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(21.25 KB 275x183 index.jpg)
Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 19:50:17 No. 830334 [Reply] [Last]
Why is Poland so anti-communist? All Poles I've talked to are reactionary. One was even a neo-nazi with face tattoos lmao.
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>>976455 Czego, Kurwa? Co to do chuju jest?
>>851252 Bakunin IIRC was anti-panslavism because he was like “have you seen tsarist russia?” This was in relation to the Yugoslav states being into panslavism because they were part of austria-hungary.
Poland is cringe because it is the America of slavic countries with pre-soviet and post-soviet Russia being a close second. Somehow both russia and Poland have ancaps ffs.

“Material conditions” Anonymous 10/24/2020 (Sat) 00:15:04 No. 1029946 [Reply] [Last]
What actually are material conditions? I see it thrown around as a critique of anarchism, but I don’t know what it is. So, what the fuck does material conditions mean? (Not trolling legitimately want to know)
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>>1029946 Material Conditions refers to the way things physically are, as opposed to metaphysical concepts.
>>1029946 >What actually are material conditions? https://youtu.be/Jo4i1qD63Ss
Material conditions = China's billionaires according to Dengists
>>1029946 >What actually are material conditions?
Standard of Living in the materialistic sense- materials, resources, and products available.

(40.40 KB 460x287 Seung-Hui Cho.jpg)
Play Devils advocate and think of some kind of defense for this. Anonymous 10/23/2020 (Fri) 20:26:39 No. 1029182 [Reply] [Last]
Please defend capitalism. Capitalism is in no way traditionalism. Democracy says everybody has an innate worth that must be honored, capitalism says those who die with the most toys win. You cannot reconcile these two things, and nobody wants to talk about this, we're still having the party over the fall of communism. But, you know, former areas or the soviet union and you see that what it was, it was a deep freeze for traditional culture. In Kurdisia and Turkmenistan people were basically camel husbandry, whats going on now, there is a Mac Donalds and a Subway. So, I think we're coming to a great crisis of our relation to these fundamental institutions. As it globalizes, it disestablishes unique cultures wherever they are found. It replaces traditional culture with trendy, consuming culture. Communism and capitalism are systems each with a fatal flaw that is set against human nature. At this very moment we should be consuming less, manufacturing less, selling less, transporting less and what's the battle cry? Free trade everywhere! What does free trade mean? It means my right to come to your country and sell the most outlandish junk you've ever seen and you will have no right to turn it away because in the name of free trade, shit is manufactured worldwide. A hard-core anti-capitalist position wants to eliminate capitalism because it sees it as an irreclaimable evil. But it’s possible that the only thing wrong with capitalism is that it manufactures, distributes and commodifies physical objects. If there was a capitalism that only commodified information or light? Uh, that might be more tolerable.
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>>1029321 >We communists are basically like the chestbursters from Alien. you are entitled to your opinion but I do not feel that way
>>1029182 >>1029221 I'm sorry dude, you seem pretty sincere but you don't understand Marxism. I don't feel compelled by what you said to try to defend it, it doesn't represent a substantive criticism of Marxism and to the extent it is any criticism of capitalism or communism it is talking past Marxism, so it isn't compelling.
>>1029182 Capitalism is good, watch the vid to know why
>>1029182 >>1029182 >seunghui cho well he killed a bunch of wiggers so that was pretty cool

