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Anonymous Comrade 01/25/2020 (Sat) 01:02:46 No. 5664 [Reply] [Last]
What do you think about learning the North Korean dialect of Korean?
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>>5709 You proof is a bunch of drawings in a pro-NATO anti-communist museum which just repeat standard anti-communist propaganda?
>>5723 There were drawings but I’m talking about the photographs. You chagrin my sources yet you spout your regimes rhetoric. Do you think I don’t know that NATO is a failure? I’m not there to masturbate, I’m there to pay respect.
>>5731 Anti-communists routinely use photos of famines in British India to depict Soviet famines. They have even less credibility when it comes to the DPRK.
>>5664 I like her thighs.
>>5709 how can someone be retarded enough to believe that ?

Anonymous Comrade 07/12/2020 (Sun) 14:50:16 No. 12101 [Reply] [Last]
/cars/ Anybody else in the bunker enjoy cars and motorsport? Discuss anything motoring related here. To start I'll say I've spent the last few days doing the brakes on my own car, including new calipers. Fucking hard work on an old POS, nothing comes apart easily.
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(162.79 KB 1200x800 Czech rally car.jpg)
(106.78 KB 1400x764 Czechoslovakian V8 Police car.jpg)
Czechoslovakia completes the proof started with the Lada Niva and UAZ 452 that communism and cars go together like bread and butter. Less industrialized countries will produce simple easy to repair rock solid vehicles much better than capitalism can manage, while more heavily industrialized countries will produce fun rear engine sport coupes that aren't for bourgeois scum, and will also build lots of race tracks and dominate at rallying (the best motorsport).
(221.39 KB 1535x1063 Skoda 1.jpg)
(131.63 KB 1024x700 Skoda V8 racer.jpg)
(223.91 KB 997x652 Skoda engine.JPG)
Škoda wanted to make very high quality cars all the time. The first pic was supposed to be sporty version of peoples car with engine in front rather than back (but with rear-drive). They were supposed to make 100.000 cars. But politburo defunct the project :( But, there were still small shops like Metalex which took parts from big factories and created sports cars for rallying, racing etc. The second pic is the car that was developed in 1980s but was released in 1990s. That car used V8 engine of those Tatras >>17089 which were used as highway patrol and transport of important people. Also last 3rd pic is that V8 engine. Sometimes I wish the planned economy was a little bit more relaxed. There was always potential. Now Tatra just makes trucks and isn't even Czech anymore...
(58.79 KB 700x499 NAMI-0290 2.jpeg)
(81.11 KB 700x497 NAMI-0290 1.jpeg)
>>17089 >rallying (the best motorsport) Meet NAMI-0290, an attempt from NAMI in USSR, some of the countries top engineers, to build a fully communist rally car (all components designed/built by communists). Early prototypes were very successful, but as it was nearing completion the Soviet Union fell and the project was defunded, and then one of the lead engineers committed suicide and the rest of the team decided it was over and chopped the car into bits to move on.
(2.48 MB 3648x2736 SkodaPrototyp720OP1_(2).JPG)
(121.34 KB 1024x768 SkodaPrototyp720OP1_(1).JPG)
(199.23 KB 1024x683 SkodaWagon720OP1.JPG)
>>17090 Here is a little bit prettier trim model of that first car (škoda 720). Also look at this wagon version, It looks like a western car

Political cartoons Anonymous Comrade 05/26/2020 (Tue) 17:02:28 No. 9942 [Reply] [Last]
Post leftist political cartoons, current or old. Preferably originals, but edits are welcome too.
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>>16728 RIP ;_;
(884.20 KB 726x826 1574992693249.png)
(931.89 KB 765x1025 1574992660332.png)
source me this dude
(92.56 KB 700x569 Z1569345305164351267aero.jpg)
(351.21 KB 700x438 Z1564076748151154532.jpg)
1) "У Аэрофлота шаг скороходий - садишься у Балтики, у Тихого сходишь", СССР, 1960-е годы. Эскиз плаката, неизвестный художник. Возможно ученическая работа художника-графика Рыбакова Валерия Сергеевича. Москва. 1960-е годы. 2) "Строить быстро дешево удобно!", СССР, 1950-е годы. Макет плаката. Художник - Тишкин Валентин Павлович (1923–1978).
>>10115 >>10913 I love these >>16716 He is one horny fuck

