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Star Wars Anonymous Comrade 03/17/2020 (Tue) 21:46:43 No. 7016
Star Wars thread; To discuss, laugh and meme about Star Wars Don't be a cunt and may the Force be with you
(166.31 KB 827x1612 cadets guy fawkes.jpg)
(275.46 KB 1280x720 America Empire.jpg)
George Lucas is a radical and Star Wars was supposed to be about a revolutionary anti-imperialist struggle against a totalitarian empire. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fv9Jq_mCJEo He compares the Rebels with the Vietnamese and the Empire with the USA as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nxl3IoHKQ8c Lucas stated that President Nixon was among his inspriations for the Emperor... though Reagan seems quite a similar character himself https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palpatine#Creation What’s ironic is how the sequels are the exact opposite: defeating the little guy and revealing some grand (Russia-like) conspiracy behind the (Incel-like) rebels. The First Order secessionists are describe to be similar to southern secessionists from US, however unlike the South, they are the aggressors. Having said that, the story was supposed to be a mirror-homage-tribute-ripoff of the original trilogy and not anything deep at all. It's all just lazy storytelling based off better works; the Original Trilogy and Japanese Samurai films that partly inspired the OT Lucas' prequels are about how decadent liberal democracy degenerates into fascism and actually does have parallels with the American South in the CIS >Remember the Republic we said we wanted to restore? <Well what if it was already a corrupt, shitty, imperialist entity in its own right and becoming the Empire or collapsing was basically inevitable? <What if it started the war against the CIS to bring the seceded confederacy back under control >You see the great war Obi-Wan fought in? <Well it actually was just for fun and profit of bankers and bureaucrats >You see Luke’s father? <Well he wasn't a real good guy and was initiated fucked up because the Republic does nothing about illegal slave trading and the Jedi did not address his issues <His best moments were fighting the war which itself pushed him more into the dark-side The prequels were redpilled as fuck. However Star Wars is not anti-authoritarian. It's just that even americans like stories about rebels fighting an evil empire. That is why in wrestling there have been many rich heels (bad guys) including the boss of the company. There have been many rich comic book villains to. Oddly enough Sup's is working man and Lex Luthor is trillionare. Sure Bruce Wayne is as rich, but so is Penguin or Black Mask. Star Wars is in some ways a representative of World War II as perceived by Americans in culture at the time of its creation (as opposed to today). For many it is just the scrappy young freedom loving Jeffersonians fighting the evil empire, with their basic interpretation of fascism stripped of meaning and boiled down to "when everyone looks scary and does scary marches and is bad" (with the added emphasis of being human supremacist in recent films apparently). I'm having flashbacks to the moment right after The Last Jedi's theatrical release, it was as if every "leftist" on twitter—mostly anarchists, were arguing about whether or not Star Wars was an anti-fascist fable. The discourse was basically libertarian manchildren fellating each other until New Years' over how cool nerds they are, with a few unsubtle jabs at "tankies" for good measure. There's something to be said about the radicalization of fan communities in general (such as the recent agitprop campaigns by kpop stans on racist hashtags, or on the opposite end of the spectrum with cases of literal nazi furries a couple years ago), but it's difficult to connect all of them with organizations, both new and old, who're dedicated to the construction of mutual aid, dual power, new power, etc. IIRC they were drawing parallels between the Rebel Alliance's fight against Galactic Empire with their own fight against the United States. This obviously calls for a level of militarization that they, as anarchists, cannot provide; and so people called them out on it. The need for X-Wings is tantamount to the need for tanks... i.e. tankies.
Star Wars Active Politics comp: I've watched all of Star Wars and just finished re-watching Rebels and I got to say this stuff is amazing propaganda. The main characters are essentially terrorists, running around blowing up empire assets in hit&run guerrilla warfare like the Vietcong. Clone wars was surprisingly very political. There are at least 65,000 star wars fans in the USA dedicated enough to show up to a 2019 convention. Why don't we take a page from that Ukrainian soccer fan club turned military wing and mobilize 'The Rebels'? We can probably even get John Boyega to join the ranks given his recent activism. Maybe we should use a lot of laser pointers too. Maybe it would just be helpful to use Star Wars to initiate people on theory by appealing through familiar media. As mentioned in >>12517 Lucas is fairly anti-imperialist in his ideals and the rebels are modeled after revolutionaries and resistance like the Vietnamese. It might be easier to unite a preexisting fanbase under leftism than create a new group and there are probably some other fanbases we can hijack too. A lot of Star Wars fans recognize the similarities to the USA from the Republic/Empire and the idea of heroic revolution is appealing to many. Star Wars Fans are certainly an untapped demographic in regards to being turned to socialism, especially with your example from Rebels. Moreover a huge number of fans have become disillusioned and angry with Disney and becoming more and more aware of its corporate faggotry, which potentially pushes them into our arms at least on the level of "down with the super-rich" However even if media has revolutionary elements, you have to have the political understanding to get the message being sent by the films to appreciate the film as such. You can't really convert people to radical action with film, you can only really draw out existing tendencies in people or reinforce dominant ones. Hence, why many nations have focused on film as a weapon of information warfare. >Inb4 the Rebels weren't socialist! This is the leftist equivalent of evangelicals, where autistic weirdos rant unironically about how a campy space fantasy adventure with anti-imperialist themes is actually pro-monarchism and fascist because Comrade Skywalker doesn’t bludgeon in Obi-Wan’s head while quoting Mao. They’re the Rebel Alliance, not the Space Bolsheviks. What does alliance imply to you? Do you know what the word means? The Rebellion is made up of different rebel groups with different ideologies working together for a common goal of defeating the Empire. Just like a real revolution. The Bolsheviks were not alone in fighting the White Guard during the Civil War/Revolution/Intervention period.
