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(263.90 KB 1280x720 agarttha.jpg)
How do we beat the Antarctic Nazis? Anonymous 10/17/2020 (Sat) 04:01:36 No. 1007565 [Reply] [Last]
We all know the Nazis found something in Antarctica. Nazi scientists were no joke, and when they landed in New Swabia they didn't even care to come back. https://www.ancient-code.com/the-hollow-earth-maps-of-the-third-reich-there-is-an-entrance-to-the-hollow-earth/ Could they have found the kingdom of Agarttha? But if they did, what about the 4,700 American soldiers that went after them? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Highjump If the US government had reason to suspect something going on there (and we can assume it might have had something to do with the remaining Nazis given the timeframe), could they have killed them off? Or been overwhelmed by their more advanced Agartthic technology? Moreover, we know that Agarttha is home to the "King of the World", meaning the Nazis might be controlling our current political climate from their underground kingdom. This would explain the sharp right-ward shift we're seeing nowadays in world politics. Should a future socialist state make efforts to send their army in search of Agarttha, and put a stop to the hidden Nazi menace?
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>Should a future socialist state make efforts to send their army in search of Agarttha, and put a stop to the hidden Nazi menace? Laughed out loud at this, thanks anon. Was feeling kind of shitty this morning.
The Nazi’s found the crashed tall blond alien spaceship but then they said “YOU. ARE. NOT. WHITE. ENOUGH!” And waved their hand and vaporised them
>>1008819 No need, it already exists. By the way, I've heard that around 30,000 Nazis might be living in Antarctica/Agarttha right now.
(20.92 KB 960x696 IMG_20201007_221453.jpg)
>>1010189 I cited articles in the OP and books in the first reply.

Have you guys seen this shit yet? Anonymous 10/16/2020 (Fri) 14:23:32 No. 1004863 [Reply] [Last]
Found out last night that the Chinese government funded the creation of an anime in 2019 about the life and achievements of Marx to help get young people interested in Marxism. It's called The Leader, it's 7 episodes long and it's extremely fucking funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0T0a_jXHiDo
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finally, something good for once. china will save anime.
>>1004863 I really like the style in the 1st pic. I wonder who's the artist. And the animation isn't always that shitty, for some reason there are moments where it looks indistinguishable from 2D.
>>1006353 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0T0a_jXHiDo You're in luck, the whole series has been fansubbed. >I'd be interested in seeing how the show portrays what Marx taught and if they have taken any Chinese liberties with the material. The series plays out as a dry biopic that covers all the events in Marx's life with scarcely any commentary on what they mean. There's hardly a hint of class anger to be found in it, and all the key concepts of Marxism (materialist conception of history, surplus value, etc.) are vague if they're mentioned at all. Plus the animation is shit. It's still worth a watch if you have the time, but Raoul Peck's The Young Karl Marx live action film is much better both as education and entertainment.
>>1007484 I was talking about this: >>1006184 Thanks anyways though.
We had discussions about "The Leader" last year. It's not really great: borked German, irritating juxtaposition of 2D and 3D, and a bit dull even if you are very interested in Marx. I think it's hard to turn someone into an anime hero who spends his life reading and writing. >extremely fucking funny I had exactly one chuckle when they showed a thing Marx was writing and it had the formatting ripped from marxists.org >>1005316 Sorry chapo fan, but I'm going through the Marx-Engels letters atm and Willich pops up in there only as a total fraud. >>1005454 >Let's be fair, it's completely impossible for them to synthesize their state ideology where the ideological figureheads are all white Pretty sure at least Mao was Asian, but anyway most people aren't that race-obsessed.

(1.33 MB 2515x3353 xi.jpg)
Anonymous 10/15/2020 (Thu) 18:13:58 No. 1001900 [Reply] [Last]
Do you trust comrade Xi?
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>>1002885 Haha nah its from the Australian Communist Party, I found the screenshot from an aus/leftypol/ thread and saved it cause their positions line up with mine https://www.auscp.org.au/acp-policy-regarding-the-peoples-republic-of-china
I support the Maoist Communist Party of China in it's struggle against revisionist semi-capitalist "government" of Xi Jinping en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maoist_Communist_Party_of_China
>>1005274 Never heard of them, what's their shtick and what are some good introductory texts of theirs?
>>1002595 Nah don't worry, Xi has studied enough of the dark arts to ward off any and all assassins.
>>1001900 Yes but it is quite early to tell though, I do respect him being one of the few major world leaders whom is openly Communist.

