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HEMA/WMA Anonymous Comrade 04/17/2020 (Fri) 17:53:25 No. 8519 [Reply] [Last]
:Broadsword Edition: >What is HEMA or WMA? Historical European Martial Arts or sometimes Western Martial Arts are attempts at decoding, studying, and practicing the history, art, and fighting of everything from the Medieval Period to Early Modern Combatives. What traditions are you lot studying at the moment? Me? Going through George Silver's "Paradoxes of Defence" to expand my regimental broadsword/sabre repertoire.
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(4.29 MB 620x344 WymianaKill5mb_c.gif)
(4.85 MB 648x360 stabbed.gif)
https://youtu.be/oOJ_sYrQ5Gs https://store.steampowered.com/app/1000360/Hellish_Quart/ He's made some weapon animations for UNITY before. Good to know he's working on an actual game.
>>12355 >tfw you planned to do something like this but with performance capture >someone more skilled does it before you so you chance of being freed from your chains are now gone >again Fuckig god damn it. Back to slaving for Porky to pay the bills I guess :\
(207.82 KB 800x1575 modern armor in progress.jpg)
Bumping with a video for making ceramic based plates on the cheap. In testing they seem to stop 5.56 lead core with a steel penetrator (m855) surprisingly enough. I knew a guy that survived a stabbing by sticking a couple of plastic cutting boards down the front of his coat, stopped the blade cold and distributed the shock out over his stomach so he barely even had a bruise. He didn't survive depression though :( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYkl4m3uoOE
>>17460 That pretty cool thanks b- >He didn't survive depression though -oh. Sorry to hear that :(

(85.48 KB 620x930 1360812163.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 10/13/2020 (Tue) 18:59:13 No. 17476 [Reply] [Last]
is picrel based despite being a lumpie? is everyone on the show a lumpie?
>>17476 M8, can you not use catalog and see the /TV/ thread that has discussion on the Sopranos? I think there is even a thread for it seperately
He's a piece of shit.

(133.56 KB 1200x800 1_lLoOI3p_hekv_wiNXoPJyA.0.jpeg)
Anonymous Comrade 03/13/2020 (Fri) 11:16:23 No. 6878 [Reply] [Last]
Is this show about class?
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>>10769 It's based on a film, but the first season feels so different (and better plotting) from the rest it seems like Nolan & Joy stole the story from someone else.
>>10775 > stole the story from someone else. definitely
How did they get Anthony Hopkins on board with this show? Like what made him say yes?
>>9364 Wait wait wait, WHERE is this in Raimi's movies, let along spiderman (3). I wanna see this edgy shit.
>>11630 IDK but whatever it was he hung around for the second season unannounced until the character returned halfway through. >>9799 >but its not the main focus and is forgotten in later seasons Not true. In the second season it's a mess that goes nowhere, but they do frame the human vs robots conflict in an obvious parallel to class. The third season weirdly is about literal capitalism and conflict between humans and AI-embodied capital (or more accurately AI-embodied humanity vs AI-embodied capital), but since capitalism has evolved into AI-monarchy there's no direct criticism of the present capitalist system and it's more about AI or the alienated logic of capital driving civilization. But that's giving it a lot of credit for a show that by this point has a couple good ideas and doesn't even know how to execute those properly.

(114.47 KB 1191x573 7uzielfju2ey.png)
ITT: leftypol funniest moments Anonymous 06/19/2020 (Fri) 17:53:45 No. 13989 [Reply] [Last]
not pictured because i don't have the screenshot: >that time anon made a post about trump being grown in a vat in somewhere france by the situationist to tank the us empire
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>>14232 Remember to get rid of the [Embed] tag if you make copypasta so the links work, but thanks for saving this.
>>15363 What the fuck
(551.44 KB 1087x627 megalul.png)
(75.30 KB 795x635 lulzeroni mamma mia.png)
(35.76 KB 200x160 oga laughing.gif)
>>14228 What I have to wonder is HOW do people come to these fetishes. As in how do they get to the point in their lives where they WANT to be cucks... let alone be cucks in backpacks. My mind is just... what, how. Fuck this is just a level of disturbing that iI can only laugh.
>>17428 I think weird fetishes like these are triggered by a specific events early in one's childhood which may also include scenes in television or movies.

(228.26 KB 1024x683 permaculture1.jpg)
(286.24 KB 1024x973 pclt-1024x973.jpg)
Permaculture Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 01:53:45 No. 12707 [Reply] [Last]
The practice and principles of Permaculture are one of the most important tools for not only creating a sustainable socialism, but also for repairing the damage done to the global ecosystem by capitalism, and lessening your individual reliance on the current capitalist system.
Permacultural practice and socialism are two very powerful allies, and learning about permaculture should be necessity for modern socialists and communists.
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>>15555 There's debate over best practices but generally it's best not to disrupt the soil more than necessary.
A bit of a long shot but does anyone have a spanish pdf of this ,i only found a Portuguese one ,or anything related to permaculture in Cuba would be greatly appreciated
>>12792 >but perhaps we should consider that 7 billion ( now going on 8 billion ) people is a little bit over carrying capacity Lmao no it's not you Malthusian fucktard, the earth can sustain many times our current population.
(90.64 KB 670x395 2259496-868545515.jpg)
>CAIRO: The start of the second phase of Egypt’s New Administrative Capital is underway, its chairman has said. >Maj. Gen. Ahmed Zaki Abdeen, chairman of the New Administrative Capital Company also said there are also plans to implement new proposals in an area of ​​47,000 feddans (48,778 acres). >Abdeen said the focus is now on attracting international brands in fields such as electronics, computing and electronic services. Different sectors in the capital will be divided into smaller “cities.” >He said the capital is communicating with major international companies like Microsoft and Amazon for the project. >Abdeen said there will be fewer residential neighborhoods in this phase compared with the first phase. The third phase of the new capital will be built on an area of ​​90,000 feddans (93,405 acres). >He said that the new presidential district, government district and headquarters of the House of Representatives will be completed by the end of the year, and that the presidential neighborhood will be ready to receive the Egyptian leader. >Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has said he will exercise his duties from the new headquarters after June 2021. The government also plans to move to the government district at the same time. https://www.arabnews.com/node/1730476/middle-east
https://www.misfitsmarket.com/ is a useful service that you guys might want to use or take part in (sell extra veggies or something).