Reposting my rant about people who claim "Star Wars is fascist" and other nuclear takes by brainlets who jump on bandwagon hate-trains on content they don't even know. This screeching about Star Wars being fascist or not is one of the reasons I rarely listen to Western communist critiques of a film; because 90% of the time they find fascism in everything because "ideology has to be pro-communist or else its crap". This is a rubbish concept that ruins story-telling and makes it impossible to create something within such restraints. You cannot make a film like Ivanhoe and then insert communist ideology into it, that not only goes against historical dialectics but also is just shitty projection of ideology into a story where ideology is not the main point at all. You want a movie focused on communist ideal and ideology then you have to write a story based around that, but that is a very narrow genre and rarely done well due to how easy it is to make hamfisted and preachy. A good example of such a film is the simply named The Communist, which details the life of a worker who, after fighting for the Revolution is striving to better the newly formed USSR and doing his best to motivate and educate the masses and parry any anti-communism, not with angry screeching but with steady argument and human appeal, who shows his determination in his labour. https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%9A%D0%BE%D0%BC%D0%BC%D1%83%D0%BD%D0%B8%D1%81%D1%82_(%D1%84%D0%B8%D0%BB%D1%8C%D0%BC) This can be translated into a film in a sci-fi or fantasy genre, HOWEVER it has to be done right and is not essential for a good story. Star Wars follows a traditional story type, but is still a good story. FFS The USSR had commissions and 100s of vetted viewings of each film prior to release to ensure it upheld both quality and ideology, yet not every fucking film and book was 100% pro-communist. If all that matters to you is ideology then you're just using another kind of identity politics and you shouldn't be watching movies or reading books, because you'll never gain satisfaction or be able to see the humanity in it. Stalin liked books and plays by Bulgakov and Sholohov such as A Dog's Heart and Quiet Flows the Don, defending them because he considered it important to remember that there are humans on either side of a conflict and that both sides have their heroes and humanity. The story of Anakin is not heroic or that of a revolutionary, but of person put on a pedestal by his powers and a prophecy, and who fails to be the hero expected because he cannot throw away his humanity in regards to the people he loves (while still indirectly fulfilling said prophecy). His downfall to the darkside mirrors the downfall of the liberal democratic Republic into the fascist Empire under the manipulations of Palpatine. And in the OT, Luke, an ordinary orphan with a small gift and a good heart rises to the challenge of being the hero, rescues the princess and saves the day... but his story does not end there and as is in reality, the fight must go on and he inevitably goes through failures, overconfidence and has to be taught mentally and physiologically to meet the challenges and finally reach a more conscious level of heroic action, rather than just "blow up the evil" he struggles and over-comes it and manages to get his enemy and father to redeem himself and help him, concluding that storyline. Are there non-socialist parts of this? OF COURSE, its a Space Fantasy with rogues and pirates and Evil Wizard Lords, Good Magicians, Dwarves, beast-people and monsters who simply have technology and are more advanced and go through many cycles of rise and falls (Old Republic, Mandalorian Wars, Sith-Jedi conflicts, etc.) The point is not "le revolutionary hero" but the idea of good fighting evil, of people leading others for good or bad causes, of human struggles and their importance even when put in scale with the size of the galaxy. TL;DR: movie makers don't care about ideology unless its important to the story or is important to money, and with Lucas, both were secondary concerns and thus he wrote the story he wanted. Depiction of fascism and generalized rebellion is not necessarily liberal or fascist propaganda, but idealism... the bread and butter of fantasy fiction. The Rebels are outright stated by Lucas to be inspired by the Vietnamese and the Empire by the Nazis, the Romans and the USA.
