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(248.78 KB 771x427 cuck-nadia.png)
Cucknadia Anonymous 08/02/2020 (Sun) 06:35:14 No. 738527 [Reply] [Last]
>inb4 idpol burgeranon here. Is there any country on earth as cucked and pathetic as Canada? its a whole country which bases its identity off of not being America. Trudeau is the quintessential Canadian, the Canadian version of Obama where he is worshipped by liberals and considered this saint-like person. Its a whole country of liberals circle jerking themselves off about how good and moral and NOT-american they are and dunking on America by pretending they are better in any way. They aren't and the to extent that they are its because they just have a lower population and economy than America and thats the only reason they weren't as imperialist as America. They have the exact same history of native genocide for example but only get 1% of the shit for it. At least America has a population of leftists who are recognizing they live in the imperial core whereas the leafs are totally lacking self awareness and that makes them even worse. Canada is just a failed version of America which couldn't into imperialism so they console themselves by saying nuuuu we're not imperialist like those dirty AMERICANS. Their whole ideology and national identity is literally a COPE
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Canadians get all of your shitty media and news. Are Americans not aware of what they're putting out into the world because it makes you look awful. There are some shitty things about Canada but the writing has been on the wall for decades: the USA is headed towards a collapse and nobody in power is doing anything to stop it, instead making fake progress by pretending excessive idpol everywhere is an improvement meanwhile the collapse is still coming and still nothing is being done. We are going to have to live through your mess
Only thing I hate about Canada is the fact that it's only product is retarded right wing media personalities. Lauren Southern, Jordan Peterson, Molymeme, Gavin McInnes, Steven Pinker. All fucking Canadian. Only non right wing Canadian media personality I know is Jason Unruhe.
(212.61 KB 1000x541 Southern1.jpg)
>>738566 THATS WHAT IM SAYING, LEAFS TOTALLY DEFINE THEIR IDENTITY IN RELATION TO AMERICA. for the right wing ones (like southern) its literally LARPing as an american and for the left wing ones its by dunking on America for being imperialist and not having healthcare.
>>738527 >burgeranon here stopped reading right there
>>738572 lmao at that picture

anti consumerism thread Anonymous 08/01/2020 (Sat) 03:36:47 No. 736344 [Reply] [Last]
consumerism, turbo liberalism, culture war shit,and generally anything that helps show the soullessness of living under modern capitalism.
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(60.73 KB 1015x554 JP-DennisNedry2.jpg)
>>738564 >i fucked 15 years old myself, it's not illegal here
What's wrong with consumerism again?
>>738612 It's litetally not illegal >>738603 i know for you people is impossible to think that not everyone in the world thinks like you, but sometimes is still like this.
>>738614 It's a tool of control. It's the imposition of petty boug ideology throught commodities. Consumer culture It's the homologation of everything that has potential to go in a different or radical direction from the current system. It's castration.
>>738615 Oh I realize that. There's nothing I can do about it, and you know what, I wouldn't do anything about it. But I will still make fun of you.

(31.61 KB 576x566 918.jpg)
What Ideology am i? Anonymous 08/02/2020 (Sun) 02:45:26 No. 738173 [Reply] [Last]
I am economically far left, but culturally i am conservative. Is there any leftists that are also like this? (i am not nazbol btw)
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>>738305 I'm socdem.I support gun rights.
>>738367 Rejection of ALL idpol is ideal
>>738173 Here i am
>>738757 Rock you like a hurricane
>>738201 By not support trannies, do you mean, there are two genders and you cannot change them, but I would leave them alone, which I agree with, or electro-shock therapy for the trannies, which would make you pretty based, but also a huge cunt.