(12.22 KB 150x130 magik.png)
Liberalism is Eternal. Anonymous 10/21/2020 (Wed) 23:10:40 No. 1021235 [Reply] [Last]
The odds are that Trump is going to get his ass kicked in the general elections, this will be a much, much worse development then we previously thought possible. The centerification of everything is starting to begin as teh degenerates you faggots called the "Proleteriate" will be soothed and believe that Biden will provide all of their ales. How can anybody be a communist after this, that all the people that they "redpilled" will go back to the mediocrity and boredom of centrism even as their lives get worse? IT's because there is no equality, there is only power. There is only the will to improve and there is only the desire to crush those who are weaker than you. The black pills are flowing through me already, it's nice and warm. Why don't you embrace the inevitable? North Korea will fall, Cuba will fall, Venezuela will fall, Belerus will fall. Everything that is not liberal, everything that is not marketable, everything with an actual pulse, everything with a fucking soul will die out and become boring, stale, fucking thrown out by the way side by more and more and more and more and more and more of the same crap that we keep buying up again and again and again and again. People have been hallowed out by capitalism. The devil? He is a pussy bitch compared to capital, The demiurge? Even his malign intentions have some degree of the desire for amusement, the most human desire of them all, but everything will become colorless, everything will go grey. Everything will become boring, soulless....I already feel the lack of color in life already. There is nothing but grey, not even blackness, there is just the dulling sensations of capital harrowing out new needs into your soul, desire at the very least makes sense, but there is a fucking NEED for products, more so than there is the need for good food, good homes, a good time. Just replace it all with product. Product will save us. Product is the next Jesus. Jesus was produced. Biden is simply porky laughing at us for believing that the world won't be as grey as they would prefer it to be. How could you stand to live with yourselves after knowing this? HP Lovecraft is a bitch to the might of porky. Porky is more than a god. It is the universe itself.
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>>1024234 >When people experience 4 years on another center-right democrat and see that nothing changes, you will see even more people going left. Except ameritards will keep claiming he's far-left
Liberalism is the great filter that prevents alien life from going anywhere but an early grave.
Honestly its true unfortunately, I've come to realize the vast majority of people on the left, especially ones who cling to any previous collectivist states are romanticizing brainlets who's brains seems incapable of moving past the 19th century concept and models of technology and society
>>1021235 > biden winning will stop china's economy from growing and the united states slipping from international dominance it doesnt matter either way
>>1023240 Reasonable.

(475.53 KB 750x751 brunch pilled.jpeg)
Trump and the "Left" Anonymous 10/24/2020 (Sat) 04:15:17 No. 1030471 [Reply] [Last]
How many self-described "Leftists" do you think are going to take the Brunchpill if and when Biden is elected? Not just American "leftists" either, I'm seeing a lot of foreign "leftists" ridin' with Biden.
>>1030471 it's hard to say, even fervent Bidenriders aren't as passionate as Hill-dawg's cult. Momtifa and Dadtifa will go home or be arrested, but since the feds are now under Democrat control, there will be no media coverage. Plus his election wouldn't offer anything to the anti-racist and anti-police terror uprisings around the country, both of which have so far successfully avoided being co-opted by the Democrats. But yeah, it will be validation of theories that Trump was a "fluke" and whatever Russia conspiracy Maddow was peddling. Libs will go to sleep since the country will be moving toward collapse a little more slowly than before.
I hope Sichuan Trump wins. Kiev Biden is a bitch and would 100% increase Am*rican imperialism judging his performance with OBomba administration.

Help Anonymous 10/24/2020 (Sat) 00:30:45 No. 1029985 [Reply] [Last]
Someone told me that socialism is when value is nonexistent? Or something like that, and how the USSR wasn't socialist, and there was never any real socialism or something. I've read theory but I still don't really recognize where this concept of no value comes from
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>ive read theory but (inane babbling) *eats his own shit* No you havent read any theory stop lying
>>1030320 Ok, now I remember, they were describing socialism as the negation of value, free from exploitation, and described socialism and communism as the same thing, which that part I guess I agree with because they used to be basically interchangeable. What I said was that it was useless to repeatedly classify "actually existing socialism" as state capitalism as it was a movement towards socialism at the very least as he paraphrased lenin saying that as long as there was war, socialism couldn't exist
>>1030402 <negation of value, free from exploitation, This is true, there's no value in a society without commodities. Generally though commodities were being phased out in the USSR, with production for profit nonexistent. Like the anon above posted the book by Stalin: >The effect of all this, taken together, is that the sphere of operation of the law of value in our country is strictly limited, and that the law of value cannot under our system function as the regulator of production. >It is said that the law of value is a permanent law, binding upon all periods of historical development, and that if it does lose its function as a regulator of exchange relations in the second phase of communist society, it retains at this phase of development its function as a regulator of the relations between the various branches of production, as a regulator of the distribution of labour among them. >That is quite untrue. Value, like the law of value, is a historical category connected with the existence of commodity production. With the disappearance of commodity production, value and its forms and the law of value also disappear. <and described socialism and communism as the same thing, True too.
>>1030416 So the USSR wasn't socialist because they were still engaged in commodity production, right? What's the point of getting into that kind of semantic argument though, if they were phasing out commodity production? Why the distinction between socialism and state capitalism?