>>12517 >the (Incel-like) rebels wut
(145.59 KB 1200x680 Rebels mural.jpeg)
>>12516 >The Empire is seen as organized and meritocratic because it is, the reason this is still evil is because they fucking do so with literal backstabbing and strict survival of the fittest (socially and physically) The Empire administration is rather dysfunctional, ridden with rivalities and corruption and only kept working because of the personal loyality of the Armed Forces and the Core Worlds monopolist cartels integrated into the military-industrial complex like Kuat Drive Yards or Sienar Fleet Systems to Palpatine. Once he died the whole thing collapsed practically overnight, both in the Disney and the old canon. >Nationalism in the star wars universe The Galactic Empire was imperialistically nationalist. It was basically the political superstructure to sustain the Core Worlds' exploitation and colonization of the periphery through military means, after the Outer Rim tried and failed to become its own sovereign polity and secede from the Republic in the Clone Wars. Nationalistic human supremacist core world chauvinism was the ideological superstructure of it. The Empire even have a political mass movement, COMPNOR (Commitee for the Preservation of the New Order) and a paramilitary youth wing SA-Group (Sub-Adult Group), to manufacture and popularize the ideology. >>12517 The official name of the Rebellion is "Alliance for the Restoration of the Republic", their goal is the restoration of democracy and the end of autocratic government. The Rebellion itself is a popular front formed mostly on democratic-minded senators from the Core Worlds and anti-imperialist or anti-human supremacy resistance movements from the galactic perifery. Dimitrov's works on popular fronts are similar. >The leader You can see the Chief of State of the Rebel Alliance in Return of the Jedi, is the red-headed woman who explains the battleplan for the assault on Death Star II. She's Mon Mothma, the Senator of the planet Chandrila. But obviously the movies don't go deep into the internal politics of the Alliance. If you get into the novels and comics, the Rebellion works more or less in a fashion similar to democratic centralism, with local cells organized under the leadership of a central executive.
>>13275 >that second pic haha that isn't real is it? just a fan work not based on established canon. right?
>>13365 No that’s a real scene from Rebels
>>13365 >>13366 well its a scene from a mural
>>13365 What's wrong with it? It's a Mural from Star Wars Rebels. >>12527 They're incel-like because (in the sequels) they behave like a bunch of idiots who don't understand why nobody likes them and chalk it up to "le stoopid peepol"
>>13387 I think that poster is referring to the fact that it looks a lot like a socialist-realist work, especially those thin rays of sunlight. As someone from a post-soviet country, the imagery is indeed quite familiar, just I can't really find an in-life example right now.
>>13275 Hey, you turned my message in leftypol into a copypasta. Cool
>>13387 >What's wrong with it? It's a Mural from Star Wars Rebels. It looks like gay Pokemon.
>>13391 That would probably illicit a more positive response >>13444 With some slight edits, yes. >>13822 >gay pokemon Stay off 4chan /trash/ and /fur/ and study tapestries and murals m8.
(1.18 MB 1920x816 Ventress kill kiss.png)
>Muh TCW is for kids The clone wars includes everything that kids love: 1. Political corruption, and its consequences 2. The Black Market 3. Slavery and empires benefiting from it 4. A war killing literally half of the characters in every cruel way a living being or artificial intelligence could imagine 5. Killing millions of innocents to convince someONE to come and fight you 6. Bounty hunters and mercs gaining money from wars and violence 7. Sabotaging and torturing prisoners to gain any type of information 8. Poverty, and how does millions if not billions of Coruscant's underworld civilians deal with it 9. Suicide and its deep tragic reasons 10. Alcohol, drugs, strippers and hookers 11. The dogmatism of religion and its impact on followers Video related alone contains the following https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bX8iN6T_M_A - suicide - murder - war crimes - torture - children being murdered - crimes against humanity - soldiers getting choked out - soldiers losing limbs - soldiers getting eating by two ton monsters - soldiers falling into lava - beheadings - hostage situations gone wrong - Vietnam: Star Wars edition - the mass murder of civilians via firing squad - the mass murder of civilians via dropping them off a cliff And then morons talk about how its for kids.
>>13828 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0361243/?ref_=fn_tt_tt_11 >tv-y7 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0458290/?ref_=fn_tt_tt_9 >tv-pg Not that some restraint in portrayal is necessarily in conflict with tasteful discussion of mature themes, mind you.
Count Dooku is an under-rated anti-hero. I always saw Dooku as being 'good' at heart. He wanted to get rid of a corrupted republic, he sided with the greatest power to do so (Sidious), he made himself more powerful yet didn't kill Obi-Wan or Yoda or anakin. I feel that Dooku was more of a dark-jedi than a Sith. He also didn't lie where every other Sith would lie. He flat-out told Obiwan how the clones had come, how the Sith controlled the senate and what was going on Obi-wan just thought him a liar. In truth, had Obi-wan sided then with Dooku, I feel Palpatine would have been overthrown. Dooku would have risen in power, changed the republic, violently got rid of corruption and fixed the problems in it and the Jedi order. He was never true evil. Just a necessary evil. He was essentially the Itachi of the series who never had the "dramatic reveal" moment, the former did. Theory: http://archive.vn/KZqtu Theory examples: http://archive.is/nuW1I Scene where he talks with Obi-wan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaXHDpCe-KI&t=1m37s What if Obi-Wan had switched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2DQpnhxGoY >Inb4 he was just trying to divide the Jedi and the Republic There was nothing to divide, the Jedi were secretive and arrogant, and their ideals clashed with the Republics, leading to a dichotomy (as demonstrated by Jedi 'peacekeepers' becoming Generals). It can also be interpreted as separation of state and religion.
