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(74.15 KB 828x947 EX13t6-XgAEqIOn (1).jpg)
Consumer Goods in Socialist states Anonymous Comrade 06/11/2020 (Thu) 02:17:25 No. 10420 [Reply] [Last]
I'm interested in what sort of consumer goods were there in the USSR, Maoist China, etc. Like what kind of toys, games, books, snacks, clothes, drinks, etc. they had?
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There is a lame book about that topic, "Made in Russia: Unsung Icons of Soviet Design". I wish it covered more products and had more technical and on-point descriptions. Instead it got essays by annoying anti-communist hipsters who for the most part don't seem to have the historical-technical understanding to properly assess the quality of things. Couple things from the book: Erudit – Similar to Scrabble, but designed around the Russian alphabet. Elektronika - Imitation of Nintendo's Game & Watch. Za Rulem (Behind the Wheel) - A mechanical racing game introduced in the 70s. The race track is simulated by a rotating disc with obstacles. According to the book, new versions are still made (the book is from 2011). Krugozor - A legendary monthly magazine that came with thin vinyl disks with music from all around the world.
>>10442 >German Wader >Matchbox >Italian You're comparing the better quality toys. And I remember my Soviet toys, made of metal and last forever. Most plastic toys from the West are largely non-functional (ad deceit) or were easily breakable (transformers was notorious for this, see Gold Plastic Syndrome). Soviet goods were not as varied as Western ones, but they were bloody fun, and the limitations of how much you could acquire meant you had to be creative in your play. I remember the intricate games I would create with my soldiers.
>>10444 >>10445 these are cool, did you have any wargames or maybe even roleplaying game?
>>10468 "Dacii si Romanii" (the dacians and the romans) was the most popular wargame, it actually combines a tabletop format with some pen-and-paper rpg elements, and despite being designed for children it was more popular with teens and adults due to its complex mechanics; even if you don't understand the language, it's enough just to glance the paragraphs on taking prisoners from the instruction manual:). The late Soviet "Mafia" role-playing game was and still is pretty popular (known as "Werewolf" in the west); it requires the standard 52-deck. A lot of tabletop dice games were popular, and we even had a socialist-style Monopoly game, called "Bunul Gospodar" (The Good/Wise Administrator), which was supposed to teach some basic economics, as well as leading a balanced lifestyle (I never played this one, but heard good things about it; it's become a bit of a meme and vintage copies cost quite a bit). There were several other military-themed card games I had, one that I remember had Romanian soldier wear and weaponry from late antiquity till contemporary times, and you were supposed to blindly trade with other players to form period sets before the others did; I cannot remember the name, nor find pictures of it online (i may still have it at my folks' place if they haven't thrown it out at some point).

(484.37 KB 1000x1449 WPGF Bulgaria.png)
(783.42 KB 539x807 Thousand-yard-stare-dirty.png)
(3.74 MB 5687x3096 Portrait of a man.png)
/drawing/ general Gomrad Spurdo#HTmBuh 11/01/2019 (Fri) 18:46:34 No. 2386 [Reply] [Last]
Post your scribbles, doodles, chicken scratches, sketches etc. here. Let's make some art. I'll start with some things that I made quite a while back but never really got around to finishing.
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if you want to easily start doodling, start with flowers
2D, most simple forms
flowers have curves, long lines, details you can add
no need to read books on how to draw, you can just do it
and remember, the rubber is your friend
>>2420 >>2421 Learn perspective and construction before you try to invent things from imagination. Check out draw a box
>>10255 Also use reference but dont trace
>>10255 >>10256 Why the fuck did you bump this thread when A) its been dead for over a year B) there is a current and active drawing thread. Do a fucking flip, faggot.
>>10261 sorry i am the big dumb.

