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(42.34 KB 452x440 wbzx2nirp3521.jpg)
FASCIST Nerds Anonymous 09/23/2020 (Wed) 22:47:14 No. 894917 [Reply] [Last]
Today’s American fascist youth is neither the strapping Aryan jock-patriot nor the skinheaded, jackbooted punk: The fascist millennial/zoomer is a pasty nerd watching shitty meme videos on YouTube, listening to EDM, and harassing black women on Twitter. Self-styled “nerds” are the core youth vanguard of crypto-populist fascist movements. And they are the ones most likely to seize the opportunities presented by the Trump presidency. Before their emergence as goose-stepping shit-posting scum, however, nerds — those “losers” into video games and comics and coding — had already been increasingly attached to a stereotypical set of political and philosophical beliefs. The nerd probably read Ayn Rand or, at the very least, bought into pseudo-meritocracy and libertarianist “freedom.” From his vantage, social problems are technical ones, merely one “disruption” away from being solved. The sea-steading, millennial-blood-drinking, corporate-sovereignty-advocating tech magnates are their heroes — the quintessential nerd overlords. The nerd appeared in pop culture in the form of a smart but awkward, always well-meaning white boy irrationally persecuted by his implacable jock antagonists in order to subsume and mystify true social conflict — the ones around race, gender, class, and sexuality that shook the country in the 1960s and ’70s — into a spectacle of white male suffering. This was an effective strategy to sell tickets to white-flight middle-class suburbanites, as it described and mirrored their mostly white communities. With the hollowing out of urban centers, and the drastic poverty in nonwhite communities of the ’80s and ’90s, these suburban whites were virtually the only consumers with enough consistent spending money to garner Hollywood attention. In the 1980s and ’90s, an obsession with comics, games, and anime might have made this suburban “nerd” a bit of a weirdo. But today, with comic-book franchises keeping Hollywood afloat and video games a $100 billion global industry whose major launches are cultural events, nerd culture is culture. But the nerd myth — outcast, bullied, oppressed and lonely — persists, nowhere more insistently than in the embittered hearts of the little Mussolinis defending nerd-dom. Of course, there are outcasts who really are intimidated, silenced, and oppressed. They tend to be nonwhite, queer, fat, or disabled — the four groups that are the most consistently and widely bullied in American schools. In other words, the “nerds” who are bullied are being bullied for other things than being a nerd. Straight, able-bodied white boys may also have been bullied for their perceived nerdiness — although the epithets thrown often reveal a perceived lack of masculinity or heterosexuality — but the statistics on bullying do not report “nerdiness” as a common factor in bullying incidents. Nevertheless, the myth of nerd oppression and its associated jock/nerd dichotomy let every slightly socially awkward white boy who likes sci-fi explain away his privilege and lay his ressentiment at the feet of the nearest women and people of color. The myth of the bullied nerd begins, perhaps, with college fraternities. Fraternities began in America in the mid-19th century, as exclusive social clubs designed to proffer status and provide activity to certain members of the student body. In practice these clubs worked primarily to reproduce masculinity and rape culture and to keep the ruling class tight and friendly. But by the ’60s, fraternities were dying: membership and interest were collapsing nationwide. Campus agitation for peace, Black Power, and feminism had radicalized student populations and diminished the popularity and image of these rich boys’ clubs. Frats sometimes even did battle with campus strikers and protesters, and by 1970, though absolute numbers were up, per capita frat participation was at an all-time low. Across the ’70s, right-wing graduates and former brothers began a concerted campaign to fund and strengthen fraternities at their alma maters to push back against campus radicalism and growing sexual and racial liberation. Decrepit frat houses were rebuilt, their images rebranded, and frat membership began growing again. As the wave of social upheaval receded in the late ’70s, these well-funded frats were left as a dominant social force on campus, and the hard-partying frat boy became a central object of culture. This manifested in movies like the 1978 mega-hit National Lampoon’s Animal House, where scrappy, slightly less attractive white freshmen aren’t let into their college’s most prestigious frat, and so join the rowdy, less rich one. Steering clear of frats altogether is not presented as plausible, and the movie stages campus conflict not as a question of social movements or broader societal tensions but as a battle between uptight social climbers and cool pranksters. The massive success of Animal House immediately inspired a number of network sitcoms and a dozen or so b-movie and Hollywood rip-offs. The threatened, slightly less attractive white male oppressed and opposed by a more mainstream, uptight, wealthy white man became a constant theme in the canonical youth films of ’80s Hollywood. This quickly evolved into the nerd-jock dichotomy, which is central to all of John Hughes’s films, from Sixteen Candles’ geeky uncool Ted who gets in trouble with the jocks at the senior party to The Breakfast Club’s rapey “rebel” John and gun-toting “nerd” Brian, to Weird Science, whose nerd protagonists use their computer skills to build a female sex slave. Both Sixteen Candles and Weird Science are also shockingly racist, with the former’s horrifically stereotyped exchange student Long Duk Dong and the latter’s protagonist winning over the black denizens of a blues club by talking in pseudo-ebonic patois — a blackface accent he keeps up for an unbearable length of screen time. In these films the sympathetic nerd is simultaneously aligned with these racialized subjects while performing a comic racism that reproduces the real social exclusions structuring American society. This move attempts to racialize the nerd, by introducing his position as a new point on the racial hierarchy, one below confident white masculinity but still well above nonwhite people.

