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(165.83 KB 1280x720 Ovs.jpg)
War Thunder thread Anonymous Comrade 10/26/2019 (Sat) 14:35:06 No. 1558 [Reply] [Last]
WT general.
This pleases the Snail.
this game is such a piece of shit and yet i get sucked in again and again
(81.37 KB 2730x570 aark3stkrp301.jpg)
(380.11 KB 960x540 S1gAx5m.jpg)
(148.14 KB 1881x414 liIsy9W.jpg)
That mostly stems from the fact that at the very core there's an amazing game; a WW2 game that accurately depicts vehicle specs and physics, but it completely ruined by the fact Gaijin is quite possibly the worst dev in the history of ever and I include EA and Bethesda in that. I mean at least EA tries to be passive aggressive when it tells its players to fuck off, whereas Gaijin just straight up tells its players to Fuck off and when other players try and point out that there's a problem Gaijin says everyone is hallucinating and that there is no problem. Plus premiums, broken game, etc etc and the fact Gaijin refuses to do anything about any of these and doesn't have to because lol where else are you gonna play as an IS-3 that isn't WoT?
researching something as basic as repairs and fire prevention is pissing me off so much
what is it meant to add to the gameplay to get toasted by a single shot? just make it an instant kill, who even gives a shit at that point
and rolling around with a broken off tank barrel and having to go inside one of the contested areas for repairs is absolutely ridiculous
that is adding nothing but frustration
Welcome to Gaijin. That frustration is supposed to make you throw money at them in order to make the game """fun""", the frustration is just there in order to well frustrate you and you pay for it to not be there, typical whale hunting. Also did you see that stuff about the Maus? They managed to break the game so much that they removed it by their own admission because they were too lazy to balance it to the broken premiums that broke it in the first place, so instead of fixing the core issue they just removed the symptom. My bet is that by 2021 we will actually have less vehicles ingame than we do right now.

Holy shit fuck Gaijin.

(1.25 MB 1173x612 unknown.png)
Old school minecraft server Anonymous Comrade 10/26/2019 (Sat) 16:02:21 No. 1561 [Reply] [Last]
Macrochasm.net 1.4.7
>3 year old map
>Old versions
>Incrementally updating
>Version 1.4.7
>No rules
>Anarcho communist playerbase

How to join:
Create a new profile in the launcher on version 1.4.7, set the directory to .minecraft\macrochasm and start up

IP: macrochasm.net
Discord: https://discord.gg/EXfKwPf
I second this.

(49.51 KB 501x499 woah.jpg)
Comrade 10/23/2019 (Wed) 17:12:51 No. 6 [Reply] [Last]
it's time to rise up /hobby/
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(388.35 KB jz97dj87s7821.gif.mp4)
(82.81 KB 500x464 friends acronym.png)
Yeah that's the only problem with that image
Society is a spook.
The concept of 'spook' is a spook in all of itself too.
>he was an incel
Makes sense

(75.49 KB 1000x1000 nodeworkred.png)
(79.62 KB 1000x1000 nodeworkblue1.png)
(94.59 KB 1000x1000 nodeworkblue2.png)
Graphic Design General Comrade 08/13/2019 (Tue) 17:07:10 No. 414 [Reply] [Last]
I'm dumping some icons we could use for a cybersocialist planning software.
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(89.98 KB 1000x1000 nodeworkblue3.png)
(81.37 KB 1000x1000 nodeworkblueblack4.png)
(86.65 KB 1000x1000 nodeworkdblue.png)
(94.95 KB 1000x1000 nodeworkdred.png)
(99.89 KB 1000x1000 nodeworkgray1.png)
(99.48 KB 1000x1000 nodeworkgray2.png)
Two here make use of the Technocracy Movement's colors.
these look the best color wise imo, whole design is great tho good work

Honestly Anonymous Comrade 10/23/2019 (Wed) 20:59:32 No. 1193 [Reply] [Last]
I feel kinda comfy here.
Maybe this wasn't a bad idea after all.
Thanks for saying so, hopefully it will turn out okay and the /tech/ people will come around.
It's nice in here so far. Actually getting traffic too.

All four of /tech/'s population?
(114.61 KB 408x408 computer.jpg)
/tech/fag here, at least this board isn't dead

(55.41 KB 1002x857 augmented soy.jpg)
dubtrack thread sputnik##SgNipD 10/23/2019 (Wed) 18:08:05 No. 1133 [Reply] [Last]
i will keep this fucking thing alive even if it kills me

Music is the best medium to reach the masses
It's dead chief
Why is it not on cytu.be?
(105.99 KB 1280x720 dsfsdfdsf.jpeg)
Why aren't you listening?

Sixty Nine
In the sunshine.
Sixty Nine.


