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(38.71 KB 463x381 marlboro-red.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 09/25/2020 (Fri) 23:40:42 No. 16535 [Reply] [Last]
What does /hobby/ smoke?
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>>16568 yeah spirits are good, honestly all things considered they dont even feel more expensive, like 2 bucks more than marlboros or camels and they last you a lot longer camel turkish royals are great tho
bored as shit so may as well talk about my thoughts on this here cause i have a few but its pretty banal bullshit not worth bothering anybody about irl ive been at like 4-6 cigs a day over the past few years which started after a couple years of just bumming cigs occasionally when i was at bars or pool halls. the most i will ever smoke in a day is half a pack and ill feel disgusting from it, cant imagine going thru a pack a day. i do definitely get bad cravings after like 12 hours without nicotind. its a very bad habit and i know ultimately very likely to get me very sick but for now im not trying to beat myself up over it or "try" to quit in a half-ass way. i have a weightlifting routine, eat well, have good hygiene & am generally active, which doesnt offset the damage of course, its kind of just cope, but i dont see a reason to feel especially guilty or weak because of what is in daily life a relatively minor vice. the thing is, i do genuinely enjoy smoking most of the time. people get so up in arms and obnoxious over the idea that people might actually enjoy doing something that has been a widely popular vice for a few hundred years now. yes, it is bad for you and you should not start smoking. yes, it is addictive and very hard to stop once you've been smoking for a while. but i did not smoke a cigarette for the first time and immediately have nicotine goblins take control of my brain and lie to me about enjoying it. it took me 2 years of smoking occasionally as a treat, like once every 2-3 weekends, to start buying packs, and i started buying them after a bad family tragedy + working an especially shit job where it gave me something to look forward to at breaks. i liked the taste of tobacco and enjoyed the ritual of having a cigarette years before i ever bought a pack, let alone was as addicted as i am now. im not saying its not a stupid thing to start doing, or that it isnt very naive and stupid for me & ppl who started in similar ways to think they could be the exception of getting addicted. no argument there. but why do people feel like they can be so openly elitist and obnoxious to people for smoking? if youre talking to a friend or family who refuses to quit despite age or health problems, or if somebody is being inconsiderate with where they're smoking, ok yeah put pressure on them, that's one thing. but people will walk down the street and see you smoking on your break and say, to themselves or people theyre with, "thats disgusting" "idk how anyone can do that to themselves", etc. you go out for a cigarette around a new group of people and chances are someone will say "you know thats bad for you, right?" gimme a fucking break, why be such a snob about it. if i have a bad day and smoke half a pack ill feel it and it feels bad, but watching the garbage tv people watch for 10 minutes makes me feel even worse than that and i dont harass people for consuming something stupid even tho its completely normal to "binge watch XD" absolute bottom barrel television for 6 hours a day. i dont even feel the desire to demean people for it, let alone like im entitled to call you a stupid sack of shit for it, but somehow so many people feel entitled to mock and lecture you if you smoke. doesnt really bother me that much, its not a big deal, which is part of why it's odd. who fucking cares? if you see someone who cant operate without drinking or someone whos clearly tweaking, that's sad. if you see someone who is old and sick and coughing and still chainsmoking, that's sad. maybe ill be that person one day, its definitely possible and will be because of bad decisions i made. but some random yuppie saying "i dont trust smokers" to someone they just met isnt out of concern for anybodys health, for some reason its just a socially acceptable way to demean people /cope
Ok guys so I’ve never smoked before and am thinking about trying a pipe for the first time. I’ve looked up how to tamper it, light it and all. However I’ve read you have to get some pure tobacco that tastes good. I was just wondering what does good pipe tobacco taste like? Also if I just do it like once will I get addicted to it because the tobacco (i have reasonably high selfcontrol), or is the addiction thing overrated?
>>17936 Also one time I tried smoking and my lungs hurt the whole night long. I train mma and need my lungs at max capacity, how bad will doing it a few times fuck up my lungs? Should i even try it, is it worth it? I’m mainly just wanting to try a pipe because it looks fun to read theory to it and heard it’s relaxing.
>>17937 you're not supposed to breathe in pipe tobacco, just taste it