(585.65 KB 1200x1778 im thinking of ending things.jpeg)
I'm thinking of ending things is a very liberal movie Anonymous Comrade 09/06/2020 (Sun) 19:34:48 No. 15787 [Reply] [Last]
I had to just vent this somewhere. Spoilers below of course. Overall this is a good movie, I think it did what it set out to do quite well, but it is basically a reactionary and insular view of existential dread and depression through aging. The director is actually very forthcoming about what the film is "really" about, so there isn't much interpretation except death of the author alternate versions of what the movie was about. Kaufman said the movie is mostly the fantasies of the janitor, who is kind of trying to escape his regret and depression by imagining a better life. But in the process, he is basically so depressed and broken that he can't even achieve that. Kaufman kind of suggests he is interested in a wider notion that it can't be achieved at all, but within the movie it is specifically the janitor who can't fantasize. His own fantasy girlfriend kind of looks down on him, isn't totally interested in him, wants to leave him. He can't decide what her name is, how they met, what her career is. He keeps changing his mind about what happens on the night that they go meet his parents. He even inserts himself into his own fantasy as a creep, when the girl and the janitor's younger self kiss in the car and suddenly the younger self notices the janitor peering at them and rages that there is a pervert watching them. Ultimately the movie ends with the janitor killing himself by getting in his car during the blizzard and not turning it on. So maybe it is obvious why this movie feels like it has a very liberal or even reactionary message, but I'll spell it out anyways. The director, Kaufman, is kind of a pretentious guy. I like a lot of his movies, but he is very concerned with existential crises and memory and identity and stuff. He is a good filmmaker, but I want to highlight how his focus is kind of idealist. I think he has very metaphysical notions of what drives human beings to behave and think the way they do, so to him this movie isn't about a depressed janitor so much as about the human condition. However, the movie is literally about a depressed janitor. Not only that, but the movie has several key lines in it that feel like they almost directly confront and endorse the concrete form the movie takes. Basically, the movie explores this guy's regret and depression by kind of suggesting that there is no resolution to it, it is just a part of the human condition to have regrets and fear aging. The viewer just watches it to feel the pain of the janitor and maybe cry about how cruel the universe is. In particular there is a line that is stated after the janitor goes in his car to die and starts hallucinating the pig with a maggot infested belly. This is a callback to earlier in the film when he tells his fantasy girlfriend that some pigs died on his farm a long time ago when the family found their bellies were infested with maggots, and they were being "eaten alive". So he hallucinates himself following the pig back into the school, and the pig reassures him that everything is going to be ok, we are all actually the same, and that he basically shouldn't fight his regret and depression because "somebody has to be the maggot infested pig". This is at the very end of the movie, maybe the last 15 minutes, and it feels like the capstone message to the whole thing. Ultimately what the movie is about is the regret and depression of an extremely unaccomplished and lonely man at the bottom of society, and the movie tells you "it's ok, this is just the way the universe works. You were just born as the maggot infested pig. But don't worry, we are all made of the same dirt". And then the audience nods and cries and says the movie was very deep. But the movie has a clear ideology. What is "sad" about the movie is the defeat of hope and the acceptance of that defeat. The movie isn't giving you any other message about suicide or even the wider context of this man's life. In fact, he really is barely a character for how indulgent it is of his mental state. He really is just a blank sad guy, and we get some glimpses into the fact he grew up on a farm or that his parents probably died of dementia, but nothing that is too revealing. We aren't really sure if he was even actually a physicist or he made that up as a part of his fantasy. He is just a sad old loser janitor guy. So it obfuscates a message of the acceptance of the existence of this kind of regret, defeat of hope, of people being able to continue living but being forgotten and neglected beyond their utility in their jobs at the bottom of society, and it just suggests that this is the eternal human condition. The pig directly tells him that somebody has to be in his situation, but he can basically take comfort in knowing that even the person he wishes he was would die and turn to the same dirt. And while there is some truth that again, everybody grapples with existential dread from aging, the concrete form the movie took was all revolving around these other themes. The guy was a loser, he was at the bottom of society, he was forgotten and socially neglected. So the concrete experience of the movie has become a bunch of people in the society that may produce this kind of person simply consuming a piece of media making them feel sad about it in a matter of fact way. Like it is a kind of emotionally or intellectually sophisticated piece of fiction that allows the liberal subject to view the horror of a person in their own world suffering from things very rooted in that world, and cry about it and say "it couldn't have been any other way, and understanding that makes me feel as though I've understood the universe".
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It's ok. You don't have to fight it anymore.
What the maggot-infested pig hallucination says is not meant to be taken as the film's own position. It might as well be taken as the janitor's cynical self-hatred, saying it for the sake of hurting himself more. Or maybe it's a cope. IMO the whole film is clearly a collage of conflicting thoughts and emotions that the janitor can't control, and it's impossible to single one of them as the explanation for the rest. Maybe the point of the film is that we're inescapably pathetic, fake and delusional, which is also Kaufman's shtick in his other films it seems. If that's really the case then the film's point is very weak indeed. At best the film is an existential amusement park ride. Existentialism for the sake of dread, because that's what existentialists enjoy more than anything else.
YMS just did a summary on this movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv9Zv-rpWzs gotta say from what i've seen, looks like people are right and the pigs and things are his own self hatred, not so much an endorsement of the movie itself. That said, seems like a movie that's very individualistic and about self-reflection. Even under socialism, some people are just going to end up feeling subjectively unfulfilled and linger on 'what ifs' So it doesn't seem so bad to me in regard to capitalist ideology
what a weak bish honestly. I think about killing myself daily and I'm not even 30
>>16595 Imagine not killing your self.