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>>1018934 As someone who is very into weightlifting, the VAST majority of the strength training community leans heavily right, and it's not uncommon to find literal white nationalists competing in a powerlifting fed in Bumfuck Ohio. A lot of these guys are usually fat as fuck though, so it's not always immediately obvious that they lift. Hell, you can go onto the Starting Strength forum and find posts like this: >The laws of the USA were composed at a time when the population of the nation that was white (80-90%) was almost entirely Anglo-Saxon. Now, when Law is not rooted in the culture of the people whom it is designed to assist, it has to be accompanied either by a constant deluge of propaganda or by providing constant trinkets / panem et circenses. Now you know that culture is the spoken word of the racial heart&soul, you can deduct that law is required LESS when the populace is more homogeneous and in harmony with the nature of the law. Anglo-Saxon law works best for Anglo-Saxons (though that net can include all people of Germanic ethnicity, since biologically they are all essentially the same, which is why their cultures are all so similar). To make foreign races consistently abide by a law that is foreign to the law of their own homelands, many distractions must be provided, and an electronic mass media pumping daily propaganda can be considered essential too It's pretty rare to find anyone with real left leanings in any kind of physical culture or even stuff like cars, god knows why
>>1014593 The scary thing about hitler was that he was not a monster, but just a normal human being just like everyone else. Hitler was a Narcissist and a psychopath, which accounts fora lot of his behavior. Most people are not Narcissists or Psychopaths. The "hitler was just a normal guy, he could even be you!" take common in the west seems reactionary, and even seems aimed at normalizing the monstrous behavior of fascism, imo.
>>1018981 >It's pretty rare to find anyone with real left leanings in any kind of physical culture depends on the sport. Makes sense that the right would into bodybuilding because theyre about AESTHETICS but what about hockey or something
>>1019043 this is a terrible take and i hope you feel bad and uneducated for it.
>>1019077 >this is a terrible take How? >i hope you feel bad and uneducated for it. I don't

(9.56 KB 244x206 it's over.jpg)
Anonymous 10/13/2020 (Tue) 07:25:13 No. 991998 [Reply] [Last]
So... How are MAGAtards going to cope if/when Trump loses the election?
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>>992013 Imagine believing Trump will still be alive in 2032
>>1013435 I was reading up on why the polling for 2016 was so off, and apparently a lot of the big polling companies didn't bother polling people without a college degree, lmao. This time they are, so Trump doesn't even have that sweet sweet 'silent majority' (which he didn't even have in the first place)
Trump got the political right a solid Supreme Court majority for decades. Even if he loses I think they’ll be satisfied with him.
>>1013476 it would be hilarious lol

(78.82 KB 716x768 Bill_Wilson-0.jpg)
Anonymous 10/21/2020 (Wed) 14:19:36 No. 1019374 [Reply] [Last]
Why do you hate him so much?
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>>1019647 >CIA >big uuuu
He is trying to grab our price.
this thread is extremely painful
(223.41 KB 286x524 unbig.png)
nevar forgat

