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(1.98 MB 2200x1485 VAPORGRAM1595620831679.jpg)
Will there be a civil war? Anonymous 07/30/2020 (Thu) 01:39:16 No. 731748 [Reply] [Last]
Literally we are seeing a something very similar to what happened in Spain during the 1930s
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>>733314 >>733317 You are lucky the word filter has your back bitchboy
>>733314 >faggots like you projecting
>>733326 He mad he can't get sex
>>733334 Some cunt stole my quints, I'll him
>>733337 Why can't I say kill?

(180.89 KB 683x1024 mL1285_1024x1024.jpg)
DDR Jerk-Off Thread Anonymous 07/30/2020 (Thu) 14:41:56 No. 732757 [Reply] [Last]
>ITT: Post images from the DDR and interesting fact or resources on the country The DDR was certainly one of the most interesting and prosperous Warsaw Pact countries.Their military was also considered to be one of the best in the Warsaw Pact as well, from what I have heard.
(954.52 KB 1622x2048 DDR says trans rights.png)

(7.20 KB 251x201 35475.png)
IS LEFTIST ECONOMICS BULLSHIT? Anonymous 07/28/2020 (Tue) 18:48:31 No. 726502 [Reply] [Last]
Guys, I'm really worried about the state of leftist (marxian and postkeynsian) economics today. Not only is it frowned upon by mainstream economics (well, there's nothing surprising about that), but it's almost absent in the academia as a whole. And that's a bad sign for a theory. Yes, there's ideology, class stuggle etc., but in liberal capitalist countries there's no force, which could make these theories practically non-existent in academia. For example, marxism is considered to be acceptable and is well-represented in sociology, political science, philosophy etc., but it's a rare bird in economic departments. How come? Should we ditch our economic theories?
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>>726516 >america >at the forefront of humanity lel
>>726502 We dont even have any economics besides computers will calculate everything n shiet.
>>726805 > Somalia has done very well for itself in the 15 years since its government was eliminated I cannot believe saying that living under warlords is saying there is no government
>>726516 Ah the best part of this thread was when this absolute retard with was raped left and right here Funny that retards like this still think economics is a science but offer a subjective theory of value with no basis in reality as the main tenet of their system.

(37.98 KB 1200x545 helicopter drone.jpg)
(143.19 KB 2000x1333 3 blind pigs.jpg)
toys Anonymous 07/26/2020 (Sun) 23:16:56 No. 721854 [Reply] [Last]
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
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>>722930 after every nation on earth chimed in also a few tweaks in strat and pr and...
>>722858 The feds literally have weapons designed to shoot down drones what are you talking about.
(80.87 KB 500x500 1527928429264.jpg)
>>722858 hahaha ebin helicopters :DD
>>731752 maybe its just bc i'm autistic and feel the need to inconsequentially correct peopel, but if you think the feds are competent enough to prevent people being assassinated by drones BEFORE a credible attempt (like, front-page NYT "trump attacked with drone" headline lever) is made then you are operating under a delusion that they are far more competent than they actually are. here is a national security threat they had months to prepare for: covid. if trump went on TV in february wearing a mask and said "everyone, the chinese, they're sending a new virus. i tried to stop them, i told them, 'you cant be eating this, the bats, you cant keep eating them, you just cant,' but they didn't listen to me, and now, look at whats happening over in wuhan, look at what theyre doing there." the feds are actually incompetent. the japanese, south koreans, hongkies, and taiwanese are just as capitalistic as the US but theyre also substantially less retarded so they put cloth over their mouths for a month and basically skipped the part where the entire economy shut down and hundreds of thousands of people died. there are smart people working for the feds and i'm sure theres someone with half a brain who says "we should strap a gun to the same software that tennis networks use to review whether balls land in or out of court and use these to shoot down quadcopters that try to assassinate people" and i assure you that person's boss is a retarded boomer who watches fox news and secretly suspects his subordinate of being effeminate because he received too many participation trophies growing up
>>723146 >it's probably easier to use paintballs and a rubber sling to make riot-gear-visors dirty. that's even harder to aim with from a rc copter even before windy conditions, unless you are planning to fly right up in their faces to fire or something tbh i was toying around with an idea of installing a spray can on a copter to go spray over cctvs and deface billboard ads. seems like that has a lot more potential than trying to make it into an offensive weapon against cops