Furry General 2.0 Satan-kun 05/17/2020 (Sun) 06:12:12 No. 9660 [Reply] [Last]
I love you guys lol
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Can you both shut the fuck up? God damn.
>>16400 As tedious as this discussion is, this thread was fucking dead before it started. It took 18 days for >>15531 to get a reply, and that was posted 27 days after the last discussion in this thread.
Yeah, I guess you're right. Oh, well, I don't know. I can't really think of anything to talk about, seems like everything in the world is stagnating including furries.
>>9738 >Jannies and mods hate us <literally have a furry mod innocuous and humorous furry shit is posted all the time. We hate shit like "squash de boss" crap

(500.25 KB 985x510 329847238947923874.png)
D U N E Anonymous Comrade 09/09/2020 (Wed) 21:42:47 No. 15979 [Reply] [Last]
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>>16660 Because for Americans especially, libertarianism got completely taken over and shaped by the ruling class from the start. It’s also the first place where the term liberal becomes the definition for petit bourgeois landlords and the people subservient to them rather than left wingers. The opposition to tax became the opposition to keeping the private interests of small time capitalists rather than the opposition to a capitalist state in general.
>>16675 but militerist nationalism and total war is incompatible with a peti-bourg libretarian utopia, thier is no place for small business in world wars
>>16644 > LoTR in a single book established almost the entire cosmology, history of every countries, their languages, and every known norms of the genres. Yeah, and that one book is dedicated entirely to lore/worldbuilding. If you take out the Silmarillion, the LOTR trilogy and Dune are pretty comparable in that regard.
>>16052 >Some literary critics have described Asimov's psychohistory as a reformulation of Karl Marx's theory of history (historical materialism), though Asimov denied any direct influence.[11] The wikipedia article goes on to misinterpret hist mat, so I won't copy it. Incredible how much marxism is misinterpreted.
I was expecting a delay but October 2021 seems a bit much.