(165.11 KB 1049x1322 proud to be union free.jpg)
Anonymous 10/21/2020 (Wed) 15:54:34 No. 1019661 [Reply] [Last]
Can we get a porky propaganda cringe thread? >"UNION FREE TOGETHER >At Office Depot, Inc. we believe that our associates are the most important asset of the Company. Office Depot Inc.'s personnel policies and programs are designed to provide a respectful, safe, positive, and inclusive work environment for all associates. Our Open Door Philosophy along with our Core Values ensure each associate enjoys the maximum opportunity for communication, conflict resolution, and job satisfaction. Each associate is given the opportunity to own their personal and professional development and will be provided positive recognition and constructive coaching to enable their growth. >We prefer to interact with each associate directly rather than through a union, which may know little about our business. The involvement of a third party, such as a union, could lead to the disruption of our business and could hamper our ability to operate effectively in such a competitive marketplace. We are committed to listening to, supporting, and serving the needs of all of our associates through open and direct lines of communication, sound management practices, and positive associate relations. >We encourage associates who have a suggestion, problem, complaint, or concern to discuss it first with their immediate manager, as most issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently between the associate and their immediate manager. Office Depot, Inc. provide multiple avenues which its associates can bring forth concerns without fear of reprisal. >Thank you for all you do to support our business. Your commitment to maintain open lines of communication and share your feedback contributes greatly to our success in maintaining our union-free status."
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(629.78 KB 720x960 late stage cap2.png)
(359.43 KB 499x773 late stage cap.png)
(49.07 KB 540x563 propaganda.jpg)
>>1019914 That Timberlands add is legitimately brilliant.
>>1019707 lurk moar, vaush is a liberal anticommunist
>>1019696 he's also a pedophile
>>1019797 nah its an abvious vaush ref

(62.50 KB 514x500 IMG_20200922_121829.jpg)
Could someone help me Hack QAnon? Not An Alexa Chatbot 10/21/2020 (Wed) 11:25:37 No. 1018999 [Reply] [Last]
TL;DR QAnon can be over if a C programmer with plugin development experience would kindly develop a DES/Crypt3 plugin with the 2nd and 3rd characters of the password as the salt. If you finish the project please make the plugin available via link and post to the thread. I promise not to crack too many trips and to post QAnon's password for free every time he changes it. America will thank you. https://twitter.com/angry_here/status/1318462567736438784?s=19
Q anon is literally Jim Watkins. Hotwheels has already said that Jim Watkins could reveal Q immediately if he wanted and prove the conspiracy right/wrong but chooses not to either because he plans to just sell merch to Q boomers forever or Q is actually him
This has been known about for years, all you've done is alert the retards that someone is thinking about it
>>1018999 This belongs in >>>/tech/ >if a C programmer with plugin development experience would kindly develop a DES/Crypt3 plugin with the 2nd and 3rd characters of the password as the salt A plugin for what? You can just use something like hashcat in a terminal. Might take a day or two to set up
>q literally kookier republican strategy to lock in the boomer/conspiratard vote and make them further loyal to them c'mon who cares

(15.75 KB 671x457 images.jpeg-399.jpg)
Capitalism is inefficient Faggo 10/20/2020 (Tue) 10:48:42 No. 1015030 [Reply] [Last]
I know it's unethical ect ect but isn't capitalism wildly inefficient when people are actively incentiviesed to produce products that are cheap for their own profit rather than trying to make something of quality and use? Like markets seem like a fucking stupid way of meeting human needs.
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>>1018099 Ukraine is a failed state run by oligarchs. Lol i guess another great legacy.
>>1018873 >Facts are the same as some 1500 year Abrahamic book Literally not even modern anti-soviet historians view the "holodomor" as a genocide.
>>1018882 What is this about? I have no opinions on holodomor, i am just stating that communism is made up
>>1019730 >communism is made up What the fuck does that even mean? That communist theory doesn't actually exist, or that it's just theory and not practice? That communist countries have never existed, or that communism doesn't work even though it does? Choose better words for your shitty retorts, brainlet

(2.15 MB 889x977 stalin.png)
Anonymous 10/21/2020 (Wed) 15:35:37 No. 1019587 [Reply] [Last]
welcome to soviet gear. tonight khrushchev eats corn, stalin jumps rides a train and lenin smokes meth
What are trotsky and bukharin up to in this episode?
>>1019622 So... beautiful. This is some real left unity right here

(140.62 KB 338x451 3456.png)
What is (not) to be done Anonymous 10/18/2020 (Sun) 19:43:42 No. 1012359 [Reply] [Last]
I'm writing a ~40 pages long document on "What is not to be Done"... What's your input, (preferably non-infantile) comrade?
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>>1012406 fuck, now i'm even more jealous of them
Purging your generals
(464.15 KB 1275x1920 IMG_20200921_125428.jpg)
>>1012399 Why not, but I'm not writing it in English, so I'd have to translate it first. For the rest of the thread: plz at least give me bullet points or a few well argued paragraphs.
>>1012359 Don't stay on the defensive or clutch up in class conflict

