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The state of animation today Anonymous Comrade 07/26/2020 (Sun) 18:10:21 No. 13238 [Reply] [Last]
Aight, so I've heard folks talking about how lazy a certain "toon-boom" style is, I just wanted to hear opinions and show off some art I made
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>>13324 couldn't*
>>13317 2d animation*, 3d is still very difficult if you don't have a good technical director helping you with the rig
>>13323 They're not wrong on the first part, they just conflate radical liberalism with communism.
>>13292 >ive had d cups since i was 14-15 hot
>>13292 >>13292 Adora has tits though. >>13286 It's a breastplate, yes. More significant than the lack of boob shape is that her entire torso is covered in the new version instead of showing off cleavage. Plate usually leaves a significant gap between your body and the metal plating, so the armor doesn't much reflect the shape of the body inside. You can have boob-plate armor but it's just for appearance and is equally as goofy as the musculata that the Romans had for gladiators. >>13297 I don't think SheRa looks un-feminine in the cartoon. The art style tends toward all the characters looking kind of androgynous (being that it's cartoony). If anything I would argue they didn't draw her muscular enough for how strong she's supposed to be. Being muscular and being feminine are not at odds with each other.

(65.33 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
/mu/ - Music Anonymous Comrade 03/09/2020 (Mon) 23:25:48 No. 6819 [Reply] [Last]
Discuss and share songs, albums & artists you like. You can talk about making music as well. Usually not my genre but I enjoyed this album. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMaRguzy2gU&t=
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I just discovered two albums of East German krautrock/kosmische music made by the GDR as workout music for their Olympic athletes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YEtKa8ABwM&list=PLL24PCE8BNk27FUIWNZDkKa5sNeJC75z7 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5kHGJt_q3s&list=PLL24PCE8BNk3ekFOD6H_ks7uwQvOk7dmu
Why was 80s music so much better!?
>>13403 Because nobody remembers or posts any of the shit stuff so you have the best selection of a full ten years available.
>>13403 Nah 80's was shit. So many prog and art rock artists whored out. Now the 70's.
What subgenre of classical is usually played in Maoist and ML songs? It's usually rather symphonic, but I have a hard time distinguishing between classical music overall.

(32.40 KB 753x663 g8.png)
The SCP Foundation Anonymous Comrade 05/27/2020 (Wed) 20:49:58 No. 9984 [Reply] [Last]
Hey all, I was curious at to what you guys think about the SCP Foundation shared universe.
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(1.87 MB 540x756 long nek clap.gif)
(345.67 KB 500x750 spooky booty haunted house.gif)
(656.48 KB 500x750 fapping at the speed of smelt.gif)
derek hetrick does a lot of weird creepy shit.
(2.27 MB 2936x3812 futa SCP trap rail.png)
(854.29 KB 1333x2000 55a04dc91aa47da59c9a1e82dc6ca3b1.jpg)
>>11206 The artist is keadonger /GET/-fag. Does a lot of SCP lewds, particularly SCP-1471. https://www.furaffinity.net/user/keadonger/ Pic 1 is a caption Another SCP drawer is unusualmatias (pic 2 and 3)
(298.77 KB 769x1024 SCP o49.jpg)
>>12486 So stuff like scp-049 essentially http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-049
>>12491 She had nice tits for a spooky mom bird.
>>13405 I know right?!

(183.22 KB 807x809 5mur98irlsy11.png)
MBTI/Jungian psychology and /leftypol/ Anonymous Comrade 07/23/2020 (Thu) 22:15:08 No. 12571 [Reply] [Last]
What's your personality type? INFP gang represent. Also daily reminder that MBTI and even Jungian cognitive functions are not a concrete analysis of how people behave, it's only a general prediction of how people behave over a period of time when faced with various situations.
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>>13217 Suck a dick pretentious moron.
Are you an obsessive, a hysteric, a pervert or psychotic?
>>13230 No, they're based while you're high on esotericism. It's clear to me that this leaves you the 'pretentious' one.
>>12645 Horoscopes are more fun for sure- plus more astrologists? astrology writers? Idk what they call themselves - that leverage aspects of astrology and horoscopes to give legitimately useful advice and methods for self-reflection and growth. MBTI can function the same way as a medium for self-reflection but more proponents of it are corporate clowns who write productivity blogs about how the productively write productivity blogs.
>>13240 It's clear to me you're butthurt.

(475.37 KB 2400x2400 jucika.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 11/24/2019 (Sun) 15:00:48 No. 2935 [Reply] [Last]
jucika thread pls
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>>2935 Since my post here was deleted. I would like to applaud this OP for bringing to my attention and interesting caricature I was not aware of. Mods need to learn to moderate properly instead of deleting everything they see when asked to help after hours of spam.
I want to sex her
>>13249 She wants to sex me :^)
who is Jucika?

Post music you just discovered Anonymous Comrade 07/26/2020 (Sun) 12:00:16 No. 13220 [Reply] [Last]
This prog Bolivian huayno album is great https://youtu.be/mwxGePChgfw
>>13220 we allready have plenty of pointless music threads
(207.41 KB 960x960 rotersandsono.jpg)
I've been listening this German futurepop band called Rotersand. It's cheesy but they're socialists and I like this kind of stuff. https://youtu.be/4SiFJi5syCI
Just some ambient math rock. https://totorro.bandcamp.com/album/home-alone Totorro makes really chill music.

