results of an intensive investigation of a military unit responsible for the border crossing case and discussed administering “a severe punishment." https://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/nkorea-puts-kaesong-city-lockdown-virus-concerns-71990589

(78.27 KB 850x400 Yikes!.jpg)
contributing Anonymous 07/26/2020 (Sun) 05:31:55 No. 720144 [Reply] [Last]
For the first time in years, I have the time for activism, but not the money. I really don't know what I'm going to do now. College is over, I still have a shit job with shit pay, and I have nothing left over for activism after I pay my bills and save for retirement. This has got to be the biggest reason capitalism has lasted this long. So many workers are so caught up in short term financial stress that they don't have time to think about the big picture, and even if they do, they can't change it since they can't contribute without having to choose between food and activism. Work has become so precarious for me that I feel stupid spending money on anything other than food or education. There are different copes you could post, but the truth is that everything costs money, including party membership, and the last the the revolution needs is another broke loser in its ranks. Even union jobs have shit pay now.
Mao quotes are like what would happen if Jordan Peterson was a communist
Thought that quote sounded funny coming from a communist, looked it up, turns out it's from Mao: The Unknown Story. I've not read it, but as far as I can tell historians seem to think it's a load of horseshit. Speaking of horseshit, I'm gonna call it on you being too broke to join an organization. All communist organizations, like unions, scale their dues to a small percentage of your income. They'd be pretty shit organizations of the working class if it was possible to be too broke to join them. Also, >the last [thing] the revolution needs is another broke loser in its ranks Are you fucking kidding me with this shit? Who the fuck do you think the revolution's for? The entire reason the revolution's even gonna happen is because capitalism can't help but turn everyone into broke losers.
>>720200 (me) Didn't necessarily mean to imply that unions are communist organizations, rather that communist organizations and unions both levy dues as a small percentage of income.


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