(369.54 KB 1200x1169 a0075390808_10.jpg)
Red Metal Anonymous Comrade 05/22/2020 (Fri) 22:44:58 No. 9863 [Reply] [Last]
As an avid listener of metal, something that frustrates me is the prevalence of chuds and reactionaries in metal (especially black metal). The visibility of guys like Varg and Famine of Peste Noire infamy has colored the public perception of extreme metal as being the domain of edgelord fascists. What are some metal groups that could be said to be socialist, anarchist, or leftist in some manner? To start things off, I'd highly recommend the Panopticon album "Kentucky," which is a BM album about the state's history with labor organizing among coal miners, as well as the coal industry's destruction of the state's natural beauty. It's not a perfect album by any means but the way it mixes BM with bluegrass is cool, plus it has an incredibly redpilled message. https://youtu.be/gSObRNcPAv8 https://youtu.be/2zwxEKmoVD4
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(5.42 KB 224x225 1568154076594.jpg)
>>9893 Great lists so far. Pretty sure Havukruunu and Summoning have made statements that push them left of center at the least. Convulsing also did a thing against fascism but I can't really recall what he said. Havukruunu (Moonsorrow-esque black/folk, closer to them than Agalloch but in the same wheelhouse): https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lz3f09fLK3w Summoning (classic): https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1vCaXXuUwyk Convulsing (murky black/death): https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Jp63DaGg0aA
>>10238 >Havukruunu finally, a finnish black metal band that isn't NS
DARKTRHONE - I AM THE WORKING CLASS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmcyN01sK8w

/lit/ Comrade 09/27/2019 (Fri) 00:59:23 No. 293 [Reply] [Last]
What is your favorite book?
What book influenced you the most?
What do you like about books?
what are you planning to read?
What are you reading now?
/Lit/ thread because i did not see one in the catalog
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(316.86 KB 1000x1419 booklet_05.jpg)
>>293 >What is your favorite book? My favourite recently has to be The City and The City. Mieville runs with the concept of border gore and somehow manages to think up nationalist spooks worse than our own. >What book influenced you the most? In terms of writing style, I'm still trying to find my voice. I had a phase after high school where I tried to write like David Foster Wallace (I forced myself to finish Infinite Jest when I had cholera). In hindsight, DFW's nested and spangly prose is probably most of the reason people drop the book, but I still find his flawed and addicted characters compelling. There's also the wilful stupidity in Don Delilo's White Noise. Delilo is something of a broken record and I learned this when I picked up his other books, but if you only read White Noise then he's perfect. In a nutshell, it's the Vaporwave book. It's easy to read despite how hateable the main character is. In the end I like to write SF but I tend to hate the views and characters expressed inside. My big dick idol in terms of prose is still William Gibson. I remember trying to read Neuromancer back in elementary school and failing, and later picking up one of his hack imitators (Zack Parsons' "Eastwood" on SA) and thinking "shit, this is the future of writing". I went back to Gibson with a new lens and have loved his style ever since. Nowadays I find it hard to be as enthused about anything as I was as a young'un, but I'm trying to get back into writing.
How do I become a /buddhist/? Any good introductions
what is your favorite book? what influenced you most, the book? what do you like about book? what are you planning to book? what are you reading now, book?
Anyone ever heard of Wizardrous?

(2.24 MB 2215x3301 1424972105569.png)
Baseball Anonymous Comrade 06/02/2020 (Tue) 03:00:49 No. 10140 [Reply] [Last]
Play baseball? Watch baseball? This is the thread! This thread was created during the 2020 COVID crisis so the MLB isn't playing this year it seems. Hopefully you guys have decent Cuban, Venezuelan, and other games to watch.
>Sports thread is already low in posts <lets split it into individual sports so that posting in the thread is near ZERO. Its like you people don't use the catalog specifically to give others rage.
>>10141 Because a general thread is fucking gay
>>10142 And you are even more so