(129.01 KB 524x381 2qu90d.jpg)
How can you justify censorship as a materialist? Anonymous 10/23/2020 (Fri) 21:07:28 No. 1029320 [Reply] [Last]
If the material base of society is what determines all forms of speech, media and culture then how could you as a communist and a materialist justify the censorship of culture? Wouldn't you by doing that be admitting that there are severe flaws in whatever system you're in charge of to the point that people would want to speak about it?
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>>1029320 Another retarded thread by a faggot whinning about "nuh freedumbs" without any class analysis. >If the material base of society is what determines Stop using words you don't understand, lib.
(44.09 KB 960x955 big dog.jpg)
>>1029340 this nigga brought a PDF with a thumbnail
>>1030451 >large size thumbnail how
(78.37 KB 900x653 big 911.jpg)
>>1030453 like this
>>1029673 Post on New Multitude

Anonymous 10/23/2020 (Fri) 01:48:43 No. 1025836 [Reply] [Last]
In this thread I will make the case for why the left must unite behind the green party, to get the white house in 2024. why I like the greens is because they are just socialistic enough to not be lying and just social democratic enough to hide our power level. Now many on the left think there is no outlet for bourgeois politics, in general I agree but there are ways to use it in tactic not in wants for end goals. what I mean by this is electoralism can be used by our movement to legitimize it, we need a Allende to go Castro. we are only begging for mass state oppression and de-legitimizing of our cause if we don't go down this path. a middle ground of both black panther militancy and MLK broad appeal is IMO the correct direction to head in. this is only possible by kicking to the curb the opportunist wreckers and spliters. we need the IWW and other similar union groups at our back, we need the PSL and all socialist parties to join in together. the left has NO HOPE if we cant create a united front and enact a mass line. why yes I'm suggesting we do quasi-Leninism to the green party by pushing it to more and more to use democratic centralism and vanguardism. We MUST not allow the perfect to become the enemy of the very good. we must not get ahead of ourselves as to defeat ourselves before we're of the ground. the goal in America is to get rid of the 2 bourgeois parties being the DNC and RNC. in order to stand a chance of even 30%+ yet alone a victory for the greens we must see every day from now till November 2024 as an election season. this is not to say we don't do a lot of outside movements with strikes... it is to say that we are never getting anywhere if we don't remove those 2. when it come to electoralism its not a yes or no question its a nuanced one where we use it for its benefits and lose it for it faults. if any of you actually think the left will get anywhere with 1000+ individual parties and smashies yes I support putting down fascist street violence with force if necessary, it just simply isn't a means of praxis you are a detriment to communist cause. this thread it a call to action to reconsider the intersection we can make with electoralism and 21st century Leninism. its a thread to begin the social media and in person campaigns need to achieve these ends.
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It's next to impossible to win the federal elections because of gerrymandering even with a hypothetical majority of the vote. It's only realistic once Green has won a significant portion of local elections so they can change part of what holds them back. Also only mainstream media that has allowed them air time is PBS through Democracy Now so it would be good to encourage people to watch PBS and they will eventually come across such things. However once they do alter voting may play advantage to the larger Libertarian party more than themselves unless there was a massive increase in Green voters. This may be done by rebranding the Green Party as the left libertarian party or something since a good portion of libertarians only want drugs and sex and have no care or knowledge about their economic and environmental policies. Another thing that must be done is further divide those that normally would vote Republican or Libertarian but would never easily be won over. Simply flooding them with targeted political ads and bots to make them vote for different obscure candidates and parties that pander to their interests.
>>1029106 IRV has been used for certain single-winner elections in Ireland, Malta, and Australia, and briefly Fiji. During the time in which those countries have used it, those particular single-winner offices were dominated by two parties. It's especially egregious in Australia, which actually has a proportional representation system in other types of offices that achieve multi-party representation. In spite of this nursery effect, third parties have been totally dominated by two main parties for most of its 100-year usage in Australia. The same is true of the scattered cities and municipalities that have used and repealed IRV throughout US history. The issue is fundamentally that IRV is still a very tactical voting method, one example of which is that it is not safe to rank your choices sincerely in genuinely competitive races. Political parties in Australia in fact send out these flyers all the time with instructions on the best tactical order for their fans in order to gain the most from a given election. Historically, voting method theorists have relied upon a criteria-based approach to assess the quality of various voting methods, but it's very subjective which criteria are more important than other criteria. If you sum all the qualities of a given voting method together, however, you can measure how close and how often a voting method gets to selecting the option closest to the sum of voter preferences. That's basically what this figure depicts. You can see from this particular set of simulations that the worst possible outcome of IRV obtained from the most tactical form of voting with is actually the same as plurality voting's worst outcome.
>>1029390 *In spite of this nursery effect, third parties have been totally dominated by two main parties in these single-winner offices for most of its 100-year usage in Australia.
ive been learning about radical history in thr 70s and 80s and I came here to tell you youre a fucking retard
>>1030354 No you can't use the greens or something similar, to push the country left and show to the people yet again that reformism doesn't work. No you can't move from this into a militant black panther like organization. The socdem to commie pipeline is real, it is the easiest path to take the lib and radicalize them. you're the unrealistic one who thinks libs can become commies over night. It took several years of social democractic believes for me to transfer to Communism. You people have such a all or nothing mentality to electoralism. imagine the nightmare of taking 30-50% of the Dems base from them and then funneling that through the greens over time to a more traditional Marxist party. You all want roofs over your head without a foundation. You expect the largely centrist libs that most Americans are to forget all the anticommunist propaganda with out guiding them leftward. Opinions change slowly over time it's up to us to guide that shift towards us. Consider social democracy as class sub-consciousness Many must go through that before there fully class conscious.

