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Word Filters Comrade 11/16/2020 (Mon) 23:12:54 No. 8674
The word filters are too much. I don't know which retard decided it would be a good idea to apply so many of them, it's fucking annoying and you can't go one thread without half the posts getting spammed with filters. It's good for a meme but its frequency turns it from a little thing to smirk at every so often into a constant annoyance. They should be culled down to the bare minimum or removed entirely.
>>8674 the n1gger and the trann1e one are great
>>8677 Yeah but then for every good one there's at least two bad ones.
>>8678 It seems to me that the filters are overall helpful to discussion, and overall people like them. You might not like all of them (hell even I don't) but they are what we have settled on as a consensus. But I will leave this thread unanchored cause it is an open question.
can we word filter "vaccine" to "proven cure" or something?
>>8683 fuck off
Can you do regex filters? t.?r.?a.?n.?n.?y
>>8713 No. Regex is not implemented.
Can we get a discord filter on /games/ too?


no cookies?