(125.70 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Swordfights Anonymous Comrade 04/30/2020 (Thu) 00:51:39 No. 8971 [Reply] [Last]
Saw this cool video of a rapier vs a longsword. It looks like the rapier was a better weapon. So much more range and speed. https://youtu.be/6r7VWIQCHvM
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>>9071 Is that motherfuckind David "I cannot stop sucking Thibault's langmesser shaped dick" Rawlings?
I don't get it when people say "real sword fighting wouldn't look good". I don't think anyone's advocating for 100% realism. I'm sure boxing in movies and irl look different too. Perhaps it's different for the uninformed, but historical swordplay looks better every way. Hell, some exchanges in sparring can be as theatrical as cinema all while being technically sound. Since exaggerating or slowing bladework even with good technique for safety and the viewers' benefit is already a given, the next best aim would be to give "masters" or "experts" good and distinct forms when moving and fighting. Body language is part of acting, no? Have a gander at Robert and his opponents: https://youtu.be/ju0t2z0p-c4 https://youtu.be/T2LkXMhhKSY https://youtu.be/eDpANnct46U And if you want fancy shit, the masters have it too: https://youtu.be/0dnGNJvoNeQ Or you can be fancy in a sensible way: https://youtu.be/oQ88cuzsyqE https://youtu.be/WDoYXHdNbTU
>>8971 Rapiers are almost useless against fully armoured opponents whereas with a sword you can halfsword against an fully armoured opponent hence rapiers only became popular after the the introduction of firearms caused the decline of full plate armour >>9310 Hollywood is actually not interested in History, but only a semblance of Historical accurary hence why there are so many inaccuracies in films. They just dont give a f*ck Heres an anecdote https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJFFLvwNLlM
(99.22 KB 800x563 sword combat 3.jpg)
(160.64 KB 1200x844 sword combat 2.jpg)
(171.55 KB 1200x844 sword combat 1.jpg)
>>8971 Reposting some contributions
>>9311 >Rapiers are almost useless against fully armoured opponents Most opponents do not have full plate armor with chainmail underarmor. Even then, a rapier has the precision to strike through something like a visor hole.

(27.92 KB 700x350 OurTube.png)
Making a leftist youtube channel. Anonymous Comrade 05/27/2020 (Wed) 00:27:56 No. 9948 [Reply] [Last]
ITT we help each other and guide each other on how to conduct a succesful youtube channel and to spread the word of /leftypol/ through breadtube. Theory is now transmitted through youtube let's plays. To make a youtube channel, you need: >An editing software and editing skills. >Knowledge on how to make thumbnails using photoshop (?). >Knowdlege about how to make a script to your videos, how to mantain them interesting for the audience. >Knowdledge to evade youtube's desmonetizations, as it has been proven that they also affect how Youtube interacts with the videos, pretty much shadow banning them. >Knowdledge of the tech market to buy the best microphone for your buck. >Knowledge to record yourself without looking to out of place. >Knowledge to read a script with passion, instead of reading a school essay. Make Leftube Leftypol Again.
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Good idea. >>9960 It doesn't matter if your content goes viral. Some people just follow whatever's popular. A lot of people seek out niche or less mainstream content. Particularly, there is demand from communists for decent quality content that attracts your attention, and if your video is interesting and engaging, without being to larpy or dogmatic out the gate, then it can be a good way to persuade sympathisers and political fence sitters. If you want some inspiration, prolekult is a really good cinematic quality channel on youtube, I highly recommend them. What sort of videos are you interested in making?
Bump, I agree
>>9960 I've thought about the algorithms thing and I have an idea. This came to me after theory pleeb and pals tried to do a youtube walkout. I'll explain the logic fully so you can poke any holes in my case here. If you want a short version just read the last paragraph for the actual praxis. Striking as a youtuber doesn't make any sense, because youtube doesn't follow the usual business model of worker making a product and youtube selling it for profit. First of all youtube is not profitable to begin with, so any ad money is just offsetting the loss google takes on the platform. Second of all, political videos tend to get demonetized meaning they are not a source of revenue for youtube that can be withheld by striking. Rather, the relationship between the worker (content creator) and employer (youtube) is very different. When you (small time youtuber) upload content to youtube, youtube actually loses money. This is because it costs them money to host the video files and metadata and stream that to people and they get basically nothing in return for it. What money they do get comes from premium subscriptions and monetized videos, especially the ones from major media companies that put shit like Jimmy Fallon on youtube. That's why the algorithm relentlessly pushes it. Whatever money youtube makes from datamining small-scale users is dwarfed by the cost of streaming all that video. The only reason youtube tolerates this kind of thing and hasn't fully become like hulu/netflix is because they depend on small time viewers to watch the big time videos, and the only reason the viewers are on youtube at all instead of netflix/hulu is because of all the unique user-generated content youtube offers. It's the one thing they have on the competition, so they won't give it up and lose market share, even though the company loses money. So if the relationship is different and striking is pointless, what could actually be a meaningful way of engaging in direct action against youtube? You have to look at the material situation and work from that. Figure out what gets them money and deny them that. Figure out what costs them money and give them more of that. In a nutshell, upload more videos and DO NOT monetize them. If you want to monetize your videos for you, do it externally through another service. And when people ask why they can't superchat or join through youtube premium tell them how youtube takes a cut, and so on, that you are denying them revenue from your labor. Good time to slip in something about socializing/nationalizing youtube too. But again that's still pretty vague and simple. We're also fighting The Algorithm, so let's work that into how we can resist youtube. Youtube doesn't want to show actually relevant videos. Our political opponents like to sometimes false flag videos and take them down. More video on youtube's servers means less money for them at little cost to us. Kill 3 birds with one stone and MIRROR each others' videos. For every youtuber you think should get a boost, reupload a copy of a video you think represents them well and link to their channel in the description. Hell, edit a bumper to the beginning to tell people what you're doing and/or cut it into a highlight reel or trailer. Whatever makes the most sense to you. Just be courteous -- get their permission first and tell them what you're doing. This will: strengthen the algorithmic connection between us by increasing crosslinking, make the content more resilient to censorship, AND finally it will increase the operating costs for youtube. The last one puts the company in a more precarious and vulnerable bargaining position so that workers, the government, entities like Joerg Sprave's youtubers union, and so on will be in a better position to negotiate. Mind you, this only works if it's practiced by a network of people at scale.
>Audio Learn how to mix and get a good mic. I can't tell you how many fags I've heard recording their voices full of background noise, buzzing, low volume, clipping, etc. Get audio software (DAW) (Audacity and Mixcraft are good for starters), get some plugins and learn what compressing, limiting and equalizing are.
>>9995 This holy fuck this Even the shittest potato quality footage with god aweful lighting can become something good SO LONG AS IT HAS CLEAN AUDIO

