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(53.46 KB 304x603 levels.jpg)
Our criticism in our critical support Anonymous 08/02/2020 (Sun) 02:37:02 No. 738161 [Reply] [Last]
Before I even start, I'm aware some of you will point out the fact that our "support" (defending certain countries which can be considered socialist/quasi-socialist and/or countries opposed to American imperialism) doesn't actually help much at all, materially speaking, and that our words don't really offer any real help towards these countries. While this is true, I still want us to discuss something which I almost never see among people who claim to critically support a country. So let's discuss this very thing specifically, out of the way immediately you support this or that nation, we know that by now, so let's offer our criticism to discuss what they can improve on or change. Btw, I'm only going to name the countries I believe deserve critical support, but feel free to name whichever you want. Starting with Venezuela, I think it's a good, pragmatic move what they are doing by securing diplomatic alliances with Iran, getting their help to bypass sanctions, however what I believe Maduro could improve on is definitely diversify the venezuelan economy and try to push for further to the left economic developments, whatever is available, it could end up helping them, planning specifically to allocate resources more efficiently from the economic siege they're under. For Syria, Assad should unironically read Marx (this goes to everyone here tbh) and try to further his alliance with the syrian communists by unifying the Ba'ath Party with the Communist Party, seeking the proper industrialization and development of productive forces (which are currently fucked because of the war) by pushing forward a NEP style economy. It would help Syria massively after they have won the war. Lastly, China. Xi needs to re-read Marx and strike against revisionism in the CPC. I don't know if he has his hands tied by most of the party and can't do much to change the party line but if he can, he has to. I fear that the CPC's concept of "socialism by 2050" will be the current chinese economic system simply more developed, and shit like a higher GDP nationwise, a higher HDI, lower Gini, shit like that. I'm led to believe this since the CPC has allowed state-owned media to talk about SwCC using this liberal and non-marxist terms to describe their type of socialism, which tells me that the CPC has a twisted view on what socialism is to mantain the status quo as much as possible. So Xi needs to 100% re-read Marx, drop the idealism which can be seen on videos like this, which utilize language as vague as "well-off" and "harmonic" to describe socialism, and push for an actual socialist development, and not what the CPC thinks socialism is. Here's the state-sponsored vid btw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rThM32L94qQ
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>>738185 Well, obviously there can exist the case of what happened in the CPC, but reading Marx (I should've specified in my op that instead of Marx necessarily I should've said theory in general) allows these people to understand the bigger picture and gives them a new perspective on the approachment which needs to be taken in their respective positions.
(5.31 MB 499x9428 leftypol ideology tiers.jpg)
>>738161 dumb fuck lurk more
>>738166 >OP never even mentions you're favourite worshipping idol >still s e e t h e s about people not jerking off to fat Kimmy You're not just a clown, you're the entire circus.
Damn, I actually can't really think of much for the countries I would say get my critical "support". But maybe for the DPRK, I don't know how industrialized (if it can be considered a fully industrialized country even) but perhaps it may be necessary to liberalize economically, just a little bit, to allow for faster development of the productive forces. Obviously it can't be done too quickly as that would fuck the korean people through privatizations and drops in standards of living, but I still think it should be something to pursue. It may also interest the WPK to attract foreign investment to the best of their abilities, perhaps China in an act of international solidarity could help massively. Also Cuba if they can see the opportunity to do so. Once the country has its productive forces further developed and is fully industrialized (hopefully in the near future) the higher-ups of the party should read (if they haven't by now) Cockshott to establish cybernetic planning, which would rid them of a bloated bureaucracy. If the bureaucratic planning clique resist the implementation, they should obviously be purged, so daddy should ensure a significant amount of the party has his back to defend himself from any potential party coup.

