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(132.89 KB 481x435 20200722_183158.jpg)
CAPESHIT MOVIES Anonymous Comrade 07/23/2020 (Thu) 17:59:46 No. 12563
This is the capeshit film thread Discuss capeshit I'll admit I hate Marvel films, first off they're some of the glowies films out there, every single one fellates the Pentagon. The plots are almost all identical, filled with general pro-porky propaganda. The jokes are overdone and stale, literally Adam Sandler humor. The CIA is shit for such expensive productions. The characters are getting stale. Fuck these movies, death of cinema shit piles.
>>12563 I don't think I've seen a marvel film since the first avengers, I don't get how people can watch the same film over and over and over and over and over and over and over
>>12564 I would probably enjoy a marvel movie but there are so many of them and you have to watch all of them to understand the underlying plot
Just FYI there is a superman, batman and joker thread >>3352 >>7 >>2628
>>12568 This is for Capeshit movies and mostly shitting on Marvel
>>12563 I find it really impressive how they manage to portray the governments as corrupt but at the end ultimately good and a force for peace and goodness. The recent DC movies are utter trash. I think the worst big budget movie I have ever seen in my entire life was a DC movie, probably Batman vs Superman. The marvel movies, while definitely not kino, are fun to watch. I like the X-Men ones particularly. I like the new spiderman, Tom Holland, as well, hot af. It's not wrong to enjoy the movies, but simping over them, being a fan, or thinking they are somehow "good", just seems morally wrong for some reason. I personally know people who went to the theaters dressed up because they are "hard core geeks", but haven't even seen all of the movies. I find the superficiality of fandom pretty gross, tbh.
>>12570 DC fags get out. Just because Marvel is more popular and New 52 fucked you, doesn't mean shit. Also they ARE capeshit threads dummy. >>12581 Fucking this. The only DC film I liked was Aquaman simply because they stopped trying to mirror Marvel and let it be its own thing.
>>12606 I don’t think DC is good either lmao, no shit they’re worse but there’s already three DC threads
>>12607 >already three DC threads Which is why I posted them here, so people would be aware of them.
>>12565 Thats the other problem, I'm sure they're not that deep but I don't want to sit through 30 hours of movie so I can watch one good one.
>>12563 Watching Marlel movies in theaters must be one of the worst experiences I’ve gone through in consuming a corporate product (I got dragged into watching Endgame). The entire time it is constantly interrupted by weird laughter and retarded noises from boomer Marvel fans who unironically having the expression of that one guy reacting to the 3rd Disney Star Wars trailer. I was half asleep when the audience erupted into insane cries from retards at the snap. Fucking Christ it was awful, and not the “so bad it’s good” awfulness of Suicide Squad either. What a waste of 2 bucks.
>>12625 I don't know what you expected from a discount theatre.
>>12563 That pic keeps reminding me about tide-pods for some reason.
I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW MCU IS PRO MILITARY So many of their bad guys are military dudes and shit. Like it's always government people bad and want to use power to destroy. you could say it is pro capitalist with how much iron man a private sector mogul turned super hero is though.
>>12563 I identify with commodity R340FHO3412
(1.87 MB 1200x740 captain.png)
>>12703 Because its contradictory as fuck, the government is evil... except when its not and that it's just a certain "rogue group"
>>12706 >what will I do to fight against this?!?? <I know! I’ll continue working with SHIELD, an apparatus of the US government! Cap is a limp dick weakling.
>>13118 i for the life of me can barely remember any government being good guys moments. in the most popular movie the secret shadow governments are okay with nuking nyc and were using alien tech to build weapons for no reason. only time somebody from the government is shown being good is when they are going against official orders it is perfect american "small government good libertarian" propaganda >>12706 wtf based. how did the writers get away with it? >>13223 didn't he drop the monkier once and go by nomad for a while or something
Apparently NuNewwarriors are not cancelled... they're really going through with Safespace, Snowflake, internet-gas boy and other shit.
>>13825 At least /co/ will have something new for the storytime of pain threads. Those are always a good laugh.
>>12625 >Americans watching movies Have you seen them clap when a mediocre movie ends? Or have you ever been forced to stay for 10 minutes more for the post-credit advertising of the next movie? Painful. >>12641 I went to a "really nice cinema" to watch some capeshit movie. A lot of the people, mostly boomers but also younger people, were forcing themselves to laugh at even the most meh jokes or even funny expressions the characters made. My cousin and her husband wore onesie pajamas to see one of the avengers movies. They haven't watched most of them.
>>14622 >>12625 >Americans watching movies This is something interesting. When I went visited america last summer visiting cinema was the most interesting experience i had in your country. It's incredible how much of an anonymous and collective experience is. Explains a lot about the aurora shootings too.