Who exactly is 'working class'? Am I working class? Anonymous 10/17/2020 (Sat) 03:16:02 No. 1007457 [Reply] [Last]
From what I understand, one of the main concepts in socialism is the division of society into two classes: the capitalist class and the working class (or bourgeoisie and proletariat in more Marxist sounding words). If I remember correctly, the capitalist class refers to people who earn their livelihoods through ownership of capital (businesses, real estate, stocks, etc.), while the working class refers to people who earn their livelihoods by selling their labor to capitalists (i.e. working for wages). According to socialists, the good guys are the working class while the bad guys are the capitalists. I am not currently employed, spending my time as a university student. I am financially dependent on my parents, who could probably be classified as capitalists. While I'm not familiar with the details of their finances, my parents seem to get their money from two sources: my dad's business and an inheritance from my grandfather. My dad owns a small literary agency and I think has two employees (although I am not certain about their precise relationship to the company). He doesn't seem to make much money from it though, and thus my family seems to rely, at least partially, on my grandfather's inheritance. I am not certain about the full value of my grandfather's inheritance, what it consists of, or if my parents receive any sort of passive income from it. That said, as someone who is financially dependent on them, do I automatically belong to my parents' class? I do not intend to ever work for or take over my dad's business, and I will probably become a wage laborer after I graduate from university. Also, if socialists ever take over my city/region/country, should I worry about me or my parents getting gulag'd?
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>>1007457 >Who exactly is 'working class'? Am I working class? You are an anime fag, therefore not working class. Sorry animefag. You get the bullet too. We'll give you a running start out of compassion/
There is two primary classes in capitalism, these are broad catagories, not absolute binaries. 1. Proletariat, those who have to sell their labour to a capitalist in order to live 2. Bourgoiesie, those who own the means of production and hire workers to extract profit from them There are gradations between them. Petit bourgoiesie are small bussiness owners who arent capable of living of solely hireing workers, they have to work their company themselves along with employees they hire. Capable being the key word here. If you can live off dividends purely you are not petit, even if you choose to still work there as a CEO or something. Technicalities: - Classless workers, these are people who are self employed but have no employees. This is very vague. People who sell their labour to companies in this way are just proles without rights. People who run actual bussinesses for consumers arent. - State employees: These are technically not employed by capitalists but by society and as such do not parttake in capitalist production, and as such dont have a direct stake in overthrowing the bourgoiesie. However, their interests almost always align with the proles in terms of labour laws and wage. - Lumpen: A derogatory term for people with no class concious potential and the chronically unemployed, homeless people, junkies, nazis, neets. As i explained here>>1008316 dependent children/young adults do not parttake in production and as such have no class interests in themselves. Their class interest is the same as that of the people that provide for them.
>Also, if socialists ever take over my city/region/country, should I worry about me or my parents getting gulag'd?
>>1008337 Since the evisceration of the industrial proletariat in the mid-20th century, tenant and unemployment councils have become major sources of radicalization for the masses in the imperial core. That is to say, "lumpen" doesn't carry as much derogatory weight as it used to. You should be suspicious of anyone who uses it as such anyway.
>>1011807 >Laborer >Factory or Farmland which you aren't. >cashier barrister waiter fags arent count as one. justify it. >pic confirmation bias at its finest. gender and sex are more complex than simply two different pairs of chromosomes. if you can accept the existence of intersex people how in hell can you deny the last panel.

Anonymous 10/14/2020 (Wed) 02:10:16 No. 995913 [Reply] [Last]
>Comrades, to facilitate growth from our low stage of capitalism in this war torn country, we need to implement a short-term NEP. <Omg so based >Comrades, to facilitate growth from our high stage of semi-colonialist feudalism in this war torn country, we need to implement a longer-term NEP. <OMG FUCKIN REVISIONIST NOOOO Reminder DXT is actually accurate to Mao Zedong thought. MLM, the revisionist idea of "Maoism" is incompatible with close studies of Marx, Lenin and Mao while Deng Xiaoping thought has both turned China into a world power and is actually in line with what the aforementioned actually wrote.
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(188.40 KB 640x1209 (you).png)
>>997670 >Council democracy like the USSR with worker-controlled mass organizations dominating the political majorities; worker councils. Can I get a source about this?
>>1006040 That's not an argument.
>>1006048 Nobody cares faggot

