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(886.68 KB 960x947 '68.png)
(775.04 KB 911x900 gevy7bjgcg551.png)
Anonymous 07/22/2020 (Wed) 11:56:27 No. 709670 [Reply] [Last]
Give me your best political compass memes.
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>>722344 lol le so funi xd furries degenerates xd amiright my /pol/ friends? We need le strong men, no degenerates so our women can bear our children while rip fruits of our labour under socialism, amiright?
>>720983 Because if it wasn't for that the site would just be boring walls of text nobody reads mixed with some femboy simps in /GET/
>>722356 Yiff in hell furfag
(212.12 KB 1400x1524 93f163_6249292.jpg)
>>709670 /thread
>>725527 all of those don't exist, they're all liberalism

(284.85 KB 1262x572 1450776817680.png)
Ammon Bundy Stans BLM Defunding the Police Anonymous 07/27/2020 (Mon) 20:59:40 No. 724078 [Reply] [Last]
The oldfag who made pic related. Epic post well done comrade. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1lqgCEQy9s
Edited last time by Zer0 on 07/28/2020 (Tue) 04:54:03.
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>>724090 >>724304 Are we seriously at the point where people cant just include 1 fucking letter?
>>725018 critical support for bible fanfiction in its struggle against the imperialist official fiction of the original text
>>724696 Bundy's comments on slavery were misguided and somewhat ignorant but not based on racial hatred. The core of his argument was that black slaves had a level of stability in their lives that has been destroyed; they're still effectively enslaved, but now they're more replacable.
>>725018 Bible is fanfic
>>725119 critical support for the new testament in its struggle against old testament hegemony

(75.74 KB 640x788 marx.jpeg)
Marx was WRONG Anonymous 07/28/2020 (Tue) 07:14:07 No. 725225 [Reply] [Last]
Marx's labor theory of value holds that the relative exchange values of commodities should be determined over the long term by the amount of labor required to produce those commodities (living labor) and the amount of labor required to produce the inputs (dead labor) to make those commodities. This example goes through Marx's own logic to point out its internal flaws according to what should happen if Marx's labor theory of value as expounded in Capital Volume I is correct. Imagine there is an economy with only 2 products: someone who makes linen and someone who uses that linen to make shirts. It requires 2 pounds of linen consumed to make 1 shirt. It requires 1 hour of labor for the linenmaker to make the 2 pounds of linen, and it requires 1 hour of shirtmaking for the shirtmaker to use those 2 pounds of linen to make 1 shirt. The linen-maker has just as much skill and experience as the shirt maker and works just as hard per hour. Marx's labor theory of value holds that the relative exchange values of 1 shirt and 2 pounds of linen should be 2:1, because it takes 2 hours of total labor to produce a shirt (1 hour of shirtmaking, and 1 hour of labor to make the 2 pounds of linen used in the shirt), while it just takes 1 hour to make 2 pounds of linen. So according to Marx: 1 shirt should be worth 4 pounds of linen, and 4 pounds of linen should be worth 1 shirt if a developed market barter system naturally develops between the linenmaker and shirt maker. Or in other words, the price of 2 pounds of linen should be half the price of 1 shirt. As you can see, this is the same as Adam Smith's theory of how relative commodity prices worked in primitive barter economies before capitalism, as explained in Chapter 6 of Wealth of Nations. Now, imagine that capitalism begins and there are two capitalists who come into the picture: one who pays the linenmaker as an employee to make linen, and another who buys the linen and pays the shirtmaker as an employee to make shirts with the linen. And imagine the average wage per hour in this economy is 1 pound of linen and the rates of exploitation are the same for both the new capitalist linenmaker and shirtmaking industries. The first linen-capitalist has costs of 1 pound of linen because his only cost is the wages of the linenmaking employee. The linen-capitalist has a product worth 2 pounds of linen he sells, and a profit of 1 pound of linen (2-1). His rate of exploitation is 100% (1 pound of linen in surplus value/ 1 pound of line in wages). His rate of profit of 100% because he just spent 1 pound of linen in costs (the wages), but sold something worth 2 pounds of linen (because he sold 2 pounds of linen). Notice that the linen industry is a pure labor intensive industry with all labor inputs and no capital inputs since it only requires labor to make linen and no capital. The second shirt-capitalist has costs of 3 pounds of linen (because he has to exchange something worth 2 pounds of linen to acquire the 2 pounds of linen, then he has to pay the shirtmaking employee 1 pound of linen in wages). In this situation: the shirtmaker has profit of 1 pound of linen (because he has 3 pounds of linen in costs to produce a shirt worth 4 pounds of linen). His rate of exploitation is 100% (1 pound of linen in surplus value/1 pound of linen in wages). His a rate of profit of 33% because he has 3 pounds of linen in costs to create 1 pound of linen in profit. Notice that the shirt industry has a 50/50 ratio of constant capital (linen) inputs to variable capital (labor) inputs because each product Here you can see that Marx's Labor theory of value predicts that different industries with different capital-labor ratios should have different rates of profit. His theory shows that more labor intensive industries (like the linenmaking business) should be more profitable than more capital intensive industries (like the shirt-making business). But that doesn't happen, instead different industries with all sort of different capital-labor ratios tend to have very similar rates of profit because capitalists divest from unprofitable businesses and reinvest in more profitable businesses. Marx knew that different businesses with different capital-labor ratios actually had similar average rates of profit and tried to explain it this when he presented his price formation theory in Capital Volume III, but all he did was discretely throw away his own labor theory of exchange values from his earlier works to make the math work.
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(357.02 KB 700x600 david-harvey.jpg)
>>725282 >zealously orthodox pseuds THIS ASSRAVAGED over big bad harv Stay butthurt, my friend.
>>725289 Why is it that you can only prove us wrong with hypotheticals? It’s almost as if in practice, our system works best
(381.01 KB 1500x2000 nazi milk.jpg)
>Dog mom milk pics Holy fuck go back to /trash/ you JOI retard. You nazi-furs WISH you could make memes as widelyused as weebshit.
>>725225 u copypastad what is now an meme reddit post of a complete lack of knowledge of basic Marxism 101 good job idiot