(197.46 KB 706x426 ellison1.png)
(246.28 KB 709x529 ellison2.png)
(35.90 KB 305x457 hipster book.jpg)
Repost of responses (my own and others) to the pretentiousness in pics related >story about magickel lazor wizards >b-b-b-but there's sound in vacuum! This exact kind of overthinking irrelevant details is what lead to the retardation that typified the EU's infamous cringeyness as I complained about in >>8358 with the nonsensical "human actors without makeup are used a lot for pragmatic IRL reasons = let's ignore the setting's intended worldbuilding to make a big deal out of this". It is just self-fellating bullshit. They're patting each other on the back for something that is absolutely inane. >muh sounds in space Yes, everyone fucking knows this. Even if they didn't why would it matter? Its a film about a distant space war, not a NASA training documentary. 99% of people on earth will never come close to space travel in the next 100 years, so why would such a little detail matter. Hell they portray Lucas as some sort of bad person for not giving them the "no sound" when his explanation essentially states that it is out of his hands. Lucas explained this well when he was talking about Soviet cinema being more free. And hell you can even make an excuse, the Death-stars had internal gravity and atmosphere and were the size of moons. Their detonation would likely cause a massive spread of their materials in a wide explosion that would send particles everywhere and into the surrounding spaceships, where they would impact them and transfer what can be interpreted as sound. Star Wars isn’t about the gadgets, it’s about an fantastical story set on a background of politics, as demonstrated in the numerous effort-posts in this thread dissecting the allegories to real life. To summarize, the prequels were about a civil war. the OT was about imperialism. the sequels are just retarded disneyshit that should be ignored Licensed SF was a cancer that devastated printed* genre fiction even if IMHO the rise of non-licensed sequel-heavy Pern/Shannara/Gor/Belgariad/etc. fantasy garbage had a far worse effect on genre fiction in the '80s & '90s. But that still doesn't excuse the autism of SW EU authors desperately trying to fit the round peg of hard SF into the square hole of SW's soft not-even-scifi space fantasy, producing something with the strengths of neither and the weaknesses of both. *Every other medium; film, TV, radio, comics, vidya, etc., has only sporadically and occasionally produced or adapted anything vaguely conforming to even the loosest definition of the softest SF. This is something that goes well beyond '80s SFX-heavy blockbusters like Star Wars, clear back through cheezy drive-in B movies raping SF in the 1950s parallel to the Golden Age of SF, through the serials of the 1930s raping pulp novels, to theatrical stageplays in the 1800s raping penny dreadfuls. >Inb4 aimed at marketing toys. The films came way before the toy marketing. Remember that the Ewoks were from the 3rd film.
(470.55 KB 640x894 sw2.jpg)
Recently tired to get get hold of the despecislized edition of Star Wars (aka New Hope) as i'm trying to understand this series of movies and its fandom. The first movie I saw was the Phantom Menace in cinema when i was very little, then later I got to see the originals and having seen them in those revisionist editions I never got the feel of the orginals and I never got the answer to a question I've been asking myself for many many years: How can the orginal movie Star Wars become such a hit on his own? How could it develop this cultural fenomenon? Mind that this was before the EU, before the cartoons, before the toys and before the sequels. Have any of you got the chance to rewatch the first movie recently? Conveniently forgetting everything after and around it, how does it work in his own merits?
(103.40 KB 850x567 96-7.jpg)
>>14636 Leaving aside everything that still stands out as inherently "Star Wars" about it (Joseph Campbell's monomyth in its overarching story, dual cinematographic influences of pre-WWII pulp-inspired American serials and Japanese Jidaigeki, impressive tie-in merchandising and cultivated fandom), Star Wars was a uniquely sophisticated technical feat. Before Star Wars, SF onscreen was either somewhat silly looking (Planet of the Apes, Barbarella, Logan's Run), or was careful to minimize high-concept elements like aliens or a futuristic setting that would require sophisticated FX work (Rollerball, Westworld, Fahrenheit 451, Lucas' own THX-1138), in spite of which the end results still looked a bit subpar. Probably the strongest FX production before Star Wars was 2001: A Space Odyssey. Star Wars, more specifically Lucas' pioneering work in creating ILM & Skywalker Sound, blew the ceiling off expectations. Not only did Star Wars have aliens and a completely high-concept setting, it had A LOT of them in a full "space opera" setting, filling virtually every minute of running time. Lucas' peers were caught totally offguard, with rival productions either failing to meet its level of visual polish (Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, The Black Hole), or opting for a much less ambitious concept (Alien, Star Trek TMP, Superman, Close Encounters). It wasn't until the '80s that others caught up with new films like Blade Runner, Tron, Last Starfighter, and Dune, as well as series upping their ante, like Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, Superman II, and Aliens. Many of them with direct help from ILM, or even part of the same clique as Lucas (Spielberg, Zemeckis, etc.). That uncompromising ambition and competence right there is a huge part, both of why Star Wars made such a massive impression at the time, and why it continues to hold up so well.
