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The Boys Anonymous Comrade 10/11/2020 (Sun) 18:39:28 No. 17212
I have never seen a show cause more butthurt on /tv/ than this. What are leftypols thoughts?
>>17212 I haven't finished season 2. Some criticism with spoilers: I generally liked this much more than normal capeshit stuff. The profit motive of characters was good and fresh but also lacked better presentation. The CIA is "good" or has good elements that want to fight terrorism instead of creating it and mainly destabilizing third world countries. The shining light which sounds like shining path is shown as bad when they killed their parents and trafficked people, but are also liberators. This is the common trope that communists are dangerous and criminals, which is kinda lame. Overall, I've enjoyed it.
(112.04 KB 600x900 1593215608836.jpg)
>>17265 Yes, that's what I said.
>>17229 >It’s funny to me to think that Alan Moore has been lambasting capeshit for decades and it’s only gotten more popular. Even worse, his brand of deconstruction pretty much spawned the "serious" wing of the capeshit spectrum, a significant chunk of the entire industry. Capitalism finding a way to recuperate critiques at its most sublime. pic unrelated
>>17251 >I guess I associate that trope with anime. Any examples ?only hxh comes to mind but i don't really watch japanese micky maus
>>17261 >tired of something <make more of it but ironically and self conscious, that'll show em we should know better by now
>>17212 >an amazon original series
>>17370 Tbh The Boys isn't ironic, ironically: it plays most of its stuff pretty straight.
>>17252 Honestly I feel like it's pretty obvious that it's less about superheroes but celebrities the way they portray the Seven. It's more like "what if celebrities had actual power" instead of "what if were superheroes were celebrities". I dislike edgy shit too but whenever they are crass, it kind of lands, like, you never get the feeling that they're exploitative. It's the right amount of edge that carries satire - like, the fact that Stormfront is a bona fide Nazi is actually kind of hilarious when it's revealed.
>>17256 Heh, if they portray totally-not-AOC as a plant they're actually far more left-wing than I gave them credit for. Not sure if they're going for this, the reveal in the end felt a bit like a forced cliffhanger. There is a Russia subplot in the comics so hopefully they're not going down the Russiagate road, that would be disappointing. >>17258 Yeah, and visibly Jewish, no idea why they did that. >>17261 >The original comics though, the TV show is bad The TV show is better.
>>17416 They won't do Russiagate, in part because they have Stormfront do direct media manipulation that Russiagaters thing Russia does. >Heh, if they portray totally-not-AOC as a plant they're actually far more left-wing than I gave them credit for. Not sure if they're going for this, the reveal in the end felt a bit like a forced cliffhanger. "AOC is a corporate plant" doesn't really land IMO, "AOC is an idealist trying to fix a unfixable system" is a better take, but that's obviously not what they are doing now. It could also be a "AOC has realised to fix things she needs to do accelerationism", which is interesting but does not reject the real AOC.
>>17260 >Communist supe has the biggest dick in the universe but yeah it sucks that they did that i kinda feel the show is lib
>>17419 Russiagate is just propaganda. also what is AOC I thought tht was referring to the president candidate but apparently not.
(248.21 KB 743x1074 azula3.jpg)
>>17212 Azula would fit right in this band of psychos
>>17457 >i kinda feel the show is lib They're taking the shit out of libs too, especially corporate IdPol.
>>17480 Yeah, there's literally a point where they just shit specifically on Joss Whedon
>>17481 >>17480 Really? What episode(s)?
>>17483 The Joss whedon bit is episode 3 of season 2, but shit like that is peppered throughout.
Welp everything that shits on capeshit and is of quality deserves a reading. Tx for the recomendation! Godspeed anons!