(862.75 KB 1000x1426 they-live-5585c9ba75dad.jpg)
(975.19 KB 500x270 they live porky.gif)
Horror discussion from a leftist perspective /Leftyhorror/ 08/15/2020 (Sat) 15:52:31 No. 14910 [Reply] [Last]
I've seen only a few other threads about horror on here and they seemed too specific, so I thought I'd make a broader one. How do you feel about the current state of horror media? To me it seems at it's always been in a way; a mixed bag. However I feel like I've noticed this trend and, correct me if you think I'm wrong, a lot of more successful recent horror seems to be more creator-driven than in the past. This is natural I think, as the internet has opened a lot of opportunities for more unique visions and riskier decisions that large studios would otherwise reject. In a strange sort of symbiosis, though, these large studios attempt to acquire these successful creators and even properties for themselves; see the phenomenon of Slenderman for example. Once an entirely community made, solely internet creation has gotten several of his own movies, and has by and large become an 'artifact' of sorts of 2010's-era web. Studios cannibalize these unique properties and, once they've made some modicum of a profit, utterly destroy the integrity of them, leaving communities to look for the next big thing in horror. With that aside, feel free to discuss almost literally anything horror related here; movies, books, ARGs, games, creepypasta (the rare good kind, if you can find any).
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(186.88 KB 1662x1246 QVNIMTE3NDgyMDY0.jpg)
(8.02 KB 163x310 download-7.jpeg)
Saint Maud has been released. It looks like it might be worth going to see. It's had good reviews from the Morning Star https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/f/film-round-up-october-9-2020 and Mark Kermode https://youtu.be/WAVGfS7X9j8
I'm making the Spooktober thread you can't stop me and picrel has the greatest horror soundtrack ever https://youtu.be/3o615tjQvhs
(114.10 KB 630x1200 thething.jpg)
>>17200 is nihilistic, christian-themed horror in vogue? I really enjoyed the lodge and hereditary. there's a recurring painting in the lodge that is quite possibly the most creepy thing I have ever seen.
there's not enough psychological horror and there never has been

(153.40 KB 250x291 250px-Rick_and_Morty_season_1.png)
How does Leftypol feel about Rick and Morty? Anonymous Comrade 06/08/2020 (Mon) 18:18:10 No. 10321 [Reply] [Last]
Tbh I liked it at first but imo Rick is too much of an unlikable sociopath, Jerry is too pathetic, the show comes off as simultaneously too self-important and too mocking of its fans who overrate it. Nonetheless it's overrated with absolutely autistic fans, and the whole sechzuan debacle, my God....
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>>10321 It's the classic "hehe I'm so leftist but I will still cater to fash under the guise of plausible deniability" It was good until season 3, then it was meh, and season 4 is unwatchable garbage
>>10321 Shot themselves in the foot with making Rick OP. Once you do that you can't just have fun space adventures anymore, you have to do increasingly convoluted meta episodes. That shit gets old quick.
>>15378 based
>>17143 Actually what really shot themselves in the feet was when they fired the entire writing team for trying to unionize and then replaced them with unfunny hacks.
(265.87 KB 521x937 Baseddepartment.png)
>>10664 It's for you

(296.41 KB 1200x800 roller-coaster.jpeg)
Are amusement parks/theme parks just bourgeoisie decadence? Anonymous Comrade 06/28/2020 (Sun) 15:29:34 No. 10940 [Reply] [Last]
I kinda like roller coasters though.
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Just make them free to enter and pay for the maintenance of roller coasters with your taxes boom problem solved
>>15693 But charge tourists money to enter.
>>15713 *to exit
(265.33 KB 1043x1560 Z Mouse snow.jpg)
I'm not into them, I find vidya more thrilling. It's more fun to design coasters in Roller Coaster Tycoon than to ride them and get spine or head damage from the bumping, plus sometimes they fail and people fall out and go splat.

/hobby/ - October SPOOKTACULAR Anonymous Comrade 10/11/2020 (Sun) 13:43:34 No. 17208 [Reply] [Last]
This is the thread for spoooooooooky things Anything from horror movies to horror art to religion to nationalism, every spooky thing you can imagine! What, if any, movies are you watching this ==Spook=tober, so far I watched Day of the Dead, Split Second, currently watching Night of the Comet I like 80s horror most because of the women. What have you guys been doing?
>Tfw fucking up Spooktober
>>17208 We already have 2 horror threads, we don't need another

(475.37 KB 2400x2400 jucika.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 11/24/2019 (Sun) 15:00:48 No. 2935 [Reply] [Last]
jucika thread pls
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>>16347 >omg how could you sexualise this obviously sexual character
>>16357 what's a "lanklet"?
>>16414 me you me you me you
>>16331 >>16298 >Rule 34 that keeps the spirit of the original Imagine!
I fucking love Jucika. The only good thing I got out of Twitter was learning about this comic.


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