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(741.85 KB 1024x512 crisis-1024x512.png)
How do you think the events of 2020 will affect the political discourse in general? Anonymous 07/26/2020 (Sun) 14:37:56 No. 720741 [Reply] [Last]
Lurking both lefty and right wing communities, I have noticed that both sides either jerk their dicks off to how everyione is getting radicalized to their side or are filled with deep doomerism to how everyone hates them. Is there any clear evidence of a change in the normie world or is it all a big cope?
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>>720741 >Is there any clear evidence of a change in the normie world or is it all a big cope I think there is but not in the way the far right or far left is expecting. right now the neoliberal populist states like America, Brazil, Russia, and Britain are all getting hit the hardest by the coronavirus. If they can’t recover their economies I think the provinces will be forced to take geopolitical action so they can get the reforms they need to sustain themselves again. the relationship between neoliberalism and social democracy right now is the same relationship slavery had with capitalism in the mid 19th century, so I think the neoliberal states are going to end up playing catch-up on that front going forward. However that doesn’t exclude the potential for far left and far right realpolitik if all else fails.
>>720741 I have a feeling that this time right wingers will turn more overtly fash (and by fash I mean actual fascism, not this neetsoc LARP that people call "fascism") as the economic and global political situation get worse and the state starts cracking down on dissidents (ie. anyone to the left of the Democratic Party), while left sympathizers might become more radical but also more hopeless as they can't organize themselves properly.
well the big thing to note is that a huge proportion of the global population stopped working without any noticeable change in the supply of goods so if that doesn't wake people up to the superfluity of labor and prompt a movement to reduce labor hours i'm not sure what the fuck will regarding the political side of things, who gives a shit, it's irrelevant the economics are all that has ever mattered the fed's been losing its ability to keep this 90-years-dead capitalism alive with worthless currency for a while the rona's only gone and made it harder for them by tanking demand and forcing the brrr to go louder and longer once that house of cards falls there won't be a capitalism for reactionaries to fruitlessly defend unless the left fucks up for a third time and merrily skips down the lane hand in hand with porky into another world war

(15.26 KB 287x176 kevinrashid.jpg)
From Liberalism to the Rising Overt Fascism – the Intensifying Attacks on Blacks and the Necessity of Revolutionary Organization Anonymous 07/26/2020 (Sun) 20:25:33 No. 721540 [Reply] [Last]
By Kevin “Rashid” Johnson Minister of Defense NABPP-PC The conditions that have plagued Afrikan people everywhere since the Afrikan continent was first penetrated by European imperialist invasion in the 1600’s have demonstrated time and again that the lack of unity and structure in our struggles against ever-increasing exploitation and oppression has led to ever greater hardships and crisis for us. We have been repeatedly divided, turned and used as weapons against ourselves: Tribe against tribe, nation against nation, city dweller against country dweller, darker-skinned against lighter-complexioned, young against old, middle class against poor, males against females, Blacks in Amerika and Europe against Blacks in Afrika and the Third World and in every way we can be divided. The lines of alienation and division are many, and unless we wake up and develop genuine unity and solidarity our ultimate fate will be a complete genocide. While the mainstream media maintains a virtual conspiracy of silence, Afrikan people across the world suffer in constant crisis conditions of poverty and oppression. Our people are dying en masse on every continent from the afflictions imposed upon us by Euro-Amerikan imperialism; from starvation, AIDS, wars of aggression, police repression and government neglect. For Blacks in Afrika the median age of dying is the mid-30’s. For Black males in Amerika it is the mid-50’s. In 2001, some 2.3 million died of AIDS in Sub-Saharan Afrika, while the U.S. blocked desperately needed AIDS medicine from reaching the continent. In 1998, the U.S. bombed the Al-Shife pharmaceutical plant in the Sudan, which was providing half the AIDS medicine and other vital medicines (for TB, Malaria, etc.) for the region. In the on-going imperialist-instigated conflicts, such as in the Congo, (where some 3 million Afrikans died between 1998 and 2000), genocide is overt. While in the U.S., neglect, (such as the failure to provide needed help after Hurricane Katrina), and deliberate cut-backs in necessary social services, health care, education and employment are paired with a strategy of criminalization and mass incarceration of the poor. Over 70% of new HIV/AIDS cases in Amerika are Black wimyn, while the mainstream entertainment media promotes a pimp/ho subculture among urban Black youth resulting in reckless sexual behavior. Black males comprise but 6% of the U.S. population, yet we constitute nearly half of the imprisoned population, where we are kept from reproduction. But all this merely scratches the surface. Our Native Amerikan brothers and sisters, although they heroically resisted extirpation by U.S. colonialism, ultimately suffered near total loss of their lands and reduction of their population as well as degradation of their culture and forced assimilation or confinement on reservations (concentration camps) in dire poverty. Alcoholism and casinos, (and for Blacks narcotics and nightclubs), are the weapons of cultural genocide. Principle causes of the First Nation’s destruction has been the playing of tribe against tribe, destruction of traditional values and culture, and alienation of the youth from their culture – until it was too late.
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>>721540 Holy fuck m'dude! Calm the fuck down! First and foremost you gotta sucintly state your... whatever you're trying to say and then you hear people say and THEN you effortpost, alright? Also I am pretty sure afrikaneer is an identity directed to europeans born in africa
>>721550 Its a press release by the NABPP. Afrikan is just how Maoists refer to Africans or black people for whatever reason.
>>721552 that's how they call afroamericans. they usually use the term "New Afrikan"
>wimyn can these faggoty maoists just use normal human words for once rather than their obnoxious bullshit
>>721734 how could you signify cult membership if not through specialized language? are your thetans blocking your understanding of this point? do you need to be Cleared?

