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/leftyco/ Anonymous Comrade 12/22/2019 (Sun) 14:36:18 No. 4670
Seeing how there’s multiple /co/ related threads on the board. I think we should just put all of them into one general just for clarity’s sake. Discuss anything related to comics and animations from comic recs, leftist animations to comic writers’ attempts to larp as leftists. Seriously is there a worse anarchist in the UK than Alan Moore?
>>6613 >Having a long history of folk-tales and writing heroes is not necessary for having a vibrant scene of comics that aren't capeshit. LatAm does have a long history of folktales and heroes tho. and has heavy european inluence.
Just came across this absolutely terrible piece of liberal idiocy. Might as well storytime it.
>>6798 This tried to be edgy but it just came off as fashprim retardation. Somehow he keep capitalist society going while complaining about it.
>>6799 >muh human nature is selfish
>>6801 Why did you bring this terrible fanart here and where did you find this?
>>6798 >>6799 >>6800 >>6801 This isn't 4chan, we have a 3 image per post limit.
>>6797 FOR ONCE I ask for a comic book to have a storyline where the superman-esque hero goes all dictator. Where do you go with an uncorruptable, invincible, immortal ruler?
>>6832 DC one million probably. But most likely if he is truly incorruptible shit would be similar to this.
>>4670 >>6797 >>6798 >>6799 >>6800 >>6801 atleast the depict marx as the true god.
>>6834 holy fucking shit based wtf i hate batman now
>>6841 That universe main “villain” uploaded himself into a cybernetic ÁI to manage the resources of the universe. While Hal only left after admitting that the villain’s plan worked and say that his nature wouldn’t fit a commie system. Basically being the guy from this interview. http://youtu.be/ktE_3PrJZO0
>>6834 >Batman the class enemy adventurist >Aquaman the monarch >Catwoman the lumpen thief >Ras Al Ghul, useful idiot terrorist >that one immortal guy who lies a lot >Solomon Grundy Why is Ras al Ghul there? What is even his goal? Shouldn't he be happy that things are better? Is he mad and petty that he's not the one responsible for it?
Batman is a fucking piece of shit who could be funding programs to help the community like Black Panthers or Food Not Bombs, but instead he just beats up poor people
https://youtu.be/95eQuyfR--8?t=524 >superpowered alien kid would be better in the hands of US government than what he does in the film fucking retarded Americans reeee
>>6893 They’re mutts. Decades of anti-communist propaganda has fried their brains to a crisp. They can’t do any critical thinking other than consooming and repeating lies, they’re honestly worse than the proles of 1984.
Juan Giménez the artist behind metabaron died due to covid19. ...Anonymous Sticky Juan Gimenez dies, age 77, due(...) 04/03/20(Fri)09:18:50 No.114066125 246 KB 246 KB JPG https://www.perfil.com/noticias/salud/victima-mendoza-coronavirus-es-reconocido-dibujante-juan-gimenez.phtml Coronachan is based but why does she has to took this lad away. F
>>4670 I know virtually nothing about comics, but my dad torrented the Red Son adaptation for us to watch. How is it (both the comic and movie)?
>>8142 The comic is better but it’s as liberal as it comes. With “muh gulags”, “muh Stalin”, “muh commies lobotomy” (even though the Soviet Union were the first ones to abolish that barbaric practice”, “anarchy mean no rulez”,... strung about endlessly. The movie is even worse being straight up anti communist propaganda. The motion comic on YouTube is still there and it’s a more faithful adaptation.
