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(53.21 KB 720x960 EcsGpUaXsAAt03p.jpeg)
/leftypol/ Mod feedback thread Mod feeback thread 07/13/2020 (Mon) 17:33:32 No. 5320
If you want to appeal a ban, don't forget to post your Ban ID here along with your appeal. Without it, it's really difficult for us to find your ban. Thanks. You can reach the leftypol team through the matrix chat (find it in the FAQ thread in leftypol), or through here. /leftypol/ Mod feedback thread 🚧🚧Please bookmark http://leftypol.org in case this current domain gets v&ed or anything else.🚧🚧 Mod logs: https://bunkerchan.xyz/logs.js?boardUri=leftypol Substitute leftypol with whatever board you want to check. Questions about why you were banned. Appeals. General inquiries. Complaints.
Edited last time by krates on 09/02/2020 (Wed) 03:01:19.
>>5320 I don't like the new haircut you got. You look ugly now. Also why does my asshole itch so much?
>>5343 if you're posting discord links, that is not allowed. Because it's Cointelpro shit
>>5344 Might I suggest the the volunteer committee filtering discord links to "COINTELPRO SHIT USE RIOT.FM or something along the lines to both automate action on discouraging discord use and reducing grievances from the young lads and lasses who want to use it since anyone determined enough to actually use discord can back engineer the original discord link
Hey vol comrades I'd just gone to the trouble of constructing the post copypastad below on a new lysenko OP only to find the post 404ed when I hit reply which was frustrating as the cut and paste and formatting is a lot of work on a small touchscreen lysenkoism is actually easily defensible and as Marx stated in freedom of the press censorship gives the censored information a halo Kind regards Copypasta below: Stop worrying and use it to demonstrate the power of Soviet superscience https://www.resilience.org/stories/2020-05-15/fruit-trenches-cultivating-subtropical-plants-in-freezing-temperatures/ " “Progressive cold-hardening” Imported citrus varieties only survived in a few isolated points along the Black Sea coast, which enjoyed a particularly favourable microclimate. To better prepare citrus fruits for cold, Soviet citrologists followed a method called “progressive cold-hardening”. It allowed them to create new varieties which were adapted to local ecological conditions, a cultivation strategy which had originally been developed for apricot trees and grapes. The method consists of planting a seed of a highly valued tree a bit further north of its original location, and then waiting for it to give seeds. Those seeds are then planted a bit further north, and with the process repeated further, slowly but steadily pushing the citrus variety towards less hospitable climates. Using this method, apricot trees from Rostov could eventually be grown in Mitchurinsk, 650 km further up north, where they developed apricot seeds that were adapted to the local climate. On the other hand, directly planting the seed of the Rostov apricot tree in Mitchurinsk proved unsuccessful. "
Please consider some general policy of cleansing the boards of bourgeois democratic propaganda, whether it be pro-Trump, -Biden or -Kanye. It has no place on here, we're not free advertising space; they've got the rest of the web for that.
>>5344 No, actually it was a post against discord in Sage's organising thread. And actually, it wasn't deleted, my mistake.
(225.74 KB 2048x1152 Depressed Unruhe.jpg)
>>5320 was ban for a month for ""DOXING"" because i check the meta data of image to see what camera they used ? because i legit curious about it. Should i make a thread in /tech/ to educated people about meta data ?
>>5357 >Should i make a thread in /tech/ to educated people about meta data ? Yes
>>5359 Please do this mods.
>>5351 Lysenkoism and epigenetics aren't the same thing, and even if they were, the fact that there was no good evidence for the latter in Lysenko's time means it was still unscientific.
>>5357 What's the ban id. >>5359 >>5360 Please contribute the code and we'll try to integrate it soon.
>>5320 Do you plan on letting us post images on mobile? It has never worked, so I can’t post anything.
(85.70 KB 900x900 image0-19.jpg)
>>5368 Posting images from mobile has always worked.
A lot of radioactive trash-threads bumping on /leftypol/ atm >>>/leftypol/695717 (misinfo) >>>/leftypol/693767 (doomer cringe) >>>/leftypol/695642 (low-effort bait from Reddit) >>>/leftypol/696402 (more Reddit shit, in thus case it should've gone into the /IG/ contaiment thread)
>>5377 >reddit shit <696402 Tell me did you read the post or just the meme image?
>>5378 Yes motherfucker. We've probably had five iterations of that exact thread in the past month, they're surely to be found in the catalog if you search 'reddit'. But to reiterate my main point: they all should've gone in the /IG/ thread we intentionally have for this topic to begin with, at most one 'Reddit censorship' cyclical should've been made, but it's already becoming old news at this point.
We've got a nazi in the 'Where Should People Live?' thread: >>>/leftypol/697202 >>>/leftypol/697287
I hope you guys don't have servers in US with the "Red Scare about Antifa" president.
There's someone dropping fishy QR code links everywhere
>>5388 Thanks, took care of it.
Pol tards raid just happening, i suggest you to act swiftly
Those former /pol/uighurs who now feel like they need recognition from some boomers on /pol/ out of spite should have their shitty raid threads anchored so they dont shit up the board. Literally all of these threads end the same way which is with /pol/ spamming and raiding and making the site unusable because they outnumber us 100 to 1
>>5393 Seconding this.
>>5393 Jannies need to delete these threads outright.
>>>/leftypol/695717 This thread's OP is misinfo, please don't enable it. (It was revealed to be misinfo a couple of minutes in 24+ hours ago and just started bumping again).
>>5393 >end the same way which is with /pol/ spamming and raiding and making the site unusable because they outnumber us 100 to 1 Ecept that every time we raid and they TRY to raid back we BTFO out of them. I remember given that I took part in 2 such raids when leftypol moved back to bunkerchan. It was absolute chaos on /pol/ and when they tried to raid us back they failed so hard they abandoned the attempt. I've also never been part of /pol/ and am a relative oldfag of 8ch leftypol.
>>5320 Can you ban >>>/hobby/12399, this faggot is derailing the thread AGAIN by posting bai about "muh gun control" which A) has already been argued and finished, and thus is pointless B) thread OP specifically didn't want gun control discussion, and shitposts like that are just fucking derailing the thread and thus against site rules
Please ban or at least penalize the guy on /leftypol/ that Wojack-spams everywhere in response to criticism or mere dialogues. I'm pretty sure 99% of the Wojack-posts during the last week have been from a singular, emotional, 16 year old kid. He needs to learn to lurk more before going on polluting the board quite frankly.
If we are not getting any more boards, you guys could remove /roulette/, and add /dead/ and /anime/ to the top bar for more activity
>>5421 Space_ is in a heroin-induced coma in Bangladesh where he went to scam street children into investing "in strong stocks", but which actually went to fund his VR gaming addiction (he only plays Eroges banned outside of Japan). I think you understand why he hardly ever tends to this site anymore (it's a shame, really). I don't think he should keep getting away with it, but maybe that's just me...
/leftypol/ might be getting brigaded by some interest group. Sudden flood of religious threads and links to conservative news outlets
>>5423 I don't notice anything unusual. I only see three religious threads: >>>/leftypol/703541 >>>/leftypol/703591 >>>/leftypol/700529 And the OP pic of this: >>>/leftypol/702848 But thanks for the heads up, I'll try to keep an eye out.
/pol/ anti-black thread on GET: >>>/GET/102593
>>5425 I've already reported it via the report function. This is /leftypol/ moderation meta board, btw. namely, leftypol/hobby/tech/edu/games/anime Report it here instead: https://bunkerchan.xyz/GET/res/73417.html
/pol/ black hate thread on GET: >>>/GET/102593
>>5420 It's actually a script used by several users.
I know this is /leftypol/ mod thread but can /GET/ mods clean up their acts. reactionary shit stays up for weeks but a single post about idpol gets deleted immediately and entire threads get cut down because mods can't take shitposting in a nonserious thread, resulting in plenty of content being deleted. Example the Butts thread, just porn posting with some joking shit-talking between anons, yesterday there were 244 posts... today there are 219. Like what the flying fuck?
>>5407 Hello? Can we get mods on this? This shit is still up.
>>5430 I think that might have been an error with Zeke's new crawler bot. However as you say, we are not responsible for /GET/ mods, you would have more luck using the feedback thread on that board. >>5431 I am reluctant to mod someone for gun control discussion, seems like a sincerely held belief to me.
>>5432 M8 1) The OP specified that Gun control argument should NOT be in the thread 2) The argument on gun control still happened and is over, but this same anon keeps posting the same "muh gun control retard" while saging just to bait a reply Just do us a favor and delete it so that some anon doesn't happen to reply and continue the pointless shitshow and people can continue to talk about guns and not politics.
>>5407 Bumping for this
What's up with that wojak script that quotes a post a makes some wojak image out of it? It's getting spammed all over leftypol
>>>/leftypol/705139 Please remove the bumplock on this thread. This bumplock was totally unjustified.
>>5441 undone
>>5441 no, cringe poster
(1.98 MB ban.webm)
Update the /leftypol/ sticky with the Russia general >>652142 You can delete my question chain in this somewhat unrelated thread in response to this, as I got the info I asked for: >>707323
>>5445 done the former, i'll just leave the questions, they'll bump off eventually
>>5320 Mods please ban >>>/hobby/12503 They are disregarding a moderator warning post, Are calling for violence based on sectarian ideology and shitposting bad-faith strawman bait
>>5445 FYI for cross-board posts you do >>>/leftypol/652142 and >>>/leftypol/707323
>>5453 Delete their post as well, since its just worthless contrarianism dressed under a strawman of outrage for "le people" typical lib bullshit.
>>>/leftypol/708035 >Anchoring cause thread went to shit Yet another completely unjustified thread bumplocking. So even though the OP had a completely legitimate and relevant topic for discussion, we're not allowed to talk about it because someone didn't like it? And what's the remedy for this? Have the OP make another identical thread and wait for it to happen again? So every time a shitposter messes with a discussion you can just shut down the whole thing? Who's to say you weren't the one who messed with the discussion in the first place? Do you see the problem with this kind of reasoning?
>>5457 What do you propose?
(28.78 KB 557x579 delete this.jpg)
Can the following threads be deleted? They're either duplicate threads or straight up unnecessary >>>/hobby/12512 There are 2 music generals and 5 other genre-specific music threads >>>/hobby/12376 There is already the SCP thread and it's only alive because someone necrobumped it >>>/hobby/12412 No effort OP post. Reposted on a film thread >>>/hobby/12458 As said before there are several music threads already up There are 2 metal threads 2 general music threads a leftist music thread a cringe song thread and others >>>/hobby/11142 A thread that has been remade on >>>/anime/ and was first posted on hobby by mistake Also can the /hobby/ board please implement the rules mentioned in >>>/hobby/12451
>>5458 Delete the shitposts, ban the derailer for a couple of hours, you know, the things jannies are supposed to do.
>>5459 >There is already the SCP thread and it's only alive because someone necrobumped it SCPs and Creepypasta have firmly become two different things, having two threads is fine.
>>5508 Except 1 is used and established and the other is not. Besides creepy pasta stuff is already being posted in the SCP thread.
>>5459 Some new lazy duplicates >>>/12555/ is another Punk thread... with 0 content and a zero effort OP that is literally "Is dis leftist, hurrr?" Also a new pointless car upholstry thread that belongs in the recently made car thread >>>/hobby/12548
>>5508 1) Creepypasta thread was literally necrobumped with a literal "bump" post. 2) Creepy-pasta is posted in the SCP thread and it was already suggested to be made one big thread, since users and PPH is low on hobby already without more thread splitting. 3) Creepy pasta and SCP are not really that distinct, since more often than not (in recent times), creepy pasta is just made up shit... just like SCP.
>>5440 Is it actually a script? I thought it was a real person?
Is there a reason why empty reported threads are just bumplocked instead of just being deleted?
>>5521 >>5516 >>5440 Such a cringe thread. Why do people enable wojack fags? Like an occassional use is fitting but its just being spammed constantly in threads.
>>5522 For more transparency. So that people can see why they have been bumplocked and let them the possibility of contesting the decision.
>>5524 Then why was the original Last of Us thread deleted when the new duplicate thread stayed up!? Like what the fuck?
>>5525 https://bunkerchan.xyz/games/res/22628.html Not a single archive.is page for it either. 52 posts lost in return for a literal shitpost thread. Is this your shitty mod-bot at it again?
>>5527 https://bunkerchan.xyz/games/res/2628.html you added an extra 2 you sperg
Consider making a religious containment thread. I would really like to see them all share the same thread, I think it would be a glorious sight to behold.
You delete my shitposts but let a fucking nazi hold an AMA. >>/leftypol/714660 This is the last straw. Fuck you, you dumb weeaboo children.
>>5320 Requesting the Permaculture thread be moved to >>>/hobby/ Why: >>>/leftypol/716917 Thread: >>>/leftypol/161914
(61.26 KB 1080x432 Screenshot_20200725-040724~2.png)
>this is a post worth deleting from an idpol discussion thread according to jannies
>>5637 that post is uncontroversial, I don't see the problem
>>5637 this should not have been deleted
Whoever made the idpol discussion thread should be wholly ashamed of themselves if not wholly ejected from their duties.
Hey I got banned for idpol for arguing against people promoting anti-trans ideology but this image exists also I made a thread for it cause making threads despite site agreements seems to be the norm with the idpol discussion thread >>5643
>>5640 >do stuff without consulting the users >they complain and say we're tyrants >ask the board about stuff >they shit it up and piss and moan about it
>>5646 At this rate its probably because you have shit ideas more than how you half-assedly ask us how we would like you to implement your shit ideas.
(19.40 KB 624x351 alan partridge.jpg)
>>5647 What would you do to improve the board if you were me? Oh and you can't improve the software or the servers and you can't actually ban anyone because of Tor.
(2.86 MB 1242x1491 shot everyone here.png)
>>5648 if I knew I'd join the vols I can pretty firmly say an idpol board is about in the deepest levels of hell on my priority list though. Banning /IG/ might honestly be a start and replace it with like an e-celeb cringe thread or something so we don't have fucking retards simping for socdem breadtubers with edgy aesthetics. Probably more aggressively wordfilter rightist terms like tranny and the like. God knows there are probably retarded vols who'd rather ban everyone than have any persecution of the "left" reactionaries though, so odds are things will stay the same and I'd get stripped of power and/or banned. Like I am now.
(97.67 KB 1024x742 nkvd.jpg)
>>5649 I don't see how replacing IG with an identical IG would really change/fix anything though. As for word filters, well, there might be something coming up once the admins bother to get round to it, just wait :^)
>>5649 If i were a janny, I would simply increase my salary exponentially.
>>5650 well there are two options: 1. blanket ban on IG shit a la idpol 2. make (and enforce) a thread exclusively about IG topics but only for shitting on them at least option 2 means combating breatube and the like and there could be an "unofficial" policy of letting decent content (like prolekult, cockshott, ect) slide in their own threads while doing crackdowns on Maupin posters or whatever. It seems at least mildly more productive than a blanket ban, but the situation generally is deteriorating mostly because we've never really reconciled the underlying issues of the two different cultures formed from the split, now we just have the oldBO trogs shitting and farting up about trans people on /leftypol/ and everyone who gets kinda tired of it browsing /leftypol/ but gradually being pushed over to /GET/. All I can conclude is that events occur as it were, twice: the first time as tragedy, the second as farce. >As for word filters, well, there might be something coming up once the admins bother to get round to it, just wait :^) Lad I've heard that since the split. Hell, I fucking heard it with the old idpol general, I heard it when the idpol general spread to /leftytrash/, I heard it both from oldBO and post-coup BO. It's not easy to have faith in people you can't know. >>5651 Based.
>>5648 1. Remove the wojack script thread from >>>/tech/ and remove posts and 3-day ban anyone using it for a month. 2a. Remove names and trips for users; subject-line and flags are well enough 2b. Require names and position for staff as there's a power differential, when you exercise authority you are required to give a sentence as to why you exercised it. 3. Stop bumplocking shit that's just blatant rule-breaking and just remove it instead, as it clutters the board unnecessarily. 4. Make an /idealism general/ to contain Grace-poster, fascists trolls, IDpollers, socdems, religious revisionists and post-leftists (remove /dead/; it's reactionary).
>>5653 And with #4 I'm of course saying you should repress these activities outside the container-thread.
also - filter reactionary language aggressively - if individuals will not be banned, their threads can be. deprive them of space to post, make a bot for referrals based on keywords to alert mods if common reactionary topics come up so they can be banned quicker, and do the same for common /pol/ images and infographics - actually establish a community relationship with the posters on the ground by wearing your trips and badges openly - shift anti-idpol to solely anti-right wing idpol - centralize an organization thread, it doesn't need a specific topic or objective, it can just be a list of ongoing projects people can chip into if they have free time. literally anything but having everyone shitfight all the time with each other, cause thats all we do anymore. - start banning people for posting shit like "le reddib" and other secret club elitist shit - have a more comprehensive community plan for shit, like an actual roadmap for community goals and/or objectives, formalize the book thread into proper guide to self-radicalizing and how to do online and irl organizing rather than just a giant pile of books without context. - while you are at it, also a repository where the books are sorted better too. hell, stuff like the banbot is already a project on /GET/, seriously. Collaborate with /GET/ mods, they have stuff like the community engagement and other aspects down already, and /GET/ has a lot less fucking bellyaching than /leftypol/.
and of course: the only reason why right wingers espouse these types of views on leftypol like being incels or what have you is because they not only find affirmation in each other on the site but because they figure there are enough morons here that they can make an appeal to some of them. to an extent it is the duty of experienced leftists to refute them where possible and for less experienced leftists to learn from these engagements and from other works to not have that vulnerability. blanket bans like idpol only worked in the short term because they smothered the ability to talk about it for a time before they wriggled back into /IG/. The only way to be rid of them is if they are not only systematically persecuted, but loathed and derided by the community at large, made unwelcome at all turns, met with a bayonet beyond every street corner. To some extent we will likely need to warn people who veer too close with agreeing with reactionaries and, if they keep feeding the trolls, give them short bans. But that is if, and only if, the mods likewise keep up a solid campaign of bans and thread delets.
>>5655 >filter reactionary language aggressively Fuck off >shift anti-idpol to solely anti-right wing idpol <Don't critisize muh liberal agenda!!! All idpol is shit. >start banning people for posting shit like "le reddib" and other secret club elitist shit t.redditor doesn't want to be called out GET's banbot erased several threads and posts for no reason.