(166.88 KB 960x684 19621.jpeg)
Anonymous 07/23/2020 (Thu) 13:37:14 No. 712412 [Reply] [Last]
How would a communist society approach preventing obesity as well promote proper eating and exercise habits?
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>>712522 lmao wut
>>712412 >How would a communist society approach preventing obesity as well promote proper eating and exercise habits? Routine morning exercises in the Routine Socialist Republic: https://youtu.be/tTaIAnMBJUw
>>712522 >That's the idea, but how do you get there? Publicly-funded People's Cafeterias serving healthy meals at major transport hubs to anyone who wants 'em.
>>739447 You ever had Cuban food? It's really fuckin tasty. https://youtu.be/deZhgUYjJso

(22.61 KB 236x355 Soviet_book.jpg)
Donate to Ismail! Anonymous 07/08/2020 (Wed) 00:30:43 No. 673803 [Reply] [Last]
Ismail (the tankie guys with all the russian books on archive.org) just created a paypal donation page so that we could help him buy more books that can be scanned. Link to donate: https://paypal.me/pools/c/8qDNFdjxlh
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Some books I recently scanned: * https://archive.org/details/secretweaponinafrica (1977 book by a Soviet journalist on the civil war in Angola, with the background of the MPLA, UNITA, and FNLA) * https://archive.org/details/britishstateharveyhood (a Marxist analysis of the British state in the 1950s) * https://archive.org/details/historyanglosovietrelations1 (a detailed history of Anglo-Soviet relations from 1919-1942) * https://archive.org/details/historyanglosovietrelations2 (ditto, except 1943-1950) * https://archive.org/details/worldaffairsussr (Soviet foreign policy in the 1930s) * https://archive.org/details/britishforeignpolicywwii (Soviet analysis of British foreign policy during WWII) * https://archive.org/details/sixcenturiesrussopolishrelations (pro-Soviet account of Polish-Soviet relations up to 1945) * https://archive.org/details/christianecumenismkryanev (a Soviet analysis of the Christian ecumenical movement)
>>737136 eregime.org/
>>713400 Youtube has gone mad, can't watch this in my country?
>>737163 Thanks anyway. I was too haste. I guess that's the best way to contact him if not directly via archive.org.
I scanned five books (and uploaded another for someone) about Derg-era Ethiopia: https://archive.org/details/@ismail_badiou Two deal with the mid-80s famine from a pro-government perspective, two are Soviet works discussing Ethiopia in general, one is about the Derg's efforts to get rid of illiteracy, and one gives an account of the Eritrean insurgency from a relatively pro-Derg perspective. I also scanned a Soviet book titled "What Is Marxism-Leninism?" which, as you might guess, is meant for beginners.

(118.83 KB 600x368 charlie.jpg)
utrition and phsyical fitness under LS capitalism vs under socialism Anonymous 08/02/2020 (Sun) 21:39:34 No. 740072 [Reply] [Last]
I'm studying to be a fitness coach,and since I started opposing modern capitalism I thought of this,of making a study about how LSC influences,harms or benefits, the body. I think people here have good criticisms which could help me in my proyect. Some bullet points of things to consider: )cheap food mass-produced,but actually unhealthy. Food lobbies to bribe the goverment into not doing anything )phsyical training in the public school system. )Soviet athleticism and gymanstics. I dont know about this but I saw some awesome photos. I think in a world without money-based bragging rights men would work harder to improve their body and mind for the porpouses of mate-finding and ensuing procreation.Capitalism encourages a lazy elite who can't climb a stair.
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>>740101 >harvest young peoples blood to keep themselves younger source on this, i always thought it's a qanon conspiracy
>>740072 >>740101 Number one reason for ill health is lack of motivation/hope among people. That's why billionaires largely look pretty good and live a long time, not only do they have the best healthcare but the world is their oyster, they can do whatever they want and have the lives of millions as their playthings. How can you expect someone to work to improve their life if it doesn't even belong to them?
>>740072 effort post: I'm no sociologist but I think Capitalism impacts mental and physical health in two ways: the first is on a material level (i.e.: how much time a person has, what they do at work, what they can afford), and the second is on the level of ideals (i.e.: the values in which Capitalism promotes). The result of the first reason being that people have less time for leisure, which stifles much more than time for physical activity. There are also the aspects which you mentioned: harmful food is lobbied and promoted while athleticism is cornered off to the realm of entertainment. As for schools, why would anyone need to promote a standard of physical health? Just do the bare minimum so as to highlight those with promise to propel forward into a potential career. As for the level in which Capitalist ideals inflict us. On the occasions where health is promoted, there is a certain sense of maximising ones physical and mental potential in order to be a more productive person. Of course, this isn't limited to Capitalism; but when you meditate in order to escape anxiety, and when you study Stoicism to 'harden' yourself to externalises, you have to ask yourself what is the context that you are escaping from? And in what way are you making yourself more productive? This isn't even getting into objectification and how the body becomes a commodity, and of course what is being promoted by the fitness industry. Unrelated, but I would be interested in finding out if there was some Glowie shit behind bodybuilding the same way they were behind Abstract art.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxyxcTZccsE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceFyF9px20Y The processed food industry is causing unbelievable amounts of damage and pain.
>>740108 plus proles actually work manual labor

