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(178.87 KB 1200x1500 LAT.png)
/Lat!/ Anonymous 05/04/2020 (Mon) 16:57:48 No. 483387 [Reply] [Last]
Que piensan de los gobiernos de la 'marea rosa', creo que tengo una opinion vagamente positiva, o sea, aca en Argentina pararon de enviar gente a la escuela de las americas (gracias a dios) y nacionalizaron varias empresas que, bueno, eh, ayudaron a privatizar en los 90, pero bueno, eso es otra historia, Por que creen que 'perdieron' o sea ademas de lo obvio como los golpes en Brazil y Bolivia o sus sucesores volviendose neoliberales como Lenin Moreno Estan volviendo? yo lei cosas sobre AMLO que no me dejaron muy entusiasmado, pero bueno, supongo que cualquier cosa es mejor que el PRI Alguno de ustedes leyo este libro, yo abri una pagina cualquiera y me encontre con una descripcion del hacinamiento de los mineros Bolivianos, y como fifaban en las mismas habitaciones en las que estaban sus hijos, y me dio cosita.
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(45.38 KB 988x267 google-translate.png)
...uum guys, is pic rel an accurate translation of this post?: >>740961
>>741550 kek, the translator separated "alguien sabe donde" and "chucha el PCCh" to do that translation kek >>737813 Yeah, pink tide was a very loose time. You had Hugo Chavez and Bachelet in the same page.
>>741550 Awful translation lmao
>>741550 Translated: Does anybody know where the PCCh has its declaration of principles? Or where they talk specifically of what they would do if they got to power? I've even found the PS's one (it's (brigido?) to read it because it speaks about marxism and shit like that hahaha)
>>742126 "Brigido" is a word used for something that's unbelievable or hard to process, something like that (in this context at least). I said this cause the PS (our socialist party here in Chile) is just another neoliberal not even socdem party with leftist aesthetics and rhetoric, so it's shocking seeing in its declaration of principles to see them talk about marxism and socialism, most likely cause when they were founded they were a much more radical party.

(293.76 KB 528x594 1593305780133.png)
INTERNET ARCHIVE "WAYBACK MACHINE" GOING DOWN Anonymous 06/28/2020 (Sun) 21:22:06 No. 649098 [Reply] [Last]
This is not a drill, save what you can NOW.
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>>739181 yes but it happens with law as well, apparently the 1972 privacy act was the only amendment in the history of the nation that had 100% support from both houses, now we see this law has a ton of addition by presidents from Bush to Clinton to Obama, well thats not how that works, when you get a piece of super landmark legislation like that you can't just be a president and change it or form up a little gang of congressmen to change it, so instead they sent the FBI to every library in America to collect all mentions of this fact of the law, they altered the congressional record as well and for what? because it made creating dossiers on US citizens illegal and every tech company derives all their profit from this action
>>739221 A lot of sites and systems (such as captcha) are starting to make it impossible to use them on Tor
>>649222 Back all of Ismail's books up lol, just back up all the things on Soviet history or communism or whatever
(67.51 KB 442x630 Scientist.jpg)
>>649752 >>675520 BASED SCIENTISTS

(447.04 KB 1440x2020 PicsArt_08-03-01.25.00.jpg)
Is Trump secretly one of us? Anonymous 08/03/2020 (Mon) 18:35:54 No. 742213 [Reply] [Last]
Something clicked in my head. What if Trump is such a brilliant actor that he even has the left fooled? After all, all he ever was WAS an actor. Through his presidency, all he has done is lay bare the ugly truths of America, the American government and corporate greed. What if this has all been a false flag operation and Trump really did mean he was going to drain the swamp by revealing it to the people, who are now rising up in revolutionary protest against it? OP you're 4 years too late for the "is trump secretly a commie" conspiracy shit, if you must discuss this shit, take it to the multiple conspiracy threads already up, anchoring for low effort
Edited last time by CL_anon on 08/03/2020 (Mon) 18:38:12.
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>>742213 tfw when Trump is actually a secret genius Leninist,4D chess is a ruse,and he's actually playing interdimensional 5D bolshevik deleonism 2.0 electric digital boogaloo
>>742389 oomer
>>742213 Why do you think he cares about China so much?

Anonymous 07/27/2020 (Mon) 09:03:53 No. 722543 [Reply] [Last]
Just how many advantages did the US have? Conquering the soil, they used plague blankets to biologically eradicate the natives. They literally went "lol, let the disease fight my wars!" During their war of independence fucking FRANCE, SPAIN, and the DUTCH fight for them FOR FREE. Slavery: "lol, I ain't gon' build/harvest shit! Let the blackies do it for me FOR FREE!" They had hundreds of years of free supply of adult immigrants, which economically is a huge fucking advantage, yet they made sure at every step to shit on them. During their "civil war" (which, btw, basically rounded up the forces of progressive exploiters [capitalists] vs. regressive exploiters [slavers]) thousands of blacks joined them and won, just to find out that their supposed liberation was mostly symbolic. They get through TWO WORLD WARS with no casualties on their soil, while the rest of the world burns. During the "cold" war they get a steady supply of intelligentsia through brain drain. Literally: INTELLIGENTSIA FOR FREE, while everyone else has to actually educate them, treat them, organize them, and ultimately lose them to the US. Fucking free resources through endless imperialist wars, CIA coups, etc.