>>5648 Repostan my suggestions here for completeness sake and more attention points Find space and kick the piss out of him Really, ban /IG/ and don't let a replacement develop, aggresively filter for reactionary buzzwords, start nipping idpol conversations in the bud as soon as it becomes obvious its someone trolling or pushing reactionary viewpoints on any topic rather than actuall debating or just being wrong about something, instead of letting them fester until someone says something outright inflamattory or it ruins the entire thread its in which from the outside at least appears to be the current effective policy, switch on poster id's as necessary so people realise how many people there are actually doing this nonsense Obviously there are ways around ids and bans, but oxygen thieves need oxygen to function, if they get smacked down everytime they start nonsense they'll move onto a softer target where they have more leeway to get attention
https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/697419.html why was this thread bumplocked. I'm reading capital now and it's useful to me
>>5657 >GET's banbot erased several threads and posts for no reason. Not our department, you have to complain to them
jannies shouldn't be able to post without being identified as jannies
>>5659 >why It seems someone had an allergic reaction to the mudpie bs. I have undone it. >>5655 I mean most of this is desirable but it isn't very easy. >/GET/ has a lot less fucking bellyaching than /leftypol/ This is because /GET/ is smaller and people that want to shit up the place seem to almost always go to /leftypol/ as a consequence. Just compare the length of the logs of each board. >Collaborate with /GET/ mods We do but most things are just independent and the two boards are very different. >>5661 Who would be left to do the jannying then? If I had to choose I for one would rather post than trying to keep the wheels from falling off.
>>5662 you could still post, but people would know that it was a janny posting. why would that stop you from posting?
>>5663 Cause I don't want to be identifiable and I don't want to have a name or wear a badge. That is kinda the point of anon imageboards.
>>5664 you would not be identifiable beyond being identifiable as a janny. which is a kind of badge, but then again you do have policing powers
>>5665 Whether that's a big deal or not I am just saying in that hypothetical I would prefer to go back to being anon and most likely would quit the cleaning job. I also fail to see the benefit of it. What would happen is that threads that have a mod posting in them would get derailed by that and the anti-janny faction. In any case the point is quite moot as we can't even ban people from posting if they put just a bit of effort into evading we certainly can't make anyone wear a badge.
>>5320 There is no post about how to browse the site on mobile apps? Is there any ways?
Add Southeast Asia General to FAQ sticky (and make the thread cyclical): >>>/leftypol/705255
>>5668 Dashchan
>>5637 So no vol will give me an explanation? I'm still waiting.
>>5673 The vol who deleted your post is not yet online, I sent him message about that.
>>5674 Alright, thanks m8
>>5667 >I also fail to see the benefit of it. you fail to see the benefit of knowing that you're arguing with someone who will ban you for disagreeing with their pet peeve? >no jannies would never do that! haha
>>5637 It was friendly fire on my part; among the shitstorm caused by the multiple wreckers we had to deal with in that thread I deleted your post without any precaution and with too much haste as to read it properly. From reading it here I see there was no reason to delete this post, I apologize on my part.
>>5672 cant find on playstore or fdroid is it gone?
>>5681 First install Dashchan from Mishiranu/Dashchan on GitHub. Also look for the webm extention. Then install the Bunkerchan extention from maksrago/Dashchan-Extensions-ACF on GitHub >>5678 I accept your apology.
>>5660 I'm not complaining, just pointing out that a bot that "targets reactionrray words and images" is not only utter censorship but also can be abused quite easily. Old BO's bans will look like a dream. For example the debunk thread would be erased because "it has reactionary words" even though its part of a query for responses to reactionary arguments and strawmen.
>>5655 /GET/ is a fucking hugbox with a nearly closed circuit of users and very liberal views. Its a literal shitposting board that does not engage in political discussion and actively bans such content.
>>5650 Please no. Uighur is already cringey as fuck and /GET/'s wordfilters make it nearly incomprehensible.
>>5637 Because its fucking intersectional bullshit that is not dialectical or socialist. ALL idpol is a distraction. Most REAL issues of race or sex will be resolved with worker emancipation. The rest ought to be resolved after a revolution, when they actually matter. You deserve this fucking deletion because its fucking bad faith spam that you keep reposting endlessly.
Can you remove the first bumper from /leftypol/? I think it aged terribly considering who was behind the Bolivian coup. I made these other two if you need a replacement or want to add more bumpers since the ones we have are already pretty old.
>>5682 Thanks.
>>5687 The one with Chavez and Che is really good, greatjob on making these anon.
>>5687 >I think it aged terribly considering who was behind the Bolivian coup. ...the pope?
>>5683 ...We have nothing to do with the bot, you have to talk to /GET/ about it.
(1.25 MB 900x1864 ussr-tan.png)
>>>/leftypol/719189 should be moved to hobby. Its low in posts, is sinking and the topic is >>>/hobby/ content (soviet cartoons/film) with little political discussion involved.
>>5691 FFS m8, can you scroll up? Anon made a post about how leftypol should have a bot for removing "reactionary text and images" which I argued against, since that is harmful to discussion (since quoting reactionary arguments to debunk them would result in a ban). I then brought up the unreliability of /GET/'s recent bot as an example. I never claimed that /leftypol/ mods were responsible.
>>5690 USA backed Christian reactionaries
>>5693 Okay, fair enough, my bad.
>>5693 >>5695 lel you morons you didn't even read the post itself which was the bot could be used for referrals to ban people based on keywords, basically an auto-report system
>>5696 I did read the post and that is the specific problem. using such words (which are left undefined) even in ironic context or when quoting a reactionary for reference, would get you a ban for no reason.
>>5698 The bot would flag the post for manual review by a human being, if anything it would reduce false positives by regularising the review process instead of jannies going into threads and manually scanning for shit and having to read grating, stupid conversations
>>5699 > instead of jannies going into threads and manually scanning for shit and having to read grating, stupid conversations Except this wouldn't help at all. 1) The jannies would still have to read through the exchange to determine whether the supposedly reactionary word was truly reactionary 2) It would enforce one ideology, since anyone who isn't agreeing with the mainstream but arguing in good faith could get banned by mods who themselves are biased. Report systems exist for a reason.
Oh hey, it's me Douglas Lain again I just wanted to tell you that you did a good work by deleting the popeposter from the obvious bait thread made by /pol/. that was really important thing to do, nothing is more annoying than spammers in /pol/yp bait threads. Thanks for your moderation style, mongoloids >>720493
>>5703 >>/leftypol/720493
>>>/leftypol/720493 is a /pol/ bait
>>>/leftypol/721080 another /pol/ bait thread wtf are you doin mods?
Why aren't you dealing with the wojak script
Few days back I was unable to post while away from home and using mobile data because my ip "was recognized as a known spammer". I assume at some point lewd cat poster used it through vpn. If I ever encounter such situation, how do I get it unbaned?
/leftybritpol/ is once again filling up with /pol/yp bait and infographics
>>5725 Get in the riot chat and ping a mod so we can help you.
We seems to be getting raided by /pol/ again (/IG/, /leftypol/ catalog)
Is there an audio filetype that's allowed on this site? I was gonna post some music that isn't on youtube or anywhere else but it doesn't seem to allow any audio
>>5741 On >>>/GET/ at least one can post .mp3's
Big thanks to the based mod active right now.
>Someone get rid of this power-tripping mod who's accusing me of "ban evasion" with zero proof and considers pornographers not to be petite bourgeois. I immediately undid the ban, because I realized later you were not ban evading and the ban was too harsh for simply contributing to the cancer.
>>5761 Classifying labor and exchange relations in prostitution and pornography industry with Marxist terms is not contributing to any "cancer" especially when citing academic resources such as http://uregina.ca/~gingrich/s28f99.htm. If you don't like the discussion, hide the thread and go outside walking in a park or something. Don't be a powertripper who bans people randomly with false accusations.
>>5765 >go outside walking in a park or something I'm about to do literally that. I undid the ban. What more do you want. The anti-sex work shit is irrelevant to /ig/. >hide the thread I'm a vol, I can't do that. I have to monitor the extremely shit /ig/ thread at the cost of my mental health. >Don't be a powertripper who bans people randomly with false accusations. Cry me a fucking river, you probably don't even know for how long the ban was since it was revoked so quickly.
(131.71 KB 1875x855 Screenshot_20200728_222328.png)
Reposted from /leftypol/
>>5767 You could've just said "no sex work discussion on /ig/ from here on" and that would've been the end of that. Instead you decide to ban me with false accusations such as "ban evasion" and now you're gaslighting me on /leftypol/ claiming that I'm ban evading again ( >>>/leftypol/726743 ).
Nice job for deleting all of your posts that incriminated you. This site is beyond repair.
>>5772 What do you want? I already removed you ban, instantly. Nobody would know this, except you complained about it, so this doesn't "serve" me in any way.
>>5774 >>5775 I'm not deleting shit, other mods are doing that and posted the evidence here >>5770
>>5767 >The anti-sex work shit is irrelevant to /ig/ >please avoid spontaneous marxist discussion and keep to the topic of the subreddit You're beyond parody and have no clue how to run a chan You have no business being a moderator Go back
>>5779 apply as a mod then, lil bitch.
>>5781 Alright consider this my application I apply as a mod on the condition that I replace this janny as mod
>>5782 >personal vendetta you're not fit as a mod. You're beyond parody and have no clue how to run a chan You have no business being a moderator Go back
(583.26 KB 1080x1331 truechad.png)
>>5785 >personal vendetta Why yes I do have a personal vendetta against the ignorant I vow to strike down all those who cannot withstand theory
>>5786 Spending half your day watching e-celebs on youtube (and the other half shitposting on /IG/) doesn't count as theory.
>>5787 Woah are you engaging in a personal vendetta now? Well thank you for displaying to the world your incapability at being a moderator I petition this janny's immediate removal
>>5788 I was just making an observation as you seemed quite mistaken on what counts as theory. I care as much about you as I care about your favourite e-celebs.
>>5789 >I was just making an observation as you seemed quite mistaken on what counts as theory. I doubt your ability to even recognize theory tbh Stand by comrade rowling :)
1. Apologize for your ban evasion accusation. 2. Apologize for being too trigger-happy with bans. 3. Apologize for gaslighting me on /leftypol/ about ban evasion again after unbanning me. 4. Stop acting like a 12-year-old and arguing with this random dude here ( >>5781 >>5782 >>5785 etc.). 5. You should not be allowed to moderate anything other deleting the most obvious Nazi/porn/gore spamming. You don't seem to have the mental capacity to discern more nuanced discussions and make a judgment over what's too "idpol" (extremely broad and vague term).
>>5792 >1. Apologize for your ban evasion accusation. no >2. Apologize for being too trigger-happy with bans. no >3. Apologize for gaslighting me on /leftypol/ about ban evasion again after unbanning me. no 4. Stop acting like a 12-year-old and arguing with this random dude here ( >>5781 >>5782 >>5785 etc.). *checks links* no >5. You should not be allowed to moderate anything other deleting the most obvious Nazi/porn/gore spamming. You don't seem to have the mental capacity to discern more nuanced discussions and make a judgment over what's too "idpol" (extremely broad and vague term). thanks for your input.
>>5795 Then if the staff in this site have any sense, you should be removed.
>>5795 The fact that you banned this dude for posting a class analysis means you are not fit to be a mod. Maybe go mod for r/socialism instead. They love onlyfans ethots there and would give their entire paychecks to one.
>>5795 >tfw nothing will come about after this janny sperged out the whole staff is a joke
(285.56 KB 763x1975 (you).png)
Please move this thread to >>>/edu/ OP approves >>>/leftypol/724981
The /leftypol/ humor thread (which is currently sinking and slow) is more of a >>>/hobby/ thread than a /leftypol/ one, given the nature of its content being humor and collected humorous chanology. Requesting it be moved >>>/leftypol/622870
>>5800 The mod team is a clique, they just jack each other off in chats, posting OwO and being all kawaii to one another. It's retarded as fuck. They don't care about communism, or Marxism, because noneof them are communists or Marxists, they're self-professed socdems and radlibs. They'll claim 1 communist and 1 anarchist on the mod team, like the white dude who points to his one black friend.
(96.25 KB 890x656 so stupid.jpg)
>>5837 >The mod team is a clique, they just jack each other off in chats Not only is everything in this post a lie, logically there is no way you could know this was happening. Who are you trying to convince here, the clinically retarded? >they're self-professed socdems and radlibs. They'll claim 1 communist and 1 anarchist on the mod team Oh fucking hell, if one of us stated something so absurd I am sure you can produce proof. It would be the talk of the town for a year straight had this fantasy happened. Explain to me why anyone would put up with this shit if they weren't at the very least an anarchist? If I wasn't a communist but a socdem I would have left you to your own devices eons ago.
So was the wojak script banned or not
>>5841 Power move
(7.25 KB 463x108 Capture.PNG)
>banned in 10 minutes for ironic racism >the same thing said unironically for a full day isn't banned Should I keep the racism unironic next time to avoid a ban? Or is racism only banned between certain hours?
>>5848 Why is this site becoming tumblr?
WHY was this thread locked for idpol? >>>/leftypol/728766 No idpol here
Mod team is being extra reddit lately
>>5848 I evaded the ban but the board is such a shithole I don't see any point wasting time on it. Kill yourself jannies.
Thanks for deleting my question in the QTDDTOT thread. My question was "How does /leftypol/ explain the subversion by Jews?" I want to challenge what i know about the Jews, tell me how i should write the question so i doesn't get deleted? Do you want me to censor the word jew or something?
>>5853 I see now that it was deleted because it was idpol, is there a place where i can ask my question, like an idpol thread? I have a feeling i'm not the only person to have similar questions about the jews and /leftypol/'s take on them.
Let's have a thread where we can post things that don't deserve their own thread, beyond questions. Kind of like, "feels that don't deserve their own thread" or something.
>>5854 >>5853 We have these threads all the time. Usually the OP is in bad faith. You can ask for resources that debunk "the subversion by Jews" and read them on your own. Did you check the catalog? >>5855 A better thread for that is /leftytrash/ located here: >>>/GET/102302 If you have a specific idea of the OP, you could paste it here + OP image and I can ask the other mods for approval so it doesn't get bumplocked.
>>5854 Also check this thread. >>>/leftypol/643776
>>5856 Thank you very much. >>5857 That's exactly what i was looking for, thanks!
>>5861 No, not really, they're just assblasted
>>5861 Yes you are, you goddamn ingenious PSYOP bitch.
>>5849 Because too many reddit snowflakes have immigrated here.
Mods has the report function been fixed?
You ask for feedback in the idpol statement thread, but then you lock the thread. Smh, this is why people don't like you. Here's my post anyway: >>727234 >We believe that conflicts between genders, races, sexualities, and so on are distractions from the wider class struggle that are intentionally fanned by the ruling class. <This does not mean that oppression based on personal characteristics does not exist, That's exactly what the statement means. If the conflicts are a "distraction" then they are a manufactured narrative, rather than a material reality. <but that it should be approached from an egalitarian perspective What does that mean to you, "from an egalitarian perspective"? <which is not personally accusatory and does not assign ‘victim’ and ‘oppressor’ groups. You just said oppression happens. If oppression happens, that means there's someone doing the oppressing and someone being oppressed. The groups don't necessarily have to be "white", "black", whatever, but there are oppressor groups and oppressed group. For example, the private military firms operating in MENA are oppressor groups linked to other oppression groups, and they oppress a group of people. The problem here is of group definition. Someone joining the nazi party is literally making a decision to join a group whose stated aim is to oppress others. I guess what you wanted to say is that you don't think people should be grouped by immutable characteristics, but rather by their class position and material conditions.
This thread should be moved to >>>/dead/ : >>>/leftypol/726175
>>5795 Wow you are a fucking faggot an ruining this board
Jannies do your jobs and delete the incel thread that has been up for far to long.
>>5962 Did you read the idpol thread OP? They were staying active for 24 hours then it was crackdown time. >If the conflicts are a "distraction" then they are a manufactured narrative, rather than a material reality. 1) The point of that concession was to ease any newfags who would want to talk about women and race issues. 2) These issues exist currently - though exaggerated by liberals - however they are distractions from the unified and real struggle which in and of itself would solve these issues. There is no dichotomy >What does that mean to you, "from an egalitarian perspective"? What is meant is that (for example) african American minorities would be given social justice as per their position, HOWEVER it would not be at the cost of others as it is done under capitalism and it would make them socially equal to others not above, as seems to be the dogma of recent radical liberals >If oppression happens, that means there's someone doing the oppressing and someone being oppressed Re-read the sentence. They speak of GROUPS in plural. The implication is that the current liberal ideologies focus on various "oppressors" (le pateriarchy or le whitey) and this is false. The only actual oppressor is Porky and the only 'victims' that exist are the workers, regardless of their race or sex. >he private military firms operating in MENA are oppressor groups linked to other oppression groups, and they oppress a group of people. They are not oppressor groups, they are tools of poky and symptoms of their system.
>>5958 Seems so. It's fickle. >>5962 It was closed because the thread stopped serving it's purpose after the first 100 posts out of probably 3,000+. >>5965 You have no idea what I do or don't do on this board, child. Pure hysteria. >>5980 I assume it was already deleted. It's easier to check if you link the thread.
>>5838 >>The mod team is a clique, they just jack each other off in chats >Not only is everything in this post a lie, No, 100% true >logically there is no way you could know this was happening. I've spent time in the IRC channel. One of your jannies is a looney tunes alt-righter.
>>5983 >You have no idea what I do or don't do on this board, child. Pure hysteria. You have the same snide dismissal of criticism, as well as that stupid ass smugness. And all the anons are intimately familiar with the actions of the mods. Please stop acting like what you do it a big mystery.
>>5984 The IRC is not part of the leftypol mod team and most, if not all mods, don't participate in it. >>5985 >all the anons are intimately familiar with the actions of the mods. See the post above you.
>>5983 >It was closed because the thread stopped serving it's purpose after the first 100 posts out of probably 3,000+. No, it was closed because people pushed back against the boards philosophical justification for being against idpol, that racism is a legitimate grievance that the left should recognize. You got butt mad when the board's gross racism was revealed when they had to actually defend these positions. The racist justifications for deeming racism an illegitimate grievance range from: Race doesn't exist Racism doesn't exist, only class. (lol) Racism isn't that bad. Slavery wasn't the profitable, or that bad because slaves were expense and therefore weren't abused that much. Racism will be solved when the glorious revolution comes, date TBD. When your anti-idpol defenders started gettting BTFO'd you all locked the thread.
>>5986 >The IRC is not part of the leftypol mod team and most, if not all mods, don't participate in it. Yes it was a part of the mod team. Mods were in it and it used to be linked at the top of /leftypol/. Stop lying janny
>>5986 >>all the anons are intimately familiar with the actions of the mods. >See the post above you. Which post, idiot.
>>5987 *that racism ISN'T a legitimate grievance that the left should recognize.
