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lolcows Anonymous Comrade 09/08/2020 (Tue) 20:20:40 No. 15904
This is a subject I'm not sure if its worth bringing up or not but given the makeup of the Bunker's userbase I figure at least a few other people here are engaged with following various lolcows The main one I'm following at the minute is an American kid called KingCobraJFS, and watching his stuff is like slowly sliding into a bath full of human waste, its utterly fascinating watching the real time decline of another human being without the constant stress of experiencing that kind of thing IRL, I've been following M'lord Cobes for a year and a bit now and his slow deathspiral is really accelerating, watching his latest saga I started to think about how large an impact people like CWC and other lolcows had on chan culture and how this kind of mass insight into a stranger's long running nightmare was basically impossible before the internet, it feels like an extension of professional celebrity culture, but more pathetic and grimmer, a uniquely late capitalist experience Am I a terrible person for watching this kid fall apart from afar, even though I don't interact with him at all, don't tap the glass etc.? What lolcows do you follow? Do you empathise with them or is it purely a hate watch for you? I feel bad for Cobes, I really do, he obviously has a number of serious mental health issues, but he's so fucking obnoxius, unpleasant and spiteful its hard to feel it sometimes, and he's too funny to stop watching I'm not sure how the fuck to introduce someone to Josh, but here's some classics, condensed and cut to be more tolerable, and a couple videos from other creators on Josh giving more of an overview https://youtu.be/9ELpTHMamGE https://youtu.be/nDvHkMbk_gw https://youtu.be/4IHPqReqboo https://youtu.be/fjDKbeBoqds https://youtu.be/8Y-uDlwrM-4 Most of these are a few years apart, the last is his most recent escapade, you can really see the descent into complete insanity
>Not mentioning Chris-chan terrible LOLcow thread
>>15909 >Not mentioning Chris-chan <CWC mentioned in the 2nd paragraph You are the lolcow here my friend
I forgot the best and most perfect cringe video, a Cobra Classic https://youtu.be/p2h5c84FuRc
(72.07 KB 750x1000 reverse.jpg)
>>15913 It's called bait my friend, now you are the lolcow
>>15904 I find this hobby annoying
>Am I a terrible person for watching this kid fall apart from afar, even though I don't interact with him at all, don't tap the glass etc.? No, not terrible, but why are you interested in him? An older version of lolcow watchers were the "trainspotter spotters" we had here in Blighty. People who laugh at trainspotters, or similar groups, for their boring but harmless hobbies. Why are they interested in them at all? Contrapoints did a good video on related subjects a few months back: https://youtu.be/vRBsaJPkt2Q>>15904
>>15923 I agree that cringe culture is bullshit, and I cringe at having used the term cringe above, though the concept itself is real That's not really why I'm interested in him, nor do I think its why I was interested in Chris Chan back in their hayday For me, the primary draw is getting a glimpse into the life of someone with a completely different, disfunctional worldview and seeing the various kinds of human scum that congregate around him, its like watching a human car crash, the feeling is similar to the effect you might get watching a documentary about hard core alcoholics that for some reason has been edited to draw out the black comedy but the experience is extended out in fits and starts over years instead of one solid 90-120 minute programme Cobra has gone from a somewhat weird but fairly grounded early 20's goth kid that had a basic job, a girlfriend and interests he was passionate about (though terrible at) to a weirdo goth wizard gross food enthusiast that on some level believed he had dark magical powers to the circling the drain completely delusional ball of grease and infected tissue 30+ a day cigarette smoker spice fiend asshole incel alcoholic he is now The slow transformation is incredibly to watch, and at points he's very relatable, I think everyone that watches Josh sees at least some shadow of themselves in him at some stage, I can relate to the Asperger's (though I personally think Josh has at least Level 2 Autism and a learning disability or possibly Asperger's/Level 1 and a severe learning disability) as I'm on the spectrum myself, and I can relate to the smoking and the general sorry state of his surrondings, as I was a 20 a day man for about 4 years and when I was depressed you couldn't move in my flat for beer bottles and piles of rubbish and unwashed clothing, but like I said in the OP, Josh's antagonistic personality, refusal to change, and the disgusting things he says and does on a regular basis make it hard sometimes to feel that empathy that initially hooks you into him, even though the less awful parts of his personality and things he does are ever present reminders that he has very real problems that at least contributed to the path he went down I would never tap the glass so to speak, do something to antagonise Josh or worsen his situation like many of his newer followers often do, for example donating money to him that goes straight to booze or fast food, or the thankfully much rarer directly malicious action like the assholes that got him fired from a past job, but watching him rot is intoxicating
>>15904 what the fuck is a lolcow?
>>15936 A cow for lols. Someone whose behavior people document for fun, such as chris chan and their behavior, strange beliefs, and biases.
>>15936 A lolcow is usually a person that puts themselves online continually in such a way as to invite lots of morbid curiosity/trolling over a long period of time Lolcows generally have Overinflated egos/very strange or socially unacceptable viewpoints or interests or sexual deviancies/a persecution complex/mental illnesses or disabilities or any combination of those, that make them prone to oversharing and posting bizarre, niche content while also making them very trollable or at least easy to interact with, meaning they are easy to milk for entertainment, like a dairy cow but for lols
>>15904 >=watch a mentally ill nobody ruin their life and obsessively circlejerk over it call me a moral fag but I'm judging you tbh.
>trainspotters [...] their boring but harmless hobbies except they killed dozens of people at KyoAni.
>>15956 Huh?
>>15956 >>15957 The arsonist who attacked a Kyoto Animation studio was apparently into trains.
The only IRL person i know who watches lolcows is actually autistic themself. Make of that what you may
You guys should visit sonichu.com
>>15944 >>15943 Interesting, thanks. That was very clear.
>>15981 I am literally autistic as admitted earlier yes, but I don't think that has anything in particular to do with it, Cobes isn't one of my special interests or anything like that, I'm not fixated on him or even follow him consistently Autistic people tend to spend a lot of time online for a variety of reasons, we're definitely overrepresented on image boards for example,and you have to be pretty online to ever find out about most lolcows in the first place
>>15965 He gives trainposters a bad name


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