Martial arts thread Anonymous Comrade 06/05/2020 (Fri) 22:46:18 No. 10243 [Reply] [Last]
Comrades let's have a thread for martial arts, combat sports and self defense. Striking, grappling, all styles welcome (except fake ass shit). Let's talk about training, techniques, fights, fighters, etc. Here's a fun fact: One of the many achievements of the soviets was founding their own combat system, sambo, which proved to be extremely effective and is still widely practiced today. Also, Judo orange belt here (AMA if you want)
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>>16003 It's a problem everywhere. Disciplines of violence are often used to glorify violence and reactionaries with inferiority complexes are strongly attracted to them.
>>16008 Only in some niche gyms. Besides, it's not like you have time to talk about politics or some other shit anyway if you go to real gym.
Anybody got some good martial arts youtube channels? This guy is really good: https://www.youtube.com/user/Shigashi84
(404.89 KB 1080x1080 reallyexcitesthesenses.png)
>>16924 >What martial arts should police officers learn?
>>16925 If you practice martial arts, or at least in judo, you're going to come across a cop or former cop at some point almost inevitably. Personally I avoid talking politics in dojos.

Warhammer Thread Anonymous Comrade 04/03/2020 (Fri) 02:35:43 No. 7806 [Reply] [Last]
Since Star Wars got a thread why can’t this? Discuss anything you like of the universe. lore, art, diy modeling or even Marxist critique of the setting and gw parasitic relationship with it. To start of the part 5 of Astartes fan film and the promise for more. https://youtu.be/eoCcpMW8fSs
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>>15850 From what I gather, those 3 armies which the Inquisition directly commands are small elite special forces. They couldn't go to war with the whole Imperial Guard to exert authority over them. Alphabet soup agencies are subordinated to the government and so get their power by democracy (indirectly through the elected government) and due to a lot of money coming from the state budget. Drugs cartels had a lot of money which they used to bribe and hire mercenaries to exert the authority. These cases don't seem to me to apply in WH40k. If the Inquisition is a government body, are they the one who decide how much funds go to the army? Could they stop paying a part of the Imperial Guard should they disobey them? Because otherwise, I don't really see how this would work. If they rely solely on assassins to scare military leaders into obeying them, then the Imperial Guard could train their own counter-assassins and start a shadow war (which would be an intersting story). Compare this to the equivalent in Iain Banks Culture series - Special Circumstances. They also do not have a hierarchy and is made by undercover individuals spread out throughout the galaxy who do the dirty work to further the interests of the Culture. But they got nothing on the rest of their society (and are mostly despised by it because of their immoral tactics), so they mostly work by themselves. There is a part in one of the books where a SC agent hitches a ride on a Contact spaceship (the name of their army) and the crew there tells them that they will allow them transport like they would for any other citizen of te Culture but they won't collaborate in any other way with SC scum. This setting makes a lot more sense to me. https://theculture.fandom.com/wiki/Special_Circumstances
>>15871 >These cases don't seem to me to apply in WH40k. If the Inquisition is a government body, are they the one who decide how much funds go to the army? Could they stop paying a part of the Imperial Guard should they disobey them? Because otherwise, I don't really see how this would work. If they rely solely on assassins to scare military leaders into obeying them, then the Imperial Guard could train their own counter-assassins and start a shadow war (which would be an intersting story). The Imperium’s main governing body is the high lords of Terra, basically a conglomerate of capitalist monopolies which changes from time to time based on what monopoly is most profitable with a few reserved positions for traditional