(5.84 KB 200x200 s200_fredrik.deboer.jpg)
Leftist Author: IQ differences are real Anonymous 08/03/2020 (Mon) 02:39:47 No. 740865 [Reply] [Last]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3g4K429-9QU According to pic related IQ differences and academic performance are highly genetically heritable and the left needs to accept this reality, which is also why free college is misguided because a ton of people can't into basic math and algebra.
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>>740906 You mistake description for prescription. Leftism is explicitly in favour of keeping the mating hierarchy for instance.
>>741266 >mating hierarchy What?
china now has better average iqs than before mao socialism = better iqs
>>740865 why is your iq so low suppose this is true, this does not invalidate the concept of free college, you just ought to raise the barrier of entry ur a dumdum
(34.34 KB 341x450 engelstirner.jpg)
>>740919 Thanks based unspooked mod

(45.35 KB 500x340 ear.jpeg)
Audio thread Anonymous 08/28/2019 (Wed) 14:29:26 No. 46642 [Reply] [Last]
Post audio sources
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https://invidio.us/watch?v=KlO26HryFbA <we speak to writer and activist Tariq Ali. He discusses the Coronavirus pandemic crisis, how neoliberalism has failed as a system, US sanctions on Venezuela and Iran during the pandemic, how neoliberal culture affects the societal response to coronavirus, the 17th anniversary of the start of the Iraq War and why it is still relevant today, how the Iraq War limited Iraq’s ability to combat COVID-19, the torture of Julian Assange and his extradition trial, Narendra Modi’s lockdown of Kashmir and more!
(70.83 KB 724x543 cnclbtn.jpeg)
Pushback with Aaron Maté 'Cancel Culture' hypocrites cancel open debate and foreign countries https://invidio.us/watch?v=om59ivszwOE
(27.48 KB 500x333 brutalism.jpg)
The Case for Brutalist Architecture | ARTiculations https://invidio.us/watch?v=VGwVAxRHxgM
(21.88 KB 320x180 w4t55twqefrge.jpg)
anybody know where i can find the rest of this talk

(250.59 KB 931x660 saverubin.png)
Anonymous 08/03/2020 (Mon) 02:16:15 No. 740828 [Reply] [Last]
Does anyone have that picture of the three soviet buildings with agitprop murals of female liberation etc, and the modern version where those buildings just have coca cola ads or something on them?

(109.92 KB 320x320 silverpook_wave.jpg)
(112.95 KB 1007x667 hi.png)
Hawaii General Anonymous 08/01/2020 (Sat) 02:53:02 No. 736212 [Reply] [Last]
>inb4 put it in USA general A general for discussing HI based politics Any other Hawaii-anons here? Answer (optional): CIA/NSA/FBI questions 1. Which Island? 2. Are you involved in any politics/parties? 3. Who are you vooting for in the upcoming elections?
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>>737308 >Historical anti-colonialist movements didn't actively do that. Yes, but presently there are a lot of people talking decolonialism who do want to do that. That's not to say they are inherently linked, but it's an element and if it goes unchecked this tendency can pull people rightward.
>>736212 >Which Island? Hawaii island, most specific I'll say is west side. >Are you involved in any politics/parties? No lol, only real activism we have is native Hawaiian stuff and I'm a whitoid. >Who are you vooting for in the upcoming elections? maybe green if at all. Voting doesn't do jack here because it's all just a club of business sycophants and technocrats in the Democratic party (which is the only relevent party). >>738101 Most hardcore independence activists I've seen unironically want a monarchist ethnostate. Of course you've also got some virtue signaling whites (who probably live off money from their parents in Cali/the east coast). Political independence is a joke at this point and the energy that's put into it would be much better used elsewhere.
>>738993 but the big landowners and military bases are whitoid controlled no? wouldn't the native Hawaiians be more concerned with those capitalist whitoids than the working class/poor people the whitoids' ancestors brought to the islands for plantation labor?
>>736248 That's why we also trade so heavily with Asia, who pays top dollar the for our extremely high-quality fruit and meat. >>740775 >big landowners and military bases Everyone has their finger in the pie. Whiteoidz, Flips, Nips, even the native Hawaiians, all mostly through a cabal of wealthy families with links in old-fashioned "machine politics" and organized crime, doling out favors for access to different commercial concerns. The ruling class here really feels a lot more like a 3rd-world country's lumpenbourgeoisie "compradors" than proper bourgies, but with the usual extractive industry of agriculture supplemented heavily by tourism.
>>740805 >The ruling class here really feels a lot more like a 3rd-world country's lumpenbourgeoisie "compradors" than proper bourgies Well if you believe Hawaiian nationalists thats literally true if you consider Hawaii a colony

