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(31.73 KB 750x584 oi97nwpphzf21.jpg)
Anonymous 10/05/2020 (Mon) 00:02:14 No. 953273 [Reply] [Last]
What do you guys think of pan Germanism?
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>>1029590 >I strongly disagree with your proposal to eliminate the Afro-American SSR, because that is a violation of the Marxist-Leninist concept of Self-Determination for Oppressed Nations The problem is that a portion (or perhaps even most) African Americans don't even live in those places. There's also a sizeable white minority in those areas, who may not be happy with living in an explicitly African-American state. Perhaps giving black majority regions autonomy within an Anglo-American SFSR might be more reasonable. >I also believe that the Inuit SSR should be preserved, but with the White-majority parts of Alaska excluded from it That's reasonable, although I might exclude Yukon from it as well as I think it is majority white as well. Indigenous people make up slightly over 50% of Northwest Territories population so it (might) be reasonable to tack them onto the Inuit SSR. >the Mexican SFSR should include LA County, the Inland Empire, Clark county, the San Joaquin Valley, and the Central Coast of California Hell no, that's where I live and I definitely do not want to be a part of Mexico (I am a white anglophone by the way, so I'm admittedly biased). Besides, Chicano nationalism hasn't really been a thing since the 60s and 70s and the whole idea of "Reconquista" is a pretty fringe ideology on both sides of the border. Most Hispanic Americans, as well as other racial minorities, just want equality. Ultimately, racial integration and racial equality will likely do far more to ease racial tensions than racial balkanization would. You'll just get a bunch of irredentist nonsense if you go the balkanization route.
>>953273 Bakunin called, he says to read “statism and anarchy.”
>>953273 Cursed. It will be very damagin to Germany since Austrians are pure trash.
>>953273 >pan germanism >doesn't include the germans in switzerland cringe
based timeline notwithstanding, i have a few suggestions for the great lakes region, the southern peoples and nationalities from ethiopia, just north of lake Turkana should have their own assr,as assimilated as they are into ethiopia, they have been looking for self rule for a while. the kenyan portion of the nilotes are closer to buganda and the highlands around mt Kenya in settlement patterns, an inclusion into a Mau-Mau ruled confederation as autonomies would make sense, but id settle for a kikuyu-Bantu ssr around the mt. finally the people of eastern congo in the great lakes regions around boma, and katanga province need their own assr.

(5.19 KB 1920x1280 Anarcho-capitalism.png)
Anarcho-capitalism Anonymous 10/13/2020 (Tue) 13:53:45 No. 992814 [Reply] [Last]
How the FUCK did we get all the way here?
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>>993144 >Having an ideology at all Marx would literally scoff at this. You should just look at the world through a materialist lens and understand our history as people and come to terms with how to move forward from there. The best and most pragmatic way forward, imo, is a middle ground between auth and lib left.
>>994644 All serious anarchists hate anarcho-"""capitalism"""
>>1030293 It will be a state they just wont call it a state because it will be a bunch of informal private entities. This is why Marx had a superior definition of the state to anarchists. Ancap is class domination as understood by Marx in the other direction.
>>1030276 >>1030285 See >>993175 and >>993232 you dense goons >>1030299 There is no "auth" or "lib" left, syndicap. Just the far left
why does the ancap flag use the most aggressively shitty shade of yellow

(672.81 KB 978x900 Rotfront.jpg)
Anonymous 10/17/2020 (Sat) 00:39:55 No. 1006937 [Reply] [Last]
We need to bring back the Red culture. Back in the day all the Reds greeted each other by saying "Rotfront". That was the greeting to say hello to comrades, and that was the greeting to be shouted at the Bourgeois Court when given a death sentence. In India and "Indo-China" to this day the same greeting is "Lal Salaam" (meaning "Red salute"). This is the battle cry of our guerrilla comrades who go to battle. This is how they greet each other. This is what they say when they are sentenced to death. So comrades, let's greet each other according to our cultural traditions: "Rotfront!" or "Lal Salaam!"
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>>1030004 better yet do it without an irrelevant, Boomer, Marxist-Hillaryist group like CPUSA
My gandad got a life sentence in 1942
No you fuckwit. Comrade or salute is something you use to refer to someone you have literally been in the trench with or shared a barricade with. A comrade is someone who you can literally trust to have your back in life and death situations. And by literally, I mean literally. At this current moment, we have no idea who is a comrade or isn't as we have not been tested in that way. This is a very different situation compared to: >Guerillas: By default, they risk death constantly and build a strong sense of trust >Early 20th c German communists: WW1 + being killed by SPD + being killed by Nazi's. >Bolsheviks: Exile + hanging by Tsar and whites. + entire civil war and foreign intervention. >Spanish civil war: Sharing the barricades. An anarchist and an ML who share the same barricade are more comrade than an ML on the barricade and another ML in their arm chair. >Chinese communists: Long March, purge in shanghai, civil war etc >Cubans: Guerilla campaign against batista