(68.05 KB 316x316 Türkiye_Komünist_Partisi.png)
(117.07 KB 723x400 Fatih Mehmet TKP.jpg)
(84.93 KB 615x410 Turkey-elections.jpg)
communism in turkey Anonymous 10/16/2020 (Fri) 10:33:32 No. 1004417 [Reply] [Last]
Very sorry for the low effort post but i just knew this now. Did you guys know that a year ago A small region in turkey elected a communist mayor?i want to know more about him Is he /our guy/? Or just another succdem?or maybe worst,an identity p*litics enthusiast
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>>1009432 if you ask me its basically epic modarate islamist gulenist bourgie supported by US vs nationalist islamist national bourg of Turkey (AKP)
>>1009513 Ben de hiçbir sik yapmıyorum sırf gazımı almak için yabancı sitelerde takılıyorum tece siyasetinden de elimi ayağımı belediye seçimlerinden beridir çektim gidip zarta zurta hakaretten 5 yıl yemenin lüzumu yok zaten bir davayı ucuz atlattım
(106.66 KB 1200x800 Naz kem gang flag.png)
Isn't there a big Hoxhaist party in Turkey?
>>1009820 That's the MLKP, yes.

Kantian socialism Anonymous 10/13/2020 (Tue) 10:59:36 No. 992363 [Reply] [Last]
It's time to face the facts and admit Marxism has failed; it's time to go back. Kant offered an ethics that served as the groundwork for many 19th century Neo-Kantian socialists. Engels strawmanned utopian socialism; picking fools like Fourier and Owen as representatives instead of the rigorous philosophy of the Kantians.
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>>992363 are u a fucking idiot. This is like saying time to go back from Dialectical Materialism to general Dialectics and then say fuck this then going back to Platonic Dialect. Kant is literally the seed that helped grow Marxism and served one of the greatest inputs for German Idealism other than Hegel
The moment you belive in Einstein the moment you are no longer a marxist, the moment you are a neo-kantian "socialist".
>>992391 What is even slightly controversial about universal truths?
>>992363 honestly i dont know why people hate his ethics. to me it makes perfect sense. its better than shitty "utilitarism" when you can justify imperialism cuz it benefits more people
>>1009635 Utilitarianism is the only rational code of ethics. The only problem arises from people lying to themselves / being lied to and making their conclusions on false data. Imperialism, through a utilitarian lense should be wrong, but if you are high on your supply of anglo colnialist ideology, you simply not see the negatives of it.

(112.86 KB 800x518 enver-hoxha-homazhe2.jpg)
News 10/16/20 News Anon 3.0 10/16/2020 (Fri) 18:02:25 No. 1005590 [Reply] [Last]
China State TV Pans Away From Xi Jinping Speech As Chinese Leader Repeatedly Coughs China's state broadcaster panned away from a coughing Xi Jinping on a number of occasions as the Chinese leader struggled to finish his sentences in the final minutes of a speech given on Wednesday. https://www.newsweek.com/china-state-media-catches-xi-jinping-coughing-speech-1539295 https://archive.is/bF928 Yazidis left out in cold following Iraqi deal to remove armed groups from Sinjar All armed groups will be expelled from the contested Sinjar region of Iraq following a "historic deal" between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).The primary aim is to end the presence of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and its affiliated armed groups in Sinjar https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/iraq-kurdish-sinjar-yazidi-deal-left-out Putin Proposes One-Year Extension of New START Treaty President Vladimir Putin on Friday proposed that Moscow and Washington extend for a year and without any conditions the last major nuclear arms reduction accord between Russia and the United States. https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2020/10/16/putin-proposes-one-year-extension-of-new-start-treaty-a71780 Chile: Lawmakers Approve Resolution To Dismiss Police Chief With 74 votes in favor, 66 against, and two abstentions, Chile's Lower House Wednesday approved a “draft resolution” whereby it asks President Sebastian Piñera to request the resignation of Mario Rozas, the director of the Military Police (Carabineros). https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Chile-Lawmakers-Approve-Resolution-To-Dismiss-Police-Chief-20201015-0007.html

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>1006112 Why are you at all surprised? I wish I could be like these kids.
>>1007913 >>1007949 are these people more left or right than Xi?
(196.52 KB 349x405 getwell.gif)
>>1008210 After glimpsing through their Wikipedia articles, here's my take: >Li Keqiang is hard left, but not to the point of being full on Maoist or anti-Deng >Wang Yang is hard right, supports more liberalization of politics and economy so this dude is Gorbachev 2.0
>>1009100 There's probably more to them than just this, but I'm lazy and it's 1am where I am so yeah