>>17480 that is true but they are making fun of everything so even potentially themselves is not exactly out of question the beginning made me also think that it was leftist or something i.e the concept of the show being that everything in capitalism is a commodity and how vapid it is and the first episode begins with hughie's girlfriend encouraging him to ask his boss to get what he deserves for his labor and the boys being some underground armed resistance group against the giant corporation and supes But as the shows goes on it starts to feel lib. Billy's killing of supes starts being developed to imply that it is toxic and destroying everything around him and hughie starts to doubts his ways i.e the classic lib take of well killing is actually bad, reform can actually be achieved! the entire reputation being important which causes the blackmails against politicians and supes to work aspect in the universe is also what makes me feel it is idealistically lib. in the real world several politicians got caught being friends with epistein and literally nothing happened to their reputation. Sure the nazi cunt being stomped was based as fuck. And of course in the end where the reformist progressive politician is shown to also be poisonous and actually just a plant for vought implies otherwise although one could argue that many american liberals do see such aoc type politicians also as dangerous as rightoids and plants for russians or someshit so this could be just a projection It's all nothing concrete. Will have to see where the show ends. This show at it's core is anti-capitalist but I'm very confused as to what it seeks to imply the alternative or solution is. It feels cynical and I guess that's the point Don't know anything about Garth Mcinnis or the guys who developed this show so I could very well be wrong about it being lib
>>17513 It is a burger show, i don't think it can espace being lib entirely, even if the creators wanted it. Still i think the main message is quite clear. I especially liked how black capitalist didn't mind even using a nazi as long as it was profitable. That is quite commie-pilled i'd say.
>>17260 Yeah, this was the one thing S02 really botched. Love Sausage was one of the best character of the books.
Looks like love sausage will show up in season 3 https://screenrant.com/boys-season-3-love-sausage-return-confirmed/ Given how season 3 was green light before season 2 was even released im pretty optimistic this show is going to get based now that they've established everything. I still want to know Not AOCs role and if she's really a plant for Vaught.
>>17519 I hated him. He is a walking shitty stereotype.
>>17519 >omg epic soviet penis man cringe, glad he was left out.
>>17524 >>17526 He was a massive comrade regardless.
i read a spoiler for this comic's ending for billy butcher le tragic ending and it is moronic in the comic billy is a massive prick so whatever but i fucking swear the show better end with billy tearing and ending shitlander literally apart in the most gruesome hateful way and then retire peacefully somehow or at least with a happy ending i hate that the nazi cunt survived. what the fuck are they going to come up with some weakness for the both of the Nazis?? you know what he should do is train his uhm "wife's son" and use him like that baby he used in season 1 when he was trapped in vought labs and laser eyes garbagelander to death with his own son kill him with his own misdeed cheesy but kino ending also still don't understand why the politician chick was blowing people up is she working for vought? what is the implication??? is there another secret organization inside vought like hydra?
>>17622 >i read a spoiler for this comic's ending for billy butcher le tragic ending and it is moronic spoilers for comic ending: black noir is homelander's clone; his sole purpose is to kill homelander if homelander goes rogue and, I dunno, attempts to overthrow the US government. this didn't happen at first, so he went insane. all of the events in the comic are implicitly caused by black noir so he can fulfill his sole purpose of killing homelander. billy has gone his entire life thinking his dead wife's rape baby was homelander's but no, it was black noir's. throughout the comic's run homelander gets increasingly bored and eventually decides "to do what he wants"—this includes overthrowing the US government. homelander and black noir fight in the white house; homelander dies, black noir is wounded. billy finishes off black noir by carving out his skull with a crowbar. that's not where the comic ends, though. billy can't stop butchering, and gradually kills off the the boys one by one until it's just hughie left. hughie, who's had a highly contentious relationship with the boys from the start, decides to confront billy. they meet at the top of the empire state building, of which billy is threatening to bomb. billy gets a rise out of hughie one last time and forces hughie to kill him with a piece of glass to the heart. flash forward a couple months: hughie gives one last ultimatum to vought and makes up with Annie. the end.
>>17526 There was one joke that had to do with his dick in the whole comic.
>>17624 if they do that twist or that tragic liberal ending in the show it would be so fucking stupid the dickless wuss new guy ends up surviving and getting the girl while everybody else dies "you either die le hero or live long enough to be le villain" billy should really kill every major powerful supe or neutralize most of their powers with the exceptions of trusted allies that is the most logical conclusion they're all killing superheroes or actively helping in doing it if any of them suddenly become pacifists next season or butcher ends up becoming the villain i will drop this goddamn show i would literally have no problem if they do any other twist like "omg starlight is actually hughie's long lost sister and he gets depressed and becomes a lumberjack" or that "the entire show was actually a dream billy had after falling asleep on that christmas party he went with his wife to vought" or that M.M is actually a figment of frenchie's imagination
>>17641 They're not gonna go for that, because in the show Homelander has a son so that's Chekov's gun. Plus we've seen show Black Noir being too weak to be Homelander's clone, and he's taken out by an Almond Joy, and his face is fucked, he is their Deadpool knock-off. Plus most people hated that ending in the comics.