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(31.68 KB 540x360 1513815957272.jpg)
tankies trying to recuperate lifestylism from anarkiddies

Liking Stalin as an anarchist Anonymous 10/15/2020 (Thu) 18:32:20 No. 1001978 [Reply] [Last]
Is it possible to be an anarchist and still like some past socialist leaders (i.e. stalin)?
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>>1020636 Anarchists liking Stalin because of socialism is akin to Israelis admiring Hitler because he was also an ethnonationalist.
>>1020667 >Anarchists liking Stalin because of socialism Can we have a division of labour, between Stalin-people and Anarcho-people. Anarchists can organize ordinary life in the commune, and leave the rest like having a heavy industry to smash capitalists if they get to imperially.
>>1023093 Capitalists get smashed just for existing
>>1002196 how do you like someone as a person without liking their actions
>>1001993 >existing communism.

(97.46 KB 1280x1280 hinterlands.jpg)
Hinterlands : America's New Landscape on Class and Conflict Anonymous 07/12/2020 (Sun) 04:56:01 No. 684289 [Reply] [Last]
Anybody else read this? Thoughts?
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>>978088 Well, he's right. A vote for Trump is a vote against the US. Spencer is smart enough to see that second term means death to American empire.
>>833487 >We are told by Sontag, echoing Streep, that the roots of physical culture and its correlated aesthetic are easily identifiable: “To an unsophisticated public in Germany, the appeal of Nazi art may have been that it was simple, figurative, emotional not intellectual,” a type of art that offers common people “a relief from the demanding complexities of modernist art.” This is the sum of her explanation for how such a cultural movement rose to prominence, the diagnosis little more than a barely-veiled invective against the stupidity and unrestrained passion of the proletarian horde, incapable of understanding real art. Similarly, the recent essay from Refigural simply casts a broad net of vague associations in the classic thinkpiece fashion, here garnished with a bit of art-school loftiness. But throughout, the argument simply takes the rising prominence of physical culture and its aesthetic correlates as a priori fascist, a thesis “proven” through the simple fact that many on the far right seem to be drawn to guns and muscles and that frat boys also, in fact, like sportswear—big fucking surprise. >What neither work contains, however, is any rigorous approach to history. For Sontag, proletarian brutishness is enough. There is simply no reason for her to dig into the intricate history of German physical culture, rooted in the late 19th century and often deeply tied to early nationalisms and the rise of the worker’s movement. Nor is there any reason for her to trace the transfer of this particular strain of physical culture to the US via the migration of German workers and radicals into the American working class. There is no analysis of the role that physical fitness played in the social clubs of the early worker’s movement. Nor, remarkably, any mention of the ways that physical culture was directly mobilized against the rising Nazi threat, as seen in groups of communist streetfighters, or Imi Lichtenfeld and his gang of Jewish wrestlers and boxers defending their neighborhood in the midst of anti-semitic riots. This is because, for Sontag, the particular far-right adoption of physical culture within Nazism is symmetrical to the role it played within the broader workers’ movement from which it emerged. If communism is simply the “most successful variant” of fascism, there is simply no difference between the Nazi Olympics and a working class gym where people might learn the skills needed to fight strikebreakers at work or racist gangs on the street. >Thus severed from this history, such analyses play a purely ideological role. These critics find themselves in an historical moment when the flesh of the planet is being ground to pulp, when old emancipatory movements have been defeated in a century-long avalanche of blood, and when the poor today are increasingly living a life that seems to be composed of little more than curling into a fetal position while being constantly stomped under the boots of a million different species of police—and faced with this our brilliant Leftist declares “well, actually” your desire for strength is inherently fascist. The only time the liberal ever walks off the sidewalks and into the streets, after all, is to separate the fascist and the anarchist brawling through the labyrinth of stalled traffic, their intellect resounding with the mind-numbingly cultured revelation: “you’re just as bad as they are!” My god Changcn is good.
>>989611 based and materialism pilled
(714.55 KB 1280x720 M. Bison YES.mp4)

(34.38 KB 112x112 alunyapet.gif)
Anonymous 10/19/2020 (Mon) 07:16:31 No. 1013081 [Reply] [Last]
Alunya appreciation thread, post your favourite Alunyas~
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I need more of that cat
what's the story behind alyuna? I'm guessing the other characters all represent tendencies or currents of socialism. is alyuna just a generic communist or does she have a story arc or what
>>1013094 big milkies
>>1030422 She's an anarchist. She's based on the sabotabby, an anarcho-syndicatist symbol, and is named after anarchist Catalonia (Cat Alunya <-- Catalunya <-- Catalonia in Catalan).

