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(183.72 KB 248x312 CaptureOOOOOOOO.PNG)
prove you arent revisionist Anonymous 07/31/2020 (Fri) 02:35:07 No. 734186 [Reply] [Last]
fucking prove it right now Anchoring for extreme low effort
Edited last time by CL_anon on 07/31/2020 (Fri) 02:36:25.
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This isn't socialism and the fact that this was published by the CGTN is state-owned proves the CPC fully agrees and endorses this message, which utimately prove how revisionism is absolutely ingrained in the ranks of the CPC for them to consider such vague and nebulous terms such as "well off" and "harmonious" to equal socialism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rThM32L94qQ
>>734210 holy shit this is cringe. Ok you're not revisionist. SwCC is.
>>734210 >all those leftypol tier cringe comments
>>734279 It's hilarious how they attempt to refute the billionaires argument with literally raised millions out of poverty shit. Dengoids are a joke.
>>734186 Deng was kinda cringe ngl

(235.83 KB 593x940 omysq73gHz1ta0q7zo1_640.jpeg)
News 7/30/20 News Anon 3.0 07/30/2020 (Thu) 19:20:55 No. 733315 [Reply] [Last]
Bolivia's Regime Launches Lawsuits Against Leftist Leaders Bolivia’s coup-born regime led by Jeanine Añez filed criminal lawsuits against former President Evo Morales, the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) lawmaker Betty Yañiquez, and the Bolivian Workers' Center (COB) secretary Juan Carlos Huarachi. https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Bolivias-Regime-Launches-Lawsuits-Against-Leftist-Leaders-20200729-0009.html Brazilian Health Workers File ICC Complaint Arguing Bolsonaro Covid-19 Response Has Been Crime Against Humanity A network of unions and social organizations representing over a million health workers in Brazil filed a complaint Monday calling on the International Criminal Court to investigate President Jair Bolsonaro's widely condemned handling of the coronavirus pandemic, arguing it amounts to a crime against humanity. https://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/28/brazilian-health-workers-file-icc-complaint-arguing-bolsonaro-covid-19-response-has Uruguay: Dictatorship Enforcers Sentenced to Prison Lopéz´s killing occurred in the framework of the so-called Operation Morgan, aimed at persecuting, imprisoning, torturing, and murdering militants of communists parties during the period of the dictatorship from 1973 to 1985. https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Uruguay-Dictatorship-Repressors-Sentenced-to-Prison-20200729-0017.html Hundreds of right- & left-wing protesters clash with each other and police on Tel Aviv streets Mounted police were deployed in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, where at least four people were arrested and a further five were hospitalized with stab wounds, after violent clashes between left-wing protesters and various right-wing groups. https://on.rt.com/an3v Turkey's MPs vote to tighten grip on social media

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>ban the U.S. military from using video game streaming platforms like Twitch as recruitment tools aimed at school-age youth. do they now?
(430.33 KB 1000x1000 73950469_p21.jpg)
thanks news anon
>>733787 They do indeed, the US Military has branches with esports teams on twitch
>>733787 They even use animu
>>733787 yeah they have their own dis.cord and everything

Anonymous 07/28/2020 (Tue) 06:56:18 No. 725215 [Reply] [Last]
Redpill me on Oswald, was he /ourguy/?
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killing presidents is the gayest form of terrorism
>>726454 you know thats a completely different scenario killing kenedy changed nothing
>>726737 yeah it all depends on the circumstances btw sometimes not even saying the killing of someone is politically motivated is way better than trying to do propaganda out of it
>>728951 >i can't come up with a rebuttal so i'm literally just going to shit my pants and blame it on trotskyists kys
what do you think of the theory that a Cuban exile killed JFK with the help of the CIA also have you read Libra by DonDelillo, it's about Oswald

(273.44 KB 700x983 Aleksandr_Dugin_13981126000.jpg)
Dugin Anonymous 07/05/2020 (Sun) 00:29:15 No. 667051 [Reply] [Last]
I'm a long time fan of Caleb Maupin, but this video with him and Alexander Dugin has really a disturbing effect on me. I don't know what to think anymore.In his recent stream, Maupin has clarified, that he disagress on some issues with Dugin. For example, Dugin doesn't believe in historical progress. But overall, Maupin has a suspicious positive opinion on Dugin. According to Maupin, Dugin is not a fascist. I'm not very familiar with Dugin and his "fourth political theory", but what I've read so far, is very concerning... I just think its weird, that a leftist has a positive opinion on a theorist, whose work is usually admired by people like the identitarian movement. Is anyone of you familiar with Dugin's work? We as radical leftists, like here all kinds of personalities, which are usually considered as "controversial" such as Stalin or Mao. But some personalities are a absolute no-go, like Pol Pot or Gregor Strasser. (At least, I haven't seen open admiration for these people yet) What about Dugin? Can a leftist actually like Dugin and still be considered as a leftist?
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>>730072 because they’re not a threat to the established order
>>730571 I can’t tell if you’re false flagging
>>667051 >what I've read so far, is very concerning
(23.47 KB 800x400 cursed image.png)
>>667131 >This is not serious stuff. It's phony stuff. You are right. But this applies to all e-celebs. That is what they are, self-promoters, it's why they do what they do. I guarantee you that every single fan of Maupin is only a fan insofar as he's contrasted to others of his ilk. it's kayfabe. doesn't mean you can't pick who you root for in the pretend fight
>>733622 >implying any of petit bourgs arguing with Ben Shapiro knock-offs will have anything to do with “the end fight”