(12.54 KB 363x139 settler.jpg)
My thoughts on "Settlers" by J. Sakai Anonymous 07/28/2020 (Tue) 03:32:52 No. 725037 [Reply] [Last]
I finally got around to reading it. It is an interesting book with some major flaws and a conclusion I do not agree with. Anyway, here are my thoughts. There are many problems with Sakai's analysis. The most glaring is his treatment of the CIO and IWW which are either blantantly wrong, totally unsupported or supported by only the the most flimsy statistics and misquotes. His idea that the IWW wanted only white worker unity makes no real sense given their steadfast commitment to multi-racial, cross border unionism even during the insane xenophobia or WW1. If they had wanted white worker unity, I am unsure why they even formed an industrial union. Craft unions would have been much more sucessful for that purpose. Sakai alleges that the CIO was fundamentally racist and settleristic and that they really only wanted to use black workers. The actual evidence for this is extremely thin on the ground and Sakai makes multiple assertions with no real support, such as saying that black workers were drafted into the CIO, which simply has no evidence of ever happening. Sakai is sloppy to dismiss the historical instances of multi-racial class struggle, albeit in an embryonic form, with the CIO and IWW. He also leans too heavily into the "nations" model of understanding racial oppression, framing all racial conflicts as a simple National Liberation struggle, which leads him to bizarre places in his analysis and seems to misunderstand that while you can certainly think about a "Black Nation", the white worker and the black worker live in the same interconnected society. Sakai is quick to dismiss analysis of racism that relies on false consciousness explanations, but yet the "materialist" alternative that Sakai proposes is flimsy. He spends a great deal of the book talking about the wealth and privilege of white workers, setting you up to believe that all of them are simply net-exploiters who quite simply, do not have an interest in socialism as they are more like bourgeois profiting from the workers below them than exploited proletarians. They are not exhibiting false consciousness, they are fully conscious of their Settler class and are acting upon it. Sakai has to believe this, or else his analysis makes no sense. If white workers are exploited, then they have an interest in socialism and the argument becomes the same as Ted Allen or Noel Ignatiev, that the White Supremacist ruling class has given then privilege but their material interests fundamentally still aligns with Socialism. But how can Sakai think that all white workers are labor aristocrats? By sheer statistics, if he thinks that nearly all blacks are proletarian, then surely there are whites that are as poor, perhaps even working the same jobs as these black proletarians. And Sakai is willing to admit this. He does so tactically near the end of the book when he describes Appalachian whites and clearly notes that they are being ripped off, and explicitly states that they are exploited, though they lack class consciousness. So here it is, Sakai has fallen back into something closer to the false consciousness stance. If they are exploited, then surely their interests lie in Socialism, but instead of looking at this, Sakai makes a strange point about Settler culture without explaining why these whites, objectively, are not being fooled and have an interest, if only white society could be cracked open, that follows with the colonized proletariat. In his later works where he discusses the "de-settlerization", Sakai again tactically notes that a growing percentage of whites are exploited, but simply brushes off the notion of this leading to any revolutionary potential, despite this simple fact undercutting the entire materialistic analysis and reducing it to a petty analysis of some insurmountable white culture that keeps these whites, despite being objectively exploited even according to Sakai, from ever siding with the colonized proletariat. He simply calls the white working class reactionary and backwards facing and leaves it at that. He is no longer a fierce materialist pointing out of the facts of the exploitative parasitic labor aristocracy, he is reduced to a cynic. Settlers is a dead end. For the black radical it promotes an extremely stunted practice that would have no good function in the increasingly diverse inner ring suburbs that house the modern working class. It is difficult to imagine how one would organize a multi-racial workplace if they thought whites should never be organized. For the white radical who wishes to crack open white society along its class lines, Settlers obscures the contradictions within white society.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>740844 What about the racial advantage of Asians? Do they need to acknowledge Asian privilege too? How about lightskin black people, having a White parent would certainly by this logic grant you advantages, do lightskin black workers need to acknowledge their lightskin privilege?
>>740813 >based out of the tragedy sakai records Which is sparsely sourced and taken out of context in multiple areas, especially in his analysis of CIO (in which he attempts to frame it as a manipulative class collaborative force that is led by settlers who wish to counteract minority organizing for the benefit of settler workers, which is so entirely based on his own personal assumptions of intent that it is downright dishonest). He then goes out of his way to misquote Foster demanding multiracial organizing as evidence of him accusing blacks of being the enemies of the white working class. The idea of racism impeding labour movements is nothing new, and many marxists have written about such and how to address it. But Sakai tries to present half hazerdly sourced information in such a dishonest fashion to validate his personal narrative that he isn't even worth utlizing outside of if want to make a very, very specific argument in regards to the white working class and their revolutionary potential, or lack there of. >>740820 >READ THE FUCKING BOOK YOu FAITH DRIVEN FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! We did you faggot, that's why this thread was made in the first place. You can get everything "good" about Sakai from The Invention of the White Race, without all the convoluted narrative baggage. Sakai isn't bad because he says "racism exists, we need to counteract it through multi-racial organizing". Fuck, you could get that from nearly any Marxist from the 20th century. It's the fact he has to spin a poorly constructed narrative regarding such to NOT EVEN ARRIVE at a point about multi-racial organizing.
>>738463 >They had a white dude ride a tractor in their commercial Wow
Does anybody else think its wild that Settlers and Sakai lives rent free in the minds of much of the online left? Its a pamphlet from some guy with almost no other contributions to theory. Its also pretty limited with the lack of sources and that its only really applicable to the USA and other ex-colonies. I'm pretty sure some of you are taking it far more seriously than most of the people who agree with it.
(297.68 KB 3000x3000 leftypol always takes the bait.jpg)
>>741648 >search /r/stupidpol for "sakai" "settlers" >7 threads >3 of which aren't even specifically about that in the op, just that happen to mention it >with 301 posts total >search my recollection of this board, especially in the last couple of months >10 gazillion thread >500 bajillion posts I'm thinking the thing living here rent free is a stable population of trolls, and baitsluts with absolutely zero impulse control

