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New Board Announcement Anonymous 10/23/2020 (Fri) 21:42:01 No. 1029438 [Reply] [Last]
>>>/b/ All threads that were previously anchored on /leftypol/ for low quality or being NSFW will now have a second chance on /b/. Vols can move threads there. Idpol threads remain barred. Beyond that, go forth and reclaim your posts.
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>>1029808 >Northern Europeans are vitamin D deficient at a higher level than other more southern places why is this? probably because they stay inside all day trying to convert reactionaries to leftism >you mean, the CIA and other intelligence services and there use of the right wing to destroy the left through these groups wait, why do you want to invite them in again? >Seems like as good a use of time as dunking on anarchists or something In abstract sure, but this isn't in abstract, it is part of a consistent trend of trying to bring on reactionaries and other assorted internet weirdos under the false presumption they might ever change, when you can never logic a person out of a position they didn't logic themselves into. reactionary beliefs are pathological, and there is no way to get rid of those beliefs online, people will just log off when their pathological beliefs are challenged and revalidate them via talking to other people which are like-minded. >burden of proof my guy is on you are you retarded? the site doesn't have (you)s so its not like I could even verify a post as mine, if you are really so interested go ask a mod. >the last raid was a resounding success, everyone agrees. in that we didn't raid and the /pol/acks all left after getting buttmad. it was a success insofar as we just made them angry, they invaded here, encountered resistance, and went away. nothing like your incredibly dumb recruitment program. >We only get them by converting reactionaries (basically everybody who is not a communist is reactionary to some degree it why /pol/ is popular) 1. most people on /leftypol/ are not ex-reactionary. its a board mythology that just isn't true, from all my experiences talking to people. there are really just a very small minority of them that only have some over-representation because of the massive attrition we suffered from the split. they aren't even a plurality of membership, nor are newer members generally ex-reactionaries either. they are a negligible at best source of recruitment, if they even recruit correctly. but most of them seem to inevitably show their reactionary stripes again, for the reasons I have described. 2. not everyone is a reactionary. maybe quit projecting? but there are plenty of people who are socially-progressive without a clear understanding of class - while this dooms them to never achieve their social-progressive goals, their hearts are in the right place, and they are easy converts if you can show them how their tactics fail. aka, actually doing logical arguments which permanently impact their way of thinking, as opposed to reactionaries who only act by emotional impulse.
>>1029841 >probably because they stay inside all day trying to convert reactionaries to leftism better than staying inside all day to not do that. >wait, why do you want to invite them in again? why do i want the CIA to have less easy meat to do their bidding? >under the false presumption they might ever change, when you can never logic a person out of a position they didn't logic themselves into. im not saying you can, its a process of long time exposure in a non threatening environment, which is what we provide. >reactionary beliefs are pathological some of them are, some of them are just ignorance. Many people are actually open to learning. >nothing like your incredibly dumb recruitment program. our numbers got a permanent bump and some of them stayed so yes, exactly like that. >1. most people on /leftypol/ are not ex-reactionary.

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>>1029890 >why do i want the CIA to have less easy meat to do their bidding? And how are you going to tell that they won't be doing the CIA's bidding when they come here?
>>1029890 >better than staying inside all day to not do that. go >>>/out/ once in a while maybe >why do i want the CIA to have less easy meat to do their bidding? again, that requires you converting these self-admitted insane people into leftists, which I have outlined as a process that doesn't work through these channels. >im not saying you can good, because you can't. not here. anyone who has did so more out of self-introspection than anything on /leftypol/. >its a process of long time exposure in a non threatening environment but thats wrong, you retard. you have to challenge their beliefs to get them to change, and challenging their beliefs is inherently threatening. >some of them are, some of them are just ignorance ignorance is pathological laziness, its all the same >our numbers got a permanent bump and some of them stayed yes, I am so glad we got uighur tongue my anus man out of that ordeal. >didn't say they were but there are still a good few who are. literally who? I can think of one, and they don't even post on /leftypol/. they post on /GET/. >i said, to some degree

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You fuckwits. If you made /leftypol/ the name of the /b/ board, you won't have to spend hours and hours moving threads from this board once the election counting starts and shitposters arrive from other sites.

(90.81 KB 640x721 reading list.jpg)
For New Anons and Lurkers: FAQ, rules, and reading list Anonymous Board volunteer 07/05/2020 (Sun) 20:23:05 No. 668788 [Reply] [Last]
🚧🚧Please bookmark http://leftypol.org in case this current domain gets v&ed or anything else.🚧🚧 Visual Guide for New Anons https://bunkerchan.xyz/.media/e7c5eab9a4fa215d646e6c8aaee497ef-imagepng.png Do not put your e-mail in the e-mail field First, Please read this OP. Since we're leftists, there shouldn't be many differences ideologically, but our community has its own jargon and idiosyncrasies which might be jarring to outsiders. Second, although we allow slurs, we are anti-bigotry and it will not be tolerated. Thirdly, the board has an anti-idpol rule. Meaning that discussion of idpol topics is not allowed. There is some flexibility. Where that flexibility is also requires some time to get the feel of it. Fourthly, don't put anything in the name, or email fields. Don't doxx yourself Search the catalog before starting a new thread to avoid duplicates: https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/catalog.html MOD LOG: If you wish to see the log of mod actions (ban, deletions etc...) see https://bunkerchan.xyz/logs.js?boardUri=leftypol META DISCUSSIONS AND GENERAL COMPLAINTS AND QUERIES ABOUT THE SITE'S ADMINISTRATION: >>>/gulag/ Useful threads are often remade when expired, search the catalog if these links are broken. Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread >>983378 Internet General >>986104