purposes. But there’s always: >the mechanicus representing the tech sector like our contemporary Silicon Valley techbros >the imperial cult representing the religious spiritual industry >the imperial guard and navy which represents the military industrial complex >the navigator guilds of the transportation industry >the inquisition which is in all intends and purposes the CIA >the arbites which is the prison and police industrial complex >the astra telepathica which is the only means of interstellar telecommunications >the administratum which is the paper pushers bureaucracy >the assassins which is just the FBI but privatized The imperium is more similar to the Empire of Japan ultra-corporatism than the US. It’s always in the state of war economy so it’s also seems to be planned heavy but still with Rogue Traders selling death-star-sized cargo in a weekly basis between solar systems.
>>15261 well, given the chaos gods are manifestations of the spiritual will of the wider galaxy of being with souls, it would probably be more weird if there wasn't a tech-god.
>>15871 You are thinking about it too abstractly No, the inquisition couldn't go to war with the entire imperial guard to assert its authority, it doesn't need to, that's not how it as an organisation works, that would be a bit like the CIA trying to go to war with the entirity of the US military The two organisations at the higher echelons co-operate more readily than the ad-hoc haphazard way individual inquisitors interact with Imperial guard army groups or regiments The way the very top most levels of the imperial heircharcy actually work on a day to day level is deliberately left vague both because the setting really isn't about that, its about fucking shit up with big guns or at least it was for most of its life, and to grant individual writers flexibility Everything in the imperium is a delicate bullshit balancing act by design to prevent any one part of it being able to rebel and take over, after the Space Marine legions split and dragged the imperium into civil war the last time So the Galactic civil administration is completely divorced from the army despite providing it with supply and financing and the army is divorced from the navy despite relying on it to get from place to place and the navy has to go to the Adeptus Mechanicus for ships who are like a weird empire within an empire that don't really answer to anyone else even the inquisition but they need the rest of the imperium so they begrudingly build everyone else equipment and talk to the Merchant Navy who are related but seperate to the Military navy to get it distributed to the Army and the Navy based on contracts sent by the administratum that due to all the extra layers of deliberate obfuscation and the massive size of the imperium and the fact that the people that the contracts are for probably don't get any input into them are usually stupidly inaccurate The Imperium basically has no central government on the galactic level, its individual planets/systems united under whatever their local govermental model happens to be with 5 or 6 big Intergalactic monolith organisations and a few hundred other smaller ones kind of loosely holding the whole thing together with no guiding administration overtop of them anymore The inquisiton fits into this by basically being the archetypal glow niggers, they get by on excessively shady bullshit and a licence granted by GOD himself (he's not a god though shut up that's heresy against GOD, or maybe it isn't depending on what planet you're on) to do what needest be done, whether that's sacrifing 15k soldiers to secure an alien artifact or executing a loyal citizen to get a hold of his business to secure more capital for yourself, they gain their funding partially through being granted part of the Imperium's taxation by the administratum, partially by just directly requisitioning whatever they need and calling in favours and partially from having their fingers in every pie worth poking in the imperium, being six hundred years old with above top secret knowledge of the political and economic spheres of the imperium and probably also having psychic powers do wonders for your investment portfolio

