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(337.81 KB 1276x1181 palace.jpg)
Building concepts Anonymous Comrade 09/11/2020 (Fri) 22:18:48 No. 16055
Post buildings that were never built/finished
>Yfw USSR was close to winning early via building a Wonder.
We already have an architecture thread, post this there idiot.
>>16059 where anon? The only architecture threads I see are for niche topics and I don't want to derail them.
>>16067 This could quite easily go in the Art Deco thread.
>>16088 That thread is about art deco and art deco alone. As before stated I don't want to derail threads with something of topic. Y'know kinda like what you're doing
(155.00 KB 800x600 800px-Second_Temple.jpg)
>>16088 Art deco is gay and the statue isn't art deco.
(236.06 KB 1536x968 Boullee-CenotaphForNewton.jpg)
(366.37 KB 1600x1133 Boullee-MetropolitanChurch.jpg)
(210.57 KB 1600x573 BoulleeMetropolitan.jpg)
>>16055 Etienne-Louis Boullee
(599.20 KB 1400x1839 TatlinTowerModel.jpg)
(111.68 KB 750x500 TatlinTowerRender.jpg)
(47.19 KB 800x563 TatlinTowerStamp.jpg)
>>16055 Tatlin's Tower: Constructivist physical manifestation of the Dialectic's infinite progression towards The Absolute Ideal; meant to be built in Petrograd and serve as headquarters to the Third Internationale in the new Soviet Union.
Honestly kind of think the palace of the Soviets looks dumb and I'm glad it never got built.
>>16234 >first pic Is that the supposed spherical tomb for newton? That looks really dumb and expensive for no reason at all.
>>16244 Well Boullee was an enlightenment man, and Sir Isaac was regarded as a genuinely legendary scientist by the enlightenment thinkers. It was intended a monument to enlightenment thought itself for one, but too specifically to Newton's contributions to the field of the physics, hence its spherical shape. >really dumb and expensive for no reason at all As it goes for nearly every unbuilt architectural marvel. A tomb may be more useless than the Palace of the Soviets, but the Palace too is needlessly excessive when multiple smaller scale buildings can not only do the job just as well, but better. (And in fact did do so, since the Palace wasn't built and the Soviets still handled governmental functions fine with other less excessive buildings)
>>16253 b-but big buildings look cooler
>>16346 For all the talk of excessiveness, I can't actually disagree. BEEG buildings are just so cool, even if they suck in every sense of engineering. >>16350 I'd like to think that if the tower got built, it would afford a limitless supply of Spiral energy to the Soviets and enable them to best the bourgeoisie with shear willpower. The building itself sitting inside the steel spiral monument was actually intended to spin. Three different layers (each of multiple floors) would spin at different rates, 1 day, 1 month, and 1 year: permanent revolution.


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