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>>725976 They had a strong idea of how smallpox worked by then, the cowpox based vaccine was starting to get rolled out in the early 1700s.
>>741764 ?? To my knowledge that happened in the late 18th not early 18th century
The Indians could have won against the colonizers if they had a theoretical understanding of the productive forces, which would have allowed them to recognize that they needed to upgrade their technological capacity to match those of the colonial powers, and since the colonial powers had a shipping bottleneck that limited their ability to project power there probably was a sufficient window of opportunity for them to level up which would have made them ungenocidable. However their idealist world view was very hostile towards drawing such conclusions.
>>742092 imo it came down to lack of population density, and inability to attempt to create a settled civilization until the English colonists forced them too, or until it was already far too late to resist the demographic tide of western settlers. The best thing that could have happened was like the “civlized tribes” that Jackson booted across the mississippi being allowed to keep their lands and slaves and being integrated into the slaver class that dominated the South.
>>742120 Why do you think a semi migratory/sedentary society can't level up tech ? They managed to have a politically stable arrangements for sharing other fixed assets, for various groups. What would have prevented them to "time-share" a metal shop for gun-smithing ?

/balkangeneral/ Anonymous 07/19/2020 (Sun) 05:51:31 No. 702513 [Reply] [Last]
Thread about all the shit that is happening in the Balkans
Edited last time by CL_anon on 07/19/2020 (Sun) 05:57:40.
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Any updates on this shit?
(12.29 KB 155x145 1590357771283.png)
>>739927 >Shit in Serbia lost momentum and turned into hippie peaceful protests with 400 people at max. The violence only lasted 3 days >Montenegro riots calmed down mostly because of covid19 but people still pissed af. Expect more any day. >Greeks still chimping out although slightly less >Bulgarians still pissed but calmed down >Trouble brewing in Bosnia for many reasons, crackdown on people gatherimg very severe, something could happen soon All in all, nothing that lead to protests has been changed so it's a powder keg as always. Expect a happening any day now.
>>740261 Dude if it hasnt happened in the us despite the bullshit we have dealt with then it’s not gonna happen
>>740628 >>740628 a war in the balkans? why i never?

(73.46 KB 587x800 sir oswald gang weed.jpg)
Anonymous 07/30/2020 (Thu) 03:27:03 No. 731935 [Reply] [Last]
what went wrong, wasn't he one of the few far left leaning people of the labour party ? bumplocked: "fascism is actually leftist" bait thread
Edited last time by antious666 on 08/03/2020 (Mon) 17:49:07.
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(1.36 MB 512x384 picard.gif)
>>739141 unironic red fascists on this site
>>739464 >Socialism is an advancement to liberal worldviews. Socialist imperialism is nothing more than a direct version of its liberal counterpart The thing is though, socialism has demonstrated no sort of such imperialism in the sense that the countries incorporated into the Soviet Union had their citizens treated as just that, citizens. On the other hand, fascists did the opposite and used these new citizens as practical slaves or were actually slaughtered. This was shown with the invasion of Ethiopia.
(11.78 KB 247x204 images (6).jpg)
>>739141 >>733900 >>733026 the fuck happened here
>>742112 You can clearly tell where some people on this board formerly held sympathies. More and more so since the board has shrunk.
>>740577 Not really. Germany tried this with Poland and Yugoslavia and it didn't work. Hitler signed a German-Polish non-aggression pact and Poland helped Germany and Hungary carve up Czechoslovakia in '38, but there was no compromise over Danzig and the corridor acceptable to both sides. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German%E2%80%93Polish_Non-Aggression_Pact The Yugoslav government that signed the Tripartite Pact and tried to align with Germany and the Axis was quickly overthrown by a military coup which had massive popular support. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yugoslav_coup_d%27%C3%A9tat

Capitalist "innovation" Anonymous 06/29/2020 (Mon) 21:24:21 No. 652339 [Reply] [Last]
Post them.
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>>652369 Of course it has custom bottles and can't take just any ol' bottle of average size. Of course!
(31.88 KB 590x436 Elon Musk Coup.png)
This thread is the kind of thing that turns disillusioned people to socialism https://www.quora.com/Why-are-you-a-socialist/answer/Danny-Wong-221 http://archive.is/igAgQ
>>710029 That's not even how the passes should work. Either he has to share the money with every black people in town or only sell n-word passes for himself.
>>740700 That's not capitalist idiot.
>>740678 don't remember which episode but "the century of the self" talked about this coupe. must have been ep. 3 or 4