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(231.22 KB 1280x911 spessmehreens.jpg)
What the fuck did you just say about the God Emperor of Mankind, you little heretic? I´ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Space Marines, and I´ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Chaos, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in Plasma Warfare and I´m the top Inquistor in the entire Imperium. You are nothing to me, but just another Xeno scum. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of wich has never been seen before on Terra, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that heretic rambling to me? Think again, fucker. As we speak,I am contacting my secret network of Vindicare Assasins across the Emperium, and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You´re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that´s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Imperium of Man, and I will use it to it´s full extent to wipe your miserable ass of the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have know what unholy retribuition you little clever heresy was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn ´t, you didn´t, and now you´re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you, and you will drown in it. You´re fucking dead, heretic.

(1.71 MB AmazonBlimp.mp4)
Dystopian Sci-Fimovies Anonymous Comrade 01/18/2020 (Sat) 18:06:13 No. 5426 [Reply] [Last]
What are some good dystopian sic-di movies.
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(24.65 KB 360x384 Avatar combo.jpg)
>>13425 >sequel Given how disappointing and garbage Terminator Dark Fems, Predator (2018) and Alien: Covenant were, I don't hold out much hope on it being good. I'm betting we're getting a BatmanVsSuperman-tier edit where Cameron inserts "Orange Man Bad!!!" into it. >>12521 >>12528 >>13193 >>13418 What I recall is the (hilarious) whole confusion of Avatar and Avatar: The Last Airbender on the internet. The Na'avi World Tree's similarity to The Foggy Swamp tree from ATLA's episode The Swamp (S2E4), didn't help. https://avatar.fandom.com/wiki/Banyan-grove_tree (Also ATLA thread here >>6738 ) >>13399 Nice dubs. Also Orwell thread (since Orwell is a dystopia writer) is located >>5161 OP didn't make a very good intro, so it drops down the catalog fast.
(165.85 KB 600x400 N1_implant.png)
(232.71 KB 1242x1065 Nano-control.jpg)
(368.02 KB 2500x1612 Blausen_0657_Multipolar_Neuron.png)
Slavoj Žižek: Elon Musk’s desire to control our minds is dehumanizing and not what is needed in a socially distanced world >And so, the prospect of Neuralink ideally fits the vision of a new society in which we will be bodily isolated, living in protective bubbles, and simultaneously sharing the same mental space. In our psychic lives, we will be closer to each other than ever before, immersed into the same space. <TFW we're 1 step away from GiTS or Instrumentality https://www.rt.com/op-ed/499626-slavoj-zizek-elon-musk/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWkL0QwLllw >Before Elon Musk says that AI is going to destroy humanity <Now he's trying to connect human brains to the internet I'm sure that everybody is aware of Elon Musk and his epic narwhal bacon redditor escapades. Recently, he has debuted a device that can both track and apply apply stimuli directly onto the nervous system. The results of the reveal have been predictable. The comments on the video are filled with an army of the iPhone bonded, normalfag, wealthy lords of the Walmart/Gamestop combo store that inhabit Reddit. The threads are all ogling at how futuristic and useful the device is, with a few comments about it's like le cool cinematic cyberpunk! The described reactions above detail the process of manufacturing consent: A malleable and easily manipulated class of professional "intellectuals" guided towards a conclusion by the financial powers that be. Be it through laziness or aligning interests, the managerial class parrots ideas of a very small elite while squawking orders and mimicking the voice of a silent majority. The ideas being reddit memes and metal things that are to be put in your brain, you are forced to accept this narrative for social credit scores; Ex: employer wants a look at your profile before they hire you. It's ironic that Westerners whine about China's social credit score system. It was all here in the West already, just done by corporations. Banks and insurance companies literally create a social score for you based on big data, and then decide your fate based on what's most profitable for them. But what drove Musk and the market to something as inhuman as inserting an internet chip into a brain? The stagnation of the internet eras boom and the logistical tracking abilities it had offered.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(97.19 KB 710x401 ads SAOA.jpg)
>>16904 >be redditor >get me ebin futuristic internet chip in your brain to rewatch your favorite marvel movies 24/7/365 for the rest of your life >click on sketchy link >download ransomware and get paralyzed and forced to send your entire life savings to random bitcoin address >regain faculties >download monero miner >your body uses all of its energy to mime monero to the point where you are borderline catatonic >get cybertruck comes to escort you to a repair hospital >they ssh into your brain and remove the monero miner, and install malwarebytes >all your money has been used to pay for your hospital bills, Sim card licensing fees, and stolen from the ransomware attack earlier >they downgrade you to Avast >random intrusive thoughts prompting you to pay for premium and install updates >constant adverts <Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality. The future is bright
>16905 And this is why I say FPS games are shit influences
(8.34 KB 180x281 Monkey.jpg)
>>16904 >inb4 muh brain interface incompatability Read the naiive insanity of Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society Novel by José Manuel Rodriguez Delgado https://archive.vn/STCOQ https://archive.vn/ELk0d

(661.57 KB 1862x2560 91d0GXi8lEL.jpg)
What is a Marxist analysis of it? Anonymous 10/05/2020 (Mon) 12:16:14 No. 16875 [Reply] [Last]
This video has some interesting takes https://youtu.be/B3PewHEltpA
1 post omitted.
>>16875 its actually not that bad from a marxist perspective, its almost like a childrens book made under socialist realism (except the "muh both sides" ending). Certainly better than harry potter. Basically the capitol is an imperialist power subjugating its colonies by creating economic monocultures in the districts. It has a sophisticated culture industry that reinforces the subjugation of the districts.
>>16875 >A thread died for this And it's libshit by the way
(25.29 KB 259x383 Divergent.jpg)
>>16875 Shitty shit lib shit. Liberal entertainment is garbage for smooth brain corporatists.
(926.89 KB 1920x2560 91mPBc21TcL._RI_.jpg)
>>16879 It has good concepts, but it fails pretty badly in execution. You could actually improve the movie and actually make it pretty damn interesting. But truly, it's really just corporate trying to skimp out on costs by watering down their swill and then hoping to sell the consumers cheap hooch without them noticing it's crap.


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