>>5988 Anon, I don't want to say "just believe me" so seriously, go in the IRC and tell me which mods are there. Who moderates the IRC? Who are its members? Which members are part of the leftypol mod roster? >>5987 >When idiots start shitting up the thread with their shitty idpol or vulgar class reductionism, you closed the thread. Well, yes. I wrote this and with help of other anons refined it. It was scrapped because the language and terminology was too dense for the average lurker, newcommer, theorylet, redditor, etc to understand. Like it or not, vulgar class-reductionism is easier to understand why we don't want idpol (besides the fact that it derails any productive conversation) even if it removes all nuance. Any definition of identity politics will undoubtedly have things to criticize, that is the nature of leftist discourse. >Identity politics essentializes identity without regards to the material relations underpinning it. At best, it assimilates identities within the realm of discourse and media (not economic autonomy and security!); at worst it incites intra-class conflicts. >As leftists, we fight for the free determination of all individuals and their full emancipation from oppressive power structures. The rights of individuals to live according to their own wishes is a fundamental part of leftism. >It is for this reason that identity struggles are a particular manifestation of class struggle and identity politics as such is the neoliberal recuperation of particular class struggles at the expense of the whole class struggle, and hence, essentially conservative. Being against identity politics does not mean that oppression based on personal characteristics does not exist, but rather that fighting for the emancipation of individual identities without a class character ultimately amounts to fighting for individual emancipation, rather than emancipating the group as a whole. >Instead, we advocate for the political organization of communities of communities on the grounds of class analysis, class solidarity, to achieve political gains and protection now, with the ultimate goal of full emancipation of all the working class.
>>5992 >Anon, I don't want to say "just believe me" so seriously, go in the IRC and tell me which mods are there. Who moderates the IRC? Who are its members? Which members are part of the leftypol mod roster? Nibba, I'm not doing that. The mods are there, the mods here have stated on this board they frequent the channel. And the channel is endorsed by this board as being "the mod channel". >Like it or not, vulgar class-reductionism is easier to understand why we don't want idpol (besides the fact that it derails any productive conversation) even if it removes all nuance. Do you understand what "vulgar" means? It means wrong, un-Marxist. OF COURSE IT'S EASIER TO UNDERSTAND THINGS THAT ARE WRONG AND PANDER TO YOUR WHITE SPOOKS. >Identity politics essentializes identity without regards to the material relations underpinning it. At best, it assimilates identities within the realm of discourse and media (not economic autonomy and security!); at worst it incites intra-class conflicts. Dude you assert this with zero fucking justifications. And this is why you ban "idpol". Your justifications are indefensible. They're all strawman or gross racists /pol/ ephemera. >As leftists, we fight for the free determination of all individuals and their full emancipation from oppressive power structures. The rights of individuals to live according to their own wishes is a fundamental part of leftism. This board doesn't do any fighting. Talk about unwarranted self importance. An no, you don't fight for "emancipation from oppressive power structures" because you obfuscate shit like racism by denying it exists. Obfuscating exploitation upholds it. >It is for this reason that identity struggles are a particular manifestation of class struggle and identity politics as such is the neoliberal recuperation of particular class struggles at the expense of the whole class struggle, and hence, essentially conservative. Holy historical revisionism batman! Racism long predates "neoliberalism" which itself is a bullshit term. You have SJW boogymen codified into your boards policies HAHAHAHAHA might as well throw Jews in there too. >Instead, we advocate for the political organization of communities of communities on the grounds of class analysis, class solidarity, to achieve political gains and protection now, with the ultimate goal of full emancipation of all the working class. Superstructure shapes the base booklet. You can't talk about one without the other. Might as well try to have a conversation about where babies come from without mentioning sex.
>>5992 >Copied leftypol's idpol policy, as if leftypol has any legitimacy. Please stop, your stupid ass board can't even get along with other leftist websites. You're not some crusader that has the "real right answer" about idpol. You're a troglodyte loner with an ideology so bankrupt it only appeals to several hundred of your sycophants in the entire internet.
>>5993 >IRC I don't know what to tell you. Are you confusing it with the matrix chat? I've never been more than 5 minutes in the IRC. The IRC was inhabited by old bunkerchan mods that were displaced when the leftypol community migrated here. They haven't modded here in a long time except for that rogue mod that was discovered and ousted (the pyongyang event). It was there for historic reasons, but we petitioned for its removal precisely because it is inhabited by reactionaries. >[Your response to the idpol definition] <It was scrapped because the language and terminology was too dense for the average lurker, newcommer, theorylet, redditor, etc to understand. Thanks for proving the point. >>5994 >>Copied leftypol's idpol policy I didn't do that, this isn't leftypol's idpol policy. Did you even read or do you lack basic reading comprehension skills? >your stupid ass board can't even get along with other leftist websites ok? We do have positive relations with other leftist websites and communities. A lot of our members are members of other communities. >You're not some crusader that has the "real right answer" about idpol. And when did I say that? I said "Any definition of identity politics will undoubtedly have things to criticize, that is the nature of leftist discourse". How is that "having the right answer", idiot. >You're a troglodyte loner with an ideology so bankrupt it only appeals to several hundred of your sycophants in the entire internet. I am very social and outgoing, and have many close friends. My local communist org in which I am very active (and hold leadership positions in) has similar sympathies. They call liberal idpol "crack", "meth", "carbohydrates", meaning that it has no substance and produces a high that isn't productive. Any serious communist that organizes (at least locally) knows that idpol people and orgs do no serious organizing work and are usually toxic and disruptive to activities. Cool personal attacks though. Keep crying.
>>5987 > anti-idpol defenders started getting BTFO'd Nobody got BTFOed except liberals like you. You morons were just arguing in circles, and kept returning to the same bullshit questions that were already answered. I.E. Bad Faith Argument. >Racism isn't that bad Nobody said that. People were stating that racism today is not as bad as liberals make it out to be, mostly because porky propagandizes this to create rifts in the working class >Slavery wasn't the profitable By the time of the Civil War, they weren't profitable because socio-economic development does not stop and at some point chattel slavery ceases to function efficiently. That is an objective unemotional analysis from an economic perspective. >or that bad because slaves were expense and therefore weren't abused that much Nobody said that. The point was different, they wouldn't unnecessarily kill slaves because of loss of property is important to capitalists. >Race doesn't exist There is no biological basis for race. Superficial phenotypical differences are related to environmental adaptation and does not mean anything except variation in global population diversity. >Racism doesn't exist, only class Nobody said that at all you nutbag. The statement was that only class matters to socialist struggle and that anything else is a distraction that A) would be solved by or after socialist revolution Or B) Was pure attentionwhoring. >People pushed back a small group of spammers bitching about "crackers" and "muh racism" is not the people. Most people told you to fuck off, repeatedly.
>>5995 >I've never been more than 5 minutes in the IRC. Well I have. >The IRC was inhabited by old bunkerchan mods that were displaced when the leftypol community migrated here. Oh so now we go from, there was no leftypol IRC, to there is on but it only had old mods. I thought you never spent more than 5 minutes in there, how can you be such an expert on whether there were mods. And I'm not talking about matrix. You all had an IRC room linked on the front page. <It was scrapped because the language and terminology was too dense for the average lurker, newcommer, theorylet, redditor, etc to understand. >Thanks for proving the point. I don't see how, I understand your definition of idpol perfectly. It's mostly racist navel gazing about the existential threat SJWs pose. >ok? It means no other left org buys into your crypto fash bullshit. >We do have positive relations with other leftist websites and communities. LMAO, no you don't. Name one other org that publicly endorses leftypol. >You're not some crusader that has the "real right answer" about idpol. >And when did I say that? You guys fucking say it every day. Don't play stupid. >Cool personal attacks though. Keep crying. No one gives a fuck if you have friends. Fucking Nazis have friends, family, children etc. It's not proof that your not actually a racist crypto fash butt hurt spooked white boi, especially online. And thanks I will cry more. Wow, how embarrassing, I take shit like black men having their throat stepped on my police. >>5998 >Nobody got BTFOed except liberals like you. Oh, is that why you shut down the tread and cry about idpol every goddamn day. >Racism isn't that bad >Nobody said that. Plenty of people said that. >By the time of the Civil War, they weren't profitable because socio-economic development does not stop and at some point chattel slavery ceases to function efficiently. That is an objective unemotional analysis from an economic perspective. Lol, is that why it took a 4 year long civil war that required the destruction of every piece of capital the south had. Yes, so unprofitable. It was only oneo of the largest economic engines in the entire world before the Civil War. >or that bad because slaves were expense and therefore weren't abused that much >Nobody said that. YES PEOPLE SAID THAT And there was no significant push back from anyone but a lone social democrat of all fucking people. And that kind of racist bullshit I see often here, with no push back from the community. But you'll come out of the wood work for incels and Sakai posters. >Race doesn't exist >There is no biological basis for race. Nice strawman, you know goddamn well people mean race as a social construct. Not the /pol/ definition of race, which as someone who frequents /pol/, your intimately familiar with. >Racism doesn't exist, only class >Nobody said that at all you nutbag. Bullshit again, yes people do say that. >a small group of spammers bitching about "crackers" and "muh racism" is not the people. They said a lot more than that, but since your white spooks got bruised that's all you could see during your tantrum.
>>5999 *Wow, how embarrassing, I take shit like black men having their throat stepped on my police seriously.
>>5999 You need to improve your reading comprehension. Also lurk more and read. leftypol community vols =/= bunkerchan's old mods. >how can you be such an expert on whether there were mods in the IRC I am a vol you stupid fuck. >your [] actually a racist crypto fash butt hurt spooked white boi (sic) Lol, you keep trying to describe me and can't stop failing. Are there essential characteristics of "white bois" that I am demonstrating? Sounds awfully racist of your part. Please go be racist elsewhere.
Could you please delete my thread? >>13447
>>6003 Done. You can link between board like this: >>>/hobby/13440
>>6004 Thank you very much.
>>6001 >muh pithy dismissal Stunning retort, truly a philosopher king. >Are there essential characteristics of "white bois" that I am demonstrating? Not many people besides white guys that have /pol/ tier meltdowns over idpol. >Please go be racist elsewhere. LMAO, this from a representative of a board that debates whether racism even really exists because there's pour white people.
Why is recurring namefag literalNadzee tolerated? He very obviously isn't here to "debate" or because he's considering switching sides or whatever technicality in the rules he claims to stick around, he literally just spams reactionary propaganda in every thread he's in
>>6015 They aren't tolerated. They're evading bans and spamming threads
>>6015 We do our best, he/she is not tolerated. They have severe delusions and twitter addictions.
>>5982 >What is meant is that (for example) african American minorities would be given social justice as per their position, This already happens, but conservatives/reactionaries perceive it as a demotion of their own position. Conservatives like Jordan Peterson see the Civil Rights Act as a bad move, so any kind of help/social justice reform will be seen as non-egalitarian help. No one is bringing down "white people" to boost "black people", no one takes reparations seriously and reparations will never happen. >HOWEVER it would not be at the cost of others as it is done under capitalism If you're helping someone, it is by definition at the cost of others. >and it would make them socially equal to others not above, as seems to be the dogma of recent radical liberals I think that's only the loudest part of the vocal radlib minority. >They are not oppressor groups, they are tools of poky and symptoms of their system. Private military companies are not tools of the state like regular armies, they are porkies in their own right; they provide a service and their workers/soldiers are exploited. They have no nation or loyalty to anything other than profit, any nation can hire them, and if their position as mercenaries became precarious, they always have the option of taking over some region in MENA and lording over it like other militias and warlords in the region.
Why did I get banned for trolling? When i didn't write a single troll post
>>6018 >>6017 I'm sorry, I just noticed him for the first time in a while the other day and didn't notice the number in the thousands in his name
>>6018 >We do our best, he/she is not tolerated. Bullshit, if that were the case you'd delete his posts instantly just like you do with anyone you think is posting "idpol".
>>6030 Have you ever stopped to think that you don't see all of his posts because they are already deleted? >>6023 Do you use a shared IP? What is your ban id? Did you appeal the ban? What was the post you were banned for? >>6027 They are relentless, unfortunately. The best you can do as a user is not respond, not even disparagingly.
Why the hell ha this site become so pro idpol? On old 8leftypol you could sling the terms tranny, trap. troon everywhere and if you even thought you could post anything about trans rights you would be written off as b8 as you should, The same thing applies to feminist and PoC idpol, you would be instabanned if you ever used white as an insult. Here there are unironic discussions about racial hierarchies and white is slung everywhere to anyone who disagrees. This type of behavior is now encouraged and has been shown to be with that jannie who banned a person for saying girls with onlyfans accounts are petit-bourgeois. This is supposed to be a haven for anti idpol leftists who put class first, but instead the mods are welcoming redditors and twitter sjws with open arms.
>>6042 slurs are idpol in the other direction, fag.
>>6043 Only when genuinely used to express hatred pr violence towards the group they represent. Using them as jokes or irony pr just to insult someone online isn't idpol.
>>6042 >Why can't I say troon why are mods so triggered >Why are these people not insta banned for using white as an insult Ok Cumskin
>>6045 Ok strawman
(32.15 KB 229x361 depressed ghi.png)
>>5826 >>5825 Excuse me but if everyone is done complaining about idpol being banned can the Admins please move these threads?
>>>/leftypol/736037 >>>/leftypol/736039 Posting these here because the mod disappeared after they were posted. Continue to ignore the warnings at your own risk, if you even care about what you're being warned about.
>>6048 Continuing to argue with idiots is to be a bigger idiot, that's the moderators' approach
why did I get banned for 3 days for “blogposting” and ”bait”
>>6056 what did you post? be sure to tell the truth because I have no way of knowing if you're lying
>>6049 Everyone is stupid but the jannies, we have the outstanding quality of the board as a testament to our mods titanic intellect
>>6056 Were u the guy I had a discussion with about BPD thots? If so thats a stupid ban. Internet general is supposed to be for complaing about thots and e celebs. Most female leftist ecelebs have BPD so we should be able to shitpost about BPD thots. Fuck you mods.
hey retards, we are getting raided by pol >>>/leftypol/737455 and a lot of the posts in >>>/leftypol/735441
>>6064 yeah. We were talking about BPD and I shared an anecdote about my experience with a BPD woman
>>6066 Mods are trans
>>6063 The board could be a hell of a lot worse. Certainly not as bad as any 4chan board, most 8chan boards or any subreddit, so that's certainly something.
(120.02 KB 1277x333 bookchin on idpol.png)
>>5320 Unban >>>/leftypol/738023 How is this shit a ban able offense? It’s something that actually happened, and made a point about the identitarian nature of the protests/riots. Or are you implying >how dare anyone criticize the favorite lumpen anarkiddie-black supremacist performance art LARPing!?
Where is the meta thread?
>>6071 you're in it
>>>/leftypol/737914 derailed thread, now they are talking about radiation and 5G or some shit
>>6083 Cry harder, it's relevant to the OP
Have you guys even noticed that banning doesn't work? You can still post after getting banned.
>>6044 this was always ridiculous cope come up with by imageboard users trying to defend terminology adopted because it was funny to 13 year olds.
>>6090 You don't belong here. Back to twitter.
>idpol bad <allows a thread full of serb nationalist propaganda >>>/leftypol/738633 Nuke that fucking shit, there are literally songs posted about genociding Bosnians. I tried to save the thread with Rambo Amadeus, but it is clear it's just a bunch of edgy Americans and diaspora serbs finding an outlet for their nationalist feelings.
>>6093 bruh half of the songs are bosnian
>>6094 The war destroyed Yugoslavia, it shouldn't be glorified. Besides, the only people who glorify the war are drunk nationalists fighting a war with reality and young kids who have grown up removed enough from the war for it to be fun meme material. The war destroyed a lot of lives, and people continue to suffer for it to this day. I don't see videos celebrating Yeltsin destroying the Russian parliament building, or Gorbachev crushing the anti-liberalisation protests, or videos of Putin owning the communists. Why not? It's literally the same as posting pro-war propaganda from Yugoslavia.
>Nigger mod >Tranny janny >Simp cleaner
faggots there's cp on /hobby/
>>6114 Who cares about cp what matters is combating racial slurs on bunkerchan that's the real issue
>>5320 Janny cocksucker deleted the thread about erotica and ideology. Which was starting to have traction. Faggots. We where all agreeing on something for once
>>6116 If you want to talk about erotica you can do it on /GET/. Explaining American racial relations through a fetish book is, at the very least, idpol-adjacent.
CP on /anime/ mods, please fix it!
(214.70 KB 454x520 jansoy.png)
>don't like thread >it's not against the rules >delete it so another mod can't unanchor it Post yfw
>>6118 >Explaining American racial relations through a fetish book is, at the very least, idpol-adjacent Delete every critical theory thread next. Adorno was idpol too? I mean he wrote about Der blaue Engel, a musical. I'd say he was idpol too. Meantime leave all the "slavery benefitted whites" or the doomer posting or the epic anti nazi meme thread up. Also the book in question was an example the subject of the thread was pornography and ideology. At least unlock the other thread
That deletion was painfully stupid. janny.
Why did you bumplock my thread: https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/743007
Why did jannie delete my "doubts" thread
>>6138 What was it about?
>>6114 Bitch where?
(102.51 KB 1600x810 imperialism.png)
I wish to complain about my ban for "imperialism" >>743371 Before the ban, someone said the charges against Milosevic were posthumously dropped, which is outright false. Following the ban, a link was posted breezily attributing to the Karadzik trial's incidental statements a total exoneration of Milosevic and the Yugoslavian government from culpability in the genocides, and from favoritism toward the Serbs. To the contrary, regardless of dissent uncovered between Milosevic and the Serbian paramilitaries, the court continues to attribute knowledge and intentional material aid by Milosevic for them: https://balkaninsight.com/2016/08/16/milosevic-s-old-allies-celebrate-his-innocence-08-16-2016/ And such contrarian readings of the trial's findings form part of a broader denialist effort ongoing today: https://theintercept.com/2019/11/20/peter-handke-nobel-prize-bosnian-genocide/ As I said in my ban appeal, the ultimate consequences of NATO intervention are arguable, but the culpability of the Yugoslav government really isn't, and neither are an open-and-shut case. Making discussion of this grounds for banning is retarded.
>>6141 Stfu glowie Milosevic did nothing wrong and all charges were manufactured They even killed him to shut him up since he was making them look bad Death to nato Death to amerikkka
You are doing an atrocious job in the Lebanon thread. That is all.
Are you guys alive?
>>6148 t.zionist
>>6157 t. fed disguising himself as an anti-zionist
>>6158 >implying feds would disguise themselves as anti-zionists
Expand the service offerings beyond the chan. I definitely don't have a horse in that game. :^)
Tip: We should probably try to merge the falling "/ t /" (bad title) thread >>>/leftypol/715906 with the pre-existing, better situated "Piracy General" on >>>/tech/190. Having two is not good for something like this (but now as the /leftypol/ thread is in abortive state one could simply 'copy-paste' over the contributions without issue).
