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(173.13 KB 1346x342 Filteries.PNG)
Filteries Anonymous Comrade 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:22:23 No. 2725
Political and Economic simulator. Just for fun. Post your results.
Yeah i'm still kind of a brainlet in the economic part
(240.99 KB 1900x850 polsim.png)
don't worry about the budget, labour vouchers take care of all that.
oh it should be state atheism
(262.00 KB 1900x902 Pol_sim.png)
Closest I can get to Cyber-Eco-Socialism
>State socialism
as opposed to private socialism?
Market socialism
Japan's national debt is 240% of their GDP. Balanced budgets and forcing taxes to equal spending are retarded neoliberal lies used to justify keeping the poor poor.
(199.96 KB 1360x768 filteries political spectrum 2.png)
Older version but w/e
>>2725 WTF is this idiocity? > Inheritance tax 100-100% > Sectors: publicly owned 100% > ???? > Economic system: Market Socialism
(249.65 KB 1520x648 Capture.png)
>>4669 If people buy stuff from the government with money and production is based on what sells, then you are basically talking about one big monopoly conglomerate that is also the government. It's kind of right but highlights that Filteries has other problems, like not accounting for the mode of production.
(8.36 KB 238x211 download (7).png)
>be me >get Egoist Anarchism Sounds about right.
>>4679 >>4669 (me) was just the tip of the iceberg. I wanted to make a governmentless society without banks AND money... a sorta AnPrim utopia but with tech. Also i tried to get Posadism but it seems like it's unobtainble in this game.


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