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(123.35 KB 1400x950 Obmam.jpg)
Why should I hate Obama? Anonymous 07/24/2020 (Fri) 13:37:51 No. 715096 [Reply] [Last]
19 year old here, was too young to really form an opinion on Obama during his actual presidency, and since getting more involved in politics as I've gotten older, I've noticed that left wing people seem to really hate Obama. I've read about the potential war crime things which I agree are fucked up, but beyond that I don't see where people have a problem. I'm not here to argue with anyone, just want genuine explanations of why I shouldn't like Obama.
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>>725425 >Party Platforms You're aware that the parties are in absolutely no sense obligated to follow their platforms, right? And, as a point of fact, they rarely do. The 2012 Democratic platform was to the left of the 2008 Democratic platform. Was Obama's second term to the left of his first? Do you honestly believe Hillary would have governed significantly to the left of Obama? That's why libs that cry about "B-BUT BERNIE'S GOING TO PULL THE DEMOCRATIC PLATFORM TO THE LEFT" are either sheepdogging or delusional. It's getting a chronic, frivolous liar to make a public vow they are under no obligation to actually keep. Completely pointless.
(11.28 KB 220x378 congrats.png)
>>725342 >I usually despise class reductionism, but liberal idpol is so fucking cancerous Congratulation you are starting to gain class consciousness, very soon you will understand why there is no such thing as "class-reductionism" that's just a speech-stick to beat leftists.
>>725342 >The GOP won by doing the calvin coolidge thing and just refusing to pass any bill or Obama or his party proposed unless they absolutely had to until they just gave up. don't forget there was a dem majority in both houses for the first 2 years and there is literally no excuse whatsoever as to why nothing except bailing out the banks got done during that time >oh but muh filibusters well he shouldn't have fucking demobilised the grassroots then? maybe the dems wouldn't have lost the majority if he did something other than sit on his ass and piss away his term waiting for the rep filibuster to end. but then again you can't expect anything approaching actual effective politics from a cunt who actually believes in the broken system of government that is in charge of the united states. fuck him
>>725399 >MLK's biggest mistake was forging a broad, moderate movement that capitalism could accommodate and infiltrate, ultimately rendering it little more than a rubber stamp for corporate diversity programs. We need another Malcolm X. you have a leftcom flag on, you should know your recuperation theory. MLK's biggest mistake was not making the movement explicitly anticapitalist, considering he succeeded in nothing except helping the uncle toms into positions from where they can defend and uphold the racist system. the fact that he is not criticised for his idealism from the left is honestly a mystery to me, though in his defence he was starting to see through all the bullshit towards the end of his life. probably why they killed him i guess
>>726278 lib retardation mostly stems from their complete ignorance of a need to maintain a grassroots to keep politicians honest. >oh but we elected him, job done no you absolute retards, first day after your candidate is sworn in you go and you protest outside his office to implement the shit that he promised to do, and you escalate if he refuses to. if you don't do it the lobbyists will, except exchanging the grassroots protest for a bag of money for the re-election campaign.

China Nuance Thread. Sage#+GbZOp 07/28/2020 (Tue) 13:46:20 No. 725676 [Reply] [Last]
Only Nuance posts allowed in this thread. Posting something without Nuance makes you glow in the dark and a threat to the working class. In every post, you must contain one good thing and one bad thing about China. No more, no less, one each, or glow. I'll start: China has a planned economy, it is currently the only fully developed economy on earth which could easily make an about turn and tackle climate change, and there is some evidence they are doing so, what with the electrification of buses and so on. Without a top down planned economy, that switch is going to be very difficult. However, China props up Duterte in the Phillipines and Duterte is an idiot who murders communists.
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>>726617 Idealism
>>726641 reactionary
>>726575 Your point being
>>726794 stfu op