We need to ban people instantly if they start accusing China of rounding up muslims or Assad gassing his own people etc. People talk about leftypol having a positive influence and doing campaigning on the internet, well how are we going to do that if we can't at least oblige users of the site to stand against mike pompeo?
>>6141 please find a site more accommodating to your CIA anarchism.
(19.41 KB 1003x151 Capture.PNG)
This seething retard just deleted all my posts for laughing at him
>>6173 how can i see the banlogs?
>>6174 >>6173 The only way we have of knowing what mods do is when you tell us. There's no way to know what other mods are doing, no logs. Please explain in detail what happened.
>>6175 Go here: https://bunkerchan.xyz/logs.js?boardUri=leftypol And you can replace "leftypol" in the link by any other board.
>>6173 For banning someone for pretending to be a janny so I deleted yours by IP coz I thought you were him with VPN.
(1.09 MB 988x883 1596059095930.png)
I got banned for saying the nigger word on a settler thread what the fuck mods ?
(2.75 KB 615x133 thread cap.png)
this kinda sucks
>>6182 We've had a spammer and one of lynxchan anti-spam measure is to lock thread creation for 1 hour when more than n threads are created in one hour.
there's a schizo nazi posting gore all over the board. how can leftypol deal with ban evasions?
This thread is overflowing with bad-faith argumentation and trolling (by people that conflate USano radlibs with communists so it's probably /pol/tards): >>>/leftypol/754724
(102.78 KB 720x718 1596880728641.jpg)
Wojack spam overflowing
>>6185 >how can leftypol deal with ban evasions? That's the question.
🧀🍕 spam in leftypol again
>>6192 < cheddar pepperoni pizza ???
>>6193 Unicode's official name just says "slice of pizza", any details beyond that are up to the font designer.
>>5686 >Muh socialist judgement day will resolve everything so STFU. Lol, I’d like something to be done about discrimination this century please.
(214.70 KB 454x520 janitor.png)
>>6229 haha funny post
imagine anchoring the thread about a communist party which pursued the issue of proletarian liberation for idpol because they were all-black
>>6229 Based mods, fuck wojak shitters
>>6236 t. Mod
There was an Anglo that made a post hating on “wokies”. What was the reason for banning him?
>>6243 Obviously I don't know and can't know what you are talking about. Could you be a bit more specific?
>>>/leftypol/758735 >>>/leftypol/758726 checking what these were
Based mods keeping belarus thread clean.
Based mods keeping belarus thread clean.
Can the mods look into the poster that keeps ranting about ecological movements being "malthusian fascism" in unrelated threads? He's been derailing threads left and right with that rhetoric for a week or so.
Why is >>>/leftypol/758004 bumplocked?
>>6256 unbumplocked for now, as per bumplock rules. >>6254 I haven't seen it, sorry. If you see some derailment, link it here.
mods, ban the chantopia spam
>>6258 This. I did a few global reports.
(9.65 KB 225x224 pipo.jpg)
>>6265 anti-idpol is usually fine. "fuck [trannies/white pipo/black pipo/homos/etc]" is not anti-idpol, it directly is idpol.
>>6266 Saying you hate trannies is idpol, but acknowledging that a lot of trannies are radlibs who try to make leftism all about the plight of the trans is not idpol. Also when users on this site talk about trans rights or "this persons transphobic yada yada" thats also idpol.
Fuck you guys. Get a consistent policy on idpol or kill yourself. Legalize Sakai posting. I'm going to keep doing it anyway no matter what, so fuck you.
Requesting that mods follow the request in >>>/games/3642 since its a minor OP edit and the original poster agreed. A designated meme thread would be useful
>>6268 >>6268 >acknowledging that a lot of trannies are radlibs who try to make leftism all about the plight of the trans is not idpol You talking about "trannies" like they're some group is idpol. Idpol is you placing their trans identity over their class identity like you just did. They're not "trannies", they are working class people who also happen to be transgender. If you have a transgender shoe salesman in Portland and a transgender factory worker in West Virginia, their commonality is not that they are both transgender (that is idpol), their commonality is that they are workers. The fact that they are both transgender is merely a coincidence, and living in largely different places, embedded in different kinds of societies, their transgender experience would be different. tl;dr Writing (generalised) descriptions of identity groups is idpol.
A Wojack spammer on /leftypol/ again
>>6276 >Muh trannies Stop knee-jerk reacting to this shit. its just a bastardized pluralization of trans. Also dude, you're technically agreeing, since that was their point that "talking shit about "le trannies" is idpol, but admitting that trans identarianism is usually liberal idpol bullshit is not in and of itself idpol.
(474.15 KB 1500x1500 Gamer Seuss.png)
>>6274 Please do this mods
Stop being hypocrites and delete the low-effort leftcom-bashing bait thread.
>>6278 Mods are misguided.
>>6289 You were repeating sakaist idpol about white workers exploiting blacks. The definition of idpol is dividing workers against each other on a basis of identity.
>>6289 The whole thing was locked because it was a derailed thread, also you are definetly sakaist (by internet terms) and no that slav fag you keep shilling for doesn't help you. I mean sure that pro cop retard was a massive mindnigger and probably an incel but your spergouts about white priviledge were and are worse, a white bias doesn't change anything in regards to the structural base of capitalism.
>>6289 Leftypol is majority white and that has been the case, it has been a joke around this circle that we are whiter then them
Hey mods can we have the hinterlands thread back with the sakaiposting and copcocksucking removed?
why do certain threads like the cockshott thread get bumplocked? why not just make it a cyclical thread?
>>6294 And anti-ML threads removed within minutes and anti-leftcom and -anarchism thread stays for days?
>>6294 Because they belong on >>>/edu/ >>6289 >I was arguing that white workers need to fight racism for a true class struggle This has been discussed before and the unanimous agreement was that yes, racism is bad and should be avoided from all sides this is an unspoken rule on /leftypol/ and does not need to be discussed more when it is painfully obvious as it is. White workers should be conscious of the realities of the race myth and avoid following racial prejudices HOWEVER, modern identarian struggles shouldn't be mindless supported without knowing where the head is. BLM for example is a Soros lap-dog, a controlled opposition who pretend to be radical, but are just liberals on a payroll, just like Gloria Steinhem was for feminists in the 60s and 70s. Its the same reason we don't justify Pol-Pot or Western Feminism, they're just shills. The Original Black Rights movement, led by Hampton, MLK and others was legitimate, they regardless of their personal indignance at racism, kept in mind socialist ideas and did not let their feelings get in the way of allying with white workers who supported them and did not attack random petit-bourgs and focused on the big-bugs of the establishment. There is no point in burning down some small ass pizza-place owned by some family-business when the real issue is companies and bastards like Tesla, Musk, Gates, Bezos and other scum-bags. >white amerikkkan crackers <Muh white identity is important here This does not help your case >>6295 Anti-ML threads are 90% liberal bitching while anti-anarchist and anti-leftcom threads are focused almost entirely on objective issues with modern leftcoms and anarchists memeing aside. There are SOME good anarchist and leftcom posters, and the provide valuable criticisms and effort posts, however the over-all tendencies of these posters are red n' black radlibs who LARP as socialists and spam "muh theory" as arguments and refuse to be objective. This reflects the immigration of chapoposters and their ilk to these boards, which is why the Mods are so harsh with them.
>>6296 Maybe reddit is more your speed, r/communism has tens of thousands of members and mods there maintain a ML safespace, deleting any criticism of ML and MLs and banning anarchists on sight. For you, that's heaven on Earth. Now fuck off.
>>6294 TBH, cyclicals should only be used for shitposting threads, since it makes it harder to keep track of archival for meatier threads. >>6295 Because Leninists are salty, thin-skinned little bitches that act like they own the board. Other tendencies still have some amount of humility.
(25.35 KB 202x234 quality.png)
I cannot fucking believe this is a mod. >>6296 So what belongs on /leftypol/ then? Kamala Harris threads? >anti-leftcom threads are focused almost entirely on objective issues >This dipshit just argued that pic related is objective, fair, balanced "criticism" and not just an example of blatant ML board corruption By all means, go ahead, hang yourself. Do you want some of my rope or did you already bring your own?
>>6296 Post under your username, coward.
(61.94 KB 720x718 chuckles sovietly.jpg)
>>6297 >muh r/communism >muh safespace Cope >>6300 >pic related Nice outlier there faggot The report button is right there. And use the Cheka thread as well. Not everyone gunning for leftcoms is "muh MLs" you idiot. >>>6298 >Leninists are salty, thin-skinned little bitches Says the person whining on gulag TL;DR: Keep bitching everyone I'm sure that's a lot more valuable than doing the simple thing of reporting and hiding threads... y'know like any old-fag would do.
(1.19 MB gets.webm)
>>6303 >>6304 >the simple thing of reporting and hiding threads... y'know like any old-fag would do. Sadly, the hotpocketarchy has come out against the third leg of that system, the time honored democratic tradition of sagebombing shit threads into oblivion.
>Your ip was recognized as a known spammer What is this shit and why doesn't it go away after I reset my router?
>>6306 you likely got caught up in a rangeban
>>6301 >>6300 Thread has been moderated for rule-breaking sectarianism. Sorry it took so long to respond
(26.49 KB 345x198 1556143928649.png)
>>6310 I still don't understand, what is the significance of that cartoon animal?
>>6311 Platypus Society is a leftcom book reading club. The cartoon animal is a platypus.
>>6312 So the thread isn't offensive at all.
>>6296 >BLM for example is a Soros lap-dog, LMAO, literally Nazi tier argument, never change lefty/pol/
>>6314 >Muh nazi boogieman <How dare you point out the identarian liberal sell-outs, are sell-outs! Rent Free BTW this is something said by ex Black Panther members m8. >6315 >a extremist Nazi forum called 8chan Ok glownigger >producing two real life massacres Both of which were reposted there after first being streamed and posted on facebook and instragram and twitter. >Most of the anons on leftypol are closet Nazi sympathizers Ok liberal
(132.67 KB 929x1175 fuck you janny.png)
>User CL_anon banned the posters of the following posts: 768166 from board /leftypol/ until Thu Aug 13 2020 00:43:02 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time) with reason "wojak spam". <posting any wojaks is now wojak spam I am evading the ban and there is nothing you can do about it
>>6315 wait really? source?
>>6315 >Most of the anons on leftypol are closet Nazi sympathizers. No they aren't. A lot of the people here are converts from /pol/ though and believe that nazis can be converted which is in fact actually easier than converting liberals. >>6325 It wasn't just that, It was also shut down because theres been like eight spotlights on 8chan and how they allow pro-pedophilia boards which often contain links to sites that host illegal content. Thats another reason why it got shut down.
>>6325 The 'source' is fucking liberal media. /leftypol/ split from /pol/ after 8ch arose, yes, BUT we already existed on bunkerchan before this and other leftist chans and boards existed, we're just the only one's that are really relevant anymore. >>6326 >No they aren't Anon, it's a glownig, ignore them
>>6312 >Platypus Society is a leftcom book reading club Platypus aren't leftcom, because that would require them to be communists, which they aren't. It's a right-wing Marxist club that analyses Marxist texts and events to figure out why the left has failed. Their leader, Chris Cutrone is a Trump supporter. There have been many left-wing critiques of Platypus, none of them have characterised them as "leftcom".
Good this is back. Noobs were never gonna find >>>/gulag/ . Why is >>769345 locked? It has way more effort put into it than the dozen one liner threads we get a day and it actually parodies an existing tendency.
>>6326 >how they allow pro-pedophilia boards By which the MSM meant "how they ban even 100% legal child modeling pics in an effort to stamp out pedos, and get spammed with falseflags from SJWs so often they actually caught several fucking up on Twatter with kompromat". Which ultimately alongside a desire to pivot to /r/T_D QBoomers that hate weebs fed into obliterating 8kun over pigfarmer's hyper-paranoid ban on anything even vaguely resembling lolicon >>6328 Also, (while I came in from nuatheist/gaymur webforums via #burgersandfries myself) I had the general impression more of the original /leftypol/acks were native to 4/lit/ than 4/pol/.
>>6345 >Muh CGI children fap-material!!!! Go back to /dead/ blackfag poster, we know its you.
Has the e-simp janny who cucks himself for onlyfans e-thots been active again?
>>6348 >muh face depicted to be under 18 It's okay paedoanon, I'm sure you care more about protecting 2D spooks than actual kids.
>>6350 >muh face Yeah, no you pedo-fag >care more about 2D Nice projection there faggot
(106.15 KB 680x680 pepe cry rage.jpg)
MODS, the U.S. national-security state/MIC is dismantling the postal system as we speak to rig the elections The US navy has seized Iranian tankers The upcoming Happenings are too fucking Big to contain in just one thread (/USApol/) Re-cycle and un-anchor the fucking /BURGERKRIEG/ general right fucking NOWW! ! !
>>6357 You believe that conspiracy shit? Jason Unruhe said that And anything he says is a lie
>>6357 Conversations get stale and hard to follow. It's nice to get new OP every once in a while with fresh info. If you want a particular thread back (burgerkrieg) make another one. >>6354 >>6350 plz don't discuss this here, it makes it hard to identify messages to mods.
>>6361 Fed
Wojak spammer in >>>/leftypol/774544 Please deal with
Do a monthly post, alike the one about visiting all the different boards, but instead for imageboard ettiquette, i.e.: · how to sage and why · how to report · how to remove a post · to source claims/media shared · to not feed trolls
>>>/leftypol/777777 petition to ban this man for spam
jesus christ stop banning all the tor exit nodes
WTF is this garbage idpol spam doing in the catalog? They should be deleted or bumplocked, and the OPs banned: >sakai bait >>>/leftypol/779866 >more sakai bait >>>/leftypol/780513 >sex bait >>>/leftypol/782060
(24.56 KB 1500x838 GET_color_revolution.png)
Apparently the main website of GETchan has been couped along with the official GETchan accounts on other websites by some lunatics calling themselves "GETchan Liberation Front". Only the boards on Bunkerchan remain under the control of the original administration. So given these events, is GETchan.net still considered to be our backup website?
>>6404 I'm excited, I wish them well. But what do they mean with being humiliated for empty promises? What were they ever promised, except for more spaces for leftist unity-ing?
>>6404 I'd suggest sticking the word International in there GETchan International Liberation Front so it reads GILF that would give you a boost
(1.93 KB 16x11 zapatista_flag.png)
zapatista flag
>>5320 Hello, mods. Today I was under a ban tag 'Your IP was recognized as a known spammer' and I couldn't even post here to appeal the ban. I am now able to post, dunno what happened a) I do not know the reason - I do not spam - moreover, I have contributed (I've create the drive link, later on mega link in RIOT U.S. with the videos compilation) b) I am not sure why I am now free to post. How can I do to reach you out, mods, janitors, when that ban is applied? I tried IRC channel, but apparently I was banned, too.(lol?)
>>6422 We aren't affiliated with the IRC. You can reach us via the matrix chat (find it in the leftypol faq thread), or through here. Your IP was detected by cloudfare as being "a known spammer". There isn't much we can do. I'm sorry that you got caught in the system. It seems your IP was cycled so you are now free to post. To be clear, we never banned you. Cloudfare didn't like your previous IP.
>>6424 Well, thank you. What should I do in these case after contact you through the Matrix? >Through here I am telling you, I couldn't even post here.
>>6425 yes, there should always be a mod in the matrix chat
>>6425 https://matrix.to/#/+leftychat:matrix.org That's the link to join. >>6427 If you look at the /leftypol/ user list there, the mods are listed and you can ping them individually. There are times when very few mods are online. So, ymmv.
>>6429 >>6427 Thanks, I'll bookmark your link.
>>5320 DO YOUR FUCKING JOBS MODS the Belarus thread is overrun by actual glowies agitating for the immediate overthrow and replacement of Lukashenko with their favorite hand-picke female NATO puppet who has a privatization agenda. They're even trying to call the actual community glowies simply for not wanting to destroy Belarus and citing jacobin as an """argument""" even though Jacobin is the most glowie publication to have ever existed. This is the most obvious astroturf I've ever seen in my entire time on this board and I'm an oldfag.
>>6437 Also it's so helpfully convenient how these bastards kept bumping with inane posts until all the evidence of USAID funding was eaten up by the 500 post limit. Get these fucking glowies out of here already. They're not even pretending to be socialist. What fucking socialist would try to claim that Lukashenko is a fascist? Fascism has a specific definition for socialists, it is not "hurr any government doing anything bad".
(54.49 KB 500x521 brainlet jellyfish.png)
>>6438 >i stored my only copy of the evidence proving amerikkka's evil in a cyclical thread
>>6438 Do you have a place to compile those evidences? I might have some cached stuff such as any links that might've been posted. >>6440 We all know who you are and why you're here,
>>6437 It's hard to keep up. Please report here or in the chat.
(1.93 KB 16x11 zapatista_flag.png)
zapatista flag
>>6443 We have been
(159.93 KB 800x702 BMP 1 of GDR.jpg)
Can we do this? The German thread is pretty much done, but it has a lot of good effort posts and pdfs so it would be useful to stay in /edu/ since that board is slower. >>>/leftypol/780858
>>6447 Done.
(331.00 B 16x11 Untitled.png)
Could we have a christian anarchist flag? i made one with the anarcho-pacifism flag behinde it.
(411.00 B 16x11 image.PNG)
>>6445 /GET/ already has one
>>6516 I'll be frank, /GET/'s flag is rather poor, you can barely discern the star.
>>6536 first one is better
>>6536 I like the first one, but whichever is the same size as the other flags because it will probably look weird when there's a few different sized ones on screen.
I found the amount of IDpol threads bumping suspicious so I bumped a handful of quality threads.
Delete this doomer-troll thread: >>>/leftypol/791387
8/leftypol used to be the anti-idpol leftist congregation ground. If you went on 8/leftypol and made radlib idpol threads or posted radlib idpol in a thread you were immediately flamed and told to go back to tumblr, twitter, or reddit. It wasn't even given a chance. Now all of a sudden on this site, its being embraced by even the moderation. People can freely use white as an insult, talk about the patriarchy, and word police people. Why is this being allowed now? Why is radlib idpol being encouraged on leftypol?
>>6548 Dirtbag subreddits have been Holodomor'd recently, and we've been flooded with newfags from them faster than our ability to acculturate. Also, we get a lot of Twatteratti, many of whom I suspect have been further contaminated with ex-Tumblrinas after the pr0n banwave a year ago.
>>6536 Thanks mate. I did the best I could, and I was aware of the /GET/ one, but didn't like it.
>>6549 The mods should be chasing these fags away. What the fuck is going on?
>>6546 The racist is still up.
>>6404 LMAO, it'd be funny if someone liberated bunkerchan and kicked out all the jannies. Can't say I haven't considered it.
>>6404 Looks like all that edgy antagonizing /GET/ does finally bit them in the ass. Can't wait to see someone do the same to /leftypol/ haha.