(26.56 KB 220x220 thinkball2.gif)
Online Leftist University Anonymous 07/28/2020 (Tue) 22:08:24 No. 727164 [Reply] [Last]
I'm not talking about an actual university but something more like Khan Academy for theory, something that has gameified teaching of theory in an online format (VOD). I've noticed most "leftist online universities" tend to be based on some livestreams or things like left forum where its just a panel of people speaking. I'm talking about presentation of hardcore left wing economic, political, and philosophical theory in a khan academy like VOD format with some multiple choice quizzes or something and achievements so people feel like they're advancing. This will incentivize people to learn theory. It could have forums etc. for people to also discuss the works, and a comments section underneath parts of the course ideally it could eventually even have celebrity lecturers like Wolff, Cockshott etc. who have actual experience as college profs. We could give the equivalent of a college+advanced degree education in left theory to everyone, for free. Unlike udemy and other MOOC courses, it would be completely free. anyone think this is a good idea??
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>>727239 As far as money profits go: No, in that dimension commercialism has become totalising. But if you can store profits in commodity form, that still works, but it's kinda hard to do. Making a interactive learning system has a moderate setup cost but it kinda require constant maintenance because technical debt accumulates fast.
I heard PragerU is good
IMT held a free "marxist university" course online. It wasn't half-bad, really informative. Good to see people from my country joining.
IMT and PSL both have education platforms.

(676.17 KB 1400x2000 nobait.png)
Why have there been so many idpol threads lately? Anonymous 07/29/2020 (Wed) 19:44:30 No. 730705 [Reply] [Last]
Are we being raided or are we getting an influx of new users?
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(3.66 MB 1595486444874.webm)
>>730705 Israel made them.
>>732154 >Really the only solution is for regular board population to grow enough to gangbang autists. But the key is to grow the board population with non-woketards and non-rightoids. If we bring people here there needs to be some kind of conversion process where they learn why those ideologies are retarded. >>732181 >>732242 Having samey arguments gives us the opportunity to refine the counterarguments though. Ideally we'd just have some standard picture to post to address certain talking points.
>>732163 yes speaking as someone who has been in countless arguments with radlibs and genuinly finds their epistemology of counter-essentalism quite scary, I don't want to ban idpol, because that just means they get to define what idpol is idpol isn't something you can just pretend doesn't exist. It does exist and if you ban it, well (and I know I'm going to get shit for saying this) but it kinda shows you are privileged in certain respects. There are plenty of marxist approaches to idpol that don't involve saying "stop talking about this subject".. I just don't want leftypol to turn into the more reactionary side of /r/stupidpol (where I post regularly tbh)
>>730718 China is actually worth talking about
(653.75 KB 768x768 loss of intelligence.png)
>>733738 I think there's a pretty obvious difference between talking ABOUT identitarianism, versus talking USING identitarianism. That's why we can have threads on holocaust denialism, young earth creationism, supply-side economics, etc., without ourselves actually BEING Nazis, fundies, or Autistrians. Leaving aside productive leftist discussion of id/pol/yps themselves and their antics, threads merely about identity from any perspective are mostly pointless, having a general tendency to be boring, repetitive, and lacking intellectual stimulation.

(52.70 KB 1020x640 1968.jpg)
Anonymous 07/27/2020 (Mon) 01:52:45 No. 722044 [Reply] [Last]
Supporters of insurrectionary anarchism have their own board?
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>>733370 Based pirate poster
>>733426 He must have really clapped your asscheeks for you to reply that late
ITT: the schizo lumpen BO of /dead/ and his few discord friends congratulate each other.
>>722478 What did it say?
>>733400 /leftypol/ is just /pol/ with leftist characteristics and aesthetics