/Christ/ Thread Anonymous 07/19/2020 (Sun) 18:00:26 No. 703541 [Reply] [Last]
Imposing an ideology on a dead pseudo-mythical religious icon is a little retarded I know. But occasionally you stumble across shit like this: "no one can serve two masters: Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money. Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?…" and numerous other quotes in relation to decadence. What are your thoughts on Christ? If positive, do you think co-opting christian themes and imagery would be productive in largely religious nations like Burgerstan?
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>>729351 yes. but they're not very significant. I mean the most significant of them that i know of are the catholic workers (who used to be made up of anarchists and socialists - but maybe not so much anymore) and people affiliated w/ Mark Van Steenwyk and his community of mennonites. Although again, not very significant
>>729380 a joke of an economic system that no one ever took seriously
>>715703 NT has some gems too though, like >any land that doesn't accept christ will be sodom and gomorrah'd (mark 6:11) >jews are devils! (john 8:44) >gentiles are devils! (1 cor 10:20) >slaves should obey their masters (eph 6:5) >non-believers should be completely shunned (romans 16:17) (2 john 10) >christians can judge everything but can't be judged themselves (1 cor 2:15) >submit to authority (romans 13:1)
>>715703 The Old Testament is metal though
>>729351 Bruderhof are self described "Christian socialists"

(10.01 KB 320x158 RIP.jpg)
Michael Brooks is dead Anonymous 07/20/2020 (Mon) 23:38:27 No. 706308 [Reply] [Last]
Michael Brooks is dead. No matter your opinion on him, he was most definitely a fellow traveler and a strong anti-imperialism. Made a nice 20 minute video about thomas Sankara and shit Lets say goodbye to him in this thread https://twitter.com/LukewSavage/status/1285348747283697665 Some songs I associate with lefties dying. When Palme died this song was played. When my Grandmas brother who was a trade unionist died it was sung as well. Its a version of gracias a la vida in Swedish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMY1dbDwFt4 some other songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oday_Fc-Gc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DeSwK5fkTs

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>720272 it's hard to say no in those situations, even for normie girls. i gave soft and polite nos and when they weren't respected i didn't know what to do and kind of 2/3rds froze and 1/3 went along with it. i didn't really think of it as rape at the time, just bad sex that was bad because i didn't want it and was being violated. but i just accepted it as normal and how things were and what i & all women would have to tolerate if we wanted to date men at all. until one time there was a guy who respected my soft nos and i was really surprised and realised things had been really fucked up until then. >>719988 >>720279 you're being a huge creep. stop envying rapists. you're saying that all that keeps you from raping someone is anxiety. that makes you no better than them. idk if you're purposefully trying to be hurtful but you sure do sound like it. they were all people i was interested in, so at least nice enough persons that if a rape victim told them about her experience they would not do all they humanly could to open all the old wounds and make it as bad for her as they could.
>>724499 I'm not trying to be mean, sorry if it came of as that. I genuinely get upset from reading accounts of sex/rape and can’t stop obsessing for hours about what nearly everyone except me gets to experience. I couldn't do it without anxiety either because the smallest sign of rejection would make me feel bad. I am also burdened by some notion of justice were I can’t really harm someone who was nice to me. But anyway I find it baffling how you defend someone who did something bad to you because they convinced themselves they did nothing wrong and think that is somehow less bad than someone who may or may not have done the same in a hypothetical situation. Like guilt is determined by how guilty you feel. And I'm sorry but if they would go as far as to use you for sex to feel really good despite you showing unwillingness they are not really nice, you are just a poor judge of character. Being attracted to someone probably makes one retroactively think of them as nice. The reason they would not "open up wounds" is because there is nothing to gain from it and they are socially skilled. But these types of men are always popular with women.
>>707755 Remember that Michael Brooks was part of the Jimmy Dore crew and MB split when the whole Russia Gate thing. Jimmy was treated like a nuts guy for not buying the Obama lies. Time vindicated Jimmy, but I think this is a scar where Jimmy put his line. In the deep Jimmy is really radical, even among leftists.
>>726404 >Michael Brooks was part of the Jimmy Dore crew When was this? He's been Seder's little bully toady against Dore for ages.
(23.88 KB 786x159 The only proof.PNG)
>>726494 Sorry, buddy, they deleted all links, videos, caches, even edited the Wikipedia to cut all on-line links between them - just like MB did with his videos peddling the russiagate. Jimmy was really humiliated by this little cunt, and dared to compare JD like a toxic lunatic. MB even did a video about the Lava Jato case in Brazil where it was out of context everything MB took in his YouTube channel video. The thing was that Glenn Greenwall was promoting the prize among the Lava Jato case in Brazil for fighting the corruption, although it was later on used as a lawfare excuse, where Dilma and Lula later on were splashed, in the end it wasn't Jimmy's fault he went too cozy in the thing, it was Glenn for not pointing to Jimmy that the case started to being used in the Whole Latin America continent against leftists politicians. The platitude of MB was beyond belief, instead of educating Jimmy in the theme correctly politely, he took the cunty stance like looking him from above. >Pic related: The only proof they were once together - Wikipedia cache in google search.