(132.71 KB 1009x567 DE721qMXcAAyU-M.jpg)
Can Lumpens Be Revolutionary? Anonymous 07/31/2020 (Fri) 19:41:51 No. 735428 [Reply] [Last]
Basically the question is the thread name. Marx said that the lumpenproletariat were pretty much reactionary, pic related. Which seems true because the homeless people I see are drug addicts or schizo. They do seem like they suffer even more than a lot of working class people and have nothing to lose and everything to win, therefore if there we educate them on the other hand they might be involved? What I see on /leftypol/ before that I agree mostly with is that lumpen can be part of the revolution if there under a proletariat vanguard, and than once they get jobs after the revolution will be working class. I know that anarchists disagree but also the Black Panthers were M-L's but used lumpen? How did they explain that in their ideology and did that hurt them in the long run? An IdPol breadtuber on Twitter shared this which is what made me think. I'm not sure if what's in the blog is true or not and seems revisionist since they say that there aren't only two classes but don't explian further. https://matcomindpol.home.blog/2020/06/16/philadelphia-homeless-build-their-own-hope/
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READ WORK ELITE, Lumpens and labor aristocrats are realio.
>>736594 No you retard, ideally we wont have many people working to survive at all once automation kicks into gear.
>>736321 /thread

(1.37 MB 1500x2000 pinker.png)
(651.11 KB 900x506 pinker2.png)
OPERATION PINKER STINKER 06/26/2020 (Fri) 01:03:44 No. 642335 [Reply] [Last]
ITT: We organize an event to try to get Steven Pinker banned from twitter by mass reports. There are two fronts in this battle, one is the leftists, who should hate Pinker on principle. The other side is the right wingers, who should hate him for being a pedo apologist and a friend of Bill Gates. The attachment is the prototype of the right wing side propaganda. The event is scheduled July 2, 2020. That is a week from now. Steven Pinker is one of Bill Gates best friends. With this vaccine shit, Bill Gates is on the right wing's radar. Recently, "Filthy Rich" came out on Netflix, meaning that normies are now well aware of Eptstein's crimes. Recently the Milwaukee police were caught red-handed in a pedophile ring. So that too is on everyone's mind. Now hear me out. With our collective autism and our influence outside bunkerchan, we can make this into a real thing. Remember that we do have influence, and that "epstein didn't kill himself" was a super huge meme on both sides of the political spectrum. OPERATION: PINKER STINKER Formerly, Operation Porky Sweat We make a huge coordinated effort to cancel Steven Pinker on twitter. Here's the plan: 1. Set a date. 2. Contact every single leftist org, tell them to help out in cancelling Steven Pinker. If they are a good leftist org, they will know him and hate his guts. Otherwise, explain that he's an important neoliberal apologist and defended Epstein in court.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>728504 Th fuck was the point of this post?
>>728590 sage ;)
>>729037 Ok retard
>>642335 So will you try again OP?

(80.13 KB 640x464 002.jpg)
ITT: most retarded anticommunist "arguments" Anonymous 01/02/2020 (Thu) 12:04:34 No. 194067 [Reply] [Last]
For me as someone who lives in a post-Soviet country the most brainlet and anti-reality argument has got to be "COMMUNISM IS ANTI-CULTURE" My family still has shelves with 100s of books they got in the USSR, real books like obscure classical works or science ones. You CAN'T find most of them in stores anymore because they have been replaced with lowest common denominator schlock like 50 shades of grey or cheap fantasy novels. You have to go to a specialized library to find books you could buy at any bookstore in the USSR. Little surprise that the USSR used to be "the most reading country". Socialism built and supported theaters, museums, cinemas etc and most importantly it made them available to the entire population instead of a small leisurely elite. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call the USSR the most cultured country in history if the criteria is the total number of people with access to "high culture" like classical music and theater. Don't even get me started on Soviet contributions to the art world like Prokofiev, Tarkovsky etc. Classical arts were preserved and promoted, folk culture was supported too. The only culture socialism "destroyed" was religion and culture of the ruling classes like decadent balls. That's what reactionaries truly bemoan. It doesn't matter that 99% of the population went from ignorant peasants to educated people who can appreciate intellectual and aesthetic pursuits, a few nobles couldn't have their shitty dances and lavish palaces all to themselves anymore, so CULTURE WAS LITERALLY DESTROYED!!11 You'd have to be completely ignorant of history and reality to say "socialism is anti-culture", or be a lying reactionary who by "culture" means "when you praise Jesus and kill nigs". It's especially annoying to hear this from Russian right-wing zoomers who know nothing but fortnite and low-brow americanized tv entertainment, and somehow blame socialism for this state of affairs instead of capitalist restoration.
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Any European country that has an interest in preserving culturally and historically significant books has fixed book pricing. The preservation of such items cannot be left to a free market - even the Western imperialist countries understand this.
>>717326 What the fuck is this trying to say
>TFW when this is the oldest and biggest debunk thread, yet morons keep making new ones that sink and die within a week and ignore this one Do people have an allergy to Catalog searches or what?


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