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(183.32 KB 906x494 edward-norton-fight-club.jpg)
kino thread Anonymous Comrade 02/16/2020 (Sun) 09:18:54 No. 6232
Can you guys recommend some good or comfy kino to watch? It doesn't have to be socialist, it can be any kino you can think of that you have recently enjoyed watching. Bonus points if you can write a small summary of why you enjoyed this particular movie.
(4.82 KB 282x179 sexualimpact.jfif)
(6.40 KB 347x145 p0rn.jfif)
If you enjoy watching people cope with harsh uncaring reality as they descend into deeper madness I'd recommend any Lynchian film like lost highway or Mulholland drive. Do not take apparent symbolism too seriously as you will hurt yourself but just try to enjoy the ride and you will see what I mean.
>>6237 Thanks for the recommendation. I have avoided Lynch for the longest time because I thought he was too complex to get into, but since you really hit the nail with that description, I think I'll give it a try. In meanwhile and in return, I can also give out a movie reccommendation - I recently watched a 3 hour long german movie "Never Look Away" (2018) and it was really fucking amazing - it's about a german artist who is born in nazi Germany, then goes to school in east Germany, and graduates in west Germany. I am usually really picky with my movies, but I assure you this movie is fucking amazing. The reason it's so long isn't because it's super complex, but rather that this movie likes to take time to build up scenes, which I personally really enjoyed - lots of good camera work in there. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/never_look_away
wtf is this 'kino' thing? I don't get it
>>6240 it's a meme from 4/tv/ I assumed that people in /leftypol/ are also aware of this. Basically, kino is a word from some euro language for "cinema", and is meant as a synonym for high-quality or good movies.
>>6241 >some euro language Bruh, it’s Russian. It was Soviet cinema that coined the term in the first place.
>>6238 Sounds great. I’ll give it a go. Anyways, have any of you seen parasite? Is it any good?
>>6246 Not the same anon but Yes. It's imo the most original movie I've ever seen and generally a well made movie.
(10.98 KB 336x475 Cure_1997.jpg)
A couple of films that have been on my mind lately: Cure by Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Brilliant use of atmosphere to build dread, both through how it uses the settings of each of the murders (it begins as a procedural about murders with the hallmarks of a serial killer, except that each is done by a different person who claims to not remember doing it) and through its deteriorating recurring settings. I discovered it a few years ago I think, and it might be my all time favorite now. Christ Stopped at Eboli by Francesco Rosi. I saw this one last year when the newly restored and uncut version was released in the US. I'm thinking about it because I'm mad about that version not getting a bluray or streaming release. It's a 4-hour Italian epic about a city doctor who gets sent to some far flung, backwards village by Mussolini's government because he's been hanging out with his communist friends too much. It's a fascinating and very comfy (even if occasionally horrifying) depiction of what life was like at that time, and it gives a very good diagnosis of how bourgeois small-town governments and elites form their self-serving aristocracy that holds the common people in contempt. Unfortunately like I mentioned it's hard to find but if a screening happens near you, I highly recommend dropping everything to see it.
>>6247 Nice. Have heard good things about it from my friends too. I’m gonna give it a try.


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