/fit/ general Anonymous Comrade 03/17/2020 (Tue) 16:16:12 No. 7004 [Reply] [Last]
Ask your /fit/ related questions here. Beginner's Health and Fitness Guide, aka "the /fit/ sticky" http://liamrosen.com/fitness.html how do i overcome the wall? i'v been working out for almost a year now, gained about 33lbs mostly muscles. i have no made any gain in the past 4 months now despite woring out and eating the same way. how do i get past this and gain muscles again?
Edited last time by krates on 08/07/2020 (Fri) 01:41:46.
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>>17822 The chudjak however, works. It's so accurate and you know it's accurate because they get so pissed over it. /leftypol/ cut them deep and after 6+ years of them acting like the health and fitness forum is for race war prep there's finally an easy meme to just reply to them with.
>>17085 You look big... how long have you been working out for? On a side note, I heard that working out heavily makes you go bald sooner due to increased hormone production. Is it bullshit?
>>17852 no idea about the bald stuff, my hair is as good as ever but I've only been working out for like 3 years. specifically 1 year strict and 2 years on and off. The bald stuff sounds like boomer superstition to me. Steroids do make you go bald though.
>>17810 No doubt it's hard, anon. I was out of commission for about 4 months. Your metabolism changes and you have to reset the balance.
>>17852 Baldness is caused by DHT which is aromatized from testosterone so if you increase your test through working out it could affect it. If you’re really concerned, take a 5ar inhibitor like propecia or if you want to go natural supposedly saw palmetto works. And yes steroids increase the rate of baldness if you’re already predisposed to it from all the excess test in the blood, that’s why most bodybuilders are cueballs

(156.14 KB 1294x948 Wowwowweewa.jpg)
Borat 2 Anonymous Comrade 10/23/2020 (Fri) 21:50:09 No. 17928 [Reply] [Last]
So... How was it?
Will comment soon going to watch it today or tomorrow

(136.16 KB 960x720 CGI_USS_Enterprise-D.jpg)
/trek/ Anonymous Comrade 01/24/2020 (Fri) 01:40:32 No. 5635 [Reply] [Last]
<Star Trek Picard S01E01 is out (check torrents) >general Favourite episodes, best characters, memorable moments, etc.
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>>17902 Probably because it's prepared for ad breaks if it airs on any other service (like cable). >>17900 As many as can be milked before it collapses and dies. >>17886 >>17869 My hopes for a reboot are long gone TBH. All the crap after Enterprise ended and Stage 9 was cancelled has been nothing but one shitpile on top of another. As >>17889 puts it, they should just cut the crap and end it.
>>17915 The thing is, with a world-building that is as rich as Star Trek, that went on for decades (what franchise can claim something similar?), I wouldn't mind a completely serialized Star Trek show and I wouldn't mind some grimdark alterations as well. Deep Space Nine proved that it worked, at a time when serialization was still very unpopular, yet the parts where DS9 is the most serialized are considered the peak of Star Trek. I wouldn't mind somebody talented making an epic HBO-style Star Trek show, but the people who have the claws in this franchise now are utterly incompetent or are probably just grifters. What killed it was the decision to turn Star Trek into a shaky-cam generic sci-fi action show modelled after Star Wars. The Expanse proves that classic sci-fi shows aren't dead. I'm sure you could do something like that for Star Trek as well while staying true to the original spirit of it.
>>17902 The cuts and the camera work on STD literally give me a headache.
>>17925 >the parts where DS9 is the most serialized are considered the peak of Star Trek By you maybe.
>>17930 How are the six Dominion War episodes at the beginning of season 6 not one of the peaks of Trek?

