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(23.49 KB 198x280 fag.jpg)
Fascist theory is shit? Anonymous 10/13/2020 (Tue) 02:44:28 No. 991209 [Reply] [Last]
I've read through leftist theory with relative ease. The Manifesto, The Conquest and Mutual Aid, The Unique, State and Revolution... Sometimes I had to re-read a paragraph, sometimes I disagreed - but it always seemed like y'know... not pulled from someone's arsehole. But when I tried to read into pic related all I saw was philosophical rambling with dubious bases and conclusions. Is my skull too thick to get it? Or is fascist theory just shit?
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>>1008836 more like spergler
>>1008836 his predictions didn't come true
>>1008873 Well it's about 2000 right now, depending upon how generous one is with the definition of "about".
>>1008881 their is no evidence that liberal capitalist countries will move to use extraconstutuional measures in the imperial core, they are perfectly fine as the world exists today. Look at how they crushed the yellow vests and george floyd protests. They don't need strongman.
>>1008836 Everyone ays that he was the funniest Ghostbuster, but I prefered Ray Stantz.

Another evil era Anonymous 10/16/2020 (Fri) 22:09:09 No. 1006419 [Reply] [Last]
Anyone else remember when they had history class as a child and had this post-history feel, as if all bad things are in the past and now we live in this special era, where people are reasonable and all problems are clear cut and all bad guys are obvious. Yes, this might have been due to being a child, but reading about the past it felt like "this is obviously bad, why did people let it come to this?" Well, it just hit me we live in another epoch like that. If we pretend humanity will live on for another hundred years to declare what is happening right now history, just like we declared the Third Reich for example history, this epoch will be one of where Westerners white washed their history to present themselves as more good than they actually are (just look at the US and and its past few decades), believed Western propaganda doesn't exist (LOL), created a global system of capitalist exploitation that explicitly cripples nations in the Third World to sustain the wealth in the West while simultaneously believing that this came to be because people from these regions are just innately inferior, but being polite enough to not explicitly say it (besides social rejects who have nothing to lose), overthrowing governments, funding terrorism and waging endless proxy wars under the guise of freedom and democracy, when it's actually about acquiring resources, setting up military bases to surround & intimidate enemies and replacing foreign heads of states with ones that will bow to Western demands. Then the inhabitants of these mangled countries try to flee their undeserved fate, immigrating to Europe and they get demonized and attacked over having been randomly born as something and somewhere that was out of their control, just like Westerners undeservedly were born into a wealthy life (compared globally) and they don't even know why the Middle East and Africa are the way they are which makes the average Westerner highly susceptible to right wing propaganda. I'm not saying anything special here. You guys know all of that. It's just that it hit me that we still live in an unjust world and I feel like the only thing that ever advances is technology, but not this species and its characteristics. You might say we still live in a less violent era, but I don't think the world has become less cruel. I think cruelty has merely become more intelligent. Just like how warfare has become more intelligent. You don't enslave people and house them in a hut across your plantation. You place the countries you had colonized in an economic headlock and put them in a position where they are grateful for scraps and to work for next to nothing. You declare slavery illegal but create a systems that funnels the most vulnerable people of your society into crime and quick incarceration, to make them work for nothing in prison. You don't ram a bayonet into your enemie's heart but you sit in an air-conditioned room and drone strike a family who weren't terrorists after all. Whoopsies! Thank God nobody in your country gives a shit though. Just more collateral damage.
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>>1008358 At the Western Front it was less of an “OH WOW INDUSTRIALIZATION” but more that a lot of generals had their heads up their asses about honor and valor and many were prepared to fight a Napoleonic War despite such conflicts being a century out of date (the smart generals had studied the American Civil War and Crimean War to get a picture of industrial combat, but even then these sideshows were a far cry from WWI). To make matters worse, unlike the tech of WWII which was perfectly designed for swift maneuver warfare (the real long battles were typically urban sieges rather than drawn out trench combat); the tech of WWI was just good enough to kill millions and create the zig-zagging trenches, but not enough to actually break the stalemate. Interestingly a comic book called Uber puts it best, imo; the tank in WWI was a novelty, it was THE tank; whereas in WWII they were just “tanks”.
>>1006419 One you understand the depths and capability of human cruelty, it's a tad more bearable.
>>1008603 It turned me into a misanthrope with a nihilistic humour.
>>1008474 >the smart generals had studied russo Japanese war 10 years in 1905 earlier was basically the best indicator and many military observers who went there basically predicted the conditions of the next war based on their observations there. a lot of foreign observers were among the troops and general staffs of both sides and they wrote a lot of manuals and memoirs about it. No higher ups read or listened to them though ironically enough
>>1008474 Good points, but AFAIK there was no conservative adverse reaction to the new hardware from the generals. The tried to both eat the cake and have it.