(56.29 KB 360x220 mass-surveillance.jpg)
Anonymous 07/28/2020 (Tue) 18:14:08 No. 726324 [Reply] [Last]
bumplocked: excessive sectarianism, assuming board consensus, repeating state anti-communist propaganda, repeating state warmongering anti-China propaganda. Holy fucking shit, tankies are so fucking annoying, they CONSTANTLY defend oppresive, neo-nazi regimes like China and do nothing but sit on their asses and Larp all day while actual anarchists go out on the streets and fight cops. You fucking buffoons are the reason why the left is so shitty, you disgusting tankie scum advocate for oppressive totalitarian regimes that LITERALLY IMPRISON MUSLIMS IN LITERAL MOTHERFUCKING GULAGS and you fuckers always shit on trans folk, muslims, and other people who don't align with your batshit insane retarded socially awkward ideas, ou eat up the cold war propaganda and the ideology which killed 100 million people, and throw out actual socialism. You backstabbed socialism back in kronstadt, free state of ukraine, cnt-fai, rojava, and you fucking idiots even masturbate to Napoleon of all non-communists and the french revolution whos government was LITERALLY FUCKING RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FUCKING DESTRUCTION OF THE PARIS COMMUNE, THE ONLY FORM OF SOCIALISM IN FUCKING FRANCE OF ALL PLACES GODDAMNIT. You would crush these attempts at socialism all so you could keep masturbating to your bolshevik romanticism which has been responsible for the deaths of millions, hell im pretty sure you guys would even defend Nazi germany and Imperial Japan because "tHe nuTsEes hAd soCiAlIsm iN thEiR nAmE" or "jaPaN stOOd uP to amEriCaN iMpEriAlisM". You fuckers have reduced anything related to socialism to the following: -Maturbating to dickheads like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol pot and defending their genocidal tendancies -LARPing as communists online on your fat ass despite not even having a job or even being anything other than clueless 14 year olds in a cult -Celebrating the transformation of Backwards europeen feudal monarchies into the same thing but with a red flag -Literal Red fascism -SUpporting imperialism but with a red flag -Supporting a small group of people with all the power but thats ok because its not america If youre ever going to establish socialism, stop doing those things and go out, and fight for a collective rule, where the people have control over everything, not a fucking death cult of tankies with mommy issues. You're retarded vanguard and whatever other bullshit you looooooove to propogate has lead to the deaths of millions, ask anyone under communism what it was like, and before you bring out the "bUt wE dEveLopEd thEm" argument, which is really retarded since it's literally fascist, imperialist talking points, which further prooves your innate fascism you dumbass shitheads. Not only that, but you also tend to shit on minorities (trans folk, muslims, lgbt, etc.) all under the guise of being against "seCreTarIan iDeniTy poLiTicS" or "rAdiCaL iSlaM" because the population of afghanistan didn't like being exterminated by the soviets, or uyghurs not likeing complete racial hegemony put against them. It's also really funny to see you flounder around with no sources or arguments to stuff that are said against you, so you have to screech "CIA CIA CIA NOOOOOOOO!" to make yourself seem like the good guy for standing up to the ebil cia, I would rather support the CIA or any other fascists over you if it weren't for the fact that they are literally the textbook definition of you assholes. For example, the HK protests are literally protesting for HK to be free and not be under the hegemony under a red stae capitalist red fascist neo nazi country that is literally improsoning more than 4 milllion uyghurs a day in literal slave labour camps.

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Edited last time by antious666 on 07/28/2020 (Tue) 18:44:53.
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>>726324 Either this glows or is bait, we stay rent free in your head, liberal. Keep i agreeing and have sex sometimes.
(22.43 KB 500x726 castrO.jpeg)
>>726324 >Fidel Castrate really ? saged
(174.95 KB 511x963 (you).png)
(202.06 KB 511x1059 (you).png)

(14.16 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
Tragedy of Darth Soros the Wise Anonymous 07/24/2020 (Fri) 09:38:44 No. 714815 [Reply] [Last]
>>714815 nice shitpost op
(111.50 KB 640x584 mq3yvgrtawa41.jpg)
>>714815 a thread died for this

Is Star Wars creating generations of radicals? Anonymous 07/10/2020 (Fri) 18:44:59 No. 680205 [Reply] [Last]
I've been trying to watch all of Star Wars in order and right now I'm on the animated series 'Rebels' and I got to say this stuff is amazing propaganda. The main characters are essentially terrorists, running around blowing up random empire stuff. Clone wars was surprisingly very political. Theres at least 65,000 star wars fans in the USA dedicated enough to show up to a 2019 convention. Why don't we take a page from that ukrainian soccer fan club turned military wing and mobilize 'The Rebels' We can probably even get John Boyega to join the ranks. Maybe we should use a lot of laser pointers too. Maybe it would just be helpful to use Star Wars to educate people on theory. >It might be easier to unite a preexisting fanbase under leftism than create a new group probably some other fanbases we can hijack too
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>>726109 the prequels were about a civil war. the OT was about imperialism. the sequels are just retarded disneyshit that should be ignored. next question
(35.90 KB 305x457 hipster book.jpg)
>>726118 Oh, I should emphasize >devastated PRINTED genre fiction Every other medium; film, TV, radio, comics, vidya, etc., has only sporadically and occasionally produced or adapted anything vaguely conforming to even the loosest definition of the softest SF. This is something that goes well beyond '80s SFX-heavy blockbusters like Star Wars, clear back through cheezy drive-in B movies raping SF in the 1950s parallel to the Golden Age of SF, through the serials of the 1930s raping pulp novels, to theatrical stageplays in the 1800s raping penny dreadfuls.
>>724657 This is such self-fellating bullshit. They're patting each other on the back for something that is absolutely inane. >muh sounds in space Yes, everyone fucking knows this. Even if they didn't why would it matter? Its a film about a distant space war, not a NASA training documentary. 99% of people on earth will never come close to space travel in the next 100 years, so why would such a little detail matter. Hell They protray Lucas as some sort of bad person for not giving them the "no sound" when his explanation essentially states that it is out of his hands. Lucas explained this well when he was talking about Soviet cinema being more free. And hell you can even make an excuse, the Death-stars had internal gravity and atmosphere and were the size of moons. Their detonation would likely cause a massive spread of their materials in a wide explosion that would send particles everywhere and into the surrounding spaceships, where they would impact them and transfer what can be interpreted as sound.
>>726109 >aimed at marketing toys. Nope. The films came way before the toy marketing. Remember that the Ewoks were from the 3rd film.
>>722485 Not the same thing really

