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(177.75 KB 498x674 Peter_Kropotkin_circa_1900.jpg)
Take the Mutualaidpill Anonymous 10/13/2020 (Tue) 09:18:40 No. 992167 [Reply] [Last]
Kropotkin offers a scientific socialism that meets scientific criteria better than historical and especially dialectical materialism. Dialectical materialism is basically metaphysics more than science, and historical materialism is unfalsifiable and loaded with grand narrative pretenses. Kropotkinian anarcho-communism is straightforward scientific socialism, meeting Occam's razor better than historical materialism.
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>>1006379 >how is that relevant? because society evolved into capitalism
>>1006386 again, how is that relevant? that does not go against Kropotkin's theory
>>1006388 >that does not go against Kropotkin's theory what is his theory?
>>992167 There's a mutual aid organization in my town but they are really shit and don't do anything other than pretend to help homeless people and be gay
>>1006392 to grossly oversimplify: humans and animals adapt to their environment in a 'struggle for survival' where the strong survive and the weak die, in a word, natural selection. it is often thought by "social Darwinists" that what makes a species survive is its ability to compete with other members of that species. a animal eating another animal, a company competing against another company, a nation fighting another nation etc.... while Kropotkin thought this view ignores the original vision of Darwin and ignores a key aspect of evolution: mutual aid. were members of a species learn to work together against the elements. a pack of wolves banding together to hunt, a group of people producing food etc.... to Kropotkin history could be summed up between these two methods of progress. were the right believes in competition between the strong and weak the left (especially anarchism) comes from our nature to mutually support each other for the betterment of all. so anarchism is not just a idea we got out of nowhere but the purest form of this part of nature manifested as a idea again, to grossly oversimplify, you just need to read mutual aid to actually get it

(24.27 KB 543x438 zvv0pv9rda431.jpg)
The Anarchist vs Communist Divide Anonymous 10/15/2020 (Thu) 20:54:00 No. 1002536 [Reply] [Last]
Why does this divide really exist? I've only read books from both Marx and Lenin so far and all what I know about communism and anarchism I've either read from these books or heard about on the internet. So the way that I understand it is that both communists and anarchists desire a classless, moneyless, stateless society where production is managed for the good of all people and where work is done from each according to their ability and to each according to their need. However, the split started when both Karl Marx and Mikhail Bakunin differed on the question of the state. Marx took the position that the state is an instrument of class subordination and that this class character is indispensable from the structure of the state itself, as such the state as an instrument in the period of the revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat should be wielded by the proletariat as a whole and used to fight the bourgeoisie and end the organization of capitalism as a whole, Bakunin on the other hand saw that the state whether it calls itself a "people's" state or not will still be hostile to the majority of the people and as thus will never work in their interest, furthermore the proletariat doesn't need the organ of the state to organize itself to fight against capitalism and as thus the state should be immediately dispensed with after the revolution. Now, I will not make a judgement on any of these two stances but will instead examine the path that the revolutions that followed each model took. On the Marxist side, you'll find that revolutionaries throughout most of the 20th century have been for the most part pretty successful, establishing socialist all throughout Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and so on and were able to raise the living standards in their countries spectacularly compared to what they were like before the revolution. But in the end, most if not all the governments of these states degenerated heavily and in the end either willingly or by force abolished socialism and re-established capitalism within their borders. On the anarchist side however, you'll find that revolutions were not very successful and were mostly isolated to rural, under-industrialized territories which weren't able to catch up with other states and got defeated rather easily, but at least they were more "democratic" than Marxist states and never ceded control to capitalism like some others did coughChinacough so that's commendable. So now, it's clear that both tendencies have never been completely successful in reaching their goals, although Marxists have been the most successful so far. To both communist and anarchists here alike, what do you think are the deficiencies in your tendency that led to its failure? What areas do you think other socialist tendencies are lacking in? And moreover, do you think that in the future both communists and anarchists could get over their differences and have a shared strategy to defeat capitalism?
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>>1005191 I'm sad your dad was Ferdinand Lassalle
This is going to sound like ego stroking but I think it comes down to the fact that discusing what should replace capitalism and exactly how socialism should function is a complex topic. A far more complex topic then most libs or fascists have, falling back on the modern status qou and giving an answer as simple as "kill the bad people" respectively. If you ever look through the Marxist internet archive and skim through all the different authors you'll see that leftist thought has always been like this to one extent or another. The way around this in my opinion is to embrace theory for what it is a discussion on philosophy and tactics. There's no one "correct theory" just people with opinions. While I personally believe Leninist tactics are the best way to move forward from where the left is now it's not like a unified leftist organization can't also participate in other strategies. If you couldn't work with someone whom essentially had the same goal as you because they preferred Pythagoras over Plato or some shit we'd have no issue for calling it out as the stupid bullshit it is. I also think it's really fucking stupid when people call them selves, ancom, maoists, trosky-ist or Marxist Leninists As opposed to just socialist. I get the distinctions exists but I can't help but take a step back from all the online bullshit and think "what the fuck!?!" From an optics perspective it makes the left look like a cluster fuck. If you talk to anyone irl about your beliefs they'd call you a socialist. Leave it at that. No one cares who your favorite theory daddy is.
>>1005226 Thanks for the pasta.
the title implies that anarchists are not communists, a better title would be 'Marxists vs anarchists'
>>1002839 >Unjust hierarchies di seem to be their driving concern it is the driving concern of anarcho liberals like chomsky, actual anarchists dont make their whole ideology meaningless by talking about "justified hierarchy"

