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(107.13 KB 1900x1000 The REAL Enemy All Along! us3.png)
(8.20 KB 138x319 Symbol of the Four Pillars.png)
(46.11 KB 468x541 adler.png)
Graphic Design, Flags, Logos, Posters Anonymous Comrade 06/09/2020 (Tue) 01:14:35 No. 10337 [Reply] [Last]
First thread I've ever made here. I'm really interested in graphic design and I make shitty flags all the time. Therefore: Post your flags, your logos, your posters, your whatever. Or you can post cool shit you found - point is, post some based shit. >Lefty shit is best, but if you think it's cool, post.
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(4.59 KB 2000x1200 socialistillinoisflag.png)
Illinois Red for "you-know-what" Vertical Blue for the Mississippi River Horizontal Blue for the Illinois River Yellow for Khrushchev's fetish Corn, an agricultural staple of the state White star for peace above all
(124.52 KB 2800x1700 Arditi del Popolo.png)
What programs do you guys use? I've always been into flags but I don't really know how to get started. I have GIMP but I'm unsure where to go from there or if I need a better program (that's free of course). Anyway here's the Flag of the Arditi del Popolo group which I think is pretty neat.
(517.85 KB 12500x6250 7vuwito9dcq51.png)
>>16865 Anyway, since I have no where else to post them, here are some cool flags I found on reddit
>>16866 >reddit /r/leftistvexillology sucks so much, man
>>16871 let's just say there was lots to sort through

(418.24 KB 1500x1000 abc.jpg)
fashion shows Anonymous Comrade 10/02/2020 (Fri) 18:14:18 No. 16751 [Reply] [Last]
are fashion shows too bourgeois?
short answer: yes
>>16751 I don't like fashion shows, the fashion they sho isn't really appealing
(60.08 KB 424x475 constructivism.jpg)
>>16751 Yes, but you should still get into Liubov Popova and Varvara Stepanova anyway.
>>16751 We already have /leftyfashion/ post this there

(165.95 KB 1275x720 DlxUNwR.jpg)
planetside 2 03/02/2020 (Mon) 15:58:54 No. 6578 [Reply] [Last]
what's the most based faction?
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>>6578 >TR is a militarized force which puts "order" and "loyalty" first >NC is a rebel faction for "freedom", but was formed by corporations and is supplied by them >VS is a technocratic cult of fanatics, but also wish to radically change the present All of the factions seem like good choices, but all of them have major off-putting elements, too. Back in the day I chose NC, but after years of not touching the game I'm no longer sure.
>>6593 (me) Yeah, part of the reason I chose NC was also because I thought it'd be easier to reflexively associate the colour blue with friendlies, and quickly recognize anything red and purple as hostile. After all, the HUD only tags units with the faction colour and not the common blue-and-red or green-and-red for friend and foe.
Chose NC because space ancaps guns make bigger bang
I like big boolit
>>6578 NC is for playing. VS is for stanning. Only cops play TR.

(30.76 KB 314x445 das leben der anderen.jpg)
Das Leben Der Anderen - historically accurate or Porky propaganda? Anonymous Comrade 10/02/2020 (Fri) 21:11:13 No. 16754 [Reply] [Last]
>>16754 Put this in the movie thread please, I highly doubt it will garner significant thread discussion here on its own.
It's a propaganda movie, pure and simple, made by a Prussian nobleman who later failed in Hollywood.

(74.15 KB 828x947 EX13t6-XgAEqIOn (1).jpg)
Consumer Goods in Socialist states Anonymous Comrade 06/11/2020 (Thu) 02:17:25 No. 10420 [Reply] [Last]
I'm interested in what sort of consumer goods were there in the USSR, Maoist China, etc. Like what kind of toys, games, books, snacks, clothes, drinks, etc. they had?
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(44.97 KB 1500x1500 revisionist detected.jpg)
>>16686 I still remember fruit kefir that my mom bought me when i was a kid. The taste was just the best, nothing that sells now can beat it.
(314.95 KB 650x472 soviet guitar.jpg)
USSR couldn't build instruments worth shit. Look at this unholy abomination. Thinking about adjusting intonation on that bridge makes me wince.
>>16715 Looks normal to me.
>>15699 That wolf looks fashionable as fuck

(1.00 MB 175x175 super_cool_com_badge.gif)
(125.93 KB 256x256 Hammer&Sickle.gif)
Animation/Modeling thread Anonymous Comrade 04/13/2020 (Mon) 21:51:43 No. 8275 [Reply] [Last]
Any of you like modeling in blender? I'm really amateurish at it but I recently made these two and felt like sharing them somewhere. and what better place to share than on lefty pol.
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>>8379 the models look great, but I'm not a big fan of this textureless, flat shaded artstyle.
>>8343 the model itself seems fine, i've never worked with blender so i'm not exactly sure how cycles works but you definitely need to introduce surface imperfections and at least a bump map. it looks too smooth right now.
>>16625 there's supposed to be normal maps and roughness maps on it but clearly it barely makes any difference. >introduce surface imperfections. If you have any that aren't going over the top, share, them please, I still want the thing to look shiny and clean.
(1.83 MB 258x258 cool_comstar_cylces.gif)
(3.02 MB 512x512 cool_comstar_evee.gif)
two more renders, got rid of the roughness map and decreased the roughness untill it shined properly
(2.92 MB 512x512 super_cool_badge-1.png)
>animation thread >still using decrepit inefficient GIFs Anon, I...