>>14639 >silly looking <Planet of the Apes I have to disagree there, the effects in Planet of the Apes were rather interesting to say the least and the apes looked like apes, regardless of humanoid features. Otherwise I agree. It would be good to mention Stan Winston's practical effects school as well. >>14636 I recently rewatched the original trilogy myself and in many ways it has things that many people today may not relate to, simply because people today are too used to the content of things like Avengers, where 2 hours is barely enough to pack in every little detail with all the CGI and references and other shit. In both the OT and the Prequels, Star Wars has many slower moments and the story it tells has varied pacing, its not just 3 part story, as there are numerous rises and falls within each film. It was a groundbreaking film and series in its time, and remains so, however as capitalism began to corrupt the production of film, so have the values and ideas been lost to most new people. Uncle Joe did 2 videos discussing this trend, where the ideas, themes and methods of classic films of the 20th century only continue to remain popular through older generations and capitalist hype, because current media and many of the current generation are rather shallow and do not understand the details and themes. Its why Force Awakens is worse than the original Star Wars, it was a superficial imitation that lacked the original's core. I would explain this better, however English has some rather annoying limitations to it compared to Russian, that make it hard to get the point across. TL;DR: Star Wars is quaint by today's standards, but only because today's standards have become shallow due to how capitalism bleaches culture over time.
>>14654 >the effects in Planet of the Apes were rather interesting Yeah, they were very good for the time, but they don't quite hold up as well as some of the others I mentioned, and audiences still felt it was a bit hokey. Speaking of Planet of the Apes, it deserves some recognition for (somewhat unintentionally) pioneering series franchise and merchandising ideas Star Wars was built around. >Stan Winston's practical effects school Jim Henson's Creature Shop was another major innovator >Its why Force Awakens is worse >due to how capitalism bleaches Little thought is required to explain that: The sequel trilogy is a completely manufactured corporate product, with many of the individuals arbitrarily thrown into its production being people who dislike Star Wars. Simple as.
(135.15 KB 409x376 Ewok Cong.jpg)
>>12516 >>12517 >>12518 >>12519 >>13275 >>14249 Speaking of Star Wars politics There is a channel called "Ewoks Unhinged": https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjWco70ztFvzB2kmhVv9qAQ It's a podcast about Star Wars and politics from an ML perspective (Although they bring on anarchists and Maoists and such sometimes). BTW Ewoks - among the other references - were definitely a reference to the VietCong, Lucas said it in the "making of" documentary on the Return of the Jedi (2004 DVD release). http://archive.is/zmwI5
its a shame this isn't more active, this and the avatar thread are p based
>>15614 Avatar, Star Wars and Star Trek thread are fairly active, there is just a slump in activity currently. >look out there's more fucking kek that took me by surprise LOL.
(60.52 KB 471x400 The Saga Begins.jpg)
I rather enjoyed Weird Al Yanakovic's parody of the Phantom Menace. And apparently most of the song was written before the release, based on leaks and trailer clips. George Lucas enjoyed it as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEcjgJSqSRU The Saga Begins A long long time ago In a galaxy far away Naboo was under an attack And I thought me and Qui-Gon Jinn Could talk the Federation into Maybe cutting them a little slack But their response, it didn't thrill us They locked the doors and tried to kill us We escaped from that gas Then met Jar Jar and Boss Nass We took a bongo from the scene And we went to Theed to see the queen We all wound up on Tatooine That's where we found this boy... Oh my my, this here Anakin guy May be Vader someday later - now he's just a small fry And he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye Sayin' "Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi" "Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi" Did you know this junkyard slave Isn't even old enough to shave But he can use the Force they say Ahh, do you see him hitting on the queen Though he's just nine and she's fourteen Yeah, he's probably gonna marry her someday Well, I know he built C-3PO And I've heard how fast his pod can go And we were broke, it's true So we made a wager or two He was a prepubescent flyin' ace And the minute Jabba started off that race Well, I know who would win first place Oh yes, it was our boy We started singin'... My my, this here Anakin guy May be Vader someday later - now he's just a small fry And he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye Sayin' "Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi" "Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi" Now we finally got to Coruscant The Jedi Council we knew would want To see how good the boy could be So we took him there and we told the tale How his midi-chlorians were off the scale And he might fulfill that prophecy Oh, the Council was impressed, of course Could he bring balance to the Force? They interviewed the kid Oh, training they forbid Because Yoda sensed in him much fear And Qui-Gon said, "Now listen here Just stick it in your pointy ear I still will teach this boy" He was singin'... My my, this here Anakin guy May be Vader someday later - now he's just a small fry And he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye Sayin' "Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi" "Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi" We caught a ride back to Naboo 'Cause Queen Amidala wanted to I frankly would've liked to stay We all fought in that epic war And it wasn't long at all before Little Hotshot flew his plane and saved the day And in the end some Gungans died Some ships blew up and some pilots fried A lot of folks were croakin' The battle droids were broken And the Jedi I admire most Met up with Darth Maul and now he's toast Well, I'm still here and he's a ghost I guess I'll train this boy And I was singin'... My my, this here Anakin guy May be Vader someday later - now he's just a small fry And he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye Sayin' "Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi" "Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi" We were singin'... My my, this here Anakin guy May be Vader someday later - now he's just a small fry And he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye Sayin' "Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Saga_Begins
>>15727 It's probably his best parody song and definitely a better version of the story than the actual film. Don McLean also likes it and allegedly has trouble not accidentally singing the parody lyrics in his own performances of American Pie after hearing his kids listen to the Weird Al version so much.