/leftydeutschpol/ - Deutschland General Anonymous 10/04/2020 (Sun) 19:13:39 No. 952123 [Reply] [Last]
Letzter Pfaden wurde dank der /Pol/acken vom Brett gepusht. Deshalb ein neues Deutschland General.
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Haha DDR go boom.
Wie liest ihr euren Marx, Engels, Lenin, Rosa etc.? Auf Deutsch oder auf Englisch?
>>1008592 Sorry I'm out of the loop Who are you responding to?
>>1008547 Generell Originalsprache, wenns Deutsch oder Englisch ist. Ansonsten Deutsch oder random.
>>1008547 Auf Deutsch natürlich. Viel Jargon ist exakter im Deutschen formuliert (Vergegenständlichung, Entäußerung, Vergesellschaftung, Verwertung, Aufhebung, etc.) und bildet im Englischen oft nicht 100% dasselbe ab. Eigentlich ist die Übersetzung ins Englische nicht schlecht aber gerade bei so philosophischen Werken ist das nie perfekt. Aber wenn ich oft auf die Schnelle ein Zitat von Marx, Lenin, etc. brauche nehme ich einfach ein englisches Zitat weil das schneller im Internet zu finden ist.

(97.46 KB 1280x1280 hinterlands.jpg)
Hinterlands : America's New Landscape on Class and Conflict Anonymous 07/12/2020 (Sun) 04:56:01 No. 684289 [Reply] [Last]
Anybody else read this? Thoughts?
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>>977605 Talking of Richard Spencer he endorsed Biden
>>978088 Well, he's right. A vote for Trump is a vote against the US. Spencer is smart enough to see that second term means death to American empire.
>>833487 >We are told by Sontag, echoing Streep, that the roots of physical culture and its correlated aesthetic are easily identifiable: “To an unsophisticated public in Germany, the appeal of Nazi art may have been that it was simple, figurative, emotional not intellectual,” a type of art that offers common people “a relief from the demanding complexities of modernist art.” This is the sum of her explanation for how such a cultural movement rose to prominence, the diagnosis little more than a barely-veiled invective against the stupidity and unrestrained passion of the proletarian horde, incapable of understanding real art. Similarly, the recent essay from Refigural simply casts a broad net of vague associations in the classic thinkpiece fashion, here garnished with a bit of art-school loftiness. But throughout, the argument simply takes the rising prominence of physical culture and its aesthetic correlates as a priori fascist, a thesis “proven” through the simple fact that many on the far right seem to be drawn to guns and muscles and that frat boys also, in fact, like sportswear—big fucking surprise. >What neither work contains, however, is any rigorous approach to history. For Sontag, proletarian brutishness is enough. There is simply no reason for her to dig into the intricate history of German physical culture, rooted in the late 19th century and often deeply tied to early nationalisms and the rise of the worker’s movement. Nor is there any reason for her to trace the transfer of this particular strain of physical culture to the US via the migration of German workers and radicals into the American working class. There is no analysis of the role that physical fitness played in the social clubs of the early worker’s movement. Nor, remarkably, any mention of the ways that physical culture was directly mobilized against the rising Nazi threat, as seen in groups of communist streetfighters, or Imi Lichtenfeld and his gang of Jewish wrestlers and boxers defending their neighborhood in the midst of anti-semitic riots. This is because, for Sontag, the particular far-right adoption of physical culture within Nazism is symmetrical to the role it played within the broader workers’ movement from which it emerged. If communism is simply the “most successful variant” of fascism, there is simply no difference between the Nazi Olympics and a working class gym where people might learn the skills needed to fight strikebreakers at work or racist gangs on the street. >Thus severed from this history, such analyses play a purely ideological role. These critics find themselves in an historical moment when the flesh of the planet is being ground to pulp, when old emancipatory movements have been defeated in a century-long avalanche of blood, and when the poor today are increasingly living a life that seems to be composed of little more than curling into a fetal position while being constantly stomped under the boots of a million different species of police—and faced with this our brilliant Leftist declares “well, actually” your desire for strength is inherently fascist. The only time the liberal ever walks off the sidewalks and into the streets, after all, is to separate the fascist and the anarchist brawling through the labyrinth of stalled traffic, their intellect resounding with the mind-numbingly cultured revelation: “you’re just as bad as they are!” My god Changcn is good.
>>989611 based and materialism pilled