(98.55 KB 1012x675 johnoliverfavslk_huge.jpg)
What is to be done Comrade 10/15/2019 (Tue) 16:53:01 No. 21 [Reply] [Last]
The misses watches last week tonight with john oliver. It is seriously corrupting her revolutionary potential with some cold hard neoliberal properganda. Ive tried showing her the empire files debunk of Venezuela but oliver did, but she wasnt having any of it. Plz halp! She also watches Samantha bee which is fundamentally worse
>She also watches Samantha bee
You should probably just put her out to pasture.
(44.32 KB 602x548 1569172022408.jpg)
Ikr? But the weird thing is shes been in one union or another all her working life. And Im not claiming that unions are more revolutionary, just the fact that she is aware of class, but now its;
>poc this
>woc that
>aoc said this
tbh lots of unions got pretty diverted yeah.
In my view, intersectionality just means that all these struggles (or at least, their material basis for being a struggle) intersects at class.
And that therefore, the best way to ensure everyone's rights is through the class struggle.
The US had to fight many decades for women's rights, and many more for black people's rights.
But in the GDR, USSR and Rojava, it's included in the package.
Ultimately, the left needs to get rid of the image that it's only for minorities. The white male worker shouldn't feel afraid he would lose his voice.
Nobody wants that.

Comrade 10/14/2019 (Mon) 19:56:15 No. 959 [Reply] [Last]
hey guys I've been working on a website, here's what I got so far
written in symfony
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>You get a rare straggler like @media queries for pointers and hover which were only added in firefox 64 (and so aren't in firefox-esr) but those are pretty rare.
Amusingly the last firefox-esr to not support @media (any-pointer: fine) and similar media queries had its support dropped yesterday.
(18.31 KB 650x500 Red_Yotsuba.png)
I was bored, so instead of fixing the broken part of the CSS I posted yesterday I decided to write a Red Yotsuba theme. Maybe a little too breast cancer awareness, but I like it overall. What do you guy's think?

It's possible to make really clean CSS theme selector using custom properties and <select> tags, I might do that next and just have a dark, yotsuba, and red yotsuba theme.
>that subtitle
Can you explain that please?
Like, they'll be up on the gallows and once they get hanged they start trying to bid for the noose while they are gasping for air?
It's a Stalin quote, if I remember correctly he said this while the Soviet Union was buying massive amounts of foreign equipment to modernize manufacturing. GAZ is a good example of a factory made in this way.

In the case of a /tech/ or /g/ type board the implication is that we can use the technology that the bourgeoisie provide us as weapons against them.
>It's possible to make really clean CSS theme selector using custom properties and <select> tags, I might do that next and just have a dark, yotsuba, and red yotsuba theme.
I was kinda dead wrong about this, it seem barely even possible to have a theme selector of the sort I was thinking. I guess the way to solve this then would be to have slightly different URLs for each theme. Some sort of simple subdomain would likely be best. A bit disappointing though.

(12.96 KB 1280x152 VEB_Robotron.png)
Comrade 04/22/2016 (Fri) 15:26:19 No. 952 [Reply] [Last]
A leftist /tech/ board is great! Let's use it more, comrades!
Are any oldfags around who had the joy to come in contact with pic related or other micro electronics from real socialistic states? Sadly I was born too late to have a opinion on their products.

I read DDR lightbulbs were more durable than the western ones because they had no planned obsolesence; what do you think would our society today look like, if more elecronic products like smartphones were designed with a much longer lifetime in mind? Would the use-value of the products stay the same over time, or would it decrease with technical progress?
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>What do you think would our society today look like, if more elecronic products like smartphones were designed with a much longer lifetime in mind? Would the use-value of the products stay the same over time, or would it decrease with technical progress?

You get more standardisation, less form over function sacrifices (works better but has worse design), as far as durability goes , it depends long lasting batteries are just hard to make, what you definitely would get is better repairability.

For smartphones you'd probably would have seen magnetic field tracked pens (used in graphic tablets) rather then the currently capacitive touchscreens, because the magnetic pens are easier to make and more precise, Resulting in a renaissance of handwritten text and social/cultural trends/development around penmanship and quick sketches.

You'd probably would have seen a universal interface scheme, where all sorts of devices no longer would have buttons and nobs but rather an IR-port that turns your smartphone into a remote for everything. Also a much greater R&D focus on sensors turning smartphones in a portable scanner.

Since socialism has a sort of protected commons that isn't at risk of being enclosed, you'd see more people contributing to projects like user-generated "cartography" type stuff where people digitize "note-worthy" features of "meat-space". Enabled by the scanner functionality.

>Would the use-value of the products stay the same over time, or would it decrease with technical progress?

I'm not sure what you mean with this, you might get better backporting for software to run on older technology, because there aren't any IP laws blocking people from pruning software to make it run.
I've been trying to find some more information on the original systems operating in the Soviet Union. Especially those earlier systems that showed some promise and interesting features. I've been looking specifically at the BESM-6 due to the ample documentation available. The most interesting features to me are the system of modes, and bit packing, both of which seem very odd but interesting to me, oh also it's RISC which is nice. The CPU was also developed under the name Elbrus into the late 80's which is unique, and was reasonably competitive at the time. The Elbrus-3 which was a completely new ISA with novel VLIW capabilities was also competitive.