(36.19 KB 296x450 The Third Revolution.jpg)
The Third Revolution: Xi Jinping and the New Chinese State Anonymous 07/28/2020 (Tue) 04:04:55 No. 725074 [Reply] [Last]
In The Third Revolution, eminent China scholar Elizabeth C. Economy provides an incisive look at the transformative changes underway in China today. Chinese leader Xi Jinping has unleashed a powerful set of political and economic reforms: the centralization of power under Xi, himself, the expansion of the Communist Party's role in Chinese political, social, and economic life, and the construction of a virtual wall of regulations to control more closely the exchange of ideas and capital between China and the outside world. Beyond its borders, Beijing has recast itself as a great power, seeking to reclaim its past glory and to create a system of international norms that better serves its more ambitious geostrategic objectives. In so doing, the Chinese leadership is reversing the trends toward greater political and economic opening, as well as the low-profile foreign policy, that had been put in motion by Deng Xiaoping's "Second Revolution" thirty years earlier. Through a wide-ranging exploration of Xi Jinping's top political, economic and foreign policy priorities-fighting corruption, managing the Internet, reforming the state-owned enterprise sector, improving the country's innovation capacity, enhancing air quality, and elevating China's presence on the global stage-Economy identifies the tensions, shortcomings, and successes of Xi's reform efforts over the course of his first five years in office. She also assesses their implications for the rest of the world, and provides recommendations for how the United States and others should navigate their relationship with this vast nation in the coming years.
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(86.07 KB 822x1024 benis :DDD.jpg)
>>725101 >totalitarianism
It does seem like a pearl-clutching anti-communist book like usual but I think there's probably something basically "true" about it, like these types of books do get at something about how there's something different about Xi and the direction the Communist Party has gone in recently. And if folks like Elizabeth C. Economy is worried then that'd probably good news for us.
>>725078 could her full name be Elizabeth Chinese Economy
Fun fact, even though everyone in the butthurt belt is spooked about Russia, the Lithuanian fed report to the public for the last few years stated that the majority of detected foreign intelligence activity was Chinese.