(10.48 KB 250x300 keynes.jpg)
Anonymous 07/18/2020 (Sat) 09:29:25 No. 699448 [Reply] [Last]
Hey leftypol, I just want to ask the leftypol explanation as to why a large part of white collar office workers in the western world are working fuck all hours during their time at work? A lot of IT workers, administrators, accountants, logistics managers, etc are doing 3 hours of actual work a day. At first I thought it was a humblebrag, a way of people bragging about how easy their jobs are, but I just seen it too much, and then I started seeing it in person and I couldn't believe the amount of time people in those circles just don't do any work. I don't think there's anything inherent in the work that justifies it either, because it's not universal. And in the third world, those jobs are often the most grinding and brutal, just look at the work schedule IT workers in China have to keep to, the 996 system, 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. And the ones brought into the west into the same areas don't seem to get the same luxury, they're treated like workhorses while the locals sign out early and often dick around. I personally as a blue collar worker feel like a fucking moron for working so hard all my life, and I'm quitting to train in either logistics, accounting or IT so I can get paid to shitpost online like my friends and family do. My sister manages an accounting office and she straight up tells me there's nothing she can do to stop her workers from browsing facebook all day. And this is Worley Parsons, not some backwards firm in the middle of nowhere. The usual explanation I've got from other websites is either supply or demand or an arrogant brag about how smart and productive western white collar workers are. But neither seem to hold true. The top end of the blue collar workers like fire safety technicians are in short supply on the level of many of these white collar workers, but they've still never been able to leverage themselves into a position where they can fuck around all day. I doubt it's skill and productivity either, because a lot of those white collar workers in foreign countries are hitting the industry with tiger parents, especially in India, China and South East Asia. I'm willing to bet Raj who was made to study programming 2 hours a day from 10-18 is a lot more skilled than the low level IT workers in the west, for example. Keynes was right, we can be working 3-5 hour days, but this luxury is only being given to certain workers in certain parts of the world. What would Marx say about this?
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>>717814 >The university as an institution, and its own perpetuation, means that bosses have no choice but to bend over. It's much harder to whip a computer programmer the way you would whip some service worker to move faster. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_company_(Japanese_term)#:~:text=A%20black%20company%20(%E3%83%96%E3%83%A9%E3%83%83%E3%82%AF%E4%BC%81%E6%A5%AD,exploitative%20sweatshop%2Dtype%20employment%20system. >While the term "sweatshop" is associated with manufacturing, and the garment trade in particular, in Japan black companies are not necessarily associated with the clothing industry, but more often with office work. Even in a developed country like Japan, there's ways to do it. The most common way being like in the solicitor post above, just keep on piling up work for them to do. Yes, some IT work where they're just on standby in case something breaks will necessitate them having a lot of free time. Everyone beelines right to the IT worker example, but there's logistics workers, administrators, accountants, statisticians, lawyers etc. There are easy as fuck ways to get these people working if the willpower is there.
>>717447 temporary foreign workers are happy with what they get because it's a lot relative to their domestic prices
>>702384 >telegraph
I think its a sign of the falling rate of profit. There isn't any profitable work to do, so the investments get riskier, bigger and more and more often there simply isn't any profitable work to do.
>>731871 how can we exacerbate this problem?