>>17624 >>17641 I feel the poster missed that Butcher did that stuff because: Butcher literally wants to genocide everyone who has Compound V in them with a gaseous bioweapon released globally to remove the threat of supes from the Earth forever; he's been planning to do so for a looong time. The problem with that is in the comics is that V is literally everywhere; plenty of it's practically in the water as toxic waste; meaning he'll genocide most living beings as a whole; not to mention he and Hughie are V'd up in the comic too Butcher is fine with this because it's worth the price in his mind, idk, I think it's kind of in character, but it's waaaay over the top and edgy in all honesty So Butcher kills all of The Boys (and Love Sausage man) because he knows they'll stop him (but also because Ennis was being edgy LOL) So he and Hughie who's not been killed yet end up facing off on the Empire State, where Butcher is threating to detonate all of the bioweapon bombs around the whole world, not just bomb the building; I honestly hated that all of the other Boys died in this ending, and I thought it was stupid, but Butcher just being that fucking awful kind of made sense to me. In any case, I don't think the show is going that way at all. Butcher is if anything constantly making compromise and growing as a person, even if much of his deep-seated isn't just whisked away. In the comic however, he was wholly without compromise.
>>17649 thank god if black noir was the guy to takeout homelander in the comics who was supposed to takeout black noir? did he have a brain chip or something
>>17666 That's understandable. The only time in the show Billy really felt evil to me was when he hammered that kid from sixth sense. There wasn't much else to do with that character since his kid doesn't really care for him or anything but damn that scene was graphic with him begging to butcher to spare his life in exchange of him helping to find his wife but he still just kept bashing his skull onto the sinks. He had to do it to 'em.
>>17666 Oh man, I completely forgot about the bioweapon stuff; thanks for reminding me.
>>17691 They never explained that. Maybe they thought that a confrontation between Homelander and Homelander's clone would destroy them both, which sort of worked, in the comics you have Homelander slowly losing his mind because he is blackmailed with atrocities he didn't seem to recall, including some horrifying shit like eating (!) a family, which drives him over the edge to the point where he storms the White House, killing the President, and then Black Noir reveals his secret identity in the Oval Office but also seems like a complete nutcase, in that moment Homelander realizes he could have been a "good guy" so he immediately attacks his clone, seemingly severs his arm off with his laser eyes. The next time we see them is Black Noir coming out of the White House seemingly having killed Homelander but being half-dead himself, with a part of his brain hanging out of his skull. He then gets shelling by an entire US Army division with special anti-V ammunition, and only then Butcher is able to finish him off by destroying his brain. Butcher is strong and jacked up with V himself but Homelander and therefore necessarily his clone are ridiculously overpowered and it takes a half-dead Homelander clone being shelled by artillery having half his brain exposed to finish him off. A brain chip or some artificially built-in weakness seemed to be a most logical contigence plan, in the comics they keep a nuke next to the room in which Homelander grows up.
https://m.imdb.com/title/tt1190634/reviews?sort=submissionDate&dir=desc Check out some of the lower star reviews there, those people are very dumb. Constantly bemoaning "leftist propaganda" in season 2 but how season 1 was political flies right past them. The main villain is literally called Homelander who wears an American flag for a cape and holds speeches on a Christian festival about how he's gonna punish America's enemies, how the fuck is this not political? Plus, they complain how the show inserts forced "diversity" into season 2, I don't think they are understanding how they make fun of corporate work culture as well? Maeve's coming out as gay is literally commodified into a candy bar, do those people think that this is supposed to praise shit like that? Also this constant bemoaning of "this show divides us" and makes things more "polarizing when we need unity", Christ, how sensitive are Americans? It's a satire what do you think satire is supposed accomplish? Also there is one guy who gives it a 1 star rating simply because they took the shit out of teachers being armed due to constant school shooters in the last episode and there one that thinks Stormfront represents the Democrats because Democrats hate people based on the color of their skin.