(193.83 KB 854x477 minecraft communism.png)
Minecraft is the reason why Generation Zizek is becoming class conscious Anonymous 10/11/2020 (Sun) 19:37:41 No. 983919 [Reply] [Last]
Minecraft is the reason why gen Z (aka Generation Žižek) is becoming so redpilled >Steve: The unalienated worker. He builds virtually all of the great wonders of the Minecraft world out of his own volition, not for the sake of the ruling class. His purpose in life is the expression of his productive capabilities. >Zombies: Represent mindless consumerism. They try to eat the player - they seek to turn Steve into another commodity for them to eat. They die in sunlight because they cannot stand the shining path of marxism-leninism. >Illagers: Represent the American Empire. They seek to destroy successful socialist societies and set up military bases around the Minecraft world. >Endermen: The representation of the bourgeoisie in Minecraft. They attempt to steal blocks from what the player has made - they leach off of his labour. >Creepers: Representative of scabs and wreckers. They attempt to ruin what Steve has made and fear cats - the symbols of organised labour. >Villagers: Represent the petit-bourgeoisie. They can either help or hinder the player and his revolutionary ambitions.
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>>985775 based and harry potter pilled
(3.89 MB C418 - Sweden.webm)
minecraft is just a comfy game
(8.65 KB 225x225 download.png)
Tekkit is based and worker pilled
>>983919 >Minecraft is the reason why gen Z (aka Generation Žižek) is becoming so redpilled Not really, the material conditions of people growing up in late stage capitalism do that. Minecraft is a good game tho, game mechanic is really nice, got good exploration and creative elements, very mod friendly.

(141.76 KB 1024x768 karl_marx_1.jpg)
Anonymous 10/15/2020 (Thu) 18:43:33 No. 1002045 [Reply] [Last]
i only became a leftist because of the awesome beards leftist figures had ama
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>>1002387 yes i read summarys based on who had the coolest beard
i became a monarchist by the moustaches that all the prussians had
>>1008419 Really bro? Try harder next time
>>1008425 Well but he isn't skinny, nor does he have pimples, no? The guy is over 50. Give him some rest.
Nice thread, fellow Redditor! :=)