(414.68 KB 1673x2287 CCA redux.jpg)
>>5035 Simple question with a simple answer: The 1950s Comics Code Authority Like >>5046 said, comics sales per capita in every other continent (Europe, Asia, South America, Africa) are far higher, with the much-vaunted comics utopia of Japan actually just being somewhat above average compared to anywhere but burgerstan. Even American non-capeshit, like Disney's Mickey Mouse comics, are actually more prosperous outside the USA than within it where they are completely unknown. Pre-Code, American comics were a massive industry, spanning every imaginable genre, format, and demographic audience, this was the "Golden Age". Then Frederick Wertham, aided by the Red Scare, published "Corruption of the Innocent" as part of a moral panic crusade aimed at destroying the comic industry. Of course, this ended up succeeding in part because of willing support from inside parts of the comics industry itself, such as DC's capeshit and the newspapers' syndicated funny strips. Having killed off everything other than capeshit & newspaper strips, this launched the "Silver Age" of bland, unambitious, safe, marketable, comics. This worked for maybe a generation, from the 1950s into the 1960s, until the burgerstani comic industry's audience of small children and disinterested newspaper readers outgrew any serious interest in the skeletal remnants of the medium that had been allowed to survive under the CCA. Hence, during the 1970s, readership imploded, and the rotten industry collapsed. In a fit of desperation, the CCA was dismantled. Hamfisted attempts to shove "important" messages were made to sell capeshit as socially relevant, comics turned inward, trying to establish themselves as a niche medium for geeks with soap opera-esque crossover continuity gimmicks, or appealing as a collectible "investment" vehicle off nostalgia bait like baseball cards were doing at the time. But none of it worked, it was far too late to save anything of worth, decades of the capeshit monoculture had completely sterilized the medium of any mass appeal or creative authenticity. This was the total death of American comics as a popular medium, the "Bronze Age" of comics. By the late '80s, comics had for 99% of Americans shrunken to a cultural artifact, a curiosity of 1950s retro nostalgia, supported entirely by merchandising and licensing, with the actual comics having circulation numbers too small to actually matter as an industry. Sure, a small number of non-capeshit imprints like Vertigo and Black Horse exist, but they are trying to rebuild a cultural legacy that was completely exterminated. A good comparison to what happened with comics, is what very nearly happened to vidya in 2007-2014, a campaign by self-promotional grifters to buy clout by leading a moral panic to destroy an entire medium.
>>8147 Thanks, comrade. I think that my dad may enjoy it more if he knows what it's really about instead of going in expecting some serious, realistic alternative interpretation. Are there any other comics like Red Son but better that you'd recommend? Because I think at least the concept is cool.
>>4670 >Seriously is there a worse anarchist in the UK than Alan Moore? I'm tempted to say Grant Morrison but I liked The Invisibles and his run on Doom Patrol.
>>8686 Alan Moore said is right when the guy criticized Morrison for larping himself into the punk movement but the guy never truly considered himself an anarchist. Moz said that he’s a green liberal that supports Labour. While Moore called himself an anarchist while trying to make money from that edgy persona. On another question what’s your favorite capeshit run? For me it’s Doom Patrol, O’neil’s Question and Ellis’ The Authority. I always intend to make a storytime thread here but always worried that it may pushed potentially good threads down the drain.
>>8714 >Moz said that he’s a green liberal that supports Labour. That's unsurprising; I've often been told to read The Filth if I wanted an illustration of what Grant Morrison really thinks. >On another question what’s your favorite capeshit run? Garth Ennis' The Boys, Rick Veitch's The One, and Kevin O'Neill's Marshal Law. The Authority is good; I should reread it.
(250.21 KB 759x1197 democracy.jpg)
(462.30 KB 1913x1509 the-beast.jpg)
(215.43 KB 970x1525 the-beast-2.jpg)
Opinions on Transmetropolitan? When I was younger I liked the search for the true that Spider does. Obviously having in account that he is a ... maniac with selfdestructive ways, in a world consumed by capitalism. But I can only think that the message is liberal, everything is liberal.
>>7830 >died of COVID <77 From my own research on the topic, Doctors aren't even bothering with full autopsies and just label deaths as the virus because its easier than digging around in a corpse. He probably just died of old age
>>8829 Not like that, normally they'll ask someone close if he had the flu. Or check if he went through a test and the results. A congressmen in my country died that way. The care facilities are coffins nowadays.