(297.54 KB 958x1307 mlmh.jpg)
Anonymous 07/18/2020 (Sat) 18:46:37 No. 700679 [Reply] [Last]
Why has Maoism failed to gain ideological hegemony in place of Marxism-Leninism?
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>>724619 epub related goes into (a little too much) detail on this
>>724522 ML organisations are doing jack shit. They are either revisionist or pseudo-revisionist, stressing the importance of armed struggle but always pushing it back, claiming "conditions aren't ready". They'll go to protests and sniff their own farts discussing theory and how their supposed state will totally be different. Maoists are busy making revolution *now*, building bases of mass support and arming the population. This is probably why revolutionary minority groups like the NABPP and the BPP before it have been Maoist (to some degree in the case of the latter). They don't have time to wait when their people are dying.
>>724619 >The old bourgeoisie can theoretically be destroyed and in the bureaucracy of statescraft a new bourgeoisie can arise from the party itself. This is why the bourgeoisie and opportunism must be struggled against in the DOTP. This contradiction also goes into cultural revolution and mass line. Fair enough but where do you draw the line ? Deng was basically correct about allowing capitalist elements and markets, for the purpose of catching up in terms of development of the productive forces. He probably went to far in terms of abolishing too many collective institutions like the iron rice bowl an so on, but the bourgeoisie certainly hasn't gained any official political power, and capitalists do tend to pursue official political power, if they are able to do that. The bourgeoisie also is not granted the ability to engage in imperial aggression. So it'scertainly not dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. To some extend it's fair to call China state capitalism because of the way the public sector is set up, but Marx seemed to think that it was possible for socialism to arise from that.
>>724954 Did you miss the point about a new bourgeoisie arising? The old bourgeois didnt keep power, or get it back (which i would argue deng allowed them to but thats beside the point) the point is that the party elite becomes the new disconnected from the masses and is the new bourgeoisie, and serves the interests of their party/bureaucrat class
>>724954 They have litteral bourgeois individuals in government positions, wth are you talking about+

(61.26 KB 518x591 images (52).jpeg)
(83.02 KB 2282x1691 PicsArt_04-26-12.47.19.jpg)
Is nasakom a form of nazbol? Anonymous 07/27/2020 (Mon) 19:59:31 No. 723815 [Reply] [Last]
Nasakom is ideology that combine nasionalisme ('nationalism'), agama ('religion'), and komunisme ('communism') into a co-operative Nas-A-Kom (or Nasakom) Here's the anthem of nasakom https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8J04G3WW9Ug
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>>724095 Yeah, after that he successfully staged a coup on soekarno
(37.91 KB 686x447 images (40).jpeg)
>>723976 R u sure about that?
So, where can I find more information on Nasakom? Does anyone have some PDFs to dump?
Please tell me this isn’t weeb nazbol

(230.14 KB 720x1354 20200724_171958.jpg)
Has anyone run into this shit before Anonymous 07/24/2020 (Fri) 15:25:04 No. 715274 [Reply] [Last]
On practically any historical video on YouTube, this guy shills his shit about how Patton was right. Over a course of 3 years I have been seing this shit dozens of times. Is this some kind of organizrd shilling campaign or just a really dedicated schizo?
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>>717370 instructions unclear
>>717438 Patton in turn stated that only faggots smoke corn-cob pipes
>>724911 At least on that point he was 100% correct
>>715274 probably just a bot. If not probably some hyperschizo
It's the kind of thing where some neo-Nazi is trying to go "hey, you know this American hero you love and adore? Well he was a fascist!" and then thinking that people will go "wow gee I guess I'm a fascist too." How radical! Being a fascist in a fascist country. Maybe they always were...

(90.29 KB 1280x720 look of silence.jpg)
Anonymous 07/26/2020 (Sun) 11:27:57 No. 720409 [Reply] [Last]
Thoughts on Indonesia? In 1965-1966 one million communists was murdered by gangsters, which were supported by government and gov was supported by United States (CIA to be exact). Imagine you join union, and because of that you get tortured and brutally murderer by quartering/genital mutilation/disembowelment. None of murderers got punished, they often got into highly paid gov positions, while family of their victims would never get such a jobs. Documentary films "Look of Silence" and "Act of Killing" are describing these events and aftermath. Anyone here from Indonesia? BTW i wonder for how many genocides US is responsible
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>>722103 This. I saw a poster on 4chan /lit/ saying that the communists acted murderous through history for a reason. Because if they didn't, they'd be the ones getting murdered.
>>720720 Based
(33.64 KB 323x500 51dmg0Pq6vL.jpg)
Anyone read this?
>>724475 Listened to the author on a TrueAnon episode, read parts of the book and so far it is pretty good.
Damn i just watched the act of killing and i wont lie it was a mixed bag of being comedic in a surreal way, depressing, and then eventually i reached the end and i was just sitting in front of a screen watching an old man dry heaving when he realized what it was like to be murdered by psychotic anticommunist paramilitaries for the first time after living for decades in a psychotic form of a coping mechanism