(19.69 KB 907x775 EdpSAR4UEAA7nNy.png)
Anonymous 07/30/2020 (Thu) 00:07:56 No. 731481 [Reply] [Last]
So what exactly is wrong with market socialism? The only people on the left that are putting forth reasonable propositions in the American left are the Matt Bruenig & James Medlock types. Literally everyone else is either an unhinged anarchoLARPer or a "knock on doors & do the work and we'll get communism one Brooklyn district at a time" utopian.
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>>732237 >Define cooperative here Producer cooperatives where workers become "their own masters" and where owners of capital are deprived of decision-making power concerning production activity.
>>732148 I think it would be needlessly reductive and provocative to say it was "only" capitalist, but yes, basically, though I would describe it differently during different periods. The existence of capitalism is not itself the reference point I would use to determine the progress of a revolution, but the active prioritization of instituting proletarian political power (not representatives of the proletariat, or bureaucrats that start their career as workers, but people elected directly from soviets/workers councils, who will return to work in those places after they are recalled) over the social form inherited by the revolution. I think 1917 to around ~1930 or so it could be accurately described as a dictatorship of the proletariat. There was a revolutionary party and armed force the successes and failures of which were largely determined by attempts to balance the political authority of the proletariat and peasants with the survival of the proletariat and peasants in the face of counterrevolution and civil war. In this stage the government had no illusions about having somehow become a socialist society simply because socialists seized the tsarist state machinery. The trials of the civil war led to restrictions on proletarian political power, the necessities of which should be analyzed and reconsidered but are not necessary to argue over ad infinitum as a lot of people like to do. Decisions were made by the bolsheviks to preserve and utilize many tsarist state mechanisms and to check the power of the communes themselves so that the dictatorship of the proletariat might survive and allow for proletarian rule that might allow for the restructuring of society such that wage-labor and commodity production were abolished. That did not happen. Attributing it moralistically to a betrayal by the bolsheviks is useless, the revolution was extremely vulnerable and hard decisions with unforeseen consequences needed to be made, though I do think as far as speculation and reconsideration can be helpful there is something to be said about the exclusion and the persecution of the Worker's Opposition as being a major role in the weakening of an already fragile DotP. The demands and positions of the Worker's Opposition would have introduced instability during a time of extremely high stakes, but in a revolutionary period of extremely high stakes one of the dangers as urgent as avoiding violent destruction seems consistently to be the undermining of proletarian & peasant political power under the illusion that it can be reinstituted later by decree of a party that is revolutionary but not composed of the revolutionary subject. Consolidation is necessary for survival but survival of the existing governing apparatus does not mean survival of the revolution. In one of Lenin's last writings, he suggested expanding the responsibility and powers of the Worker's and Peasant's Inspectorate enormously so that they would be merged with the Central Control Commission and attend politburo meetings alongside the Central Committee and be informed and have say in decisions, as well as the expansion of the Politburo by 50-150 members drawn from the working class(https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1922/dec/testamnt/congress.htm), and a more explicit dilineation of what Central Committee meetings would consist of and what members' mutual responsibilities would be. He expressed his fears that failing to overhaul the existing system would lead to the preservation of tsarist state mechanisms and the danger that the Central Committee needed to be restructured so as to "... not allow anybody's authority without exception, neither that of the General Secretary [Stalin] nor of any other member of the Central Committee, to prevent them from putting questions, verifying documents, and, in general, from keeping themselves fully informed of all things and from exercising the strictest control over the proper conduct of affairs." https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1923/jan/23.htm This last point is especially relevant, as Lenin's "Last Testament" which criticized Trotsky, called for Stalin's recall, and general clarification of the administrative bodies roles and functions so as to eliminate excess bureaucracy and caution against splits. Authorship of his testament is disputed based on the claim that Lenin was too ill at this time to dictate it to his wife or his writer, but even if he was not the author the most reasonable theory is that if it was not written by Lenin it was written by his wife who was herself deeply familiar with the people and functions of the Central Committee. Because of how significant the assessment and critique of this text was, it was only read to each Central Committee member individually and note-taking was banned. Circulation of the text was banned and considered a counter-revolutionary crime all through the Stalin period. https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1922/dec/testamnt/congress.htm None of this is intended to rehash old useless bickering that claims if only Lenin had survived the revolution would have survived, or that Stalin was personally responsible for killing the revolution, both being absurd and reductive claims making an enormous amount of history contingent on the inclinations and words of a few men. But because Lenin's words command authority, it is helpful to cite him to demonstrate that far from being some kind of revisionism or ultraism, these were concerns held by the bolsheviks themselves, not to mention the proletariat and peasants who had to live and die with the consequences of so many compromises made in their name.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>732229 >a 'planned economy' still operates on the law of value (see stalin, writings) Are you sure you aren't committing a fallacy here (equivocation)? For above claim to stand up, you must be sure that "law of value" in Stalin's writings corresponds to what you mean by it. If Stalin just means by that to take note of how long it takes to produce something and to be careful not to waste time and to plan with work time, I can't see how that logically leads to a capitalism-like crisis. >and collapses when it hits a crisis of overproduction (see ussr, history) I can't see a crisis of overproduction in USSR history.
(26.95 KB 704x659 received_747207999148720.jpeg)
>>732111 how? why? you cant push a button to abolish capitalism, but why call it socialism when that's not what it is?>>733124 >For above claim to stand up, you must be sure that "law of value" in Stalin's writings corresponds to what you mean by it. If Stalin just means by that to take note of how long it takes to produce something and to be careful not to waste time and to plan with work time,
>>732229 >>733124 >>733437 I'm calling your bluff. You just want to play intellectual without studying. There was no crisis of overproduction in the USSR and you have no idea what you are talking about. You can't write an answer so you post a meme picture.