(5.78 MB 1200x1200 background_noise.gif)
(705.29 KB 1075x2430 2.png)
(1.05 MB final.pdf)
/effort/ v.2 Anonymous 06/04/2020 (Thu) 12:11:35 No. 573884 [Reply] [Last]
Link, copy, and screencap effort posts made by the community. Default post guideline ITT: 1) screencap + >>1 OR: >>1 + >text copied; 2) write short summary or why you think the /effort/ post is relevant for us. Please don't: 1) debate these posts here, but follow the links and argue in the respective threads; 2) if the link is already dead start a separate thread, explaining what you are arguing against and laying down your arguments. We tried these and the previous thread got buried for lack of bumps, while the content was pretty high quality. Feel free to debate them, but please, for the love of God, don't derail. Thank you. Example post: Pic2 is from >>564484 While the US riots are going on it is super important for the community to understand what makes good propaganda and what mistakes we should avoid, what tools we should use, so .pdf related is of a flier made by the community following these guidelines.
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(565.00 B 128x128 Bump.png)
I wanted to screenshot the post about white identity and eminem. I think i forgot to do so. Anyone happen to have that or a link to the post if its still around?
los bumpos por que effortos postos
>>679230 >if one is critical of horseshit-tier chauvinistic nationalism as a Marxist it's because he's LGBT get a fucking life, honestly, you basement dweller

(12.38 KB 260x219 Liberman.jpg)
(20.38 KB 378x450 Kosygin.jpg)
(102.36 KB 520x670 Kantorovich.jpg)
Soviet economist works and textbooks Anonymous 07/18/2020 (Sat) 13:44:04 No. 699791 [Reply] [Last]
Over the last few weeks I have been considering that it might be quite worth while to go through the works of soviet economists who actually were responsible for economic planning policies. Liberman, Kosygin and Kantorovich where the three that to my understanding are the best known, or at least where cited a few times in Paul Cockshott's works. So, I was wondering if anyone happens to have a pdf or epub version of their economic works. None of them are present in the Marxist internet archive, and in libgen I only found some of Kantorovich's works on mathematics, as well as a few official statement type texts by Kosygin, but no actual books. I was also wondering if anyone happens to have political economy textbooks from the USSR (or perhaps modern China or other Marxist state) in English? I'd imagine it would be a better way to learn theory than to read Marx right of the bat (not that Marx is bad, it's just that I don't think a biology student should start with the "On the origins of species").
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(94.19 KB 1092x916 eerie music.jpg)
>>702618 >epub
OP here, thanks for the uploads! >>702618 Trying to figure this out as well. I haven't tried scans on an ereader before, and it doesn't seem good as some of these are presented in double pages. I can backtrack these by going here https://archive.org/details/@ismail_badiou and then finding the titles of the books and getting the epub version, though I think it garbles a lot of the formulas presented. I also wonder if there is a better presented format.
Anything by Stanislav Strumilin got translated? >>702627 >scans on an ereader With big file size, my ereader takes a minute to display the next page or crashes. With small file size, flipping between pages is just a tad less responsive than with epub. However, you have to keep the whole page displayed at once. Navigation doesn't work properly when zoomed in. I guess I will have to get a tablet for reading the really old shit as scans.