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Edited last time by krates on 10/21/2020 (Wed) 01:36:49.
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>>1015929 what is the point of this? this is a discussion imageboard, not a filesharing website. >>1016121 this doubles vertical clutter even on a desktop monitor
can you anyone share books about asian and western european far left movements in the 70s and 80s
>>1016121 How did Stalin take it over?
>>1028957 They voted.
>>1019152 >this doubles vertical clutter even on a desktop monitor valid complaint but I doubt this will encourage people to post more images at once. Rather, it will make it easier for people to post in one single post all the images they would have had to upload into two separate posts before.

(49.69 KB 2100x1500 nmlogowhite.png)
New Multitude- The relaunch Anonymous 10/19/2020 (Mon) 08:03:23 No. 1013137 [Reply] [Last]
1. New site is up https://newmultitude.org/ you can support the site at https://www.patreon.com/newmultitude (the plan is for original translations to be patreon exclusive for a length of time before they are up on the site) 2. Do you have something unique, helpful or funny to say? please get in touch. I will help you write your article. I am a college teacher by trade (specifically sociology and social studies) so even if you have no experience in writing, I can help edit your piece. What we want: unique theory, guides and explainers of both classic and new theory, translations, scene guides, news explainers from people on the ground, book reviews, etc 3. Global Scope. Let's face it, there are hundreds of similar sites out there that cover US/UK politics. There's nothing wrong with that and we will continue to accept western submission, but we would REALLY like to build on a niche that is missing: a truly global site with analysis and news from around the world. If it's not you, perhaps you know someone from your local scene who is a good writer? 4. Translations. I want to start putting up a translation a month of work that has hitherto gone untranslated into English. This could be classic articles or new authors and can be hard theory or even short stories, news analysis or even poems. It would be amazing if leftypol could help source some candidates for translation. 5. Promotion. I'll be honest I have no idea how to do this. We have a twitter account twitter.com/newmultitude but not many followers and I see other leftist magazines getting loads of followers. Does anyone have experience in this or have any suggestions? 6. finally, thank you to all the artists and writers and supporters who have helped with the launch. There are some great writers and people on leftypol and I want to extend my thanks to you in getting this project off the ground. Solidarity!
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>>1014383 The last thread kind of defaulted to that structure because some people posted their drafts in pastebins and random anons would make comments. I still think that is a good structure, and with how slow the threads are it may even be tenable to continue keeping discussions on new articles within the thread rather than trying to move off the board. The only major downside I'd see at the moment is that the board is getting attacked, so if the board itself were to be down temporarily or indefinitely it would disrupt the commenting process. The other problem would be maintaining versions, but that doesn't seem like an issue right now. As in, it could get confusing if separate people are making edits to the same article and posting them parallel to each other. I know you can just have people work on the same document through google docs etc. but I'm unfamiliar with tools for tracking changes and having a document admin that could accept some changes and reject others. As it is though, people have just been recommending changes through posts and it seems like the NM editor may make more detailed changes to articles off the board.
>>1014405 >As in, it could get confusing if separate people are making edits to the same article and posting them parallel to each other. I know you can just have people work on the same document through google docs etc. but I'm unfamiliar with tools for tracking changes and having a document admin that could accept some changes and reject others. Git and other source code version control systems do exactly that, but there's a small technical hump in getting people to use it.
I have been translating a book. I don't know. When I reach 3/4 I would reach to you to post it by chapters. After that I don't know. Maybe send it to the circles interested on people's revolutions and stuff, but like a dummy with good format and with a bunkerchan logo. To leave a good impresion,etc,etc,etc.
>>1014383 this is what I did with the snowpiercer article and also the dengism one too one thing I would like to ask people to help with when editing or curating is suggesting theory or analysis that will help flesh out pieces and give them depth. So instead of just saying "this is good/this is bad" (but say that too!) I would like people to say "hey have you read X because they said something similar/different" or "Y gave an example of this.."

(86.27 KB 630x708 Screenshot (20).png)
What no platform does to a man. So /leftypol/ thoughts is this good or bad? On one hand my sides are hurting for laughing to much and on the other he has literally hundreds of thousands of NPC edge-lord stans.
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(89.17 KB 1067x711 spurdo_no_chin.png)
>>1029938 yes, but delete this so he doesn't see your intention, and make chin edits
>>1029752 >bros bros bro we have to attack this chinless goon agent provocateur you dropped your badge
>>1029961 leafy insulted leftypol and must pay
>>1029938 Leafy has been suspended from YouTube (and Twitch I think?) so he has been irrelevant for a while a now. Doing this would be pointless

“Material conditions” Anonymous 10/24/2020 (Sat) 00:15:04 No. 1029946 [Reply] [Last]
What actually are material conditions? I see it thrown around as a critique of anarchism, but I don’t know what it is. So, what the fuck does material conditions mean? (Not trolling legitimately want to know)
>>1029946 Material conditions just describe, the thing that is (and not what might be or should be).
It's a "get out of jail free" buzzword for tankies. Your idols did anything wrong? Material conditions.