(1.38 MB 3000x1800 5ec70111b5955.jpg)
The dilemma of praxis 07/30/2020 (Thu) 16:58:07 No. 732986 [Reply] [Last]
Leftist seem to take one of these 2 positions when it comes to praxis, something which is most important today of all times due to our political stagnation: The first is that history and the system itself will alone provide the agent and the means to radical change, the question that arises from this premise is when and how. The other position is that which deems active effort towards political organization and praxis as the true engine of change, the question that arises from this premise is that of how our praxis must take form. Both positions do not necessarily contradict each other, however, the ones which put emphasis on the first proposition tend to disregard contemporary movements as naive and feeble. This is of course true, sadly, and it's mostly due to how strong capital as got since the 70's and the corresponding emergence of neo-liberalism as it's ideology, permeating even the left among countless other things which cannot be mentioned. The ones who put most emphasis on the second proposition are usually of the liberal and idealist (in lenin's use of the term) section of the left, and themselves tend to disregard the importance of the first premise, something with which i do not agree, but nontheless cannot blame, since one can hardly do any politics today taking into account such theoretical base, but this is a path that leads to a "bad or undesirable aesthetization" of praxis, in the form of adventurism or lifestylism, or even spectacle or hobby. It seems to me then that a dilemma is placed upon us, in a time where our better theorists such as zizek have no other aim than that of supporting succdem as the best praxis today, but not without reason, since, sadly, there is no hope in sight for any political praxis other than that if one aims to remain serious and not fall in the above mentioned mistakes of the liberal left. I propose a discussion around this topic, and a series of questions: What is the importance of a movement today? are there even conditions for a truly radical movement in contemporary times? What can we do to "prepare the terrain" for such a thing to occur? Isn't this question itself contradictory? Is a strong movement, a beautiful myth, a fanatical ideology, the condition itself? Is the left itself as a discourse irredimable today? If we are going to engage in this discussion one also has to take into account the covid situation, and what kind of doors it opens, along with any other political event taking place that you feel is important, as the political climate in other countries might be different from the first world in which i live.
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>>733285 >the signified (the object) and the signifier (the subject) I'm really into Saussure and Lacan and I'm pretty sure this is just a horseshit equation made up by you. The signifier is a series of sounds, not a subject. >>733288 Always copy paste your quotes from pdfs into the URL field first (removes retarder breaks in text) then copy and paste it from there to here.
>>733298 At this point, it's futile since the unindoctrinated all use the newspaper definition of the term and those that do are kneedeep in academia. >>733306 Yeah. Sorry about that. My knowledge comes through contact from the circles that I follow instead of engagement with the subject. Thanks for the tip though.
>>733293 Reasonable point
>>733293 >Evolution not revolution Hello Bernstein
>>733328 >My knowledge comes through contact from the circles that I follow instead of engagement with the subject. You need to stop doing this and read books, or you end up a complete ass.

(435.17 KB 828x692 image0-4.png)
Hopepilled 07/29/2020 (Wed) 16:07:22 No. 729945 [Reply] [Last]
aight give us some hope pills lads, 2020 has been quite the year and things are only getting started for the decade, let's see what can be done next and honestly it may be good for us?
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>>732021 hello new person 'based' is a term that these hooting slackjawed reprobates use when they want to say that something is good 'x is based' = 'x is good' it is a subtle way of signalling to right-thinking readers that their opinions can be safely discarded with no negative consequences
>>732021 on a pedestal
>>729970 fug :DDDD downloaded.jpeg x-3333
>That OP conservative delusion I fucking wish that was true. On the other hand, if normal commonplace anti-racism gets conflated with marxism, the name of Marxism might actually be rehabilitated within the US
>>729945 this is the start of a huge process of imperialist decadence which might end up in a multipolar world centered on nationalist movements. this is a great opportunity for us to push forward inter-national communism in our countries


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