progress, a historical trend. Anonymous 10/17/2020 (Sat) 09:14:36 No. 1008303 [Reply] [Last]
Why are so many anons giving up on the concept of historical progress ? We are living in a time of reaction, but concluding this will remain eternally so baffles me. Social progress just lags behind technical progress. We now have the computers to plan a socialist economy, without any of the compromises the Soviets were forced to yield. Building the political agency to realize the potential for social progress, nascent in technical ability, requires that you can imagine a better world.
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>>1008354 >You fags need to start making an open-source alternative to SAP. >Would be far more useful than discussing Stalin for the nth time. Would it though? It's a much more convenient alternative to accomplishing anything ever.
(59.57 KB 226x191 sfssdgsf.png)
>>1008303 accumulation =/= progress Before, it was easier to reckon that it was bad because we just didn't have the things to make it good. But >We now have the computers to plan a socialist economy, and it's obvious that it was never the "things" that made it bad. It was what we did with them. Like giving a selfish kid more toys, and expecting that to somehow make them less selfish. We could've shared back when we had two, but we didn't. So why share at three? Why share at a million? We don't. We aren't. I don't think it's doomerism to recognize the various circlings and deadlocks we trap ourselves in. I'd hope that recognition might lead to mitigation, or whatever fuckin big word action. I've been watching certain lines of progress completely unravel and revert recently, and it's been humbling. But they're idpol-y, so they don't matter, not like computers.
>>1008336 >and how do you know it won't? You want certainty about the future ? I have no reason to think a better world is impossible, that is enough, to try. >I would say that thanks to "technical progress" we are now consooming more media, thanks to which we are degrading. how is that a progress? We do not have to use technology in a destructive way.
>>1008376 >We do not have to use technology in a destructive way. we do not have to, but we do
>>1008371 >We could've shared back when we had two, but we didn't. So why share at three? Why share at a million? We don't. We aren't. I disagree, what happened is not caused by something innate in humans. We just live in a system that punishes sharing. Humans like sharing, you can enable it with a different system.

(5.19 KB 1920x1280 Anarcho-capitalism.png)
Anarcho-capitalism Anonymous 10/13/2020 (Tue) 13:53:45 No. 992814 [Reply] [Last]
How the FUCK did we get all the way here?
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>>993109 That's Depressing
>NOOOOOOO REAL CAPITALISM HAS NEVER BEEN TRIED!!!!! (((CRONY CAPITALISTS))) ARE THE ONES TO BLAME!!!!!!! >that's why i support complete deregulation to let those people do whatever they want
>>1006791 Not just regulation though, they also want to abolish all fed stuff. They regard those as socialism because "le gubmint!" instead of structures to ensure capitalism function properly and people and property don't get devastated just because market shits itself time to time.
>>1006791 The logic is that regulations prevent mah and pah fiber optic and semiconductor manufacturing from competing with the big guys. If only we removed taxes and regulation small businesses could compete for market share.

Shit /pol/tard say Anonymous 10/10/2020 (Sat) 22:11:42 No. 979945 [Reply] [Last]
Drop their most typical thoughts.
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>the (((neocons))) made us take iraq's oil against our will! no more wars for israel! >WE NEED TO BOMB VENEZUELA AND NORTH KOREA >>980016 i can't believe i forgot about the anne frank becky discourse >>981355 i'm sorry this just sounds depressing
(279.53 KB 711x700 retard2.jpg)
>>981074 >rightoids can't get laid bcuz high standards it could also be because a lot of them look like this
>>1007100 funny meme but is this actually based in truth? how do we know what rightoids look like irl?
(169.22 KB 1024x827 pol incels.jpg)
>>1007174 We have a pretty good idea of what a subset of them look like.

(69.25 KB 648x367 2020EmissionsReportChart1.png)
Reduced Emissions Anonymous 10/16/2020 (Fri) 20:28:19 No. 1006122 [Reply] [Last]
Why do so many people think that climate change is all doomed, even the most retarted of nations can hit their emissions targets.
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>>1007074 scales shift
>>1007073 Blue ocean event would be a good thing, actually. The total loss of arctic ice would help kill hundreds of millions of coastal urbanites.
>>1006122 >excludes international bunker fuel use The graph is thus worthless.
>>1007087 wiping out universities and valuable infrastructure and the working class people who leave near the ocean is good?
>>1007105 If you live in coastal areas, you're either so rich that you can afford the real estate prices, or you're so poor you can't move away. Therefore, the loss of the ice caps would do nothing but kill lumpens and boujees.


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