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(97.56 KB 640x960 1424410418352.jpg)
Educating others Comrade 08/24/2019 (Sat) 14:41:58 No. 89 [Reply] [Last]
Do you have some free material about teaching?
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>>89 who is this cat?
(91.85 KB 500x751 smaok.jpg)
>>89 Paulo Friere's "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" is an excellent classic which is relevant, albiet indirectly. You can find it and most other books on Libgen. I am a math tutor for middle school, high school and college students and have been for a couple years now. Most of my materials on teaching are specific to math, but I could give a lot of advice on teaching study skills / organization and on helping students with learning disabilities / challenges find ways to still do well in school. What subject and grade level are you going to be teaching OP?
YEA THESE NUTS NIGGA Just read Das Kapital to people, ffs
>>8236 Some Strike Witches character
>>8236 Sanya V. Litvyak

Anonymous Comrade 02/01/2020 (Sat) 01:50:28 No. 5821 [Reply] [Last]
Is it just me or are most jobs in IT utter bullshit? I am not referring to "Bullshit Jobs", the book. It's something different. Take say twitter. The mobile twitter front-end in particular. What is twitter? Chunks of text with occasional hyperlinks, pictures and videos. There are also a couple of forms, to register, to submit a tweet, to report stuff, etc. So again, it needs text, pictures, links and forms. All of that is supported by HTML directly, i.e. it doesn't even require a single line of javascript to accomplish that. But judging from the fact that on an old phone twitter may take half a minute or more to load or it may actually fail to load, or freeze up while loading, and taking in account how generally sluggish it is, it's obivous that it isn't plain html. In fact, there's probably a good dozen of megabytes of JS and CSS code, and that is after compression. The code that nobody every asked for. "Yeah I'd really like some people to spend their time writing thousands (?) of lines of code just to provide me with a site with the exact same functionality but with way poorer performance" - said no user ever. Bloated frontends should actually push users away it'd seem, and they probably do to some degree, that's why e.g. nitter and invidio.us exist. And this doesn't only apply to twitter. The same with youtube (there exist even more alternative front-ends, hooktube and invidious and there probably are more). The same with the vast majority of sites on the web, actually. There are countless frameworks like React or Angular, that achieve the same thing as can be achieved using regular HTML and some js, but they make websites slower AND require people to develop them AND people to learn them. And by the way AFAIK nitter or invidious devs aren't paid anything for creating the sites, they might receive donations but that's it isn't it So who profits from the labour of those who develop such sites? Why would the capitalists behind e.g. twitter be interested in a) Paying more people b) Making the site less attractive to users, thus potentially reducing their profits.
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>>6376 The internet is a Chrome walled garden now, haven't you heard? Of course, it's not a monopoly like IE and microsoft!
>>6377 Mozilla is basically google's puppet I think. Gecko is increasingly more akin to Chromium. And even then it cannot render such a popular site. The entire internet is controlled but a single company. What a motherfucking dystopia we live in. Frightening.
>>5821 >All of that is supported by HTML directly, i.e. it doesn't even require a single line of javascript to accomplish that. It sounds to me like you think, you only need to use HTML to make twitter, which is obviously not true. For twitter database is a must, also you need backend language for communicating with database, I mean stuff that is fetching certain data (for example all posts by certain user) and sending to display in views. This backend language cannot be HTML, it can be JS, or any other programming language. Thing is: database comunnication is widely known as bottleneck in many web applications, I mean its a thing that is causing web app to be slow. So if you say that JS front end rendering is bottleneck of twitter, then I am asking: How do you know that bottleneck is not caused by database communication which is not related to JS?
>>6966 Because nitter loads way faster while it should actually have to spend more time fetching data from twitter than twitter itself.
At least its not reddit >Open page >Page loads fine >After page has fully loaded it removes everything on the fucking page and says <OoPs sOmeThINg wEnT wrOnG

(195.15 KB 1440x500 leftytg.png)
/leftytg/ Anonymous Comrade 10/23/2019 (Wed) 17:49:51 No. 720 [Reply] [Last]
Tabletop Games / Traditional Games
Wargames, Roleplaying Games, Board Games, Card Games, Drinking Games, and so on and so on.