(699.91 KB 2040x1976 vfdfvdfvbbvfbgf.jpg)
List of countries that fought wars with essentially every great power of their time simultaneously? Anonymous 10/22/2020 (Thu) 20:55:29 No. 1024633 [Reply] [Last]
Off the top of my head the countries I know of are basically: The French Revolutionary Army/First French Empire The German Empire and later the Third Reich in each World War The Empire of Japan by the end of WWII The Red Army during the Russian Civil War That's all I know of, interesting to note each were either in periods of revolution or modernization that this feat was pulled off
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>>1028964 >Uh oh, the fun police is here to tell us we can’t discuss history unless it relates to his utter autism
>>1014888 >>1020557 I completely agree with your excellent analysis. To those faux “Leftists” who are openly promoting Islamophobia with their apologist for the actions of U$ Imperialism and the Zionist state in the Middle East, I say that I have way more respect for the supposedly “Reactionary” Islamists who bravely fight to the death against U$ Imperialism and the Zionist state, especially the Shia Islamist Iran, Hezbollah, the Houthis, the PMF, and the Sunni Islamist Hamas and Taliban, all of which I critically support, despite the fact that I am a “Far-Left”, Anti-Revisionist, Marxist-Leninist, and they are “Far-Right”, “reactionaries”, according to the faux “Leftists” on this website who condemn these groups (I also critically support the Non-Socialist, Anti-Imperialist, states of Baathist Syria, Bolivarian Venezuela, Sandinista Nicaragua, and Lukashenkos Belarus, while upholding the surviving Socialist states of Cuba and the DPRK, and supporting the Maoist protracted people’s wars in the Philippines, India, Turkey, and Peru, along with the ELN, DKHP-C, PFLP-GC, PKK, and Dissident Irish Republicans, etc.). This is due to the fact that despite their “reactionary” ideology, these groups serve a more “progressive” role in the world through their Anti-Imperialism then the faux Western “Leftists” (brainwashed by Fascist, Pro-Trump, crypto-Zionist, Sino-Russian, “alternative” media outlets such as Moon of Alabama, the Unz review, the Saker, and RT) who support the Capitalist, Imperialist, Fascist, states of China and Russia, one of which (Dengoid China) claims to be “Socialist” while being a sweatshop for Wall Street/Silicon Valley, having a Stock exchange, and having Billionaires in its Communist Party, while the other (Putin’s Russia) is a dilapidated Capitalist dump that was once the worlds first Socialist Superpower (the USSR) before it was sold out to Zionist Oligarchs during “Project Hammer”, in a phony “New Cold War” with the U$, when in reality the Capitalist elites of all three countries (The U$, Putin’s Russia, and Dengoid China) use this “Fake wrestling” along with the corresponding exaggerated coronavirus “Pandemic” (The WHO admits the IFR is only .23%, confirming my opinion that it is equivalent to the 1957 and 1968 Asian Flu Pandemics, not the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, and thus should have been responded to with a Swedish/Belarusian-style approach), to divide and conquer the Proles as they slowly replace/eliminate them through the 4th industrial revolution (which happens to be accelerated by both the “New Cold War” and the coronavirus scam).
>>1030641 Sorry, I put this in the wrong thread, LOL.
(120.40 KB 1140x855 abd-el-krim.jpg)
Redpill me on this mfer. Apparently he was an inspiration for Che, Mao, and Uncle Ho. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abd_el-Krim
>>1028964 I'll make a stretch and say it's /leftypol/ related because OP sounds like a refugee from the fall of the bastion of /his/

