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Anonymous 07/02/2020 (Thu) 14:57:09 No. 661184 [Reply] [Last]
#BREAKING: Jeffrey Epstein confidante, British socialite and heiress Ghislaine Maxwell, has been arrested by the FBI https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/ghislaine-maxwell-arrested-jeffrey-epstein-aide/2495762
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Someone called every single number in Epstein's Black Book (supposedly) https://archive.is/Fn34V
Ghislaine Maxwell's 2016 deposition transcript will be unsealed https://archive.is/4zehV ==Jeffrey Epstein Spent His Final Days Whining About Bullying== Pedos are always a result of some kind of childhood trauma or damage. https://archive.is/ALfPN
(118.22 KB 271x271 puff.png)
>>1024241 >456-page document
https://twitter.com/TrueAnonPod Brace is also going through it, if you're really lazy like me

(49.75 KB 800x800 Republican party logo.png)
What do you think will become of the Republican party post-Trump? Anonymous 10/17/2020 (Sat) 07:50:34 No. 1008195 [Reply] [Last]
Trump seems to have essentially hijacked the Republican party, makes its ideology be whatever he believes. Once he's out of office (which seems quite likely to be soon give recent polls), the question becomes, what sort of ideology will Republicans embrace? The Republican party is currently facing a demographic crisis, in which many of the demographic groups most loyal to them (whites, evangelicals, boomers) are shrinking, while many of the demographic groups most loyal to their opposition (non-whites, irreligious people, millennials and zoomers) are growing. There's really 2 ways I could see them try to address this demographic crisis: 1. Change their platform to make it more appealing to non-whites, irreligious people, and young people. 2. Pursue policies that reduce the influence of nonwhites, irreligious people, and young people, while magnifying the influence of whites, religious people, boomers, and their political donors. While Republicans don't seem to have pursued option 1 much, they have noted that it might be a good idea, most notably in the 2013 RNC Autopsy. I am honestly sure how they would go about pursuing such a strategy in practice. There's also the possibility that pandering more to non-whites and irreligious people could alienate their base, creating a lose-lose situation for the party. Nevertheless, this could help maintain the long term viability of the party; the question is whether or not the party and/or its donors want to pursue such a strategy. Trump and some of his Republican predecessors seem to have pursued option 2, but I would argue it is a very dangerous option. It would require the effective disenfranchisement of large swaths of the American population, and could potentially lead to fascism or something close to it (perhaps Russian-style illiberal democracy). If the strategy fails, it could lead to the permanent destruction of the Republican party. So what do you think the Republican party will look like after Trump is gone?
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(96.16 KB 960x540 image.jpg)
(181.70 KB 684x760 43298573489578.png)
(613.52 KB 950x514 Patrick Bateman header.png)
>>1023538 >I see 1950s style conformity on the horizon Maybe but you don't get the 1950s-style conformity without World War II, because 1950s culture was still a militarized culture in a lot of ways, and military culture is by definition a conformist culture. Flight attendants in the 1950s dressed like air force cadets. It's funny to look at changing fashion trends if you follow the industry... Brooks Brothers declared bankruptcy recently which was one of the labels the alt-right clowns were into -- also Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. Was looking at a Twitter thread by a photographer in Toronto who photographs empty storefronts. "Businesses that appear healthy: cannabis stores (a number ‘opening soon’) and tattoo parlours. Escape and individualism remain healthy." https://twitter.com/talawallah/status/1317163578449891339
more fake populism and josh hawley at the helm
>>1023623 >Tattoos >Individualism I can't wait for capitalism to be over so this bogus "individualism" can die already.
>>1023544 So what are they going to do to keep leftists out if they grow more in popularity? >Look at what they did to Bernie in 2016 and 2020 Bernie did not have as much popular support as the competition. What will they do if a leftist candidate wins the most votes in a primary?
>>1023766 >bernie did not have as much popular support as the competition this is what people don't want to accept, as crooked as the dnc is bernie never had a chance. there's just to many lib boomers for him to make it out of the south.