What are you playing/running/home-brewing?
What do you have to recommend or criticize?
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>AlfaBusa literally beat us to the Dark Heresy game
>who takes 2 years to make vidyas
(236.39 KB 560x560 1557153876776.jpg)
Watching it rn and I'm fucking dying from laughter.
>railroading GM gets screwed by mythical 12 critical rolls in a row
stuff of legends tbh
Man 5e has got to be, and will probably make the tabletop games a much shittier experience than before. There is nothing good about the design in that shitshow of a game and people will take inspiration from that game and probably infect /v/ shit with it too when Baldur's Gate 3 comes out.
>>8156 There are some good ideas like inspiration or advantage/disadvantage but they're copied from other things and not used very well.

(9.80 KB 224x225 swole.jpg)
/swoletariat/ Anonymous Comrade 04/08/2020 (Wed) 02:57:51 No. 8001 [Reply] [Last]
What are you guys doing for exercise during quarantine? Got a couple of adjustable dumbells with 200 pounds plates myself. Can't find a barbell and olympic weights to save my life right now.
I use the catalog instead of making duplicate threads like some meathead: >>7004
>>8007 meanie :(

(85.85 KB 809x1200 1569732757118.jpg)
/SSA/ - Social Skills Advice Anonymous Comrade 03/23/2020 (Mon) 18:15:39 No. 7305 [Reply] [Last]
Perhaps it has become your goal to be more charismatic, uninhibited and sociable. Let's have a thread where we ask questions and give advice to improve exactly that.
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>>8054 Go to courses/clubs/events of your interest that have people. Socialize with everyone. Be playful with girls. Push forward with girls who reciprocate the flirting and meet your standards.
>>8056 fuck off
>>8060 What's wrong buddy?
(809.67 KB 778x595 1544128896002.png)
>>8044 >So this advice is for doing something once this is over. >over Anyway, I think you're right about me sabotaging myself. I've had a therapist tell me something similar as well as my parents in the past. Whenever I talk to people I'm constantly telling myself "they don't like you and don't want you talking to them" and basically try to rush through the conversation. Which ties into your first point, yeah, I definitely feel like I sometimes view conversations almost as dialogue trees. And it's weird because there are times where my brain just *clicks* and I find myself talking like a normal person (this is how I felt in my English class -- it was a morning class, a few of us would show up early and just chat about random stuff). So I know I'm capable of it, it just takes me getting over my anxiety to actually let it out. As for the friend group thing, I think my problem (at least with school) is that by the time I start to come out of my shell and become more comfortable with people, oops, semester's over and I never see them again and I'm not acquainted quite well enough with them to ask for contact info. I DID manage to get a few Snapchats last semester (and they were always the ones who offered), but I haven't actually communicated with any of them through that because... I dunno. I feel awkward doing that. It feels like I'm asking them on a date. I tell myself "this is weird, why would they even want to hear from you, let alone hang out?" It's dumb and ties back with my whole lack of self-esteem, which is probably the main underlying issue here. Doesn't help that because I'm an introvert, I don't go out much, so I have no idea where to invite people TO. This fall will be my third semester, so hopefully I'll end up like you and I'll finally find my group (assuming there's any actual on-campus classes in the fall, which is honestly seeming less likely as time goes by).
>>8080 >Whenever I talk to people I'm constantly telling myself "they don't like you and don't want you talking to them" and basically try to rush through the conversation. Not sure what to tell you there, cause I'm not an expert. I used to feel the same way about girls but I just ignore that potion of my mind and just go for it anyway. Gotta also work on your self-esteem as well, but you probably already knew that. Maybe Six Pillar of Self Esteem would be a good book for you. I'm reading it atm, it has some insights that weren't obvious. >So I know I'm capable of it, it just takes me getting over my anxiety to actually let it out. You are probably stuck in your head. Try meditation to be present to the moment. Meditation has a genuinely healthy impact, it isn't just woowoo spirituality crap. You probably should desensitize yourself to social interactions by having them frequently, so you stop feeling like they are a big deal. >and I'm not acquainted quite well enough with them to ask for contact info. You gotta step it up friend, I ask them for their number after the same lecture I met them, lol. You will get used to it, trust me. Just be like "hey we could study together some time". >but I haven't actually communicated with any of them through that because... I dunno. I feel awkward doing that. Anything stops being awkward when you do it often enough, that's one thing I learned in the past few years of becoming more extroverted. Overall, I do relate with you, I had some of the same issues. It's those psychological blockades you need to release. >hopefully No, it's all up to you and if you don't put in the effort it's going to remain a problem for the rest of your life. Just being honest.