(40.85 KB 639x472 8vmgoflw80s31.jpg)
"SOVIET BAD SOVIET WORSE THAN NAZIS 400 BAJILLIONS I AM FROM UCRANE" Anonymous 10/20/2020 (Tue) 22:46:13 No. 1017217 [Reply] [Last]
Why are redditors such stupid fucking liberal faggots; I wish these niggas would die What's with this shit with some obviously second generation pseudo-burger will start claiming to know of the "horrible oppression" of the Soviets because their parents lived their in the 80s Honestly why are burgers such awful fucking degenerates as to have created a site like Reddit?
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>>1022282 And this is supposed to be the most leftist generation in decades. What a load of shit.
>>1022808 People don't turn to faith for community, they turn to it to get an edge either materially or socially over others. Christianity is worthless without the ability to mobilize footsoldiers against designated sinners.
>>1017511 Larpers on twitter aren't the entire population, most are left-leaning but not communist (think sanders)
>>1024615 >Stalin thought calls for NON-AGGRESSION would survive until at least Germany was done fighting Britain; . >because they knew that Germany couldn’t win the war at any point between 1939 to 1941 This contradicts with what everyone at the time thought. Lend lease was rushed because Americans saw USSR losing the war, Finns joined the offensive because they thought there was a good shot at winning lost territories and it was the German OKH that convinced Hitler to order it. And you know, you don't fall into severe depression fighting a war you think you can win. >Like, a simultaneous war with Britain, USA, and USSR was an absolute nightmare scenario as far as German strategy was concerned and the Germans knew it First off, nobody at the time thought US might join the war. Hell, even today nobody knows for sure if, when or how US would've joined the war had it not been for the German declaration. Remember, it was the Germans who triggered American entry and not the pressure from her allies. >the Blitzkrieg wasn’t a cool plan it was a necessity if Germany ever hoped to win. Blitzkrieg is just clickbait bullshit of its time. In reality Germans conducted a war of movement and encirclement called kesselschat instead of whatever "blitzkrieg" makes you think. Out-manouvering and surrounding your enemy is what captured millions of soviet pows during early stages of the war. >Why not read an actual book instead of retard redditors and that chubby monkey Vaush? I recommend Age of Extremes, by Eric Hobsbawm How do you even bother to argue about WW2 when your understanding of it is what history channel tells you.
>>1029859 >This contradicts with what everyone at the time thought. Lend lease was rushed because Americans saw USSR losing the war, Finns joined the offensive because they thought there was a good shot at winning lost territories and it was the German OKH that convinced Hitler to order it. And you know, you don't fall into severe depression fighting a war you think you can win Americans believed the Soviets would lose because for a moment it looked like the Germans would pull off the Blitzkrieg again as they had so effectively against the French. You must remember, in 1939 many assumed that the French Army was the greatest in the world; when France easily folded Germany seemed unstoppable. However history does not begin in 1939, in the period prior to this much of the world figured Germany couldn’t win a Second World War and the Soviets understood that the Germans couldn’t really beat them. The Germans themselves had recognized what a formidable enemy a modernized Russia would be as far back as the 19th Century. > First off, nobody at the time thought US might join the war. Hell, even today nobody knows for sure if, when or how US would've joined the war had it not been for the German declaration. Remember, it was the Germans who triggered American entry and not the pressure from her allies. Germany declared war because they assumed a US intervention on the side of Britain and the Soviets was inevitable just as the US entered into the First World War against Germany. The hope was to pre-empt a situation in which the US gets involved when the German position was already untenable. Which has the unfortunate measure of forcing you to fight the US while in the middle of even worse larger wars. A large complication of the German war goal was that the war was effectively always an unwinnable position for Germany. > Blitzkrieg is just clickbait bullshit of its time. In reality Germans conducted a war of movement and encirclement called kesselschat instead of whatever "blitzkrieg" makes you think. Out-manouvering and surrounding your enemy is what captured millions of soviet pows during early stages of the war. And do you know why the Germans were so reliant on fast-paced maneuver in which the enemy is drawn into decisive battles relatively quickly to ensure swift victory? Because Germany lacked the manpower and resources for a drawn out war. Which is why I said “Blitzkrieg” was a necessity and why German generals started shitting their pants once they realized the Soviets would hold out for much longer than the French. > How do you even bother to argue about WW2 when your understanding of it is what history channel tells you The notion that Germany could literally never win is largely the opposite of the classic Hitler Channel’s Wehrmacht wank