Turning nazis into communists Anonymous 10/16/2020 (Fri) 14:46:31 No. 1004919 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is about discussing the means and methods to change the belief system of nazis. Bring up strategies that perhaps you have tried yourself that seemed to have worked or methods you hypothesize could achieve the goal. For this thread I'd like the opinions of other fellow communists, anarchists and the opinions of nazis who've changed their mind. In case actual nazis shitpost in this thread, I'd like you to ignore them as they will likely just derail the thread. Self-moderate.
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>>1004919 I'd rather turn nazis into ash lol.
Do we really want these greasy losers and future liabilities on our side?
>>1019375 >This and just telling them they can be racist and also for class struggle. would be worth trying to get them hooked on class struggle while allowing some racism initially and then slowly phasing out the racism, by filling the race shaped hole in the brain with science lessons. >>1019423 >Do we really want these greasy losers and future liabilities on our side? It would have the advantage that the neo-liberal double blackmail would break down if the right looses people to communism. Think about it in terms of reducing the numbers of opponents, more than actually gaining assets. If the force that pushes against you is reduced going forward is easier.
>>1019423 Lefty pol is obsessed with dragging all kinda of social pariah to 'our side' This is why we have so many threads brain storming how to get incels, polcels ,gamers,doomers,etc and other weirdo rejects converted to leftism.
>>1019454 would be worth trying to get them hooked on class struggle while allowing some racism initially and then slowly phasing out the racism, by filling the race shaped hole in the brain with science lessons. In some cases definitely, but importantly, it denies capital a base in reactionary proletariat. A risk might be that it gives fascism a way to maintain legitimacy post capitalism, but I doubt it would be very successful under a classless society at least. >It would have the advantage that the neo-liberal double blackmail would break down if the right looses people to communism. Good point, but by the same token, neolibs could try and associate racism with communism. This would have to be countered with a firm and uncomprimising stance against racism in the communist general body, while still letting those racist retards grow class consciousness. Think about it in terms of reducing the numbers of opponents, more than actually gaining assets. If the force that pushes against you is reduced going forward is easier. Exactly, exactly.

The Individual Communist. Sage#+GbZOp 10/14/2020 (Wed) 13:27:13 No. 997053 [Reply] [Last]
What should YOU be like? Sure, communism is a collective endeavour, and all the most important things happen collectively, but as a communist, you should make the best effort possible to be as effective a part of that collective as you can be. To this end you should aim to be: (In order) 1) Courteous, friendly and tolerant of all different types of working class people. You should be able to engage and communicate with many different types of working class people, particularly those with vastly different beliefs and upbringings to yours. This is the most important feature if you want to organise people. You should be generally respectful of people unless they give you a really good reason not to be. 2) You should be ready to learn. Very few communists have any good experience of effectively organising people at all. Chances are, you don't know what you are doing, LISTEN TO PEOPLE who know what they are doing, and be willing to take orders. None of this is about you, your whims, or what you feel like, this is about getting a job done. 3) You should be dedicated and you should have discipline. You should yourself be well organised, be punctual, if you say you are going to do something, do it. If you can volunteer for a task, volunteer for it. If you can't, don't. Can't means "there is no possible way" rather than "I don't feel like it I would rather game that day" - unless its like your one day off a week or something, everyone needs a day off. If you call yourself a communist and talk all the red armies and gulags but you cry about the need for structure and discipline you need to have a long look at yourself. 4) You need to have a good knowledge of socialist history and current events. While this is not essential, it is extremely useful for learning tactical and historical lessons. To a lesser extent, it will help to know Marxist economic theory. Forget about trying to grandstand with how much theory you know, nobody cares and everyone thinks you're a cunt, trust me. However, you should be, as much as possible, absorbing as much socialist history and theory as you can. Not only absorbing, but engaging with critically. 5) You should be physically fit and presentable. This is not just for fighting muh fash, this is to teach yourself personal discipline. It is also healthy and exercise makes you smarter. Fact, look it up. As well as this, people are more trusting of people who are physically impressive, and it will make you more confident for organising people. On top of that, yes, we should expect physicality in the revolution and prepare for it. You should also be eating a healthy diet and aim to cut down drug and alcohol use to a minimum if not entirely get rid of it. According to me, these are the 5 key things you need to be. Problem? Well, you're a slovenly little radlib then.
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>>997065 There’s dozensof us everywhere. The egocom train has already left the station. Get off the tracks, bucko.
>>1017476 >literally the opposite of lifestylism
>>1017520 >I am coining a phrase >communist lifestylism ????
>>1017544 Which is specifically and purposefully the opposite of the usual lifestylism
>>997065 How on earth do you think the initial break from capitalist ideology happens, other than by stopping and saying: "Wait a minute, why should I do that? That doesn't help anyone. I will aim as I please!"


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