>>6551 Too many of them and the paranoia about "muh Old BO" has got them being excessively timid in the face of a very insidious threat which pretends to be leftist and is thus harder to condemn than open nazis, the irony being that open nazis are easily debunked and laughed at here.
>>6404 > GET_color_revolution >Color revolution In the light of this being the label for CIA-prompted coups, that is a poor choice of wording
(18.75 KB 600x278 Communist scar.jpg)
(53.38 KB 728x364 Stalin Potter.jpg)
Can mods add one of pic related as the 1st OP pic to >>>/hobby/9553 It's hard to find the thread when just scrolling since you can't recognize it at a glance; the OP image is just a blurry screenshot of twatter.
Mods I have accidentally filtered somebody how do I unfilter them?
>>6560 press x in the filter settings
Remove the śéèthẽ wordfilter.
>>6564 Why the fuck not? At least make the wordfilter grammatically coherent then you goddamn fucktards. "He's I agreeing".
>>6558 Unfortunately not. On lynxchan, mods can't add any file to a post, only remove them or spoiler them.
Hi, just want to know if I am allowed to criticise Antifa on leftypol? I made a thread about them and critiqued them for what I feel is a liberal praxis and the thread was locked. is this a rule or is there a way i can post critically about antifa and not have the thread locked
>>6563 >>6565 The original idea was to screw with brain-dead meme one-liners (in my impression a popular decision). The wordfilter settings of the board software don't allow for complex decision-making like looking at these trigger words together with suspiciously short post length, so you have some inevitable collateral damage. (The triggers for the wordfilter here aren't even allowed to have whitespace, so you can't filter "IQ" without also filtering words like "unique".)
(1.18 KB 23x16 flMonbol.png)
After a lot of trial and error I've settled on 16x23 here's something i worked on alongside remaking the other flags. No idea if it looks good or not
Pls delete this zero-effort troll shit in the cybernetics thread: >>>/leftypol/795288 >>>/leftypol/795328 >>>/leftypol/795367 >>>/leftypol/795409 >>>/leftypol/795450 Probably all one person. This isn't even playing a role and arguing from a socdem or conservative or anarchist position, but just randomly throwing insults together from amerimutt to revisionist.
Requesting the dumbass mod who banned me to explain how the fuck "2d" is supposed to be a genuine ban reason. What the fuck does this even mean?
>>6591 I think the mod in question must have confused "ban time" with the "ban reason" field. 2d in lynxchan mod tools stands for a 2 day ban. Can I have your ban ID so I can check who's banned you?
>>6592 Your ban id: 5f3bb10c2ef8cf066a7405e0
>>6590 This poster's history is atrocious and is basically composed of nearly 100% shitposts. I'll keep an eye on him and if he further disrupts the thread discussion, I will take action.
>>6593 Ban lifted anyways because it had become, due to the field mistake, a permaban.
>>6595 danke
>>6594 Just ban them next time. Nobody wants to talk to those retards and I'm probably not the only person who stops posting when I see them not being dealt with (which I did). If the other poster is the same you've lost at least two posters to keep one shit flinging monkey on the site.
>>6583 >just want to know if I am allowed to criticise Antifa on leftypol? No.
>>6599 I had already banned this guy as you can kinda tell from the missing posts (or if you were to look at the logs)
>>6600 Yes.
How many China threads are we suppose to have? Whenever I come to this site(which is very rarely nowadays) I see at least 5-6 China threads despite Chinese posters accounting for roughly 0% of the population.
>>6563 That's the only based thing mods have ever done
>>6609 >How many China threads are we suppose to have? 1.5 billion man...
>>6583 Technically yes, you won't get banned for it... but you'll get a ton of radlib LARPers crying about how you're /pol/ or a brocialist or other rubbish
>>6614 I think everyone just rightly calls you a faggot who gets bullied so hard he goes to cope in /gulag/
(106.15 KB 680x680 pepe cry rage.jpg)
Re-cycle and un-anchor /BURGERKRIEG/ right fucking now!! Kenosha Riot HAPPENING https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/541168.html
Why is >>>/leftypol/798367 not anchored? Its a blatant idpol thread that has devolved into incel vs radfem bickering. >>6617 Just make a new one.
>>6615 I think you have the wrong person. It isn't "everyone" but simply someone asked a simple question, to which the answer was simple. The idiotically and ironically binary mentality of these radlib LARPers makes it impossible for someone to say 'BLM is shit and their actions are shit' no matter how politely worded or carefully sourced.
Can >>>/hobby/11024 get deleted? The thread has no real posts, and >>>/anime/ already has a larger Jojo thread (with the same OP image).
>>6617 This. This thread should be still anchored and recycled. Riots are happening all over the U.S. and is important to get attention and continuous feedback.
>>6623 make a new thread then
>>6625 if you wasn't such a lazy faggot and actually looked at the logs instead of the last two entries you'd know I actually do quite a lot. If you want more moderation your beef isn't with me. That thread is a total trashfire from the start, don't know what kinda mod action you expect there except a bumplock.
>>6623 Just make a new one, if its gets attention it'll be cycled again. Plenty of other general threads manage to do fine without a cycle and for some of them they even see being cycled as a punishment.
(130.24 KB 300x100 vaush_v_unruhe_banner.gif)
Yo, can we have this banner in /leftypol/? via >>>/leftypol/800642 >>>/leftypol/800949
>>6628 This is an admin action and we are short on admins right now due to them being real busy IRL. One of the admins will ask (or so I've been told) Space to promote someone active from the mod team to admin. So for the moment anything that's related to board settings, adding flags or banners can't be done in a timely manner. Hopefully it won't be a problem soon (provided space does indeed promote a new admin of course). Sorry for the inconvenience.
>>6628 I don't think we can have gif banners. Could you try making it an animated png?
So was I banned just because of bantz or what?
>>6642 what's your ban, comrade. I have no idea what you're talking about.
>>6643 ban id: 5f4453ed4f9b5d16d2363427 Was banned in >>800814 for pissing off a mod because he thinks talking about the middle class is idpol.
>>6644 Define middle class
>>6646 Petit bourgeoisie.
>>6647 Then use that word, or the English word, and you won't get banned. Also, most people that think themselves middle class don't own a business. They just think they're special because they're friends with the manager.
>>6648 Is talking about the middle class a bannable offense now? Also, middle class and petit bourgeoisie are used interchangeably in most leftist, don't know why we should make the distinction now.
Why has >>800066 not been purged? I thought the idea of a containment thread was vetoed.
>>6652 I think you have to understand that we can't follow every thread at every single moment of the day and that sometimes there will be some delay before a mod see a litigious thread and acts. We are not like facebook or other big social media platforms that have armies of underpaid janitors and algos on their side.
>>6629 will you please save that banner and show it to next admin? thx
>>6636 wtf? gifs have been around since 1987. What the fuck is wrong with you people?
>>6654 Of course. >>6655 Tell that to Stephen Lynx, the creator of lynxchan.
>>6655 I'm not even sure mate, I'm just guessing. And we didn't develop lynxchan bruh.
>>6653 To me it doesn't seem like it wasn't known about. It looks like it is being allowed to exist in all its cancerous glory. Bans were being handed out, it was talked about here. I'm wondering why people like >>>/leftypol/802074 are even mods when they are condoning and allowing that sort of shit to spread. This retard literally unanchored the thread.
>>6658 Yeah, the whole riot thread shouldn't have even been allowed up at all. It will just attract shit libs with their idpol.
>>>/leftypol/789464 why is there idpol thread? I thought it goes against the rules?
>>6660 There's a few jannies that are for idpol.
Why the fuck are all the moderation feedback threads all on a separate board? Is it because you want to isolate dissents that hurt your jannie feelings onto one board so that other anons can't see that other anons feel the same way as they do about certain issues? I think that's what it is...
>>6664 If someone is too lazy to click a board link in the top bar (which is also advertised in the /leftypol/ welcome sticky) then it is probable that they don't care either about giving their opinion (if they have one) about the website or moderation in general or reading about others'. Having a separate board for meta issues and moderation discussion has the benefit of not requiring someone to ban evade in order to contest publicly their ban.
>>6665 >If you're too lazy to maneuver around my opaqueness then that's your fault. Oh I see. >Having a separate board for meta issues and moderation discussion has the benefit of not requiring someone to ban evade in order to contest publicly their ban. They can appeal the ban with the pop up. All this board does is hide complaints. On 8chan the moderator thread was stickied, which went a long way toward keeping moderation transparent.
>>6667 >They can appeal the ban with the pop up Appealing a ban doesn't unban you retard. A mod can leave an appeal up for all eternity if he wishes to, so being able to respond here cause you're not banned here is a much better option than having a mod complaint thread in the board you are banned.
Moderate the riot thread instead of ignoring it and complaining about how hard it is to moderate like you usually do you fat fucking corn syrup blooded cunts
Come the fuck on jannies you gave me a 4 month ban for going against the thread consensus. What exactly about my posts were "glowieposting"? Are you going to pull the same shit you did with the chaz thread and ban everyone not supportive enough of whatever movement is happening at the moment?
>>6672 you were complaining about the rioters with no arguments or theory plus your post history were really hostile to the board and other leftists in general so it looked like you were a glowie sowing discord within the board.
>>6673 Well, i'm not a glowie. Sorry if I went overboard with my callouts to what I see as ineffective activity. Can i get unbanned now or at least reduced to a week instead of months?
>>6674 Fine. If you want to critique rioting, at least make a thread about it and give constructive feedback. Stop being so hostile to everyone and anyone like calling jannies anarkiddies. Take a fucking chill pill.
No mods, i'm not /pol/ for saying that 9/11 was an act of grace inflicted upon irrecuperable vermins who are beyond saving.
>>6667 You'll have to explain to me how clicking a board in the top bar explicitly advertised as the meta board is opaque, you're being intentionally obtuse. Secondly, ban appeals from the pop up can't allow us to further communicate with the user and don't allow them to potentially clear any misunderstandings with further messages (case in point : >>6673 >>6674 >>6675 couldn't have happened if all an user had was the ban pop up and if the mod sticky was still on /leftypol/ the user would have had to ban evade just to discuss with the mod team which is idiotic) and having a separate board does allow the appeal to be public and be subject to scrutiny (the exact opposite of "hiding complaints"). >On 8chan the moderator thread was stickied On 8chan, we were confined to one board and here we have a whole site, that's the only reason the sticky was on /leftypol/ and not elsewhere, there was no other choice. I know how it worked back then I was already a /leftypol/ mod in 8chan.
Edited last time by krates on 08/26/2020 (Wed) 14:23:18.
>>5320 Ok so what's up with this ban for doxxing? Why are you such fucking cowards? I posted the very same info on twitter like a dozen times, even in right wing threads, and receiver not one single report, nor one complaint. This is absolute paranoid pussy shit.
>>6681 Convince space to allow doxxing, here's his twitter : https://twitter.com/ericmusicfan
>>6681 Please give me a single example of a single complaint this website has ever received from law enforcement regarding these kind of matters and I'll gladly admit I was wrong. But if not, you're absolute scared-shitless, paranoid, useless, armchair faggots, who make twitter a more desirable place to organize a revolution because at least the mods are more permitting and less afraid of the police.
>>6683 I mean jesus. The country is burning down for fuckssake. Nobody in the government gives flying fuck about bunkerchan you self-important, paranoid, pussies.
>>6684 don't care about your country >>6681 Advocating illegal activity on a public site is literally the dumbest shit imaginable.
>>5320 >leftypol burgerkrieg >806583 huh, was it the leninhat based effortpost ? why the fuck is it deleted ? is it because you nuked the whole dicussion with the troll ? I agree with deleting the troll, but the good analysis should have been left up
>>6686 This is a cyclical, old posts get automatically deleted after a certain point, like the post you mentioned.
Edited last time by krates on 08/26/2020 (Wed) 16:11:44.
>>6687 fuck my bad this thread goes so fcking fast.
For some reason none of my pictures appear when uploaded. How to fix?
>>6689 Desktop or mobile?
>>6690 Mobile
>>6691 If you're uploading an image file type *other* than what is supported (jpeg gif png) Lynxchan will simply post without the images and without giving any feedback error message. Happens most often with .webp since a lot of websites are switching to that. Alternatively somehow your IP is being seen as a TOR exit node and we don't allow images from TOR since that led to a lot of CP spam.
Will Tor remain banned forever? I hope mods/devs can find a better solution soon because I really can't imagine burger elections without /leftypol/ banter.
>>6693 Torposting is (mostly) enabled. You might run into a banned node but try again.
>>6692 I tried deleting my cache and it still doesn't work. The images are jpeg. Some images work most don't. I don't know how the fuck my IP would be a TOR exit node. I haven't been banned either. The pics are mostly downloads from leftypol, does the system ban duplicate image posts or what?
>>6695 That's weird. Could be the website. Do you have any canvas blockers installed? Or any plugin that might be fucking up something? Have you tried with another browser in your same phone? Do you get an error when uploading?
>>6694 Can you guys please pressure administration to implement onion server? Like daily? It would mean a lot, especially since it's been talked about ever since the large migration here took part.
Can mods move this thread to /GET/ instead of just locking it pls? It's obviously a thinly-veiled "tfw no big tiddy goth gf" thread, so it would fit well in /GET/ imo (un-locked there obviously). https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/808663.html#808841
>>6698 We can't move unilaterally threads to /GET/, it's not our trashcan. Ask the /GET/ moderation if they would accept it and only then we would move it.
>>6697 The only "administration" that can implement this is the site owner, space, you can contact him directly through his twitter https://twitter.com/ericmusicfan
Filter Schizo already
>>6694 Almost all Tor exit nodes are blocked. And almost always with this ban: >Your ip range has been banned from /leftypol/. >Reason: "spam". >This ban will not expire. >Your ban id: 5efc792d17d6321c14305723. It's a pain when you write a long post and then spend more time hunting for an exit node that evades the ban.
>>6696 It works from my desktop, but not phone. Same IP. Tried different browsers. Is there a ban on duplicate file names?
Wojack bullshit in /edu/.
>>>/hobby/15403 is effectively the same topic as the Permaculture thread except lazier
>>6656 please save this banner too via >>>/leftypol/811929
>>6715 This gives the wrong impression. This is something I'd expect on /leftcel/, or other pedo-sympathizing left spheres.
>>6714 The /hobby/ feedback thread is here : >>5534
>>6716 >I associate from the word "nude" to pedos I think you need to see a psychologist.
>>6718 You obviously aren't aware of the context, so why comment?
There's bestiality in the Bürgerkrieg thread, please clean up. Gave a global report too.
>>6720 Looked in the report box and found nothing. Did you make a regular report as well?
>>6717 The moderators are one and the same and multiple prior posts about hobby have been made in this thread and addressed.
>>6722 Indeed, but for clarity sake we would prefer if /hobby/ related queries went to the /hobby/ thread, we check both threads so don't worry about your post not being seen.
A piece of nazi filth is shitting up our Porky thread with his crying cope: >>>/leftypol/812777 Please do something about it before another 50 anons reply to him.
Can you get the stupid faggot BO to recruit some mods that aren't in the standard UK-USA timezone?
You need a pretty damn good explanation as to how arguing with people for attacking men on the basis of their masculinity is idpol You realize ATTACKING MEN BASED ON HOW WELL THEY FIT THE MALE PARADIGM IS LITERAL FUCKING IDPOL, RIGHT!? Or is this just more proof on the side of posters that say “idpol” is entirely arbitrary and designed so bans can be dished out arbitrarily?
>>6738 Tell me which one you are but I assure you that is not why you got banned. I am guessing you were just blogposting in the riot thread? I gave you a time out because of that and your history being to a large extent racepol and sexpol.
>>6739 I didn’t really blogpost tho? I pointed out it’s actually incredibly fucked to simultaneously say masculinity is irrelevant or bad, then also attack people for not fitting that ideal. I don’t see how pointing this out by relaying it to my own life for a single sentence counts as blogposting, not that I’d even remember since the post is deleted and I can’t actually argue in my defense conveniently. And more or less all posting history I have related to either topics were in threads made by other people ABOUT THE TOPIC, so that’s blatant dishonesty.
>>6740 Well if you don't remember we are at an impasse as I don't really remember either. I just know it wasn't pertaining to the thread topic at all and replying to something ~250 posts before. >were in threads made by other people ABOUT THE TOPIC bro I won't pull out your history /QTDDTOT/ but you're wrong
>>6741 AFAIK I don’t really post “idpol” there either, I just have questions nobody answers. But I digress, this argument is pointless, a three day ban is survivable.
Guys wtf there's been a batman thread of /leftypol/ for an entire night at this point >>>/leftypol/816859 Move it to its appropriate place in >>>/hobby/. Also the "/demsoc/" thread is just a bad faith bait thread done with extremely low effort >>>/leftypol/814381 I think it should be bumplocked based on the manner in which they defend it inside the thread (they seem like spiteful reddit radlibs who swallow US imperial policy uncritically).
>>6685 >Advocating illegal activity on a public site is literally the dumbest shit imaginable. Doxing isn't illegal.
>>6740 It's good practice to screenshot your controversial posts in case they get deleted so you can complain later.
>>6750 >>6751 grace is cute
>>6750 You have been summoned. Now provide us with Alunya yuri.
Can Sakaism be banned from leftypol?
>>6758 Yes, my son. Just send a prayer or a report.
Mods don't ban the shitty batman thread on leftypol but ban me for soyjacking his capeshit? Which marvel fanboy janny did I piss off
Mods, my computer IP address is now “recognised as a known spammer” and I can’t post. What is this even for? We haven’t even had a fight in ages
Hell I’ve barely even posted much in the last few days
>>6762 recognised as a known spammer is some automated cloudflare shit If it is manual it looks different
>>6764 It comes up with a box that just says “your IP is a known spammer” and that’s it. No ban message or anything
Okay I’m also banned from 4chan wtf is this collusion, plz fix
>>6766 Just use the block bypass, it works for almost all ban types including known spammer ones.
ALLOW THE SOIJAK SCRIPT the people who are against it just need to download it and use it themselves to see its value
>>6768 Yes then we can all soyjack each other forever. No more writing, only soyjack. No more arguments, only soyjack
Idk what that is explain plz
(26.38 KB 311x476 bypass.png)
>>6771 In the quick reply hit extra and then press the "make sure I have a block bypass" button so that it looks like how it does in the screenshot. At the start of each session it'll make you fill in a simple captcha.
>>6773 why in fuck do we even bother banning people lmao
Why was >>6513 ignored?
>>6777 Okay, Thank you.
What's the point of a thread if diverging opinion are banned? Fucking kill yourself echochamber faggot.
>>6781 diverging opinion, yes Schizo trolling, no
>>6774 I've seen mods complain about that before. So long as they want to allow tor posting they effectively cannot ban people.