(45.39 KB 300x249 Udmurt_people.jpg)
Anonymous 10/22/2020 (Thu) 20:11:37 No. 1024495 [Reply] [Last]
>the socialist league of Uralic nations will never exist >the only nations which wouldn't be so spastic and hyperbolic as other Eurasians were on communism >the nations which weren't for the most part corrupted by internal classism >even the native religions aren't nearly as pretentious and authoritarian as Christianity or Islam, and actually help socializing >there was already a communal culture of helping one another in construction and such as a village community >instead Finland and Estonia get Westernified and the rest fucked over by Russification KILL ME NOW THIS TIME LINE IS RUINED

Hungary your mum 10/20/2020 (Tue) 09:49:56 No. 1014974 [Reply] [Last]
how based was pre 1956 counterrevolution Hungary?
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>>1021083 >everyone who thinks i’m retarded is an anarchist
>>1021099 You said it, not me
>>1020908 >anarchist dog fucker PLEASE FUCKING DO
>>1021080 Redsox
>>1023993 Redsox refers to the entirety of CIA suversion/infiltration operations directed against Eastern Europe in the earl/mid 1950s. The operations directed against Hungary specifically are already discussed in the documents posted in the thread. Those same documents explicitly say that the CIA was unsuccessful in its attempts to set up operations in Hungary, and that by 1956 they had effectively abandoned attempts to do so. For example the document posted here >>1020773 which reads "By 1953 the Hungarian border had become increasingly difficult to penetrate... Internally the AVH had established a highly effective system of controls which constituted an unusual hazard and imposed severe limitations on the chances for establishing long term resident agents... The decision to cancel was in effect a recognition that the CIA was coming to the end of the road in its attempts to mount illegal border-crossing operations into Hungary." Another document, posted here >>1020729 reads "On 23 October [the start of the uprising] there was no Hungarian Operations section, and there were no Hungarian speakers among the case officers. On the agent roster there was one Hungarian... and before October 23 his activities were not directed towards the Hungarian target."

(294.19 KB 2048x1152 Cfq7LcCUIAAkCAW.jpg)
/stack/shelf/ Anonymous 09/28/2020 (Mon) 12:40:46 No. 910157 [Reply] [Last]
Post your bookshelves or current reading stack, comrades.
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>>1021636 >>1000112 many of books have their manga version;even meinkampf
>>910157 >>953812 Are they Qurans at the top? Based Islamic Gommunism
>>914928 *Christian* *reading?fuck off* Why i didn't suprised?
>>1023868 shit,i posted that with islam-flag.i am atheist >>962695 Incas have very weird relationships with those alien-consipracies.It really proves Posadism
I was going to post a picture of my bookshelf for the sheer emotional aspect of connecting with others, but remembered that not all of my books were bought with cash and that quite a few could be traced to online transactions. Just a thought if you're a person with a job or wish to remain off of a list. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but these are crazy times.

(488.39 KB 1350x2000 Weep Not, Child.jpg)
/leftylit/ Anonymous 10/22/2020 (Thu) 14:59:56 No. 1023094 [Reply] [Last]
We here at /leftypol/ talk a lot about reading theory, but what about fiction? Have you read any good leftist fiction lately? I recently read pic related; it's by a Kenyan Marxist and is about the decolonization of Kenya. Post more recs here.
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>>1023107 Good, now read Altai and wait for someone to translate The army of the sleepwalkers into English.
not necessarily leftist but ryu murakami is a great author and probably some kind of leftist. he wrote a roman a clef novel called 69 where the character that represents himself joins some school communist organization for fun and vandalizes the school with communist symbolism and shit, so i guess he did that, never was mention of him actually caring about the ideology though so idk. his book coin locker babies is my favorite book of all time though.
>>1023731 I really liked In The Miso Soup but I read the first sentence of Coin Locker Babies and put it down immediately, was not prepared for that.
>>1023545 I couldn't finish this it's garbage.
>>1023801 Because of the narrative structure?