(575.34 KB 3000x2000 Mike Bloomberg.jpg)
the nuclear option against 4chan Anonymous 10/23/2020 (Fri) 23:54:55 No. 1029887 [Reply] [Last]
https://www.wired.com/2015/09/4chan-sold/ Hiroyuki Nishimura seems to be worth <$10 million USD. Is there really not a single Democrat who can step forward to buy the site? I understand that the Dems are not our comrades, but I cannot think of anyone better to buy the site than Mike Bloomberg, who spent $1 billion on his own vanity campaign for the Democratic Leadership. Shuttering /pol/ and normalising the politics of the site would be good for us. Alternatively, we could convince Tencent to buy it, which would be even better.
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>>1029914 no one would do that because 4chan isnt profitable, its barely brake even now. Moot spent 15 years running the site and had basically nothing to show for it
>>1029918 Pelosi is filthy rich.
while it would be hilarious, it is unlikely
>>1029887 >>1029887 Ban-The-Big Gulp bloomberg is the mod that 4chan desperately needs.

Contrapoints btfo leftypol and the infantile left Anonymous 10/22/2020 (Thu) 15:07:54 No. 1023125 [Reply] [Last]
Do you have any arguments against this?
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>>1024685 >>1025857 You brainlet, you ought to support the national Bourgeoisie over the international and you ought to practice revolutionary defeatism at home. Those two reasons are why you should defend iran and its government.
>>1028528 and ethots
(76.02 KB 640x853 c5f7286ddog51.jpg)
>>1023145 >coomer's chance in a nunnery kek
>>1023298 >all leftists have sex Id unironically bet my monthly wage that majority of this board doesnt. Besides, this explanation is a cope. Major hindrance to building a competitive leftist force is the unfortunate fact that antigun idiots amass on the left, not right.

/EUROpol/ - Europe Politics general Anonymous 10/15/2020 (Thu) 19:50:35 No. 1002330 [Reply] [Last]
Can we get get a europe general? I'm kinda curious what's going on in the countries of my fellow europeans, but I feel like having a general for each seperate country, with each speaking their own language segregates us further fellow euro brothers and sisters. So dump news, banter, events, feels, and so on and so on Let's create a beter general than /USApol/
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>>1029876 It's how nature wants you to do it I don't like them either tbqh
>>1029876 Why would you want to sit down on an actual toilet? With squat toilets you never have to touch anything in there.
>>1029794 Anglo if you use toilet paper to clean the ring first and then throw it in to stop splashback. Otherwise, German.
>>1029886 I don't like falling into the toilet or pissing all over my pants on accident.
>>1029953 (German ones are hard to flush if you got sticky shit)

(5.23 KB 292x172 pobrane (4).png)
a thread for shitting on polish parties your mum 10/21/2020 (Wed) 11:44:38 No. 1019028 [Reply] [Last]
>PPS shitty bootlicker party that's too busy sucking off PO to actually do anything, unfortunatly it has the only youth org that actually does anything, anti communist retards. Also they jack off to Piłsudzki (but so do most polacks) >wiosna the worst "left" party in the country, no actual policies except IDPOL, and their youth org is scared of even being antifascist, anti communist retards >SLD Kwaśniewski, need i say more? sent the poles into Afghanistan and Iraq, anti communist retards >Razem bougie fags who actually have an economic program that's not 100% neolib shit, but they're too busy parroting IPN nazi propaganda and giving themselves giant paychecks, anti communist retards >Samoobrona RIP Lepper, you were too dangerous for polish politics >KPP the closest thing Poland has to a based party, but they are so fucking obscure that nobody gives a shit about them, also the only party that says the truth about the PPR
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(25.65 KB 334x298 3444.jpg)
>>1023757 i knew somebody who liked him
>>1024616 my solidaruch grandpa even met the fucker, he said that Korwin is a boring retard, colour me surprised...
https://youtu.be/xJ0Ll54bZnM?t=99 Chin up polish comrades Seems you have a "red plague" going on in your country

(72.58 KB 441x480 not offended.jpg)
Anonymous 10/22/2020 (Thu) 04:44:57 No. 1022063 [Reply] [Last]
How come black nationalism gets criticized more than the IRA, for being nationalist?
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>>1029700 The religion is ethnic group brainworm strikes again
>>1029798 Protestants in NI think of themselves as Britons and want to be part of Britain.
>>1022536 >CIA OP trying to salvage eurocentric Doubt it
>>1022063 Dont call yourself socialist if you support racist ideologies inb4 some libtard says black people cant be racist because <insert retarded vague unmeasurable boogeyman phenomenon>
>>1029944 black people can be racist but most black nationalists aren't racist


no cookies?