>>8827 The message was not liberal in nature but the ending was. It still held the idealistic notions of the truth in the press being important when in reality it has never been. >>8725 >Rick Veitch's The One BASED >Marshal Law To be fair that was also’s Pat Mills greatest book behind Nemesis and Vampire Knight.
>>8830 >the results unreliable as fuck TBH >they'll ask someone close if he had the flu. The similarities between the two viruses are so close that its hard to tell apart, so with the hysteria, doctors are just going with the popular option, "COVID!!!" and that's what goes on the obituary.
Can anyone summarize this Tintin comic? I never read it so I got no clue as to its plot.
>>8886 Tintin goes to Soviet Union, shenanigans in escaping the Reds ensue
>>8886 A lot of anti-communist shit >Uh actually the 5 year plans were fake, the Soviet factory have workers spending their time making mud pies >muh asiatic savages
>>10083 Of course... fucking frogs
w2c stardust bf?
In other news, due to huge disruption by the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, Diamond distribution now no longer holds the monopoly on comics. Is this a sign of AT&T and Disney moving into further monopoly that removes 3rd party completely? https://sys.4channel.org/derefer?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.hollywoodreporter.com%2Fheat-vision%2Fdc-cuts-ties-diamond-comic-distribution-1297309
(2.52 MB 1656x2508 374.png)
I have bird autism.
>>10926 Ok, nice to know.
(277.05 KB 400x530 pub-38en-1.png)
Am I the only one who likes Adventures of Asterix?
>>10257 Probably not, Disney has said it's a temporary measure until Diamond renews operations.
>>11641 You are certainly not! It's insanely based. I grew up with the entire collection that my dad kept from his childhood. My favorite one was the Viking one, not least because the copy was practically falling apart even when I was a kid, so physically handling it was part of the adventure. Reading those panels of boats navigating through storms, appearing on old yellowed pages barely hanging on to the spine, made me feel like I was holding some forbidden artifact, or even a lost historical record depicting true events. I'm sure I owe more to my personal development to Asterix and other lit for kids than I do anything they were teaching me at school at the time.
(33.38 KB 500x207 Ronald-Reagan-1-500x207.jpg)
I really like the depiction of Reagan from TDKR
>>15976 Not as brutal as when Miller depicts how hilariously contradictory “the American way” to truth and justice. >>10257 DC is completely fucked as of now with huge layoffs because the bean counters at AT&T are tired of paper floppies I publishing. Jim Lee is seemingly pushing for online distribution and closing everything else. Which in the end will eventually lead to DC becoming just an IP farm for Warner Bros and Batman&Pals. Luckily Morrison decided to jump ship early and go back to Heavy Metal (no more Sea Guy or that promised Arkham Asylum sequel with Batman 666 which is a shame). I couldn’t care less because the amount of good DC runs in the past could last me a lifetime.
>>11641 >astrix Yup, it's galaxy brain time. https://youtu.be/5_ehdwsv5BI
10 websites to read Free Full Comics Online – Marvel Comic, DC Comic, Dark Horse Comic: https://www.wat-not.com/10-websites-to-read-free-full-comics-online-marvel-comic-dc-comic-dark-horse-comic/
As time passes I find myself more and more Nostalgic for Samurai Jack. I was never a big fan of the art-style, but the story, animation and characters more than make up for it. The Scotsman was always my favorite of course. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3I7h5nNuWg
>>18471 >>18471 >implying people don’t know about all of this already It’s one of the thing Cuckchan is still good for is sharing comics for free
>>10085 herge is belgian, and was a reactionnary fuck before an anticommunist. He is remembered cause he was one of the very first popular bd author and created a prominent drawing style, not cause of the quality of his story.
>>8827 he is obviously a cyberpunk Hunter Thompson, and I love him, the world building is also great.


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