(708.60 KB 256x236 stalin clouds.gif)
Belarus TOVARIŠ! Anonymous 07/28/2020 (Tue) 09:34:30 No. 725349 [Reply] [Last]
WTF is going on? A scum banker has 50 % + support in pols and Lukashenko is at 6 %? WTF You're gonna become a neolib hellhole dudes
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>>729047 take your meds
>>735409 Lol no. The reason for this is class. Babarika (and now the blogger's wife) are primarily supported by an alliance of small business owners, tech & finance bourgeoisie and (suspected) Russian porkies. As well as well paid tech employees, and aspiring P.M.C. students.
>>735992 So as I tought. Luka is good at maintaining Brezhevite status quo, but is he capable of building state young IT loving generation would support? Does Belarus has high ranking education? Does Belarus has software and hardware industries that young people would respect? Does Belarus produce or apply high tech technologies? I know that Belarus produces trucks, tractors, some cars, tractors. But is this economy young people like?
(154.49 KB 1280x720 always_has_been.jpg)
>>725638 "Always has been", you twat.
>>729047 >t. angloid scum

(575.55 KB 1600x520 1_Web_Artboard 1_0.png)
(52.95 KB 780x520 pol_0035.jpg)
Direct Democracy and Federalism Anonymous 07/22/2020 (Wed) 19:21:30 No. 710458 [Reply] [Last]
What do you think about Direct Democracy and Federalism as a means of achieving social consciousness and the dictatorship of the proletariat? Why would/wouldn't it work?
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>>710685 And maybe they would vote for all dicks to be removed or some other wild fantasy. The point being is you're so deep in reactionary ideology that you think a politically conscious and active society would pull dumb shit like this. >>737918 So how do we have a successful socialist/communist revolution when, according to you, proles are too dumb to govern themselves? I don't understand how people like you can even call yourselves socialists when you don't think the mass of people aren't capable of being anything but proles.
>>738246 >you're so deep in reactionary ideology that you think a politically conscious and active society would pull dumb shit like this what about being political conscious and active necessitates good desirable policy choices?
>>738269 If you're going to argue that we can democratize the economy that necessitates that the mass of people are capable of critical thinking. If people are not capable of having the skills required for that then there's no hope for socialism/communism. How could people be so dumb and yet stage a revolution and build the kind of structures we advocate for?
>>738229 good software design

(155.07 KB 531x1023 KGB heraldry.png)
Leftypol Content Cheka 2.0 /Glowy Watch/ Anonymous 06/01/2020 (Mon) 06:26:54 No. 556308 [Reply] [Last]
And we are back after last thread got buried. In light of recent advances in proletarian struggle and the accompanying recent grifting attempts from outside forces, I'm reinstating the thread to assist in analyzing, quarantining and moderating grifters and bad faith actors. Report attempts at grifting and derailing discussion. Shame and track for b& if they make ground. Happy posting.
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>>710152 Literally shilling for Stepan Bandera of the OUN UPA... y'know, the Ukrainian Nationalist who collaborated with the Nazis and the SS to murder non-West Ukrainians.
>>557132 The "I'm not a fascist" shills keep coming back >>731935
>>734637 ban everyone who posted in that thread unironically, there's people openly supporting mussolini
(5.46 KB 240x240 7yuyj.jpg)
Current american hysteria towards China makes the left an old enemy to glowuighurs. But this site is insignificant in size and influence unlike other social media platforms. Any Maoist organizations are under surveillence because obvious China ties. But regarding this site the greatest threats are /pol/yps shitting up the place or normies who wander here reporting to police some young and radical kid who is being edgy.
There is a 4th International Poster in >>737914 that I am 99% sure is glowbaiting because they take fake-leftists standpoints and strawmen in response to legitimate concerns over issues clearly being attacked by Porky-owned mass-media

(1.52 MB 1113x794 flinstone.png)
Anonymous 08/02/2020 (Sun) 01:31:55 No. 738047 [Reply] [Last]
If bunkerchan has __ amount of money we could buy in order to __.
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(289.45 KB 985x874 alyuna1293u.png)
(26.64 KB 500x333 lul.jpg)
>>738157 bashes lynxchan >uses lynchan
>>738202 Apparently they're thinking about switching to something else before the big switch to Gochan because Lynxchan is that bad
(75.77 KB 750x725 pepeety.jpg)
>>738157 Space_ is worse than Stephen Lynx in every way but attitude. Space_ is a retard who let bunkerchan stay on an extremely old version of lynxchan because he was too lazy to migrate it and fucked up spacechan so badly the mods went on strike.