Does it really make sense to have /k/ on /hobby/ rather than /leftypol/? Not the OP of the thread that got bumplocked, I just came to think of it as I saw it. Weapons-training, as with fitness (only other similar particular for this criticism) fits better on /leftypol/ as they are duties for us as revolutionaries rather than hobbies.
(115.25 KB 256x256 1304376955948.png)
id: 5f4c79674f9b5d16d24673fe Can a mod tell me exactly why I was banned? All I did was argue with radlibs who don't understand you can't build communism by alienating petit-bourgeoisie. Add in the petit's friends, family, and coworkers and you're talking about a good majority of the population in finance capitalism. Or do you think you're going to advance civilization with lumpens leading the charge? I remember saying something along the lines of BORN A RADLIB ONLY LUMPENS WORK BURN ALL CO-OPS/MOMPOP SHOPS 410,757,864,530 TIPPED TRASHCANS and one of the motherfuckers responds "yes" and proceeded to laugh at the fact that most small businesses fail. Banning me tells me the mods are anarchokiddies with radlib tendencies. Or maybe you got angry because I posted a video of Destiny destroying a twitter radlib.
>>6792 >Or maybe you got angry because I posted a video of Destiny destroying a twitter radlib. in which case, Caleb recently made a video about you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAbYF4sMcxo
>>6792 Your ban has been lifted
>>6795 Thank you, I'll be a less autistic next time.
I will let jannies off the hook since anons are complaining about more anchors and more bans on fashoid/rightoid shilling...
(4.71 KB 262x138 Capture2.PNG)
>>6792 I'm still banned
>>6801 try now
>>6802 yeah that worked
Jannies stop deleting Marxism is satanic it's a post that's backed in theory
>>6804 Oh and I'm(person making the post) not a rightoid, I'm a Marxist.
Disinfo thread identical to one posted ~a month ago: >>>/leftypol/831676
ID: 5f51c76c4f9b5d16d25072e1 banned for: "glowieposting" I was having fun schizoposting some theories that wouldn't hold the least scrutiny in the riot thread. I basically made up some bullshit theory that Michael Forest Reinoehl, the antifa guy who shot the boogaloo boy dead, was a glowie. Is fun not allowed? It's not like I spammed the thread or anything, jeez.
>>6829 There has been spammers and bad actors in that thread all day. You were mistakenly caught up in the ban waves. Lifted.
There seems to be an influx of bad faith liberal anarchist posts in leftypol, I've reported a few.
why was my last post in >>>/leftypol/826439 deleted?
Lol, so a mod just banned me because I was BTFOing him in a conversation. Yet spam goes unmoderated, hmmm.
>>6842 Funniest thing is I didn't even insult him once. Completely civil discourse about a third party: >I don't like your facts and logic Bam! Banned.
>>6843 I misclicked while I was trying to ban the schizo pol that had been spamming the board the whole night. I wasn't intending to ban you nor was I posting in that thread. I immediately unbanned you once I saw my mistake.
>>>/leftypol/842511 Bumplocked without explanation Plz unbumplock per bumplocks removed if no explanation for bumplocks is given policy ty
>>6853 look again
>>6711 This anon is right. It is very frustrating.
>>>/leftypol/842725 >>>/leftypol842790 >>>/leftypol/842805 Is either a troll or a genuine pedophile.
>>6856 >>6711 Use a block bypass, details on how in this comment >>6773
>>>/leftypol/843596 Why the hell is this thread bumplocked? I'm getting sick and tired of a certain hotpocketeer who feels the need to bumplock fucking everything for idpol. Nothing about this thread is explicitly idpol or even related to it, please restore this discussion.
>>6951 don't care about that guy's thread, but the rules you laid out say that vols must give a reason for locking threads.
>>6831 thanks but it appears I'm still banned
Can you replace the text of >>>/leftypol/840293, which has the same text of the last thread to just the word coño. Thanks
There's no fucking way there aren't Biden shills around. Some people will endlessly argue that "I'm not a fan of Democrats, but Biden is the only choice, and even tho they're both equally awful I'm voting Biden, I mean, yeah we know the imperialist machine will keep on chugging along but still Biden has my vote because he's not Trump". Also, entirely too many tepid dissenting replies are met with a barrage of shitty insults that give me flashbacks to the "shitlords" and "pissbabies". Turning IDs on might be good until the elections, I think.
Why are soyjacks banned, you literl soyjacks.
Mods you stupid slags, give me back my music thread you pedophiles
Why was the psychedelic conversation in /IG/ deleted?
>>6974 This isn't bluelight.
>>6975 Seriously? So shouldn't every post which doesn't have anything to do with eceleb shit be deleted?
>>6976 Maybe but the high activity makes it impractical. The internet general really has become another leftytrash and the original was moved with good reason.
>>6975 fuck off mods you are clearly over stepping your reach again
>>6975 Autism and modding really doesn't mix.
So you dirty filthy mods are literally just ignoring all complaints now? You scum.
(273.47 KB 729x2055 1576744641721.jpg)
You dirty rotten little tyrants
>>6792 take a look at this clown
>>6984 he has been unbanned already. >>6983 ???
>>859782 Request to move this thread to GET. It has some interesting conversation tbh
>>7001 You mean this thread? >>>/leftypol/859782/
>>6981 No one is being ignored but talking to you is the most pointless exercise ever, you are unbelievably stupid and it doesn't help you try your best to sound like an angry 14 year old at all times.
>>7003 Yes, also this one: https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/865843.html t. Typing with his dick out
>>7014 The thing is we can't really dump any thread we like in /GET/, they would have to agree to that.
(21.60 KB 670x228 muh soggy knees.jpeg)
Why are the mods such simps?
>>7033 illiterate too, it's "misogyny".
>>7033 >>7034 You know there is an idpol ban, if not familiarize yourself with the rules. >>>/leftypol/668788
>>7035 Saying that most women deserve to be mistreated online isn't idpol. Its sad state of reality on the internet
>>7021 Why wouldn't /GET/ agree to receive a thread with hentai-style lewds and another one with JAV girls? Is that not exactly the type of threads that /GET/ is known for?
>>>/anime/2972 is unironic pedo apologism, please ban.
>>7037 You need to be an Admin to move threads into /GET/ as far as I'm aware, which is why /GET/ and /ref/ are separate from /leftypol/ and other such boards.
>>7033 >>7036 Is this the BPD poster that constantly goes on about that one Twitter woman?
>>7040 yes
Is there a new roasty mod or something? Getting banned for taking the piss out of e-thots and their simps should be mandatory, not bannable. woke tankie twitter already exists, no need to turn this place into a lesser version
You've yet to update the /leftypol/ meta thread's overview-listing with the new/6th edition of the OC general >>668788 (meta) >>853632 (OC v6)
>>7041 >>7045 Kek, fucking obvious, please neck yourself nutjob, nobody cares about your "views" on women
>>7049 Done, thanks.
>>7050 I do, why do you protect women that are taking advantage of lonely workers. Fuck off back to tumblr.
>>7050 If nobody cares why would I be banned for it? curious!
Get more /leftypol/ janitors. It's been flooded with weird threads for over an hour.
This mod thread is bumplocked LOL
>>7069 Which is why I say extend thread sizes on smaller boards (like anime or hobby or gulag) to 750
>Go on desuarchive >type chernobyl in search <wave of "muh stoopid russkies" autism The sheer pseudoscience and idiocy is nauseating. how to some people manage to argue these idiot into a stand still I have no clue.
>>7011 Bollocks you haven't answered anything about the music thread, which btw, we already had the argument about, and AS A BOARD we all said it was better such threads exist, there was a even a poll about off topic threads, then the music thread stayed. Which is why i made another, because they were acceptable, but now apparently are not. its not me who is totally unreasonable. You people have a fetish for ruining this board, you have literally no idea what makes it good.
every time you move something to hobby everyone hates it and nobody goes to hobby. Yet you continue to do it out of sheer autism
>>7076 Judging by the decent amount of posts on /hobby/, it's fine. Chill.
there are suspicious people in the leftybritpol threads that have suddenly started spamming western propaganda
I got IP banned for being a "known spammer" without being able to repeal. I assume this is some error. What to do?
>>7107 Only space can deal with that because it seems to be a cloudflare issue, you can try to contact him through riot (@spacedustteapot) or through his twitter (https://twitter.com/ericmusicfan). Sorry for the inconvenience.
https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/885583.html >locked Lmao no fun allowed? Thread was actually decent once the "Eugenics will turn everybody into Chads/Stacies" spam-poster was banned
>Anchored: Way too low effort to warrant its own thread, plus we already have a Rojava thread, check the catalog before posting a duplicate topic >>885629 Edited last time by CL_anon on 09/24/2020 (Thu) 00:52:31. Why was this anchored for low effort? >>>/leftypol/894611 How is posting relevant links to news sources and information about Rojava "low effort", but >>>/leftypol/885629 a pic of YPG girls and "redpill me on rojiava" isn't? AND I CHECKED THE FUCKING CATALOG "CL_ANON", BUT THE RETARD WHO STARTED THE THREAD SPELLED ROJAVA WRONG. SO WHEN I FUCKING TYPED ROJAVA INTO SEARCH IT DIDN'T POP UP YOU FAT PIECE OF NECKBEARD SHIT FUCK YOU AND FUCK THIS BOARD.
>pask banning multiple posters for 1 month+ because they dared go against the dengoid circlejerk This forum will end up like leftypol vs leftpol. Good job you retarded jannies, hope the Dengoid cope of billionaires = communism is worth it.
>>7138 You did more than that, you deleted perfectly normal posts that went against your Dengist ideology. If you want a Rojava 2.0 topic, there you have one. It will only become worse from here and the board will split or go under if moderation is biased.
>>7137 First off, the ban is for 22 days. Second, I banned two IPs for spamming the webm in this >>>/leftypol/897186, that is all. So this complaint is quite interesting. >>7139 No I didn't, what else is on those IPs is of no concern when deleting spam.
>>7140 You are banning literal Nazis for a day or two for posting racebait while banning communists for 22 days for daring to make fun of Dengists by posting a video twice. Pathetic and biased moderation. It's clear where your allegiance lies. Other users in that thread have complained of bans against anti-Dengist users as well.
>>7140 >>7141 Furthermore, the entire premise of the thread is comparing any communist critical of capitalist reform to Chris Chan, yet that by itself is not considered spam?
>>7141 If you could just keep yourself from spamming you'd remain unchecked. >posting a video twice Pathetic, blatant lie. >>7142 No
>>7143 >Pathetic, blatant lie. You and I both know there was another user who posted the same video after me, janny. But I guess it isn't in your nature to be honest so you can protect your precious Xi Jinping circlejerk.
>>7144 I said there was two IPs spamming that's all that can be said with certainty. It doesn't matter, if you spam your shit gets deleted.
>>7145 I'd just like to confirm for the audience that I'm the other IP that got banned and I was making fun of the one who's complaining about Dengist mods Of course I'd have preferred neither of us got banned, but there is no doubt our central committee of board volunteers have been fair and even handed to both sides of the argument We'll stop now yeah comrade other IP Unban us both plz?
>>7076 >Everybody hates it <literally only 1-2 posters say "ew no" and hobby itself remains slow but active.
>>7147 not hobby itself, but the act of having their thread jerked. I could understand if there was more posters on both, hobby should at this stage be supplementary. Also its stupid because for example with musix threads its mostly leftist music.
>>7148 I can understand that, however its pretty stupid since it's pretty straightforward, topics not related directly to politics (such as movies, media and other stuff) goes in /hobby/, where numerous and fairly active threads exist.
why don't we ban the climate change denier guy
>>7178 Banning does nothing, however, I wouldn't mind taking a harder stance on climate denialism, I will talk to the other mods about it.
Okay why is board moderation pretty much always done in favor of easily triggered former polfags that can’t handle a discussion about women or their problems without shitting their pants? >>923561 Is the goal to ensure that the board consists of oldfags from 2016 and pol converts and literally nobody else?
So basically we can't talk about anything regarding the situation of women under late capitalism because one guy might spill his spaghetti huh
>>7197 More or less Half the topics we’re allowed to discuss are determined by whether it would offend /pol/ or not We as communists are verboten from discussing women’s issues jfc
>>7196 You know that they can't post in a locked thread either? Someone with your sexpol obsessed history does not have high ground to stand on.
>>7200 Do you have an actual justification for moderation in favor of the single polfag that’s offended about anons having a single thread about a problem that more broadly effects women or is >you made a shitpost about eight months ago” genuinely all you’re capable of arguing?
>>7201 I moderate in favour of removing blatant bait. If you want to talk about sex and rape so much do it somewhere else.
>If you're not a feminist then you're just a fascist incel from /pol/ and you HATE women No, I have legitimate grievances with feminism as a whole and your only response is act smug and scream incel. Really doing a great job of rehabilitating that feminist image.
>>7196 MODERATORS Please unlock >>923561 like this comrade asks. It is not idpol to have these fucking discussions to root out and contest reactionary views among comrades. ESPECIALLY if the OP is doing so in good faith. Moderators should NOT be lazy and purge individual shitposters instead of locking AN ENTIRE THREAD OF DISCUSSION. I believe the moderatiing team could do a lot better with individual bans of derailers and less bumplocking entire threads. PLEASE THIS IS SUCH A DUMB DECISION. Thank you.
Moderators are so fucking garbage. I am a former moderator on leftypol on 8chan. Stifling discussion like this will only serve to decrease the board's quality. I hope the idiot who deleted >>923561 is happy with himself.
>>7205 >>7206 except none of you were responding in good faith either. Responding to anything critical of feminism with “have sex incel” isn’t an argument, lol. >studies related to sexual assault are misleading because often the criteria for sexual assault is incredibly vague and open-ended <wow have sex incel
>>7205 I'm sure people would change their minds and not flame each other and double down on their positions like in all the previous idpol threads.
>>7207 And what? Mods couldn't produce light bans? Put a warning in the thread? I had an entire write up to seriously engage with folks before the thread was deleted. For posterity, I will post it here: Frankly, for the comrades who are mad about the lack of discussion when talking about rape towards men, I understand. And you are right in that men CAN be raped. I personally know a male comrade who was sexually assaulted. The question here however is more so regarding the specific circumstances of women in the traditional sexual relations of our current society. Let me put it another way. I believe we all understand that race is a construction by the ruling class to divide us, but ultimately, (at least in America), you have these racist spooks built into the legal and economic structure of the country that has very tangible effects onto the specific segment of the population. That's why the question of police brutality in America is so intertwined with race, even though it affects all races. Ultimately to dismiss these reactionary institutions on the fact that the revolution will take care of it will not address and analyse them which we must do in order to reach that point in the first place. So back on the topic of women, for many online leftists, our world of discord trannies, chan femboys, and gay comrades are rare compared to the vast swaths of polite society that still operate under traditional gender roles and structures. I'm hesistant to use "hetero-normative" because I know y'all will sperg about it because something something tumblr, but I believe it explains it the best unless somebody has something better. These traditional gender roles and structures are still deeply reactionary at its core, and thus arises incidents like what OP details. No doubt there is a significant population of women, even within Western liberal democracies, who experience sexual assault and even more so where sexual relations are still dominantly patriarchal and conservative. It is our duty as communists to challenge traditional sexual relations as enforced by reactionary or bourgeois politics. Ultimately I strongly believe that one of the biggest steps you can take as a communist in our times after realizing race is a spook, would be that gender is a spook. Or at least, traditional gender roles are complete bullshit. The absolutely largest formative experience for me towards this conclusion would be my university experience, and witnessing and interacting with so many people who had been sexually assaulted. Fraternity party culture is just a toxic cesspool. I hope comrades will expand their perspective on this lest be complicit to reactionary politics. I welcome all thoughts and discussion.
>>7209 >These traditional gender roles and structures are still deeply reactionary at its core okay. why? why are they necessarily? >>7209 >gender is a spook there are very clear biological and behavioral differences between men and women. And yes, while culture does inform a great deal of what gender is, it’s utter insanity to say that gender does not exist. I still fail to see what any of this gender-abolitionist mumbo jumbo has to do with communism. If you really believe these “reactionary gender roles” are a part of the capitalist power structure, why does it matter? It’s just more idpol division away from the actual issue, the capitalist system.
>>7210 Materialist and communist analysis has a place in any political discussion, no matter how ridiculous it seems, even if it means tearing it apart. Me posting my opinion here does not change the FACT that MODERATORS WERE FUCKING RETARDED for deleting a forementioned thread. There has been plenty of discussion on race since the BLM protests in America, but those threads/posts are NOT deleted and for good reason. These issues ARE relevant to the communist project if it is tied to, or discerns revolutionary discourse or ideas. Frankly, even if you don't LIKE these ideas, they should have a place to be discussed. The issue of women and rape is something that is DEEPLY INTERTWINED with reactionary politics all around the world. It is something that SHOULD be discussed so that a better understanding from posters can arise from it. I would love to discuss this more with you and other posters, but I am only here because I want the retarded mods to know. STIFLING DISCUSSION LESSENS THE QUALITY OF THIS BOARD
>>7211 As much as we disagree, I do agree with everything you say here. Though I’m still bitter about being called an incel for not being a feminist.
>>7211 Niggas forget that even though the West is nice these days there’s a lot of places where “femicide” is still a thing
>>7211 >STIFLING DISCUSSION LESSENS THE QUALITY OF THIS BOARD I agree there's been too harsh moderation lately. Vols aren't a monolith, we just try to do what the users wants, so this feedback is useful.
>>7213 Obviously those places need their own form of feminism. My argument is not that feminism is universally bad, but that feminism in the west has outlived its usefulness and become both obsolete and reactionary, floated entirely on being predatory towards young women. Identity based movements eventually become reactionary movements. You see this in feminism, you see this in what has become of the LGBT movement. They both had to exist, but in outliving their premise they have become reactionary.
>>7215 >men and women are now perfectly equal throughout the west you're one thick fucker
>>7213 Idpol discussion ALWAYS is about burgerland. It's either inane rants about 'unequivocal support for BLM' or arguments for "intersectionality" speaking in regards to the Western woman. It's even more privileged and self-centered than dismissing idpol entirely and addressing the source of idpol problems - class oppression and social division by Porky. Discussion is not bad, but idpol is such cancer that it derails everything. You can't say a goddamn thing without offending someone, even when what is spoken is true. It's pure liberalism.
(154.13 KB 1080x1080 1600556325778.jpg)
Why was I banned from /leftypol/ for "/pol/ autism" and why do the logs claim that "my" ban appeal was denied when I did not appeal at all? I saw the ban for the first time just now. My ban ID is 5f75f9b3ac22a833639cf258.
mods have you talked about the pol face threads is it doing any good or harm to the site?