(1.77 MB 1430x3350 leftyfilm-Recovered.jpg)
/lefty/ approved documentaries Anonymous 08/02/2020 (Sun) 22:48:25 No. 740339 [Reply] [Last]
Any other good and informative documentaries? Particularly about history? I'm realizing that I'm kind of an idiot about world history.
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Documentaries are not worth your time you can read and get a lot more info
(53.11 KB 1024x1024 prolekult.jpg)
>>740350 THIS x100% Prolekult is amazing, watch everything they made. Also try to share, his stuff is highly underrated. My favorite are these two: https://youtu.be/-S-CwVJxxug >History is Marching is a feature length documentary analysing the rise in tensions between major powers across the globe over the course of 2018. https://youtu.be/-jLbq9VwOK8 A Dying Culture: The End of Postmodernity is a feature-length Marxist documentary looking at culture, art, postmodernism, video games, data, social media, the state and war in context of the largest crisis in capitalism's history.
(6.36 KB 213x237 cfvgbhjnm.jpg)
heres a thread about them on >>>/edu/94
(2.67 KB 109x144 images (20).jpeg)
>>740339 Can't remember their name but the history channel had a docu series for ww2 which went in-depth about the resources and industry of all nations involved as well as military operations, they're basically a materialist analysis of ww2 without even realising it. Taught me to think from a materialist viewpoint.
>>740522 They're two different ways of getting info. I often can't get into a subject unless I have a audio, visual, or artistic object to draw me in. Like I can't just pick up a dense book about Chinese history unless I have some pre-interest to hook me into it. Not to mention that visuals are essential to understanding anything today. We cannot go back.


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