(31.88 KB 640x640 s-l640.jpg)
Anonymous 07/30/2020 (Thu) 01:52:01 No. 731758 [Reply] [Last]
Bring a crossbow to the protest. >they make no noise >do lots of damage >easy to use
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(45.00 KB 865x452 justin.jpg)
>>731896 >>731899 I stand corrected.
>>731854 When was the last time you or anyone dodged a fucking bullet?
>>731854 Was caught by surprise, if he actually tried he would dodge it matrix style
(84.27 KB 680x680 michailidis.jpg)
one step ahead of you fam.

(692.66 KB 1800x1800 age_of_consent.jpg)
Anonymous 07/29/2020 (Wed) 07:17:21 No. 728766 [Reply] [Last]
What age of consent would you, as a socialist, advocate for?
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>>731794 Did you even read the post or bothered to understand what I am trying to say? Counter revolution and societal ills are two seperate issues. First one mostly comes from the outside, which is why one still needs to have an intelligence agency. NOTE: intelligence agency, not an Orwellian death squad that lives rent free in your head. The second issue, that of crime, means that a police service, as well as an FBI-esque federal crime service is also necessary, and that idea to completely let internet run free will only create a safe space for any illegal activity. Sorry if that disappoints you, brave hackerbro. (If you want to say something about "no crime under socialism", see previous post). Most modern "democratic" countries already have all of this. So please, oh great sage, tell me where I advocated for deathsquads and slave labour.
>>732234 >Laws have different standards for different situations Today I learned that because we have hypocritical bullshit laws in some respects we should accept them in all respects. >The fact that you have to attempt to trot out a 2003 study to refute modern research Today I also learned that studies stop being valid after a certain point. Or just whenever some feminist hag jealous of her younger and more attractive competition publishes some made-up bullshit and calls it research. Clearly we should have the FDA mandating expiration dates for academic learning material so I don't accidentally read a spoiled textbook and get sick on it and then puke all over your fucking gay post. I wonder what excuse you'd make if this thread was happening in 2003.
>>734362 >Clearly we should have the FDA mandating expiration dates for academic learning material so I don't accidentally read a spoiled textbook and get sick on it and then puke all over your fucking gay post. I don't even agree with your post, but this para is highly memeworthy. Save'd for nefarious purposes
>>734362 >feminist hag >pedophile
This thread dumb, y not make scientists discuss it lol

(423.63 KB 1920x1080 USSR Olympic game.jpg)
Today I learned: USSR had small business. Anonymous 07/28/2020 (Tue) 20:42:06 No. 726807 [Reply] [Last]
Today I learned that until Nikita Khrushchev became premier of Soviet Union, USSR had small and medium enterprises. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artel Thoughts and ideas? Why did Stalin allow it? Why did Kruschev stopped it?
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>>729030 basically this artels weren't "small businesses," they were worker co-ops for the production of light goods. their gradual liquidation wasn't the best idea since it left a lot of demand for goods which didn't get much focus, compared to heavy industry; a premature decision (since they didn't have the material ability to just get rid of artisan/craftsmen shops and take over effectively), it was one of the factors for black market growth in the 60s-70s
>>729065 Ban this fucking shit script already, not an argument.
>>729146 Is there any good reasonto get rid of the artisan/craftsman class anyway? They don't generally own means of production and hire others to work it for them, what they own is what they use themselves to practice their craft. Collectivizing this just gives more opportunity to people to try said craft for themselves as well, but what is the point of getting rid of dedicated artisans, if someone wants to be that what is wrong with it?
i don't see an issue with people collaborating on creating goods and selling them, when they start to have bosses it becomes an issue
Define small business, having little shops like Vladimir's eatery/bar or tommy's cigarette dispensery and grill isn't exactly bad if under proper state provisions


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