(51.17 KB 474x515 yes death.jpg)
(100.43 KB 960x906 shutup degenerate.jpg)
Tankies vs nazbols Anonymous 07/26/2020 (Sun) 10:44:35 No. 720365 [Reply] [Last]
why does reddit tankies uses this term calling someone nazbol for being more conservative on any type of social values.I have been called nazbol for serval times because im a bengali nationalist who belives in national liberation of working class around the world.IDK what would be their reaction about my dad who was a communist party leader but hardcore homophobic. Even my uncle who was a guerilla now became muslim conservative.I like how modern left is highly focuses on idpol and too much contrary on historical communist.
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>>720756 i've learned not to expect anything regarding the level of theory on this shithole board be precise or be nothing
(24.50 KB 653x470 1589502341061.png)
>>720365 Why. TF. Do you care about labels so fucking much? >reddit tankies, nazbol, conservative, nationalist, working class, communist, homophobe, muslim, historicly communist Like bruv, if somebody has a problem with >idpol its you, bucko! What impact has somebody calling you by a wrong political sect on ANYTHING? Or anyone for that matter? I'll let you in on a little secret: all political labels are wrong because no label, not even the politcal category, can truely be used to identify your will for it is unique and unspeakle, just like you,niqqa Keep one wasting your time weighing these abstract concepts against one another and you'll never truely get hold of their content, because doing so means making them your own, which you can't if you deal with them in this abstract, idealised way. tl/dr: u r hella spooked
idpol, anchored. Also OP you are as much of an armchairist as the people you complain about
Based mods
>>720425 What does he say about it? (He's in my backlog but it will take me a bit to get to him.)