(144.41 KB 824x1334 start to finish.jpg)
Avatar thread Anonymous Comrade 03/06/2020 (Fri) 21:29:09 No. 6738 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for discussing ATLA and LoK or rather analyzing both, appreciating the effort of creating the former and shitting on the lazy liberalism of the latter
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(105.42 KB 1280x720 appo.jpg)
>>12523 yeah he even had a clone with a homage to the airbender tattoos as a way to reference his work on TLA
>>12523 Filoni is the GOAT
>>12541 Eh, he was. He's gotten sort of cucked under Kathleen Kennedy. He changed the final season of Clone Wars a lot, and much of it was quite tasteless.
>>12542 The Mandalore arc was gas though and that made up for the boring Martez sisters, but yes point taken.
>>11040 >Toph Hnnngh and good taste pilled. For me, it's Toph and Mai. Now post some Mai, bros

(65.32 KB 640x640 EObyZDVWoAAL1iB.jpeg)
Drawing thread Anonymous Comrade 02/05/2020 (Wed) 01:05:52 No. 5948 [Reply] [Last]
Post about drawing and painting and related
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>>13200 That's only going to be useful for symmetrical characters holding a symmetrical pose, and it's going to do nothing but slow your development, as only (perfect) practice makes perfect better. Using copy pasted stuff as place holder or reference is one thing. Perhaps for highly repetitive details, but it's certainly not good practice for learning how to draw a human, even if you're going for a really abstract cartoon/anime look.
>>13203 cont. Also, it tends to look particularly unnatural if a person is drawn100% symmetrical. There's a sort golden ratio for human symmetry that's between an AI's inhuman idea of the perfect man, and a character bordering on deformed. But don't give up, or think that it's your own inability to draw well, because it takes most people years before they can draw a person convincingly. Have you ever thought of how complex the human body is? The face, even when simplified, has hundreds of different planes in a subtle but confusing arrangement. Drawing a hand, is almost like having to draw half of spider. We have bendy back bones that can twist and lean and scrunch up, and when unclothed our muscles aren't hidden by scruffy hair, but the bodily mechanics fully visible to an observer. Add to this the fact that we are probably more familiar with the human body than just about anything else (due to having to live within one) so we are more likely to spot something that is off, than we would with a drawing of something less familiar. But thankfully, where ever you go, you bring a model along with you, that being yourself. The hand and face are complicated, but you only have to look infront of you, or in a mirror, to practice the two most complicated parts of the body. Also check out a few youtube tutorials. Ethan Becker has great fundamentals in a funny (to me at least) and bite sized format, Proko is a good one for more detailed instruction at an intermediate/advanced level, and The Drawing Database has all your artisto autismo needs covered in excruciating detail.
>>13205 Adding to that, abosolutely check out and copy russian academists. There's also an NMA course called "Russian Academic Drawing Approach" on cgpeers, might be of interest to you all. Does anyone know how to quickly share heavy pdf files?
(63.44 KB 679x887 IMG_20200721_220000.jpg)
(55.62 KB 480x1131 IMG_20200718_234716.jpg)
here is art, plz criticize

Martial arts thread Anonymous Comrade 06/05/2020 (Fri) 22:46:18 No. 10243 [Reply] [Last]
Comrades let's have a thread for martial arts, combat sports and self defense. Striking, grappling, all styles welcome (except fake ass shit). Let's talk about training, techniques, fights, fighters, etc. Here's a fun fact: One of the many achievements of the soviets was founding their own combat system, sambo, which proved to be extremely effective and is still widely practiced today. Also, Judo orange belt here (AMA if you want)
51 posts and 3 images omitted.
I do HEMA stuff which is pretty dope. But if you're looking for variety, it ain't it. All pretty much boils down to 32 similar techniques with local flavour (like Italian Style, English Style, German Style, etc.). Also very limited ground work, but the essence "back in the day" seems to be if you were on the ground you were fucked. Either getting a beat down from the boys, drowing in mud, getting stabbed by a dagger or mashed by a hammer, or just plain ol' "not gentlemanly". Still, its nice fun. Add in some meme stuff like pugilism, DDLR, and Bartitsu, and they're very nice concise systems. If you want to practice but there are no HEMA places locally, just do judo both with and without gi, 60 hours class time each. And if possible add some free style wrestling and/or greco-roman. Throw in some boxing and muaythai for kicks (savate if you can locally too) and that's about it.
>>13239 LOL all this fake-master showboating shit. None of these faggots are masters. There's a channel made by an actual shaolin fighter who goes around debunking these people who claim to be "Masters".
>>13246 Do these shaolin "fighter" do actual fights?
>>13195 No. I think judo is pretty safe when it comes to that. Training and fighting are done on a protective mat, and the first thing they teach you when starting judo is how to fall correctly (ukemi) and to never ever land with your head. Of course I did hit my head a bunch of times during the first weeks, but generally it doesn't happen anymore.


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