(237.30 KB 2048x1152 global iq.jpg)
When should Affirmative Action end? Anonymous 10/24/2020 (Sat) 04:59:36 No. 1030535 [Reply] [Last]
When it began, it was thought that Affirmative Action would only be needed "temporarily" in order to equalize school and economic performance between blacks and whites. That was 60 years ago. Sandra Day O'Connor predicted that AA would not be needed after another 25 years. That was 20 years ago. The explanation of "They just need more time" becomes less and less plausible with each passing decade. At what point do we seriously consider the competing explanation (that human evolution happened above the neck) and cease further investment in [by then recognized as fruitless and inhumane] oppression narratives? 20 more years? 100? 1000? * Secondly, what happens if that day comes and blacks have been universally indoctrinated into the belief, as they are today, that all of their failings fall at the doorstep of someone else? Will they buck up and accept the findings of genetic scientists? Will they be traumatized, feeling as though they have been lied to for generations? Will there be riots? Suicides? Thank you for reading. * "Just keep waiting for all eternity" is not a reasonable answer, but if you have nothing else to say then I have another question: Should human evolutionary genetics research be banned?
Banned: Bait & leave. At least argue your case otherwise it's just bait/spam.
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>>1030602 Since OP is just a troll who made a bait thread without intending to actually hold up to scrutiny in the Free Marketplace of Ideas® I will just leave those here http://sitn.hms.harvard.edu/flash/2017/science-genetics-reshaping-race-debate-21st-century/ https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/race-is-a-social-construct-scientists-argue/
>>1030535 In my country there is not so much a split between black or white but more like between men and women. From experience I can say it does open spots for women that otherwise could be filled by less prepared men so I think it has some positive use.
>>1030619 Is it? Post an example then.
Before I bulk-respond to all the comments I missed (Sorry guys. I created the thread intending to check responses when I woke up. Didn't realize this is such a fast-moving board)... I was arguing with a liberal friend about identity politics recently. Turns out there's a lot we agree on, and he recommended I query r slash AskALiberal to see what liberals actually believe (as opposed to trusting right-wing media). So I asked this question, and I also asked it on AskAConservative for good measure. I would post links but I'm not sure where this board stands on that and I don't want to get banned. >>1030546 I don't think this answer makes sense. These policies aren't passed because of general popularity and they aren't kept because of general popularity, so it's ridiculous to say they can't be gotten rid of until they become unpopular. They have never been popular with the majority. Like most progressive policies, they are forced on the majority under the premise that the bigoted masses need to be told what is moral by authorities like the SC. >>1030549 >>1030568 I suppose you guys get raided a lot but this is a serious question about what sort of realistic sunset clause should be put on overtly racist policies that attempt to correct "systemic racism" that may not even exist. >>1030587 >>1030591 Arguing the racist position: You're putting the cart before the horse here. People aren't stupid because they're unsuccessful. They're unsuccessful because they're stupid. How did blacks get into a state of poverty in the first place? They have had longer than any other group to prepare and get on top. >>1030602 Are you talking about the scientists? I'm referring to the hypothetical scientists in the scenario.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(50.70 KB 400x729 schoolexp.jpg)
>>1030613 >On average schools that are predominantly visited by blacks are even less funded than those of whites

(110.10 KB 1775x671 Basic_-_gradient.png)
Lewica Anonymous 10/07/2020 (Wed) 18:14:05 No. 965565 [Reply] [Last]
Any polish people here? What are your thoughts on the leftist party Lewica?
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lewica sucks dick, fucking greedy radlibs and fuck PPS too
>>965625 The furtherst "left" party in a country should be supported by communists as far as a more radical party doesn't emerge or as far as communist themselves are strong enough to establish their own party.
(2.61 KB 369x136 levica.png)
also, greetings from another levica
>>1004166 there is small PPK (Polska Partia Komunistyczna) here, you need to pay to be in it tho, like 15$ a year or something like thhat

(5.23 KB 292x172 pobrane (4).png)
a thread for shitting on polish parties your mum 10/21/2020 (Wed) 11:44:38 No. 1019028 [Reply] [Last]
>PPS shitty bootlicker party that's too busy sucking off PO to actually do anything, unfortunatly it has the only youth org that actually does anything, anti communist retards. Also they jack off to Piłsudzki (but so do most polacks) >wiosna the worst "left" party in the country, no actual policies except IDPOL, and their youth org is scared of even being antifascist, anti communist retards >SLD Kwaśniewski, need i say more? sent the poles into Afghanistan and Iraq, anti communist retards >Razem bougie fags who actually have an economic program that's not 100% neolib shit, but they're too busy parroting IPN nazi propaganda and giving themselves giant paychecks, anti communist retards >Samoobrona RIP Lepper, you were too dangerous for polish politics >KPP the closest thing Poland has to a based party, but they are so fucking obscure that nobody gives a shit about them, also the only party that says the truth about the PPR
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>>1023757 i knew somebody who liked him
>>1024616 my solidaruch grandpa even met the fucker, he said that Korwin is a boring retard, colour me surprised...
https://youtu.be/xJ0Ll54bZnM?t=99 Chin up polish comrades Seems you have a "red plague" going on in your country
Leftists in poland seem to be pretty patriotic. Its interesting to see them with national flags: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQiaxILr3bs


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