>>17711 corporate woke culture*
>>17212 comic was genius (and a lot more hardcore than the show), but, well its garth ennis so ofc its gud only seen season 1 so far, was very good, hope it doesnt eventually become garbage weak libshit, but they handled starlight great so far
>>17229 Im into european comic (am french), and garth ennis is one the very select few US comic author I actually like and buy his shit. >>17230 > I'm not sure how much of this has made it into the show the show is much more tame, but there are still a lot of epicness, and as the plot is pretty different you wont be spoiled by your knowledge
>>17701 lmfao that's fucking wild so season 3 is going to either start introducing anti-v weapons or the boys taking the v compound themselves does the prick have disturbing mommy issues in the comic too?
>>17718 i'm watching the youtube story version of the comics because i don't have a mouse and scrolling every 10 seconds with a track pad is annoying currently at the part where the legend guy is telling hughie about the origins of supes the way people were complaining about lamplighter getting killed so soon in the show i thought he was alive for long in the comic but he just got shown in one panel dying as peace offering
>>17718 none of the mommy issues exists in the comics, he also doesn't have a kid. This entire storyline never happens there which leads me to believe that we will get a very different ending. Also, the Homelander in the show seems to be smarter and more cunning than the comic version. >>17719 Yeah but he'll come back for a brief moment as a zombie. Vought sometimes resurrects superheroes who got killed with Compound-V which turns them in zombies who are then dressed up for a photo op to give away the illusion that they're still alive in the eyes of the public. but yeah, I've read that even the showrunner regretted that they killed off Lamplighter so quickly.
>>17719 >scrolling every 10 seconds with a track pad is annoying Ever heard of a spacebar?
>>17711 Being a Gr*ngo is being mentally diseased. One can only lose the Gr*ngo condition by knowing basic shit and the role of Amerikkka in the world. A comedian I follow complained that the show practically doesn't give a fuck about killing supes in S2 focusing more in having investigation plots and big reveals that doesn't alter the plot in the absolute (showing the sense of apathy that one can sense in the streets, if not recall Wikileaks, the Epstein airplane, etc,etc.) >>17722 It was a good way to show how they resurrect those fuckers in the real life comics as the Stan Lee allegory put it in the comic
(382.29 KB 1112x1200 FLWChicago.jpg)
>>17711 Amigo you've know way of understanding just how bad it is here in Burgerstan. Let me tell you this: There was this girl in my class in High School. She was in this thing called 'The Gifted Program;' I believe this program has its origin in Victorian era eugenics, and it cordons off students who are tested to be high-IQ as a sort of absolute inverse of 'Special Education' for the (literal) retards. We were in AP English class, that's 'college-level' in High School classes (i.e. normal HS level in any other country). We got to the unit where we were learning about satire and read Swift's A Modest Proposal, and this student who is at the highest tier within American education, who even has the IQ meme and everything, reads the work and takes it ""wholly at face value"". Completely incapable of perceiving the satire in one of the most blatantly satirical works ever written, while in a class actively teaching what satire is; believing that Swift was, in earnest, ""advocating for the cannibalization of Irish babies as an official proposal"", and not criticizing the fact the English may as well already be, or are already well on their way to, doing that to them given the shear monstrousness of their colonization. Perhaps it is idealistic of me to claim, there is no statistics to back up a material assertion on the matter, but it truly seems to me that the average American is incapable of comprehending satire in any form, I do not know if it is cultural or educational, as I cannot materially prove this either, but I believe it is an assertion that most would agree with based on shared experience. Additionally, rightoids claim oftentimes "It was just a satire bro" when they screech nygger at any old walking-negro, but this is, if anything, a rejection of even attempting to understand the concept of satire, done in order to smokescreen their being retarded as actually being "intellectual," even if it is not remotely so. pic unrel.
>>17752 Not a day goes by where I don't fantasize about an alternative future where Frank Lloyd Wright didn't design for suburban America. That pic looks like an office building done in the prairie style of architecture; just gorgeous. It reminds me of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building which was designed by Kenzo Tange of the Metabolist movement.
>>17740 HOLY FUCKING SHIT I JUST FOUDN THIS OUT damn thanks anon
>>17212 it's good they really made fun of brands in the most recent season, the lgbt shit had my sides
>>17523 >Not AOCs role and if she's really a plant for Vaught. Dangerously based.
>>17531 he put the D in the C, as in Democratic Centralism


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