(9.16 KB 276x183 indir.jpg)
(567.52 KB 705x547 1_Ao2-DRh8Mnv-y-nNwTe9TA.png)
(138.71 KB 660x330 headline.jpg)
(17.57 KB 197x255 indir (1).jpg)
What's Their Future Plan? Anonymous 10/21/2020 (Wed) 17:00:39 No. 1019890 [Reply] [Last]
As everybody here knows,capitalism have it's own periods and have it's own future(which some marxists say) like falling rate of profit or economic-socialization/monopolization...But capitalists aren't retarded,they know all of them and what they are doing.Also it looks like there can't be revolution anymore,they watch fucking everything;latest thai-attack because of small-thread or face-scannings at blm-movement was visible-side of iceberg,they can purge all leftists from internet if they want.So the question is at there;what is their plan? Will they nuke entire-earth at last-crisis and start to live in their nuclear-bunkers? or they will create techocratic-slavery(think what boomers think about communism)where all of us slave to them forever? Will they start WW3 to increasing-ROP?(which is dangerous)Or Will they make theirselves ubermensch with CRİSPR/Transhumanism and go to the space?(Which Hawking said)Or will they genocide all of us and live in communism theirselves?They also have super-computers their side(they laugh to us when we talk about cybersocialism...) which makes them more powerful. Also the stuff Agenda-21 look scary to me however there are bommers who claim it's marxist but it's something that not very normal to me;do you really think that UN really care about the world and would do an big project that good for us?I used to read an turkish-book called 2051:Half of Humanity Will Die(which had make me anti-elitist) which gives information about important things like climate-change,robots and extreme-inequality and the thing is nearly everything becomes literally fucked-up at 2050-area like how ROP will be nearly zero at 2050(Roberts say that) and that project also have relation with,even they call it sometimes asAgenda 2050 which makes it more scarier. What do you think about their future plans?
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>>1023295 read what i said anon;i know that but they can't be like that forever and they know that,they are not retarded.they have somehow an future plan(for defending their status from future) but what...?
>>1019890 they don't have a plan, I bet that if you were to talk to Bezos, or Ma privately they would admit that capitalism will eventually end one day.
>>1020198 >There are Bilderberg-Meetups yeah where they all snort coke, that's all they are >SuperComputers those are used to daytrade stuff on the stalk market to make money
>>1019890 Falling rate of profit is a meme.
(46.27 KB 450x293 rate-profit.png)
>>1023747 no, but pokry's solutions to it are

Has uniting with reactionaries ever worked out for the Left? Anonymous 10/22/2020 (Thu) 02:23:58 No. 1021824 [Reply] [Last]
pic unrelated
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>>1021824 China. Maybe Algeria. Also Yemen(?).
>>1021836 >You could maybe argue that the Chinese communists not shooting as much at the warlords and nationalists during Japan's invasion helped out a little. Maybe. It was funny how Mao played them. Like, Chiang Kai Shek was sending these warlords to fight the communists in Yan'an while the Japanese were invading, and these warlords were not happy about that. So the communists told the warlords, hey, we want to drive the Japanese imperialists out of China, and Chiang has you coming here to waste your time chasing around a bunch of bums like us, so why don't we cut a deal. You pretend to fight us, we'll have some fake battles and shoot over each other's heads, we won't shoot at you, and then you tell your soldiers to let our trucks through their lines without asking the drivers any questions. Deal? Warlords: deal
>>1021906 Say what you will about Mao, boy was a strategic genius.
>>1021824 After the KPD refused to work with the SPD and let the NSDAP take power they were able to liberate half of germany.
BTFOing poland

(37.17 KB 500x639 Euphoric.jpg)
So... What exactly is the Alt Right's "endgame"? Anonymous 10/21/2020 (Wed) 20:49:41 No. 1020679 [Reply] [Last]
They love to bitch about muh Juice and Naggers but rarely do they ever propose a "solution" and if they do they never explain how it can be plausible or how it would come to fruition. Do these faggots even have a plan?
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(95.32 KB 720x829 1602615339385.jpg)
>>1022224 God I wished we all shared the same opinions
>>1021966 >my ancestors were sitting in Stalingrad at -20°c freezing to death and getting encircled Fixed
(938.36 KB 300x300 pol.gif)
>>1020679 the alt right is dead, broken up into different groups, mostly lower level GOP shills, people too attached to being as esoteric as possible that they're essentially a circlejerk of evola fanboys or american nazis/ klan types which will pretty much be the same as esoteric fags.
>>1021966 Selling a fresh pair of eyeballs after seeing this shit, don't think I want to keep them anymore
i think they're just retarded. also richard spencer claiming he destroyed skepticism is laughable, the yt skeptic community collapsed on itself when the conversation shifted away from religion and into politics more generally and it turned out that talking about politics more generally or just gamergate got more views. they also found they had political differences with one another so the community became less and less of a community, and more like just a bunch of scattered political channels with no connections either dunking on the "ess jay dubyas" or defending the "ess jay dubyas". by the end of it, again, no one gave a fuck about critiquing religion anymore, it wasn't cool and edgy or whatever, it had all been done before, it was stale, and people moved on. the "skeptic community" had fully died well before richard spencer had any sort of political clout.

(18.80 KB 399x388 vomit.jpg)
Anonymous 10/22/2020 (Thu) 16:25:39 No. 1023502 [Reply] [Last]
I can not describe someone more fucking pathetic than a zoophile brony nazi, they claim they support Hitlers and national socialism ideals while they masturbate to pony scat porn.
pretty sure those kinds of people are pathetic and gross even if they aren't nazis.


no cookies?