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(279.76 KB 572x900 imcomingforyourmeans.jpg)
/leftyfashion/ Anonymous Comrade 02/15/2020 (Sat) 22:49:47 No. 6211
How do you dress? What are you wearing today? How should you dress, as a Marxist? Which trends are proletarian and which are bourgeois? Discuss.
(28.55 KB 512x341 unnamed.jpg)
>>10569 Zizek was really rocking that stalinka once
>>10574 Fuck I'm never going to be able to financially afford this.
(119.93 KB 422x654 local version.JPG)
>>10574 Wait a minute...
>>10587 delet
Where do you buy clothes? Shops make me want to burn everything, you have to spend 3 hours to find one interesting thing in a thrift shop and online is a joke. The only satisfying way for me is borrowing from my parents.
>>10587 Wasn't this guy a literal larper/cosplayer/false-flag/whatever?
>>10589 I also find it satisfying to borrow clothes from your parents.
>>10590 he is/was an autistic LARPer
>>6211 Anyone have those 'dress like him' memes from 2018, with Lenin?
(138.85 KB 1200x696 Anarchy for 375.jpg)
Reposting an important piece in regard to crap like pic related. The idea that capitalism in any way expect uniformity is deceitful. You are not rebelling against capitalism by being different, you can't rebel against consumerism by consuming. In fact the idea that if you want to rebel you should not wear a suit and instead you should get some dumb denim vest with a bunch of patches, is one propagated by capitalism in an effort to commodify revolutionary sentiment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xccCsByav0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2qAy4k8vFI https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rebel_Sell TL;DR: read The Rebel Sell and remember the Volcom slogan of "Youth against establishment"
>>6713 workwear being trendy is slightly annoying as the usually decent supply of work wear in the thrift stores gets snatched up - but I expect it will cycle back in once the trend expires. I just wish they made more workwear (incl gloves and equipment) in smaller sizes - it seems like half of these brands start at L and go to like XXXXXL why is everyone Paul fucking Bunyan?
(28.25 KB 408x612 Kontraktor.jpg)
>>12017 >it seems like half of these brands start at L and go to like XXXXXL why because burger make big boy.
>>12018 like 90% of the construction workers where I'm at are 5' hispanic dudes but I guess Wrangler doesn't give af if they aren't buying big&tall mossy oak coveralls and ford raptors
(420.69 KB 1029x3320 1591468467267.jpg)
>>6211 >How do you dress? Like this.
>>12243 Lol, this literally just is the way I look during autumn and early spring. Why is it even called terrorwave?
>>12271 >Why is it even called terrorwave Because that's how terrorists dress to stay inconspicuous.
>>10577 it looks like a shalwar kameez
(39.84 KB 562x960 ankid goals.jpg)
>>12013 Another example anarchist consumerism
>>7684 wtf happened here
(51.28 KB 600x599 Z amelie shirt.jpg)
https://www.redbubble.com/shop/mairimashita+iruma+kun+t-shirts Iruma kun shirts by Deviant Artists (actually decent)
>Not dressing like a neo-Japanese Delinquent
>>12636 >Being a bara faggot Imma pass
I only wear knock off anime apparel.
>>13116 based
(1.50 MB 1685x930 487239847238974.png)
We're dressing like Communist Youth League members from China now. https://youtu.be/3Zy06qomEBc
(809.50 KB 1098x582 579834578934759834.png)
>>6674 i wear a red scarf in the winter with a white coat solid red constrasts spectacularly with solid white
(95.83 KB 316x514 prc-1949.jpg)
What's this type of jacket called?
>>13213 Deep fomo, does anybody know chinese know what's going on here? Why isn't this shit auto-translated by youtube, fascist fucks!
>>13438 Pretty sure that’s just a Zhongshan/Mao suit.
I hear historical ball gowns (victorian era mainly) were pretty comfortable and accomadated many body types, as opposed to the mermaid gown stuff today, might look bourgious, but it also looks nice and is out of fashion, assuming you can find a non-exploitative way to make one, go for it, the world's burning anyways, just don't wear the gown for practical occasions and you'll be fine, also any clothing is unisex iffin you aren't a pussy about it
>>6211 When I dress up for a night out or date? Menswear. I can rock it. When I'm going around not at work? 5.11 tuxedo. Kill me. I dress like trash, and I'm not even 30 yet.
Literally suit and tie everyday and i'm jobless.
>>13800 Wtf why
>>13800 Do you review fast food by any chance?
>>6211 don't want to sound like an idolfag but what was the style of marx's beard? it looked almost like an elongated jaw
(19.68 KB 554x554 images.jpeg-338.jpg)
(19.19 KB 554x554 images.jpeg-339.jpg)
>>6211 I'm loving stuff like this atm.
>>13802 >day_ruined.jpg
>>14696 I kinda like the first one, second one looks too much like cowboy shoes with the engraved silver.
>>12013 Imagine showing up to a protest wearing this and there' like five other dudes wearing it there lmao
>>6713 I sort of want to get a mao suit and wear it unbuttoned over a t-shirt. Would that look stupid? I want to wear it like a jacket.
Dark blue jeans Wool Hoody/ hiking coat/ old Cagoule/Work Coat Generic trainers or boots Solid colour t-shirt Casio watch (the illuminator one, not the super basic one, the one that costs about $5 more) Surplus coat in the winter Old backpack <Me, 90% of the time I guess I'm kind of terror-wave? I feel like don't fucking care-wave most of the time, I like my clothes but I'm very aware I'm not making much of an effort, I stand out a bit in the didn't really bother kind of way in bars and stuff because of it, I look super plain which annoys me a little sometimes I'm thinking about getting some nicer clothes to combat this but at the same time I cringe everytime I get the urge to consoooom something new I don't really need, and I like having tons of pockets and high quality stuff like my coat, which is very functional and well made but isn't very fashionable or sexy, I have like 2 pairs of Jeans and a couple pairs of work trousers and maybe 10 t-shirts and a couple jumpers, I'm tight as fuck about buying fashion clothes precisely because most of the stuff seems really poorly made and fucntionally limited for what you pay, even though I have a ton of technical clothing for outdoorsy stuff, which is the only reason I own these very good boots and the Coats I own I do mindlessly consoom second hand clothes off ebay though, but its hard finding stuff that both looks good and fits me and is worth getting, I really want an anorak but I can't find a good one for sale at non retarded prices and mostly I end up buying old workwear that doesn't fit me that I either return or pass off to my worky family members, who actually use it for its intended noncringe purpose How do I get better at dressing?
>>14971 >How do I get better at dressing? wear things that will protect you from the weather and try to find clothes that overlap with that basic criteria by also looking good on you
>>14696 Looks like something a final fantasy character would wear.
>>15217 Yeah but how tho I have no idea what looks good on me


no cookies?