Fantasy Anonymous Comrade 12/14/2019 (Sat) 01:25:48 No. 3288 [Reply] [Last]
Often when when talking about leftist fiction, it is in relation to speculative science fiction.
I'd like to have a thread to discuss not only fantasy with leftist themes, but fantasy in general.

So, read any good fantasy recently?
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I am thinking of creating a fantasy-ish setting. Most likely nothing more than a little hobby / pet project, but still, I'd like to try and make it as believable as possible. Any advice on this? I have the idea for what will be the main feature of the setting and how in general term the world should look, but nothing else really. So how should I start? Try to create the geography and distinguishing regional climate and other features first, then see where it makes sense to have different civilizations etc.?
>>17892 >So how should I start - Write out your ideas; settings races, magic system, various people etc. - Plan out a story within the setting - Begin writing.
>>3288 >fantasy with leftist themes I used to be a huge fan of it, but at some point I realise it's the most conservative genre of all the genres out there. The same fucking elves, dwarves and orcs. And for some reason Elves come in various flavours, while Dwarves never change and always have Scottish accents for some reason (even if Tolkien based them on Jews and their language on Hebrew). Most copycats don't even bother to read the stuff that inspired Tolkien in the first place. And euro/anglocentrism is just another part of it. Humans are always medieval Europeans. Race is often used as an allegory to foreign cultures. Like djinns as nomadic desert dwellers, lizardmen as Mayincatecs or the fish people from Pillars of Eternity being Polynesians. Cultures mind you, that humans were perfectly capable of creating themselves. At least Tolkien understood that the appeal of race was to create a civilization that was impossible for humans to recreate, because of the radically different psych. And let's talk about human societies in this. The gods are real and for some reasons other races share the same pantheon. Only that the "good" races worship the "good" part of the pantheon, while the "evil" races worship the "evil" part of the pantheon. There is no theological debate on whether the "evil" god is truly evil and not just a terribly misunderstood freak. The king is always just. His lineage being blessed by the "good" god after all. If he's evil it's because outside corruption (probably Russians). And while we are at it: >Good male leader King >Evil male leader Emperor >Good female leader Princess >Evil female leader Queen The people are content with the social stratification. There are never revolts, scientific progress is also frozen, gunpowder will never be a thing (looking at you Endless Legends) and neither will other forms of government but divine succession.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>17921 Are attributes described by yourself specific to leftist fantasy? Where are good and bad things everywhere and cliches you described tend to be considered on the badder side. Have you read anything from Le Guin, for example? Even on non specifically leftist side there's bonkers fantasy books such as The Worm Ouroboros which take a much exalted approach to fantasy more reminiscent of ancient epics to the point of almost being impenetrable.
(143.87 KB 1338x826 Kinslaying_at_Aqualonde.jpg)
>>8840 >The Silmarillion is just straight up Elf propaganda. This is the most retarted take I've seen on here. If you actually read the Silmarillion you soon realize its mostly about elves murdering and committing war crimes against each other and other races. In order to regain the lost Silmarils that was stolen, by Morgoth. And because of all of this strife, they severely weaken their forces, causing them to need seek help against Morgoth by calling on Valar in the War of the Wrath. Even the defeat of Morgoth in the War of the Wrath, they still don't regain the Silmarils as they were lost in the chaos of the war. The three kin slayings. https://lotr.fandom.com/wiki/Kinslaying_at_Alqualond%C3%AB https://lotr.fandom.com/wiki/Second_Sack_of_Doriath https://lotr.fandom.com/wiki/Third_Kinslaying

(2.22 MB 1600x1067 syndrome.png)
Dindu Nuffin Anonymous Comrade 07/12/2020 (Sun) 01:41:38 No. 12060 [Reply] [Last]
ITT "villains" who did nothing wrong.
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>>17897 >Second trilogy D-do you mean the Disney Sequels? Are you alright in the head? >Nietzsche is based No >Transhumanism is good I don't know where you see that in Disney Sequels, but no, transhumanism is almost always an easy set up for cyberpunk tier dystopia.
>>12075 LITERALLY. the protagonist is an actual CIA agent meddling in foreign elections. the movie is just one giant neocon propaganda film made for black people.
(151.35 KB 1510x1382 Technocratic Union.png)
>>17793 And the Hobbits are based on rural Englishmen, who don't like changes in their lives.
>>17912 I think he means the prequels you dolt.