(93.46 KB 648x1000 workerelite.jpg)
The Labor Aristocracy. Anonymous 08/01/2020 (Sat) 20:15:07 No. 737625 [Reply] [Last]
I have been reading a few things on the Labor Aristocracy recently, from the original Lenin stuff on it all the way to "The Myth of the Labor Aristocracy" and "The Worker Elite". I wanted to start a thread on the general theory of the labor aristocracy. Who counts as a labor aristocrat? What separates them from the proletariat? Why does the bourgoise allow labor aristocrats to exist? Is the concept of labor aristocracy even coherent?
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>>737640 What do you call the workers who are in the middle class then?
>>737625 They should all be hung the only true proles are mcdonalds jannies
>>737965 And imageboard jannies
>>737970 imageboard jannies are porkies. they don't even get the bullet, we strangle them with piano wires (make sure they don't die, just torture them) and skin them alive and then barbecque them
>>737979 Yeah, I'm gonna say based.

(15.51 KB 308x250 henry wallace.jpg)
Anonymous 07/30/2020 (Thu) 12:39:51 No. 732558 [Reply] [Last]
thoughts on former american vice president Henry Wallace ?
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>>732704 This. Leftists in America were about to get fucked hard, guaranteed. Communism is STILL a fighting word where I live, they stamped out the revolution hard. Neoliberals are def the strongest counterrevolutionarsies. I'd almost respect them if it was possible.
>>732695 Which is the inevitability of capitalism
Didn't like everyone in Washington totally hate him for being based and he only survived because FDR liked him?
>>737999 Yep, because he was a dem-Soc
>>732558 The last good elected vice president.

(1.33 MB 320x180 DBu5xg.gif)
Is the proletariat destined to rise up against the bourgeoisie? Can they reject this destiny? Anonymous 08/01/2020 (Sat) 23:01:38 No. 737838 [Reply] [Last]
It would seem that, for socialism to be the historically logical successor to capitalism, class struggle between the working class and capitalist class is inevitable. It also seems, from recent events, that the working class is forced to engage in open class struggle with the capitalist class by the process of history itself. In a way, the working class has been forced to meet its destiny without even being prepared as a multi-level crisis breaks out at the start of this century. A global geopolitical crisis, an ecological crisis, a medical crisis, many internal political crises, and what may be the worst economic crisis in history have all converged at once. History has entered a very bleak period, the working class will be made to rise to their historical role or choose not to and watch civilization crumble. It seems that the final command Capital has for the working class is to die, their assault on the working class is incredibly advanced, with eugenics baked into policy, malevolent bureaucratic incompetence a guiding principle, war propaganda pumped out of every crevice, and anti-communism taught to every student. But now destiny will force the workers to move or die.
4 posts omitted.
>>737911 In the end though, the communists seemingly failed to advance Capitalism’s demise even a single day? Unless....they advanced its demise by forever strengthening the formerly colonized world and industrializing enough to push the global rate of profit lower than it would have been?
>>737922 I don't think as of right now most workers would be willing to lose their home, livelihood, and even their life in a revolution which 1. doesn't have any guarantees of succeeding and 2. and even if they win isn't 100% guaranteeing them a better life, materially speaking, in the near future.
>>737931 All three of these things are occurring right now, not in a “ongoing slow build-up” but “immediate issues for 2020-2022”
>>737938 >All three of these things are occurring right now Where?


no cookies?