(374.50 KB 600x909 1458616070013.jpg)
Gratitude journaling Anonymous Comrade 12/23/2019 (Mon) 23:51:13 No. 4712 [Reply] [Last]
I watched a video in support of gratitude journaling which claimed it's one of the best ways to feel more positive about life. I'm not sure how I feel about the idea, smacks a bit of self help woo woo but at the same time it isn't like it would be that difficult to try out. Video for anyone curious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPPPFqsECz0
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Stunningly enough I only ended up writing like two entries before giving up on it completely. I shoulda known I would never do anything to actually feel better.
>>9222 yo who is that ugly ape sitting in the car and staring at the handsome king grodd
>>6260 The earth rotates at like 750 miles an hour. Trying to walk would make freedom come sooner by an insignificant amount. This post was made by leftcom gang.
>>4777 > I'm just so angry, and unhappy, and hopeless. I wish things were different than this. A gratitude journal would be a good start then, I also recommend cognitive-behavioral therapy like the classic book "Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy". The world surely sucks from the leftist pov but why pile all the negativity onto your mind? You can reshape your thinking patterns to focus on the best parts of your life. For example, recall when you've been generous with your time, skills, material things. You can think about the impact you've produced: no matter how small in the grand scheme of things, it means something to the people you helped. Maybe you can join some mutual aid group to have more opportunities for the good deeds...
(197.65 KB 1296x864 deep cat.jpg)
>>9924 Yeah... I guess... It's fucking hard being a leftist in this day and age let alone being a doomer leftist with no job. I don't feel like anything I've contributed to the world really matters, because of course it doesn't - nobody is going to give me a decent life cause of it so what did anything I did really mean? If I can't live then what point is there in trying to do good deeds or improve things for anyone else? I think I'm quite a caring and good natured person on the whole but it rubs me the wrong way to think about bothering to do something for others when I need help and it doesn't come. Why should I stick my neck out when nobody will do it for me? And why should I even try get a job or whatever when I feel so certain it won't make a difference? I just want someone to help me and pull me out of this because I can't do it on my own. And it doesn't matter if 'but you have to, nobody else can fix your life', etc etc, I can't! Don't they understand that? Doesn't anybody care? What if I can't pull myself up and fix it, what then?