(6.91 KB 170x170 170px-Copyright.svg.png)
Should we have copyright? Faggo 10/21/2020 (Wed) 05:23:32 No. 1018418 [Reply] [Last]
What are your opinions on copyright as a concept and should we move towards its abolishion?
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>>1023884 >This is exploitative though, because you are having people do unpaid labor. Instead you should be incentivising people to do work like writing. Pay some flat rate for time put in and then a bonus based on popularity. A lot of important books aren't widely read in the author's lifetime. It probably should pay less than "real jobs" but we shouldn't expect people to just do this stuff for free like we're a bunch of porkies. It is hard to figure this out, when you incentivize people, you have to tax workers to pay for that. There would be only limited slots available for paying people advances on books they have not yet written. Should there be a lottery for that? Popularity for selecting professional writer careers is a bad system. Writers might not be recognized during their life time, but much more importantly selecting literature on criteria other than popularity is important for quality.
>>1018418 Copyright is cringe, copyleft is kinda based.
>>1018418 Copyright is a concept that they will never be able to truly enforce everything is based on something before it an example would be how sampling clips from other songs led to a bunch of new music genres rap,house,drum and base were all built on samples of previous songs they just were creative and used what they was available to make something new.
Copyleft is where it's at. People should be recognized for their work. Copyright is an unfortunate necessity in capitalism and the laws need reworked to play in favour of creators and against capitalists so the creators can not get screwed over.
Under State Socialism all developments and the production thereof are the collective property of their country of origin, so no, copyright becomes irrelevant.


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