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Magazines Anonymous Comrade 06/18/2020 (Thu) 07:17:47 No. 10633
Any magazines like Jacobin I can read and what magazines you guys have?
>>10633 Penthouse. And I own 900 copies oft the annual Cool Science Tricks magazine
Not a magazine but, thanks to the transcripts, I have Citations Needed as a weekly read: https://medium.com/@CitationsPodcst
>>10633 The Economist, if you want to know, what Porky has on his mind.
The New Yorker, back before they went full liberal had some good satire articles. I enjoy the old ones for laughs.
>>10633 none lmao. Used to subscribe to a Pan-Celtic magazine but shekels ran out so :/
NME, Vanity Fair, Forbes, and The New Republic
guys how can i pirate jacobin??
>>10633 I read Anomie and a couple different Zines, best of which is probably node https://n-o-d-e.net/zine/
>>11937 Pan-celtic magazine sounds like a ridiculously lib larp.
>>15820 archive.is
Teen Vogue.
terrible suggestions itt monthly review
Current Affairs magazine.
>>15951 Terrible
>>16024 I still think it's fine.
>>10633 The communist magazine. Kinda a good way to look into the current trend in revisionism in my country. Lots of party structuring but sometimes there’s a rare gem.
>>15906 Fucking seconded
>>16036 okay nathan robinson I'm sure you do
>>11934 Too bad they paywall their old content
Chuang for a Chinese Communist Perspective http://chuangcn.org/ Qiao Collective for Dengist Views https://www.qiaocollective.com/ aeon are sometimes good, but too often they are Postmodern Psychoanalysists and that's cringe https://aeon.co/ WSWS for Leftist News and Analysis. Pretty good, but Trotskyites, so make of that what you will https://www.wsws.org/en Most of the Rest already mentioned here are good too


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