(637.85 KB 1280x1663 192873512685183.jpg)
Chernobyl Anonymous Comrade 08/20/2020 (Thu) 15:47:59 No. 15115 [Reply] [Last]
Uhh yeah, this. What do we think of it? I think the cinematically it was really good, but it had a lot of historical inaccuracies.
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>>17737 >living their daily lives, it looked like a pretty good life. To you it may look good, but to the average Western viewer all they see is "oh le poor brainwashed people don't know their commieblocks suck" (I legit have seen people say this kind of idiocy on /tv/ and twitter. Besides, the devil is the details. Small things that turn innocent daily life into "le soviet evul!" Russian review channels detail this a lot better than english ones >>15129
>>17737 It definitely seemed to be sympathetic to the soviet character in some aspects. There was the scene of the ridiculous party propagandist that'd you expect when they're still in the denial phase discussing how to deal with the situation, but later when they're picking men for the suicide mission there's a resolute selflessness to do what everyone knows needs to be done for the good of mankind without complaint.
>>17765 Except the suicide team is depicted as being 'le poor fools used by the system'. They're all but ordered to die, when in fact the people who took part were completely voluntary and knew the risks wholly.
>>17745 >>17765 From Ep4 it really started falling apart especially when they started arguing for knowing the “truth” and about doing the “right thing” by coming forth. The last episode with the trial scene was pretty cringe
>>17766 I disagree with them being portrayed as fools, that would imply them being tricked. They're told what the situation is in the show.

(95.92 KB 540x720 ober.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 10/23/2020 (Fri) 17:03:09 No. 17917 [Reply] [Last]
Thoughts on TMTHC and The Plot Against America? Loved TPAA, hated TMTHC past season 2-3

(63.44 KB 679x887 IMG_20200721_220000.jpg)
(55.62 KB 480x1131 IMG_20200718_234716.jpg)
(59.70 KB 804x693 IMG_20200629_225327.jpg)
The state of animation today Anonymous Comrade 07/26/2020 (Sun) 18:10:21 No. 13238 [Reply] [Last]
Aight, so I've heard folks talking about how lazy a certain "toon-boom" style is, I just wanted to hear opinions and show off some art I made
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(330.64 KB 568x730 azula arms folded.png)
>>16741 >pic wasn't your example It is, and its pretty good too; transparency aside, it defines her curves well. >Whining for half a thread about the supposed popularity of Animaniacs They were popular, especially since they're getting a reboot, that's a fact Jack. >the Godfather The Godfather is considered among the best films of the past century, so just stop. >pop culture in the 90s Relevant to the Animaniacs argument >nothing to do with the OP OP is asking about the status of animation today, animaniacs was an example of 90s animation being brought up, and the new reboot lamented. This became a discussion and then an argument, it's still relevant to the thread, unless you're being unnecessarily pedantic about the thread being explicitly about animation, which is fucking retarded. >you fucking autist Ok Kettle >also shut the fuck up you sage-posting whiner, your post is the last post in over 2 weeks, so I'd say your bitching is probably what killed it. >a considerable amount of animators in the industry are austists, degenerates or both.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>16631 stay mad
the best way to animate is just draw lots of wojaks
I don't give a fuck about whatever styles cartoons have these days, I'm more concerned about executive meddling and the neverending exploitation of animators and writers.
>>17891 > executive meddling and the neverending exploitation of animators and writers. So something that gets solved by capitalism being eliminated then.