(23.31 KB 259x384 Snowpiercer_poster.jpg)
Why do Americans have the most retarded interpretation of this film imaginable? Anonymous Comrade 05/08/2020 (Fri) 17:49:15 No. 9288 [Reply] [Last]
Holy shit, I've rarely seen a movie as on the nose and blunt in its critique of capitalist society, and yet Americans seemingly cannot comprehend what it's a criticism of. I've seen "It's about authoritarianism" "It's about the death of free market competition" "It's secretly about socialism!" Holy fuck, how can it be possible to be as retarded as burgers? It's like unless a film blatantly jumps up and down shouting "CAPITALISM BAD" they literally can't parse out any form of symbolism or allegory at all. Why are these people such idiotic apes? The writer/director was literally part of the South Korean Socialist Party, tf is the dysfunction in burger brains?
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>>15737 >everyone in this thread trying to make some "the train is capitalism" allegory is missing the point A whole line of progression representing capitalist classes is somehow not part of the point... ok >You can't really make the case for a liberatory alternative to what's presented in the film when it's premised on such bleak material conditions. That's the point. Functionally its a dead-end. There is only a slow death or a fast one, and so the story itself is relatively pointless; no-one can ever really win. Which is why everyone is focusing on the important aspect - the class conflict.
I finally found the original sequel. https://web.archive.org/web/20180502093136/http://www.horrorsnotdead.com/Hypercube%28Final%20Draft%29.pdf >>15725 >the focus was different people and their different changes under the duress of the Cube's rooms and traps Honestly it was the most boring aspect of the film and why I don't enjoy horror movies in general where it seems like putting people under pressure automatically makes someone a psychopath or crazy. >but logically sound (initially) until you se him begin to behave off kilter He made terrible decisions after terrible decisions, even from a selfish point of views. He didn't listen to the girl at the start and even afterwards when she claimed the idiot savant is the only one that can bring them out, he still force her to discern the cubes. >>15726 >It isn't some "twist" that comes out of nowhere. I meant the twist of him killing the doctor and suddenly showing up at the end.
>>15955 >automatically makes someone a psychopath or crazy. It doesn't. The cop was a psycho from the beginning, but it wasn't visible in normal life because social norms caused him to repress it. >He made terrible decisions after terrible decisions I disagree. The girl was wrong initially and the claim of the idiot savant was a later reveal and rather unbelievable.
(221.56 KB 1204x690 Snowpiercer 2.jpg)
(24.28 KB 188x338 medal.png)

(119.00 KB 1024x772 t80-2.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 01/04/2020 (Sat) 19:08:37 No. 4963 [Reply] [Last]
What is your favorite Soviet tank? mine is the t80
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(177.21 KB 1331x999 KV2.JPG)
Still my favorite tank overall just for the sheer absurdity of it and yet it actually works.
>>16664 Just a really practical way to quickly put a giant gun on treads. Beauty, ergonomics or aesthetic be damned. And somehow it started the trend of Soviet weapons being so practical that it becomes beautiful on its own. Sad that most Object projects got abandoned though. The laser tank is awesome as hell.
(9.67 KB 350x144 is7.jpg)
>>16674 They clearly learned from KV-2, since later assault guns were all casemate designs. The turret over complicates things.
(74.50 KB 700x434 zsu234.jpg)
my husband

(97.42 KB 640x640 czechoslovak tram.jpg)
Rail Appreciation Thread Anonymous Board owner 08/15/2019 (Thu) 22:33:23 No. 11238 [Reply] [Last]
It's that time again. Post trams and trains and other rail vehicles. Both vehicles from AES and c*pitalist countries welcome.

I am looking for this one very aesthetic picture of a tram going down a grassy incline. I think it was from Czechoslovakia but not sure.
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>>16405 That image was already part of the mistake. Letting road vehicles clutter up the streets and compete with light rail was how they argued to get rid of the light rail.
>>16406 Letting private business own public transport was the first and biggest mistake.
>>16407 I work with the municipal government and the idiots cannot fathom the idea of a carless society, despite the fact that most people have to use the dreaded and super expensive private collective transport (and most have to walk at least an hour a day on top). During the day, there are more cars in the city than there are people who live there by like 2x. It's pathological at this point, nobody gives a fuck it seems. There's no such thing as bus lanes and busses are so slow, inaccessible, and expensive, you are better off buying a cheap car. We also lead the country in bike deaths and car crashes. We're not even the largest city. The government workers are so fucking dense, I told them they should ban private use cars, one of them asked, "but if I need to go to the hospital, how would I get there?". Like nigga, ask half the people you represent which don't own cars.
(173.46 KB 600x997 medicine.jpg)

Anonymous Comrade 01/11/2020 (Sat) 02:47:32 No. 5161 [Reply] [Last]
How did these clearly left wing books become a symbol for ancaps?
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>>16493 Ok liberal, stay mad and keep strawmanning >>16490 Wait seriously? LOL
>>16493 the numbers 2 and 4 and 5 are derived from Arabic numerals, which is NOT Western. The idea that 2+2 might not equal 4 because "muh culture" is absolute brainworms and resembles Orwellian propaganda. It's also something consistent with parodies and insane people. If you're getting mad over this being pointed out... you're probably one of them.
(170.76 KB 431x311 really makes us think.png)
>>5207 >anti-white (especially anti-U.S.A.)
>>16490 Is there any evidence for this claim?
>>10749 >hmm today I will support state atheism without explaining it to the people, that'll help the war! <NOOOOOOO THE CATHOLICS HATE ME <NOOOOOOO THEY ALL SUPPROTED FRANCO <NOOOOOOO WE'RE LOSING <QUICK COUP THE GOVERNMENT AND FILL IT WITH ANARKIDDIES AND SURRENDER Alienating a majority of the population and driving them to Franco, "surprisingly" tipped the balance in his favour. >BUT MUH fascist aid Of course that played a role, but without catholics being driven to Franco by anti-clericalism and anti-catholicism many of the fascist weapons would sit idle and Franco would be beheaded.


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