>>7225 Can't find your ban with this ID anywhere sorry.
>>7226 The /pol/ spammer(s?) mostly posts on the /pol/jak thread, I think the main problem is people linking bunkerchan in /pol/, there's little we can do about that.
>>7227 Interesting, I can post again. The ID is mentioned in the logs but I can't find a matching "lifting" action there. Thanks for looking at it I guess.
Hello mods, glad to see you have adopted my patented floating gulag policy for the raid thread. Of course, as a communist I have no problem with you putting my intellectual property to good use. What a great little solution though don’t you think, keep it off the top, but still around so polyps can get cucked. Nifty if I may say so.
Oh my, I see some based comrade posters are taking a stand. Good comrades.
B8n ID : 5f75fee0ac22a833639cff73 Not a /pol/yp but woke up today to find iv'e been banned for 10 days for "/pol/ autism"
>>7294 Can't find your ban.
oh god you turned on ddos and captcha because of those raids? damn well at least i prefer these captcha then those annoying google picture ones
There should be a way to appeal bans based on IP blocks for people with a dynamic IP who somehow get unluckyly assigned a banned IP address by their ISP.
>>7294 I got caught the same way.
5f75fee0ac22a833639cff73 also banned for pol autism, not sure why
>>7311 >>7305 >>7294 >>7225 Could this happen because for some reason bunkerchan bans the Cloudflare IP instead of the user's IP?
Azeri's released videos of them drone striking Armenians https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IRCDEulxOY&feature=emb_title
>>7320 mods pls deleat, wrong thread
>>7321 You have the option to delete it yourself by clicking the arrow on your post
Holy fuck this captcha system is shit. It's worse than fucking 8kun. Why the fuck are we using this cumbersome shit, it took me 4 times to make a single non-image post before it would give a captcha approval despite it being correct.
>>7323 Also the captcha makes the Quick Reply function way too big for the screen. I can't see half of what I reply to in a thread. And the Cloudflare shit loads like my fucking box computer from 2005.
The /pol/ack spammer is threatening to dox everyone on /leftypol/ by the way.
Once again requesting a lifting of my ban for “/pol/ Autism” ID : 5f75fee0ac22a833639cff73 If I said anything that was /pol/ shit (because I can’t see the offending post) I genuinely can not recall what it apparently was
>>7311 >>7294 Wait what the fuck we got banned with the same ID?
The spam bot is going wild, have reported some
>>7336 There is a new barrage of this spam on /anime/ and /edu/
>>7343 /tech/ is getting spammed once every few minutes I think whatever raid occurred recently must have triggered this response.
red alert, spambot on /usapol/ looks like they got it working, it copies random posts from other threads and posts it elsewhere to make noise.
The bots probably can't use flags - use those to identify each other comrades
>>7354 Bitch I never use flags, so am I bot too? fuck you
>>7355 use a flag you little bitch
>>7356 No. On a serious note, the bot is invading >>>/anime/ and >>>/edu/ again
Yo mods will you deal with the slider bot or NOT?! It's killed so many threads already
Bruh the captcha is doing literally nothing to stop the bot, what’s the point?
(39.32 KB 208x200 pepe really?.png)
So are mods going to do anything about the bots spamming copy-pasted posts from unrelated threads into every thread on the /leftypol/ catalog, making the board damn near unusable?
>>7359 Ironically it makes it harder to report the spam
>>7358 Mods could easily fix this just by temporarily adding a dozen or so extra pages to the catalog for breathing room >>7359 Probably costing money for him to bypass it though
Turn off this fucking R9K shit all it does is make the board unusable for everyone but /pol/
>>7363 >half the board just got wiped because it's a complete fuckaround to bump anything Good job whichever genius turned this on
>>7363 Lowkey this The entire point of the pol raid is to make the board unusable, the captcha assists in that
>>7364 The mods here have a serious issue of never bothering to coordinate shit between each other much less the board before taking rash actions
>>7365 Captcha isn't R9K, R9K is the stupid fucking "no multiple images, all posts must be x long" shit
>>7364 Oh nevermind the Lynxtech is just shitting itself The board is getting cycled in like 2 minutes though, it's obviously totally useless and has done nothing but let primarily /pol/ spammers post
>>7366 Doesn't help that BO is a retard who only takes on Anglos, meaning that there's a permanent black spot in moderation.
Mods can you please do something about this fucking bot already? It’s making the board unreadable. Also ban any retard that tries raiding pol, they always lead these retards back here and they shit up the board for days and we just don’t have the numbers to beat off a pol-glowie raid
>>7358 Yo mods will you deal with the slider bot or NOT?! It's killed so many threads already >>7362 >Mods could easily fix this just by temporarily adding a dozen or so extra pages to the catalog for breathing room can't they just pin all the original threads made by users and not pin the thread made by bots ?
Am I going insane, or are posts on /leftypol/ repeating themselves in every thread for no reason?
>>7372 there is a bot that copy pastes random text from other posts
>>7370 >>7371 >>7372 >>7373 mods say that the raiders still have to manually bypass the captchas so it will blow over. But for the time being its bad
REMOVE R9K remove r9k
>>7375 R9K is just basic spam prevention, its fine
>>7354 Or just greentext every post because it seems like the bot can't greentext
/pol/ is talking about trying to use TOR btw, I thought we closed that off already but plug up that if we haven't yet
>>7379 You know this place didn't raid /pol/, right? You know we don't even have the numbers for that, right? Who am I kidding, of course you don't
mods gotta delete spam threads on leftypol the bot will bump them and they will shit up the board more and more
Mods should pin all of the general/cyclical threads for now
>>7382 cyclicals can't 404 off the catalog I think? at least, they haven't yet.
>>7383 I seem to remember that happening to a cycled webm thread But maybe that was on 8chan and not here
plz stop the esoteric hitlerism thread from being kill mods i cant bump it to save it for some reason
It seems like the worst is over.
Thank you gracious mods. I will stop bitching at you for one entire month. Count it. Today is the 3rd of October
>>7386 It wasn't even that bad from the start. What a pathetic "raid".
>make post complaining about the current state of things on leftypol >post gets deleted Why? Just why? Its was a valid criticism. Your only conforming my suspicion that yall are no better than pol, Ifunny and politigram. Plz respond jannys.
Please cycle this thread >>>/leftypol/892193, bitte.
>>7389 We're in the middle of the raid, now may not be the best time to criticise /leftypol/ even with good intentions.
>>7391 >We're in the middle of a raid Exactly what the post was about. You guys pretend to be above this but you provoked it with this unfunny /pol/jak shit. Its the exact same thing they would do. If this is what yall are really like then I feel like a fucking dumbass for thinking higher of this place.
>>7392 Actually it wasn't our fault. He made the meme and somebody reposted it. I think the mods should remove the stupid general for it though.
>>7393 You're probably right. Shit seems to of died down and I'm just overreacting. Hopefully this is just a bit of fun and not the norm.
Could the cybersoc general thread be made cyclical? >>>/leftypol/765636
why can I not post pictures? It says "r9k" wont let me?
hey mods my ascii face spam in the containment doesn't take up that much server space or anything right? it's just words after all don't mean to cause any harm just wanted to out spam the people posting gross stuff using text spam sorry if you have trouble in archiving threads because of me
>>7393 If you remove the general it will double the effect on other threads and new threads which slide the board. Best to just let it die down as people get bored and let it settle into a comfy thread where wandering Nazis get btfo
The spam bot that bumps thread with garbage posts can't post with flags, so if you post with one on /leftypol/ it will be easier to see who is human and who is a bot.
>>7401 How are they coming back from bans? Resetting their router?
>>7385 Archived its current incarnation for you dude. I suggest anons just look for threads that interest them, archive those threads using http://archive.is/ then save those links in their personal files so they can read them later in case further raids bump them off the catalog or crash the whole board/server https://archive.is/GtKk9
save the Armenian border war thread
>>7412 Fortunately cycled threads can't fall off the catalog and pruned.
(2.62 KB 231x218 stalinstare.jpg)
there is a /pol/ thread over on /games/ btw, posting here because this will go faster than the report
now that things have cooled off can we expect some of the emergency stuff scaled back soon?
Some /pol/ fuck is spaming in /edu/. First time /edu/'s got that kind of action in months.
>>7423 yeah making like 30 nonsense threads MODS just delete every thread in /edu/ that has 0 replies
>>7422 i think the protection and captchas should stay for a bit, we have to expect they might vome again soon Also maybe the captchas will encourage higher quality posts
>>7425 low quality replies wasn't really an issue pre-/pol/ raid though
It's been less than 3 days and the raid is already dead.
Jannies, thank you for all your hard work. When will you turn off the unique file restrictions?
>>7430 They should turn it off within a week or so. The raid is already dead.
You feel that? Peace at last.
>>7430 I think we should wait for one day or two to be safe and lift the protections progressively. Sorry for the inconvenience.
I think a second spam wave is about to begin, mods. Better prepare. Not that it will be less pathetic than the last. Just a heads up.
MODS can you please delete this post >>952158 Or edit the file name?
>>7512 Done, be more careful next time. P.S. To quote a post from another board you do like this : >>>/leftypol/952158
Yeah mods we're officially in phase 2 of the raid, now primarily being spammed by 8channel shills and people from that cringe eceleb video.
there's this user on the leftybooru named ComradeCheese who's posting polshit: https://lefty.booru.org/index.php?page=account_profile&uname=ComradeCheese posting here because i was perma-banned from leftypol for spamming excerpts from a Saddam speech (sorry).
>>7515 Ban ID so I can unban you? Also I don't know who's in charge of the booru unfortunately.
>>7521 Apparently my ban was lifted or something; I am able to post. In regards to the spammer, it seems his stuff was deleted.
Can you wake up and bonk the shitty pol threads? >>>/leftypol/954555 >>>/leftypol/954582 >>>/leftypol/954631 >>>/leftypol/954546
why do some non-spam threads that j*nnies don't like get deleted, and others just anchored? what are you hiding?
>>7521 Some fag is posting gore in various threads across the boards, its the same video of someone essentially doing FPS IRL but with a different misleading filename every time. known posts are in The Youtube anime thread in /anime/, the cyberpunk thread in /hobby/ and some others
>>7530 It's not much for gore, but it is spam of the christ-church webms from /pol/
Delete the creepy nazi perv shit off leftybritpol IMMEDIATELY you useless fucking jannies
>>7535 Seriously if you wastes of oxygen don't reply to multiple reports of illegal content posted by nazis on your site then what business do you have operating a website?
(251.45 KB 1266x566 Futa-bumarxistanalysis.png)
Why was this thread deleted? That's fucking stupid and it's upsetting that something like this can get removed. For what? Seriously? Tell me why?
>>7537 >why is this annoying retarded shit from the most annoying retard on the site being deleted
>>7537 Because you fucking copy-pasted it
Is a /europe/ general a good idea?
Hi guys. I posted a thread meant to tinfoil-bait invading pollacks and make them post BBC-porn on their own website. Is fun disallowed on /leftypol/?
>>>/leftypol/955440 should be moved to >>>/hobby/ since art is a hobby topic
Mods deleting spam faster than i can report it, gj
Moderators, could you please uncycle the esoteric hitler thread. My plan for that thread is that when it hits bump limit, i will take all the new links and add them to the OP and then make a new thread with all the new info, thus we build info. If it is cyclical we will lose info if I (or some other based anon who wants to also do this) am not at the computer when it hits the cycle limit . I know its was a security measure this is a completely peaceful post not intending to sound aggressive in any way
>>7555 Would you like the thread to be archived once it hits the bump limit?
Why did you delete /monarchy/
>>7557 Yes please
Can >>>/anime/3897 have the OP image unspoilered. OP did it accidentally. Also there is a loli hentai thread up on /anime/ that is clear bait and is also a double duplicate of both the hentai thread and the lolipol thread.
>>7536 I want a response to this. If you don't have enough jannies to delete illegal content off the site, you should get some more.
>>7369 Never call me an anglo again or face a ban. >>7560 afaik we can't. >>7561 We delete all illegal content. If you see illegal content use the report function or link it here.
>>7563 >We delete all illegal content. If you see illegal content use the report function or link it here. Yeah, after it's been on your site for like 5 hours. If you aren't able to immediately get that shit off then get some more volunteers
Hey jannies, so why did this thread get bumplocked? >>959437
>>7557 yes and thank you kindly
Does this need a thread? >>>/leftypol/969709
https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/952123.html#q954689 I'm not asking for a lift of the ban because I'm working on a research project and have to stop procrastinating anyways but one of your mods is genuinely retarded for not recognizing a joke post when I'm using a spurdo flag, a meme thinking-face image, and poking fun. Even the old tankie /BO/ on original 8ch wouldn't ban me for such an obvious joke. I understand that we got raided by /pol/ recently and there's undoubtedly been an influx of no-fun-allowed ledditors and the resulting hypercensorship mindset but this is just silly.
My ban message doesn't tell me which post caused the offense, it just says /pol/ spam. I'm either getting senile or my last post right before the /pol/ raid was in the thread "RDW is a reactionary" and I just said there that Marx didn't talk much about co-ops in Poverty of Philosophy. I can't find the post anymore so I guess it got deleted as collateral damage. Next thing I posted was a couple days later in a thread about the WSWS guys, again no /pol/ spam by me.
>>7581 Must have been "collateral damage", sorry. Can you give your ban ID so I can lift the ban?
Hey mods can you please un-anchor this thread again? /leftypol/res/959437 I don't see any "reactionary shitposting" here, we're all dunking on nazis
>>>/leftypol/973044 nsfw (gore) video in the OP
(1.21 MB 6042x6242 LEFTYBOORU LOGO v2.png)
Mods please make accounts on the booru and reply with your account name so I can make you mods of leftybooru
https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/972275.html Poltoid spamming "fuck nigs and fuck trannies" again Mods ban and clean up pl0x
https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/968847.html#973406 Bot spamming like 60 posts in 2 minutes MODS
>>7582 5f7cc3b668591e29f48c0fc6
>>7588 My account name is Comatoast. More than happy to help.
>>7588 Do you guys have a Matrix? Irc? Ect ect ect?
(22.20 KB 474x315 come here you little shit.jpeg)
WHY ARE YOU FUCKING BUTTHURT ANGLO MODS DELETED THE ANGLO THREAD THERE I WAS EFFORTPOSTING AND THE NEXT MOMENT THE THREAD WAS JUST GONE JUST LIKE THAT SOME ANGLO GOT TRIGGERED BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? I'M GONNA POST IT ANYWAY RIGHT FUCKING HERE ENJOY >>974261 Anglo-Saxons man, I warned you about Anglo-Saxons compared to teh Anglo the Jew is just a baby, where der Jude is acting in the open groveling for american bread crumbs, the Saxon just beats his dog behind the closed doors with his horse whip to remind it who is the Man of the House. the Anglo fooled everyone by playing the old and weak card masterfully, whereas in reality he is stronger than ever. That crutch he is leaning on? he throws it in the corner and dances a little jig every time he comes home. and have you seen their so-called queen? She is a descendant of Morgane, a keeper of ancient Saxonic black magic, a shaman of the tribe. She should be long dead, but here she lives thru her blood magic. I keep a handful of protective amulets on me, and I advice you do the same, you know too much now, there's no going back brother.
>>7593 No, actually this was a one man operation until now.
>>7595 Get on the Matrix and highlight me
>>7604 Just messaged you there. My username is rodong
>>>/leftypol/978475 ominous thread doxxing somebody
>delete IG <don't clear out the social reactionaries do you intend to always be useless?
So you banned me for refuting all of the idpol radlibs who posted about how trans are being denied rights but couldn't come up with a single right that they were denied? lmao these mods truly are from twitter and reddit aren't they
Explain why you didn't ban the liberal who said joining america's imperialist army is a human right Explain why you haven't banned any of the people insisting trans rights are being denied and is a leftist issue but haven't come up with a single right that they are being denied
>>7625 >>7626 You were banned for derailing a thread with idpol. You know the rules and chose to breach them therefore you got banned, it's rather simple. If you had stopped talking about that when the /IG/ thread was remade it wouldn't have happened. If your priority is to debate trans rights then there are other venues in the internet for that but it's definitively not /leftypol/.
>>7627 None of the other people who were talking about it in the old thread got banned. The janitor didn't post any warnings about the discussion of the thread. It's not rather simple at all. I thought the thread had just reached post limited and 404'd.
>>7626 >Explain why you didn't ban the liberal who said joining america's imperialist army is a human right I did ban him though
>>7627 >If your priority is to debate trans rights then there are other venues in the internet for that lol name one leftist space where it's not verboten. You banned us for thought crimes, not "derailing". /leftypol/ really has fallen.
>>7629 well alright if you at least banned that tard then thats fine
>>7626 I didn't say specifically joining the US army was a right, I said that not being discriminated against was a right, and went on to explain that such discrimination would have been no more okay in the DPRK And I was banned Which brings me to this; I wasn't the one who brought up the topic of trans-rights at all. I simply refuted the point that they are anti-leftists and they have a right to not discriminated against. Listen, we don't have to have weekly IdPol threads where we check our privilege, but if we can't even say that transpeople are human beings that have a right to not be discriminated against, then we're in a sorry pathetic state, and there's a lot of discussions with /pol/yps that won't even be possible. I find this ban to be completely disproportionate, as I was reported dishonestly as saying something I clearly wasn't, and for defending the right of transpeople not to be discriminated against in a dicussion I didn't even start. Beyond that, there was no warning that the discussion was inappropriate and it was clearly just abuse of the report-mechanism to quiet disagreement.
>>7633 Beyond this, I would like any mod to please point out where in the rules, even if I did start the conversation, it is stated that all discussions on the rights of transpeople are banned. If such a ban cannot be found within the rules of the board, then the mod in question has clearly gone beyond their mandate and regulated not according to rules and regulations, but according to personal taste. therefore, unless discussions on the rights of transpeople are considered "overtly reactionary" I would like to request that my ban is revoked and that the mods either clarify the rules regarding trans-rights issues or get a rogue mod in line.
>>7635 It says in the community guidelines that >Volunteers may remove other posts according to their own discretion which they feel does not contribute to the stated mission of Bunkerchan, but they should try to adhere to the standards of the community and of their fellow moderators. And nowhere in the community guidelines or by any warning from a moderator was it made clear in any way that discussion on trans-rights is a bannable offence. Therefore, I believe that my ban is fundementally in breach of community guidelines until such guidelines are modified as to ban discussion on the rights of transpeople.
>>7634 >please point out where in the rules, even if I did start the conversation, it is stated that all discussions on the rights of transpeople are banned. From the welcome thread >Thirdly, the board has an anti-idpol rule. Meaning that discussion of idpol topics is not allowed. Trans people are idpol, they are not to be named
>>7637 >Trans people are idpol, they are not to be named >Trans people are idpol I hope to christ that you are not a fucking mod, because saying that trans-people rather than political movements and rhetoric based upon trans-identity is IdPol is a misunderstanding of both what transness is, what IdPol is and what the problem with dialogue in IdPol spaces is. Geez.