(1.48 MB 1024x1024 communism.png)
Why Marx's crisis of capital model was wrong Anonymous 07/26/2020 (Sun) 14:52:57 No. 720777 [Reply] [Last]
Imagine there is a closed off economy of 100 people, with a fixed amount of money in circulation of $100. It produces 100 units of output. Every annual wage is $1. Then capital is reinvested, productivity goes up and production rises to 500 units of output. Labor inputs are the same, so under Marx's Labour Theory of Value the relative exchange value of all goods should collapse compared to wages unless wages actually decrease. But even if wages just nominally stagnate, the buying power of those wages goes up 500% because the price of everything is collapsing. Marx's theory rests on the idea that there eventually there are only so many toothbrushes or bars of soap that can be purchased, so eventually labor productivity creates a crisis of unemployment, that causes This theory falls apart if (1) the labour theory of value is false (which it is), but it also falls apart if (2) there isn't a set amount of production needed to satisfy needs in a given population (which is there also isn't). The criticisms of (1) have been expounded enough elsewhere. But lets take a look at (2) for a moment: What is the correct number of commodities people need? What if there is an ever increasing demand for ever higher and higher quality commodities that people want? We can always have higher and higher quality cars with more and more complicated engines, that have more and more features, and more and more luxury, and stricter and stricter emissions standards, or that even drive themselves in better and better ways. As long as the quality of goods is increasing then there will still be a continuous new demand for these ever increasing quality of goods which will justify the existing population throwing away their old stuff and buying better stuff. Like compare the quality of a TV 40 years ago to 20 years ago, and 20 years ago to today. Furthermore, this model does not take into account numerous industries which constantly have an increasing investment by definition. The entertainment industry, the education industry, the healthcare industry (there will always be a demand for some new drug or treatment that improves life by however much), the defense industry (whatever your normative views, the gov't will always tax capitalists to get money to invest in the next hi-tech shit), the organic food industry (where people pay for even more labor intensive crops precisely because they're more labor intensive), the legal industry (can always spend more on lawyers!). Right now, the US and state governments collect around 25% of GDP in taxes and they still seem to have an epic budget deficit even before the Covid crisis. There's clearly tons of shit they can spend money on and that demand for spending and consumption from the real economy never seems to stagnate as Marx would imagine.
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>>720777 Bad assumptions about what value is. But also: >What if there is an ever increasing demand for ever higher and higher quality commodities that people want? If that was the case then the modern practice of planned obsolescence would've turned around the proven falling rate of profit, when it didn't even put a dent in it. The reason behind that being that for your theory to work you would have to assume that every new version of a product on the market is instantly bought by the customers as a straight up upgrade. You would also have to assume that higher quality does not correlate with higher costs and the need to translate those costs to larger volumes for any product, when in fact for things like aforementioned cars more and more complicated alloys and rarer minerals are required as technology advances. Most of the the rising cost is absorbed into either volume of sales, lower manufacturing time (which does not necessarily translate to lower cost) or government subsidies. Thus the rate of profit still falls on the overall and the bourg are still encouraged to hoard money keeping out of the economy and increasing inequality, like they are doing today.
>>720807 >Additionally, imagine believing that the free market actually works when the US Fed has to print trillions of dollars to prevent everything from instantly exploding. I'm starting to think it might be good praxis to just quietly encourage these people to pursue their dreams. If they actually get what they want and 'end the fed' the economy would explode as prices and wages crash to zero. Fuck it though, right? No wages means no wage labor. That's just communism. That's exactly what we want. >>720831 >government is what caused every single bad thing under capitalism In reality, of course, it's the only thing keeping capitalism alive. If they got what they thought they wanted it would work in our favor. Why bother disabusing them of their silly notions?
I don't understand you porky; Out of the gate you say there is a society with X amount of money in circulation and then go on to say that this hypothetical society produces exactly X in value annually. Then you turn right around and say that some how Capital is reinvested and this coincides with a rise in productivity. In order for capital to be capital it needs to double its value; Your hypothetical falls apart by the very impossibility of capital being a stagnating system, and, while we are on that subject, in order for productivity to rise you need to do one of two things, you need to invest more capital into innovation and drop the socially necessary labor time, which, means cheaper goods, or, increase the amount of exploitation, meaning, raising the intensity of work. In the modern economy you really have only one option and that is investing in new innovations and R&D. Because a machine doesn't need to be paid you can now sell your product for less because the fundamental amount of labor you actually have to pay people to do has now dropped significantly. Soon, your competition will follow suit. Eventually this will lead to a spiral in which profit margins are at or nearing zero because in the myopic race to make profits, over all, the capitalist class is devaluing the money supply. This will lead to a crisis; the crisis of over production that you touch on, much like what I stated above with the Falling rate of profit, is not a totalizing effect. It;s not just one day you wake up and the economy implodes. That's not how capitalism functions. What does happen though is that, again, with the increase in innovation over time more and more can be siphoned out of the commons and into the hands of the few wealth plutocrats and bourgeois. Quite literally, the harder we work the more and more impoverished we become. Technological innovation means less jobs and the less people you have working and cycling capital through the economy the less people you have buying your shit. That was marx's crisis of over production, and, again, it wont happen over night. It is a dialectical and incremental process. You see things in absolutes porky.
>>720777 >retard try to criticize Marx <doesn’t even know what values are <imagine my fantasy world where Marx is wrong Back to the pit.
(17.84 KB 400x431 muscle-marx.jpeg)
>>720777 >the labour theory of value is false the labour theory of value is verifiably correct. Please take into account this evidence and then remake this thread with the correct premise. It does not make sense to rest a debate on false premises.