(85.85 KB 809x1200 1569732757118.jpg)
/SSA/ - Social Skills Advice Anonymous Comrade 03/23/2020 (Mon) 18:15:39 No. 7305 [Reply] [Last]
Perhaps it has become your goal to be more charismatic, uninhibited and sociable. Let's have a thread where we ask questions and give advice to improve exactly that.
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My advice for social skills is to think like a journalist in a sense (or a good journalist anyways). Watch documentaries by Louis Theroux and Anthony Bourdain. These guys are/were very good at getting people to open up to them because they had an empathetic, non-judgmental approach where they let their subjects tell their own stories. They keep an open mind and mostly just ask open-ended questions. That's what makes them interesting and why people talk to them -- because they're interested in others. People also like to talk about themselves. They have their interests and passions. I've found that asking open-ended questions can get people talking. You don't want to be pushy and don't want to ask things that would make people uncomfortable, although it's okay to take some risks, of course. But remember the key words: >Who >What >When >Where >Why >How Those are the building blocks of storytelling, and people like to tell their stories. Who is it, what is something they do, when do they do it, where do they do it, why do they do it, and how? There are endless variations of questions like this. You're on a date? Forget about asking them about their fucking dogs. Talk to your date about *them*. What is something they're interested in and what they want to do when they're not working? And then when they start talking, they will produce details that you can then use to ask more who/what/when/where/why/how questions. It could even be something that might seem trivial, one time I spent most of a date asking my date about an internet forum that they loved to post on -- what is they like about it? How did the forum come into being? How do people post there? And then suddenly you're spending 45 minutes hearing everything you wanted to know from this person about all the details of this obscure forum they've posted on for 10 years and the culture of the place and what they get out of it, too. You can make a lot of friends this way. I got a member of the Bandidos biker gang to talk to me for an hour about being in the Bandidos -- although I had a leg up because I knew a few things already and my dad hung around those guys in the 70s. But I just went at it like Bourdain and asked him about what it's like to actually ride a motorcycle with these dudes on a rural highway going 100 miles per hour with 20 other dudes. And you know what that's like? It's fucking amazing. And I'm like, fuck yeah, dude. And right there, from his perspective, it's like "this guy gets it, he's cool." I had to be careful about what questions I asked him, but as things developed, he'd volunteer information about himself that he wouldn't normally tell people, like being shot at by another biker gang while on a "mission."

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(177.61 KB 1200x800 bourdain.jpg)
>>17730 (me) Also, remember these guys' professional thing is being able to go anywhere and talk to anybody. The question of "why" also can refer to many different things. But remember to be empathetic. If there is something this person has got going on, why is it important (to them)? Remember we're talking about something they do, some interest, some hobby or passion. Maybe it's their work (although often it's not). Maybe it's their kids. But why is what they're talking about important to *them*? What's the meaning of it? That's where you'll find the truth about a person. I made a friend at a dive, drag bar in Galveston one time, just hanging out drinking and smoking on the balcony, that eventually came to the subject of her kids, which she mentioned she had. Well, how old are they? What are their interests and what do they like to do? And you can do some banter about this, but I don't have any kids and I don't know anything about raising them. It seems really hard! Wow. Turns out, this girl worked at a Texas Gulf Coast gas refinery, working-class woman, the husband and father to her kids took off, meanwhile her daughter was this science whiz who wanted to study microbiology and was on some fast-track college program. Isn't that amazing? She was so proud of her daughter. And her kids were the most important thing in the world to her, and I could tell, and I told her that before my friends dragged me out of there 30 minutes later to hit up the next bar. And I wished her and her family all the best.
(9.22 MB chappelle_OJ.mp4)
>>17731 (me)
I am almost incapable of talking in a casual situation, I usually just say "OK" or try and force myself to laugh at jokes that I don't find funny due to irony poisoning. However, when I'm talking about anything serious I'm extremely eloquent and well-spoken. I can easily console friends that are depressed or feeling troubled or debate about politics but when I see someone and they try and talk to me I have absolutely no idea what to do. What would you guys reccomend?
>>17730 I think this "journalist" theory of yours is really interesting that I might try out.


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