>>7638 fuck off radlib nobody cares about your definitions
Can I have a clarification upon the rules? Can I post a thread that deals with the trans-question? If not, then why? If it's because it is IdPol, how so? If black people are being denied rights that other have, is it then inherently IdPol to point that out and discuss it? Is it possible to discuss an issue that can be utilized for IdPol, but isn't inherently so if class-perspectives of racial and trans experiences are kept in mind? Can I make a Trans Question thread?
>>7640 am i paranoid and schizo or are there several medium-effort inflammatory threads up which seems like they are made by rightoids who don't quite understand this board and try to stir shit up? Like weird shit, and then the first few comments always also being inflammatory.
Hi, So ummm. I cant pass captions for some reason. plz help
>>7638 If it makes you feel better, I agree with you and I'm a vol. Not sure if the other person if a vol, but I would bet he isn't. >>7640 Not sure what you mean by "the trans question". If it's idpol or not depends on the actual question (and discussion henceforth), not transgenderism itself. >Is it possible to discuss an issue that can be utilized for IdPol This basically gets to the root of the problem. It seems it is impossible for such a discussion to happen here. They function basically as bait threads for reactionaries to post the most fantastic shit takes, drive by shit post (eg "fuck trannies lmao"), and just outright post liberal idpol. It is an incredible amount of work to babysit those threads. If you get another (probably several) vols to agree to babysit your thread for a couple of hours, then other vols might agree to it. I'm personally drained and in no way can I do such a thing. Basically, no. >>7643 The reloading thing beside the Reload button is suspect. You should be seeing a number there, not "reloading". Could you check your console? Maybe some error might be evident there. I'll post your thread if someone hasn't done it already.
>>7643 Here's your thread: >>>/leftypol/990079
>>7645 <3 much love
>>7644 Thank you for the feedback! It is truly appreciated!
>>7654 >Waaaaah why is the bait leftcom thread about muh "state capitalisum" is getting responded to poorly Stop making this sectarian bait maybe?
>>7634 The problem is that even if idpol-adjecent issues are started by a few people with the best intentions for honest discussions, it always attracts retards who shit it up and who start fights in the thread, keeping the thread active and encouraging that behaviour. After a few days, the entire board is filled with threads filled with retards arguing about whether or not trans people are satans spawn, even if the threads started about honest questions about individual rights of people to be themselves and have agency over their own bodies.
Since the mods seem to ignore the /hobby/ mod thread, I'm going to repost some posts to deal with >>>/hobby/17393 is unwanted by anyone and is a low effort trash OP. >>>/hobby/17208 is a duplicate of the horror thread of which there are 2 already. >>>/hobby/17262 is just shitty bait that should be posted in a movie thread. >>>/anime/3935 is both duplicate to the loli thread and the hentai thread and is unwanted, as indicated by all posts in the thread >>>/hobby/17452 ANOTHER lazy fucking OP with no effort >>>/hobby/13489/ Lazy thread that duplicates either the /x/ thread, the SCP-urban myths-creepypasta thread, the creepypasta thread nd the /occult/ thread. >>>/hobby/6232 is a pointless thread, it's a duplicate of the film thread and I've already reposted its content into them so there is no reason to let it stay up. >>>/hobby/13354 redundant lazily made thread about satanists that belongs on the /occult/ thread >>>/hobby/16315 is redundant, modern body armor goes in the /k/ thread. Old armor (knights and samurai) goes in the HEMA thread.
please remove spam >>993177
>>7660 thank you jannies
>>989710 >>986462 >>990003 >>993504 >>994802 >>994722 >>994028 (notice immediate bump, most likely by OP)* >>990395 (notice immediate bump, most likely by OP)* >>992030 (notice immediate bump, most likely by OP)* >>992167 >>993207 >>994175 >>994830 Asking the jannies to clean up this shit: there are solid reasons to believe this is a raid by libs or something. Still the mess has to be cleaned.
>>7670 Thanks a lot based jannies
>>5320 Mods, why was I banned exactly? The reason was "I can't tell if your retarded or participating in a raid". Do you even have a confirmation on a raid, or any confirmation that I would be apart of such a thin
Wanna give props to the mods for deleting the "I've noticed that those Marxists are taken seriously" thread that proceeded to name very controversial people like Kliman and Harvey while omitting Michael Roberts or Cockshott. That was a very insidious attempt.
And the exact ban as well. Type: Ban User:Watermelon Board: leftypol Time: 10/13/2020 (Tue) 23:24:03 User Watermelon banned the posters of the following posts: 995456 from board /leftypol/ until Thu Oct 15 2020 01:24:03 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time) with reason "can’t tell if just retarded or participating in raid, one day temporary ban.".
/pol/ is shitting all over the board. Clean the spam up please.
/pol/ spammers are at it again
>>7589 Poltoids doing exact same shit again. Mods clean up leftypol plox
Are Mods asleep? Polcucks spamming leftypol catalog with like 10 "fuck nigs and trannies" threads, some of them with gore Clean this shit up please
>>7684 it seems mods are gone
>>995780 >>995797 >>995800 >>995806 >>995809 >>995830 >>995857 >>995847 >>995849 >>995911 >>996027 >>996029 >>996033 >>996044 >>996100 >>996107 >>996122 >>996132 >>996135 >>996140 >>996145 >>996156 >>996157 >>996212 >>996214 >>996236 >>996261 >>996298 >>996523 Obvious /pol/ack derailing the thread where their baiting is called out. mods are dumbfucks for not recognizing this kinda shit, its very obvious. You see an influx of posts in the last days repeating shallow leftist buzzwords you get after reading wikipedia articles on leftist tendencies, designed to be as inflammatory as possible. to distract from this you have the "fuck n1ggers fuck tr4nnies" spam. all of this reeks like a handful of /pol/acks' strategy probably hatched in some discord. To remedy this low effort replies and threads should be punished more harshly. Maybe even create a containment thread or board for "debates" so that all obvious inflammatory stuff can be moved there.
We are being raided.
>>7686 >create a containment thread or board for "debates" so that all obvious inflammatory stuff can be moved there. We've already suggested that, the mods won't do it.
Can we have (OP) next to the thread number when replying to OP?
Please unlock my thread. Although it pertains to China, the matter at hand has international importance. People are also discussing the topic in the US thread (https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/531727.html#q999307) so clearly the issue is of broad interest. Thread: https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/999348.html
So many of us have been in lockdown for long lengths of time.... so why have we still not got (you's)???? plz gib us the U's before launching leftypol the twitter and Instagram account
Can we make the Europe general thread cyclical?
(29.49 KB 200x300 CalebMuppen.png)
Dead mods. I posted a question about leftist theory and the marxian philosophy behind moderation. I did so in >>7780 Is it the board's policy that questions on theory is banned, or was I merely banned because the question was also about how Marxist ideals apply to the rules and moderation on bunkerchan? If so, can one of you vols people point to which principles in the rules and guidelines that I have broken, please? If none, are mods then allowed to ban anyone at will, regardless of the rules of the board? thank you
>>7787 Dear mods*
>>>/leftypol/1006703 is a glowfaggot who posts Soviet 'posters' from the Perestroika era while denigrating the USSR with liberal moralisms and accusations about "muh social conservative red fasheeests!!!" and posting misleading information. He derailed the last Russian thread until it just dropped off the board because nobody wanted to post when they kept getting unwanted replies about "hurr did ya know the USSR was baaaad!!!!" Also since he generally derails the thred with whining about "gay oppression" his posts are basically idpol shiptposting which is a bannable offense. TL;DR: shitposting glowwie posting Perestroika propaganda and idpol is derailing the thread AGAIN.
(36.85 KB 225x225 pepe window blinds.png)
https://twitter.com/anoncatanoncat/status/1317180888619286528 Request for a /Thailand is Rioting/ General?
Is there a video game thread I’m missing sonewhere on the board?
I'm getting tired of the moderation/lack of moderation on leftypol. I think I'm going to finally stop posting here. Tried to add to quality discussion, but I don't even know why. This site is hardly even a good source for information let alone quality discussion. Well good luck with the revolution comrades.
>>7830 >hardly even a good source for information I mean no-body claims it is. If you want that, you go to /edu/.
(2.63 MB 1059x8323 BunkerchanManifesto.png)
So apparently this was spam that needed not only to get me banned from /leftypol/ but also get this material removed from the board MODS I AM FUCKING TRYING TO HELP YOU GUYS HOLY SHIT
>>7840 After posting it like five times including making a thread. You can complain in the gulag like everyone else.
>>7841 Yeah and get no responses Also people might be interested in learning some of this, why does it have to be strictly between the mods and I? How can the userbase make informed desicions and make demands of their community if they don't get the data. Hell, you guys are admitting that the slow boards have been slowing down for a while. I bet you that /leftypol/ struggles with maintaining userbase too, right?
>>7842 cry about it bitch, we aint doing shit
>>7843 I hope you are not a mod, because If so you do not posses the honor or the character to be able to hold such responsibility and I hope you get dismissed as soon as possible for posting something like this.
>>7840 You've been bitching about this nonstop for the past week. You've made 2 different threads on /leftypol/, posted your shit in the leftyb/ discussion thread, posted 3-4 different ones HERE. and every time your posts are sheer cope and lies relying on misleading PPH and other whining. FUCK. OFF. Stop turning /leftypol/ into 'le general everything board' and learn to fucking do basic compartmentalization. >>7842 You have gotten responses, serious argument as to why this is a bad idea and you ignore them. People aren't responding any more because we've already discussed this and nobody is in favor of making /hobby/ a "general" on leftypol and quite obviously killing that board because you can't get your head on straight. >muh data What fucking data? PPH is not an accurate measurement and your post is a fucking mess of faulty "calcs" and reddit-tier logic.
>>7850 >and every time your posts are sheer cope and lies relying on misleading PPH and other whining. Can you demonstrate where the calculation on PPH are wrong? You do know from the OP that I did not lift a signle PPH from the official stats, right? I calculated them. Since I know how old these forums are and how many posts are on them we can calculate the PPHs. Yes, I agree that the PPHs given are misleading. That's why I haven't used them for anything. >Stop turning /leftypol/ into 'le general everything board' and learn to fucking do basic compartmentalization. As a leftist you should understand that rules are meant to fit people, people are not meant to fit rules. This is complete idealism. I am trying to point out to you what the realities of your board is and if it upsets you, then I am sorry, but there are objectively more efficient ways of organizing things. >already discussed this and nobody is in favor of making /hobby/ a "general" on leftypol and quite obviously killing that board because you can't get your head on straight. Who? The mods? Then you aren't listening to facts and the obvious realities of how the board works. >quite obviously killing that board because you can't get your head on straight. Not true. THere's nothing to say that a /hobby/ general would kill the board. They wouldn't be direct competitors. The data shows this. Plenty of people who are interested in posting on SUBJECT of games, aren't interested in talking about games on /games/. >What fucking data? I have taken timecodes of different posts to calculate PPH. >your post is a fucking mess of faulty "calcs Such as? I really want to be wrong? What did I calculate incorrectly? >reddit-tier logic. Such as? I am genuinely interested in what logic is faulty in the OP
>>7850 >People aren't responding any more because we've already discussed this and nobody is in favor of making /hobby/ a "general" on leftypol What about a sticky on /leftypol/ then? Surely if we can discuss a leftyb we can discuss a /games/ general collectively? Or is it just the mods that aren't interest?
>>7855 >demonstrate where the calculation on PPH are wrong Your calculations are wrong because they're using linear math for a subjective and incomparable measurement. Each thread has a different level of interest depending on subject and depending on how well an OP is made. Each thread's activity depends on how well people are informed of whether a thread is moved or not. etc. etc. That's ignoring the fact that the PPH of 1 thread is irrelevant in the grand-scheme >rules are meant to fit people <as a leftist 1) the rules were agreed upon by a majority 2) People follow the rules for a reason, not following the rules because you don't feel like it, is not legitimate. >objectively more efficient ways of organizing things Not without destroying the site's dynamics >Who? The people. I have seen exatly 2 different people support your ideas, and at least 5 who opposed it in various threads involving this discussion, are you seriously thinking the mods, who don't give a fuck about rule-support anyway, are against this? >They wouldn't be direct competitors. <same topic but not competing (somehow) >data Your data sample size is abysmal and lacks information you have no way of acquiring (opinions and thoughts of people, number of Unique IPs per thread, Post speed at different times, how long the thread was on /leftypol/ for etc. etc.) You have one example and even then incomplete and thus the calculations are misleading. >timecodes of different posts to calculate PPH See the above >I am genuinely interested in what logic is faulty in the OP See the above. Your post is essentially the problem of what happened to communist subreddits, with many of them decaying because they stopped having specialized subreddit webs leading to little increase in posts and a visible decrease in over-all quality, while smaller specialized subreddits die off. >>7856 We've already discussed this m8, the mods aren't going to let this up for a few days minimum, because you've essentially been spamming m8.
>>7861 >Your calculations are wrong because they're using linear math for a subjective and incomparable measurement Okay, I get what you're saying now, you're not saying that the calculation of PPH is innaccurate, just that it isn't applicable to what we're talking about. That's fair. So what looking at PPH can do is not prove anything objectively, but it can give us some hints as to engagement and what we can learn from this. As you mention, it can't prove something like how well-informed people are in a thread or how well the OP is made, but it can measure how interested people are in it, meaning, how much interest it garners. That's not to say that it directly speaks to anything,but one could argue that a thread with a high PPH is likely to be well-written because it is interesting. One could also argue that it's just well-crafted bait. However, while all such evidence is conjecture and can never be proof, if use to support a hypothesis, it does become evidence. While I certainly would want to measure other factors all I can measure is PPH. I am not trying to measure quality but interaction measured by quantity. Now if you're suggesting that there is no meaningful way to analyze and compare statistics on a Chan then frankly we're getting into some Postmodern stuff where I cannot help you or hope to convince you. >The people. "The people" is seven guys or so? >same topic but not competing (somehow) I legitimately don't think they necessarily would have to be in competition, especially because how different the ways of posting are. People on /games/ want long detailed comments form people fairly deep in the fandom. People on /leftypol/ are much more casual. I think you'd have to demonstrate that they are the same audience before assuming so, especially now thet were is circumstantial evidence to indicate the opposite. >We've already discussed this m8, the mods aren't going to let this up for a few days minimum, because you've essentially been spamming m8. That sounds vindictive and childish.
Hey jannies you banned me till the next year but I was fighting the /pol/fags but I guess you must have confused me with one
>>7866 Seriously, check my post history if you don't believe me. Only "spam" post I made was replying to a /pol/fag with a wojak
>>>/leftypol/1007513 this thread is obvious bait but it's still up
i don't know if it's just me but bunkerchan is slowlier today and sometimes it's giving me 500 and 522 server errors
>>7869 I'm also experiencing this. Is the server undergoing maintenance or shit?
(6.72 KB 490x167 error.PNG)
seriously mods, what the fuck are you doing?
Fix your shitty site it keeps failing bruh
>>7869 >>7870 >>7871 >>7872 >>7873 https://twitter.com/BunkerchanMain/status/1317846416488882181?s=19 >We are currently experiencing a DDos attack, which leads to some performance issues. Please just retry and reload, the site still works even if its slower.
>>7874 Did we piss of pol again lmao
when will this ddos attack end? It's pretty annoying
>>7876 I wish you retards would stop poking their beehive. I don't care about this internet slapfight, I just want to use this site.
>>7876 I honestly think that at this point random assholes from across the internet is raiding /pol/ and we're just taking the heat.
How politically correct do you have to be to not block all Chinese IPs which you say are the main botnets in the DDoS you are describing here >>>/leftypol/1012878 ? Literally nobody from China posts here other than proxies and VPNs located in China.
>>7876 >>7876 >>7879 >>7880 It was an attack by some /pol/fag from Thailand probably attracted by the Thailand threads
Requesting >>>/anime/4232 have LOTGH: Legend of the Galactic Heroes added to the OP, so as to make it easier to find in catalog.
>>7901 Done.
>>7903 Thanks krates
PSA:Maximum file size was upped to 80MB from 20MB.
>>7910 Holy cow, thanks!
(2.34 MB 3807x2548 1543638061466.jpg)
(588.70 KB 2048x1365 1547023322215.jpg)
(118.63 KB 1920x1071 1547151903145.jpg)
(4.35 MB 3685x2442 1547969172564.jpg)
(151.95 KB 1920x1080 1547897379115.png)
>>7922 And I forgot to add : Max number of files is upped to 5.
>>>/leftypol/225088 >>>/leftypol/194067 Need to go to /edu/ since they're at bump limit and are good threads with educational content
Poltoids shitting up the catalog with bait /natsoy/ generals again, killing threads. There's like 6 of those threads right now, seems coordinated
Seeing retards shit up the board for the umpteenth time i'm asking you guys: how can i become a janny? (For reference: I'm the FSLN anon that usually posts the girl with the crossbow)
Small /pol/ spam raid happening
(103.68 KB 939x1200 234934583.jpg)
Wake up jannies
Just woke up and finished getting your coffee then?
>>7931 Just ping a mod or admin in the Matrix chat.
>>7928 Archived the first one and the second one too when it reaches the bumplimit.
I hope you realize that the anti-idpol rule is being abused. It was supposed to prevent pic related, not encourage it.
>>>/GET/120249 I banned you accidentally. My apologies, it has been lifted. The thread was moving really fast and apparently I clicked your post instead of the one I wanted to ban. There was nothing idpol about your post or post history.
Seething rightoids are spamming natsoc threads again lol
Raid happening again
raid's still going on
Was deleting the post >>>/leftypol/1027744 was replying to necessary?
HELLOOOOOO I was just about to link to the post linked in >>>/leftypol/1027837 to show that removing the economic coercion of capitalism would reduce abortion by however many percent -- at least over 30% "can't afford a baby right now" iirc -- and it's gone Did you delete it?
>>7952 Yes.
>ask if people want /b/ or really any new boards <everyone says no >do it anyways why even ask then
>>7957 It's called transparency, worm. MODS = GODS
Why are deleting my post on Lysenko, son of a bitch?
>>7953 If it got caught in a mass delete ok I guess If it was an individual post deleted please don't next time plz Also some user feedback cut and paste from /leftypol/ >>>/leftypol/1033405 >Fuck I missed what he said, is he 18? >Jannies stop banning TTN, we can keep him. One day he will realize how flawed his perspective is. TTN being TheThingNoticer I presume
>>7972 Even if TheThingNoticer is hopeless, his posts are entertaining and at least provide more interesting discussion than "hurr listen to this pop-singer"


no cookies?