(77.52 KB 1080x565 FB_IMG_1595900866169.jpg)
Seán Garland Virtual Summer School Anonymous 07/28/2020 (Tue) 01:51:32 No. 724812 [Reply] [Last]
From Ireland: The Seán Garland Virtual Summer School is a weekend of online talks aimed at those who will carry forward the fight for a 32 county socialist republic into the future. The talks will cover a wide range of topics of our past, our present and our future. Speakers include current Workers’ Party activists as well as comrades from abroad, offering insight into what form our struggle, the class struggle, has taken before and the form that it must take today. Join us for what is bound to be an entertaining and informative event organised by Workers’ Party Youth.
>>724812 Those the guys who put forward the Eire Nua plan?
>>724944 No, that was Provisional Sinn Fein

(140.15 KB 549x647 spanish.jpg)
Prices of Production and Imperialism Anonymous 07/27/2020 (Mon) 13:42:07 No. 722939 [Reply] [Last]
With the equalization of profit rates across all industries, you end up with products selling not at their value but at the Price of Production, meaning that the labor intensive industries that should have enormous profit rates shrink, while the capital heavy industry that should have very low profit rates have a growth in profit rate. Doesn't this equalization benefit the richer more industrialized nations due to their automated and capital heavy industry sucking up much of the equalized profits from the global souths labor heavy industries? Is this the source of modern unequal exchange?
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>>722970 From the Michael Roberts blog post I linked above: <In our view, based on the Marxian theory of unequal exchange, the transfer of value from the periphery to the imperialist countries through international trade and competition takes place because the imperialist countries have a much higher organic composition of capital. That expresses their technological superiority and delivers much higher labour productivity. The G7 economies on average are five times more technologically superior than the BRICS and so four times more productive per worker.
I might just dump this new book here as it is related to imperialism and your question: 'Monopsony Capitalism: Power and Production in the Twilight of the Sweatshop Age by Ashok Kumar <This book explores the combination of capital's changing composition and labour's subjective agency to examine whether the waning days of the 'sweatshop' have indeed begun. Focused on the garment and footwear sectors, it introduces a universal logic that governs competition and reshapes the chain. By analysing workers' collective action at various sites of production, it observes how this internal logic plays out for labour who are testing the limits of the social order, stretching it until the seams show. By examining the most valorised parts of underdeveloped sectors, one can see where capital is going and how it is getting there. These findings contribute to ongoing efforts to establish workers' rights in sectors plagued by poverty and powerlessness, building fires and collapses. With this change and a capable labour movement, there's hope yet that workers may close the gap. Review by Micheal Roberts : https://thenextrecession.wordpress.com/2020/07/05/sweatshops-and-monopsony-power-a-review/ >Kumar is a lecturer in International Political Economy at the School of Business, Economics and Informatics at Birkbeck University. His book takes us to the heart of the monopsonic capitalism globally through the value chain of cheap garments and shoes in the shops of the ‘global north’ to the sweatshops of Bangladesh and other countries under the domination of the multi-nationals. >Monopsony Capitalism argues that the garment value chain globally relies on the unequal power dynamic of many suppliers and few buyers – monopsony. The result is a low level of surplus value capture at the production phase of the supply chain, which ensures chronically low capital investment in the peripheral countries’ industry. Cheap labour and many suppliers are preserved, as opposed to the use of machinery and fewer, larger companies. Fragmentation and low capital investment in garment and footwear value chains creates low barriers to entry, resulting in bidding wars between thousands of smaller firms from around the world. Indeed, a ‘sweatshop’ can be defined as a workplace where labour has essentially no bargaining power.
>>722939 Why do think profit rates equalize ?
>>724176 Marx said they did because of competition. I never understood his logic honestly, just went with it.
>>724189 >Marx said they did because of competition. I never understood his logic honestly, just went with it. Well it doesn't actually match with empirical data https://www.researchgate.net/publication/228972851_Labour_value_and_equalisation_of_profit_rate_A_multi-country_study


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