>>15727 Thanks for infecting me with brainworms anon, I can't get the song out of my head since I heard it yesterday.
having a slight giggle because there is a non-zero chance that someone google'd "the force unleashed movie" instead of "the force awakens movie" and ended up coming away thinking that some weird 3rd person god of war style game was the end of the sequel trilogy
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m19AmgtuFtg Republic Commando fan film in the works also, post your favorite fan films
>>8532 That actually sounds like interesting worldbuilding. I only read 7 EU SW novels as a kid: a prequel before Episode 1 where Darth Maul chases and kills some guys for some secrets, the Han Solo Trilogy which is what you'd expect it to be and The Thrawn Trilogy which a happens after Episode 6 where the Empire remnants fight the new Republic, but I don't remember it resembling what you wrote about taking over Coruscant and the Empire establishing itself in a croner of the Galaxy. I guess there are way more books that build upon this?
>>16082 Vode An sounds really good. Too bad its basically a song of a fascist death squad when you look up what the lyrics mean. Though I guess republic commandos kinda were a fascist death squad, so it fits.
>>16101 Yea the story gets pretty whacky
(111.07 KB 1000x608 Medieval Wars.jpg)
>>15753 >>15761 You're welcome >a better version of the story than the actual film. Eh debatable. I rewatched the prequels last year and the story was actually pretty good. A few silly things but passable. >Don McLean... allegedly has trouble not accidentally singing the parody lyrics That's pretty funny As a side note several youtube channels, notably Samuel Kim Music, have been doing a lot of remixes and variations of different songs. Among them is a lot of Star Wars stuff, such as this one; The Force theme remixed with some Russian themes (though it's missing a few inflections that many Russian pieces have): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UZhjorlIJM Also here is The General Greivous Theme Russified: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTRPMRv2Heo An actual group of Russians doing the Imperial march with Russian instruments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZNgZH9YhIQ A rather stranger music fad from earlier this summer are 'Medieval' versions of songs and music. - Star Wars Medieval Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9PLUrw0CbcSx6jZ5sO1W8wY_P0QsiVkb Medieval Grievous is a favorite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmWTf8hQKqI It sounds like Star Wars but with Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean and Skyrim themes. Another lesser fad was Samurai/Asian versions - Mongolian Mandalorian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAS8xT8lsI4 - Samurai Duel of the Fates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bV0Y9R568W0 compare this to Medieval Duel of the Fates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnOEGvEKFSQ
(646.18 KB 2000x2749 Class Wars.jpg)
>>16124 The Russian/Soviet videos get a lot of good puns, memes and humor BTW >Tsar wars- The Phantom Marxist >Tsar wars- Attack of the Nazis >Tsar Wars- Revenge of the Capitalist >Tsar wars- A new revolution >Tsar wars- the bourgeoisie strikes back >Tsar Wars- Return of the Comrade >Tsar wars- Lenin awakens >Tsar wars- the last comrade >Tsar wars- the rise of Stalin or >Cold Wars: The Red Menace >Cold Wars: Attack of the Winter >Cold wars: Revenge of the Soviets >Cold Wars: A New Comrade >Cold Wars: The Reich Strikes Back >Cold War: Return of the Union And one of the best >Оби-ван: Изуродованная экономика! Бесполезный поиск выкупа! Чем ваше правительство помогло до сих пор? Что вы вернули? Ваше место финансового хранителя Дуку! <Генерал Гривус: Я не просто финансист. Я не участвую в этой холодной войне ни за политику Дуку, ни за политику Путина! Я верховный главнокомандующий самой Могущественной Советской Армии, которую когда-либо видела Россия !!! >Оби-ван: Армия без налоговых планов, без свободных предприимчивых консорциумов! Просто коммунизм !! Что вы смотрите, чтобы увидеть ?! <Генерал Гривус: Будущее, будущее без капиталистов !!! >Obi-wan: A mutilated economy! A Futile quest for ransoms! What did your Government helped so far? What did you regain? Your place as Dooku's Finance Keeper! <General Grievous: I am no mere finance keeper. I am not in this cold war for Dooku's nor Putin's politics! I am the supreme commander of the most Powerful Soviet Army of whole Russia has ever seen!!! >Obi-wan: An Army with no taxation plans, with no free-enterprising consortiums! Just communism!! What do you look to see?! <General Grievous: A Future, a future where there are no Capitalists!!! >Вы слыхали сказ про Дарта Сталина мудрого? Говорят, в своем могуществе он так преисполнился, что с помощью силы одной только партии и народной веры, мог выполнять пятилетки за 3 года. <А этому может кто-то научить? >Только не капиталист... <Как же Сталин пал? >Он научил Хрущева всему, что знал сам, и тот убил его, пока Учитель спал... >Have you heard the tale about Darth Stalin the wise? They say that his power he was so great, that with the help of the strength of one party and the people's faith, he could fulfill five-year plans in 3 years. <Can someone teach this? >Not a capitalist ... <How did Stalin fall? >He taught Khruschev everything known to himself, and he killed him while the Teacher slept I don’t like snow. It’s cold and wet, and it gets everywhere - German Soldiers at the Battle for Moscow