Would any of you happen to have any information on the MIR «Машина для Инженерных Расчётов» machines? I'm struggling to find any information on them but they sound fascinating especially concerning "a hardware implementation of a high-level programming language capable of symbolic manipulations" which reminds me of the exceptional Scheme-48. Also it seems to be immensely capable for its size. Thanks in advance!
Unfortunately it seems there is very little information on this machine on the internet. I found a few Russian PDFs which I was not able to machine translate, and a few websites which I was, none very informative. It's extremely interesting though, here are the web pages I was able to find, you'll have to use Google to get translations unless you speak Russian though:

Oh and hear is a interesting detailed website dedicated to the computers used in Soviet rockets. I haven't finished reading it yet:
Apparently someone managed to squeeze a UNIX V6 clone onto the BK-0011. I don't even like UNIX and I think that's pretty cool! https://github.com/sergev/bkunix
I meant SCHEME-79 here, which was a hardware implementation of Scheme Sussman, Steel and several others worked on together. Scheme-48 is a fairly standard Scheme implementation although it has PreScheme as a intermediate language which is a bit interesting.

(99.85 KB 1200x851 Bk0010-01-sideview.jpg)
Code of Conduct(s) Comrade 09/24/2019 (Tue) 23:49:55 No. 923 [Reply] [Last]
Perhaps a declaration of technical principles would be a better term, but regardless the necessity of finding a means (beyond licenses out of necessity) to secure our software from outside meddling seems to be all the more essential the more I think about it. There are approximately 90 CVE's (70% due to memory safety) in each Linux kernel major version, many of which remain outstanding even after moving to the next version, with the average lifespan between 3 and 6 years for "high" and "critical" bugs. The Linux kernel is now approaching 28 million lines of poorly documented code, making it completely beyond what a actual audit is capable of assessing, beyond comprehension. More than this the development of the kernel and funding of the foundation are almost entirely in corporate hands. Linux is but a example, every large component of major infrastructure (and rest assured if it's major infrastructure it will become large) suffers from similar plights.

What I'm not attempting to advance here is the suckless philosophy. In my opinion suckless goes beyond attempting to restrict the scope of their projects to an obsession with SLOC to the point of harming correctness and completeness (for a sound list of necessary features see here: http://www.loper-os.org/?p=284). They do not document their programs, following the mantra that code is documentation (which is true but insufficient). Additionally they fail to critique the accepted protocols and divisions of applications, which would allow them to not only make more correct complete software, but also to make in aggregate simpler software. As a example why make a separate windowing system, terminal multiplexer, terminal emulator, and text editor when these things could all be combined as extensions of one another. Why separate your text editor from your web browser? Why work with text streams and the file system instead of having a single address space? Why take X-Server for granted rather than building of Linux's frame-buffer.

What issues is it that I'm pointing at here exactly:
a) scope creep
b) illiterate programming
c) unquestioned assumptions (primarily those given to us by unix)
d) over-optimization (understandability, and completeness should be prioritized over micro-optimizations)
e) insecure technologies (for example unassisted manual memory management, and unchecked type wraps)
f) incomplete software (corner cases handled etc)

Can you think of any more, or a consolidation of the terms listed here?
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>c) unquestioned assumptions (primarily those given to us by unix)
What are these "unquestioned assumptions given to us by unix"?
Should I read "The Unix Hater's Handbook" to know? Would I be better served reading something else?
>What are these "unquestioned assumptions given to us by unix"? Should I read "The Unix Hater's Handbook" to know? Would I be better served reading something else?
That's a great book, although at this point many of the complaints are outdated you can still see some of the impacts, I'd encourage you to read it. Reading summaries of the Unix philosophy critically after reading https://www.dreamsongs.com/WorseIsBetter.html is also a good introduction.

The most important thing though I think is to just think critically about what Unix supports. Is it actually reasonable to say that every program should serialize and parse its data rather than just passing actual data structures? Is it acceptable that there are no safety measures making things as simple as moving, editing, or deleting a files foot guns? Is it tolerably that programs' source can't be inspected and edited live like in Emacs but rather we have to make forks and separate applications for even the most simple change, if we're lucky we have a cumbersome add-on system opaque to the user. etc.
I'm struggling to come up with a nice rule, or set of rules for what a good program's objectives should be. It's a much more complex issue that these issues of representation I've dealt with so far. It seems to me the most important semantic rule is that the program's objectives should be in the interest of their user. I can't really think of more than this.

I don't know if I'll leave it at that or not.
Here's a list of operating systems with a number of features better and more interesting than UNIX, TempleOS isn't listed here, but other than that seems pretty solid: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10957020
Guess I'll wrap up these principles into a nice toasty CoC:

>Thou shalt operate in the interests of thy users, this is the ultimate commandment. Thy users will not always know what's best for them, so we may disagree with them, but try as we must to serve them.
>Thou shalt make thy user interfaces as physically and mentally ergonomic as possible, while recognizing often we are not capable of making interfaces capable of providing this for every situation, and thusly must allow for customization. When thy hath been forced to trade off between the interests of the users and the interface or artistic direction thy will always side with the users. This is the penultimate commandment all else is tertiary.
>Thou shalt make thy source code including the entire stack as understandable as possible. Certain components likely must be complex to reduce the undesirability of the system over all. Thy shalt always sacrifice undesirability for the sake of the interface and the users, but never for anything else.


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