(22.47 KB 280x275 edge.jpg)
non-fascist deep ecology Anonymous 10/16/2020 (Fri) 16:42:14 No. 1005290 [Reply] [Last]
Im thinking of taking the greenpill:Going vegan,animal liberation ,tree-planting,etc discuss ITT=straight edge music,share infographics,etc I realized how much i hate the city,cars,etc,I just want to be comfy.i love meat tho,so I dunno
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>>1006111 I'm against deep "ecology" as much as the next guy, but ecology as a science is perfectly in line with Marxist principles. The ecological imperative to stop pollution and fossil fuel production is a direct challenge to capitalism as we know it, and we Marxists should take advantage of this and demonstrate the ecological benefits of socialism.
>>1006144 Oh, I think you're probably correct. I'm still a socialist, just one that likes hunting and so on. I don't come through the traditional pipeline to this ideology. >>1006162 I have not seen this. I will certainly check it out.
How could I go about creating a vegan fight club?
>>1006334 Tell them one of them is faking it.

(2.95 MB 2650x9922 trump zionist motherload.jpg)
Meme Request Thread General Sage#+GbZOp 10/11/2020 (Sun) 23:47:41 No. 985244 [Reply] [Last]
Okay, we need to collect together all the evidence Trump is a pedo, with sources and everything, so we can make them into memes for easy dispensation when the polyp comes a knocking. Something like pic related but for the pedo stuff I have evidence, but I don't have meme making ability. Who can aid me in this endeavour? Also, general please make this meme I thought of begging thread.
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>>1001528 Maybe, just maybe, it's because kid who come out as gay when they're young are more likely to be victims of sexual abuse?
>>1001536 Were you dropped on your head as a kid?
>>1001528 LGBT people in general are more likely to be victims of sexual abuse. There is no reason to assume that being sexually abused causes a higher change of being LGBT, whats way more likely is that bigots just like to target minorities. >>1001536 https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/BF01542377 https://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/94/1/41.long
>>1006285 wow this anon actually did what OP asked we should do as anon did.

Anonymous 09/23/2020 (Wed) 21:27:17 No. 894664 [Reply] [Last]
subtle propaganda thread? i shall start
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>>968567 Based thread-saver
>>894664 >kept why does crystal castles make for such great agitprop music?
>>894664 does anyone have the original edit of the webm in OP? i think filename was 'contrast' or something in the /leftypol/ webm torrent i originally downloaded it from. the song went a lot better
(7.97 MB Contrasts.webm)
>>969698 I think Kept goes better.

(153.97 KB 705x903 German wealth.png)
Krauts... is everything alright over there? Anonymous 10/16/2020 (Fri) 15:52:05 No. 1005136 [Reply] [Last]
Can someone explain this shit to me? How can it be that the median German is poorer than the median greek?
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>>1005143 But how thought? Minimum wage there is like 20k a year.
>>1005136 To answer your question OP. It rally depends how exactly this crap is calculated. Germany has notoriously low housing ownership rate. Many young people rent (and overpay) for roof over their heads that they don't even own. Or maybe huns just eat tons of food rather than buying housing and vechicles.
>>1005706 Yeah but the Netherlands has only a slightly lower home ownership rate than Portugal or Greece but it's ratio is even fucking worse.
>>1005625 That wage is before taxes tbf. Iirc correctly you pay around 20% of that.
>>1005136 Germany hides unemployment by forcing benefits recipients to work part-time.

Anonymous 10/16/2020 (Fri) 01:30:41 No. 1003568 [Reply] [Last]
What country/city in the world has the most revolutionary potential? Pic not really related but maybe?
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>>1005724 no wait, that was latvia. nevermind
>>1003721 >wow, capitalist propaganda works on children and they grow up hating evil communism btw, there's a study in Hungary that shows that positive attitude towards the Kádár era is growing among kids born after the regime change.
>>1004524 Baltics are fucking idiots, not fash. Conservative government just won the elections, (with same idiots who cut the pensions in 2008 at the helm) and ALREADY are talking about Austerity. Fun fact, in Lithuania minimum wage is 400 euros, while lowest wage in the parliament is 3 414,40 euros.
>>1005751 aren't they kind of both? that's my experience of finns anyway. something about stupidity combined with being the last and lowest to be allowed into the imperial core just breeds fascistic sentiment.
Chile. The Communist Party there already leads the polls.


no cookies?