Trotsky in Canada Anonymous 07/26/2020 (Sun) 14:46:10 No. 720758 [Reply] [Last]
Why was he imprisoned, for how long and why was he let go? I am researching revolution and need some info, Thank you
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I really need this for my school work, any sources would be great. Thank you
https://www.marxist.com/one-hundred-years-ago-trotsky-leaves-canada-for-the-revolution.htm literally the first google result for 'trotsky canada arrest' has primary source citations and everything
and here's a link to the man's autobiography while i'm spoonfeeding you https://www.marxists.org/archive/trotsky/1930/mylife/index.htm
(54.26 KB 480x480 epic.jpg)
>>720758 whats the deal with canada and people fleeing there otto strasser also left for canada and lived in montreal until the second world war ended
>>720904 >>720943 Do you have any historians, this seems like hagiography. Thank you

(73.35 KB 1280x720 l ron hoyabembe.jpg)
Black Hebrew Israelites — What is their deal? Anonymous 07/26/2020 (Sun) 03:17:39 No. 720003 [Reply] [Last]
>Black Hebrew Israelites . . . are groups of African Americans who believe that they are the descendants of the ancient Israelites. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Hebrew_Israelites I've lived in east burgerland for pretty much my whole life and my entire experience with BHI was crazy street preachers yelling about how all crakkkas are going to Hell. But now it seems like a lot of American celebrities and a sizable minority of black Americans are into this shit? I'd appreciate some perspectives from people who are in the know. Why? Why focus on biblical "history" when there is a wealth of sub-Saharan African (as well as African diaspora!) culture and history? Are these people class conscious in any way and what are their views on capitalism? Is their influence as large as I imagined or was I just swayed by some loud retards? All of these questions apply to Louis Farrakhan/Nation of Islam as well
16 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>720003 for some reason everybody has to believe they are the real jews https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Israelism
>>720660 Is this the Jewish equivalent of declaring yourself interim president of various American countries?
>>720003 Just retards trying to be special. There a few genuine negro jews, both converts and Ethiopian Jews, but they both hate these hotep larpers. Same applies to /pol/ schizos claiming "WE WUZ THE REAL JEWS N' SHIEEEEEEEEEET"
>>720003 >What is their deal? Autism

(2.88 MB 1200x1198 1595459745052.png)
1973 Arab Israeli war Anonymous 07/26/2020 (Sun) 15:30:52 No. 720871 [Reply] [Last]
The general consensus was that Egypt regained the suez canal but Israel launched a successful counter attack. Now here comes the problem, the war was halted by the US and the UN. Do you think Israel would have sustained that counter offensive considering that the war was incredibly devastating to its economy. Wikipedia says it was an Israeli victory but Arabs generally say it was an Egyptian victory considering that Israel didn't actually defeat the army but found a gap between the third and second army thanks to us satellites, that they crossed with ease. Who really won?
>>720871 I'd say nobody really won. I guess in the End Egypt won since they got the Sinai back, but I have a feeling Israel would've been forced to return it regardless of the war.
haha anime with gun, look mom how edgy I am xDDD
>>720910 Seeeethe zionist.
(315.64 KB 1080x1538 Screenshot_20200726_175412.jpg)
This article explains it pretty well. It does seem like more of a victory for Egypt tho. https://english.alarabiya.net/en/features/2013/10/12/The-story-of-Egypt-s-military-victory-in-October-1973
I mean, the Israeli high command p obviously wanted to end the war since they had a stace of giving away any gains from the last two to end it. However the Nasserist regime was v weak at this poinnt regardless, could they have handled a prolonged war? Not sure. At the ed of the day, medidiatio was inevitable because Israel had nukes: they had a mechanism for deployment during the 2nd Arab israeli war (which legit, was fuckig strapping it to a truck and driving it to the frontlines o that is not a joke).

(11.79 MB 3000x4000 tunv47wwd6r31 (1).png)
Observe Name 07/26/2020 (Sun) 07:58:53 No. 720253 [Reply] [Last]
Think on this image, think on it for as long as you can. And tell me what you feel
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>>720473 man this is some cool shit
>>720489 First time I watched it it gave me the closest thing to an "LSD flashback" I've ever experienced.
>>720253 Rage. But then, I always feel that.
>>720487 >when you notice that you started to daydream about doing better things with the limited time you have alive you gently remind yourself to continue staring ok, now explain to me exactly why i shouldn't just go and do one of those better things instead of wasting the limited time i have alive staring at a picture
>>720323 >He's got a Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog Tibetan Buddhism has been revealed as the one true faith.


no cookies?