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Judge Dredd Anonymous Comrade 11/15/2020 (Sun) 05:54:44 No. 18928
This comic is straight up unironic fascist propaganda and yet I love it. What are you guy's thoughts?
>>18928 I've been meaning to start reading it (both the 2000AD and IDW runs) for a many years now. I love just about everything Pat Mills has touched. Through pop culture osmosis, I don't think I'd be wrong in saying that most of it clearly satire; but perhaps it's too clever for its own good? I like how the Sov Judges were depicted in The Apocalypse War. Their designs are really cool. 2000AD put out a prop replica of their badges earlier this year.
(1.15 MB 1654x2173 1604524037424.jpg)
(382.54 KB 1061x1600 Sov 5.jpg)
Wasn't a big fan of it TBH. Prefer robocop. That being said, it has some fun parts and an interesting dystopian story.
Wasn't it supposed to be satire? Initially at least, because I've heard it turned into what it was parodying most recently.
>>18928 >unironic doubt.jpg
>>18940 >>18928 Dredd was absolutely created as satire at it's inception, though I've no idea if it's gone full retard recently. I suppose it'd make sense if it did, considering longtime 40K fans who never really 'got it' have ended up writing stuff that glorifies the epic grimdark.
It's too bad none of the Dredd movies really caught on to the satire aspect.
>>18950 I've read that the 2000AD run still has the same Dredd since day one, and canonically he's been aging appropriately. IDW's run seems more like a mixed bag on account of, I assume, its American writers.
>>18957 >American writers Oh that explains a lot.
>>18930 I was reading the Apocalypse War arc but then the soviets started nuking the entire world and enslaving everyone so I dropped it because I admit I got asshurt at that caricature of the USSR and communism. Should I go back to read it for entertainment even if I don't like it politically?
All parodies of fascism ultimately decay into supporting fascism.
(314.28 KB 525x620 1578343000575.jpg)
>>18928 >unironic fascist propaganda
>>18968 sovcits aren't communist i think, they're just russian mega cities?
(868.06 KB 1886x2560 918LLk0DAeL.jpg)
>>18928 I was always more of a Hook Jaw man, myself. I'm going to order a copy of the collected re-issue book to read this Yuletide. It'll be nice with a glass of rum while I wallow in some nostalgia for my lost youth. https://downthetubes.net/?page_id=33344
>>19012 Considering that they’re a liberal look at Soviets, yes. The worst offender is predictably yet again Mark Millar, his Red Razor strip about the Soviet judges is just outright terrible.
>>18928 >This comic is straight up unironic fascist propaganda all the creators are/were leftists, it's a satire
>>19138 More like mild toast liberals, even the infamous radlib Alan shat on them for being such.
>>18928 imagine being so retarded you can't tell its satire
>It's satire bruh unlike something like WH40KI never felt the "sike we're just joking around m8" with Judge Dredd. The writing seems to imply that the turbo authoritarian literal police state is not only a necessity but better than how things are nowadays safe for the random joke about 80% unemployment
>>19208 It was definitely satire at the beginning at least, I haven't paid attention to recent volumes.


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