>>16124 >Eh debatable. I rewatched the prequels last year and the story was actually pretty good. A few silly things but passable. Have you ever seen any of the fanedits of the prequels? IMO they do a lot to remove the silly things and bring them from fun and watchable to good.
>>16102 >Too bad its basically a song of a fascist death squad when you look up what the lyrics mean Not actually. In legends anyways, Coruscant was the home of not only what we understand as humans in the modern star wars universe, but also a species known as the Taung, the "original" Mandalorian species. The Taung were heavily ostracized by the humans and regularly exterminated, until the point where all the Clans of the Taung united to try and save themselves in a decisive blow in defeating the humans. One day in Coruscant, a fuckmassive volcano (basically the equivalent of if Yellowstone) erupted and coated the whole planet in ash, and the Taung used the opportunity to wage a vicious "shadow war" on the humans to try and avoid extermination, as they were severalfold outnumbered by humanity at this point. Vode An is commemerating this war, the brave sacrifice of many Taung, and the ferocity they fought with for self-preservation. They eventually lost the war, but they fought hard enough that they managed to flee the planet instead of getting genocided outright, and they would hop from planet to planet until they eventually settled on what would become Mandalore. Their time on Coruscant shaped them to be a martial society, and they often waged war against the many nascent powers around them, usually freeing the various species enslaved by their enemies and adding them to their ranks - the Taung society had an aversion to slavery and the destruction of species because of their experiences on Coruscant. Over time the Taung died out, but the various species that they liberated commemorated their memory by becoming what we understand now as the Mandalorians - and Vode An (along with other songs of its sort) are how the Mandalorians preserve their history. Its actually maybe one of the oldest in-universe historical accounts in all of Star Wars that survives into the EU era, and into the canon Sequel trilogy.
Reposting this idea: Imagine Davy Jones being a Quarren Sith Lord piloting a feared ship across the galaxy, and the Kraken being a Summa-verminoth under his control, taking down star destroyers and other spaceships across the galaxy. Instead of souls, this Sith lord could instead drain the Force of the ones inside the ships to keep himself alive. Quarren Rebel, like early Mon Cala rebellion before the alliance was a thing. Gets sent on a mission to try and attract enemy attention away for a different raid. Rescue never comes and he feels betrayed/abandoned but help never comes because the other mission failed and they are all dead, he escapes but never finds out what happened. Discovers his force sensitivity and falls to the dark side in his anger, becomes space pirate Sith Lord after discovering Holocron that teaches him how to control an ancient beast in an asteroid field, Nebula, lost system etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IP6wHg9-A2Y A more expansive version: The legend of the Flying Dutchman was created, due to the dutch Merchant Fleet possessing the fastest ships at the time, resulting in dutch trading vessels being encountered all over the seas, so the supersticious seamen called it devilscraft. Knowing the background of the Flying Dutchman, I'd say, go a similar way and call it after a Race that is known for trading. Therefore, since I couldn't find much else, for the time being, I'll call it the Neimodian. As for it's looks, has anyone seen the animated movie Space Pirate Captain Harlock, from, I think, 2013? If I recall correctly, his ship, the Arcadia, was able to repair itself and often times was shrouded in a black, smoke-like cloud. Something like that. And knowing what is possible in the Star Wars universe, this could be plausible. So, Darth Altus originally belonged to the old Sith Empire, maybe era of the Old Republic. At some point, he disappeared from the stage, believed to have died. But in reality, he travelled to the outer regions, and now he has returned, more powerful than ever before! There, deep in the unknown space of the outer regions, he meditated. He listened. And he learned. He aquired some skill in the powers used by Darth Nihilus, taking his own spin at it, and mastered it. Using forbidden Sith Alchemy and his Powers of the Force, he became something different. The ship he was on changed. Caused by the dark rituals he performed, the ship transformed, together with him. His ship, the Neimodian, became almost impossible to destroy, repairing every damage it took by