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(637.85 KB 1280x1663 192873512685183.jpg)
Chernobyl Anonymous Comrade 08/20/2020 (Thu) 15:47:59 No. 15115
Uhh yeah, this. What do we think of it? I think the cinematically it was really good, but it had a lot of historical inaccuracies.
It's HBO, of course it's going to be cinematically good. The problem is what it depicts and how. It is utter schlock in that regard. Lies, lies and more lies about "muh evul soviets and their shitty reactors and stupid people living oppressed and ignorant". It's irritating as fuck just for the anti-sovietism, and outright LIES about the majority of details and many events. The only commendation I can give it is as an effective piece of anti-communist and anti-nuclear propaganda that has solidly scared a large portion of the West into being scared of nuclear energy and commies again.
>>15117 Do you have good resources on the events of Chernobyl? I'm always afraid to find only western propaganda.
>>15127 Yes, but give me a few days so I can make an effort-post comp on the subject. It'll be better that way. While you're waiting however I provide you with a fairly decent breakdown of the technical lies of Chernobyl from a Western scientist (still biased of course). Thunderf00t: https://invidio.us/watch?v=SsdLDFtbdrA And if you can read/understand Russian, these Reviews by Russian critics are VERY elucidating. Red Cynic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N59SEV3yiw4 Woodmark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQSK5BvmIPY Taganay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvVkvrA-TPc Dmitriy 'Goblin' Puchkov and Klim Zhukov: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrWqZr8iWqc Konstantin Syemin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTDEG1FvFEQ Suren: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HVM4n7Rc1U
>>15129 Thank you for all these sources!
Russia bad. Communism bad.
>>15129 > good resources < Dmitriy 'Goblin' Puchkov what the fuck, man? гоблоту советовать в 2020
>>15205 >Muh puchkov Piss off.
>>15206 I can't say anything about other sources but Puchkov is an outdated grifter from the 00s Russian Internet who got famous by making """funny"""" dubs of movies, and then started posting shitty but extremely pretentious political and sociological takes on his blog by the way, his blog is called oper.ru because he's a former "police operative", i.e. a fucking cop https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Flurkmore.to%2FГоблин
>>15212 >started posting shitty but extremely pretentious political and sociological takes on his blog Sure bud, just because you don't agree doesn't make them shitty >outdated grifter from the 00s Russian Internet Given that he's tech savvy, well aware of current events, well read and is very popular today, you're wrong. >i.e. a fucking cop <Muh fucking ACAB!!!!!! Fuck off wrecker, 1) He served during the transition from Militsiya of the USSR to the Politsiya of the Russian Federation 2) His experiences provide internal insight on the situations. For example descriptions of cannibalism in Leningrad during the 90s. He is critical of capitalism/capitalists and supports socialism and is against anti-communism which makes him a comrade. Just because they don't support "muh Belarus" color revolutions or the BLM looting doesn't make this change. >http://lurkmore.to/Гоблин <Posting the Russian equivalent of Encyclopeda Dramatica <Translated by Google Kek that is a double 'L'
>>15117 The fact it made people scared of nuclear shows how stupid the average consumer of media is. It went out of its way to say how safe western reactors were and how only extreme stupidity on the part of the operators and design led to the disaster yet people still take away "wow all nuclear is bad".
>>15215 whatever dude, he's a living meme for being a pathetic grifter with a horde of "muh manliness" fanboys > very popular today among 45+ yo World of Tanks players, probably? I haven't heard of him in years and I'm 30+ > He is critical of capitalism/capitalists and supports socialism and is against anti-communism which makes him a comrade. < Putin-loving Stalinist < comrade very no > Fuck off wrecker on my way
>>15227 >He's pathetic >Muh masculine fanboys!! Sounds like you're butthurt >Muh WoT players LOL ok fag > I haven't heard of him in years and I'm 30+ He has nearly 2 million subscribers, new videos every day with long, well studied content such as inviting Historians to explain historical events, discuss and a weekly cover of certain news. >Putin-loving Stalinist <Muh STALIN!!!!!! Neck yourself, not condemning Putin as Satan incarnate is not supporting him, let along 'loving' him. I don't like China but I'm not going to support liberal attacks on it either. >on my way Good
(238.31 KB 610x1013 posting-rage-face-in-2020.jpg)
>>15228 > Sounds like you're butthurt < БУГУРТ БУГУРТ У ВАС БУГУРТ you know, there's an emotion called "being surprised" which I definitely experience when somebody recommends a Stalinist Ben Shapiro who already was a complete joke 15 years ago
(70.18 KB 720x597 ok retard.jpg)
>>15252 >Stalinist Ben Shapiro LOL there's an emotion called "being surprised" which I definitely experience when somebody thinks their strawmen work on anyone with intelligence.
>>15129 Do any of these mention our favorite missing character present in the control room at the time of the explosion, the designer of the test, Coal and Oil Manager Gennady P. Metlenko?
>>15258 One of Russian reviews mention him and his test in passting.
I hope Putin follows through with funding a Russian version and they make it about a CIA agent tricking them into blowing up the plant while promising no one would get hurt and then they use bots to spam "its just a story, it says based in reality, its not a documentary, lol u mad" on every comment section
>>15115 I watched it and thought it seemed a little goofy and propaganda-like, which was more sinister given it wasn't about a big american tough guy fighting commies (or something straightforward and non-serious like that). This series seemed to be saying that communism is what caused the reactor to blow up and I thought that was a bit silly.
The director is a rabid Clintonite Russia-gater. I tried watching the first episode once out of boredom and it was not worth it. Libs love it however. If you want a "cinematic" show watch Young Pope, directed by Sorrentino who is a real film director. It's not amazing but it's way better than the rest of TV shit out there. "Golden Age of Television" my ass.
>>15463 It's amazing how pretentious and bad "prestige TV" is.
related: cuban missile crisis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adrQweOX5c4
>>15227 I have nosympathy for the man, but that doesn't mean his channel can't be a good source. He often has guests who have very informed and lefty takes on the issues. He also posts a lot of videos with people talking about communism and soviet history, he plays a big role in spreading our ideas.
(24.38 KB 480x359 Oil flow porky.jpg)
>anti-socialist and anti-nuclear propaganda combined Oil porky is rubbing his lubricated hands in glee.
>>15115 I’m watching ep4 right now but except for the depiction of incompetent soviet bureaucracy and muh communist secret police, I think it’s pretty good in western standards. Especially the scenes where civilians were living their daily lives, it looked like a pretty good life.
>>17737 >living their daily lives, it looked like a pretty good life. To you it may look good, but to the average Western viewer all they see is "oh le poor brainwashed people don't know their commieblocks suck" (I legit have seen people say this kind of idiocy on /tv/ and twitter. Besides, the devil is the details. Small things that turn innocent daily life into "le soviet evul!" Russian review channels detail this a lot better than english ones >>15129
>>17737 It definitely seemed to be sympathetic to the soviet character in some aspects. There was the scene of the ridiculous party propagandist that'd you expect when they're still in the denial phase discussing how to deal with the situation, but later when they're picking men for the suicide mission there's a resolute selflessness to do what everyone knows needs to be done for the good of mankind without complaint.
>>17765 Except the suicide team is depicted as being 'le poor fools used by the system'. They're all but ordered to die, when in fact the people who took part were completely voluntary and knew the risks wholly.


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