(23.49 KB 198x280 fag.jpg)
Fascist theory is shit? Anonymous 10/13/2020 (Tue) 02:44:28 No. 991209 [Reply] [Last]
I've read through leftist theory with relative ease. The Manifesto, The Conquest and Mutual Aid, The Unique, State and Revolution... Sometimes I had to re-read a paragraph, sometimes I disagreed - but it always seemed like y'know... not pulled from someone's arsehole. But when I tried to read into pic related all I saw was philosophical rambling with dubious bases and conclusions. Is my skull too thick to get it? Or is fascist theory just shit?
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>>1008836 more like spergler
>>1008836 his predictions didn't come true
>>1008873 Well it's about 2000 right now, depending upon how generous one is with the definition of "about".
>>1008881 their is no evidence that liberal capitalist countries will move to use extraconstutuional measures in the imperial core, they are perfectly fine as the world exists today. Look at how they crushed the yellow vests and george floyd protests. They don't need strongman.
>>1008836 Everyone ays that he was the funniest Ghostbuster, but I prefered Ray Stantz.

Another evil era Anonymous 10/16/2020 (Fri) 22:09:09 No. 1006419 [Reply] [Last]
Anyone else remember when they had history class as a child and had this post-history feel, as if all bad things are in the past and now we live in this special era, where people are reasonable and all problems are clear cut and all bad guys are obvious. Yes, this might have been due to being a child, but reading about the past it felt like "this is obviously bad, why did people let it come to this?" Well, it just hit me we live in another epoch like that. If we pretend humanity will live on for another hundred years to declare what is happening right now history, just like we declared the Third Reich for example history, this epoch will be one of where Westerners white washed their history to present themselves as more good than they actually are (just look at the US and and its past few decades), believed Western propaganda doesn't exist (LOL), created a global system of capitalist exploitation that explicitly cripples nations in the Third World to sustain the wealth in the West while simultaneously believing that this came to be because people from these regions are just innately inferior, but being polite enough to not explicitly say it (besides social rejects who have nothing to lose), overthrowing governments, funding terrorism and waging endless proxy wars under the guise of freedom and democracy, when it's actually about acquiring resources, setting up military bases to surround & intimidate enemies and replacing foreign heads of states with ones that will bow to Western demands. Then the inhabitants of these mangled countries try to flee their undeserved fate, immigrating to Europe and they get demonized and attacked over having been randomly born as something and somewhere that was out of their control, just like Westerners undeservedly were born into a wealthy life (compared globally) and they don't even know why the Middle East and Africa are the way they are which makes the average Westerner highly susceptible to right wing propaganda. I'm not saying anything special here. You guys know all of that. It's just that it hit me that we still live in an unjust world and I feel like the only thing that ever advances is technology, but not this species and its characteristics. You might say we still live in a less violent era, but I don't think the world has become less cruel. I think cruelty has merely become more intelligent. Just like how warfare has become more intelligent. You don't enslave people and house them in a hut across your plantation. You place the countries you had colonized in an economic headlock and put them in a position where they are grateful for scraps and to work for next to nothing. You declare slavery illegal but create a systems that funnels the most vulnerable people of your society into crime and quick incarceration, to make them work for nothing in prison. You don't ram a bayonet into your enemie's heart but you sit in an air-conditioned room and drone strike a family who weren't terrorists after all. Whoopsies! Thank God nobody in your country gives a shit though. Just more collateral damage.
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>>1008358 At the Western Front it was less of an “OH WOW INDUSTRIALIZATION” but more that a lot of generals had their heads up their asses about honor and valor and many were prepared to fight a Napoleonic War despite such conflicts being a century out of date (the smart generals had studied the American Civil War and Crimean War to get a picture of industrial combat, but even then these sideshows were a far cry from WWI). To make matters worse, unlike the tech of WWII which was perfectly designed for swift maneuver warfare (the real long battles were typically urban sieges rather than drawn out trench combat); the tech of WWI was just good enough to kill millions and create the zig-zagging trenches, but not enough to actually break the stalemate. Interestingly a comic book called Uber puts it best, imo; the tank in WWI was a novelty, it was THE tank; whereas in WWII they were just “tanks”.
>>1006419 One you understand the depths and capability of human cruelty, it's a tad more bearable.
>>1008603 It turned me into a misanthrope with a nihilistic humour.
>>1008474 >the smart generals had studied russo Japanese war 10 years in 1905 earlier was basically the best indicator and many military observers who went there basically predicted the conditions of the next war based on their observations there. a lot of foreign observers were among the troops and general staffs of both sides and they wrote a lot of manuals and memoirs about it. No higher ups read or listened to them though ironically enough
>>1008474 Good points, but AFAIK there was no conservative adverse reaction to the new hardware from the generals. The tried to both eat the cake and have it.


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