(1.35 MB 2128x2684 anteprimamk2.jpg)
Hello guys made a video Tpanda 04/04/2020 (Sat) 21:23:55 No. 7893 [Reply] [Last]
I made this video, I hope you can use it as a quick answer to all of that scum who tries to defend german soldiers during ww2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=att1P4Ot-y0&t=60s
>>7893 based This almost absolves you of the crime of being a namefag.
>>7893 Kek. Nice one

(17.55 KB 511x341 FILE155.GIF)
/leftyco/ Comrade 09/06/2016 (Tue) 19:35:08 No. 47 [Reply] [Last]
Comics and cartoons are the industried were the contradictions of capitalism are the most noticeable

You know them I know them.
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No homstck pls
Yeah, I'd suggest that you use a different OP image for /leftyco/ (not Homestuck, Steven Universe, etc.). I'm here if you want to discuss Homestuck, but I'd rather have a different thread made for that.
>>47 assassinate andrew hussie in minecraft, niggah
>>47 What's the deal with Homestuck? Read like 3/4 of it and was boring, and why is it avoided like the plague otherwise?
>>7840 I don't get it either

(352.37 KB 1599x955 Family Tree (Final).png)
(345.77 KB 1600x956 Family tree template.png)
Anonymous Comrade 10/27/2019 (Sun) 09:27:51 No. 1636 [Reply] [Last]
Let's have a fun little family tree thread /hobby/
You can whip one of these up in MSpaint in about ten minutes
I'd like to see what all of yours look like
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(545.47 KB 1600x956 familytree.png)
>>1649 A service to find out how much of a mutt you are.
(571.00 KB 1600x956 tree.png)
Eh why not
>>7795 oof, hope you get a red flag like your parents someday

(50.71 KB 1024x730 EA_2qAkWkAY31IS.jpg)
Comrade 09/01/2019 (Sun) 04:44:36 No. 819 [Reply] [Last]
What side jobs to make money?
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>>820 As usual, the first answer is really the only good answer.
>>7345 Oh yeah I recently heard about this. I guess idubbz wasn't as cringe as I thought before. all the people calling him simp have no relationships since they are projecting themselves into him and whiteknight themselves.
>>820 >>7764 w-what is carding?
>>7789 stealing peoples credit card info. too many security measures these days.
>>7790 lol no there isn't... >>7789 Carding is when you stolen credit card numbers off DNMs (they costed about 6 bucks last I checked) and use them to have stuff with high resale value shipped to drop sites near you. Easy, lucrative, insurance companies typically foot the bill.

(300.58 KB 2518x1024 PicsArt_04-02-06.43.11.png)
BreadbinsRiseUp! althussersghost 04/02/2020 (Thu) 19:54:04 No. 7796 [Reply] [Last]
Does anyone on here follow breadtube i've been bit dispirited with it lately tbh it was since about the time Dr. bones got cancelled... it's nothing to with the lies about them being pedos, rapists or catfishing themselves they are mainly Kiwifarms conflagrations, its more the infrequency and nonchalance of their output, and the arrogance that implies. are there any other sites lile MeansTV with specifically lefty stuff? Or have you got any reqs on people i should be watching?? please say there is leftygab or Dlive or something. im just so sick of centrist media and the endless/bottomless stupidity of it.


no cookies?