A S C E T I C I S M Anonymous Comrade 05/09/2020 (Sat) 15:13:29 No. 9324 [Reply] [Last]
I don’t know is that a good idea to post this on that board, but I will try... For some time I thought about the rightness to renounce certain forms of consumption as part of the fight against capitalism. I am able to understand that there are things that cannot be done without buying as new products, generating profit for private entrepreneurs, and they are needed in today's world. However, in my opinion, a consistent socialist should not feed this monster more than necessary. There is no need to buy an iPhone, coffee at Starbucks or a burger at McDonalds. It is worth mentioning some tips on how to survive in this mess. Every socialist should, in some sense be an ascetic. - You don't need a smartphone if you have a laptop. A regular cell phone should be enough, today they have an internet browser installed to check basic things. And running applications from android or Ios is possible through PC emulators. Android applications can be downloaded without a Google account here: -You don't need new clothes. Today's second hand shops have good quality textiles. It is worth mentioning that today's clothes are made of low quality fabrics and fibers that tend to be easily damaged. And the dyes used in them are often harmful to the skin and are poorly primed, which causes the color to wash quickly. It is worth mentioning here that it is good not to wear clothes with visible manufacturer logos. Why should you be an ad as a socialist? It is worth decontaminating them after buying clothes. They can be boiled in a suitable powder or treated with an ozone generator (highly recommended during a pandemic). - Do you furnish the house? Take a look around the local flea market for old furniture. Often, such furniture is made of pure wood (not woodlike materials), and their presence and condition proves their strength. Be careful only on furniture that may have a bark beetle. Removing it with special chemistry is an additional expense. - Food. Look for small food stores, these are usually run by the family, or if you live in the countryside you can get along with local farmers running small farms. It is worth having your own garden. The best idea if you live in a city is to grow your own perennial herbs in pots. - You don't need a car. Today's public transport will take you anywhere you want, cheaper than if you bought fuel every time. However, this issue is very subjective and depends on many other factors. - Many electronics today are worth buying as used, often these antiques work for a very long time. For example, I'm currently using a 20-year-old microwave. The only devices that are not worth investing in are old computers and all Smart electronics due to their collection of quite sensitive data. Many people think that to get rid of the virus from a used computer, it is enough to replace the hard disk. This is a mistake - there are also viruses in the bios. - Use open source software. Many of them are doing great as an alternative to commercial software.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>9327 *desribed
>>9327 Thankfully we have the scientific method so that personal anecdotes are not needed.
>>9324 >You don't need a car. Today's public transport will take you anywhere you want, cheaper than if you bought fuel every time. However, this issue is very subjective and depends on many other factors. Maybe that's true in Yuropooristan, but here in Burgerland you absolutely need a car to get around, unless you live downtown in a large city.
"open" "source"? real chads pirate that shit
>>9367 you didn't link any studies...............

(45.33 KB 348x520 1297514024539_ORIGINAL.jpg)
(231.03 KB 1024x851 2905486154_df109001e5_b.jpg)
Weird exotic fruit Anonymous Comrade 05/21/2020 (Thu) 02:20:22 No. 9769 [Reply] [Last]
Has anyone trier any unusual fruit? I found the channel of a Yuppie who has traveled thr world eating all kinds of exotic tropic fruit or having it delivered. https://youtube.com/channel/UChsbD6Clp-ZPqKwXJR3V7DQ It makes me want to grow some unusual trees. I'm starting with a miracle berry tree. supposedly once eaten the berry causes sour things to taste sweet for thirty minutes. I am excited because it would allow me to basically give up on having sugar in soda. I could just drink lemonade without sugar, and eat bitter healthy food without suffering. I'm also interested in growing Chico, a cinnamon tasting kind of apple. And there are a ton of sapote I'd like to try eating, and also snake fruit. The truth is most of the food and fruits we eat at super markets are only there because they're easy to produce or shelf long. The best kinds of fruit which are grown for personal taste by farmers are usually not mass producable. That's why we as lefties need to take the time to plant more exotic fruit trees so those trees will always keep giving back. Then we can share the fruits without relying on supermarkets with the same damb flavors. We can literally eat more gourmet food once we fight back against big agriculture and capitalism. There are for instance many kinds of bananas and mangoes with different flavors and textures but you'll never see them, when all the bananas at the market are literally from a tree that has been cloned millions of times. Check out his channel or google "exotic fruit" if you've never left your home and don't know what I'm talking about.
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>>9769 Has anyone here tried Miphat? I've heard it's very juicy but hard to get through some channels so very rarely consumed. I forgot some legend was attached to it too.
>>9833 I just Googled Miphat but couldn't find anything. Did you misspell it?
(1.46 MB 720x1520 Gotcha.png)
>>9838 haha you got got You can't eat miphat ASS! lol
>>9833 >>9838 >>9843 Niggas just got played LOL
(121.31 KB 512x455 haida lewd thinking.png)
>>9833 You're the one that admits nobody eats your ass though


no cookies?