>>14622 >Americans Sadly not the case. It’s a Vietnamese theatre. I got forced to watch the god awful post-credit scenes with the millennial boomers shouting over it. Peak consoomer retardation.
Am I the only one who just cannot give a fuck just how much the comic-book industry bends over backwards to be shit-eating liberals? Like female Thor and fat Wonderwoman are retarded, but I couldn't give a fuck, its all childish nonsense that 90% of the time hasn't been good in over 2 decades anyway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uk_j9WA4nuo
(108.98 KB 800x1196 716cZxwjKiL._AC_SL1196_.jpg)
(420.40 KB 1013x1500 A1PaCX4oXjL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)
(81.12 KB 458x679 A1CcbJfKqJL._AC_SY679_.jpg)
The only MCU movie I've watched is Ragnarock and I must say it was bad. The jokes were so predictable and immature, I would respect Marvel a lot more if their movies were just a bunch of guys and gals throwing shit at each other and grunting, with a few cheesy one-liners at the end, instead of that cringy memefest. Their posters are also so bad man, I would say that movie posters are the one aspect of cinema that has definitely devolved over the years
>>16107 >Putting Sam Reimi's Spiderman in the same group as BP and Homecoming. The Reimi series is the best Spiderman movies we have gotten, their effects might be a little dated and the action is so colorful, but that just makes it so much better. Homecoming was alright but every other spiderman movie without Tobey Maguire was retarded for a number of ways, with Amazing Spiderman being 'meh' and Amazing Spiderman 2 having Electro's theme the only thing I liked about it. I liked Ragnarok because it was exactly what I like about Guardians of the Galaxy, some serious stakes but a very lighthearted approach to it without being super DEEEEEEEP. It was good clean, silly fun for me, and that's all I wanted from it.
>>16110 > is so colorful I meant to say less colorful... fucking autocorrect seems to be ass-backwards today.
>>16107 >immature That’s the point. The director’s whole career is is same one note overrated trash.
(45.56 KB 727x727 1595254721153.jpg)
>>16107 Jesus Christ. Every time I see that fucking poster of Spiderman Homecoming I go into an epileptic fit. Who the fuck though cutting and pasting Jon Favreau's fat ass head onto that body was a good idea?
>>16276 Probably Favreau himself. Guy’s an egotistical twat.
>>16107 I could not stop laughing throughout ragnarok. Usually the other movies has hit or miss jokes.
>>16107 >The one Lmao
>>16110 >Putting Sam Reimi's Spiderman in the same group as BP and Homecoming. I didn't intend to group them, I put Spiderman 2 as an example of a movie having a great poster. I agree that they were great movies, I grew up on that shit >>16281 Which other aspects have definitely deteriorated?
>>16286 Storytelling, character-writing, originality
The only time I get to watch those are when I'm on a transcontinental flight, they always have them 100% in their list. It's one of those weird things where they are apparently really popular although I personally know almost nobody who watches them, and I do know some consoomer types who faint over Star Wars and stuff like that. I honestly don't get appeal. The world is ridiculously oversaturated with magic, aliens, sci-fi tech, etc. while the only concept of a good superhero movie would be one where you learn about the origin story of the hero and the villain and where they got their powers from - you know, some sort of build-up. I know Marvel has this stuff too but in those all-star movies like The Avengers it's just bloated and doesn't matter anyway because it is dogmatically stratified into "power levels" instead of a stone-scissor-rock principle where one superpower trumps the other, which would be more interesting to watch. I just think anybody who gets invested in this and is over 18 has problems. Like, this is kids stuff. At least for Chrisopher Nolan's Batman trilogy I can at least activate my suspension of disbelief during the more serious moments, for Marvel movies I can't.
(90.18 KB 1024x640 the-boys-la-bande-d[1].jpg)
>>12563 Are "the boys" considered capeshit ? started the new season, it pretty good.
>>16343 It's just capeshit taken realistically and being satirical. It's still capeshit though
>>16343 The comics is more about shitting on the corporate structure that propped up the military industrial complex although it’s too reliant on that point and fucked up the plot royally. It’s too focus on portraying the corporation as incompetent and superheroes as idiots that it forgot to talk about how such abject failures gained the large support they had in the first place.
>>12606 Aquaman has such terrible pacing and storytelling though.
>>16364 The TV show seems to be a huge improvement over the comics in regards to, well, everything.
>>16366 EH the pacing wasn't grea, but far better than prior DC films and the story telling wasn't supposed to be great, it 's a fucking superhero movie. When they take themselves too seriously we get dumb edgy shit like BP or Endgame. Just let it be the escapist fantasy it was supposed to be.


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