(258.89 KB 720x686 sourcesnpc.png)
Don't ask for sources anymore Anonymous 07/28/2020 (Tue) 14:34:56 No. 725798 [Reply] [Last]
Everytime some liberal or leftist asks me for sources and I give them the sources they instantly go "nah its shit" or "hah thats some neo nazi white nationalist jew gasser try again buddy". So why don't you either stop asking for sources or actually start using your brains and understanding whats being said without needing some biased scientific authority to tell you how to think?
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>>726693 But neither are capable of doing so objectively or impartially. What sort of low rent natsoc are you? For shame.
Poe's Law's a shit
>>725855 Hey mods, why were they banned for this post?
>>733079 Well I’m stupid
>>733079 Never mind

Anonymous 07/28/2020 (Tue) 12:15:11 No. 725546 [Reply] [Last]
Do tankies even care about the working class? To me they just seem to want to establish an authoritarian slave society to get rid of muh ebil markets.
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>>725546 >>725554 Die sectarian glowfags, be banned and never return please
>>726210 >looks at successful pussy liberal hippie "nonviolent anarchist" revolutions that have ever existed Oh that's right there fucking arent any
>>726004 Based janny

(347.22 KB 720x430 Capture.PNG)
Anonymous 07/27/2020 (Mon) 15:34:11 No. 723149 [Reply] [Last]
Labor aristocrats are just as bad as their porky overlords. they will fight in the interests of porky against the poor to protect their higher standard of living above the serfs. The owner class uses them as a bulwark against the poor.
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>>724806 Anyone who goes to school instead of going down the pit at age 4 is basically Elon Musk.
>>723150 Having successful self employed among the Lower labor aristocracy is both right and wrong. But anyway it is interesting. And you can be part of multiple classes. It is possible to be both an apartment owner and an unemployable.
>>723150 Where are actors?
(113.99 KB 550x749 lucky_ducky.png)
>>723151 >>723193 >unironic maotism turd worldism

(8.00 KB 186x271 errico malatesta.jpg)
Anonymous 07/27/2020 (Mon) 06:59:55 No. 722403 [Reply] [Last]
what is wrong with anarchism? why not become one of us anon?
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>>722443 >Because they're like animals You say this like it's a bad thing, anon. >>722471 >things that never happened.
>>725498 go back to /pol/ or some shit you nazbol subhuman
>>722443 you're all animals!
>>725559 It IS a bad thing...
>>722403 anarchists get trigged by my collection of Soviet flags, the lines have already been drawn

(452.46 KB 1200x630 Theory_OG.jpg)
(20.10 KB 298x456 9781786805157.jpg)
Capital Study Guide Anonymous 07/18/2020 (Sat) 12:04:18 No. 699588 [Reply] [Last]
In this thread, I will go over Marxist Economist Harry Cleaver's study guide to reading capital. http://la.utexas.edu/users/hcleaver/357k/357ksg.html Cleaver was/is a retired american Marxist economist. I think he's some sort of autonomist or something. He's also the author of the book 'reading capital politically' which covers similar themes. I will go over and post my reactions to this work in order and quote it. since the catalog is low on theory heavy threads (other than the cybersoc thread) I figure this will be a good addition
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>>705365 do it yourself: https://ebook2pdf.com/ still won't be a print replica, though
Pls no. Anglo-marxists get shit wrong (Harvey, this guy, Kliman). Read Cockshott (him and Michael Roberts the only fine anglos) or frenchies, even Michael Heinrich.
>>725610 isnt cockshott an anglo tho? do scots count?
(19.55 KB 626x650 drop.png)
>>725655 don't take this seriously, it's just meme essentialism


no cookies?