itself, without the need of fuel of any known kind, and binding the Sith Lord to itself for eternity. Darth Altus, in his Quest for power and knowledge, became a Force Vampire, feeding on the Force of the living beings around him, and even mastered the ability to, if he wished so, rip the Force out of a living being, permanently destroying it, preventing it from becoming a Force Ghost, but also to sustain a Form of live over years, keeping some of the crew of the Neimodian alive to manouver the ship and to feed upon. There he also learned to control a Summa-Verminoth, which now obeys his every command. After years in his self-exile, he learned by coincidence of the Fall of the Sith Empire, and for several more years, that was his last contact to the known Galaxy. Now he has returned to haunt the known Galaxy. Being not entirely material anymore, the Neimodian is almost impossible to detect by normal means. And when it appears out of dark space, cloaked in what appears to be a cloud of black smoke and lightning, it's almost to late to run. Darth Altus himself can't leave his ship for too long, without risking to become weak and possibly die, due to being bound to his ship. But he still has his crew of almost undead, being loyal to noone but him, attacking and capturing other ships, leaving no survivors behind. It's better to die in the attack, than to get captured by the crew of that black ship. Those that survive the attack, are brought on the Neimodian. There, they either end as meal for the Sith Lord, who rips their knowledge and force from their bodies, killing them, or become part of the crew, getting fed upon, over time turning them into his loyal thralls. And those that manage to run, he sends his pet after.
>>16130 The Empire Strikes Back could remain The Empire Strikes Back.
>>16143 Huh, didn't knew about that part of the lore. I just assumed Vode An was a larpy Republic song about killing confederates
>>16173 nah, most of the earliest clones were trained by the Mandalorians, so they kinda inherited a lot of their cultural traditions in turn. Hence, why you hear the song play during Republic Commando. That and its cool.
The Mando Season 2 trailer has dropped https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_oqFtOULjs any thoughts?
>>16197 Looks like it's going to be a lot more depressing. >>16149 Good point >>16173 >>16180 so essentially it's clone Mando LARP instead.
>>16198 >so essentially it's clone Mando LARP instead. kinda yeah kinda no? mandos have a tradition of adoption and most of the mandalorian trainers treated their clone trainees as their own sons. since the Empire didn't want anything to do with the clone army post-war a lot of clones were left suddenly homeless and jobless, but the Mandalorians adopted vast swathes of the clone army to live out on mandalore. a few mandalorian supercommandoes and a few republic commandos even put together a team to infiltrate kamino and kidnap one of the cloners to reverse the clone double-aging process so they could live out longer lives, and actually managed to do it. they killed the kaminoan shortly after too, which ended up completely screwing up one of the Empire's plans for cloning the Emperor in case he was ever killed in his main body.
(73.74 KB 720x1080 daisyridley.jpeg)
Okay. How do any of the sequel names even make sense? I remember in 2015 thinking >The Force Awakens? huh was it not awake in the previous 6 movies Then the last jedi probably makes the most sense but like Luke says Rey will not be the last Jedi And don't even get my started on Rey Starwars in episode IX.
>>16197 looks pretty good but why do they keep casting wrestling/fighting stars in my space wizard show? Cara Dune is cool and all but definitely not as good of an actor as Pedro Pascal or Carl Weathers.
>>16265 Because they tend to over-act and therefore provide campiness to the episodes. I enjoy it sine it's better than fishfaced screaming. >>16264 >Force Awakens The Jedi have vanished again so they're essentially rehashing the original first Star Wars "A New Hope" Last Jedi does make sense but Rise of Skywalker really did make no sense.
>>16264 the force awakens from being dormant since the dark side was wiped out with Anakin's sacrifice and Luke's academy was destroyed and he cut himself off from the force. Rey was the awakening of the light, and Kylo the dark. The last jedi is easy. Got me beat on the Rise of Skywalker though. By the time Rey gets adopted she isn't really rising or doing anything.
>>16267 Star Wars Saga film name rankings 1)Empire Strikes Back 2)Revenge of the Sith 3)The Phantom Menace 4)Return of the Jedi 5)The Last Jedi 6)Attack of the Clones 7)A New Hope 8)The Force Awakens 9)Rise of Skywalker
>>16269 Not bad I'd go with Revenge of the Sith Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi The Last Jedi A New Hope Attack of the Clones Phantom Menace Rise of Skywalker The Force Awakens
Rise of Skywalker is easily the worst and perfectly encapsulates just in its name the problem with modern Star Wars. The titles shouldn't use character names. Lacks that classic pulpy quality.


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